12 Best iPad Apps for Teachers [Reviewed: 2020]

Education has come a long way since technology has been integrated with learning. Nowadays, there is almost an app for absolutely anything you can think of. 

Want to call someone and see them face to face? You can facetime them. Want to send someone a letter? You can simply send them an email with just one click of a button. Social Media has also played a big part in how learning reaches anyone in today’s time. 

With the help of technology, our day to day life has revolutionized and has become more efficient especially in the sector of education. Particularly with some of the best iPad apps for teachers to download and use available for free in the App Store, it will surely help lighten the workload of teachers. 

downloading an iPhone app for teachers

Helpful apps are now connecting teachers and students for a more productive and effective approach on how education is being handed out within society. 

I took the liberty of compiling iPad Apps that teachers will definitely love using at the same time will also help them get organized like never before, help them be on top of their game, as well as getting their class involved in the process. All of this can be achieved with the help of an app that will perfectly suit a teacher’s wants and needs. 

If you want to know more about the best iPad apps to use for you and your classroom, then keep on scrolling!

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Timeline Of How Technology Reshaped Education 

Technology played a big part in how we see education today. Technology’s importance also obviously shows how it took and transformed education on a whole other level. The past decade has shown a big shift in how teachers can impart learning to their students inside the classroom. 

In today’s time, we now have portable devices where students can receive learning as well as how teachers can manage their classes as well as expand and broaden their horizons when it comes to teaching. 

Let’s take a quick glance and look back at how education has transformed throughout the years and for the better. From pencils to now paperless environments, it’s really fascinating to see how classrooms evolved for a brighter and better tomorrow of future generations. 

The 1900s – this era was totally transformed when the invention of the pencil came in. The invention of pencils helped students have an easier way to record and take note of learnings compared to the use of slates (a hard flat material that was widely used by students during the 1900s as a medium for writing). 

Using pencils back in the day gave students the opportunity to retain and take home children’s work and exercises because with slates they were limited to writing and learning, but using slates was inexpensive compared to using papers during the 19th century. 

Since the use of paper and pencil has been made more affordable during this time, it changed how teachers presented lessons and how the flow inside the classroom went on as time passed by as students can now permanently write their own notes. 

The use of the radio during the 1920s also sparked controversy as on-air classes took the nation by storm as long as students were in the range of listening. Overhead projectors also became popular during the 1930s. 

In the 1940s the ballpoint pen was all the rave inside classrooms, it gave students a more permanent solution with writing down lessons and notes to help them further with their studies, and still, up to this date, bullpens are still being widely used by students anywhere in the world.  

When the headphones came in by the 1950s, it was followed by the Videotapes in 1951 that created a buzz of excitement changing the way students were learning. 

And by the year 1960, the liquid paper was invented by a woman in the comforts of her own kitchen that eventually became a turning point as people can now erase and rewrite on top of their writings where a ballpen was used. This reduced the effort of having to rewrite a whole paper if you accidentally wrote something wrong. 

The photocopier also entered during this era to help teachers create multiple copies of needed paperwork inside the classrooms, like the handouts for students, modules, as well as test papers. Using a photocopier in schools became the norm even to this date. 

By the 1970s hand-held calculators made everyone’s life easier especially when it comes to math. Can you imagine today’s world without calculators? Calculating manually can be a mess, especially for me. I mean, you even have one on your phone, and it always comes in handy when you need to do math work. 

Teachers, students, and everyone else was using calculators to solve mathematical equations, they no longer needed to memorize as the calculator was already doing the hard work for them. 

The Scantron system of testing took the heavy workload of checking test papers one by one in 1972. This helped teachers grade students more efficiently with less effort. Students just need to mark their answers on a multiple-choice questionnaire which are machine-readable papers, then the machine does the work of checking each and every paper answered by the students. 

Fast forward to the 1980s, daily use computers have been made available to the public, IBM is the first-ever company to offer a portable computer that can be used for a home setting. The whole world knew that when the first portable computer came out everything was about to change. The first portable computer that came available to the market weighs about 24 pounds (11kg). 

By the end of the 19th century, as the ways of teaching have evolved with the use of technology, more and more students were in search of new ways to learn and satisfy their hunger for knowledge. 

In the year 1990, the World Wide Web became available for the public to use and this broke the world and took education another step further. 

All of this happened thanks to a British researcher named Tim Berners-Lee who developed HTML (HyperText Markup Language) making it possible for the people to use the internet, as the NSF (National Science Foundation) has also removed the restriction on the commercial use of our beloved internet. 

New ways researching and methods of communication became open that led to various works of people being recognized with the help of the internet. The internet is an amazing thing that also became a huge factor in how education became what it is today. 

