17 Best Backpacks for Teachers [Reviewed: 2022]

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TUMI Voyageur Laptop Backpack
  • Functional exterior and interior features
  • Offers ultimate convenience
  • Separate laptop compartment
  • Simple yet multifunctional design
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Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti-Theft Backpack
  • Anti-theft scheme
  • Interior padded laptop compartment
  • Patented in the USA
  • Made from waterproof high-quality nylon and polyester
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Masa Kawa Genuine Leather Backpack for Men
  • Multi-pockets and large storage compartments
  • Superior quality cowhide leather and polyester lining
  • Best reviewed and rated in the US
  • Vintage design
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Amazon Basics Carry-on Travel Backpack
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large capacity backpack
  • Comes with padded shoulder straps
  • Multi-pockets for organization
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WowBox Canvas Backpack
  • Upgraded backpack
  • Magnetic leather buckle for additional security
  • Made from premium quality canvas material
  • Comes with genuine leather trim
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EVERKI Atlas Backpack
  • Laptop padded sleeve accommodates 13”-17.3” laptop
  • Wide,padded shoulder straps
  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Practical design
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eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack
  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Multi-functional stylish,practical pockets
  • Easy-access compartments
  • Breathable and comfortable padded straps
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Incase Icon Pack
  • Large capacity, organized storage
  • Made from high-grade polyester-based fabric
  • Fully-padded laptop compartment
  • Best-rated and reviewed in the USA
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KROSER Backpack
  • Stylish, functional, roomy bag
  • Made from premium quality PU leather
  • Fully padded back panel and shoulder straps
  • Designed with luggage strap
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SHRRADOO Extra Large Backpack
  • Large capacity and organized compartments
  • Multipurpose backpack
  • External USB port
  • Superior quality bag
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As a teacher, you are always on the go. From running to your classroom to cater to your student’s needs, to attending faculty meetings, there is hardly any time for you to take a break. This is why it is important for you to have a backpack that can accommodate all of your essentials so that you can have everything you need at your fingertips.

To help you make the best decision, we have put together a list of the best backpacks for teachers that you can buy in 2022. However, it is important that we give you tips and things to consider when shopping for the best backpack. These include comfortability, durability, compartments, straps, and more.  We are hoping that you will be able to make a purchase from our list. So, let’s get started!

big backpack for teachers

6 Types of Backpacks You Need To Know

Backpacks are not as simple as you think. They come in different sizes, materials, and designs that are built for indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re just thinking about getting into backpacks, chances are you are overwhelmed with the choices. And if you don’t know anything about backpacks, it can be really hard to choose the right one for your needs.

So, we’re here to help! In this guide, you can check out all of the main types of backpacks, and all of their sub-types. If you’re ready to buy a backpack that is exactly what you are looking for, then roll up your sleeves and start scrolling!

These are backpacks that people use on an everyday basis – for school, work, commute, when going to the gym, etc. And, these are arguably the most popular backpacks, since there are so many different types of them. Check out what those are.

Basic Backpacks – A basic daypack had a standard backpack design – front-loading main compartment, a large front pocket, a pair of shoulder straps, and a grab handle. These don’t usually have many features, and they don’t vary too much in size. Their capacity ranges anywhere from 20-40 liters, depending on the size and number of pockets. These packs usually don’t have too many features – you’re lucky if you get an internal pocket in them. And unlike some other packs that you’ll see in this guide, these rarely have padded and ventilated back panels.

Rucksack – Regular backpacks have a zipper closure of the main compartment. Rucksacks, on the other hand, have a flap that covers the main compartment. And there are many different ways in which this design can be carried out – the main compartment could have a drawstring closure, magnetic snap closure, or even remain completely open. Quite often they are canvas backpacks too.

The flap is usually attached to the body of the backpack with either a buckle or a magnet. Generally, rucksacks are smaller than regular backpacks specifically because of their design. Their capacity ranges from 15-30 liters, they often have several external pockets, and some even feature a laptop sleeve inside.

Anti-Theft Backpack – Anti-theft backpacks look just like regular daypacks, at first glance. But when you really stare at them, you’ll notice that zippers and zipper pullers are not visible on most of these backpacks. And that’s their main design feature.

These packs can have several anti-theft features; usually, the hidden zipper pullers, but also cut-proof fabric, locks on pullers, compression straps over the zipper, and various belts and buckles that hold your pullers in place. Additionally, high-end anti-theft backpacks will also have RFID blocking pockets, which will protect you even from electronic theft.

Laptop Backpack – Laptop backpacks are packs that have a sleeve for your laptop. Pretty straightforward, right?

But, there are tons of different types of these backpacks. The sleeves can be internal, external, and even removable. They can fit 11” laptops, 13” laptops, 15.6” laptops (most commonly), and some even fit the 17” laptops. Their sizes range from 20-50 liters, which really depends on the size and type of the pack. Yes, laptop backpacks are most commonly everyday packs, but you can find even some hiking and backpacking backpacks with laptop sleeves.

When buying a laptop backpack, you want to make sure that the sleeve will fit your laptop. That’s the first thing you need to pay attention to. The second thing you need to be careful with is the padding of the sleeve. The thicker the padding, the better shock-resistance of the backpack, which will save your laptop in case you drop your pack.

Duffel Backpacks – These are exactly what they sound like – duffel bags with shoulder straps that allow you to carry them like backpacks. And even though that might seem really weird, there are some things that make these a great alternative for a classic backpack.

If you’re a gym rat, you’ll find these to be more comfortable and easier to carry around than regular duffle bags. Or if you just need a backpack with a larger capacity, but prefer the organizational capabilities of a duffel bag. Duffel packs range in size anywhere from 30-120+ liters, which makes them a great choice for a myriad of different activities.

Tote Backpacks – In a nutshell, these are tote bags with shoulder straps. So, they are designed just like a classic tote bag – top-loading main compartment with zipper closure, a couple of external and internal pockets and two large carry handles on the top. Plus the two shoulder straps that allow you to carry these on your back.

Since most tote bags (but not all!) are designed for women, most of these packs are also women’s packs. They range in capacity from 15-35 liters, which is pretty standard for an everyday pack. And some of these will even sport a laptop sleeve, which makes them an even better choice for everyday errands.

However, the common downside to these is that they’re not really comfortable when used as a backpack. The shoulder straps usually have thin or non-existent padding.

Drawstring Backpack – These are basically gym sacks with drawstring closure and shoulder straps, which makes them a type of backpack. And yes, they are very weird and barely functional.

For one thing, they are usually really small, with a capacity of 10-25 liters. That’s not a lot. But it’s enough for gym gear, which is their most common use.

The reason why these are quite popular is that they are extremely lightweight. Even the largest drawstring packs only weigh a few ounces, which is awesome. Additionally, these packs are often really small, which allows you to throw it in your other bag and always have them handy in case you need them. That’s generally good for travel – pack a drawstring pack in your large backpack, and you can use it to carry your essentials when you’re just out and about.

