5 Best Crossbody Bags For Teachers To Help You Stay Organized!

It’s a known fact that teachers are always on the go and they need a bag that can free their hands most of the time while storing all their essentials safe and sound, and that bag should also be style appropriate to match a teacher’s casual or professional look. 

If you’re getting tired of tote bags and you want to try out something new then the ideal option for a bag that can do all the things I have mentioned above is a crossbody bag. 

best bag for teachers

And today, we’ll be going over 5 of the best crossbody bags for teachers and how you can wear them right in a stylish way. 

The right crossbody bag can make you look effortless without actually putting in too much effort while you also get the chance to have a bag that serves its purpose well as a teacher’s bag. It’s reliable enough to hold all your teaching tools and materials including your personal items as well. 

You will also not have any problem when it comes to wearing crossbody bags with your outfits because they’re so versatile that they can team up with any outfit style that you choose for the day, plus they’re also the most practical bag for you to choose as a teacher. 


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Editor’s choice #1


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  • First and foremost, Travelon has 5-point anti-theft security to ensure protection
  • It uses an RFID system that helps prevent electronic identity theft
  • Rich in compartments and zippered pockets including a padded tablet sleeve
  • Has adjustable lock-down straps that help prevent grab-and-go thieves

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You’ll get to give a style statement, while you also get a bag with a multitude of uses, and to top it all off, a crossbody bag is so easy to carry around without putting extra weight on your shoulder as its design helps distribute the weight more evenly. 

If you’re looking forward to adding a crossbody bag to your wardrobe soon then let’s head on out and learn how to pick the right one for you and your needs.

A Teacher’s Guide In Choosing And Wearing A Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag will be a neat addition to anyone’s wardrobe, especially teachers. It’s essential to know how to choose the right bag, and this guide will help you with just that. 

Knowing the right components and sticking to the basics should help you score the right bag for you and your teaching needs, and here are some of the main things to consider: 

1.) Size

First and foremost, you need to determine the size of the bag you want and need. This will help you narrow down the choices along the way if you start setting the minimum size that you want your crossbody bag to be. 

The crossbody bag should have a spacious interior to accommodate all the items that you usually bring along with you whether it’s for a school day or a normal day to run errands or other activities. 

Think book size or document sizes because usually, teachers have a lot of paperwork to bring along with them on a normal day. There are a lot of cross bags that offer ample space to keep all teacher’s need comfortably to let you see your things inside the bag at a glance. 

Ask yourself how much will you need to put in it? And you’ll then have an idea and arrive at the perfect size you need your crossbody bag to be.

Editor’s choice #2

Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag 

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Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag 

  • Kipling is known for top quality, function, and carefree styles of bags
  • Made from crinkled nylon that’s lightweight and soft to touch yet water-resistant
  • Provides spacious interior, slots, and zippered outer pockets for more secured items
  • With an adjustable crossbody strap, you can wear it on your shoulder or across the chest

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2.) Material

The good thing about crossbody bags is that there’s a wide variety of choices when it comes to the type of fabric you want your bag to be in. Some can come in leather which can be suitable for a sleek and elegant look, but you need to ask yourself first if you are ready to commit to the maintenance a leather bag needs. 

And after leather, you can opt for a canvas or faux leather that can be much easier to manage and is also a perfect match for any style you want to put up for the day. 

The best thing you can do is to make it match your routine, think about how your day usually goes and the things you need to bring along with you, and also the environment you’re usually exposed to. 

Knowing these things will help you determine the type of material your bag needs to be in so that you can extend its longevity and durability as well. Always go for quality bags so that you’ll get your money’s worth for the years to come. 

3.) Color

Choosing a color might seem overwhelming at first but this would be an easy task. Pick a color that you know you will wear just by examining your current wardrobe. Look at all the colors that you currently have and try to blend that with the crossbody bag that you want to choose. 

It’s also best if you can choose a color that will complement your everyday get-up and is something that will look seamless with your outfit. But still, if you want to change things up a bit, you can try something with a pop of color but be sure to commit to it, confidence is key! 

