Are Wireless Headphones Worth Getting?

Yes, of course. Headphones without wires allow you to move with freedom. With today’s digital world and learning, wireless headphones are undoubtedly everyone’s wish in the name of comfort and convenience. In this post let’s talk about why are wireless headphones worth getting.

are wireless headphone worth getting

Are Wireless Headphones Worth Getting?

The wireless or Bluetooth technology brings you headphones with no cords. They are very portable, giving you the freedom to move around without picking up your devices every single time. What’s more exciting is they come in interesting designs from the typical over-ear headphones to the smallest earbuds.

Getting rid of the wire lets you stand up and walk within your working area and pace yourself so freely. They let you concentrate more on what you are doing. You will be amazed that your signal range remains clean and clear.

The most common technology in wireless connectivity is Bluetooth. It is a standardized protocol that operates at 2.4GHz and over a radio frequency. Every Bluetooth device like a headphone has its own unique address. This is the reason why it doesn’t interfere with other radiofrequency.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Wireless Headphones?

With education today taking place over the internet, wireless headphones are taking the front seat. For a device that allows more freedom to move without the hassle of the cord being tangled – it makes life easy.

Plus, other than convenience, there is the underlying importance of wireless connectivity, especially with today’s “new normal” where teachers and students are locked in their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

Here are 6 reasons why wireless connectivity makes sense in education:

1) TECHNICAL FAMILIARITY.  With today’s remote learning, collaboration is important. It is how teachers distribute lessons and homework. It is also where students can send and share files, copies, documents, and ideas. Familiarity with technology allows all users the value of cooperation. Without this technical ability, all information and devices are only half as effective as they could be.

2) INTERACTIVE LEARNING.  There’s nothing like getting an interactive class. A networked classroom allows online inter-class output and other productive activities that can help students excel. A wireless headphone can provide immediate access to many sources of information that help encourage Bluetooth engagement in the classroom.

3) FLEXIBILITY. The pace of learning nowadays is getting more active and busier. The wireless approach is an easy-to-use, and lucrative way of engaging students to participate and be expressive of themselves. Wiring a classroom definitely makes sense but may require maintenance. Wireless does not mind the space, cords to use, or buildings. Wireless uses Bluetooth which is widely available and will continue to perform its role.

child using wireless headphones

4) ADD FUN TO LEARNING. Headphones are entertaining and going wireless makes it a lot more interesting. You can pick your own model design and color, but most of all it allows you or your students to move freely and participate in a variety of activities in an online classroom. Why not incorporate music or games into your child’s lesson plan, or use headphones as a reward for good study habits.

Bluetooth headphones are fun to have. Try allowing your child to use them with their favorite computer game when they get good grades. Most wireless headphones look and feel good to use which can encourage them to perform better in their classes and of course, a device to enjoy when playing online games.

5) PROVIDE BETTER FOCUS. While all headphones help in the education system, a “no-wire ensemble” can increase concentration. Nothing beats thick, cushioned, and no-wire headphones when it comes to ease of use and freedom of movement. A distraction-free learning experience allows both teachers and students to focus on the lesson or task given without being conscious of tangling wires. More often than not, this enhances performance on tests.

6) SAFE AND SECURE. Unlike other gadgets that use standard wireless technology, Bluetooth headphones are safe. The first time you connect a Bluetooth device with another one, it requires approval for the new connection. This explains why the connection is relatively secure. It may provide a weak radio signal, however, but this type of technology also provides a seamless signal.

Having all of the essential tools for learning can motivate children and adults alike to advance their education. We will be happy to help you find the perfect pair of headphones for your child or classroom.

Here’s a video on how to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to any TV. I hope this is helpful to you.


Why Are Wireless Headphones Better Than Wired Headphones?

The answer is PORTABILITY.

While wired headphones are the pioneers of the headphone game, they are not portable and their cords take up some space in your backpack or bag. Wireless headphones win in this category, you can bring them anywhere, even in the bathroom.