Fashionable Mini Backpacks – These are generally pretty small, barely functional, and very cute. They’re almost exclusively women’s backpacks, and you can find them in pretty much every high-street clothing store.  Mini backpacks are designed to be stylish and complement your outfit, and not do much else. They usually have very small capacities, from 5-15 liters, and they will barely fit anything other than your phone and wallet.

They’re a great choice if you’re looking to replace your everyday tote or shoulder bag with a mini backpack. And they’re much more comfortable to carry around than regular purses. But they really don’t have the functionality of a traditional backpack, if that’s what you were looking for.

Biking Backpacks

There are a couple of different types of backpacks for biking/mountaineering. We can mostly differentiate between packs for biking gear and hydration packs, and that’s what we’ll check out in this section.

Hydration Backpacks -These are pretty straightforward. Hydration packs are small and lightweight backpacks, with a capacity that usually ranges from 3-10 liters max. That’s because they are generally designed just for hydration, and only some of them will include an additional pocket for some of your other necessities.

These packs have the purpose to provide you with hands-free hydration while you are riding so that you don’t have to stop and get off your bike every now and then. Their main compartment is designed to hold a hydration bladder and not much else. Of course, a hydration bladder and all of its accessories are included in the purchase of such a backpack.

Biking Gear Backpacks – Biking backpacks for gear are larger than hydration backpacks. They tend to have the main compartment, as well as an additional compartment (or a pocket) with an organizational panel for all your cycling gear and tools. And most of them will have an attachment point for your helmet and LED lights on the front. Generally, these packs are meant for people who need other gear, apart from their hydration bladder, when they are biking.

The capacities of these packs usually range from 10-30 liters, because the manufacturers try to keep them as small and lightweight as possible. Nobody wants a backpack to slow them down while they are riding! Oh, and they have a sleeve for your hydration bladder, although not all of these packs will come with a bladder included.

Hiking/Trekking Backpacks

As their name says, these backpacks are designed for people who often go hiking/trekking. They have multiple attachment points for all the gear you need on your adventures, a spacious main compartment for your clothes and other necessities, and most importantly a comfortable and ventilated back panel that will keep you cool and dry even in the warmest months. Well, the good packs have it.

Travel Backpacks

The last type of backpacks that we’re going to talk about in this guide is travel backpacks. There are a few different sub-types of them, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about each of them.

Backpacking Backpacks – If you’re familiar with the phrase “backpacking through Europe” then you’re probably familiar with these types of packs. They are large backpacks, designed for people who are going on trips that are at least a month-long, and who want to carry all of their items in a backpack. Their capacities range from 70-150 liters, depending on their size. You should choose one wisely, depending on the length of your trip.

These backpacks get really heavy, so they have to have some features that will keep backpackers comfortable throughout their adventures. Thick padding on the backpack and harness is what you should be looking for, as well as good ventilation. And in terms of organization, they often have more than one compartment for your stuff. Additionally, some of these will come with a detachable daypack, which is perfect when you are going out just to explore.

Carry-on Backpacks – These are slightly smaller backpacks, that are large enough for shorter school trips, but small enough to be accepted inside the cabin. Their capacity ranges from 20-40 liters, but their main design characteristic is that they are 22” tall at the most. However, carry on size limits differ from airline to airline, and you want to get a 20” backpack if you want to be sure that it will be accepted inside the cabin everywhere.

These backpacks usually have one or two main compartments and several different pockets that allow you to organize your stuff. Some of them will also have a laptop sleeve or even a whole compartment dedicated to the organization of your tech necessities.

TSA Friendly Backpacks – TSA-friendly backpacks are basically carry-on backpacks with TSA-friendly laptop compartments. What that means is that the laptop compartment can be unzipped to lie flat on the scanner, so that you don’t have to take out your computer when you are going through TSA checkpoints. This makes going through the airport faster, and it’s perfect for the time-efficient traveler.

In terms of their other features, they are pretty much the same as regular carry-on backpacks. Their capacities range from 20-40 liters, and they are small enough to be accepted as carry-ons.

You can expect them to have at least one main compartment, in addition to the dedicated electronics compartment. And a few other pockets, so that you can organize all your necessities.

Wheeled Backpacks – If you prefer the organizational aspects of backpacks, but also really love the functionality and the easiness of traveling with a suitcase, then a wheeled backpack (or rolling duffel bag) is for you. It’s the best of both worlds – a bag that is designed as a backpack, with all of the features we know and love (including shoulder straps), but with the addition of wheels and a wheel handle.

The capacity of these packs ranges from 40-150 liters, meaning that you can get them both in a carry on size and checked bag size, depending on your personal preference. These backpacks usually have thickly padded back panels, which ensure that their wheels aren’t making you uncomfortable. You can also expect them to have several spacious compartments, pockets, a hip-belt, and comfortable shoulder straps.

What Teachers Should Consider When Shopping for a Backpack

Choosing the best backpack for teachers can be a bit overwhelming. There are plenty of different brands and different factors to consider such as the look, usefulness, price, and comfort. What items will you be carrying in it? How will you put them all inside? Will you be needing extra protection for accidents or for various weather conditions? Do you need separate pockets for small items like EarPods?

Before we get to our hand-picked backpacks for all those great educators out there, we will first share with you our tips when shopping for a backpack. This will consist of factors and features you must consider before making a purchase.

Let us walk you through the essential factors to look for and take note of when shopping for your backpack. All of our suggestions and guidelines apply, regardless of whatever your needs are in terms of budget, capacity, and style preferences.

Buy in person

Online shopping is a good idea, but the best way to shop for your next backpack is in person. It’s just like shopping for a new pair of shoes. How would you know if it’s the right backpack if you will not try it on? However, if you are eyeing a backpack online or simply prefer to shop online, then there are three things you must consider: comfort, material, and design.


This should be your top priority. No matter how much you carry around, whether it’s heavy or not, there will come a time when you will need to load up your backpack. You do not want to have back pain at the end of the day, right? So, make sure to consider a backpack, you need to check the following components:

Built – A backpack’s built such as the shape of the backside, shoulder straps, and padding will contribute to a teacher’s comfort. After all, teachers will be carrying loads of books, lecture notes, and a laptop. This is why it is important that you find the best-built backpack.

Padded shoulder straps, back panels, and an optional hip belt help distribute the weight of the backpack throughout your body.

Check for adjustable and padded shoulder straps to ensure that it sits comfortably on you. The back should also be padded and contoured so it follows your lower back’s natural shape and adds to the comfort of carrying your bag. The shape will also provide a natural arch, ensuring no back strains. Finally, padded hip belts will help remove the weight from your shoulders and back. This allows you to carry heavier loads for a longer period of time.

