Oh, hi there! Quick question. Have you been thinking about trying out something new lately? Something to break your routine? Like a new hobby or something? 

Well, you’re just in time and in luck because this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for! Because today we will be talking about the best coloring pencils for teachers for the big year of 2021! 

a set of coloring pencils

Assuming that you’re trying to pick up a new hobby, coloring is one of the best new hobbies that you’ll get yourself into given its benefits—you’ll get to reduce stress while you exercise your creativity as well as your confidence which is very essential for teachers to work on from time to time. 

Having a hobby can greatly help in reducing stress and can also aid in terms of self-development because you’re doing something you love and something you’re good at and that eventually makes you feel good about yourself.

And if you have decided to go with coloring as your new hobby, then better arm yourself up with some of the supreme choices when it comes to coloring pencils! 

But before we dive into our awesome list of the best coloring pencils for teachers, first we have to know how to pick the right one with the best quality that you can work with especially if you’re just a beginner. 

There’s a long list of choices and it can be overwhelming for some, that’s why we took the liberty of coming up with some of the best choices that everyone and even professional artists can appreciate. 


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Product Image Reasons to get it
Crayola Colored Pencils
  • 50 bold, rich, and vibrant colors
  • Readu to use pre-sharpened pencils
  • Safe and non-toxic
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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 150 Pack
  • Creamy and thick soft cores
  • 150 brilliant lasting shades
  • robust leads; crack and chip resistant
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Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists’ Color Pencils – Tin of 120 Colors
  • Water resistant and smudgeproof
  • 120 vibrant colors enclosed in a metal tin case
  • Acid-dree oil-based pigments
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Coloring Pencils 101: A Complete Buying Guide

I’m sure that almost all of us have had experience using colored pencils, especially during our childhood days. 

I’ve always thought of coloring pencils as next level compared to crayons, they were just more sophisticated to use and they can provide a much more prominent color pay off whenever I use them to color. 

Fortunately, colored pencils and coloring books are no longer just for kids and art enthusiasts, and that’s good news for everybody, especially teachers! 

a teacher coloring an adult coloring book

The act of coloring can surprisingly provide benefits that teachers should be taking advantage of—it can reduce stress, relax your mind, spark your creativity, improve your focus and sleeping habits, in short, it can help you be a better you one stroke at a time. I hope you’re convinced of that! 

And to start off your artistic journey, you will surely want to use only the best coloring pencils to give you the results that you’re looking for when you color. Because it’s useless to color if you’re using a set of colored pencils that can hardly transfer to the paper, right? 

In that case, whether you’re a beginner or already an expert on an artistic level, here’s a complete guide on how you can choose the right set of coloring pencils.

Expertise Level

Before purchasing a set of coloring pencils, the first thing that you should determine is your expertise level.

If you’re on a beginner level, it’s better to opt for coloring pencils that are user friendly for beginners and does not require any complicated techniques when being used because you’re just starting out, and purchasing professional grade coloring pencils will just be a waste of money, since you won’t be able to use them at their full capacity. 

If you’re on an advanced level,  farther in the line of your artistic journey, then you can opt for a more advanced set of coloring pencils since you’ll be able to apply it using different techniques. Some people opt for a water-soluble set of coloring pencils, a type of coloring pencil that uses water as a medium. It lets you play with colors and control it at a more complex level. 

Wax-based or Oil-based?

In choosing the best coloring pencils you’ll have two main core types that you’ll be able to choose from, which are wax-based coloring pencils and oil-based ones. 

You’ll find the wax-based colored pencils to be a mainstream choice as they are budget-friendly and you can easily find them in any of the nearest stores or supply shops that you find. 

Oil-based colored pencils on the other hand are usually the pricier ones as they can provide results with a richer, more vibrant, and quality look when used for coloring. Professional artists usually prefer to use them due to the unique color pay-off that you can achieve only when using these kinds of coloring pencils. 

In comparison to the two kinds of coloring pencils, wax-based ones have a much softer core compared to oil-based ones that are equipped with a much harder core. This also means that you might be required to sharpen Wax-based coloring pencils more often compared to Oil-based ones because they can hold their shape quite long as they are sturdier. 

You’ll also be able to find that wax-based colored pencils are the best bets for beginners as they are easier to use and will not require many technicalities when used to color. 

While the Oil-based coloring pencils are for you if you’re looking to create intricate details, you have been coloring for quite some time now. 

