10 Best Desktop Organizers For Teachers 2022: Reviewed

Organize, organize, organize. Teachers always need to stay organized that sometimes it can hurt, but you’ll definitely see the result of keeping yourself organized as it helps you stay on top of your game, especially the teaching game. 

If you’re someone struggling a bit in the organizational department, it’s a good thing that you were able to drop by for a while because today, we will be talking about 10 of the best desktop organizers for teachers that you can buy right now. 

a teacher's planner on top of a desk

It’s a must for teachers to try different tools and strategies to keep themselves efficient as an educator whether you’re a new teacher or a veteran teacher. You might need a little bit of time and a couple of trial and error processes to find what works best for you and your class, but with a little bit of faith and hard work, you’ll get there! 

Organization leads to productivity and it is one of my favorite topics as I’m always in need of dire help when it comes to organizing everything from home to work. Learning new tips and tricks every now and then can help you change things up when it comes to how you organize at school and even at home.

It can be a real challenge to stay in control when it comes to organizing but know that you’ll be able to do it one step and one breath at a time. 

Let’s get this list started and get you on to being an organized rockstar! 


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Check out these Top 5 Editor Picks!

Product Image Reasons to get it
SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer
  • Space-saving design with drawer
  • All-in-one desktop organizer
  • Made from high-quality durable alloy steel
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Rose Gold Desk Organizer
  • Aesthetic and sturdy construction
  • Versatile organizer
  • Files more but saves space
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Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer
  • Smart 360° revolving design
  • Ultra-large capacity
  • Premium grade metal construction
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Dark Wooden Mail Organizer Desktop with Block Calendar
  • Timeless minimalist design
  • No assembly required
  • Perpetual calendar included
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Acrylic Desk Organizer
  • Unique and stylish appearance
  • Multipurpose desk organizer
  • Premium material and construction
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How To Choose A Desktop Organizer: 4 Key Factors

A cluttered desk can easily make you feel overwhelmed and it will most likely give you cluttered thoughts as well, and no one wants that. To keep your train of thought clear and positive throughout the day, you should keep your desk impeccably organized so that your thoughts would be able to do the same. 

Organizing your desktop maximizes your productivity, and that means you’ll get more work done efficiently and effectively as well. That’s why it’s good to know that there are desktop organizers existing to help you put everything into place. 

You can say goodbye to scattered pens and pencils and say hello to an aesthetic desktop once you’re done setting it up with one of the best desktop organizers included here in our list. 

But first, let’s talk about how you’ll be able to choose the right one that will work best with how you work and your style as well. 

Form and Function

These two always go hand and hand, and of course, it only makes sense that you should first look into the form and function that the desktop organizer can offer to you. 

There are many design structures to choose from that you can try to fit into your current working environment to enhance its appearance and increase functionality as well. 

Ease of use of the design should also be considered because you certainly do not want to end up with an organizer that you’ll clash with from time to time, it will only be counterproductive once you use it

If you need to keep a number of pens and pencils at bay along with other office supplies that you know you will always reach out for, then try to get a desktop organizer that will keep them in an orderly fashion on top of your office table. 

Alternatively, if you need something to elevate your computer’s monitor then you can opt for an organizer with built-in shelves and drawers to give you like a mini-filing system to keep all your paperwork sorted out, this way you no longer need to purchase a separate filing system for them. 

Number of Compartments

The answer to this matter will depend on the number and variety of items that you would like to keep on top of your desktop. 

If you only want filing folders and important documents on top of your table, then opt for a desktop organizer that can provide you with the number of shelves or divisions to keep all your documents neatly placed. 

Just try to run an estimate of all the items that you would like to be at an arm’s length away whenever you work and you’ll feel the convenience of having a desktop organizer as soon as you have it in place, say goodbye to diving into junk drawers! 


After looking into the first two things mentioned here in our how-to-choose list, the next important thing that you need to look into is the desktop organizer’s overall size and dimensions.

This will help you determine if it’s the right fit for your office desk because you surely don’t want an organizer that’s too big making it look awkward or too small that it seems to be out of place when you place it on top of your table. 

