13 Of The Best Dress Shoes For Male Teachers

Are you looking for a new pair of dress shoes and you do a quick search and end up a bit overwhelmed with the ton of options in front of you? No worries, I got you. 

Dress shoes for male teachers

Today we’ll be going over 10 of the best dress shoes for male teachers this 2021 that will serve style and not compromise the comfort you deserve all while not breaking the bank. Let’s get into it!

5 Iconic Types of Dress Shoes Every Male Teachers Need

Life is too short to wear boring and uncomfortable shoes, that’s why you need to invest in a good pair of dress shoes because the right pair can make a world of a difference in terms of confidence and your overall look as well. 

Buying a pair of dress shoes can be a bit of a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time to cop a pair. You’ll be brushing through hundreds of options, different styles, materials and make. 

To ease your confusion and help you narrow down your choices, these are the 6 iconic types of shoes that every male teacher wardrobe needs to have


In simple terms, Oxfords are the most essential type of shoes when it comes to formal dressing. It gained its name from the Oxford University students who got tired of rigid boots with uncomfortable heels. 

The students themselves designed the shoes with comfort and style in mind. They took their Oxonian boots and revamped them into what has become one of the iconic and timeless dress shoes for men.

Oxford shoes feature closed lacing with low heels and exposed ankles letting their wearer show off their ankle or a pop of color if used with socks. 

Generally, there are five types of Oxford shoes; The Plain-toe Oxfords, Cap-toe Oxfords, Wing-tip Oxfords, Whole-cut Oxfords, and Saddles Oxfords.

Plain-toe Oxfords offers the most classic and formal style among the five. With only minimal detailing and no cap on the toe, they go very well with most formal wear and their simplicity will surely level up your attire. 

Cap-toe Oxfords on the other hand are named because of the leather piece attached to its toe box which creates a distinctive “cap” for the shoes. It is one of the most common types of Oxfords that you can use for work and business events where you need to dress up. 

Wing-tip Oxfords are known for their decorative apertures that extend on the sides of the shoe along with a “W” or “M” shape on the toe cap.  And because of this, they are also known as brogue oxfords. This type of Oxford shoes are not that formal compared to the two former Oxford shoes—they are great for casual events such as night-outs with colleagues and the likes. 

Whole-cut Oxfords are a rare type of shoe because if you compare it to other types of shoes you’ll notice that other shoes have had multiple pieces of leather stitched to make up the shoes. 

But it’s a different story when it comes to Whole-cut Oxfords, they are made from a whole single cut of leather to form the shoes themselves without any cuts or stitches which means the craftsmanship in this type of shoe is just sublime making them distinctly rare.

They are very minimal when it comes to style and can be played with formal and casual attires. 

Saddle Oxfords are the American-style Oxfords. They feature an additional strip of leather creating a contrasting colorway usually in black and white. 


The Derby shoe is like them more laid-back brother of the Oxford shoe. Legends say that they were first constructed as gentleman’s hunting shoes in the 19th century for their ability to provide stability and great comfort for long treks even through wet and harsh conditions. 

Three specific pieces will tell you if the shoes are Derbys, the camp with the tongue, and the two quarters. Derbys also uses an open lace system eyelets facings stitched on the quartes and the quarters are sewn on top of the vamps.

It also has a more elongated or rounded toe and a stitched leather sole. They are great for smart casual or casual outfits where you can pair them up with jeans, casual trousers, and suits. 

Just a rule of thumb, the more ornamentations there are on the shoes the more casual they become. If you need to go full-on casual Oxfords are a much better option for you. 


Loafers are shoes that do not utilize any kind of shoe lacing system, they’re slip-on shoes in a formal yet versatile and relaxed way. They’re a great option if you just can’t seem to figure out what to wear as they can also be paired well with many outfits. 

The two most common types of loafers are the Penny Loafers and the Tassel or Kiltie Loafers. 

The Penny Loafers name was given to this dress sho because of the strap across its forefoot with a diamond-shaped slot where you can insert a penny. While the Tassel Loafers have decorative lace with tassels on top adding a little bit of flair.


These ankle-high boots were originally popularized in the 1940s for casual wear. This type of dress shoe is also a great addition to a male teacher’s wardrobe. Most Chukkas you will see are made from suede or calfskin material. 

It also features an open-lace design to create a more subtle and casual look. It’s best to use them for semi-formal events or as work shoes and one thing is for sure these boots are made for walking and standing all day. 