Neutral colors are always a great choice, but try to examine and see if you already have a bag in those colors, you surely don’t want duplicates in your wardrobe especially for bags but black or brown would always be a classic choice! 

Editor’s choice #3

FEO Messenger/Crossbody Bag

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  • This messenger bag is made from a retro plain-woven fabric canvas material 
  • Has a minimal look yet it comes with a combined leather and silver metal hardware
  • The main compartment is spacious including an outer pocket for your little items
  • Coming with adjustable straps with a length that satisfies a crossbody option

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4.) Design & Details

Now here comes the tricky part, but it won’t be tricky if you know the basics. The bag should look like a part of you and not something that would be an accessory that would look awkward or disconnected to you. 

Make it match your style and personality, and most importantly don’t forget to look into the small details; the strap, the stitchings, partitions, pockets, and other small things will come into play. 

Always look for durable and high-quality make that you know will last you a long time because you certainly don’t want to buy something that will deform or loosen up after a few times of use. 

The quality should never be compromised because of style and good things. There are a lot of crossbody bags that offer top-quality materials and serve style as well. 

The strap is also something that you should isolate on its own because it will be the portion that will make you love or hate the bag, it’s best if you can get a bag that has straps with great shoulder support and is adjustable so that you can adjust how you want to carry the bag over time.

 5.) Price

Like with any other purchase that you make, it’s always important to consider the price point of the item that you’re keen to purchase. It’s best to remember that the higher the price is, the better the quality of the bag is going to be. 

It will only be a waste of money if you’re going to purchase something cheap that will just break down after a few times of use which will eventually lead you to buy another bag again, and we don’t want that. 

It’s not a must to make your decision focusing on the price, always weigh the pros and cons and think that bags are investments too because it’s the thing that helps you carry your essentials along with you wherever you need them to be. 

How To Wear A Crossbody Bag (Styling Tips)

  • Go for a balanced look and try to match the color of your bag with your top. Matching the contrast will create a seamless or blended look that will look easy on the eyes and look fashionable and sophisticated too. 
  • Getting a bag with adjustable straps will allow you to play with the placement of the bag letting you find the perfect spot where it can sit perfectly and comfortably along your body.
  • Make sure that it’s not too low or too high, you will usually find it most comfortable around the hip area where it can also rest while you walk around with your crossbody bag.
  • The best thing about crossbody bags is that you can always experiment with them. For a stylish look, you can place the bag along your waist. 
  • You can place the bag in front of you to allow free movement of your hands on both sides of your body.
  • Placing them on your hip level is a go-to position for many.
  • If you’re on the go and you need to move fast and unbothered you can place it on your back to free both your front and hands as well. 

5 Best Crossbody Bags For Teachers To Help You Stay Organized

1.) FEO Messenger/Crossbody Bag

FEO Messenger/Crossbody Bag

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One thing to look at when choosing the perfect crossbody bags is their durability and capacity of which they can hold. 

We all know that teachers are always handling a lot of paperwork and sometimes they need to carry that paperwork at home in order to finish. Although crossbody bags have always been small in size, there are still some that can hold a hefty amount of items and one of those crossbody bags is the MFEO Messenger/Crossbody Bag.

It is made out of high-quality encryption and thick canvas plus metal zips, that are simple and fashionable enough. The bag has many sections that are lined with soft fabric, overall it can hold all kinds of school supplies with its many compartments. 

The bag features multi-pockets: 1 main big zipper pocket, outside: 1 front zipper pocket, 1 flap pocket, 1 back zipper pocket, and inside: 1 card pocket, 1 phone pocket, 1 security zipper pocket. The strap of the bag is adjustable, teachers will be able to use it as both a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

It may seem small on the outside but when opened, it has a lot of room inside that can fit 2 to 3 books, an iPad, documents, and other office or school supplies like the usual pens, markers, paper clips, stapler, scotch tape, correction marker, and more. 