Type of Coloring Pencils

The next thing that you should consider is the type of pencil that you want to use for your coloring activities. This might surprise you, but there are 5 different types of coloring pencils and each one of them fulfills a different purpose. 

Depending on how you want to use them and how far you are on your artistic journey, you’ll be able to choose from these different types of coloring pencils. 

Student Grade

If you’re trying out coloring for the first time, you might want to start with standard-quality coloring pencils. Standard colored pencils are the ones that you can easily buy from supply stores or department stores. 

They are also the most affordable ones that you can get from any store whether online or not. When it comes to the talks of durability student grade coloring pencils are the most durable coloring pencils that you can get and this is because of the harder core that they possess. 

But since they are indeed standard coloring pencils you might need to lower your expectations when it comes to their color payoff, they can provide vibrant and vivid colors but just not on the same level as artist or professional sets that most artists use. 

They usually come in a number of 24-36 coloring pencils per pack which is quite a few compared to professional sets, but still, it’s a good place to start given the fact that you’re just starting out. 

This will give you a chance to experiment and also learn the basics when it comes to blending and layering colors. 

Artist/Professional Grade

Usually, these coloring pencils are the top-tier and supreme choices for coloring pencils. They can be used to perform complicated techniques that result in seamless layerings and blendings to produce professional-looking colors. 

Artist or professional grade pencils are your go-to if you’ve been coloring for some time now. They provide richer and more vivid hues and typically have a softer core compared to beginner grade pencils. 

The softer core allows its user to play with colors with a higher pigmentation that allows smooth blending and layering techniques to take place effortlessly. This is why professional artists prefer to use them. 

But the only thing about soft core colored pencils is that they tend to lose their tip more often and this will require you to sharpen them every time too—eventually, this will lead you to reach the end of the pencil at a faster rate compared to beginner grade ones.

Special Types of Coloring Pencils that You Can Opt For:

Woodless Colored Pencils

If you are looking to use a set of coloring pencils where sharpening is not required at all, then a set of woodless colored pencils is the right choice for you. 

Unlike conventional coloring pencils that are encased into wood shafts, woodless colored pencils are all core that can provide you with a richer and bolder pigment. 

This type of colored pencil is ideal if you are required to fill in a large area of color. 

Watercolor Pencils

I have tried using a set of watercolor pencils and it was quite exciting to see the colors transform into a watercolor with just a hint of water. 

Watercolor pencils use a special mixture to create the lead of the pencils that are water-soluble that when blended with water using a brush it creates a watercolor effect without having to use actual watercolor. 

Pastel Color Pencils

Pastel color pencils can also be an option for you if you are someone who is fond of using pastel colors as your medium to color. 

Instead of the normal coloring pencil lead that you get, you’ll be getting pastel materials enveloped by a wooden shaft to make up the whole pencil. 

And the good thing about pastel-colored pencils is that you can sharpen them to a fine point unlike the normal pastels and this will help you create intricate details into your drawings. They can also be layered, blended, and developed as they would when traditional pastel colors are used. 

Mechanical Pencil

If you are someone who’s a bit bothered by sharpening every time after it loses its point, then a great option for you is the mechanical pencil type of coloring pencils. 

The good thing about mechanical pencils is that you don’t need to reach out for a sharpener just to lengthen the lead of the coloring pencil again because with just a few clicks you’ll be all set to color to your heart’s content again. 

But do keep in mind that they are indeed rare and to find stores that offer them can be a bit tricky but do not fret, because they do exist you just need to work harder to get a hold of them mechanical coloring pencils. 

Variety or Range of Color

Normally for beginners it’s best to go for packs with about 24-36 color choices as this would be enough to help you get started on your coloring journey, you can always upgrade and go for a set with a higher number of pencils. 

Some manufacturers offer color ranges over a hundred which is usually the choice for many professional artists because of the wide array of hues they can choose from. 

colored pencils in line

If you’re a beginner, I would highly recommend starting out with 24-36 color choices as this would set as your foundation to learn the basics of coloring, and if you think you’re up to upgrading then you can set out for the higher number of sets. 

Just keep in mind that the more pencils there are in a set, the more expensive the coloring pencil set is going to be.


This term was fairly new to me when I first started out with adult coloring books and colored pencils. But this indeed was essential to consider especially if you want to preserve your art. 

