10 Best Backpacks for Women Teachers – Laptop Carry All for 2023

As a lady teacher, a backpack can be a challenging investment. Not only because of its “boyish” style that seems a lot different from a handbag including the manner it is carried on the back. So I looked for the best backpacks for women teachers in consideration of the feminine side and how they can bestow a look that is far from the pack’s macho stereotype.

backpacks for women

Backpacks are no longer just the typical pouch for school children and teenagers. Teachers also pack them with basic essentials, laptops, cellphones, planners, and even water bottles. These packs have unfolded their usefulness into fashion as the modern carry-all. For the contemporary lady teacher, a bag is a badge that describes how cool you are with such ability to blend in.


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Product Image Reasons to get it
BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack
  • Generous compartments
  • Rich in pockets
  • With zipper top closure
  • Made of genuine Italian cow leather
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LXY Vintage Daypack
  • Generous space & pockets
  • Designed with external USB port
  • Large drawstring closure
  • Flap & snap closure for added security
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BERLINER Utretch Leather
  • Extra large rugged bookbag
  • Plenty of pockets plus space for phone
  • High quality closing elements
  • Unique vegetable-tanned leather
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KROSER Backpack
  • A large wide-mouthed backpack
  • Multi-compartment
  • With top handle & luggage strap
  • USB port designed backpack
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KAH&KEE Convertible Pack
  • Backpack & Tote with top carry handle
  • Deep spacious storage
  • Detachable & hidden shoulder strap
  • With top carry handle
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How to Choose a Backpack for Women


It’s the number one question – where do you intend to use the pack? Determining this need will help you decide on the exact type of backpack from size and capacity. Is it a simple carry-on, a book carrier, or for travel? Remember the big difference between the three.

If a travel pack requires the most capacity to accommodate all of your journey items, a book bag may need a stronger construction to support the weight of books. Instead of concentrating just on design, there are numerous alternatives with various styles, frames, and weight-bearing features. You can avoid getting the wrong bag by taking the time to understand your packing requirements.


A good backpack for women should be light and less bulky. While manufacturers have designed different shapes, sizes, and fit; most women have narrow shoulders so you need to check if your choice fits well on your shoulders. Determine if the entire pack suits your torso length.  The torso It’s the distance between the base of your neck and just the top of your hipbone line. Since this length is proportional to your height, it helps you figure out if a backpack is long or short.

The other size factor to consider is the hip belt that properly fits to save your shoulder from carrying all the weight, particularly when backpacking. There are removable hip belts if you don’t want to use it. Go for padded hip belts for added comfort. In addition, choose straps that are soft on the skin to prevent them from hurting your armpits.

Even for daily use, the fit is a good determiner in finding the right size and shape. Even if you like the design if it doesn’t fit your torso or hips means to look for another one. A daypack can be smaller in capacity and perfect for a day’s essentials.


Because the female body is built differently than the male body, there are backpacks specifically designed for women. Women’s packs often have smaller carrying capacities and are shorter along the torso. As a result, the bags feature straps that are narrower and, of course, prettier in terms of design, color, and shape. But don’t stop there; there are numerous male backpacks that are lighter and ideal for ladies. Don’t just stick to the “feminine” angles. Make decisions based on how something makes you feel and what your heart is telling you, not on how a pack appears.


One advantage of a backpack is its better organization. features. Other than the main compartment should be storage ideas like pockets, partitions, and slots both inside and outside of the bag where you can assign a special home for basic essentials. You would love a pack that can at least carry a tablet or laptop, an extra shirt, and your lunch box. Pouches and slots are very helpful to house your pens, keychains, charger, sunglasses, pertinent papers, or your makeup kit.

I typically enjoy scrutinizing dividers and partitions because I’m looking for multi-sectioned packets. You are fortunate if you come across bag designs with detachable dividers, files, and pouches. I often think about how organized and findable all of my belongings would be saving me from having to search through my backpack for my USB.


Women are known to carry a lot of essential if not extremely important stuff so their backpacks should be strict with locks. Drawstring locks, locking zippers, and snaps will keep all your personal belongings safe. You don’t have to worry about smaller items because you can keep them in slots that are secured with a zipper.