When the year 2000 came in, the Interactive Whiteboard came into play letting teachers project something on the screen at the same time and be able to write on the whiteboard using a very special pen. The iClicker also became popular in 2005, it is a tool for teachers to use to get real-time responses from students as they instruct during class. 

In the year of the great 2010, iPads were being introduced to classrooms. It was like using slates again like in the 1900s, but the iPad is more modern with the capability of a laptop minus the attachment of keyboards.

I am a big fan of Apple, especially since Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone back in 2007. The development of Apps really changed our lives and I think it’s for the better. Ever since Facebook, Twitter, and other useful apps came out, nothing was like the same as before.

The benefits of using iPads inside the classroom have been more evident than ever before, especially with the kids nowadays being more tech-savvy, as well as the benefits of an iPad can give to a teacher when it comes to organizing, grading, and many more. 

As you can see technology never ceases to stop to revolutionize how education shapes the mind of future generations. Who knows what developments in education will be waiting for us in the coming years? I’m just hoping that it can become more sustainable and more available to all and will positively affect how modern society is developing. 

12 Best iPad Apps for Teachers to Use for a Life-Changing Experience Inside the Classroom

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Tired of creating heaps of class records, and attendance sheets for every class you handle? Tired of making miscalculations and have to start all over again? The Additio application will surely ease that burden, and make your life as a teacher easier and progressive than ever before; it is easy to use and is one of the best classroom management applications. 

The application serves as a grade book that keeps track of student’s records and helps teachers in their daily activities.  By setting the application early, the app can remind you of what topics are needed to be covered for each class that you handle.

It can also monitor your students’ attendance record with your student’s picture and full name, so it is easier for the teacher to distinguish whether or not that student is present in class. 

Additionally, by having this kind of system set up, it is also possible for the teacher to keep track of student’s behavior in class—just simply select that student’s profile and jot down the necessary notes.

The application’s main feature is its grade calculation. It can calculate each student’s grade from their quizzes, homework, and examinations and be able to derive a final grade for each term.  It’s one of the most efficient ways to keep track of a student’s performance—not to mention it is very convenient, there will be no more hassle for teachers to carry a bunch of class records every day; a mobile device or a laptop is all you need. 

It is able to use cloud saving so you can use it in any device that you own, and be able to save progress through any of them. Moreover, it can secure all of the records by setting up a password so that only the teacher will be able to gain access to the information; effectively retaining data privacy of the students.

When the time comes that the teachers need to submit the hardcopy of their class records, the application will generate a document with all of the student’s class standings, already ready to print with a single click of a button. The best part of this application is it’s free to download. Just set up an account for your personal use, and you’re guaranteed to have stress-free teaching.

What I love about this app is its feature to help you save up tons of time and paper at the same time, you will be able to add grades of each student with ease and with just one tap. Setting up the app is as simple as 123. Some of the features that really stood out to me are the student picker, the fully customizable grade options, as well as the built-in calculator that lets you automatically input once you are done with the calculation.

One thing to note about this app is that it offers a 30-day free trial, but once it’s up and done, you will be needing to continue with a paid subscription for a yearly plan, but I think they are highly affordable and worth it with all the features this app comes with. 

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Remind is a classroom communication website and application where teachers can send messages to their whole class or to privately message students individually, without disclosure of anyone’s personal contact information. 

It used to be a one-way messaging app for teachers, but now parents and students can respond to the messages of the teachers but this feature can be disabled by the user. 

Teachers will be able to send pictures, audio, texts, documents, videos, and links. They can also post a poll for student’s suggestions, and can also establish a fundraiser for upcoming events.

Signing up is simple. Teachers can add members by sharing them a link to their designated class or give them the 5 digit code for it. After the students have signed up, the teachers will have to confirm it so that there will be no outsider that can enter a particular class. 

The app can manage up to 10 classes with an unlimited number of subscribers per class, giving teachers a way to communicate with all of the classes they handle outside school premises.

This app reinforces the communication you have established in the first place. It’s a useful application that can remind the students about upcoming quizzes, examinations, and homework that are due. 

Through this app, teachers can relay information to both students and parents about upcoming activities, events, field trips, announcements, and other pertinent information that is important for them to know and be reminded of. 

It can also be used in case of emergencies—an example of which if the teacher will take a leave tomorrow, they can announce it to the class so they could be aware of an upcoming substitute teacher. It is important for teachers and students to engage in a healthy and efficient communication relationship. 

This application will be able to help those students who are having difficulty in managing their time as their teacher will be able to remind them about the upcoming requirements that they should submit and activities that will follow. Teachers will be able to empower them to be more proactive in their learning. 