As with all art media, all of them tend to fade over time, this is due to external factors that they are exposed to like humidity that breaks down the formulation of the colors. 

This is where “lightfastness” comes in. It is generally the ability of color pencils to resist all external factors that contribute to the fading of the colors. This might not be something that you’ll worry about if you’re just coloring as a hobby, but it can be something to watch out for if you want to preserve your artwork for quite some time. 

Most manufacturers include information about the lightfast rating of their own products, and this may vary from one brand to another. It’s also best to do research that is readily available, thanks to the internet, to know more about a certain product if you want to know more about its lightfastness ability. 

Blend Test

After sorting out what your preferred type of coloring pencils is, the next thing that you can be on the lookout for is how the coloring pencils perform when blended. 

It’s important to know if the colors can blend well and if you yourself will be able to blend them. Since blending will be a part of your coloring technique as it is for other people as well whether they are amateurs or professionals, the blending process helps make your art appear seamless and well-made. 

Blending will also help you incorporate colors to create a shade of color which is helpful if you only have a limited range of colors to choose from in a set that you’re going to use. 

The blend control will also depend on the type of coloring pencils that you are using. Particularly, you’ll be having no issues with blending if you are to use watercolor and pastel coloring pencils but it can also still depend on the quality and brand of pencils that you’re using. 

You’ll find that Wax-based pencils are easier to blend compared to oil-based ones and this is because of the softer core that they have, but still, oil-based colored pencils can still be blended given that you know how to prep them which usually requires you to warm the tip up for them to blend better. 

Overall, most types of coloring pencils can be blended. You just have to know the techniques to do it right, and also know how to use the product that you are using. 

Overall Weight and Size

In Addition to all the different factors that you need to put into consideration, you also have to include the overall weight and size of the coloring pencil set that you’re planning to purchase. 

You should ask yourself a few questions that will help you determine if it’s the right set for you. Are you going to carry it around everywhere you go? Is it portable? Can you easily put it in your bag when you’re on the go? or is it going to stay at home where you will not be worrying about carrying it along with you. 

Most coloring pencils sets come in a range of 24 up to 120 colors or even more, and that considerably contributes to how heavy the whole set is going to be. Some sets come in a tin casing while others come in boxes and even roll-ups which are actually convenient and will not take up much space inside your bag

Open Stock Purchase

colored pencils that are sold individually

Most coloring pencils are sold in sets, but if you find yourself using up a certain color pencil more than others then you can opt to purchase them individually. 

Some brands offer to sell their color pencils as open-stock which allows you to buy them individually so you don’t have to necessarily buy the whole set again just to get one color. This is very practical and will also save you money in the long run.  


8 of the Best Coloring Pencils For Teachers 2022

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901 

Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901

Click image for details

The Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901 colored pencil has a 5-star rating from me personally, it’s one of the most intense coloring pencil sets that I got a chance to use when I was able to snag one at a great deal from a local art supply store. And I am telling you, every penny was worth it! 

This is a highly sought out Wax-based coloring pencil set that most artists would appreciate using. It provides a very subtle velvety effect that when used on paper it feels like butter being put on bread. It smoothly glides on paper without a hitch because of its creamy consistency. 

Its colors are very rich and vivid even with just a few strokes you’ll be able to get full pigment without having to go over the areas you’ve already colored. 

The Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901 coloring pencil set was produced as a result of 2 intensive years of research to perfect its formulation. 

When I first got the chance to use it, I instantly noticed the very delicate texture that it gives as well as the vibrancy of each and every color that comes in the set. And I loved each and every pencil this 76 piece color pencil set had. 

This set can be perfect for people who are looking to explore advanced techniques of layering, blending, and gradation. They can be easily mixed and layered without much effort from its user. 

You can only expect high-quality results from the Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901 coloring pencil set, in terms of lightfastness I can only tell you that the art I made with this set seems like they were newly colored even after a couple of months have already passed by. 

Each and every pencil is equipped with finely-ground pigments that were carefully chosen based on their purity, intensity, and their resistance to UV light as well. The unique and sleek casing of each and every pencil in this set is made from high-quality California Cedar that is acquired sustainably from managed forests. 

This set is also true-to-color, what you see on the wood shaft label of each colored pencil is also what you will see on paper, of course, this also depends on what kinds of art material you are using it on. But on white paper, you’ll be getting the color it shows off on its encasing. 

With all the amazing colors you’ll get, as a bonus, it also comes with2 full blender-bright sticks that aids in the smooth blending of colors. 

