8 Awesome Advantages Of A Chromebook For Teachers To Give You An Edge!

Are you planning to get a Chromebook but you’re currently in a “to buy or not to buy” kind of situation? 

I get it, it can be an overwhelming situation to shift from the things that you are used to working with. 

And a Chromebook is indeed something new and we all know that anything new can be intimidating at first, but you’ll be surprised with the perks it has to offer!

advantages of a Chromebook for the teachers

So if you’re curious to know more about the advantages of a Chromebook for teachers, well, lucky you! Because I was just about finished typing on my keyboard here.

And I’m going to take you on a scroll through some of the perks that you’ll be able to enjoy with a Chromebook. 


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8 Advantages of a Chromebook for teachers to give you an edge! 

Now, just to give you a little background, the first time Chromebooks came into play in 2011, there has been a continuous debate about their reputation and the things they can do. 

You might’ve heard that it’s restricting or limiting or heard rumors along the lines that it’s not a great fit for use for teachers since the Apps that we are used to working with like Microsoft Offices and other things that we can do in Mac and Windows computers 

But I’m here to clear all that up today and convince you why it’s the next best thing that you should get for yourself to help you with your daily task with work, entertain you during your free time, and of course, let you become a happy camper by the end of the day. 

1.) 100% Safe and Secured

An Chromebook being used during break time

One of the many advantages of a Chromebook that teachers will surely love is how safe and secure it is to use. Not only by teachers but students as well, many schools are trying to grab Chromebooks as much as possible because they’re safe and they’re guaranteed to always stay that way. 

The main OS of Chromebooks which is the Chrome OS provides guaranteed safety mainly because it is protected with security by default.

A Chromebook can guarantee teachers that it is less likely to be susceptible to viruses because the security itself always stays up to date—it can ensure you that your files and the Chromebook itself stay protected and safe from any kind of malware and cyber threats that can harm it. 

Another thing that teachers will love about Chromebooks is that they are engineered to have an automatic backup so that just in case anything out of the blue happened. Rest assured that your valuable files are stored securely. 

TPM chips are also utilized on Chromebooks which takes your data’s security to another level. It is mainly responsible for keeping all your data such as passwords, certificates, and encryption keys safe and sound. 

It guarantees safety and security both through software and hardware as well. 

2.) Synergy with G Suite Apps

G Suite Apps are the most powerful and also the most accessible solution schools are turning to in order for teachers and students to stay connected through these trials and tribulations. 

And if you’re already working around G Suite Apps most of the time, you’ll love how they are optimized even more on the Chromebook.

G Suite makes it possible for you to work and collaborate with students and co-teachers because it has the ability to let you share drives and files through Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and also let multiple people work on it simultaneously. 

This will boost productivity and also let you finish task after task while collaborating with your students and co-teachers as well. 

Reminding everyone of a certain important date will also be less of a hassle because of the combined calendars that G Suite has to offer, and because of that you no longer need to guess who will be at your 2 o’clock meeting. You’ll be able to see who can attend and who can’t at a glance. 

It provides everything you need to get almost anything done in a fraction of time, as long as your online you’ll be able to work and collaborate and get things done like a boss.

It’s very ideal for a workforce that’s aiming to synchronize and constantly move as well making them perfect for use for teachers.

3.) Incredibly Fast Boot Times

Colleagues using a Chromebook for research

Have you ever been stuck in front of your computer waiting for it to boot up as you’re getting ready for an important presentation but instead of doing its thing to get your presentation up and running, it ends up updating and leaving you waiting for another 10 to 15 minutes or so? 

Talk about an awkward situation right?

Once you get a Chromebook, you won’t be relating to that anymore! The Chromebook takes home the gold when it comes to fast boot times. A fast Chromebook can boot up in less than 10 seconds or so. 

The Chrome OS itself also plays a big part in how fast it can be. Since the whole idea of the Chrome OS is to be minimal this paves the way for faster boot time. 

Also thanks to the SSD (Solid State Drive) that Chromebooks use—it takes up way less energy and also provides faster loading times. 

4.) Simplified but Powerful Browsing Experience

A teacher using her Chromebook to browse

The main forte of a Chromebook is to provide the best browsing experience it can give to a user. 

If you’re a serious Chrome user and I know most teachers are, you must’ve noticed that when using a regular Windows or Mac laptop browsing Chrome heavily, it can make the whole laptop slower and lag as well. 

You will usually notice this when you already have multiple tabs open—you can even hear the fan of your laptop go louder as it tries to keep up with your pace. 

But with a Chromebook, you’ll be able to use the Chrome browser without any lags or hiccups, and that’s something that we want. So if you’re looking for a pure browser experience, Chromebooks are your best bet. 

Chromebooks are best for browsing the web, office works, media consumption, email handling tasks—making them the best option for teachers because these are some of the primary goals of teachers when they use a computer. 

And teachers don’t really require much horsepower that high-end computers and laptops offer unlike those who work on multi-media editings, heavy web-development tasks, or anything along those lines of work. 

Also, if you’re a long-time Chrome user, you’ll love the fact that the main interface of the Chromebook is the Chrome browser itself. And I’m sure the Chrome browser is highly similar to the Google Search Engine, they are widely used by many and not complicated to use as well. 

5.) Slim and Lightweight

a teacher holding his chromebook effortlessly

Another thing that teachers can love about the Chromebook is it’s a compact and slim design that will not make your shoulder ache when you carry it around. 

Because there’s less hardware in Chromebooks, this makes them light and easy to carry around without you noticing how heavy they are. It’s actually the lightest computer device there is today in the market. 

6.) Silent Updates

Hate those update notifications creeping up on you all the time? Chromebooks don’t have that. 

Chromebooks silently stay up to date without even bothering you for a moment. It’s designed to update automatically so that you’ll have a flawless user experience, unlike other regular laptops that will require you when an update is due. 

7.) Cloud Storage

Now here comes the cherry on top, with a Chromebook you’ll be getting 100 GB of Google Drive storage for free! No strings attached for two years, and that’s a pretty sweet deal! 

This is an incredibly huge amount of space, and for teachers who might need to work on different devices for some time, it’s good to know that you’ll be able to access your file anytime, anywhere, and on any device as long as you’re online. 

8.) Longer-Lasting Battery Life

A Chromebook on the bed with a journal and pen

I’m always thankful for gadgets that don’t need to be charged every few hours or so, gadgets with unreliable battery life can hinder your productivity and we surely don’t want that. 

And thankfully Chromebooks have the best battery life a PC device can ever have, and this is because of the fewer internal components that make up the Chromebook as a whole—the absence of the hard drive also plays a part as it takes up most of the energy used on regular laptops.

The minimalistic OS also plays a big part in the energy-saving and long-lasting features of Chromebook batteries. 


Additionally, some of the latest Chromebooks released now have the ability to run Android Apps and this greatly adds to the power of a Chromebook. 

This also means that the overall functionality of the Chromebook itself is enhanced when it comes to creating and editing files and playing games, movies, and music—overall the user experience it can provide. 

It’s been a long battle between Windows, Mac, and recently Chromebooks. Choosing what’s the best out of the three still highly depends on the kind of work you’re intending to do with the device. 

All in all, it still boils down to your preferences, if you like how a Chromebook works and the benefits it can give you then go for it! 

Just keep in mind that like all things that we use, it has its own limits. And what I mean is, don’t expect it to perform great when you’re asking it to do something beyond its limit.

And that’s a wrap! I hope I was able to enlighten you with our very debatable topic for today, let me know your thoughts about it and leave comments down below!