There are backpacks with RFID-protected pockets that are more expensive but can safely keep credit cards and other technologically sensitive items safe from theft. They provide extra security features like hidden or covert pockets, slash-proof exterior material, and built-in cables that lock the bag if you have to leave it somewhere.

Although pricier, there are backpacks equipped with RFID-safe pockets to safely keep credit cards and other digitally sensitive materials secured from theft. They offer added security, such as secret or camouflaged pockets, slash-proof outer material, and built-in cables so the bag is locked if you have to leave it somewhere.


Even if you don’t carry heavy loads every day, there will come a time when you need to load up your daypack, rucksack, backpack, whatever you call it. Right from the start, get a pack that can guarantee comfort. The best backpacks for women teachers should come with solid flat bottoms and stiffer sides so the bag will stand on its own without hassle. You might want to try a style with built-in kickstands.

Watch this video for some fun backpack organization tips and advice.


Review of the 10 Best Backpacks for Women Teachers 

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1) BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack

The BOSTANTEN Women’s Leather Backpack provides a trendy design perfect for whatever purpose you may have – shopping, traveling, studying. Made of genuine Italy cow leather, the beige pack means durable, wear, and scratch-resistant. It also embraced high-quality paint gloss that matches the solid and rust-proof zinc alloy metal hardware. This had made the pack stylishly classic.

Why this makes one great backpack for teachers is for its large enough main compartment and inside slots for teacher essentials including an umbrella and your water bottle. You’ll like the front pocket with a zipper where you can put your cellphone or coin purse. With slip pockets all around, it helps you slip items and pull them out in one move.

The BOSTANTEN women’s leather backpack comes in dainty beige that can go with any colored or printed outfit. Weighing only about 2 pounds with a 10.23 x 14.7 x 5.51-inch dimension, it’s suitable for teachers for their light business. You will see the strong stitching done manually, plus an anti-theft feature using the zipper technique all over so you can secure iPhone, credit cards, important papers in the right places all zipped up. Simply close up the zip and wear it with confidence.

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2) LXY Backpack Purse 

A beautiful brown box-looking backpack, the LXY Backpack Purse is made from animal-friendly material. Weighing less than 2.5 pounds, lady teachers will love that it’s crafted from high-quality vegan leather so it’s not only durable but soft on the skin. It also features an external USB port on the side area. Just connect your phone to your USB (inside the bag) and you can charge your phone anytime.

Prime in style, it is designed with a drawstring closure that makes it so casual in a flap-and-snap button closure for added security. You will love this adjustable close-open design that allows you to open the opening wide for easy easy access to your stuff.  The pack has wide adjustable shoulder straps for added carrying comfort. Added to that is an airflow back padding feature that increases airflow to keep your back cool.

What makes the LXY Backpack Purse ideal for teachers are its multiple storage pockets offering plenty of room for files, brochures, or documents. With 12 x 6.5 x 16 inches in size, it is designed with slots and pockets all around the pack with 2 side pockets perfect for your umbrella and water bottle. The best thing is it can accommodate a 15-inch laptop, plus, it has internal padding to protect the device more. Above all, it’s water-resistant and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

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3) BERLINER Utrecht Vintage Backpack

Another classic in spirit pack for the lady is this BERLINER Vintage Leather Backpack. The bag looks so casual yet can showcase itself to everything you might need it for – school, work, events, sports, or travel. It’s a vegetable-tanned leather that has been tanned using plant tannins and oils under an ancient natural tanning process. This is a mark of an authentic quality that naturally gives the bag a soft beautiful patina as it ages.

This BERLINER Utrecht XL has a 17.7 x 13.7 x 4.3-inch dimension and weighs only 2.6 lbs. The beautiful part is the soft cotton-lined inner. It offers plenty of room that can hold a 17-inch laptop, meaning, it is spacious enough for notebooks, binders, documents, tablets, or clothes for a weekend trip. There’s another spacious external pocket – all with adjustable and comfortable straps. Overall, this is a teacher essential and a buy less but better bag, right?