As someone who is not a professional artist, I can say that you will still be able to appreciate the brilliance of this set even if it is on the pricey side you will surely appreciate the results once you’ve used it! And as I loved mine, I am sure that you will also love yours if you plan to get this one! 

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2. LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils

LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils

Click image for details

The LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils is a lovely set of coloring pencils that had to be included in this list. It comes in a set of 12 up to 105 which gives you enough range of choices that will let you choose where you want to start. 

You can also purchase them individually which makes it very convenient if you run out of your favorite colors, you can just easily purchase a single color without having to buy the whole set. 

This elegant set of coloring pencils is a product from the well-known German company Lyra. The pencils included in this set are equipped with oil-based cores that allow users to enjoy its excellent elements that definitely shine whenever used to color. 

The LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils provide a range of harmonious colors for each set that can perfectly match any type of project that even beginners will also appreciate. 

One thing that is definitely most noticeable about the LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils set is how they are extremely lightweight on the hands which allow users to freely move their hands when using this unique set. The core of each pencil is about 4mm but still, the circular barrel is the narrowest one among known brands of coloring pencils. 

When it comes to blending and layering given the fact that the LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils uses oil-based cores you will not have any issues with the said techniques because of how malleable the cores are when used for any type of art projects. 

The colors can stack on beautifully but it is said that you might need to press on it with a little bit of added pressure for the colors to transfer on paper perfectly which is mostly a thing for oil-based colored pencils. 

The whole set comes in a tin can that is aesthetically presentable and seems pretty sturdy as well, you’ll know by the way it looks and feels that it will be able to hold all the color pencils inside safe and secured for a long time. 

The LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils set does fall more on the pricey yet reasonable side, but the quality is what you’re getting with this set of coloring pencils, and we also only want the best for our amazing teachers! 

If you’re someone who wants to try a more premium line-up of coloring pencils, then you can opt for the LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils that provide the same results as other premium oil-based cores but at a much more affordable price.  

This is truly one of the best bets for someone who wants to try artist-grade colored pencils but will not break the bank.

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3. COVACURE Premier Color Pencil Set

COVACURE Premier Color Pencil Set

Click image for details

Santa, if you can read this, you know what I want for Christmas this year! The Covacure premier colored pencil sets are wonderful pencils at a wonderful price that’s even perfect as a gift idea if you’re running out of one. 

If you are someone looking to buy a teacher you know a gift that you think will enjoy adult coloring books and colored pencils, then this pack will surely be appreciated by them. 

Even at its budget-friendly price, the Covacure premier colored pencil sets will surely not let you down and even surprise you with their amazing quality and brilliant coloring pencils. And to make it even better, you also get to have a wonderful canvas roll equipped with a leather strap as a case for all the coloring pencils that comes with this set. 

It looks absolutely aesthetic and you’ll really feel like a professional artist with the Covacure premier colored pencil set. Also in addition to the canvas leather strap case, it also comes with a sharpener that is pretty convenient because you no longer need to purchase a separate sharpener for this coloring pencil set. 

The canvas leather strap wrap is also furnished with 36 elastic loops to secure and organize each and every colored pencil in the set, plus one for the sharpener that it comes with. 

Now to get into more details on this pretty amazing set, you’ll be getting 36 bright and vivid coloring pencils that are wax-based, and it can assure you its durability even with its superb soft-lead with over 60% hardness to resist breakage from falls and other factors that lead to pencil breakage. 

Let’s go to how it applies on paper, the Covacure premier colored pencil set uses a high-quality wax-based core that just glides on paper smoothly without a hitch, it allows users to enjoy its blendability and seamless color transitioning as well. 

And for those who are sensitive to chemical smells that sometimes other coloring pencil sets exhibit, you can rest assured as the Covacure premier colored pencil set is CE-EN71 certified and does not give off any pungent smell making it safe for use even for kids. 

Each color pencil is already pre-sharpened when you get the set, and you’re all set to use them once you have purchased it. The Covacure premier colored pencil set is a perfect match for any adult coloring book, it’s easy to use and the results from these color pencils are breathtaking too! 

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4. Derwent Coloursoft Colored Pencils

Derwent Coloursoft Colored Pencils

Click image for details

If you’re looking for exciting coloring pencils that offer vibrancy, durability, and blendability then you’ll find that the Derwent Colored Pencils are just the set that you’re looking for! 