One thing to note is the main compartment with a zipper on top and the inside of the purse has a small zipper pocket inside and two slots on the side as well. The reviews on this product are highly positive and it is commonly mentioned that the bag is very durable and they are still using it despite being over a year old which says something about a bag. 

Normally, most bags do not last that long so investing in a durable bag will not only make your life at work easier but will also save you money.

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2.) NEWHEY Messenger Bag

NEWHEY Messenger Bag

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Most messenger bags can be utilized as a crossbody bag so do not be surprised if there is a messenger bag added to this list. 

Messenger bags have always been big in size so it is perfect for teachers who always bring their laptops to work. The materials used to craft this bag are made out of premium waterproof construction of superior cowhide crazy horse leather and heavy water-resistant waxed canvas to maximize long-term usage. 

Upon further inspection, the cowhide horse leather surface has disorderly wrinkles, scars, and scratches which were intended to give it a retro and wilderness design.  Although it is made out of such a high-quality material, you would think that it is hard to maintain but no, just simply use a lukewarm towel in order to pat down dirt.

The bag has a wide space when opened, it has a couple of dividers and one pocket can easily fit at least a 15″ laptop which is very convenient especially for teachers. 

This useful and stylish bag also consists of 1 inner wall zipper pocket for essential items that we usually carry around with us such as wallet, IDs, flash drives, and other important and small items that you need to have with you at all time, next is a 2 inner slip pockets for small gadgets for cell phones, power banks, earphones, lightning cables, and other trinkets that you need safe keeping for, and last but not least us a 1 rear padded compartment. 

The strap of the bag is adjustable and also detachable so if you prefer to carry it as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or in a briefcase-like manner then it is all up to your preference. 

All bits and parts of this bag are made from quality materials ensuring durability and longevity, especially the rivets and buckles made from solid zinc-alloy material that will surely stand the test of time while carrying all the items you deem necessary for your teaching needs. 

Even though it is not completely a crossbody bag, I think that the functionality of the bag is very important. Many people are satisfied with this product and most buyers are mostly teachers and office workers, if you are looking for something that is a bit more heavy-duty then this messenger bag is perfect for everyday work.

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3.) Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag

Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag

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If you are looking for a smaller and stylish type of crossbody bag, then the Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag is one of a few that you can choose from.

Kipling offers more than just crossbody bags, they also offer tote bags, messenger bags, backpacks, and many more. One thing to take note of this brand is that it has many various designs even from this particular bag which is available in 33 color and design variants. 

What makes Kipling bags different from others is their unique style of keychains that you can choose from, providing a little bit of uniqueness from others. 

Even though it has the word “mini” on it, it is not entirely that small. It is quite spacious, and teachers will definitely make use of this especially if they do not want to bring one of their big bags inside the classroom. 

It is more practical to leave all of your major things inside the faculty room and just bring all the necessary things when going to class discussions like markers, erasers, pens, and you can even fit some small personal items in it. It will save your shoulders from having to carry a heavy load all day.

The Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag is made out of nylon material, similar to what windbreaker jackets are made out of so it is definitely water-resistant. The straps of the bag are adjustable and it is not that rough on the shoulders when wearing it, all Kipling bags come with a key holder that you can use to store your important keys. 

It has one big flap in order to gain access inside and you can easily shut it close as the flap is magnetic. If you are a teacher that is looking for a bag in which you can easily store your essential items, then there is no doubt that the Kipling Sabian Mini Crossbody Bag is a perfect choice.

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4.) Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

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Most crossbody bags are not equipped with efficient security unlike backpacks, messenger bags, and other bags because sometimes it only consists of one flap or a single zipper that can easily be opened by anyone at any moment. 

If you are looking for a crossbody bag that will provide you a sense of security, then the Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag is the answer. Travelon is the only brand of bag that offers crossbody bags that is equipped with security precautions that will help its customers feel relieved when traveling or going outside with a small bag such as a crossbody bag.

