10 Revolutionary Benefits of Digital Planning for Teachers!

Let this be a sign for you to start digital planning now! Digital planning is just like paper planning but with more added benefits that teachers like you will surely love! 

benefits of digital planning for teacher

From providing you the utmost convenience down to the unlimited customization freedom which paper planning can be a bit lacking—digital planning will revolutionize your way of organizing so that you’ll get the best of both worlds between your personal life and teaching career. 

So if you’re eager to learn more about the benefits of digital planning for hardworking and striving educators like you, give this a read! 


>>>By the way, see to it that you’re using a device with the right features for digital planning. 

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10 Revolutionary Benefits of Digital Planning for Teachers 

1.) Unlimited editing, erasing, and pages! 

Now if you’re someone who has used paper planners all your life, you’re probably familiar with the painstaking task of editing erasing, moving dates, to-dos, and important pieces of information, to another spot in your paper planner—especially when you’re using a pen.

Crossing them out to cancel them will only make your planner look messy and also waste space because the thing about paper planners is that once it’s there it’s kind of permanent. You can try to pick it up and move it around but it will definitely take a lot of effort and energy from you. 

With digital planners, you have unlimited chances of editing, erasing, and moving things around and that gives you convenience on a whole ‘another level! 

Because instead of trying to re-do the dates and move pieces of information around heftily, all you need to do is highlight then drag and drop the part you want to move, and you’ll have it instantly on the new date or area where you want it to be!

Another great thing about digital planners is that you’ll have unlimited pages because you can add as many pages as much as you want, whereas with paper planners you can only work with the pages that it comes with.

You’ll have so much space that you can even plan your whole life if you wanted to. Amazing, right! That’s the power of technology for you! 

2.) Customizable and adaptable

Next up is probably the most exciting part about planners which is the customizing part, I’m sure you agree with me! 

The thing about paper planners is that what you see is what you get—I mean yes, there are options for stickers, inserts, and fillers but sometimes you just need more from it for it to actually accommodate the things you want in your planner. 

Digital planners give you that option, the option to fully customize your planning all the way down to the tiniest detail to fit your needs. 

You get full control over your spreads, and even add new customizable areas and inserts the way you want it to look for you to put in whatever you need. 

For the decorating part, (of course, this needs to be discussed) you will surely love the thousands of digital stickers that you can get for free and have the option to purchase packs that are more affordable compared to sticker sheets to paper planners.

And the best part is, once you have purchased the digital planner, you already get the inserts, stickers, and more after a one-time purchase.

3.)  Planning is automated for you

Never miss out on anything again because with digital planners you’ll get to automate your planning even without taking time to look into it. 

There are Apps like TeuxDeux that will help you get your To-Do list done like a pro, because if there’s anything or tasks that you will not be able to cross out that day, it will automatically roll over the next day ready for you to cross out. Don’t you just wish this was possible with paper planners as well? 

4.) Easy access across all your devices

Another perk that makes digital planning superior to paper planners is that your planner will be backed up in the cloud which means as long as you have a device with your planner app you’ll be able to access it even without the main device that you use to access your planner. 

For example, if you mainly edit and access your digital planner using your iPad or personal computer, and if you don’t have access to it at the moment, you can still edit and view it on your iPhone as long as you have the app and you planner is backed up. 

You’ll no longer have to be worked up in case you accidentally found out that your planner is not with you. Ease of access is what digital planners provide you with, which I think is the most needed tool for being an effective teacher. 

5.)  Search option!

Have you ever experienced rummaging through your planner just to find an important date or information just to end up looking for hours on and on and not still find it? I feel you. 

You’ll no longer experience that with digital planning because with just one click on the search you’ll find what you need in just a few seconds. Truly a great time saver especially for teachers who are always on the go and needs everything in place on the dot. 

6.) Sync option

Teachers now teach in a fast-paced digitized environment, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on and will go on. 

The brilliant thing about digital planning is that you have the option to sync with people that you want to sync your calendar with. You can sync with your co-teachers so that you’ll be able to keep up with incoming meetings and PTAs. 

You can also sync your calendar with your class for upcoming tests and activities. You can also have the option to sync with your family so that you’ll be aware of important dates that everyone needs to be reminded of. 

It’s just so easy with a digital planner and with the syncing option. You’ll also get to find an available time that you and your family will all be free to spend some family bonding time which is important because a work-life balance is a must for an untiring teacher like you!

7.) Budget-friendly in the long run

With digital planning, instead of the usual pen, paper, stickers, etc., you can use any of your digital devices such as your personal computer or laptop, tablet, or iPad to go through with it. 

It’s best to use something that you’re comfortable with, but some find it best to use a digital planner on a tablet device. 

Now the thing about the digital planner is that it is a one-time purchase that you can re-use year after year after year. Whereas paper planners need to be replaced after you’ve used up all the pages or after the year is already done. 

A paper planner would usually range from $50-$100 yearly, while the other hand digital planner will only cost you $25 more or less but you will be able to re-use it to your heart’s content. Plus the add-on digital stickers and whatnot are still quite less expensive compared to buying the real thing. 

So if you do the math and if you weigh the affordability between the two, in the long run, the digital planner will surely be a winner compared to the paper planner in terms of costs. 

8.) Space-Saver

It’s a fact that teachers will always need a bag or two and this is because they always bring a lot of stuff along with them on a daily basis. 

Normally teachers would always bring along with them their teaching materials, their laptops, and digital devices, a couple of books, their lunch, and more depending on what they needed to bring that day. 

And what adds to this already lots of stuff in a teacher’s bag is usually a bulky planner which can take up a lot of space and add a heavy weight. With digital planning, you’ll dramatically reduce this space because it will already be on your digital devices. 

So instead of bulking up your bag with a paper planner, all you need is your tablet or your smartphone and you’ll still have access to your planner freeing up space and lightening up your bag load. 

9.) No wear and tear

As much as we love a good paper planner, because it feels best to write things down, there’s still a big downside to it. Which is the wear and tear of the planner itself. 

Just one accidental spill of coffee, or it getting wet, or worse getting it lost will cost you hundreds of important notes and dates in an instant—a fearful event for a teacher.  

Digital planning removes your worrying about that from happening, and since I mentioned that your planner will be backed up in the cloud, even if you lost your device (hoping it will not happen) you will still have access to it which is quite convenient as it saves you from the hassle of building everything from scratch again. 

And of course, you’ll no longer have to deal with pages that are falling off from the constant page flipping every day, or the decaying cover that’s not so good to look at anymore. 

With a digital planner, it will still look spick and span after a year just like the first day when you first made it.

10.) Eco-friendly

My favorite bit about digital planning is that it saves us from using so much paper because it eliminates the waste of space with it being completely reusable without having the need to purchase a new planner after every year. 

Plus you’ll definitely lessen your need for pens, stickers, and other accessories for planners which we all know are made from plastic and are disposable once they are used. 

Converting to digital planning will still have its carbon footprint, but you’ll surely lessen your impact by switching!

At the end of the day, 

As a teacher, you know that it’s better to plan wisely and to work smarter not harderand it does seem like digital planning is the new way to go this 2022.

From lightening up your bag load to allowing you to move things around as much as you want without having to reach for a correction paper tape or fluid, not to mention the search option! It does seem like digital planning will really do wonders for a busy teacher like you. 

So if you haven’t caught up with digital planning just yet, I suggest you go ahead and do your research now after knowing its brilliant and revolutionary benefits for teachers! 

Until our next one, keep calm and pretend it’s on the lesson plan!