This coloring pencil set will offer a range of choices from 6 counts of color up to 72 counts of vibrant hues. The Derwent Colored Pencils have 4mm soft-core that are wax-based. This coloring pencil set allows its user to glide smoothly without any issues on different kinds of drawing surfaces. 

They are easy to use and are easy to apply without having to put much pressure just to transfer the pigment to different types of drawing surfaces. The company Derwent proudly claims that the Derwen Coloursoft Colored Pencil set is their softest pencil ever which allows for smooth application and beautiful results. 

The 4mm softcore is velvety like cream which aids in making the colors richer and bolder when laid down on paper. Building up color is very easy with this set of coloring pencils they can also be used for drawings as well. 

Now, don’t get them wrong, even if they do have soft-core the Derwent Colored Pencil set is designed with a break-resistant core. It also allows you to sharpen the pencils without having to worry about it breaking whilst you’re sharpening it. Its cores are highly durable and will not break easily unless intended. 

Thanks to its break-resistant core, users can enjoy using these colored pencils with fine points that are essential for intricate and detailed drawings.

You’ll also find that blending is as easy as pie with the Derwent Colored Pencils. You’ll be able to create new shades just by blending with the colors you already have in this set, and this is because of the enhanced formulation that has been used to create this masterpiece set of coloring pencils. 

The Derwent Colored Pencils can also provide you with terrific coverage of pigment that you don’t necessarily have to go over the same area over and over again just to fully cover the area that you want. 

This set will surely impress and excite you at the same time, and most teachers will surely appreciate this neat set whether if it’s for professional use or for leisure only. 

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5. Zenacolor 160 Colored Pencil Set 

Zenacolor 160 Colored Pencil Set 

Click image for details

With a 4.7 rating and over 3000 reviews, you’ll never go wrong if you go with the Zenacolor Colored Pencil Set. 

The Zenacolor Colored Pencil Set offers a staggering 160 colored pencils at a very favorable price. Each and every pencil is unique and numbered to help you identify the colors and no colors are the same! So you’ll get different and unique colors that will surely make your artist’s heart go giddy over it. 

Each and every colored pencil is richly pigmented and with its 3.3mm thick lead that is oil-based, you’ll be able to produce professional results even if you’re just a beginner with coloring. 

You’ll be able to blend, layer, and shade beautifully with the Zenacolor Colored Pencil Set. You’ll also have no problem mixing it with other premier brands too because the pigments of this set are so blendable that you can even use other sets along with it. 

The Zenacolor colored pencil cores are encased in basswood shafts for durability and the core itself is also durable and does not break. You’ll also find that each and every pencil has a number and name for identification so you can easily find the color that you want to use. 

All 160 colored pencils are kept safe and sound in its metal case that is robust and portable as well, you’ll have no issue bringing them along with you because they are surprisingly lightweight as well. 

The pencils included in this set are non-toxic and are ASTM certified so you can rest assured that they are safe to use even if there are kids around you. 

The Zenacolor colored pencil set is sure to satisfy you that they even guarantee their customers a warranty for up to 30 days if you are not satisfied with their product, they even have a slogan of “100% satisfied or your money back” and don’t we all love warranties and guarantees!

You’ll get a great selection of colors and on top of that is a guarantee as well, what more can you ask for! You’ll get pencils that last longer that do not break constantly when in use. This set is truly highly recommended for teachers!

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6. Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists’ Color Pencils

Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists’ Color Pencils

Click image for details

Now, the next item on our list for the best coloring pencils for teachers is no doubt a crowd-favorite and is indeed a timeless choice—the Faber-Castell Polychromos artists’ color pencils. 

Faber-Castell is a well-known brand that has been producing quality art materials since 1761 that is appreciated by all ages. I’m pretty sure that most people are familiar with the brand Faber-Castell because it’s available and easy to buy in most stores near you. 

And of course, since they are indeed a well-known brand that produces high-quality products, they also made a version of their best coloring pencils to compete with other premier products which is their line of Polychromos Artists’ color pencils. 

Now for this gorgeous set, you’ll be able to choose from the tin of 12 up to a tin of 120 Polychromos Artists’ color pencils that provides a wide array of unique and highly pigmented oil-based pencils that everyone will surely be in awe of because it’s a valued set by artist globally for its unsurpassed quality. 

