Apps that Help Teach Children Financial Skills

Teaching kids about money when they’re young lays the bedrock for responsible money management and a healthy perspective of it. While counting and computing make an effective head start, there are apps that help teach children financial skills.

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It may sound too early but financial literacy hones a young learner’s mind about handling cash, budgeting and paying off debt, and most of all — familiarity with financial instruments.

Children who are equipped with some financial knowledge know the value of money which will help them with their finances later in life. This is the reason why the majority of parents today agree that financial skills are important.


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Apps that Help Teach Children Financial Skills

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Important Note:

The tools below may teach children financial literacy. We strongly suggest close parental involvement for a more guided money-management behavior among the young.


1) Lemonade Stand

This is a business simulation game that mimics a child’s lemonade stand. It comes with choices for prices and selling for a profit, including advertising, and more. Since the game offers variables to create complex challenges like customer satisfaction, playing helps a student determine whether the lemonade business is successful or a failure.


2) Kids Money

This savings budget app helps children to set savings goals like how much they can contribute and the time frame needed to save to get a new tablet. Use the financial topics that cover grades by level, lesson plans you can download, fun activities, games, and more. From preschool to 12th grade – you’ve got covered.


3) Money Mammals

Needs vs wants, this financial app will introduce not only kids but also tweens, teens, and parents to money smarts. It has custom-built materials designed for the younger mind to help create an impact. It’s not just about teaching children to save but to find value in how and where they use money.


4) PiggyBot

This app ensures there will be no more missed allowances. Instead of cash, students will learn about having a virtual balance along with Spend-It, Share-It, and Save-It accounts. There’s a fun screen for them to see their purchases, plus reinforcing principles of saving for wants, needs, and nice-to-haves.


5) Renegade Buggies

This one is a runner game that comes with a financial literacy curriculum. The goal is to save money as much as possible. Kids will get to learn consumer strategies, savings, and investment decisions like comparing unit sizes, buying in bulk, using coupons, and who can save the most money within the time limit.


6) Bulls & Bears Online

This trading app wishes to empower the next line of future investors by teaching them how to invest through competitive games and quizzes. Students can practice trading with live market data. Simple to use for beginners as they can play games with popular live assets, win gift cards, and unlock levels to become a pro.


7) CapWay

CapWay’s financial program is an educational resource to help children learn more about money, explore mobile banking, saving money goals, financial education, and social culture for money. Once their mindset masters financial value, it also instills a wealth mindset in the mind of the child.


8) Motion Math: Cupcake

Now, this is a cupcake business where kids will be responsible for managing all costs and revenue while keeping their customers satisfied. It’s another fun educational app that teaches math concepts and economics, including word problems. Everything is to provide a real-world application for how these math concepts might be used.


9) Savings Spree

The app has won a Parents’ Choice Award as well as an Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review for its wise choices about saving, spending, donating, or investing money. It has a game show format to present short and long-term goals. The game supports the realities of managing money in the real world.


10) Celebrity Calamity

Trendy and fun – this educates children about financial literacy while also enlightening them about the spending habits of a celebrity who they may be admiring. Here, the child acts as a financial consultant for a celebrity with bad spending habits. Helping the celebrity manage his budget presents the repercussions of overspending that kids will have a clear picture of.


11) Rooster Money

A virtual money tracker that keeps track of allowance and spending. Kids can compute how much money they are receiving from parents, and how much is still owed to them. With easy-to-use charts and the opportunity to learn short-term and long-term savings goals – it trains kids with money-related decisions.


12) Toshl Finance

Designed for teenagers to help them budget their own money, they can link to one or more real bank accounts. The app displays past spending information of their current finances. With features that remind bills, they will see how they money flows each month and create more realistic budgets for the future.


13) Mazoola

This is a mobile wallet purposely created to develop a child’s financial literacy. It empowers children to shop for what they need online or in-store. The best thing is it empowers kids the essense of giving to charitable organization with the simple push of a button. The only COPPA compliant family financial app you can try.


14) FamZoo

Teach children personal finance basics, responsible living habits, and organizational skills through a fun environment. The app acts like a regular checking account for making savings goals and track progress towards purchases. That includes checklists for ToDos, shopping, homework, chores, and more.


15) Stash

Grace this leading all-in-one financial platform that offers a mobile-friendly banking account. It allows kids to earn Stock-Back Rewards at places like Amazon or Walmart. Plus, it offers financial education resources that cover numerous topics like investing, managing and planning money.


Want to hear more about Financial Literacy for Kids? Watch this video.



Many of today’s young people find making financial decisions overwhelming. This makes it important to teach children how to manage money and how it relates to their future.

While teaching financial literacy to kids is coupled with safety concerns, knowledge of certain apps gives them the opportunity to meaningfully reach the new concept of saving, investing, and debt handling. With close parental supervision, it builds an overall sense of self-trust that is in line with modern technology.

I highly commend the Celebrity Calamity financial app. Not only does it teaches financial literacy well but relates to a real-life situation that children today may be facing.

What are your thoughts about apps that help teach children financial skills? Do you have other apps to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments.