21 Best Headsets for Online Teaching in 2022


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Product Image Reasons to get it
Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset
  • Unidirectional noise cancelling microphone
  • Compact, lightweight, advanced design
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Rotatable ear muffs
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Nulaxy Computer Headset
  • HD quality audio
  • Universal connectivity
  • Ultralight and comfortable
  • Easy access control buttons
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Wantek Cell Phone Headset
  • Premium quality wired headset
  • Designed for clear conversations
  • Advanced features
  • Acoustic shock protection
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Arama USB Headset
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Ergonomic design
  • HD stereo sound
  • Global 1-year warranty
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Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset
  • Full range audio
  • 8 ft cord for maximize movement
  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Upgraded, comfortable design
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Teachers are always there to help keep students learning and to always make a big difference.  Then, we can’t deny the great importance of online teaching in the education sector. All extensions have been made to reach out to those who can’t access regular face-to-face classes. And, with this, we are so thankful to our online teachers.

woman using a headset for online teaching

Today more than ever, parents and the community are grateful for the efforts of online teachers to keep children learning through online education. As teachers of the 21st century, we need to get ourselves abreast of the best headsets for online teaching.

I may not be an online teacher today, but I have traversed this career path before. This made me decide to discuss amazing options for headsets for online teaching because, for me, the appropriate headset will never put us down.

I fell in love with teaching and it was 14 years ago that I did find my niche. Although there are many challenges in the teaching profession, my indomitable spirit to teach keeps me going. It’s my ministry. Therefore, teaching of whatever modality should be made productive.

I always believe that online teaching is an important part of the whole teaching scenario. My warmest salute to all the online teachers out there. You have been dealing with your students through online platforms and I know you are doing your best to give them the learning experiences they deserve.

With a proper headset, you are most capable of giving your students the best online learning experience. It just means that you have the most appropriate technical support.  Use the most reliable headset to deliver lessons efficiently as part of your daily work routine and to ensure your learning objectives are achieved.

Online teaching is a type of learning delivery that is made through the use of the internet and technology which is completely a deviation from the physical classroom or face-to-face teaching. Many students and parents find it flexible and beneficial.

If you aim to bring an interactive teaching and learning approach to an online environment, well, then it can be done. Your class interactions will depend on how you plan your online sessions. Although there can be important restrictions, limitations, and issues that need to be considered, still online teaching remains the best option for many students.

As teachers, we just have to do our part to make the online learning experiences of students meaningful and worthwhile.

Why is online teaching important?

The educational workforce today is moving online, where adjustments to the online learning platform have become an educator’s challenge. But thanks to ready tech tools and school back-up, the added flexibility allows online teachers to work at their own speed and get the most out of self-paced learning.

The world of education has developed and technology has its a wonderful contribution to the immense delivery of instructions. As teachers, using technology isn’t a problem anymore but it’s more on how do we acknowledge the impact of online literacy on education. Most people have already experienced the key benefits of online teaching and found this mode of delivery diverse and enriching.

Having online classes keeps us on a regular schedule to practice managing time and staying productive. Furthermore, it has helped students enhance their learning experiences through access to information and interactive sessions in a cross-cultural setting.

The goal in an online classroom is to challenge both teachers and students to think differently. When we master such skills, we will be able to get well-versed in today’s online collaboration tools, lesson management systems, including basic troubleshooting.

Let me gauge your direction to one objective. I know that you are ready with your teaching content and online pedagogical skills. Let’s talk about how to make the delivery of lessons clear and this is with due consideration for using the best headset for online teaching.

Headsets as online teaching equipment

How do you make sure that you are heard by your students and vice versa? A high-quality headset is as important as a reliable internet connection when you are an online teacher.  A quality headset can increase your work productivity. It’s just like owning the most comfortable headphone in the market.

It contributes to the major impact you create in delivering online instruction to your learners. Your efforts will be useless if you can’t be heard by your learners which in turn makes learning very disappointing to learners. To prevent this from happening, consider investing in a quality headset. It is the most practical requirement for online teaching.

With an increasing number of teachers and students involved in online education, the essence of clear communication should be reemphasized to make sure that learning really is taking place. High-quality headsets can help improve the quality of online teaching. It makes learning delivery attractive and worthwhile.

In other words, headsets play a key role in the delivery of productive online education. But don’t get too overwhelmed choosing the best headset so you can perform best in your teaching career. Just keep your cool and don’t get confused with all the choices in front of you. I know that the choices are endless.

That is why I consider it a  good thing that you have visited this page. You should be thinking of ways of how to offer better services to students for optimal teaching and learning experiences.

How to choose the best headsets for online teaching?

Overall Headset Quality

Just like choosing other products, as an intelligent consumer, you have to practically consider the quality of headsets. Therefore, let me ask. What do you look for in a headset? What are your requirements? Or, do you just grab one from the store? Well, we have to consider if this item is of good quality that it can be your best buddy in providing productive service.

With a lot of models to choose from, you tend to sway your choices with what’s appealing and attractive. Make a plan before you purchase and research credible headsets and read the specifications each contains.  This will greatly help you buy a high-quality headset.

Check the full range of sound quality and all its dimensions. Remember, you need a quality headset not only for casual listening to music but for a greater purpose. Hence, you have to choose the right model of good quality for your purpose.

Clear Audio Quality

Headset manufacturers have designed their products differently. Although most of them emphasized noise reduction technology in their products, you have to be certain that the microphone specifics enhanced your purpose. The headset should allow you to hear your students clearly so you will have excellent communication which is essential in the online teaching-learning process.

Listening to your students should not be a struggle. For another thing, your conversations with your students should sound natural and clear to make sure that you have achieved your teaching goals. Just like using the best microphone in your online interactions. Most online teachers prefer stereo audio so they can hear their students well. Headsets of clear audio quality promote a smooth flow of the lesson. The interaction will be more meaningful if students can express themselves and make themselves heard.

Noise-cancelling Microphone

Headsets with good mic quality are highly considered to get the job done with productivity and efficiency. The mic should have an excellent pick-up of the words from your mouth so your students can understand you clearly.  The more you give your discussions naturally the more students appreciate your lesson presentations, and the more they will participate.

It’s a struggle when you keep on talking while your students at the end of the line don’t even get a single word you say because of the noise around you. This is very disappointing and will cut students’ interests and eagerness to learn. This will help you realize, what should your headset do for you?

Since you are using it on a daily basis because of your work routines, having a headset with extreme noise reduction features will make you more productive. This option will make you feel better and refreshed even at the end of each working day. How you sound to your students and what you hear are of great importance.


Different headsets are capable of different features and applications. Are you familiar with what headset specifications mean?  What are the specs you are looking for when selecting a headset? Are you after noise-canceling features? Or do you need technical assistance in choosing the best type of headset for your purpose? Reading articles and reviews about the headset can help. Hence, you are indeed on the right page.

Are you certain of what type of headset is suitable for your online teaching needs?  The best way to choose the best type is to listen to your voice while using the headset. Record your voice and know if it’s precise and clear. With the various types of headsets, you will get confused at times. I know that you know your preferences more than enough and you know exactly what’s the best type for everyday use.

Since there are many choices out there, your best judgment still counts because you will be the one to use the item. Can you discern which type gives good sound quality? What are your preferences and what works best for you? Which type gives you comfort?


Your chosen headset should make you productive and should allow you to spread your mission as a teacher in a more comfortable sense. In other words, your headset should make you enjoy teaching online. Wearing your headset should not make you uneasy. You should enjoy the high-quality sounds it produces. If the sound seems to tighten around your ears, then there must be something wrong with your headset.

We know that there can be painful headphones out there. They should not be brought to your midst as much as possible. You have to patronize the one which makes you a lot more comfortable.

Since you will be discussing and sharing ideas and information with your students for hours, your headset should sustain your energy by not hurting your ears.  Cheer up.

We have considered comfortable headsets on this page. You just have to read on and focus. Your teaching equipment should not cause you any discomfort or else your performance will be affected which could negatively impact teaching and learning. So, you have to take note of the kind of energy each pair can give you.


The weight of your headset could either make or break your teaching moments. Since your headset is for extended use, you have to consider this factor.

Inspect and evaluate your headset. Is it too heavy that it will bother you throughout the teaching day? Don’t lose hope. We got you covered. The list on this page will help you decide on the best headset that works best for you.

Then, you have to decide for yourself which of them will be your best online teaching buddy. Your chosen segment should be enjoyable and shouldn’t be a pain. Choosing your audio equipment should be done with extra care so that you will not regret your choice in the long run.

Lightweight ones are more preferable for everyday use. Read the headset specs so you will know how the headset is built. Read valuable information about the item before making a decision. This is an insinuation of being a responsible and wise consumer.


Professional headsets can keep you on the move. There are wireless headsets that highly support your hand movements and your overall mobility.

As an online teacher, it is a fact that you are talking and listening through your headset for a living so you have to consider the headset’s portability to get you going with great comfort. Just like what you do when you are using your powerful Bluetooth speaker.

Being one of the people who talk over the headset for a living must consider its portability. Your selected headset, as a piece of online teaching equipment, should be built to last and offer outstanding sound at both ends of the call even if you are standing or making necessary movements.

Since your work requires mobility at times, to avoid monotony and to increase concentration, your headset should always keep you on the go. Using a wireless headset can help. It gives you the ease of movement and hands-free calls.


This is one of the important factors that need attention. How does it fit you? And, it might vary from person to person. What fits and feels good to others may not be that comfortable and successful for you.

Headsets should be a perfect fit and should not bother you while wearing them during an extended call. When a headset falls out of your ears, it’s bothersome and will lessen focus and concentration. Hence, you should select a headset with a proper fit so you will be more productive each day.

Aside from considering the super call quality, you have to make sure that the headset fits your ears.  Get a headset that fits properly to avoid distractions and to give you all-day comforts.


Do not compromise quality over price. It is the last factor to be considered. When choosing a high-quality headset, you are sure that the price is worth it. As an online teacher, you are making a living over the headset while listening and talking to your students. So, you should not cheap out when it comes to your reliable teaching buddy. It’s quite a pain in your savings, but it’ll be an investment for a long time.

If you want a perfect headset for your work, then you have to expect that it could be expensive but it’s worth it. Don’t waste your money on unreliable items. That’s the pain!

Noise-canceller audiophiles aren’t cheap. To make the most of this teaching equipment, always look for a headset that’s built to last and not a headset that is a disposable commodity.

Always remember that there’s no perfect item for less. The benefits of a quality headset can be experienced instantly and for a long time. So, think about it. Choose the one that can withstand your teaching job and not the one which makes you save a dime that allows you to experience regrets in future use.

Replacing broken ones from time to time is really depressing. Don’t allow this to happen. Settle for a headset with a high level of durability even if it means shelling out money. Anyway, it’s an investment for your teaching career, it can help you earn money in the long run.


21 Best Headsets for Online Teaching in 2022

When owning a professional teaching headset makes a huge difference

You don’t need to be an audio enthusiast just to choose the best headset that will aid your online classes. We made your choosing aches simple and less complicated.

I know that with the many choices available in the market today, you tend to be confused about which item is most suitable for you. But, if you have come this far on this page, you most probably already have an idea of what to pick as your best teaching companion.

Through this incredible list, we hope that we’ll greatly inspire you and that we aim to narrow your choices to give you more time to prepare for your online lessons.

1. Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset

Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset

Click image for details

Here’s an extra-durable headset that can help you with your online teaching needs. This is a stereo headset with a unidirectional noise-canceling microphone that offers all-day comfort to you as you discuss your lessons in the most interactive and engaging way.

The microphone is carefully designed to pick up sounds from your mouth clearly and filter unnecessary sounds from the surroundings.

This way can make yourself more confident that you are heard by your students clean and clear. Moreover, the ambidextrous mic boom makes it easy for you to turn it left to right because it’s highly flexible.

Having this item is an assurance that your students hear you loud and clear and that you hear them specifically the same. It comes with a pair of reliable leatherette ear pads which are very soothing to your ears. It’s easy to clean and gives you comfort throughout the teaching session.

Its impressive connectivity technology offers a single 3.5 mm plug connection and a dual 3.5mm Y-adapter which ensures long-lasting use and amazing durability.  The headset’s specifications make this item functional and reliable for online teaching use.

The Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset is a popular item on Amazon that has helped online teachers from around the globe. Using this teaching equipment will make you more confident and will improve communication which is an important factor in online teaching.

Its noise-canceling microphone makes sure that you are heard by your students, which is important in making teaching and learning productive and worthwhile. There will be no “pardon please”, “Can you say it again” expressions which are very frustrating.

If you are going to wear it all day, that won’t be a problem. The soft earpads won’t hurt your ears and its compact and timeless design is worth your money. In addition, it’s crafted with a slim and lightweight headband that won’t be a disturbance for everyday use. It’s adjustable and pretty comfortable.

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2. Logitech High-Performance H540 USB Headset

Click image for details

 When owning a headset for online teaching is as imperative as having the most reliable internet connection, then it’s high time to consider one of the popular headsets in stores. Logitech USB Headset can be your superior quality tandem for online teaching.

Highly compatible with Windows and Mac, this item is an excellent choice that offers great convenience and efficiency to make you a more productive teacher.

Designed with on-ear controls and a built-in equalizer, you’re certain to benefit from its clear sound technology which is of optimal use in online teaching.

You can perform this easily and most comfortably. With its optimal noise cancellation, your students can hear every word you say.

This high-end headset provides you a great time facilitating your online classes without worrying about unclear sound receptions. Artificial leather ear pads and adjustable headbands give you comfort all day.

Also, this plug-and-play headset designates a mute button on the headset itself and a mute light indicator on the cable which makes it easier for you to know if you’re muted or to adjust your preference.

Its USB connection allows you to adjust the volume of clear sounds easily. What makes this headset more popular and highly professional are its enhanced speakers that help deliver quality-clear sound.

Furthermore, its lightweight design and soft leatherette earpads make this teaching equipment superior among other choices. Certainly, its padded headband and ear cups make you feel comfortable even though you’ll be discussing and listening to students’ interactions for hours.

Having this in your possession ensures that you will have a great time delivering online sessions without any hassle. You just have to plug it and you’re good to proceed with your interactive lessons. You don’t need to have any additional software specifications for its efficient use.

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3. Cyber Acoustics Stereo PC Headset

Click image for details

 Are you worried about your heavy online teaching schedule that your headset might give up?

Well, with the Cyber Acoustics Stereo PC headset, teaching online for hours and in tough conditions is a piece of cake. This is another mighty and enduring headset on the list.

With its ergonomics design, this headset offers the maximum comfort and convenience that online teachers really deserve. To attest, take a look at the padded ear cups and accessible in-line controls. You’ll readily notice that this headset is highly-designed for online teaching.

Keeping abreast of online education means making necessary preparations such as online teaching equipment aside from the fast internet connection. One of the factors that online teachers need to meet is the effective delivery of instruction.

To support this end, this headset offers you crystal clear sound through its adjustable unidirectional microphone to pick up every word from your mouth precisely and clearly. Since conversations with your learners need to be clear and concise, you have to consider this quality headset.

Plus, this item owns a braided tangle-free tuff cord making it easy for you to move about and to demonstrate your lessons. This is really perfect for the nature of your work. This splendid item offers a noise-canceling mic that reduces static noise and echoes to give you crystal-clear sounds. Plus, its flexible mic boom promises a more optimized conversation with your students.

Another advantage of wearing this high-end headset is its durable and flexible padded headband which offers comfort for intensive callers like you. On top of that, soft and flexible earmuffs are made with ventilative protein memory foam for a more comfortable online teaching experience.

To check your voice and sound quality, this headset can let you hear yourself. Through USB PC headphones, you can listen to your own voice. Just follow the instructions on windows and you will have an idea of how you sound to your students.

You can also stand and stretch while you are using this headset without interrupting your discussion.  Its long cord will allow you to do it. It’s always good to move every once in a while because you will be delivering lessons for hours and it’s quite painful at the back.  Through this headset, we are confident that learning and communication will occur.

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4. Panasonic KX-TCA430 Headset

Click image for details

 Here’s another high-end headset that supports your active teaching style. Using this item will make you enjoy a hands-free conversation with your learners. This means that you can move around while you are delivering your interactive lessons.

It boasts its reversible design for maximum comfort for both ears. Fits best on either ear, rest assured that this headset is the optimal solution to your long hours of online teaching.

If you are the type of teacher who loves to multitask, talking while making your hands busy at the same time, that is possible with this great headset. Ultimately, it’s a hands-free item that allows you to become more productive.

The headset’s impressive noise reduction technology makes your students hear you loud and clear. There’s no need for you to run to a very quiet location because this headset ensures good quality sounds. I know that online teaching requires a noise-free environment. So, here’s another item that may be right for you.

Aside from the accessible controls, this headset is foldable and owns a resilient mic that can support you all the way. It is also compatible with landlines phones and cordless devices with a 2.5mm mini jack. However, an adapter is sold separately so you can use this on devices with 3.5 mm headphone jacks.

Moreover, the stretchable feature makes it so compact for easy usage and storage.   So, if you are an online teacher who always surprises students, you can execute them well with the help of this quality headset. It’s a great choice.

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5. Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset

Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset

Click image for details

I know that you are doing your best to become a great online educator. That is why you are right here on this page. With the aim of providing your students with interactive lessons, here’s Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB On-Ear Monaural Computer Headset suitable for your purpose.

Although it’s wired, this headset will not tither you to your working computer desk because it has an extra-long 8 feet shielded cable which allows you to stand, reach out for items, and to move while delivering your lessons.

Through the headset’s pro-flex wired microphone boom and powerful noise-canceling technology, you will have a great time discussing lessons with your students without worrying about the occurrence of unnecessary noise, not even your breathing. This won’t make you regret your choice of becoming an online teacher.

The upgraded durability of the stainless steel adjustable headband will make your experience comfortable to wear for hours.

I definitely know that you are among the educators who are looking for reliable headsets for your work. So, I made your choosing efforts easy. Consider this item and experience how it will help you in your virtual classroom.

As a highly skilled online teacher, you deserve the best teaching equipment. The in-line volume and mute controls make it easy for you to make sound adjustments during your lesson delivery. If not in use, you can store this headset easily. Just fold it flat and avoid cluttering your computer table.

Try using this headset to create more effective learning experiences for your students. For sure, you won’t regret your decision and this teaching confidant.

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6. Logitech USB Headset H390

Logitech USB Headset H390

Click image for details

Joining the world of online education should bring you satisfaction and happiness.

Aside from achieving this through your best desires to teach and help children learn, you can also step up by using a user-friendly headset to support your teaching needs. You can easily put this in your bag if you plan to bring it anywhere.

For more comfortable wear, Logitech USB Headset is built with a padded headband and soft ear pads. The headset’s best features will help you choose your best teaching companion.

More than ever, you have to select a headset that provides and captures precise sounds on both ends of the communication setup.

As a knowledgeable educator, your efforts shouldn’t be wasted by poor sound technology. Hence, you deserve this item. You need this for your online teaching career.

Never allow a day to pass without delivering clear lessons to your students. Help yourself. This headset supports your incredible teaching skills. This won’t let you down. Ideally, this can maintain your connection with your students which is important in productive learning.

Logitech USB Headset helps you achieve your goal of becoming a stellar online teacher. This will benefit your students too. Since they can hear you well, it’s highly possible that they follow the thread of your lessons and achieve the learning objectives.

As you continue to inspire your students, plan more engaging lessons, and deliver them successfully through this reliable headset.

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7. Sennheiser SC 165 USB Binaural Headset

Sennheiser SC 165 USB Binaural Headset

Click image for details

I know that you need a quiet environment when teaching online. Of course, who would want to discuss in a very noisy and unconducive learning environment?

Even though the lessons are to be delivered online, we have to make sure that effective and productive learning takes place.

The Sennheiser SC 165 USB Double-Sided Headset highly supports your online teaching moments by giving you crystal-clear conversations through its noise-canceling technology.

As a teacher myself, I know the importance of making movements and bodily gestures while teaching. It supports information retention among students while making it easy for you to transfer learning.

This high-end professional headset offers an excellent hands-free communication solution that allows us to make demonstrations while talking.

Moreover, wearing and using this is an assurance that you are heard and that your voice isn’t a waste.

This headset is powered by HD stereo features that provide precise and clear sounds that make communication natural and pleasing.

If you are to use this headset while listening to presentations as your supplementary materials for your lessons, it can give you a great listening time without hurting your ears.

Constructively, the Sennheiser headset will help you make your students stay focused and attentive. With this, your efforts in making the class material clear to the students would not be in vain.

To ensure optimized comfort, this product offers 2-in-1 Earpad styles namely: a pair of soft leatherette pads and a light acoustic foam.

What makes it an amazing choice is its bendable boom arm which allows you to make lesson demonstrations without twisting the microphone. It is just steady and in a perfect position so you won’t be adjusting it while you make necessary movements.

For great storage purposes and as a travel buddy, you can fold the ear-cups into the headband and bring it with you.

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8. Avid Education Headset

Avid Education Headset

Click image for details

Avid Education Headset is a great choice for you. It is an ideal device for your online teaching needs.

Using this headset will ensure the clear delivery of lessons that have a major impact on your students. Moreover, it includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack for both the speaker and boom microphone which works with your tablet computers and laptops.

The padded and adjustable headband offers a comfortable experience that will make your teaching job easy.

I know that you will be using this for hours. Don’t worry this choice won’t fail you and will make you always accessible to ensure that students are receiving full learning experiences.

Among the item’s best components are its washable leatherette earpads which are in stable positions and can be cleaned easily.  It comes with a 6-foot braided nylon cord which allows you to move during lessons. It’s chew-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it whether it’s torn or not.

As an online teacher, you have to be comfortable executing your work so you will inspire your students to know and learn more.  This headset can make you more proficient in your virtual learning classroom. Conversing with students with confidence is a way of motivating them to perform better and to succeed.

Hence, you should be supported by the most reliable teaching equipment such as this headset. If you want your students to excel and to strive harder, equip yourself with this headset and you will never know that you are actualizing your teaching goals every day.

Encouraging students from afar is made possible through your best interests and sacrifices as an online teacher.

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9. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB Headset

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB Headset

Click image for details

Plantronics Voyager Focus Bluetooth USB Headset can change your online teaching career for the better.

The full pair of headphones and the boom microphone are developed with an extremely noise-canceling technology that blocks out background noise that interrupts the lesson discussion.

The energetic bass adds up to the sound quality which is essential in exchanging ideas and conversations in virtual discussions.

This is a very well-known Bluetooth headset that promotes clear audio and optimum flexibility. Many people have considered this incredible device to support their work and gaming goals.

Since you will be using this to provide clear and comprehensible lessons to your students, you are in a good spot. Its very soft ear pads will make you feel comfortable during extended use.

When you look at it closely, you will notice a double band that supports the metal headband which offers durability, stability, and flexibility. The double band serves as the memory foam support which is very elastic to give you a comfortable wearing experience.  It’s very soft and flexible which won’t give a headache for prolonged use.

The USB-based docking station is what makes this product really innovative and attractive. Although it’s just for charging purposes, it looks cool on your working desk when the headset is not in use.

The single package includes a Micro USB charging cable which makes it easy for you to connect to your other teaching devices.  The impressive Bluetooth technology can get you going by allowing you to move freely and you won’t be docked at your desk all the time. You can extend your arms or stand while your students are busy doing their tasks.

Just like other high-end headsets, this headset has wonderful noise-canceling technology that can keep your focus on your teaching sessions. Its boom mic has its own best features so you can adjust the volume and discreetly press mute mode when necessary.

Moreover, your great teaching interest is supported by the headset’s USB dongle which you can connect to your laptop or computer for amazing connectivity technology.

Furthermore, the headset’s triple-mic ensures you have good quality sound and makes your voice sound natural so your students can hear and understand you most effectively. It comes with a Plantronics soft pouch that you can use for storage purposes.

I know that online education is on the rise since more and more people are taking online classes for a variety of purposes. Therefore, as an online teacher, you should be able to accommodate your students’ learning needs by using a reliable headset that will support you all the way.

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10. Jabra Evolve Wireless Headset

Jabra Evolve Wireless Headset

Click image for details

If you are to prepare for the online industry, the Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset is a piece of ideal teaching equipment for you. For sure, you will be inspired by its industry-leading performance.

You can move about up to 30 meters away while maintaining a well-balanced quality sound. Using this product will make you a more productive online teacher.

Wearing the Jabra headset will keep you focused on your lesson discussions until the end of the session. Not even a slight noise will interrupt the flow of the lesson structure.

Hence, your students will be more eager to listen and to interact with you.

Moreover, this wireless headset will work for long hours because it’s the battery is designed for all-day use. You can support your teaching activities for up to 14 hours. If you are still in class beyond that, you can just connect the USB and charge the headset while it’s in use.

There’s no hassle at all. Everything has been made easy for you. That is why this fantastic item has been included in the list that might be the right one for you.

In addition, its superior connectivity technology makes it extremely easy for you to connect this to your preferred device either through a USB cable or via Bluetooth with the USB dongle.

It is most required in your work as an online teacher. Aside from a reliable computer, you need to meet technical requirements for both hardware and software in order to be successful in your teaching goals.

Make your decision now and achieve technical finesse by considering this headset as one of your most innovative and updated teaching equipment.

It‘s advisable to make advance preparations now rather than making it at a later time. Time is running out. Every second will count. Get the most reliable tech support now and make your virtual classroom the best it can be.

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11. BlueParrott C400-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott C400-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

Click image for details

Here’s another exceptional headset with exciting features most fitting for an online teacher like you. Have you experienced teaching in a very noisy environment? Wasn’t it so stressful?

To keep you out of these inevitable circumstances, the BlueParrot Voice-controlled Bluetooth headset is here to serve you well.

It is specifically engineered for superior communication in a very noisy environment. It is capable of blocking 96% of the noise around you.

With its convertible design, you can wear the incredible styles you want. If you want your headset to be not only innovative but also highly fashionable, this one is highly recommended for you.

Moreover, the headset’s HD voice quality is incomparable and the first of its kind. You will never regret it if you choose this high-end headset for your online teaching career.

Furthermore, you can move about freely because of its long wireless range up to 300 feet from your paired devices. Teaching can be made more interactive and fun. Besides, its impressively long battery life allows you to go on and on for 24 hours.

Wear it with extreme comfort even for extended use. Hence, teaching for long hours is just right. You don’t have to worry about headband discomfort because this headset offers you long-haul comfort. This is one of the best items on this list you need to consider.

Wearing the most reliable headset is essential for an online classroom environment. Thus, this highly sophisticated product is brought to your attention. It is important that your teaching equipment is laid out perfectly before your classes begin.

Owning this headset is among the best ways you have ever made it.  This will make your students feel confident that they can make the most of their learning experience with you.

No disruptions or interferences. Hence, they will decide that your virtual classroom fits their lives most practically.

Visit the link below for more detailed features of this product and decide instantly. The best specifications for this product are worth its price.

It’s just right to give in for a worthy investment. Being built to last a lifetime, this headset can be of service to you for your entire teaching career.

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12. USB Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling Computer Headphone Headset

USB Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling Computer Headphone Headset

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Gone are the days when you looked for a noise-free environment just to teach students online. Here’s another most fitting USB headset for you.

With its speech recognition microphone, you can execute your language lessons, dictation activities, and lecture activities most effectively because the headset’s boom mic is engineered with superior voice recognition technology that won’t make you disappointed. Hence, it is perfect for a remote professional like you.

Take this laptop/computer headset and get introduced to its Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for optimized quality sounds.  The large, soft protein leatherette earpads give you ultra comfort during your lectures and activities.

You don’t have to worry about a full load teaching schedule. This headset will keep you energized throughout.

You don’t have to worry about pressures and pains on your ears because this innovative invention is designed to make you comfortable by protecting your hearing in everyday use. It’s crafted with Acoustic Shock Protection technology to get your hearing protected all the time.

Having this item wouldn’t cause you any trouble because you have got to enjoy its 3-year warranty. Besides, its durability and functionality are incomparable and have been proven by most users.

Therefore, don’t go anywhere else. Here’s an item that meets your online teaching needs. It’s a perfect addition to the impressive setup of your virtual classroom.

Also, using this headset will make the working environment adequate and safe.  I know that working remotely is very challenging. That is why we have thought of creating this page for you to lighten up your burden and to keep you motivated to teach students the best you can be.

Without perfect teaching equipment, your efforts and interest will be wasted. Don’t compromise your quality teaching with substandard items. Choose the most reliable and highly dependable teaching buddy. It’s just a small amount of choosing what’s best and what’s essential.

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13. Earbay USB Computer Headset

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 Have you set up your teaching workspace? Have you completed your teaching equipment? Are you all set? Look around. What’s lacking?

How would you consider the idea of changing your teaching headset with this USB computer headset?

It’s a wired premium wired headset that comes with a noise-canceling microphone to help you provide your students with superb online learning experiences.

It might be a wired audio technology but it has an adjustable Boom mic and rotatable earmuff.

Thus,  it guarantees your functional features for optimal convenience while you are working for long hours. Read on and you might consider this wonderful item to be an addition to your workspace needs.

First, you want a headset that promotes crystal-clear conversations with your students. Initially, you want to block ambient noises around so you will not be disturbed in your lesson delivery. That’s good.

This is a manifestation that you always want your students to learn most effectively. Gladly, this headset is the answer to your first requirement.

Second, you highly need a headset that offers comfortable wear to support your long hours of teaching. Amazingly, this headset can give you what you want. It is designed to be lightweight and very flexible.

The adjustable headband and the skin-friendly soft ear cushions give you comfort while you are deeply engaged in your discussions.

There will be no scratching of your ears nor removing the headset from time to time. You can wear it all the time while you are teaching. It’s not heavy nor hard.

Third, you want a user-friendly headset to achieve your ideal work environment.  As a flexible headset, you can enjoy its 2 alternatives of usage through its USB plug and 3.5 mm jack.

Moreover, it has a yielding cord cable and in-controls for easy access to adjustments buttons to keep you focused on making students learn in a tough online environment.

As a piece of advice, choose a piece of teaching equipment that will make your working environment friendly and inviting and this headset is an exceptional choice. Using this headset will make you even more productive which is a good indication of admirable work behavior.

Most importantly, this headset will make your students feel comfortable while listening to your discussions and during activity sessions. This will make them feel good and satisfied.

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14. USB Telephone Headset with Microphone Computer Headset

USB Telephone Headset with Microphone Computer Headset

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Most people who are earning a living through talking and listening over the phone are very particular in their hearing health. And online teachers like you have no exemption.

I know that you have been protecting your sense of hearing. It’s a good thing that this headset has the capability of protecting your ears from being hurt.

It is designed with a built-in hearing protection circuit. Aside from its excellent audio quality, this headset offers maximum wearing comfort which is suitable for an online teacher like you.

I see your worries and communication challenges. It’s a highly demanding task. Conversing with students for hours over the phone is extremely challenging.

Experience comfortable communication by using this headset. Using this product will make you innovate and stimulate interactive discussions with your students. The headset’s omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone can pick up your voice precisely from all directions equally.

This computer PC headset can make you work comfortably at home while encouraging your students to learn and study hard.

Its lightweight and ergonomic design will make you express your love for teaching. Soft ear cushions and adjustable headbands give you comfortable wear all day.

Wearing this high-quality headset will encourage your students to get the most from your virtual class. The headset’s noise reduction microphone will enable you to speak clearly which will further encourage your students to participate in your discussions. Furthermore, the rotatable microphone boom allows you to use it in any direction and style you prefer.

Notwithstanding the great challenges of online education, being equipped can highly impact your online presence. This headset will keep you consistent with your online performance as a teacher.

Having this item gives you confidence in giving instructions and feedback to students as well as answering their questions on time. Another point is, owning this headset will intensify communication which is essential in online teaching.

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15. Skype Chat Computer Phone Headset

Skype Chat Computer Phone Headset

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Here’s another insightful item for your teaching needs. Since online education requires you to communicate regularly with your students, this USB headset is worthy of your consideration. Its high-quality wideband and noise-canceling microphone keeps your focus even if the environment doesn’t seem to cooperate.

Moreover, your extended use won’t be painful to your ears because this headset, just like most audio equipment today, is built with an anti-acoustic shock for hearing protection.

You just have to connect it to any USB-compatible device and you can go on and on. Its superior quality speakers make sure that your students hear every word you say. Hence, it is an assurance that distant learning is indeed made easy and accessible.

The super-comfortable features of the adjustable headband and the soft protein leatherette earpads allow you to use this equipment all day long.

Thus, the learning process is never compromised. Students still get the most of your instructions/ discussions just like in the face-to-face physical discussions.

This USB headset can become your ideal teaching companion for years. Using this will be incredible in your performance as a teacher and in your overall virtual classroom which will inspire students to enroll in your class.

Wearing this headset all day isn’t a struggle. Instead, it’s a perfect delight to your teaching career. As you always seek comfortable wear because you want to feel it while delivering your lessons, this headset makes it possible.

The headset’s great durability withstands years of use. It can be your step in making a leap in your teaching career. As you make your lessons very comprehensible, your students get motivated to learn and participate. And those are your bonus points. It has been a wonderful opportunity to help students learn and get success in their lives.

For you to become a successful online teacher, you have to make your research of the most credible resources and equipment to be used. And, it is right that you are here reading this post.

Who knows, this can be your way of making yourself productive in the name of online teaching. Take the plunge and get yourself ready with the most reliable headset on the market today.

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16. Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset

Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset

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The Koss headset can be a perfect addition to your best styles and fashion as an online teacher. The great combination of black and silver is a sophistication to your head and ears.

While this may look great on you, this headset articulates innovation and long-term use.

It includes an 8-foot cord that supports your movements during your long hours of lectures and interactive activities.

Moreover, you can connect and use this easily without any software installation process. You just use its 3.5mm plugs and microphone connection.

Another point is the headsets improvised signal transmission and conduction which offer you well-balanced clear sound which is one of the requirements of online teaching.

As illustrated by the headset’s best specifications, you can maintain the connection of your students who are not physically present in front of you. This headset will make you speak and demonstrate as if you are doing it in front of your students in a face-to-face classroom setup. Your students can hear you clearly.

As you interact with your students more oftentimes, you are confident that your learning objectives will be achieved successfully. This headset will help you do that. You can maintain the interests of your students by keeping your discussions uninterrupted by ambient noises around you.

Your live discussion will get more and more interesting as students understand your concepts clearly because you are supported by the Koss Speech Recognition Computer headset.

Needless to say, this device will make you comfortable teaching students online. Consider this as a remarkable gift to yourself for your teaching efforts.

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17. Microsoft LifeChat Headset

Microsoft LifeChat Headset

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Microsoft’s LifeChat Headset owns features that are suited to your online teaching needs. The headset’s wideband digital audio performs well and offers you the opportunity to speak precisely and clearly to your students on the opposite side of the communication thread.

Just plug it in and go on teaching. It’s indeed hassle-free and ideal for virtual classroom discussions.

This headset offers you great time teaching as its specifications capture comfort ideal for a more interactive conversation you’ll have with your students. Your noisy surroundings will not affect your online classes.

Having good audio and microphone quality, this headset should be on your list. Don’t make your shopping time hard and confusing.

Consider the headset’s specifications and you will know that this stands out among the available items in the market. Also, who knows if the Microsoft LifeChat Headset is the proper headset that you need to conduct your online classes most effectively.

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18. Arama USB Headset

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 Here’s another dedicated teaching headset that highly complements the best requirements for online teaching.

It’s a lightweight and compact teaching headset that offers greater comfort so it would be much easier for you to navigate the online teaching environment and give your students the best interactions they deserve.

With its HD audio technology, you are confident that you’ve found the best teaching headset for you. It has a built-in equalizer that clearly matches its good quality laser-tuned speakers that enables you to hear your students’ interactions and be heard clearly.

Delightfully, it bids clear and smooth conversations equivalent to a face-to-face experience. The perfect immersion of these features offers you optimal audio quality which is imperative for a productive online teaching environment.

To highly support what has been said, this premium quality headset is designed with DSP technology over a USB chip and an integral unidirectional noise-blocking mic that typically gives crystal clear audio to supplement better interaction and communication.

Aside from its advanced durability, the Arama USB headset features an ergonomic scheme that makes it fit all head sizes for maximum wearing comfort. Hence, online teaching for longer hours wouldn’t be a pain anymore.

Also, it owns a 270°  adjustable microphone and breathable ear pads for great consolation in the online teaching arena. Best of all, it’s super easy to use. You just have to plug and play. No installation is required. Once, plugged you’re all set and begin teaching.

Moreover, if quality issues are encountered along the way, this should not bother you that much because Arama headset offers a global 1-year warranty. Such a fantastic deal that supplements its premium quality and amazing features.

