About OscarWelcome to TeachersAreTheBest.com, a blog that was created by a teacher for teachers.  The blog is intended to help teachers around the world make their life easier and become the best they possibly to ensure their student’s success.

Oscar, the director of TeachersAreTheBest.com has many years of experience in elementary and secondary education.  His roles in the school setting have been various.  He started out as a middle and upper elementary classroom teacher.  He also worked a few hours each week as a Language Arts teacher in middle school for many years.  Later on, he became an assistant principal for the K-6 grades.  He currently holds the position as the head principal in a medium-sized K-9 private Christian school.

Along with his educational background and his passion for teaching, Oscar considers himself a “forever learner”, easily ready to take up the challenges that teaching comes with.  He is eagerly following new trends and research in the educational field, thus making sure his students have a chance to become better learners and human beings.

He has a strong desire to transmit the importance of an excellent education to the community he serves.  Coming from a family which received very little formal education, he was given the chance by his parents to break the multigenerational cycle by obtaining a higher education himself, which he uses to better the community that benefits from his passion for teaching.  He understands that receiving a solid foundation from the beginning of formal education is crucial to give the students an advantage as they continue their educational path.

Oscar is very driven and he firmly believes that reflection over one’s own actions is the key to growth.  He is an example of reflection by questioning his own actions as a teacher and principal, thus modeling reflection for his fellow teachers, students, and parents.  He loves to step out of his comfort zone, and also make others do the same because he believes that this teaches him new things all the time.  Although not all experiences as a teacher and principal have been pleasant, these have made out of him a better teacher with the strong desire to become a better teacher and leader every day.

Besides being a full-time teacher/principal, Oscar is a dedicated husband and a caring father of three small boys.  In his spare time (if there is any while teaching and being a husband and father), he has various hobbies, which are not limited to but include reading, listening to music, playing and teaching the piano, gardening (he has a green thumb), playing with excel formulas, writing, and online marketing.

Reach out to oscar@teachersarethebest.com to connect.

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