Travelon is very proud of their 5-point Anti-Theft Security System which consists of lock-down straps that will help prevent grab-and-go thieves from dashing off with your bag, the strap lock can also be utilized to secure your bag to any object or chair so if you decide to leave your bag for a little while rest assured that it will remain there when you get back. 

It also features a locking of compartments that can help prevent pickpockets from getting into your bag, you can even lock your zipper pulls together in order to secure the contents of the bag. 

The outer barrier of the bag is made out of a slash-resistant mesh that is placed in all 4 sides and bag bottom panel to prevent slash-and-grab theft, the strap is also equipped with the same material and has stainless steel wire inside to prevent your bag from easily falling apart. And finally, the bag features RFID Blocking Pockets that help prevent electronic identity theft with RFID blocking card slots and passport pockets. 

Although the size of the crossbody bag is not as spacious as other bags, what is important is its security system that can keep all of your items secured inside your bag. Despite it being small, it still has a lot of compartments compared to other crossbody bags, it includes one main compartment, two outside zipper compartments, and also a rear pocket. 

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5.) Nylon Crossbody Purse

Nylon Crossbody Purse

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This Nylon Crossbody Purse has a simplistic yet minimalistic design that everyone will surely find pleasing. It only has 3 color variants to choose from but what makes this crossbody bag worth buying is its functionality and practicality. 

Unlike other crossbody bags, there are some expensive ones that almost have the same design as others. This product is for people who are looking for a budget-friendly bag that functions well like high-cost bags. 

It is made out of a durable 210D nylon material so it is water repellent and also scratch-resistant. The brand that made this crossbody purse is Peak Gear—which is a trusted brand that offers a variety of bag products for travel. 

They have incorporated their signature YKK-Branded Zippers into every bag, even the Nylon Crossbody Purse, in order to prevent skips and ensure smooth zipping use. Although the design of this bag is only limited to 3 color variants, it is still unique to every user who will come to purchase it because it has a unique code in every bag that they have to offer. 

The reason for these unique codes is their lifetime recovery service, they have collaborated with ReturnMe which is the world’s largest item recovery company. So if ever you were to misplace your bag, they will be able to connect you to the finder and help you recover your lost item from anywhere around the world. 

Those who will be able to find your bag will receive a bonus reward from ReturnMe so rest assured that the company will stop at nothing to retrieve your lost item.

Teachers will be able to use this crossbody purse for small items to store in, instead of jamming it all inside a large bag. It is better to keep yourself organized and have a separate bag for small and large items. 

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Crossbody bags are the ultimate go-to bags because of their versatility and functionality, and aside from that, they’re also adaptable and easy to pair with different kinds of outfits while always serving their main purpose well as a bag. 

Choosing the right crossbody bag for you will also be heavily influenced by personal preference and pairing it with the basic principles will help you score a killer bag that you’ll surely love to wear day in and day out. 

And that’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you be confident in choosing the best crossbody bag for you. 

I would love to hear any additional tips you have on how to choose the best bag, so please sound off below. Until our next one! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Where is a crossbody bag supposed to sit on my body?

Ideally, if you are to wear a crossbody bag it should sit just right around your hip area. By adjusting the straps for the bag to be placed within the region of your hips, you’ll be able to have easy access to the opening of the bag whenever you need to place something in it or get something from it.

2.) Are crossbody bags bad for your posture?

Any bag that’s too heavy and is causing your shoulder muscles to strain is not ideal to carry for a long time frequently as it can affect your posture and cause aches and pains in your neck and shoulder area.

The uneven weight distribution caused by carrying a bag too heavy will eventually lead to muscle imbalance as your body is compensating for equal weight distribution. A rule of thumb and a good practice to follow is to empty your bag of unnecessary items and try to always pack light as much as you can.

3.) Are crossbody bags unisex?

The best thing about a crossbody bag is its versatility—it can be worn by all genders. A lot of crossbody bag styles and designs are gender-neutral including the ones I have included in this list, 5 of these bags will surely compliment your style and serve their purpose when used.