Check your load/weight – Make sure that your backpack distributes the weight of your things evenly. Most recommendations on how to wear a backpack suggest wearing it high on your back, with the bottom of the bag at or just above the waist. In the event that you will be carrying a lot of weight daily, consider having a chest, hip, or waist belt. It will surely make a huge difference in relieving the stress on your back.

Look for a backpack that is appropriate for your height and build. For instance, for a woman’s backpack, the straps ought to be designed for narrower shoulders, and the hip belt is designed for mounting on wider hips.

Backpack size and your height – The comfort of your backpack may also vary depending on the size and your own height. When shopping online and unsure of what size will suit you, then it would be wise to look for pictures of the bag being worn by a model. It will help you estimate how tall you are compared to the model and give you an idea of how the backpack will fit.

Backpack Capacity – You can personally go to the store and try on backpacks to help you figure out which size you are most comfortable with. The capacity of a backpack is traditionally measured in liters. For instance, slimline bags that a laptop and a few books can only accommodate are around 10L and 16L. Meanwhile, the most versatile backpacks are around 20-25L and weekender and professional camera gear bags go beyond 30L.

If you’re carrying a lot of items and often walk in warm weather, then a mesh covering that settles between you and the bag can help reduce the amount of sweat you will do.

Wheeled pack – Embarrassing as it may sound, but you might also want to consider purchasing a wheeled pack. It will be a great option if you have grave physical problems or will be carrying loads that may burden your strength. However, bear in mind that if you are also planning to pack, the wheels will add weight. A wheeled backpack is a great option for teachers who are physically unable to carry a heavy load on their shoulders and back.


Quality backpacks are designed and manufactured using durable materials. Generally, heavy-duty backpacks are crafted with really strong nylon material and YKK-grade zippers and straps of nylon. Polyester and Nylon are the most common backpack materials. Likewise, Canvas is a heavy fabric that is also used to make durable bags that you can use for years. Leather material also works, though it may come at a hefty price.

Common issues or factors why users throw out their old backpacks are tears on the shoulder straps, stitching, and broken zippers that have come undone.


A long time ago, backpacks were usually fabricated out of cotton canvas which was processed with wax for the purpose of adding waterproof attributes. Fairly, it was effective but also heavy.

Match your needs with a backpack made from the right materials to ensure that it stays intact for years.

Cotton Canvas – Canvas is a heavy-weight, rough weave cotton material. Modern canvas is made from natural and synthetic materials – reducing weight and increasing waterproof capabilities and strength. Its main advantage is that it is an inexpensive material. Canvas packs are popular with college students and hikers.

Pack-Cloth Nylon backpacks are shiny and slick to the touch. The main advantages of pack cloth nylon are its ready acceptance of waterproof coating, abrasion resistance, and excellent puncture resistance.

Cordura – an “air treated” nylon fabric originally designed by DuPont. The chief advantages of Cordura fabric are its abrasion resistance and lightweight. Used in higher-end backpacks which are perfect for backpacking adventures.

Rip-stop Nylon – The “rip-stopping” design of rip-stop nylon can provide extra protection to help ensure that your pack won’t disintegrate in front of your eyes the first ten miles into an adventurous hike. The main advantages of rip-stop nylon are its excellent waterproofing and lightness in weight.

Polyester has a higher resistance to ultra-violet (UV) degradation than nylon but it is not the most rugged material for a backpack. However, it is strong and tough enough for little kids. Backpacks made of polyester are affordable and hold color well (meaning they can be very vibrant in color).

Leather backpacks are a stylish, although expensive, alternative to the standard backpack. Full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather is generally used for backpacks. This material develops a unique patina over time and gives the bags an organic quality. Leather backpacks are perfect for use in the workplace as they are usually the most formal style of backpack.

Backpacks nowadays are made with either polyester, nylon, or some other variation. These materials work just fine for others. However, if you are looking for something more durable and/or prefer a more textured experience, then textiles like Cordura can provide additional strength.

Meanwhile, you may choose a backpack made of leather or has leather highlights. Leather is durable, maybe water-resistant, and looks fashionable. Although it can get heavier, a leather-made computer backpack of a reasonable size may devour a chunk of your bank account. But you can also choose to get a backpack with leather highlights for something less expensive.

Check the zipper – Zippers are an essential part of a backpack and must never be underestimated. An incompetent zipper can ruin the functionality of any backpack. Make sure to test all zippers and observe how smoothly they work. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, look for zippers that feature rain protection. Take note that bags have 90-degree corners and it can be tedious or nearly impossible to make a zipper turn to that corner. Also, choose a bag that features metal zippers since they last longer on daily use.

Some backpacks are designed with magnetic clasps and latches. They are faster and more convenient but can be troubling when they persistently miss their mark.


Some consumers complain about having too many pockets on their bags that they forget which pocket they have put their items in. Meanwhile, other shoppers don’t think that there are ever too many pockets.

Pockets and Storage Compartments – There’s a wide variety of types of storage options in backpacks today including loops, pockets, and more. It’s a personal preference as to how many you are comfortable with. So, if you could go for a simpler option, the main compartment with padded sleeves for your laptop, and around two or three small pockets for other items. You can also opt for a backpack with places for other specific uses. Some backpacks also include removable compartments, folders, dividers, and other modules.

Consider the following modules as a bare minimum: a padded compartment for your laptop, an internal zipped compartment for other valuables like wallets, and a cellphone. The laptop compartment can be separate, although not necessary, from your main compartment. You might also be interested in adding a few external pockets for your water bottle and/or umbrella and have easy access to your keys, sunglasses, etc.

Built-in features – There are also other designs with useful features. For instance, some backpacks for teachers have flat bottoms so they could stand on their own. This is a handy feature. Other backpacks also have built-in kickstands and tops that are belted down for smaller loads and can unfold in the event you are carrying more loads.

Do you often travel aside from teaching? Then you may want to consider a backpack that features a pass-through strap in the back. This way, you can loop it over to your wheeled suitcase’s handle.

Meanwhile, if you like going to the gym after a day’s work and often pack extra clothing and gym gear, then consider a gym backpack. It features segmented compartments at the bottom for your shoes and clothes.

Safety & Security

A teacher’s backpack must be somehow waterproof and has reliable padding that can protect their delicate and electronic items.

Waterproof  Try to look for a backpack that has water-resistant material. You may not need a 100% waterproof backpack but having waterproof materials will help protect your contents in an emergency situation. Backpacks designed from polyester and nylon are great options as they are often used for outdoor adventures and backpacking trips.

Padded compartment – It’s important to have a padded compartment for your electronic devices like laptops and tablets. This common feature ensures that your electronic devices are securely fastened from jostling around in your bag.

Security – Are you concerned about theft? A number of backpacks feature extra security, including hidden and/or camouflaged pockets, locking zippers, slash-proof material, and built-in cables to help you secure the bag if you intend to leave it somewhere.