Its resistance to fading is also unlike any other, you’ll be assured that even years have passed by your art will stay still in time even from all the conditions it’s exposed to. 

It’s also unbelievably creamy making it so blendable that you’ll have no issues achieving the colors and shades that you want to put down on paper or other types of drawing surfaces. The oil-based pencils allow seamless layering, highlighting, and transitioning of colors as well.

Even if the leads in this set are smooth as butter, you’ll never worry about them breaking because the Faber-Castell Polychromos artists’ color pencils guarantee break-resistant leads in the size of 3.8mm that are surprisingly water-resistant and smudge-proof as well. 

The leads in the Faber-Castell Polychromos artists’ color pencils are SV-bonded making it possible for users to easily sharpen the pencils and it also makes them durable as well. 

You’ll never go wrong with this amazing set, your artworks will surely come to life and stand out with the vibrant hues and the vivid laydown of acid-free color pigments with the Faber-Castell Polychromos artists’ color pencils. 

This set might be on the pricier side but it is indeed worth investing in, you’ll be able to use the pencils for a long time and they will surely keep their quality even if you have stored and not used them for quite some time. 

The Faber-Castell Polychromos artists’ color pencils set the standards for coloring pencils ever since they were born in 1908 and it’s still serving quality and satisfaction to all artists at heart. 

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7. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Click image for details

To bring your artistic vision to life, you’ll surely enjoy the company of the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils with over 150 colors to offer you will surely love each and every pencil included in this amazing set!

The Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils will surely hit all the right notes if coloring was the same as singing, it will help you to achieve your masterpiece accurately and beautifully, satisfying you with every stroke as you completely fill all the void in your drawing as you watch it slowly but surely come to life. 

This set features soft-core leads that are wax-based that just give perfect scores when it comes to blending, layering, and shading as well. The leads in this set are thick and durable and you will also find that its pigments are one of a kind resulting in a unique color lay-off that’s excellent and astonishing as well. 

The soft-core allows for smooth application thanks to its creamy and thick texture that is quite unbeatable when it comes to blending. Some users have also praised how superior and inimitable the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are in blending and shading. 

This is a great coloring pencil set to indulge yourself with hours of creative and calming fun just by matching it with a good adult coloring book which is all the craze right now! You’ll also feel like a kid in a candy store with the stunning choices of color which comes up to 150 unique, bright, and vivid colors. 

Each color also has different names that are truly alluring as well, you have Sunburst yellow that’s absolutely breathtaking like when the sun hits the horizon of the ocean, and greenest grass to help you visualize the greenest landscape you can think of and so much more.

With the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, you’ll be able to produce the most delicate blends and silkiest shadowing that you can ever achieve. These coloring pencils are well packaged and you’ll surely love the luxurious box that it comes with that is sturdy and durable as well. 

The pencils are also sold separately, so if you are to buy the smaller count but want other colors that do not come with the set, you can just purchase them individually to include them in the set you already have. 

Overall, if you’re looking for supreme quality wax-based colored pencils, the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are your best bet and are definitely recommended for teachers who love their art. 

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8. Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils

Click image for details

Of course, the well-loved brand Crayola also had to have a candidate of their own. With over 17,776 ratings with mainly positive reviews, this coloring pencil set is never the wrong choice! 

In this nostalgic set, you’ll be getting 50 vibrant and rich colors that are unique and have no color repeats. It’s perfect for use for any kind of project whether if it’s for adult coloring books or drawings this set will truly make you feel like a kid again. 

If you’re still learning the basics of coloring, you’ll be guided well with the Crayola Colored Pencils. It features long-lasting and brilliant wax-based colors that everyone of all ages can use even teachers. 

Coloring books are no longer just for kids, even teachers are also discovering the many benefits coloring can give to the ones who do it as a hobby to release stress and just enjoy the joy of putting color into paper. 

This 50-pack of coloring crayon is so easy to use and also easy to carry around anywhere you go. They come pre-sharpened and ready to use! All you need to do is let your imagination run wild and let yourself be free in the world of colors. 

And the best part of it all is that it’s also one of the most affordable sets that you can get that still provides quality that is proven and tested by time. They blend well and are also velvety when pressed hard on the paper. 

This is a great starter set for anyone who wants to venture into coloring! I actually had a set some time ago and eventually handed them down to my daughter and she loves using it for the coloring books I got her and it’s running out and I have to get her a new set soon. 