Try to choose a desktop organizer that you think will fit seamlessly and complement the current environment of your workspace while storing all your essential items ready for you to grab on to when you need them. 


Of course, for any kind of purchase that you will make, it’s important to consider the material of the desktop organizer that you’re planning to buy. 

Durability should always be at the top of your checklist. If you’re buying online, you’ll find that the reviews section to be your best resource to know whether if the desktop organizer is durable and sturdy ready to withstand the test of time. 

Don’t settle for less, especially with flimsy materials especially if you’re looking to put a collective of items with a significant amount of weight like for example a number of office tools with noticeable weight like staplers, binders, and other items that can put a weight on the organizer. 

Go for quality so that you’ll get your money’s worth. It’s also a good idea to match the desktop organizer’s design to the current atmosphere of your work table, if you have a modern set-up, a vintage desktop organizer won’t really fit right. 

Metal organizers are always a good choice, they can match any aesthetic and you can choose a number of colors and designs providing both function and style—a wooden organizer would be a great choice too! 

10 Best Desktop Organizers For Teachers 2021: Reviewed

1.) Bamboo Desktop Organizer

Bamboo Desktop Organizer

Click image for details

Let’s start off this list with a promising desktop organizer made out of pure bamboo wood. If you are someone who dislikes an organizer that is made out of lightweight materials, then this bamboo organizer is perfect for you. 

It has 4 tiers of storage to store all of your work needs: pens, papers, school supplies, and even small knick-knacks for decoration. Although it is a 4 tier drawer, it will arrive fully assembled so no need to stress yourself in building the organizer. 

This bamboo organizer can fit an 8 ½ x 11-inch paper on 2 tiers, making it easy for teachers to store important documents and preventing them from being misplaced on their work desk. The organizer itself measures 33 X 24 X 26cm—the perfect size that can fit any small spaces, cubicles, desks, and many more. 

Wooden organizers are not always the first choice of anyone who is out looking for a perfect organizer because it is prone to cracking, sagging, and even deformation. But this organizer is unlike any ordinary wooden ones. 

This desktop organizer is made out of pure bamboo wood that has also been sealed for extra protection, bamboo is known to be a high-quality wooden material that is antibacterial and antifungal which means the wood will not disintegrate easily. 

It will not release any pungent smell that normally occurs in any ordinary wooden organizer, that is why there is no need to worry about it being a hindrance when you are working. 

Investing in a good desktop organizer will help you in having a clutter-free workspace, enabling you to work efficiently knowing that your things and important documents are just within your arm’s reach. 

All in all, I give this desktop organizer a solid 10! It can easily blend into your workspace given its classic wood design, it is antibacterial and antifungal and it even absorbs carbon monoxide while staying durable and long-lasting for you to rely on to organize your essentials neatly. 

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2.) SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Click image for details

This mesh desk organizer is designed to be sleek and minimalistic that can hold itself together with files, school supplies, and other things to store despite being lightweight. 

If you are a fan of its simplistic yet elegant design then this is more suitable for your workspace, it is a 3 tier organizer that has a two side load letter tray, a three-compartment drawer and it has five 2-inches compartment. 

It is measured to be 13.25″L x 13″W x 9″H, so it is perfect for storing small supplies and taking the designs of the compartments into account, it is also perfect for storing folders and documents.

Ordering this means that you will need to assemble the mesh organizer yourself, so there is a clear instruction manual included in the package. But don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. It also comes in two colors which are metal black and silver. 

There is no need to use any adhesive to assemble this organizer, it has available pins that can easily be attached and also a rubber bottom to make it steadier and ensure that there will be no slippage making sure that this organizer stays in place and will not move around whenever you put something in it. 

The great thing about this organizer is that it is lightweight so it is easier to clean and assemble on your workspace. 

It is more accessible because it has a pull-out drawer that most organizers do not have. School supplies and documents are not the only things you can store in this organizer, you can also store your personal belongings and even flash drives.