Riutbag, a revolutionary rucksack has all the pockets on the side of the pack that’s against the body. This is a great way to steer clear of pickpockets. Other designs also feature RFID-safe pockets for your digitally sensitive materials such as debit and credit cards.


Finding the perfect size backpack is a matter of selecting one that is proportional to your body and that fits all the items you need to carry.

The right fit is a size appropriate for your torso length and one that has a comfortably snug grip on your hips.

Torso length – Some packs are available in multiple sizes, from extra small to large, which fit a range of torso lengths.

Hip size – The majority of a backpack’s weight should be supported by your hips. Adjustable backpack hipbelts accommodate a wide range of hip sizes.

To measure your torso length – stand with your hand on your hip bones, index finger pointing straight, and thumbs in back. The length of your torso is measured from the bony bump at the base of your neck to the middle of your back where your thumbs meet.

If your backpack is too big or too small in proportion to your torso – the weight won’t be balanced properly. This imbalance results in back pain or you toppling over.

Suitable for Your Activities

The choice between daypacks, rucksacks, travel bags and minimalist backpacks can leave any shopper confused.

Apart from getting the size right, the design and build of the bag should suit your purposes.

Are you confident the backpack will fit all the utilities you need to carry? Will you be walking and moving around from one place to another or will you be sitting in a classroom for most of the day? What type of weather are you most likely to encounter while wearing the backpack?

You need something that is suitable for your activities.

If you are planning to use the backpack mainly for school, college, or short hiking – a canvas backpack is ideal. If your main mode of transport is a bicycle, a water-proof nylon backpack is necessary.

A versatile backpack is suitable for any kind of class load – whether you’re packing a camera with lenses, 700-page textbooks, 15-inch laptops, a change of gym clothes, or all of these and some more.


Some backpacks are bare on the inside. Some are highly organized with multiple pockets and compartments.

You might prefer a minimalist approach for a lighter loaded backpack or one with multiple compartments to store and easily access your utilities. The more compartments and pockets in a backpack – the better the distribution and accessibility of your items.

  • Multiple Compartments – allow for the contents of the bag to be organized in smaller sections for easier access.
  • Elasticized side pockets: These pockets lie flat when empty but stretch to hold a water bottle and other loose items.
  • Front pocket: Sometimes added to the exterior of a shovel pocket, these can hold smaller, less bulky items.

Organize yourself so you only carry what you need in the backpack.


What goes into the cost of a backpack?

The price of a backpack should be reflected in the quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship, and the aesthetics of the design.

It would be a shame to compromise quality for the price. The last thing you want is to have your backpack tear open down the side, and all your stuff spill out while on a bus, or walking down the street.

Is it a limited edition backpack? Is it hand-assembled or mass manufactured in a factory? These factors will influence the cost of the backpack.

Some basic backpacks can cost less than $30, while higher-end backpacks made from leather could easily retail for $1500. A mid-range backpack should cost between $50-$100.

Backpack prices depend a lot on size, fabric, and brand. Store brands are cheaper than big name brands like North Face, Osprey, and Gregory.


Do you want to be the recipient of bag envy? Your choice might be determined first by the design of the backpack.

A backpack for the discerning man should balance practicality and sophistication on equal terms.

It should be expertly crafted, so that whether you’re wearing it to the gym or on the daily commute – it should harmoniously blend into your overall look.

A leather backpack is the most stylish option – nylon would be the least although ballistic nylon in black is a decent option for the man on a budget.

Check Warranty

A smart factor to consider when pricing a backpack is the manufacturer’s warranty. Most likely, you will receive premium treatment when buying from a premium brand. Some companies provide free repair services for any issues that may arise for the backpack’s life.

Remember that you will be carrying your new backpack around not just in school, but anywhere. So, make sure to choose a pack that you would want to be seen carrying in public. Also, do not dwell much on the price. Choose a backpack that will last for 8 to 10 years. In the end, it will be a more cost-efficient choice than a cheaper package that will fall apart a year or so after purchasing it.

If you happen to catch sight of a potential backpack while walking down the street, take note of the brand and look it up online. Although that particular backpack is not for you, the brand may have other designs that fit your needs as a teacher.


17 Best Backpacks for Teachers

To verify all our shopping guides for you, we have prepared 10 different backpacks that are ideal for you. Here are our top 10 picks for the best backpacks for teachers.

1. Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack

Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack

Click image for details

This attractive backpack is specially designed with teachers in mind. It has different features that will benefit teachers. It is well known for having enough space to carry everything a teacher needs. Furthermore, it provides fifteen different sections.

This one is definitely for you. You often carry your laptop, and the Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack has the perfect compartment for your device.

The compartment allows you to fit 13-inch to 17-inch laptops. It has thick and well-padded straps to consider your fitting and comfort. This backpack will surely fit easily into your body and will be carried with comfort. It also uses cushioned straps at strategic points since it will constantly carry the same weight.

Another great feature of this backpack is the quick access magazine slot where you can slip your reading materials. It is positioned on the front of the bag, allowing you to read and easily put the material back in. This will help you make your next commute or trip more enjoyable.

It also has a 5 point balance strap that helps distribute weight and prevent muscle strain. Thus, this is a comfortable backpack no matter how heavy the load is. After wearing the bag on your shoulders, the soft straps similar to pillows will be positioned in a well-adjustable formation.

The backpack also has two side straps at the bottom, helping you feel more comfortable when using the backpack. There’s also another strap across your chest. The Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack is obviously designed to have an ergonomic carry system with padded lumbar support and mesh padding that provides optimum air circulation for breathability.

In addition, it is built with mesh padding that helps circulate air. It is definitely an excellent backpack for teachers since it provides more benefits than what you need. It features a special strap that can be used to protect your luggage from being clipped to the bag. This makes it useful for travel thanks to the trolley handle details.

All we can say is that this is a cool and highly functional comfortable backpack you will ever use.

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2. E-bag Professional Slim Backpack

E-bag Professional Slim Backpack

Click image for details

Imagine having a backpack that is designed to answer customers’ feedback, is more lightweight, and provides user-friendly features. The E-bag Professional Slim Backpack is very popular for that. This high-quality backpack has an aesthetically pleasing design where teachers can use it for their teaching work.

Further, it has well-ventilated air mesh straps and a back panel making it an incredible fit for you. You will definitely enjoy your time carrying this good and comfortable bag. It has an exquisite design, not flashy but definitely looks good.

It also offers two separate padded pockets for your devices like a tablet and a laptop. This is a great advantage for teachers who are using both devices for their daily work.

If you are concerned about the safety of all your items in a bag, then worry no more. It has an extraordinary lockable pocket. Also, the laptop sleeve can accommodate devices up to 17-inch size.

