Are There Other Uses For Dry Erase Markers? 8 Surprising Ways You Can Use Them

From school, home, to office; dry-erase markers have a huge role to play. Even without a whiteboard, it should not stop you from using them.

Teachers, in general, have tons of paperwork, clearing and cleaning up, and just some other usual businesses that need to get done. I am sure that dry erase markers are among the classroom staples that help them complete a lot of these tasks with ease.

Are there other uses for dry erase markers that we need to know?

Dry Erase Markers On The Whiteboard

If you’re interested to know more, just scroll down below and let me show you the other uses of markers that make our lives easy, fast, and interesting.


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Are There Other Uses For Dry Erase Markers? 8 Unusual Ways To Use Dry Erase Markers

1.) Food labels

I always have a couple of dry erase markers around my house, because I use them all the time. I’m homeschooling my daughter, and we do have a whiteboard with which I mainly use my dry erase marker.

But that’s not the only place where I write my dry erase markers on, I also use them to write food labels! 

Since I don’t have transparent storage containers, I usually struggle to identify what food is in that particular container. But thanks to my dry-erase markers I can easily label my food container with the contents and the date it was put there for me to easily find what I’m looking for. 

You can use tape over the lid if you’re worried about it staining your food container, you can also try them out first and see if it’s going to be removed by simply wiping it off using a paper towel.

Your fridge will also look more organized with labels and no more guessing games when you’re looking for those chicken tenders for dinner! 

2.) All-purpose re-usable note cards 

This, I have been doing for a very long time now. Have you ever just randomly had something in your mind and you want to make sure that you remember it for later?

Nothing beats your hand and mind working together to get your thoughts going, I rarely use my phone to make notes of spontaneous ideas because I like it better when I am writing them down. 

dry erase marker writings on a notecard

I always have a dry-erase marker in my bag because I like to be always ready, I also have an all-purpose and reusable note card that I use to write random thoughts on so that I won’t forget about it later on when I need it. 

To make an all-purpose and reusable notecard, you just need to take an index card and put some transparent tape all over it to make it a use-all-you-can card! 

An alternative to this if you want to make it more sturdy, is you can laminate it to make it more durable and you’ll be able to use it whenever you have thoughts rushing in your mind. 


3.) Write On Glass Surfaces

Many of you can agree when I say that the best ideas can sometimes come from the shower. Can it be the flowing water that helps? Or maybe our minds are just more relaxed and our brain juices flow much better. 

Just like using all-purpose note cards, you can use dry-erase markers on a bathroom mirror or glass doors to help you retain those great ideas while in the shower. 

Dry erase markers have the ability to gracefully glide on glass surfaces and your writing is sure to look clear and fetching. Just keep a couple of them on top of your toilet tank or maybe inside your medicine box, you’ll surely thank me later! 

You can even use it on windows or your bedroom mirror for just about any non-porous surface that can work well with dry-erase markers. 


4.) Use Them To Write Reminders For Your Car’s Next Service

Have problems with your service date stickers falling off so soon? Well, you can say goodbye to those problems with dry erase markers! 

You can use dry-erase markers to write on the inside most corners of your windshield to remind you of the dates of when to get your next service or oil change without you worrying about it falling off. 

They can be easily wiped off, and you can also use them for making DIY Car decals during game seasons!  


5.) Remove Stubborn or Permanent Markers

I like to think of this one as a life hack, if you have ever accidentally used a permanent marker on your whiteboard or if you’re just having a hard time removing writings that you forgot to erase and was left over the weekend, you can use dry-erase markers to help remove them instantly. 

You don’t have to get rubbing alcohol or a damp cloth just to wipe them off, simply write them over again and go over the stubborn marks and use the eraser and see them magically disappear with just one swipe!


6.) Create Laminated Workbooks

Over the school break, I took my time to create laminated workbooks that students can use over and over again.  They can just simply use dry-erase markers to write on them and they can just simply wipe them off using an eraser. 

colorful dry erase markers

As simple as that, I was able to create worksheets that I could use year after year without having to print copies of them over and over again, it saved me both time and money because it was super sturdy and the kids loved using it different colors of markers for their worksheet.


7.) Write On Your Desk

If you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary when you’re trying to brainstorm, why not try writing on your desk? 

a teachers writing on his glass desk with a dry erase marker

If you have a smooth surfaced or non-porous desk you can try pouring out your ideas in this great blank canvass instead of using the usual pen and paper, this way you’ll get a bigger view of what you’re working on and this can also be great for group works!

If your students’ desk also has a smooth surface you can also let them write on their desk during group activities, this will let them be more comfortable and work better in group-style activities. 


8.) Use It For Arts And Crafts Activities 

The possibilities to use dry erase markers are endless, and of course, it can also be used for art activities! 

An art/science experiment activity where you can let your students try out the floating writing trick. 

What you’ll need:

-1 container (it can be a plate, container, or a glass bowl should be wide enough to draw on)

-2 to 3 markers of your choice (can be as many as you like)

-½ cup of water

Steps to make the magic happen:

a.) the first step is to let your students get their plate, container, or bowl. Then after that let them write whatever they want on the bottom part of the plate. Make sure that it’s drawn thickly. 

b.) the next step is for them to tip their container and slowly pour the water into the empty part of it. 

c.) now here comes the fun part, ask them to slowly tilt the container until the water reaches their drawing. Let them watch as it amazingly lifts off from the bottom and floats into the water! 

At the end of the day, 

We have now realized that dry erase markers are not just meant for whiteboards. And with that in mind, try to maximize and find other ways you can use them to your advantage!

Have you tried using dry erase markers other than writing on a board? If so, sound off below and share your amazing ideas to help others because sharing is caring!

Until our next one, cheers!