So if you want something functional but straightforward that can help you make your desk look organized and clutter-free, then this is the desktop organizer for you. You’ll be amazed at how many items it can hold that you’ll even buy one for your home too! 

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3.) 3 PIECE Galvanized Metal Desk Organizer Set

3 PIECE Galvanized Metal Desk Organizer Set

Click image for more details

Do you want something unique and sophisticated placed in your workspace? The 3 pieces galvanized metal desk organizer set is the perfect organizer and decoration for you, it is made out of rustic wood and galvanized metal that compliments each other giving a beautiful, rustic finish. 

This desktop organizer is handcrafted so the details and design of the organizer itself are well-crafted making every penny worth it, this can upgrade and complete any modern or minimalistic work desk set up.

 It comes as a 3 piece set. The main organizer is perfect for storing files, memos, folders, and other large documents; it has 4 compartments so you will be able to fully utilize it by organizing your files according to your preference. 

The second piece of this set, which is styled as a cup, can hold all of your pens, pencils, markers, and even rulers while the third piece of the set can hold small things such as paper clips, and even flash drives. All three pieces come with a foam pad underneath in order to protect your desktop and stabilize the organizer. 

The 3 pieces galvanized metal desk organizer set is perfect if you want your workspace to stand out inside the faculty. Mesh and wooden organizers are very common, you might find yourself purchasing a similar organizer with another co-worker. 

Organizing your workspace is essential but you should not stop just there, incorporating your style will make your desktop stand out. The company who produced this dashing set of desktop organizers also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that even previous customers who purchased this organizer praised their customer service! 

You can feel free to reach out to them if any question arises and they would gladly entertain you and answer your questions with delight. You also get to support small businesses by purchasing this awesome 3 piece desktop organizer set. 

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4.) Hossejoy Wood Adjustable Desktop Storage Organizer

Hossejoy Wood Adjustable Desktop Storage Organizer

Click image for details

This next desktop organizer on our list is personally one of my favorites. The design of this organizer makes it look clean and sleek, it comes with two color variants which are white and black. 

This package will come with two separate pieces and it is up to you to set it up to your preference since they are expandable. You can put it together to become a small book rack, expand it longer to store more accessories, or change other angles to fit your needs, you just need to move the parts and arrange it the way you like easily.

Teachers will be able to store important documents together with their favorite books, this is the perfect organizer if you want to start to declutter the items in your workspace. This organizer is designed to be an encouragement for a clean appearance, and together with its practical function of it being adjustable and expandable, it will serve as a great organizer for your small workspace. 

Other items can be stored in this organizer as well such as small knick-knacks, plants, clocks, and any small decoration that can help add some color to your workspace. It can store a lot despite it being 13.75 inches in height, take advantage of its expandable feature to create an organizer that suits your taste.

In the box, you’ll get the desktop organizer itself along with an easy-to-follow instruction manual to help you set it up for first use, the possibilities are endless with this organizer as it’s versatile that you can even use it for other purposes besides using it as a desktop organizer. 

It’s a neat and stylish space saver tool that teachers will appreciate giving their work desk a little oomph while keeping things organized, spick and span. 

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5.) Dark Wooden Mail Organizer Desktop with Interchangeable Block Calendar

Dark Wooden Mail Organizer Desktop with Interchangeable Block Calendar

Click image for details

This desktop organizer is designed to store ample amounts of office supplies such as scissors, staplers, calculators, and also documents. That is why it is called a mail desktop organizer, teachers will be able to use this organizer in order to place records and even their books. 

It is made out of dark wood with a black handle together with black painted calendar blocks. This is a two (2) Tier Mail Sorter that contains one (1) Accessory Compartment for you to store your most used items and one (1) Accessory Drawer to store smaller items such as flash drives. 

On the left side of the lower tier, there is a perpetual calendar block that you can use to update the date—it is a stylish way to display the date instead of using a plain old calendar on your desktop. 

It does not only save space, but it is also reusable so you do not need to buy a calendar every year. Saving you both time and money makes it truly a smart buy for teachers.