The backpack is definitely made of good quality materials. This makes it durable, comfortable, and lightweight when carrying. It also has different pockets that can hold all the teaching materials you need. All your documents, books, pens, and other things will definitely fit in here.

Another added feature is the sternum strap. Again, this does not give the bag extra weight but helps distribute the weight evenly. It also has a removable compartment at the bottom that can hold up to your electric cords.

Other notable features of this backpack include the padded straps, back panels, and e-bag’s side handle. The E-bag Professional Slim Backpack’s padded air-mesh back panel is for breathability and ventilation, making it more efficient. It can also be easily switched to a briefcase and backpack thanks to its side handle. This backpack will easily fit into anyone’s body. Teachers can utilize this backpack for the long-term without any difficulty.

A backpack with this durable quality and great features comes at a price that is worth an investment. The perfect backpack for a teacher should be sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and thoroughly designed to carry teaching materials conveniently and safely in a college or office setting.

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3. Incase Icon Pack

Incase Icon Pack

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Here’s a bag that delivers a more professional look if that is the design you are looking for. The Incase Icon Pack is made of durable and high-quality material. It features a number of pockets allowing you to carry the essentials and teaching materials you need. It may seem like it is smaller in size but it carries a lot.

Incase the Icon Pack has an inner pocket and five external pockets. The super-soft pockets are designed to hold gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops. In the laptop compartment, you can fit a laptop up to 15-inches in size. Also, there are specific pockets to protect smaller items like sunglasses and keys. In other words, it can fit all of your accessories conveniently. It also protects your valuables from any damage thanks to its powerful crash preventer.

The Icon Pack also comes in various beautiful and attractive colors. You don’t need to worry about pockets and each pocket is specially designed for all electronic devices, charging tools, pens, paper, books, and other items.

Another notable feature is its padding and shoulder straps. It makes carrying a backpack more comfortable than ever. You will not feel the heavy load even after loading the extras. It is cheaper than other good quality bags as well.

Finally, the build quality of the Incase Icon Pack is rugged and can house plenty of content. These are all extraordinary premium features making it one of the best backpacks for teachers.

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4. TUMI – Voyageur Carson Backpack

TUMI – Voyageur Carson Backpack

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This backpack is known for being spacious enough to hold all of a teacher’s daily essentials, including a change of clothes and a laptop. This lightweight bag is composed of various compartments specifically for waterproofing a water bottle and quick access to your phone. It definitely makes the bag the first choice for when a teacher is going on a school trip.

What makes TUMI – Voyageur Carson Backpack unique from others is the security system. This backpack provides teachers with a tracer on their bag so you can easily find it in case it gets lost or stolen. The manufacturer printed a 20 digit individual and unique product number on the special alloy plate which is permanently attached to all TUMI products. After you purchase the bag, you will get a unique code to help you find the lost or stolen item from the bag.

If you like to go to the gym after your lecture, then there is a special compartment where you can put all your changing clothes. It is also waterproof, making it ideal for keeping items wet and damp. You may also store your wet umbrella and other wet items.

TUMI is designed with a brilliant padded laptop compartment to protect your laptop inside. It will also provide your laptop with maximum comfort space when traveling long distances. The backpack fits the laptop perfectly and after all that, still, there seems to be plenty of room for everything else without being too bulky.

This fashionable lightweight backpack is designed to provide the maximum service that you deserve. It has excellent quality and has a separate laptop enclosure from the main compartment. TUMI is designed with a gold metallic finish in the zippers, making it look more elegant. Indeed, it is thoughtfully designed to give you an amazing product.

All we can say is that this is one of the best backpacks for a hardworking teacher like you. It is also great for traveling. TUMI has all the right features you need for school and outdoors. It is no doubt worth the price and looks as expensive and luxurious as any high-end bag.

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5. Yorepek Laptop Backpack

Yorepek Laptop Backpack

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This backpack comes with a price that delivers amazing features inside. The material used is polyester with an exterior nylon finish. The Yorepek Laptop Backpack is durable and lightweight thanks to its high-quality materials. In addition to its beautiful design, it has three large compartments. There are a total of 20 pockets that are provided for extra storage. The manufacturer wanted to make sure that teachers are able to bring all the materials they need in one backpack.

By the name itself, it has a laptop sleeve to keep your device secure and can easily fit a 17-inch laptop. This slot is well padded to protect your laptop from any scratches or breaks. Teachers will find this feature really essential because any danger may come and they don’t want any damage to their laptop. There is also adequate space in the backpack for your teaching equipment and personal items.

What makes this the best backpack for you? It opens up perfectly, has padded and adjustable shoulder straps to consider your absolute comfort. It is lightweight but is able to accommodate all your content.

Another advantage of this backpack is its inbuilt USB charging port. The set-in charging cable and external USB port allow you to charge your electronic device. This backpack also utilizes a U-shaped three-dimensional design for heat control and ventilation. It is indeed a reliable backpack for teachers.

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6. Pacsafe Metrosafe Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe Backpack

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This backpack is built of excellent quality polyester material. Teachers will be able to carry all the items they need in this 25L capacity storage. Laptops up to 15 inches in size can fit. The Pacsafe Metrosafe Backpack has theft protection technology to protect all your belongings and educational materials from being stolen. This feature is not available in all other backpacks, but it is very essential.

This backpack is abundant with pockets to hold on to your personal items. A zipper pocket in the front of the bag allows you to store small items like tickets, phones, keys, and passports. Good shoulder straps add comfort when carried and fit very easily into anyone’s body. It is a great bag for traveling anywhere including crowded places. The Pacsafe Backpack is ideal for teachers who need extra protection.

What makes this a maximum secure backpack is its cut-proof materials with a lockable zipper design. The anti-theft design also makes it a more trusted backpack. It is designed with extra RFID blocking pockets keeping your credit cards, ID cards, and more safe from other hard materials.

Carrying this backpack will not add much weight and pressure on your body. The extra weight of the good quality padded straps in the bag helps distribute the weight evenly over a teacher’s body. This will definitely be beneficial for you since it will allow you to keep your belongings in. the anti-lock pocket will also keep your items secure wherever you go.

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7. AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Backpack

AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Backpack

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If you’re looking for a long-lasting backpack that is lightweight and flexible, then you might want to look at AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Backpack. This durable bag is made of polyester giving it an extraordinary look and makes it a great choice for both teachers and savvy travelers. This backpack can also be used as a suitcase when needed and can again be turned into a backpack.

This backpack is specially designed for today’s teachers’ demands. It comes with an extra padded compartment for a notepad or laptop. It is designed with a zipper closure for added safety. Another advantage of this compartment is if you’re traveling without your laptop, you can get extra space by expanding the main compartments into the laptop compartment.

There is also a small hook attached to this backpack where you can keep your keys or anything you want to be secured. For added security, the backpack is designed with adjustable closures ensuring that it does not open or unzip spilling your items.