Comes in single straps and double straps, Monks are your dress shoes with a twist but still with a few rules to go by. Its easy buckle strap system makes them ideal for when you’re on business trips and or other leisurely travel where you have to dress a tad formal. 

When you think of Monks, you need to think of semi-formal attires—because again, the more decorated your shoes are the more casual they become. A pair of monks are also great in the workplace especially if you are a teacher who wants to dress formally for a meeting or an event in school.

A rule of thumb to go by with this dress shoe, not too formal yet not too casual. It’s something in the middle that can be the centerpiece of your outfit for the day. 


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Bruno Marc Oxford Wingtip Lace Up
  • 100% PU Leather
  • Classic Brogue Wing Tip Design
  • Flexible And Comfort Oxfords
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Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe
  • 100% Premium Full Grain Leather Upper
  • High-quality Ortholite Footbed
  • Ultra Lightweight
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Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Oxford
  • Line Premium Calfskin Leather Upper
  • Extensive Range of Sizes
  • 360° Goodyear Welted Construction
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STACY ADAMS Men’s Tazewell Tassel Slip-on Loafer
  • Fashionable Modern Built
  • Heel to Toe Memory Foam
  • Durable Dress Sole
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Cole Haan Men’s Pinch Tassel Loafer
  • Hand-Antiqued Leather Uppers
  • Fully Padded Leather Sock Lining
  • Genuine Hand-Sewn On-The-Last Construction
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13 Of The Best Dress Shoes For Male Teachers That Are Both Stylish And Comfortable

1) Oxford Wingtip Lace Up by Bruno Marc

Oxford Wingtip Lace Up by Bruno Marc

Click image for details

First up on our list, we’re taking a look at a classic dress shoe providing you with long-lasting comfort and is a must-have for a male teacher’s wardrobe. Bruno Marc’s Oxford Wingtip lace-up is the perfect option for you with up to 9 colors to choose from. 

It features a soft PU leather upper and a cushioned footbed for a comfortable wear experience even for a full workday on your feet. 

This dress shoe also has a wingtip lace-up design for a secure hold so you don’t have to lace it up every now and then, great for busy teachers who are always on the go. It is constructed with a round toe design that is great for male teachers who need a wider toe room. 

They are perfect to pair up with suits or other dress clothes that you may have, it can also be paired with smart-casual attire, so you can definitely play with this pair with a lot of outfits. 

The Bruno Marc’s Oxford Wingtip lace-up dress shoe is also constructed using a wooden sole with an ample heel height of about half an inch that’s not too high and also not too low. It does give a clicking sound because of the wooden sole and heel while you walk which can be tolerated as it’s not too loud.

You can also easily slip on this pair without any problem and take them off easily as well. The overall appearance of the shoe has a nice texture to it and can really give you a dashing look to 

complete your formal or semi-formal get-up for an event, meeting, or workday. 

At a glance, you might think that these are pricey but you’ll be surprised at how much they really are. Considering the styling and the fit, these dress shoes in my opinion are reasonably priced. 

You’re really getting a pretty nice deal with Bruno Marc’s Oxford Wingtip lace-up dress shoe—sturdy, comfy, and it can hold up its shape even after you’ve already used it for some time. 

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2) Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe by Clarks

Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe by Clarks

Click image for details

If you are someone who’s price and comfort-conscious, then this is the right pair of dress shoes for you. The Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford shoes are of great value and are a teacher-worthy pair of dress shoes. 

These dress shoes will let you experience the ultimate comfort you are looking for in shoes that you’ll need to wear all day. It is 100% high-quality leather with a pretty nice character line and stitchings making it look and feel premium. 

Thanks to its purposeful padding with softness that envelopes your feet and soft uppers for full flexibility and easy movement, you’ll never complain about aches and pain again once you wear this pair.

It also features a full-length cushioning for complete underfoot comfort and a lightweight ortholite footbed designed for breathability, sustained support, and moisture management. The Ortholite footbed’s main role is to absorb impact reducing shock in every step that you will take.

So if you’re someone who struggles with moisture on your feet while wearing shoes, you need to buy a pair of these asap! 

The Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford shoes also feature a discreet elastic gore panel for a seamless and easy fit. Its durable TPR outsole also provides a lightweight grip making it fit you like a glove from the get-go. 

In terms of the sole, these dress shoes are equipped with rubber soles with a 1-inch heel to give you a height boost making them very quiet, great for teachers to use while in the classroom because sometimes shoes that produce loud clicking sounds can cause distractions to the students and can also bother the wearer as well. 