The vintage-finished German product has a rolltop closure that allows for adjustable storage volume. It is coupled with vintage-style metal buckles and top-quality metal YKK zippers to complete a superior charm. It also comes with a hidden anti-theft back pocket, a zipped internal pocket, and a pocket specifically designed for your phone, keys, wallet, pen holders, jewelry, and more.

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4) CLUCI Leather Book Backpack

Wow, from the color alone, you’ll love the CLUCI Backpack Leather Book Bag. It is made of high-quality and water-resistant genuine cowhide leather with Polyurethane lining. A unique trait is a smooth U-shaped back zipper closure design with every stitching necessity being reinforced for durability. Look at the logo ”Cluci,” its craftsmanship shows an extraordinary brand philosophy.

The backpack features a 12.9 x 5.2 x 14.2-inch dimension that weighs 2.5 lbs. It has ample storage -1 back and 2 front zipper pockets, 1 inner zipper and 2 slot pockets, 2 side pockets, and a 1 lock buckle pocket that comes with an anti-theft design to keep your belongings safe. Perfect for those who want to carry a small bag but want to put as many belongings in it as possible. If you love something old-fashioned, you’ll love the lock-buckle-designed pouch on the pack’s exterior. Isn’t it appealing?

Your CLUCI Backpack Leather Book Bag is designed convertible for two-way carrying. The removable and adjustable strap can be transformed into a manner you want to carry it –  by the handle, as a backpack, or as a shoulder bag. As this comes like an oversized purse, I would recommend packing from medium to lightweight and enjoy it as an elegant daypack. Don’t worry, it can accommodate a 14-inch laptop.

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5) BOPAI Business Backpack 

Now let’s go to this executive-type of a backpack – the BOPAI Business Backpack. Obviously, this dons a modern look with a slick black design in a tremendously flawless rectangular shape. It has a sweeping quintessential design that works functionally for both men and women. You’ll like that this is intended as a commuter backpack making it a perfect choice both for formal and casual days.

This backpack offers around 17 x 11 inches dimension with a 3 inches width. Weighing only 1.55 lbs it comes so sleek. However, it can accommodate a 15 inches laptop. The pack has four main large compartments with two small pockets and one anti-theft pocket. You’ll love the comfortable back design that’s made with a high-density sponge, and a back U-shaped three-dimensional ventilation design.

The BOPAI Business Backpack has an invisible anti-theft design in a concealed double zipper that increases the security of your belongings inside and also a hidden zip pocket that is perfect for your wallet and your phone. It uses a new generation of smooth zippers and a detachable keychain so you can take the key quickly and easily. Enjoy the luggage strap that fastens the backpack to the luggage trolley to reduce the burden on the back. One more thing you’ll like is it is water-resistant.

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What do you think of this BROMEN Laptop Bag? It’s a multi-function backpack made from 100% vegan oil wax fabric with fine stitching. The logo ”BROMEN” shows a conscientious and professional finesse that has passed more than ten procedures of quality inspection. Meaning, the pack is elaborately designed by excellent designers to ensure superior quality.

It has a special compartment for a 15 inches laptop. It’s also designed with a spacious main interior to hold notebooks, a planner, and an additional tablet. There’s also one main and 1 back zipper pocket, 2 pen slots, and 2 slip pockets. Use the two side slots for your umbrella, water bottle, or other essentials for the day. You’ll thank the gold alloy accessories with shiny hardware and of course the smooth U-shape zip opening design.

This BROMEN Laptop Bag comes with a reinforced padded soft foam with the computer section thickly padded and secured with a Velcro strap closure. Shoulder straps-wise, they’re firm, durable, and adjustable. Overall, this is your dainty professional-looking backpack that adopts a new fashion contrast color to make it functional for office, working, schooling, meetings, weekend trips, shopping, traveling, and camping. Just another daypack for the voguish lady teacher.

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7) KROSER Laptop Backpack

If you prefer black, here’s an extremely elegant choice, I recommend the KROSER Laptop Backpack. With many stylish designs that you can choose from, you can carry it around with ease and no fear of judgment. Made from PU leather and nylon, this backpack is water-resistant so you know your essentials are safe and dry inside. The good thing is it’s great for guys, too.