This backpack was designed thinking about the demand of travelers. It features padded shoulder straps to ease carrying without pain. This also helps distribute the weight on your shoulders. You can also wear your bag accurately with the aid of the waist belt and adjustable sternum strap. You can also remove the strap if you do not find yourself in need of those features. The shoulder strap is also removable to add a more comfortable feel when carrying it. Overall, it is one of the best backpacks for teachers.

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8. Dakine Campus Backpack

Dakine Campus Backpack

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This is a professional backpack that offers 33L of storage that is adequate for all your personal items and teaching essentials. Aside from bringing this to school, teachers can also use this for traveling since it keeps all the items they will need. This backpack has so much space that it has four distinct compartments including a padded laptop sleeve or compartment.

The Dakine Campus Backpack has an insulated compartment helping you keep your snacks and packed meals in good condition. The four main compartments include an organizer chamber, laptop compartment, fleece-lined sunglass chamber, plus a low-profile shroud zippered compartment and mesh chambers for water bottles on each side.

The backpack also has padded shoulder straps that present a more comfortable feel along with an adjustable sternum strap to ensure a good fit.

This backpack for teachers has plenty of space for everything you need. The laptop sleeve can hold devices up to 15 inches in size. Further, the backpack has a cooler pocket and a front zipper pocket for smaller items like sunglasses. Your sunglasses and sensitive accessories will be protected thanks to the stain-free and cushioned pocket.

Dakine Campus Backpack can accommodate plenty of teaching materials and does not give much weight no matter the load. Thanks to the padded shoulder straps, the weight is distributed well. The additional sternum strap also contributes to extra weight distribution. These features are truly satisfying. It is a perfect fit for teachers and anyone. This bag comes in a variety of pretty and attractive colors.

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9. Wowbox Canvas Backpack

Wowbox Canvas Backpack

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This backpack comes with a long-lasting durability that is soft to touch. It is designed with a superior rugged wash heavy canvas fabric body. It is truly a high-quality bag that is very sturdy for its large size. The backpack also has plenty of compartments that are helpful in storing all your teaching materials.

The main storage compartment of Wowbox Canvas Backpack is developed with a canvas front bag-flap. Under the top flap is a drawstring and magnet snaps closure. So there are four zippered compartments that do a great job of holding articles conveniently.

The main compartment features fastener pads that hold a full-sized notebook. This backpack is fabricated with a wider shoulder strap to help eliminate shoulder fatigue. We are hoping that you will really enjoy the service of this backpack.

The zippers that are attached have attractive-looking leather pulls. This gives the backpack a stunning look and grabbing hold of the zipper will be trouble-free. This is also a fabulous backpack for a teacher who loves to travel. It is designed with multiple assorted pockets that aim to organize your essentials and make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable. It even has a clip for all your keys so you will not lose them in the backpack!

Wowbox Canvas is spacious enough to carry items such as books, binders, wallets, laptops, and even a change of clothes. By the way, the laptop section or compartment is slightly padded and is pushed behind another small compartment. This makes the bag look more professional. All these amazing features make the Wowbox Canvas Backpack worthy in our list of the best backpacks for teachers.

Finally, we can say that this backpack is a more comfortable backpack for hardworking teachers and for their outdoor activities on the side. It can be used as a working backpack, hiking bag, traveling backpack, laptop bag, and more.

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10. Himawari Laptop Backpack

Himawari Laptop Backpack

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Last but definitely not least. The Himawari Laptop Backpack is one that can meet all a teacher’s requirements for quality backpack shopping. This is made of high-quality nylon fiber that makes the backpack more durable and attractive looking.

Which gives this a more solid feel in the water and scrape-resistant build. Also, it is designed with a leather decorated metal zipper. The backpack is neither too small nor too big. It is in the medium size level.

The backpack’s main compartment is manufactured with a double zippered option. In addition, there are other extra small pockets or compartments that will give you much space for all your pieces of items. It has an impressive laptop compartment that can keep your laptop very secure.

There are also two extra small pockets provided for your umbrella and water bottle. This backpack will definitely be great for your daily use. You can also use this on your next school trip or vacation.

To get a more comfortable experience with the backpack, it is designed with soft shoulder straps. This will provide good shoulder protection from strain during long usage of the backpack. The backpack also features a handle on the top so you can use it as a handbag. This system can be utilized in the event that you do not want to carry it on your back.

On the outside, it has a spacious pocket where you can utilize metal clasps to open them up. Inner side pockets are stretchable and can hold all necessary items like sunglasses and other pieces.

Overall, the Himawari backpack is really great as a teacher’s backpack and a carry-on travel backpack.

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11. Matein Professional Backpack

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The Matein Professional Backpack is perhaps the best budget backpack you are looking for. Low price points, great design, durable and excellent organization. If you’re in the market for an awesome backpack for both travel and work then we can’t emphasize how much we love this backpack for teachers.

For the price, the Matein backpack exceeded our expectations. Weather-resistant, tons of pockets, and the ability to store large items like a laptop.

It’s also lightweight and is an alternative to your standard basic black backpack. I, for one, prefer a black backpack, but if you want something that stands out a bit more, get this classy design.

The best thing about this backpack is its water-resistant quality, great storage, lightweight, and has a power bag built-in. The only thing missing in this backpack is the variety in colors, it only comes in black. That is not so bad if you are looking for a more professional look.

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12. Kroser Backpack

Kroser Backpack

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The Kroser backpack is another exceptional choice for teachers, which is seriously heavy duty. The Kroser backpack is instead a nice mid-range backpack both in terms of size and price. Designed to double as a day pack but still be professional enough for a teacher. This backpack has a lot of useful design features you’re going to love.

While it may look like a tote bag, it comes with a padded back and straps because it is in fact a backpack. While not the most sophisticated on the inside in terms of storage, it gives you enough storage space for both a laptop and your teaching material.

The Kroser Backpack is a stylish and professional bag with a great lightweight design, and a built-in USB port for your power bank. Your 15-inch laptop and gear will also fit in this backpack with ease.

This backpack is perfect for female teachers for meetings and office environments. Perhaps the downside of this bag is its size, it is a medium-sized pack and if you are looking for a bigger bag, this is not it.

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13. Modoker Vintage

Modoker Vintage

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It’s one of the most affordable backpacks on the market today. While not the most stylish, the Modoker Vintage has enough style and design to fit a teacher.

It’s really just a simple, no-frills medium-sized backpack designed to carry your stuff around with ease.

Durable, lightweight, and simple. If you’re one of those people who just want a simple and affordable backpack, this is it. Perfect for anyone who just wants a simple, no-frills, affordable backpack.

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14. Unique Retro

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While we are teachers, not every male teacher is going to want your basic black backpack nor do we want something that is a bit too stylish and effeminate.