Moreover, the social interaction between teachers and students will be a healthy way to keep their emotional well-being intact. A school is a stressful place for both teachers and students but it makes it worthwhile if students have teachers encouraging them through simple reminders and appreciation messages.

All I know is that this app is really amazing. This app will help you respond to everything and everyone in a timely manner, which is something I find impossible before I found this app and used it. This App is currently rating 4.8 stars in the app store and definitely deserves that. 

I have been able to use this app for many different things and have always been successful in remembering things while using it. I have also tried using it for everything relating to learning or working. I even want to say thank you personally to the makers of this app because they have definitely made a superb job with this one. 

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Kahoot is a free quiz platform for teachers to create, and for students who’d like to participate and answer quizzes. Teachers can create their own quizzes in accordance with the class discussion to encourage the students to actively participate in the fun and engaging game show type of quiz. 

The application can be used during class discussions or for take-home quizzes. There are 3 modes that can be found in Kahoot: Classic Mode, Team Mode, and Challenge Mode.

Classic Mode is a simple quiz with multiple choices that can be answered individually, the scores will vary and the app will tally how many students passed the quiz. After answering the quizzes, they can look at their past records to see what scores they got and what questions were they wrong at. 

Team Mode, as the name suggests, is a quiz that will be answered by a group of students that will help one another to be able to compete with others. Lastly, the Challenge Mode can be either answered individually or by a group but there’s a catch—they will be given an ample amount of time to answer questions before automatically proceeding to the next one. 

This mode will help challenge the student’s cognitive process and critical thinking skills. This application will help the teachers to motivate their students by giving fun activities that test their knowledge and engage in healthy competition among themselves. 

It can be used as one of the activities to do during class discussions, or it can be given after class hours as mock quizzes and examinations to prepare them for the real thing.

Many teachers have been using the Kahoot app to track student’s performance and also to analyze student’s growth patterns or individual problems—giving them the information on what that particular student is currently lacking.

Quizzes aren’t the only thing you can create on the Kahoot app, polls can also be created which is one of the ways to let students leave responses about the quizzes and class discussion that has been given to them. 

The poll will serve as the feedback of the students’ experience throughout the lesson or the quizzes. This will provide the teacher information on how to improve class discussions and future quizzes, and it will also encourage students to voice out the opinions on how to make the classroom discussion more fun and interactive.

This app will surely change how students see exams and quizzes in a positive way. With fun being integrated into the way the App operates, surely even the teacher will enjoy using this app inside the classroom. 

The play-learn approach this app gives students a great way to enhance their memory as well as not having to just plain study learning materials, they’ll think of the app the same as any other games they can download in the App Store. 

This App is also very easy to use both for the teacher and students, the interface of the app is neatly done and very user-friendly. It’s also very self-explanatory so you won’t be having any issue with using it. This can be a great app for people who likes playing trivia and quiz games. 

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Seesaw is a digital learning journal for students to compile their digital works. Students can show the teacher their unfinished work for advice so that they can take notes before the completion of their work. 

They can either submit their work publicly, meaning their peers will be able to see it as well, or they can send it privately to their teacher alone. Teachers can assign tasks that engage students with a variety of works in the form of texts, photos, videos, audios, files, and drawings. 

Once they have submitted their tasks, the teacher can offer feedback for the student’s work and they can also send the works of their students to their parents via the Seesaw Family App. 

In the paid version of the app, teachers can keep track of student’s key skills by analyzing the digital works of the students, this will let the teachers and parents see the development of student’s learning over time. 

Seesaw’s primary goal is to empower students through demonstrating and sharing their learning, giving them more confidence and so utilize their thoughts and insight by interacting with other students and with their teacher.

It’s one of the best applications for teachers, students, and parents to stay connected. Most of the teachers who have used this application find it as a very powerful and helpful tool, they mainly use it to announce school newsletters and last-minute announcements.

The application leads the teachers through processes that help them create assignments, send family communications, record directions, and provide student feedback. Translations are also available for those students who are foreigners and are having a hard time to convert their native language to English.

Teachers are most encouraged to install this application because it is convenient, easy to use, and it is one of the pinnacle forms of interacting with students and parents. As stated before, there should be a healthy communication among teachers and students, both inside and outside the school premises. 

Seesaw is not only an application for the storage of digital works, but it is also the medium for better understanding between teachers and students. Interactive learning is a sure-fire way to boost student’s motivation and passion for studying.

Another great thing about this app is that it is compatible with so many apps, a hundred apps in actual numbers including Apple and Google Apps. You can work across your devices with this app. 

There are multiple sign-in options you can choose whichever works best for you. The QR sign-in option works best for young learners or a shared device within the classroom. 

This App is also COPPA (Children’s Online Protection and Privacy Act), FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Easing teachers, students, and parents’ mind during using this app. 