There is no need for you to assemble this organizer as it is already assembled when you purchase it, the only thing you have to do is load it up with your supplies and change the date, and it will be all ready to be used as an organizer and decoration for your workspace. 

It is sturdier than most organizers in this list and it will surely last long enough. Aside from its durability, it can easily match any color palette thanks to its eye-pleasing neutral colors so you will not be having a hard time placing this on top of your work table. 

Overall a nice 2-in-1 product, you’ll get a great desktop organizer and a perpetual calendar block too! 

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6.) Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Click image for details

Is your workspace looking a bit dull recently? Then the Rose Gold Desk Organizer is just the perfect accent you need to add to revamp your work desk set up. 

It is measured to be 11.02″ wide, 10.24″ high, and 7.87″ deep, making it the perfect size for your workspace to store files, clips, folders, and other items that are necessary for your work. 

It is made out of heavy-duty steel with a rose gold tint finish, which is a good addition to sprinkle a little bit of color to your workspace. 

The material itself is very sturdy so it will not topple that easily when you store in many items, some organizers have easily fallen apart due to the material of the organizer itself but with the Rose Gold Desk Organizer, you do not have to worry about that anymore.

The bottom of the organizer is equipped with rubber pads on all four sides to ensure that there will be no slippage and the organizer will stay intact on your desktop. All in all, the organizer has a total number of seven compartments, two of which can store large papers, folders, envelopes, and other documents that are perfect for teachers to use. 

The other five compartments are used to store a variety of items such as pens, pencils, scissors, staplers, index cards, and even the smallest of items which can be securely placed inside the pull out drawer that the organizer has to offer. 

This is the perfect decluttering item that you need in your work if you are a fan of anything rose gold-tinted, it does not only look the part but it also serves an important purpose of making your work more efficient by saving you lots of space on your desktop.

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7.) Acrylic Desk Organizer

Acrylic Desk Organizer

Click image for details

Are you bored of the usual mesh and wooden organizer? This Acrylic Desk Organizer is the perfect choice if you are looking for something different that makes your desktop space-free and clean. 

This desk organizer is made out of pure acrylic material with smooth edges that make it sturdier than any organizer yet it is still lightweight than most. The material is transparent so it appears as if there is no organizer on your desktop. 

It features five separate compartments, one of which can hold big files, books, and even your tablet. The other four compartments can store small to medium-sized items such as pens, pencils, markers, board erasers, etc. Below the organizer, there are two pull-out drawers that you can use to store personal items or smaller items such as paper clips, book clips, flash drivers, etc. 

Underneath the organizer, there are rubber pads installed to stabilize the Acrylic Desk Organizer on top of your workspace. Personally, this is a great pick for an organizer because it is not like the other organizers on this list. 

First of all, it is made out of a sturdy yet light material so it will not hinder you in bringing this organizer to your workspace. It is also transparent, so it will make a cleaner appearance when placed on your desktop which is a good thing if you want to maximize the space.

Look modern while staying in order with this sleek and stylish Acrylic Desk Organizer and you’ll be getting what you see exactly from the picture giving you tons of sections to hold everything you need. 

I believe this is one of the best organizers that teachers can choose from, and you should definitely see it for yourself and join the rave! 

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8.) Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer

Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer

Click image for details

If you are a teacher who hoards a lot of markers, pens, pencils, and any medium-sized school items then this organizer is perfect for your workspace and classroom. 

The Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer is an average size caddy that can be turned up to 360 degrees both in the left and right direction, it is specially designed to be a spinning, round organizer for holding pens making it easier for you to reach out for the pen you need. 

It’s unlike any other organizer, it’s a fun and functional addition to your workspace because one thing I can tell you is that I love mine! I can have fun while twirling it around for a bit of entertainment while I work looking for my favorite pen or marker. It also can hold up to 50 pens and more! 

The material of this organizer is made out of mesh which is a sturdy material especially for pen holders, it is lacquered with black matt paint with smooth edges making it an elegant addition to your desktop.

It also comes in a charming blue color if you’re tired of black and you want to add a pop of color to your desk, it will surely be your little carousel of fun giving you a little break from a long day of hard work. 