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19. Wantek Cell Phone Headset

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 If you aim to manage your online classes very well as all online teachers would want, here’s a great option for you.

It is a  wired teaching headset that is highly compatible with various gadgets making it easier for you to connect with your students. Indeed, its universal compatibility makes it the most wanted teaching equipment.

With Wantek, you have all the best features you need of a teaching headset that makes it an exceptional choice.

For maximum all-day wearing comfort, this headset is made lightweight and compact that it boasts of its adjustable headband and soft leatherette ear muffs.

Furthermore, meeting your online teaching best requirements, this headset offers HD quality audio through its noise-canceling mic that reduces too much background noise for an optimal online teaching experience.

Evidently, this feature allows you to make the best of your online classes as you promote better and clear communication with your students.

The Wantek Cell Phone teaching headset offers premium quality and durable design that makes it a great choice as online teaching equipment.

With its built-in On/Off answer button and volume control, you can easily establish perspicuous conversations.

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20. Poly – Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-A Headset

As a means of good preparation for online teaching, you make your research of the proper headset to make yourself heard clearly by your students and to hear them equally loud and clear. Each headset on the market offers different unique functionalities and features.

Click image for details

 Through your best efforts as an online teacher, I am confident that you can help a lot of students to advance their education through online platforms and you can effectively address different learning styles by choosing the best teaching headset.

The Poly-voyager focus is a great choice for it works well with different online platforms making it a lot easier for you to focus on your teaching and make the most of your online classes.

Moreover, by choosing this high-quality headset you can give your students the best online instruction they deserve.

In addition, this user-friendly teaching headset is designed for your comfort as it offers a lightweight and ultra-comfortable headband, and posh ear pads making it super convenient for you to deliver your instructions online.

Additionally, for excellent communication and interactions online, this teaching headset is built with Upgraded Digital Hybrid ANC to ensure non-distracting online classes.

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21. Nulaxy Computer Headset

Click image for details

 To make the most of the most advanced features of a headset that best fits your teaching budget here’s another great option that meets your online teaching requirements.

The Nulxay computer headset brings in upgraded durability for a very affordable price.

As an online teacher, I know you are more confident working with a heavy-duty and reliable teaching headset. For sure, you will most likely have the headset’s crystal clear sound made possible by an inbuilt sound card.

Plus, it owns a unidirectional, noise-canceling mic that establishes clarity and precision making it more convenient for you to hear and to be heard.

Typically, its noise cancellation mic gives you a stress-free online teaching experience. Unwanted sounds are a no-no for this advanced teaching headset.

Additionally, this headset offers universal compatibility features through its headphone jack and USB plug connections which are super easy to use.

Furthermore, its 2.2 m cable makes it convenient for you. It’s wired, yet it’s flexible. In addition, its USB plug has mute/unmute and volume controls that make it easier for you to adjust your preference.

For maximum comfort, this professional headset has a 270° rotatable mic and earmuffs, a flexible headband with a soft leather buffer pad.

Plus, this teaching equipment only weighs  3.52 ounces which is ultralightweight that not a strain be felt when using it all day long.

Have you made your decision?  If so, then you are a teacher on the go. I know that you are ready to make teacher-student interaction interesting and productive. No more vague lines and choppy dialogues. Your headset will give you clear audio and will pick up every word of your mouth clearly without any ambient noise.

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For more inspiration on your selection of the best headsets to make your work really productive, watch the video below.


Teaching online is a highly demanding job these days. This is one of the teaching modalities that is a big hit in this technological world. I know that as an online teacher like you are doing your best to give your students productive and effective learning opportunities.

So, you set out in the online education prepared in order to teach effectively. However, it has never prospered without challenges.

Aside from the good access to an internet connection and a stable high-end laptop or PC, you have to make certain preparations which are served well on this page.

For now, I hope you have decided which pair you should get. Which among the best choices here looks good on you and can serve you best? You have to remember that you are doing video calls more often than not. So, it’s important to choose the most reliable one that offers good quality audio and is crafted with a noise-canceling microphone.

Don’t settle for what is so affordable yet you are not certain of its quality. As a result, you may opt to buy a replacement again. It’s a total waste of money. Always go for high-quality ones to support your work.

Using the most trusted brand of headsets, with impressive features, you feel confident in making your online classes possibly the best as should be. You can do it as a high-quality online teacher. It’s part of your teacher training and I know you can handle it well.

Again, don’t get confused. Stick to what you think is fitting to your work as long as it has a perfect combination of performance, style, price, and features. With this in mind, I know you are ready to provide your students with timely and interactive discussions.

So there you have it, my dear teachers. I know that you have something in mind right now to equip your home-based workspace.  What other features are you looking for in a headset? Or, perhaps you can share with us other main points which are not mentioned here that should be considered when shopping for a headset.

Are you comfortable wearing one while teaching your students? We are excited to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below and let us know.



What’s the difference between a unidirectional and omnidirectional microphone?

When buying your headset you have to take into account if it’s built with a unidirectional or omnidirectional microphone. These are very common terminologies we often hear when we talk about microphones, speakers, and antennas.  Now, which one is better? Let’s take this simply. Omni literally means all while uni- means mono, one, or single. In other words, unidirectional means in all directions while unidirectional means in one direction.

As we can see, there are stereo headsets with unidirectional noise-canceling microphones. They have the capability of picking up sounds in one direction. This mic is pointed basically to the source of the sound, your mouth for example.

On the other hand, headsets with omnidirectional microphones are capable of picking up sounds in different directions. This means that the mic is capable of collecting sounds in all directions of the same quality.  Yes, it can collect sounds without a specific pick-up scheme.

Now that you know the basic differences of these terminologies. Well, based on research, unidirectional microphones are best suited for vocal recordings and live performances while omnidirectional microphones are used in broadcasting like tv and radio broadcasters. So, which do you think is best suited for online teaching? But you are entitled to your own options.

What are Bluetooth headsets?

Bluetooth headsets are used to enjoy hands-free calling. I know that online teachers do well to satisfy students and this means, you have to be very energetic while teaching. To keep your students engaged, you have to make hand gestures and you can definitely and freely do so with a solid Bluetooth headset. This kind of headset makes good things happen in your virtual classroom.

