Are Erasable Pens Worth It? 10 Questions & Answers

Obviously, erasable pens can quickly erase. Check! They are ideal for those who would rather erase their writing than cross it out. If your regular pen requires a separate eraser, this one offers it readily. In other words, you’re getting a writing tool that works all-around.

Now let’s explore its wonderful world by answering your first question, “Are erasable pens worth it?”

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Are Erasable Pens Worth It? 

Erasable pens are multifaceted. They come in different styles and ink colors. The following are answers to common questions about this type of pen.

1) Are erasable pens worth buying?

Without a doubt… Yes!

Eraser pens function like your regular ballpoint or gel pen but with the added ability to erase like a pencil. These pen-pencil hybrids carry the perfect less is more trademark knowing how extremely affordable the pens are, yet they offer a huge benefit of being erasable while leaving an ink more permanent than a pencil.

2) What type of ink do erasable pens have?

Erasable pens employ a thermochromic ink that reacts to heat as well as a liquid rubber cement solution. When the ink-looking base is layered on the surface of the paper, it sits semi-dry so the marks can be erased by the pen’s rubber. After about 10 hours, the rubber cement solution ink sets and hardens permanently, and is no longer erasable.

3) How does erasable technology works? 

 There are three types of erasable mechanisms used:

Use of Friction

Thermochromic inks are known for erasability using a chemical reaction. Upon rubbing the ink with the hard eraser, the temperature-sensing compound reacts to the heat produced from the friction and turns the ink virtually invisible. Your marks now appear like they’ve been erased. With no more trace of writings on the paper, you can write on top of it.

Use of Rub-Off Ink

Rub-off ink has an ink-looking rubber cement substance formulated easy to remove with actual rubbing. Here, the rubber cement ink literally sits on the paper surface posing itself in an “easy to erase cleanly” state for about 10 hours before starting to harden and can no longer be erased. These kinds of inks can be removed with pencil erasers or transformed1 into a film that you simply rub off.

Use of Ink Bleach

There are inks that disappear upon contact with an ink bleach and do not need rubbing to erase. This procedure is more gentle on your paper as the color simply fades away once ink bleach has been applied to an erasable ink. The only drawback is that since the ink bleach will keep reacting, so it may limit you to only erasing once.

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4) Are there different types of erasable pens?

Erasable pens come in different styles and ink colors:

Gel pens have the widest selection offering different styles, tip sizes, pastels, and dark colors to Disney motifs. Among the most popular I know are the Pilot Clicker retractable gel pens that are specially designed so you don’t accidentally click your pen while erasing. The most difference is in the body lines and needlepoint tips.

Markers have fiber tips that can deliver either extra or light pressure to produce a certain line on paper. This makes erasable markers reliable for those who are into drawing and sketching to help keep pictures and illustrations more orderly. Expo-Dry Erase markers so far offer chisel tips that allow satisfying coverage. They have non-toxic, crisp, and vivid inks as well.

Highlighters are felt tip pens ideal for highlighting texts. Sometimes you need to update your planners or notes where erasable highlighters can offer soft and bright colors depending on how loud your highlighting needs to be. Erasable highlighters typically come in transparent ink with rubber eraser tips and without eraser shavings. BIC and Crayola highlighters are top of the line.

5) Are erasable pens waterproof?

Yes, and they set in permanently when dried. They leave constant dark, crisp, and fine marks. But I have a tip for you: Note that all inks can fade over time, and erasable pens are no exception. So while your inks are water-resistant, still they wear out when soaked. It pays to stay on the safe side.

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6) Are thermochromic ink non-toxic and safe for children? 

Yes. Erasable thermo-sensitive gel ink (or thermochromic ink) is non-toxic ink. The pigments are typically water-based paints and conform to ASTM 4236 standard for writing purposes.

*ASTM D-4236 is the standard practice of labeling art materials for chronic health hazards. The designation “conforms to ASTM D-4236” means all of the potentially hazardous components of the art product have been clearly labeled on the product packaging. source

The chemical reaction is known due to the property that changes color when temperatures increase or decrease, normally caused by rubbing it. Children can use it as a regular pen. In fact, this pen is efficient when doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles. For safety measures, read the labels. You want to be careful when buying pens, especially for children’s use. I suggest that you go for trustworthy models.

7) How long until their ink runs out?

Erasable inks run out the way a normal ballpen ink would. If you see one that looks emptied despite not being used often, chances are it has been exposed to heat. Erasable inks are sensitive to heat and may tend to dry up when neglected with care.

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8) Why would I spend more on this pen when I can get a pencil with an eraser?

For obvious reasons, erasable pens have an edge over readability, affordability, convenience, and flexibility. Imagine yourself in a writing or drawing project. If you commit a mistake, would you like to keep using a separate eraser with the possibility of spoiling your paper, or simply flip an erasable pen designed to erase with care?

Other than these pens being affordable, they also offer you the opportunity of owning the most efficient pens in the world. Plus, you get nicely-looking pens in different body shapes, colors, and various tip sizes. You’re a happy teacher, so if I were you, grab a collection now!

9) What is the best way to store erasable pens?

Store erasable pens away from places with hot temperatures like window areas, back of airconditioning units, inside your car, or near stoves. While heat can make them function, it can cause the nib to seem like it’s very wet when writing which can also run dry out the ink faster.

The erasable gel pens must also be stored vertically with their tip part down to keep the ink in contact with the felt tips and remain moist. On top of that, keep them tightly capped. The ink in the nib and feed are drenched with ink liquid and the section quickly evaporates. Dry portions can partially or totally block the flow of liquid coming from the ink reservoir.

10) How will I find the best erasable pens for a teacher like me?

You can find them both locally and online. If you like a particular brand, research the manufacturer. Different brands may use different technologies. Reviews are a great way to find the right one for you. Go for pens that can bring new ideas into life without wasting paper.


To Conclude

In a pen-pencil erasable hybrid, its capacity to erase depends on its formulation. Similar to pencils, erasable pen ink doesn’t smear once you’re done writing, thus the impermanence helps keep notes neater and more organized.

But other than being an eraser pen, it is your perfect tool for taking notes, creating lists, writing on planners, jotting down appointments, drawing or doodling, and even with crosswords or puzzles.

If you want to be able to repeat something while writing, update lists, change dates, or erase an item, go for erasable pens. There are pen tips you can choose from the finest point to the largest felt tips, these tools offer convenience without resorting to a pencil or using a correction instrument.

Have you already been using an erasable pen? That’s great! Let us know some of your experiences or suggestions on which ones to buy. Leave them in the comments below.