Welcome to TeachersAretheBest.com, a blog created by a teacher for teachers.

We are a young educational website but have been helping teachers around the world make their life easier and become the best they possibly to ensure their student’s success. We help teachers find their true selves by nurturing the passion that is already there but only needs to be re-ignited, challenged, and appreciated.

Through topics that back up teaching, those who are looking for answers can run through relevant solutions from teachers who share their experiences. Of course, we find great videos and pretty images to make their readings more than just words and imagination.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build a place online where teaching and learning resources can be found and shared. A place that can help teachers transmit the importance of excellent education to the community they serve. Our mission is to contribute to the teaching-learning process by giving teachers tools to overcome the challenges of everyday teaching.

When teachers develop strong confidence, they express themselves without pressure. Seldom is there just one way to make a difference. By helping teachers along the way, we help transform not only our students but the world.

What We Do and Who We Are

Teachers Are the Best came from the inspiration of how teachers play a vital role in the life of a child. Our site was born in 2020 from this reflection and since has been a platform for teacher’s support. Our content focuses on all the areas of teaching, learning, and leading, including all the factors that an educator has to work on every single day.

Headed by Oscar, the director, we are a group of educators, content specialists, social media specialists, among others, working around the clock to inspire other educators. We have combined expertise, research, and technology with real-life experiences to provide a “go-to” place where teachers can turn for references.

Our team strives to gather fully-custom yet hands-on concepts that empower teachers with things they may never have been exposed to before. We stand to the reason that if they feel that struggles are brewing – they should do something to flip things towards the direction of attainment.

Why Trust Us

At Teachers Are the Best, we make sure our guidance is relatable to everyday teaching needs. People trust us because they like how our coaching contributes to the human experience. We believe that helping educators affirms them of their power to prioritize and delegate effectively.

We advocate education leaders who are not afraid to take a step further, respond with influence, act on trends, and help shape the future of education in their area. If someone is curious why teachers have confidence in us… that is because we balance traditional and up-to-date teaching strategies that have worked for our teachers in all their years as classroom teachers.

Our Promise

We know you are a great teacher and that you’re working hard for your students’ success. Let us guarantee you with the right resources, the best solutions, propositions, thoughts, and a great level of enthusiasm.

A famous quote says “A child’s best investment in the future is a proper influence today.” We want you to be that influence. Let us back you up with the extra plus in leadership. Include us in your planners. The more consistent you go, the easier it is to lead.

We can help. That is our promise.


Meet Our Team

We are a happy team of educators, school administrators, design experts, and authors who share a passion for creating a happy teacher life. We have created great content from classroom ideas to teacher inspiration. Products that we review are explained to help you make informed decisions and make your everyday experiences more enjoyable. These reviews come from either owning the products or researching them thoroughly.

Our team’s varied expertise empowers us to be creative, practical, and effective.

Oscar: Founder and director

About Oscar

Starting out as an elementary teacher to an Assistant Principal for the K-6 grades, he is currently the Head Principal in a medium-sized K-9 private Christian school. He also worked as a Language Arts teacher in middle school for many years. His direction has inspired teachers to uplift their core interests and take part in promoting excellent education to the community they serve.

Coming from a family which received little formal education has driven Oscar to obtain a higher education himself. He believes that a solid foundation from the beginning of learning is crucial to one’s educational path.

“Replication over one’s own actions is the key to growth, he says, and thus models this reflection to his fellow teachers, students, and parents.

Along with his educational background and passion for teaching, Oscar considers himself a “forever learner.” He loves to step out of his comfort zone. Although not all experiences as a teacher and principal have been pleasant, these have made out of him a better teacher with the strong passion to become a leader every day.

Besides being a full-time teacher and principal, Oscar is a dedicated husband and a caring father of three small boys. He has various hobbies from reading, listening to music, playing and teaching piano, playing with excel formulas, writing, and online marketing. He likes gardening too, in fact, he has a green thumb!

Karen: Teacher, Website Editor, Content Writer, Outreach

Karen wears multiple hats:  She leads the site’s editorial plan for content development and outreach. Karen spends as much time reaching educators and professionals to share our cause. As a professional teacher herself, her genuine love for teaching is her motivation to connect and bring out our voices across the globe.

She is a self-motivated educator with a strong dedication and commitment to providing students with meaningful learning experiences. She is a Licensed Junior High School teacher with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, Cum Laude.

She pursues her Master’s Degree Majoring in English and already earned 36 units.

With her goal to meet the diverse needs of her students, she designed activities that are highly individualized and interactive. Her passion to teach exhibits her skills in making innovative and interactive activities for her students to ensure that they are at their best.

She is well-acquainted with different Edtech tools to amplify student engagement and to present curriculum content with utmost efficiency. Best of all, she loves to collaborate with other educators in the Philippines and all over the world. As a manifestation of her commitment to the teaching profession, she has been chosen as a Resource Speaker for different teacher training and seminars.

Maria: Content Specialist, Outreach

Maria drives the style and tone of our storyline. She streamlines trending areas and swings between research and writing to find the best contents that our audience actually wants to read and share. With the great progress we see, we are inspired by how things look so agreeable.

Maria’s desire to teach landed her not within the walls of a classroom but in handling corporate training. After 15 years of creating curriculums and meeting people, she saw the need to educate more on self-awareness and sustainability.

This passion has motivated her to join causes that teach and model “going green.” In fact, she has organized events in support of reusable alternatives. Doing her best spreading about what makes a better world, Maria loves to transport readers to a place where folklore presence is strong. To her, this is equally as important for teaching future generations.

In 2009, she began putting her lessons into writing as her way of empowering the world. One thing that stands out with Maria is her ability to be serious, humorous, and simple with her writing. She has been an author and inspirationalist for over 10 years of putting love into her words.

Thea: Content Writer, Website Editor

Thea passionately provides powerful, compelling, and teacher-inspiring content. Her creative experience in a wide variety of topics brings fresh perspectives to the table. Aspiring to be a full-fledged teacher one day, most of her articles are tips and tricks for teachers in a whole new way.

Thea is an aspiring writer who loves to write just about everything under the sun, but most of her content focuses on the noblest profession in the world—teaching. Just like teachers, her passion is her craft, and she’s also planning to be a full-fledged teacher herself one day, one step at a time.

Most of her articles give teachers tips and tricks on how to make teaching life more enjoyable and meaningful amidst all the challenges. She’s a jack-of-all-trades kind of gal but she always comes back to her first love which is creative writing.

When she is not writing, she’s busy being a mother of two lovely girls who fill her world with both chaos and joy. Travel and coffee are a necessity for her too. She is also aspiring and clueless, (a.k.a a beginner) in gardening, and is an advocate for zero waste!


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