Top-rated models with varying designs are available on the market but you have to select the one most fitting to your style and preferences. With this, you can make calls easily and enjoy its long-lasting performance. You can head over to our list again and make your choice. I’m sure this type can give you the quality calls that you need.

We have included some solid Bluetooth headsets in our list with high-end microphones and call button controls for you to easily adjust the volume or set it to mute mode. By staying on this page for a while, at least your selection has been narrowed down and makes your selection easy and simple.

What’s the difference between monaural and binaural headsets?

Your selection of a headset is not only for listening to music. This is to make the best of your online classes. Therefore, you have to be knowledgeable about the differences between monaural and binaural headsets. Since we have them on our list, we have to dig into their details to help you out with your selection. This is one thing you have to keep in mind as you go shopping for the best headset.

Monaural headsets come with a single earpiece and a microphone with varied features, depending on the brand and design. If you are using a monaural headset, the sound goes through a single channel which can make you aware of what’s happening with your surroundings. Since it only has a single earpiece, you will be able to hear your students as well as your surroundings. You can still use this in your work as an online tea especially if you are office-based. You can still hear the conversations of those around you. Hence, you are aware of what’s happening.

On the other hand, binaural headsets consist of a pair of earpieces and a microphone with certain features. Most online teachers are using this stereo set of headsets to have a deep focus on the discussions and not to be disturbed by ambient noise around. Hence, this type of headset is very popular with professionals and gaming enthusiasts who take calls and interactions in a high noise environment.

However, the choice is all up to you. I understand that there’s no such thing as universal headsets. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all in sets either.  Each type may work differently with different people in different situations. What’s compatible with my lifestyle and preferences may not be that comfy to you.

What are USB headsets?

Which connection type do you prefer with your headset? Do you go for USB connectivity or with the 3.5mm jack?  Well, USB headsets are only applicable for USB connections and paired with USB active devices. They have unique features that can make your work a lot easier and more smooth-flowing. With its extra layer of noise cancellation, you can sound very clear to your students and you can hear them with much cleaner audio as well.

This connection type is directly inserted into an open USB port and is independent of its own sound card. This means that it doesn’t need to go through any output ports or audio inputs. It is independent of itself. With its own processing system, it can perform well even when used together with the other sound system of your computer.

Also, as noted, USB headsets produce good quality sounds because of their own sound processing system. With its impressive voice recognition features, most online teachers prefer this type of headset connectivity. With the nature of your work as an online teacher, you are often involved in dictation, explanations, discussions, and demonstrations which are highly supported by a USB headset. Through the headset’s high accuracy speech recognition system, you are very sure that every word you say is heard by your students with utmost clarity and accuracy. Its high-quality audio signal is highly commendable.

What are 3.5mm jack headsets?

As you have noticed, most of the headsets on the list offer both 3.5mm jack and USB connectivity technology. Manufacturers flaunt easy and comfortable uses to their clients. And, you are one of them. You are provided with choices so you won’t be buying two headsets just to fit these modes of connectivity. A single headset has it all.

Considered to be a lot cheaper than USB headsets, 3.5mm jack headsets have their own features and advantages as well. You just plug this headset into your device and you are good. It is that simple and easy. And in most cases, this type of headset connectivity can accommodate your portable devices and gadgets. Its jack is highly compatible with any device.

However, unlike USB headsets, 3.5mm jack headsets don’t have their own sound card and are highly dependent on the sound card of your PC. So, if you have a good sound card in your PC, you can take full advantage of the high-quality sound of the stereo sound features of your PC.

With its timeless design, I can say that this type of connectivity is still within the parameters of people’s interests. That is why more and more professionals and gaming aficionados still want to use the 3.5mm jack headsets.  I can say, both USB headsets and 3.5 mm jack headsets have unique features and amazing benefits to people who have different preferences under different situations.  Both can support good communication you have with your students.

What are gaming headsets?

Choosing the proper headset is your priority if you are to make your online classes productive and successful. I know that as you head over to the endless options online and in the market, you meet gaming headsets along the way. Game enthusiasts own these bulky-looking devices.

Although gaming headsets offer good sound and impressive audio performance, still most online teachers don’t prioritize them in their research because they are more comfortable in headsets intended for online teaching. For sure, you won’t like wearing those massive earpads because you will be talking to your students every day and it can be a distraction to them.  It makes them feel more comfortable, especially since they have to use headsets for longer periods every day.

However, choosing the best headset for your online teaching job still depends on your style and personal preferences. The decision is still yours to make. What is your top choice is what matters. If it gives you comfort and enhances your communication, then you are good to go.

Are wireless headsets the best option?

You can find a lot of them. They are among the best of the best. If this option can make you teach confidently, then so be it. Let’s put it simply. If you want to work in a way that you can move about freely and reach for things you need with great comfort, then a wireless headset is the best for you. Teaching while not being bothered by being caught up in the cord is a good idea. A wireless headset is such a wonderful invention.

If you can move around while teaching, you can demonstrate lessons well and make your students understand the concepts very well. More and more online teachers get hooked on this stuff because it makes their teaching duties easier and more comfortable.  If moving about can help you concentrate better, then the wireless headset is your best option.

Are wired headsets the best option?

I know that you have done your research to find the best headset most efficiently.  Hence, you are considering whether or not to choose a wired headset to execute your class discussions easily and interactively. Why consider a wired headset despite the advent of the most advanced wireless sets? Well, it’s really your choice.  Is it really better?

Wireless headsets also flaunt great comfort and unique features that make them stand out among others. Since we are talking about the best headset for online teaching, well, a wired headset can be the best for you depending on your preferences and teaching styles. The cable or cord doesn’t restrict you from standing or reaching for something you need while on your desk. Most wired headsets include a long cord to support your movements.

Of course, you can make the most of the teaching when done with cables. Who says you can’t be the most productive teacher with a wired headset? It still depends on how you handle your classes and how you deliver the lesson. You can still feel convenient using a wired headset. As long as your headset’s mic gives you high sound quality, I guess, it is all that matters.

Investing in a wired headset doesn’t make you less of a teacher. It doesn’t affect your good performance as an online teacher. What it can do to you still depends on how you use it and how you value your best teaching buddy.  As long as you are not cradling your teaching devices on your lap or carrying them on your shoulder, I can stay, you are exceptionally good and are ready to teach online.