It is divided into 4 compartments, it is not just limited to holding pens but also other various items as long as it fits inside the caddy. 

It can be carried around because it has a top pole with a handle on it, so if you are a teacher who happens to handle younger students then this is the perfect organizer for you to carry the things they need for their activities such as scissors, glues, colored pencils, markers, and many more. 

Just bring this out on your students’ desks then it will be easier for them to find what they need instead of handing it to them one by one. 

Although this is the perfect caddy for storing school supplies in the classroom, teachers will also be able to use this to save some space in their workspace. They can store a lot of medium-sized items in this organizer and with its four compartments available, they can store more than just pens and markers.

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9.) 5 Piece Cute Desk Organizer Set By Blu Monaco

5 Piece Cute Desk Organizer Set By Blu Monaco

Click image for details

Another great desktop organizer that the Blu Monaco has in store for teachers is their 5 Piece Cute Desk Organizer Set, it is designed for people who have feminine tastes and it comes in six color variants: dark teal, gold, hot pink, pink, teal, and white. 

Although it is mainly an organizer, it can still be an acute, cubicle accessory to bring life to your workspace. It is important for teachers to keep their workspace clean and organized because the job of a teacher is very hectic, so you need to manage your time and things accordingly and this organizer will surely help with that.

This 5 piece set is all you need for decluttering your workspace. It has one pencil cup that is measured to be 3.5″ across, 4″ tall—used to hold your pens, pencils, markers, and even scissors. 

One letter sorter that is measured to be 10.5″ wide, 3.25″ deep, 5″ tall, front pocket 1.75″, back pocket 1.5″—can be used to hold notebooks, staplers, cards, and any medium-sized items. 

One sticky note holder with dimensions of 3.75” wide, 3.75″ deep, 3.5″ tall, it can fit any standard sticky note. 

And also one magazine holder which is quite useful that is 3.75” wide, 9.75″ deep, 11.5″ tall—perfect to store documents, folders, books, magazines, and papers. 

And with that, you also get one paper tray that is measured to be 9.5″ wide, 13.75″ deep, 2.75″ tall, is a stackable tray with storing papers as its main use but you can also hold envelopes and other documents in it. Finally, one business card holder that can hold your business card or even identification card.

This 6 Piece Cute Desk Organizer Set provides a lot of storage to keep all of your essentials at work, you won’t have to think about files cluttered on your desk just store it with this organizer and you will be able to have peace of mind at work.

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10.) Bamboo Desktop Storage Caddy

Bamboo Desktop Storage Caddy

Click image for details

Another spinning desktop organizer in our list because spinning is just so much fun! The Bamboo Desktop Storage Caddy is another medium-sized yet unique organizer that will be a perfect addition to your workspace. 

It is another rotating organizer that has 11 compartments, all in all, it is a lot for a caddy measured to be only 7.9” length x 5.8” height but it can still hold a lot of items and be divided accordingly thanks to its 11 available and spacious compartments. Teachers will be able to use this caddy in order to store their pens, pencils, markers, erasers, scissors, and many more. 

They can also store their personal belongings inside, it does not only limit to school supplies. It is a good organizer because it can easily be rotated so your things will only be within your arm’s reach, you won’t have to search around your desk and drawers to find what you need as all of your items will be in one, accessible place. 

Compared to the other rotating caddy in this list, the material used for this organizer is bamboo wood which is better than any other wood materials out there. 

It is a sturdy material that cannot easily disintegrate when it gets wet, it has a promising seal that will prevent the wood from cracking and also to prevent a pungent smell from the wood. It is antibacterial and antifungal, and the best part is that it is eco-friendly. 

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Organizing your desk set up maximizes your productivity. And it is undeniable that having a neat and tidy working space is beneficial to your overall mood while working and to your work output as well. 

When you have a neat-looking space, paired with an awesome desktop organizer along with your essentials, all that’s left for you to do is to seize the day! I guarantee you that you will feel good and it will ultimately make you feel good about the work that you do equally.