You can also buy these shoes in many colors leaving you with plenty of color choices to go with and also a wide range of sizes from size 7 up to size 15. 

Once you have these dress shoes on you’ll feel like stepping on marshmallows and butter which is overall a great experience. So if you have grown tired of your old and uncomfortable shoes, this pair is definitely worth taking a look at. 

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3) McAllister Oxford by Allen Edmonds 

McAllister Oxford by Allen Edmonds 

Click image for details

Allen Edmonds—if you are familiar with this brand then you must know that this company has been releasing some of the most superior dress shoes any man can ever own. 

One of them is the stunning Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Oxford dress shoes. At a handsome price point, these well-made dress shoes are incredibly classic and versatile which you can save up for special occasions and the likes. 

And what makes the Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Oxford dress shoes more special is that they offer an extensive range of sizes and widths to achieve that perfect fit just like what a tailored suit will do for you.

Made from 100% premium leather these dress shoes are a no-fail to present you at your best. Once you get a hold of a pair of these as soon as you open the box you’ll appreciate the details and the craftsmanship these shoes will show you. 

Crisp, sharp, and perforated broguing styles are seen along the lined premium calfskin leather of the Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Oxford dress shoes. It gives a vibe of nice and detailed craftsmanship that you will not easily see in other shoes. 

There are four colors to choose from which are Dark chili, Dark chili burnished, Oxblood, and Walnut with each of them having their own way to seduce you to check out your cart asap. 

You can either dress it up or dress it down depending on your mood, but either way, it will always be perfectly styled. 

Another thing to note about these amazing shoes is that they can be recrafted, once you see any part of the shoes getting worn out, just sent them back to the store and they can have them recrafted for you at a certain fee. 

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4) Tazewell Tassel Slip-on Loafer by Stacy Adams

Tazewell Tassel Slip-on Loafer by Stacy Adams

Click image for details

Now onto the loafers! Here we have the company Stacy Adams who has a reputation for producing stylish and quality shoes for about a century today. 

And everything ages well with time especially techniques and craftmanship for shoes. Knowing that they have been doing their thing for over a century now, you’ll know that they only produce the good stuff. 

One of the gems that they have produced is Stacy Adams men’s Tazewell tassel slip-on loafer. This set of dress shoes offers a unique blend of modern textures and materials with an eye-catching fabric upper highlighted by a suede look tassel which gives it a unique personality.

It also features a heel-to-toe memory foam making the insoles fully cushioned that go along with your stride throughout the day offering you the best comfort possible. For the soles, durable and quality material is used for long-lasting wear suitable for all kinds of weather and environment as well. 

The rubber sole design of these shoes provides greater traction which means greater slip resistance compared to other shoes ensuring you that trip and fall chances while wearing these shoes are greatly reduced. 

Enhanced all-day comfort is what the Stacy Adams men’s Tazewell tassel slip-on loafer promises because of its excellent flexibility and shock-absorbing qualities. 

The materials used for these loafers are also so spot on that you can even use them without socks because the inner materials are so soft and will not hurt or irritate your skin in any way. 

Overall the Tazewell tassel slip-on loafer is a pretty amazing and quality pair in my opinion, great for business casual attires that will provide you with all-day comfort and style. 

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5) Pinch Tassel Loafer by Cole Haan 

Pinch Tassel Loafer by Cole Haan 

Click image for details

Loafers have been sprucing up men’s feet for quite some time and they have also entered the formal category as well. 

And entering that category is the beautiful Cole Hann Men’s Pinch tassel loafer, a traditionally crafted hand-finished dress shoe that is truly a masterpiece to appreciate. Mixing just the right amount of contemporary and modern style as well you can never go wrong with this pair of loafers. 

It features a full leather upper that is a hand-antiqued brush-off leather with a traditional moccasin stitch. 

It is also a fully leather-lined dress shoe that will let your feet slip on easily right into the loafer where your feet will rest on one of the most comfortable cushioned insoles that you’ll ever get to experience. 

The stacked heel combination of the Cole Hann Men’s Pinch tassel loafer which is rubber and leather will provide added comfort for all-day wear. 

So if you’re looking for a stylish and lightweight pair of loafers, this one right here will no doubt hit home. 