The Unique Retro is a cool, rugged backpack that is more geared for the traveling online teacher who does not need to be taking a backpack to a classroom or office meeting every day.20&language=en_US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XZTZ7GB” alt=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ />

If you’re wanting something a bit different than what everyone else is using, this leather wonder from Unique Retro is a fun choice because it has excellent organizational capacity built-in and it’s leather.

This is a great option for teachers who are looking for a rugged and masculine backpack. It has pockets excellent for storing your daily essentials. It is also a medium-sized bag, not so much for storing large equipment, but it is comfortable for everyday use in the school.

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15. Shrradoo Extra Large Backpacks

Here’s another highly-rated unisex backpack for teachers on Amazon that offers tons of safe space and safe storage of valuables. This superior-quality backpack owns an anti-theft lock that allows you to set up your password to make sure your things are safe. It has received superb reviews from its users which makes it an exceptional choice for teachers who love to travel and who always carry their laptops with them.

Now, if you are one of those teachers who are tech-savvy, the tech Shrradoo backpack offers its best features of having a USB charging port and large capacity. Interestingly, it can accommodate up to 17-inch laptops.

Your essentials such as notebooks, supplies, cell phones, accessories, and lots of other stuff have a safer place as this laptop boasts its large capacity for maximum organization of your things. 

The backpack’s 3 multi-compartment are spacious enough to house your stuff while going to school or traveling. Moreover, the backpack’s 20 safe pockets make this item highly salable on Amazon. The elastic net pockets on the sides fit your hand sanitizers, water bottles, and your ball pen for easy access.

With its amazing tons of storage options, you are confident that your belongings are stored safely while you stroll around. 

Aside from the fact that the Shrradoo backpack is made of top-quality materials, its external USB port makes it easy for you to charge your cell phone while away from your working table. When you enjoy listening to music while you are traveling, your headphones have exactly the best space for the plugin. This makes this backpack very modernistic and convenient. 

This no-fuss backpack gives you absolutely everything you need with a carrying bag. Best of all, if you want to carry it with your hands, the backpack owns a burly handle supported with a steel cable so you can carry it conveniently anywhere.

Now, if you are looking for a sturdy backpack to fit your essentials with absolute ease, the Shrradoo backpack is uniquely designed for you. Adjust it to whatever size is comfortable for you, the backpack’s compression straps and the clasps on the sides will do it for you.

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16. Vaschy Vintage Backpack

Here’s another fashionable and convenient backpack for an active teacher like you. It fits for everyday use, so it’s most suitable for you. It can be a great support to your accessories and being organized while traveling or going to school. 

I find this a highly personalized backpack as it offers you 9 options of colors to choose from. And what’s important is it feels so relieving on your shoulders because of its breathable straps offering you fashion and convenience wherever you go. 

Aside from offering impressive storage interiors and spacious compartments, the Vaschy backpack is to your great advantage for its premium quality designs. Certainly, the backpack’s multi-pocket compartments support your organizational needs.

Moreover, it highly boasts its vintage look that never gets outmoded as time goes by. It is still elegant and pretty to look at. Hence, you should take advantage of this durable backpack and experience the glamour of neatness and style.

It’s made of top-quality waterproofing Vinylon fabric that makes it convenient to use even when the weather isn’t favorable. Consequently, the Vaschy Vintage Backpack is on the list because it’s very comfortable to use. You can customarily use it whenever you want.

The pockets on both sides of the bag are guaranteed safe, which are intended for your water bottles, umbrella, and other personal stuff that you want to be accessible in a grasp.

Above all, the Vaschy backpack offers the best and safest space for your laptop. Through its padded laptop sleeve, you are confident that your device will go a long way without being scratched. 

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17. LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack Purse

Presenting another superior quality backpack that is intended for your daily use. As you always carry your laptop with you because I know you ultimately use the device in your classes, it won’t be a hassle after all.
The bag features a wide opening that makes it easy for you to arrange your things or pull them out whenever you need them. It’s a very casual and trendy collection of convenient backpacks on Amazon.

With the backpack’s excellent attributes of 12″L x 7.5″W x 16″H in length and 1.83 lbs weight, it can best accommodate your 15.6 inches laptop. Undoubtedly, the Lovevook backpack makes your everyday carrying of all your stuff to school effortless and very favorable.

The Lovevook laptop absolutely owns a significant capacity and great divisions which makes it a reasonable choice. The 18 secure pockets of this backpack can absorb your stuff neatly.

This backpack is made of highly resistant polyester that spells shelf-life that makes it last for long. Hence, your purchase of this essential item is commendable. Best of all, this backpack owns an external USB port with a charging cable that allows you to charge your cellphone easily when you are on a trip. Although it doesn’t contain a power bank, it is still an excellent item to help you carry your things wherever you go.

Grabbing one from Amazon is brilliant. Choose your favorite color from among the 8 choices this backpack purse offers.

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Buying a backpack that is suitable for teachers can be a consuming process. You will need to go from one store to another, check different brands, and try a few packs until you make a decision. You can also check other brands and designs online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to read the reviews before purchasing though.

Remember that there are different types of backpacks out there. You might want to choose a bag that fits your needs and lifestyle. It’s also important to purchase a bag with quality materials so it lasts longer, and you will not need to buy a new one every year.

The organization, design, and materials should meet your budget as well. It all comes down to your most favorable and practical choice. I hope my extensive backpack guide has helped you make a better decision. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


FAQ Section

1.      How can I prevent back pains when wearing a backpack?

Wearing a backpack low on the back increases pressure on your shoulders, leading to lower back and shoulder strain. Perhaps you are in that position because you continue to loosen the straps, thus making it easier to put the bag on and off. This is true when you are adjusting it for your overcoat, but you do not need to do so when you are not wearing a jacket.

The lower back position causing a forward lean can put pressure on your lower back. In addition, loose straps allow the bag to sway back and forth when walking. This can be uncomfortable and may lead to straps pulling your shoulders.

So, take the time to adjust the straps immediately upon putting on the backpack. It must ride high on your back. Your back and shoulders will thank you later.

If you find yourself having difficulty adjusting the straps, then perhaps they are not laced correctly. Likewise, the mechanism may be broken. You can check the manufacturer’s website for instructions or tips on adjusting the straps and ensuring that they are working properly through the mechanism. Otherwise, if all else fails, then it’s about time to get a new bag with easily adjustable straps.

2.      Do I need a backpack rain cover?

There are days with unexpected weather conditions and may lead to an unfortunate situation if your backpack has no rain cover. Why should you risk having to deal with a soaked backpack and potentially ruin all your books, documents, and devices? Having a backpack rain cover is a cheap add-on to your precious bag.

A backpack rain cover prevents moisture or rain from leaking through the fabric, making your bag and contents wet. It also protects your bag from getting torn if you’re taking it out on a hike.