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There are many ways we can relieve stress but one that seems to be on the trend right now is coloring. The act of coloring with simple strokes and the picture we get after our art is done is the therapeutic part of it. 

We get to relax our minds and take a break from the things that worry us and just let ourselves get lost in our little bubble of colors. And to make it a better experience you, of course, have to match it with a great set of coloring pencils since it is the most preferred medium by most people. 

Not all coloring pencils are made equal, it also boils down to your personal preference of how you want your coloring pencils to be when used on paper and other types of drawing surfaces. You just have to know what you like and pick it up from there. 

Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this quick list of some of the best coloring pencils for teachers this 2020. Hopefully, this list helps you pick the right set of coloring pencils to start your journey of cleansing and relaxing through art!

Comment down below if you’ve already tried some of them and if you’re planning to use some of the sets included in this list! 

Adios, keep calm and color! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Can you erase colored pencils?

This is a good question, like normal pencils, are colored pencils different in any way? Can you erase them too?

This depends on the type of colored pencil that you’re using, some coloring pencils are permanent while some are not as they can be erased with just regular erasers too and this is because of the formulation of different kinds of coloring pencils. 

The ones that can be erased are usually the student or beginner-grade coloring pencils, while artists’ or professional-grade ones are permanent on paper which are your oil-based coloring pencils. 

You can also use four types of erasers for coloring pencils that can be erased; 

a coloring pencil eraser – can be bought in most supplies or art stores. It’s applicable to use on most types of coloring pencils. To know if it’s effective, it’s best to do a test area first to know if it can erase the coloring pencil that you are using. 

a kneaded eraser – effective but is mostly used to lighten but not to fully erase, it’s highly malleable and a bit sticky with a dough-like texture. And the best part about it is that you can shape it to make erasing more accurate on the area you want to adjust. 

a vinyl eraser – is like a multi-purpose eraser that can erase almost anything, including ink. They can erase anything completely and neatly as well, it’ll be like nothing was even on the paper before. 

or a tape – which seems to be effective for some. All you need to do is shape the tape over the area you want to erase and gently rub it not so hard as it can also take the paper with it and gently lift it up and watch the pigment be lifted up as well.  

Since it is inevitable for us to make mistakes, it’s nice to know that there’s a way we can mend it and still perfect the art that we are trying to make. 

2.) Is it important to know how to properly hold a colored pencil?

Pressure and techniques are the keys when it comes to coloring, the more pressure you apply to the paper the bolder and richer the color will be, the lighter your hands are the lighter the color will also appear on paper. 

Also, depending on where you place your fingers on the barrel of the colored pencil the pressure will also adjust along with it, if you hold it more closely to the tip then the pressure applied is greater, the farther away you are from the tip the lighter the pressure is going to be when applied on paper. 

Angles are also important, you can also use the sides of the exposed pigments if your colored pencils are sharpened well. 

3.) What’s the best number of pencils for beginners?

As I have mentioned earlier, it’s best to start with a smaller number of coloring pencils because you’ll get to know how to experiment and mix colors to produce other shades that you want to apply to your art. 

Starting with a smaller number will help you get started with blending and layering which are the foundation of learning how to use colored pencils. Because surely once you’ve mastered these techniques you’ll want to add new colors to expand your color choices to produce stunning shades.

Also, if a set is new to you and you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s best to start small to know if the coloring pencils are your taste. It’s better to start with a small pack rather than buying hundreds of them with you ending up not liking them, right?

So all in all, test them out first before buying a larger set of the same brand of coloring pencils. 

4.) What happens if you wet colored pencils?

Believe it or not, getting your colored pencils wet actually has a benefit. Soaking them in warm water for a few minutes for you to go ahead and use them will make them more saturated and makes them much more smooth kind of like gliding like butter on hot bread. And it’s amazing!

After soaking them in the water, just gently pat off the excess water left on the colored pencil with a paper towel and proceed to use them as you normally would. Surprisingly, they will not smear and will also dry down instantly just like any other regular colored pencil that you would use. But keep in mind that it will not last that long because the only exposed pigments in the water will have this effect.

5.) Do colored pencils expire? 

Colored pencils have no expiration date, but it’s good to keep in mind that there’s a likelihood that the lead can dry out depending on the type of colored pencils you have and what environment they are exposed to.

It’s best to store them in a safe and cool place, ideally not exposed to direct sunlight to preserve the condition of the lead.