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6) Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot by Clarks 

Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot by Clarks

Click image for details

Clarks has been a reliable brand for over a hundred years making some of the finest men’s dress shoes in a wide variety of styles—and the Clarks men’s Bushacre 2 chukka boot is one of them.

Chukka boots are a style staple or a closet basic if you may, and if you are someone who’s looking to purchase a classic boot at an inexpensive price point, the Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka boot is an excellent option to start with.  

It features a hard-wearing smooth vulcanized rubber sole that is highly durable ensuring you a long-lasting use 

before you need to and purchase another pair.

It is also a low shaft boot that has two eyelet lace ups giving it a polished traditional look, and because it only has two eyelets you can always easily put it on or take off the boots without having to untie them which is rare for boots and convenient for teachers too.

What you’re getting from these boots for their price is of great value when you weigh the quality, construction, and material that you are getting. The shoes themselves have simple construction, only one stitch attaches the upper which is a beautiful leather or suede material that is flexible and lightweight making up for a comfortable and stylish fit all day.

Also, the next best thing about these boots is that you can dress them down with denim and a button-down shirt or smarten them up, great for any social setting, and surely these boots will earn you a ton of compliments.

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7) Modern Oxfords by Jousen 

Modern Oxfords by Jousen 

Click image for details

Next up on our list is the Jousen Men’s Modern Oxfords—a simple yet handsome pair of dress shoes.

It features a breathable lining and soft cushioned insole to keep your feet cool, moisture-free, and odor-free all day long, making them great business casual shoes that are super comfortable and perfect for all-day wear.

The sizing for these dress shoes are based on US standard sizing which means you’ll get the true fit and not end up with shoes that are too tight or too loose

The flexible and slip-resistant rubber outsole also makes this cap toe oxford durable ensuring long use that it also helps reduce impact and foot fatigue

These dress shoes have also gone through a polishing process resulting in a glossy look and smooth touch of the leather upper. so if you’re looking for a high-end feel shoe at an affordable price.

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8) Baldwin Moc Toe Double Monk Strap Loafer by Stacy Adams 

Baldwin Moc Toe Double Monk Strap Loafer by Stacy Adams 

Click image for details

another great hit from Stacy Adams the Baldwin Moc Toe Double Monk Strap Loafer is surely head turner and the perfect piece to complete your outfit to make you the center of attention in any room you’ll enter.

These dress shoes will let the world know who you are without you doing any talking because they just scream attention. And so far I only have three words for these shoes—stylish, trendy, and bold.

Now, these dress shoes are with a 100% leather upper with cool perforated details along the trim giving it a unique look that you will not see much in other shoes.

And of course, the double monk strap which is the star of the show just creates a sharp and clean style completing a nice secure fit on a whole other level.

The leather lining on these shoes is completely breathable and also feels great against the skin ensuring that moisture and odor are controlled when you wear these shoes. And adding more comfort and stability is the fully cushioned memory foam insole for superior padded comfort and shock absorption.

So let your shoes do the talking with the Baldwin Moc Toe Double Monk Strap Loafer by Stacy Adams—there’s nothing more you can ask for from these fantastic pair of shoes.

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9) Double Monk Strap by La Milano

Double Monk Strap by La Milano

Click image for details

A superior dress shoe that’s going to separate you from the pack is the double monk strap by La Milano.

Dressed up or dressed down you’re going to look good both ways with this bad boy on.

Perfect for any occasion whether if it’s for a party, a business venture, or a social event you’re going to rake up questions about where you bought them or grab them because they just look so unbelievably good.

Having an elastic built-in earns it more favor as your foot can sleep in easily which is a great feature because it will take you less time to put them on compared to lace-up dress shoes.

The tapered cap toe design and application of the special paint and brush technology on the Double Monk Strap by La Milano makes it versatile letting you wear it however you decide.

Moreover, the memory foam insole and stacked heels will bring you incredible comfort throughout the whole day you wear it while the stitching is also top-notch—very elegant, and dashing.

These dress shoes also run true to size, so just pick your normal size and you’re good to go. Overall a great-looking shoe that will surely wow the bystanders!

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10) Rhodes Brogue by Bostonian

Rhodes Brogue by Bostonian

Click image for details

Showcasing a premium full-grain leather upper, you can never go wrong with the charismatic Rhodes Brogue by Bostonian.

It features a wingtip toe design and perforated brogue details seen all throughout the trims for added style—all snugged and secured by a lace-up closure.