For the inner storage, you’re getting a large main compartment with accompanying pockets that you can assign as special homes for basic items so they’re more organized and easier to find. It can hold a 15 inches laptop with an additional iPad compartment. Additionally, you get 1 front pocket for keys, coins, and earphones. Of course, it doesn’t miss the 2 side pockets you need for other small items like an umbrella.

Convenient and comfortable, the KROSER Laptop Backpack boasts 16 x 11  x 7″ external dimensions with a weight of more or less 1 lbs. Enjoy the padded back panel and shoulder strap and a luggage strap in cases where you needed to fit the pack on your suitcase. Simply slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying. One more bonus is the USB port so that you can charge your phone conveniently by a power bank.

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8) Kah&Kee Convertible Laptop Backpack 

Another potential favorite is this leisure backpack from Kah&Lee. So beautiful in reseda green, it is made of water-resistant polyester. Even though it looks huge, the pack does not look bulky and heavy. You’ll enjoy its versatile role from purse to back-pack function so it serves both for social to rugged performance.

This Kah&Lee Convertible Laptop Backpack feels like it is born out of executive classiness. Although it doesn’t offer an extra-large main section, it is designed with a padded laptop compartment and 2 interior open pockets. On its exterior are 2 front zipper pockets and a back zipper pocket for belongings you want closest to your back. In its entirety, it has a width of 14 inches and 9 inches in depth.

This Kah&Kee Laptop Backpack and Tote Bag come with a top carry handle and adjustable shoulder straps that are demountable and hidden. You can imagine how convenient you can to fold the invisible shoulder strap and convert the pack into a tote bag. I’m sure this makes a  simple and flexible teacher backpack that’s user-friendly and also suitable for students, business people, office workers, and travelers.

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9) Orabird Leather Casual Day Backpack 

Compared to the rest of the backpacks on this list, the Orabird Leather Casual Day Pack is unique for its full-grain leather ensemble that
showcases all the natural markings from the hide. Full-grain is the closest to the most hard-wearing natural leather form you can get which is naturally supple and resilient. A very sleek and modern-looking teacher pack.

With 11 x 5 x 14 inches dimension, this bag weighs 2.4 lbs. knowing that it is made of real thick leather. This teacher backpack is multi-pocketed. It contains a spacious main cargo space, 2 inner zippered pockets, and 1 invisible pocket. Therefore, you can bring a 14″ laptop. It boasts a front zipper storage pocket for small things like your phone, earbuds, calculator, etc.

For total comfort, the Orabird Leather Casual Backpack is completed with 100% cotton lining, retro bright black hardware, and adjustable canvas straps that are thick, and comfortable to use. Obviously, it puts great attention to detail. Plus, since it is full-grain leather fabric,  you are confident that it has the ability to repel water from light rain.

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10) Handmade World Vintage Full Grain

From being a book bag to a travel rucksack, introducing the Handmade World Backpack. Its craftsmanship boasts a remarkable 100% tough long-lasting full-grain leather. It’s amazing everything about it is stunning from color to detail and size. Just another backpack not only for vintage bag lovers but for all women who can be both courtly and rugged.

This backpack is made of the finest vegetable-tanned leather, lined with canvas, durable hardware, and storage ideas. Weighing 2.6 lbs., this backpack measures 17 x 13 x 4 inches so it fits a 17-inch laptop in its special section. You’ll love the 4-inch wide interior space making it generous for everything you’ll need for a day including an internal open pocket for small items and valuables. It’s not a zipper-lock bag but a Push Clip style for easy open and close.

This Handmade World Vintage Backpack is equipped with adjustable buckles, a padded top handle for carrying, and adjustable straps. What makes this perfect for teachers is the super rucksack appeal with a unique color and distinctive distressed look, yet charming and super elegant. Full-grain holds with age, so it’s a perfect investment you can keep as a remembrance of your teaching days.

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There is no bag that looks too boyish because girls can use any boy stuff and still so nice to look at. The secret is to pick a design that matches your activity. You don’t want to carry a big camping pack if you only use it for your daily commute. If a casual daypack is enough for your personal belongings then a sturdier one is what you need if you want a backpack for heavy books.