Some bags include a rain cover upon purchase or are incorporated into the backpack’s design. If your backpack features a rain cover, it should be deployed easily and quickly to keep your bag and its essentials dry in wet weather. Meanwhile, you can surely purchase a separate rain cover if your bag doesn’t feature one.

3.      How do I clean a backpack?

The best and highest quality backpacks are expensive, so it is a must to clean them. The materials used in a heavy-duty bag need care. Over time, dirt will attract backpacks, grease spots may form which can degrade the fabric. Food bits in between pockets can also draw unwanted attention from insects or critters. These are just some of the reasons to keep your backpack clean. Good news! We have prepared tips on how to clean your backpack carefully, without compromising the materials.

Things you will need – Whether it is going to be a light or deep cleaning, you will need a washcloth or sponge, mild soap, and a used toothbrush or soft nylon-bristled brush. Make sure that the soap has no other additives or fragrances. You can use a castile soap or wash products made especially for clothing.

Light cleaning – Empty all your bag’s pockets and compartments. Shake the bag upside down, allowing dirt and sand to fall off. Use a clean sponge (no soap) to wipe or brush the interiors. There’s no need to use soap. Lightly and carefully, scrub any spots or stains on the exterior with a little soap. Rinse off the soap by using clean and cool water with your sponge. Let it dry after.

Deep Cleaning – This method will be used if you have gone months or years without cleaning your backpack. This cleaning helps get the smell and smoke out. After emptying your bag, vacuum the crevices and seams in the pockets all the way down the main body of the backpack. This removes any sand, loose dirt, and crumbs. Unfasten any removable straps (if your bag allows), wash them separately with a little soap and sponge, then rinse well under running water.

Then, fill a large sink or bathtub with around 6 inches of lukewarm water using mild soap. Immerse the backpack and brush off the interior and exterior spots vigorously with a sponge. Also, be gentle with the mesh pockets. Drain the bag and rinse it well in 5 to 6 inches of clean cool water. Make sure to remove all soap residue.

4.      What are the essential things I should put in my backpack?

As a teacher, it can be overwhelming to take note of all the essential items you must bring to school. So, we have a list of things you must have in your backpack for a usual day in school. Hopefully, this will help you keep tabs on all your things and never get to class thinking, “where is my laptop charger?”

Laptop – It is no doubt. Your laptop is your most essential item. Nowadays, teachers use a laptop to do their lectures, type papers, and do research. There’s also the occasional movie or series marathon.

Pens and Pencils – These essentials will help you take notes a lot quicker during class. You can quickly transcribe questions from your students, illustrations, and equations.

Textbooks – If you have books you need to bring to class that can help you with your lecture, then make sure to pack the books you need the night before. You will not have to worry about forgetting your books in the morning and you can have your morning coffee in peace.

Laptop charger – No matter how long your laptop’s battery life is, you can never be too careful. You must always have your charger with you.

Earbuds or Headphones – Music can help you concentrate on your work. Having your earbuds or headphones with you will let you listen to music or watch a movie without disturbing your co-teachers. You will also need this if you want to review your lecture videos before starting your class.

Tissue – This may seem like a minor item to carry, but trust us when we say you need it. There will be uncalled for moments where you’ll need a tissue, say blowing your nose, picking up dirty things, cleaning up the teacher’s table, and more.

Pocket Notebook – Although you already carry textbooks for your class, you might want to bring a smaller notebook. This is where you can jot down ideas while waiting for your next class.

Reusable Water Bottle – It is a given fact that water is essential to our body. It helps you stay hydrated and prevents headaches. Carry a reusable water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. The backpack you choose most likely has a pocket for it.

Healthy Snacks – Teachers tend to be busy during the day and may have less time to run to the cafeteria. Having portable snacks with you such as nuts, apples, bananas, and granola bars will help fill you up.

In the end, what you will carry in your backpack is a personal choice. The takeaway here is putting some thought into each item instead of throwing a bunch of unnecessary items into your backpack and hoping for the best.

5.      Is it safe to put my laptop inside a backpack? How can I protect my laptop?

Laptops are very delicate machines and can be severely broken or damaged. It is too valuable to leave its safety to chance. You must know how to carry a laptop in your backpack safely and properly wherever you may go with it.

Remember that your laptop contains all of your files, your students’ grades, lecture notes, photos, and other multimedia files. Carrying your laptop around without a case is a dangerous move. Make it a habit of keeping your laptop safe by keeping in mind these 4 tips from us:

Close and shut off your laptop – Never allow your laptop to run at full capacity when it’s not in use. Save your work, shut it down, close your laptop completely before putting it in your backpack, and carrying it into different locations. Meanwhile, you can also put it in hibernate or sleep mode if you intend to use it upon reaching a new location. Make sure that no other objects such as pencils or earbuds are in between the keyboard and screen unless you want to damage your device.

Unplug – After shutting down or hibernating the laptop, make sure to unplug all connected devices such as flash drives and headphones. Carrying a laptop with plugged components can easily damage items and ports.

Put it in a protective case – If you have a protective case for your laptop, make sure to insert it correctly and that it is secure. Meanwhile, if your backpack is laptop-friendly, then make sure that it is secure in the laptop compartment and nothing else is in there.

Carrying your bag with care – Having a reliable laptop backpack compartment does keep it safe, but you must still be responsible enough in handling your bag with care. Don’t ever let it drop onto the floor or throw it around. Also, don’t stack heavy items on top of your bag and make sure nobody steps on it.

6.      How do I travel with a laptop in my backpack?

If you are always traveling with your laptop, having a travel-safe laptop case can help protect your device. Along with this, there are other things you can do to safely travel with your laptop. You must be proactive in ensuring that your laptop, together with its components and data, is always safe.

Back up your data – Before you travel, make sure to back up your data to an external hard drive or web-based server. It’s possible that your laptop could get lost, stolen, or damaged, which will leave you losing all your important documents and information.

Travel Insurance – In a worst-case scenario, having travel insurance will save you from having to buy a new laptop.

Connect to trusted Wi-Fi connections only – Wherever you go, make sure to only connect to a secure internet connection.

Up-to-date software – This is simply like giving your laptop a checkup before you travel. It’s important that your software and applications are updated and running optimally.

7. What happens if your backpack is too heavy?

How much weight do you carry every day? Do you think it’s still good for your body? Your backpack shouldn’t be overloaded as it can cause muscle strain, backaches, and neck stress. You should be mindful of safe weight so you are certain that your backpack is not overloaded.

A weighty backpack is not advisable, especially if you always carry your essentials on a daily basis. It is appropriate to carry only 10 percent of your weight in a pack. Going beyond the desired luggage weight can cause trouble to your body, especially your back and shoulders.

However, if you arrange your things and use the compartments of your backpack accordingly, your essentials will stay in place and won’t budge.