And in terms of comfortability, its breathable leather lining has got your back for an odor and moisture free all-day wear

The cushioned insole leather-covered ortholite footbed will also be pampering your feet all throughout your busy days.

A durable leather outsole that has a sturdy Goodyear welt construction ensures the stability and longevity you’ll experience with the Rhodes Brogue by Bostonian. 

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11) Brogue Lace-Up by TOMS

Brogue Lace-Up by TOMS

Click image for details

One of the most comfortable and stylish shoes that you can never own is the Brogue Lace-up by Toms. These guys are just fantastic and you surely don’t want to miss out on them.

These shoes are not your typical dress shoes type that is all leathered up, so if you want something out-of-the-box its stunning textile upper with a classic wing-tip detail up on the front part will do the job.

The lace-up closure feature ensures that the shoes are locked and loaded to your foot all day long, and assuming that you will be using them for a whole day, it definitely deserves a five star for its performance when it comes to comfortability as it features a fully removable dual intensity cotton twill cushioned footbed

Its lined textile interior with loads of cushioning on its footbed greatly helps to reduce foot fatigue and to help keep you on your feet around the clock.

And it’s not going to stop there yet! Adding more to that comfort is a thick shock-absorbing outsole with a nice pattern on the bottom for added stability and grip, great for any kind of environment to keep you steady and ready.

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12) St.1 Hybrid Brogue Oxford by ECCO

St.1 Hybrid Brogue Oxford by ECCO

Click image for details

As styles develop over time, men’s shoes are never behind. A brainchild from ECCO named St. 1 Hybrid Brogue Oxford will tease your imagination as to how you’re going to style it up because it’s a brilliant cross between a dress shoe and the modern sneaker comfort experience.

These dress shoes check out three of the most important characteristics that male teachers need in dress shoes—stylish, comfortable, and modern.

Featuring a durable leather upper with a wingtip style and broguing details makes the shoes feel and look classic yet with a modern twist.

Pull tabs are also made available at the tongue and heel part of the shoes that will make for an easy on-and-off experience with the St. 1 Hybrid Brogue Oxford by ECCO. 

Also if you’re someone who despises shoes that do not feel great against the skin, you’re going to love the soft lining that the St. 1 Hybrid Brogue Oxford by ECCO has because it feels easy and great against your foot even for full day wear.

A fully removable leather-covered footbed is also something that makes these shoes more favorable as it features cushioning where you need it to be, and not to mention it also has arch support for increased phenomenal comfort.

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13) Nunn Bush Men’s Odell Wingtip Chukka Boot

Nunn Bush Men's Odell Wingtip Chukka Boot

Click image for details

Last but not least is the Odell wingtip boot from Nunn Bush, made with premium leather uppers, promising that the style and comfort that you are looking for are delivered to the levels that you expect.

Adding this to your wardrobe makes it the perfect accent piece that you need for days when you want to look and feel grand.

It features a full-length memory foam footbed with a molded heel cup and an added extra heel cushion to ensure superior comfort and all-day shock absorption.

Business or casual these shoes will be able to keep up with your pace as its constructed with premium materials to provide the utmost level of fit integrity. It is also made available in medium, wide, and extra wide for that perfect tailored fit.

The KORE dual intensity outsole technology in these shoes is designed solely for walking so if you’re a teacher who needs to be all over the place at a time these would definitely be the perfect pair for you.

The midsole is made from a lightweight walkable EVA material that delivers an athletic-inspired comfort and shock absorption. So if you haven’t checked them out yet better late than never!

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In Conclusion

Your shoes are the foundation of your outfit and being able to present a polished appearance is a valuable life skill that every male teacher should possess.

Now when it comes to purchasing dress shoes don’t be lured in by flashing discounts and sales because I cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in a pair of quality and perfect fitting dress shoes for you to use either for business or casual wear.

We all know that dress shoes don’t come cheap that’s why if you’re already committed to investing and buying a pair, try to purchase one that checks off four important things—stylish, versatile, comfortable, and in the right price range compatible with your budget.

While you don’t need to own every single one of them having a couple of styles of dress shoes can be a great investment over time for your looks and confidence as well.

And if you’re still having a bit of confusion on which one to pick, my sincere advice is to stick with the classics first and see how it goes from there.

Just a rule of thumb to go by, a good outfit should always equate to good shoes, they must always go together and you should never have one without the other.

And that’s it for today, I hope this helped shed a light on your dress shoe shopping,

Which one’s your best bet? Do you already own some of them? Let me know down at the comments below!