So that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this article and picked up a few tips and tricks, and if you did please let us know down at our comment section below. We would also love to hear about your organizing strategies, we all need them!

Until our next one! 


5 Work Desk Organizing Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

1.) Ensure enough space to allow free movement

There are so many benefits when it comes to having a neatly organized set up, you’ll be able to free your mind space, you’ll be able to improve your focus, and most importantly it also provides an instant boost on your productivity too. 

And with that said, the first thing that you need to do to get your workspace organized is to ensure that there is enough space that allows you to move freely without any restrictions.

Try to focus on giving more space around your keyboard and mouse area, freeing up that space around the said area will give you less distraction and will also let you work efficiently because you’ll be able to move your hands freely especially when you use both your mouse and keyboard. 

You can also try investing in a desk pad to make things more comfortable for you plus you’ll also get to protect your desk while you get to designate an area solely as your work zone.

Having a restricted or limited space will also bother you in the long run causing you to re-organize again, so try as much as possible to arrange your desktop in a way that it will not confine you when making any possible movements that you’ll make whenever you’re working. 

2.) Remove non-essential items

Decluttering your desk helps to declutter your mind, and so the next step after freeing up space on your work desk is to remove all non-essential items that you can see within your peripheral vision. 

Toss away or donate those pens or pencils that you haven’t used for ages, they only add up to the clutter and do not serve any purpose anymore. 

Focus on keeping items that you need on top of your desk while you work and not on a souvenir that you got ages ago that only helps with accumulating dust. 

Triage the items you currently see on your desk, if you frequently use it then it deserves to stay there but it’s best to have them placed on a good desktop organizer that will help keep everything in place. 

If it’s an old office supply or a pen that no longer serves its purpose, then you already know what to do with it. 

Additionally, if you can manage and organize visible cables on your desktop, it’s best if you can hide them from plain sight. You’ll see the difference and how good your work set up will be when there’s no visible cable entanglement insight. 

Don’t delay taking care of an item that you no longer use on your desk, you’ll feel much better working when you have a tidy space and only the things you deem essential are visible while you work. 

Less clutter, fewer distractions. Reduce your visual clutter, and you’ll increase your focus and productivity levels. 

3.) Use Ergonomic Items 

Ergonomics might sound fancy and all but it’s actually what helps to increase the efficiency of a person while he or she works within his or her working environment. So ergonomic items are your best friend if you want to improve your overall productivity.

It’s also wise for you to place minimal items on your desk because having too many items that you think will help you be more productive will just be counterproductive in reality. Place only the essential items and you’ll dramatically see the difference in your workflow compared to having too many desk shenanigans going on. 

Try to consider the desk and chair that you are using too, are they limiting you or bothering you in any way? If yes, then it’s best if you can replace them with an ergonomic desk or chair that will help you work comfortably and efficiently. 

4.) Go Digital

If you find yourself drowning from the big piles of paperwork on top of your desk that you no longer want to be your everyday view, then it is high time for you to go digital, my friend. 

Everything is digital nowadays and classrooms are also part of that movement, it’s best if you can migrate your essentials and go digital to help you reduce the most clutter contributing item on your desk which is paperwork. 

You can start with your calendar, then work your way slowly to your lesson plans, to your students’ information, to your to-do list, all the way to your students’ exams because most teachers do it online nowadays. 

This will be revolutionary for you and the way you work because you’ll be paper-free and I’m sure you’ll love every minute of it! Say goodbye to the long queue when using the faculty’s printer! 

5.) Add Stress Relieving Items 

Do you often find yourself stressed out and fidgeting while you work? Then a stress-relieving item is just what you need. 

Recently, I added one small plant and a fidget cube on top of my desk, and I’ll tell you what, it drastically helped me improve my focus and reduce stress whenever I face any obstacle at work. 

Create an area on your desk that you can call your break zone something calming and relaxing that can help you take off your mind from work even for just a few minutes. This will help you balance work and rest and it will improve your productivity levels in ways you’ve never thought of. 

Always take time to step back, relax, and recharge yourself because your health always comes first physically, and mentally as well.