Once I had to bring my phone with my headphones for something important. The struggle was real, I had to keep the wires from dangling to the floor and from getting in my way! Thanks to wireless headphones, there are no more cords to deal with. You don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with other stuff inside the bag, furniture, or other obstacles.

Bluetooth technology is today’s most compatible wireless tool. Because it is powered by Bluetooth, everything is super convenient. It connects you to a cellphone, computer, music player, or stereo. There are even Bluetooth headphones with a microphone. This one then functions as a headset for all your needs. The thing you need to do most is find a model that suits you from sound quality to setting it up. Remember that each model works differently.

In case you prefer traditional headsets for your online teaching or job, we also found the top and popular wired models on this list.


How to Find the Best Bluetooth Headphones

Try if you must. Each model has a different design along each helmet or headband has different comfort feels. So only if you put fit them on your head and listen to a song you’ll be able to know if everything is right.

Shopping for headphones online doesn’t give you the chance to check how it sounds. It is only smart to understand how to identify which headphones work for you and which don’t.

Keep in mind the following:

1) What Type of Headphones Are You Looking For?

Before buying, study which type of headphones you want to get. There are three types: IN-EAR, ON-EAR, and OVER THE EAR. Each of the three headphone types has a wireless version to choose from. Click here to know their differences.

pair of Bluetooth earphones beside phone

2) Know Its Driver Components

As the most important part of headphones, the driver converts electrical signals into sound. It is responsible for generating the sound you hear. Headphone drivers have units like tiny loudspeakers in your ear. They are usually made up of three components that work together to create sound. The larger the driver, the better sound it produces.

3) Ask About the Headphone’s Sensitivity

If you like loud music, look for a feature that indicates how loud your headphones can get. Anything lower than 85 dB/mW should be evaded.

4) Look for the Right Impedance

This is the power required for the headphones to work at their full capacity. Most phones have the criteria but some don’t have. This is why headphones don’t operate at their 100% capacity resulting in poor sound quality. 16 Ohms is a good impedance number for wireless headphones.

5) Include the Frequency Response

It is the range of frequency a headphone can produce, where the lower limit is the bass and the upper limit is the treble. Even though you’re buying a wireless headphone, it is important to know what wireless technology it uses, either Bluetooth or radiofrequency. The usual range is 30 m. Anything further than that can either go off or play music in a choppy way.

6) Do You Like Its Design & Comfort Level?

Most human ears are non-identical so choosing the model to suit you well matters. If you choose to buy in-ear wireless headphones, choose a smaller earbud size so that they can fit in smoothly and won’t slip off easily.

7) How Long is the Battery Life

If the headphones you choose are Bluetooth or have active noise cancellation, always take a look at the battery life. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a commute or workout and have your headphones go black-out.

In general, bigger headphones have longer battery life. They typically work up to 4-5 hours on a single charge with less than a week to over two weeks standby.


The Little Drawback

While transitioning to wireless headphones offers truly unparalleled benefits, they also have their own share of occasional but perfectly manageable issues.

These are things like staying away from possible interferences when you happen to be near objects that can lead to a fuzzy connection or simply a low or damaged battery. It can also be possible that it’s the audio track you’re listening to that is causing the issue or you have set the audio to only the right ear or left ear.

Another thing is, even if you’re in the range, huge obstructions between the transmitter and the headset may also cause the quality of sound to drop. Other than these, those who don’t like cords costs will benefit greatly from wireless connectivity.

In Conclusion

Going wireless, the one thing I noticed is how convenient they are. I can work anywhere inside the house even without the cords. But even though they are not without a few issues, I found them extremely efficient in the field of online learning.

Aside from teaching, wireless headphones make listening to music, watching movies, and even during workouts. This is because it comes in very handy minus the wires and cords.

Wireless headphones are worth getting if you are in the vlogging field or game streaming. You will love how it lets you focus on the content you’re creating or the game you’re streaming. If you do all kinds of chores at home and want some soothing music to accompany you wherever you want, then, by all means, buy a pair of wireless headphones.

Do you have anything to share about wireless headphones? Many teachers would love to know. Share them in the comments.