As long as you are comfortable with it as a carry-all bag, there is no problem at all. The sense that you chose a backpack means you are unique, active, and with an on-the-go spirit. Wear it with confidence and you’ll impress everyone. No one would dare to label you as such.


It may seem obvious that bags that are worn at the back may not seem a “grown-up” thing. But looking at why backpacks complete a child’s school essentials makes sense even for adults. Imagine how it allows you to carry your belongings safely and most of all hands-free. Women’s backpacks are structured to be lightweight and workable where your belongings are kept closer to your body allowing your hands to move freely without the need to keep securing the straps while on the go. That’s a backpack!


The story says it was in 1938 when the first backpack was created by Gerry Outdoors. The pack which was designed to be worn and tied on a user’s back had zippers to secure the belongings inside. At that time, such packs were fundamental for hiking and camping at the Alpines. Gerry Outdoors innovated a modern backpack using nylon materials in the late 1960s.

Students saw the usefulness of a backpack in carrying books as the nylon fabric works better in keeping them dry from the frequent Seattle rains. It was the beginning when they put other essentials into the bag making it a daily hands-free carry-all.


Daypacks are backpacks that are designed as a light pack for a day’s essentials ideal for meetings, shopping, or a day’s tour. They are the smallest member of the backpack family making them perfect for a woman’s smaller body frame. Daypacks also have no internal frame or serious partitions compared to larger packs.
A rucksack is mostly used for carrying heavier loads for hiking or camping. Its main determinant is being crafted from durable canvas material. It has more storage areas and pockets more items. Rucksacks generally have hip and chest belts used to support the bag when holding heavy loads.


One great advantage of a backpack is you can carry it hands-free – it’s just hanging on your back. But not all women prefer wearing their bags on the back. Other than they find handbags more convenient, backpacks can be heavy on the back. Plus, if you’re not vigilant, the pack’s outermost external pouch can be prone to pickpockets.

When a backpack’s size doesn’t fit a woman’s torso and shoulder span, the back becomes inconvenient to wear and bring. For backpacking activities, one downside is the pack may be too heavy on the shoulders. So you may need to get one with well-made hip belts and padded straps. The better the backpack fits the body, the better you’ll feel.


Durability, affordability, and style are the three basic elements of a great backpack. If you find this combination of factors, you will never regret investing in one. You are getting a high-quality product and a fashionable bag at the same time that you can use for many years regardless 0f the fast fashion cycle. These features in a bag can be found in brands with long-lastingness in mind. What’s more, is your friends will appreciate how fine taste you have.


No. Cowhide leather materials are not to be washed or soaked directly in water. The best way to clean cowhide bags is to wipe them with a clean damp cloth gently on the surface.


Definitely. The backpacks above are ideal for students’ use, as well. The moment they get a sense of interest in your backpack, allow them. It can help children and teens express their own personal sense of style. Just make sure your child has a bit grown-up body for the backpack to sit nicely and properly on their back. If the bag is too large, it can also be too heavy for their age. Remember, backpacks can strain muscles and joints and may cause back pain when not used correctly.

9) Are there different types of backpacks? What are their differences?

There are ten different backpack designs available, each with a distinct purpose. The significant difference is their size, content organization, and of course, color and looks. If you’re only familiar with the classic U-shape or drawstring, know that there are the roll top, clamshell, splayed, satchel, knapsack, Randosero, and the central zipper. Amazed? I’ve explained each of the backpack’s purposes in my post, A Guide to Different Backpack Styles.



Regardless of backpack designs and alternatives, a backpack made just for ladies ought to have some gimmickry. The greatest women’s backpack will allow you to move around inside without jumbling your belongings. The wrong pack is one that makes you spend two hours trying to find a pen. Or should I say you needed to re-learn the right way to organize your bag.

What about personalizing an existing backpack you already have with a touch of flowery patches, peace signs, and doodles? What makes a woman’s backpack unique is the thought that it’s a woman’s carry-all. Meaning, you wear it as a fashion statement with practicality in mind.

Any of the backpacks on the list makes an awesome choice for a lot of women as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, graduation, or Teacher’s Day surprises. By the way, do you have any bags to recommend? Leave them in the comments.