Until next time, have a good one!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.) What’s the best way to store dress shoes? 

Dress shoes can be quite expensive and they can somewhat be a form of an investment, and with that in mind taking care of them and maintaining them as best as you can is a must. 

Keeping them nice and tidy is not as complicated as you think, knowing the basics to keep them clean and in shape will help you keep them longer and better. But how can you do that exactly? 

There are a few tips and tricks to keep them in their tip-top shape and away from dust and other elements that you don’t want near your dress shoe while they’re in storage. 

Tip #1 Utilize a shoe storage box system

Since you’ve already invested in dress shoes, investing in a few more items to help prolong their lifespan is also advisable. Utilizing shoe storage boxes can help keep the dust and other elements from accumulating on top of your dress shoes. 

And another important thing about shoe storage boxes is that they can help keep the shape of your shoes because they won’t be crushed by other shoes or things in your closet because it can be hard to reverse cracks and creases once they form. 

Purchase stackable shoe storage boxes so you can easily place them on the floor of your closet or in other spots and choose ones with sturdy and durable material. 

Tip #2 Shoe bags for an added layer of protection

Now I know you might think that there’s already a shoebox why need shoe bags? There’s actually a very important reason behind it. 

Getting a shoebox means you’re protecting the shoes from other elements while getting shoe bags for another layer of protection means your protecting the shoes from each other. 

While in storage there will be times when you might move the boxes around which can get the shoes to rub against each other and that can create friction that can harm the leather or material of your dress shoes. 

This tip is completely optional, but if you really want to protect them better getting an additional shoe bag can increase their protection rate better. 

Tip #3 Shoe trees

During your hunt for the best dress shoe for you, you must have already come across shoe trees. And later on, we will explain more about why it’s important to at least have one of them if you own a couple of dress shoes. 

Shoe trees are a device that helps keep your shoes in shape during storage and also helps in preventing creases and cracks to form over time. 

So if you really want the most optimal way to keep your shoes in their best shape just like when you first got them investing in shoe trees will be a very wise decision that you can make.

2.) Is it a must for me to use a shoe tree for my dress shoes? 

Yes, because shoe trees are your best friend if you want to keep your dress shoes in their best shape and use them for a long time for the years to come after you’ve bought them. 

The number one enemy of leather is sweat, and it’s inevitable for our feet not to sweat while wearing shoes especially in leather shoes. 

Other than helping to maintain the shape of your shoes, shoe trees help to draw moisture out which prevents the build-up of moisture and not to mention the odor that can cause the leather material of your dress shoes to break down rot, and smell and that does not sound good.

Creases and cracks can also be prevented by utilizing shoe trees but do take note that only cedar shoe trees can do this so it’s preferable for you to purchase cedar shoe trees and not plastic ones. 

But when and how are you going to use shoe trees? You don’t need to have them on 24/7 while you’re not using your dress shoes. 

Just fully insert them into your dress shoes until it reaches the toe and let it sit for 24 hours after every use as much as possible to give it enough time to reshape and draw out all the moisture and odor it incurred while you were wearing them. 

And also you don’t need to have a pair of shoe trees for every dress shoe that you have you can get away with having only one pair and rotate it for every shoe that you use. 

3.) How can I alleviate scuffs and marks on my dress shoes? 

Over time, it’s normal for leather shoes to accumulate a few scuffs and marks as a sign of aging and use caused by constant movements and sweat resulting in it permanently show on your shoes. 

That’s why it’s important to maintain and care for it as much as possible whenever you can. And for tips and tricks on how to do that just watch this informative tutorial video down below on how you can bring your dress shoes back to life:

4.)  They’re a bit stiff, how can I make them more comfortable?

Dress shoes are a great way to highlight or accessorize your outfit but before you head on and wear them as soon as you get them fresh out of the box there’s a few things that you need to take care of first before you bring them out for a test drive. 

Leather dress shoes require a bit of breaking in before your first use. When you first get your dress shoe they might require some polishing and conditioning, and after that, you need to break them in around your house and walk around wearing them to help it loosen up and get used to your foot’s shape. 

And of course, with usual experiences with new shoes they can be a bit stiff and hard sometimes that’s why I recommend for you to get additional padded insoles and or padded dress socks to add comfort while you’re still in the breaking-in phase of your new dress shoes. 

Over time it will naturally mold into your foot’s shape and you’ll be loving every single minute of wearing it. So, good luck on your dress shoe journey!