Everybody will love using this App as it is very communicable, sending assignments or paperwork of students will be a piece of cake. Teachers will be able to use this app to send out their weekly newsletter and also send out last-minute announcements. 

Overall, I think this app is such a neat tool that teachers, students, and parents will surely love using. 

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ClassDojo is an application that takes learning into a whole new level of fun and friendly interactions between teachers and students. Wherein teachers are constantly encouraging students by giving them praise for their hard work and dedication, thus creating a positive and motivated classroom culture. 

It is an online classroom management platform that teachers can use to keep track of student’s class standings, facilitate a student’s behavior, remind students of upcoming activities and events, and to communicate with the student’s parents.

Students are able to create and send their digital portfolios to their teacher; pictures, videos, texts, drawings, and audio recordings. Creating digital portfolios in ClassDojo is relatively easy, it features an editing tool that can help edit your pictures and drawings by adding texts, and making the colors more vibrant. 

Teachers have their own toolkit provided in the application which helps them perform tasks such as making groups from scratch, calling students to recite by the randomizer, and they can leave their device opened with the noise meter to keep track of the student’s noise level when the teacher is away.

One of the best features that ClassDojo has to offer is its messaging app for the student’s parents. The teachers can directly contact the parents and let them know the learning progress that their children have. 

They can also share the digital works that their children sent to them. Also, the teachers can share photos and videos of the children during class discussions with their parents if ever they wanted to have a glimpse of their children’s school life.

ClassDojo is a popular application amongst teachers, students, and parents. It depicts a wider image of a student’s daily experience inside the classroom and a valuable way to instill social and emotional learning for students. 

It is time to do a non-traditional type of learning so teachers would be able to understand and evaluate the learning progress of the children. It a great and new approach for the modernized classroom we have nowadays.

This app is also a great tool for parents to use if they want to check in on their children when they are ar school. All they have to do is open the app and they’ll have a glimpse of how their kid is doing at school, this includes the child’s report for the day. 

Parents will not only be able to communicate with the teacher but everyone else who is working with their child in school. It can be the principal, nurse, even the counselor, or anyone working within the school. Making parents feel more confident about what’s happening in school.

This app is really an effective tool that teachers can use for all the features it offers. The point system of this app really helps with behavior management and this app offers all this for free but you can opt for some of the premium features, and the best thing about it is that they have no ads! I am really not a big fan of ads always popping up as it can really distract you at times. 

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Evernote is a digital note-taking application that provides accessibility for outside-the-classroom learning with soft copies of a handout lesson. Teachers are able to share upcoming homework and projects to students, giving them a heads up of what’s to come. 

The hassle of bringing in a bunch of papers are no more, Evernote can effortlessly scan, digitize, and organize paper documents, whiteboards, handwritten notes, and drawings.

As a teacher, it is important to manage time wisely. Good thing Evernote gives tools that are needed to keep your work and time organized. Teachers can create their own searchable notes for easier access, notebooks that they need to read, checklists and to-do lists to remind them of what is in store for a particular day’s schedule.

A teacher must always come up with an idea on how to get students to be more engrossed with the class discussion. Those ideas can be jotted down in Evernote if ever the idea presents itself, it can also keep track of fun activities that can liven up the discussion. 

Evernote can also be used to craft presentations whether it is for a teacher’s meeting or just a simple class proposal, plus you can share the presentation to every teacher or student via Evernote. 

The application can also be used for keeping articles or clippings from the web for academic research, together with taking down lecture notes so as to not miss a vital thought during class discussions.

Students will easily gain virus-free lecture notes from their teachers by using Evernote. Also, students will be able to send their homework through the application as well, making it more hassle-free than submitting it personally. And the paper-free environment is a plus point for me.

This is a very handy tool for teachers for them to centralize all the tasks and notes they need to jot down. Teachers can also use this app to organize student portfolios, which is pretty great. Teachers can also send feedback vis audio recordings, rubrics, and even video. 

Overall, Evernote is a great app for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment as it can be used virtually on any device. Students will also be able to access this for free making it more accessible for anyone. 

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7.) ZOOM

Zoom has certainly been one of the most recommended communication application centers with teachers, students, and company workers as their main target audience.

Besides having classroom discussions on school premises, with Zoom it is possible to conduct a lesson within the comfort of your home. Just have a strong internet connection and a laptop or mobile device, then you are good to use the Zoom app.

Teachers and students can still interact with each other through this app via chat, which is beneficial for both parties. Teachers will be able to share lesson plans, send school requirements, and give instructions to students, making sure to remind them of the deadlines that are due. 

Students can also benefit from the app, as Zoom can be used as a medium for them to ask their teacher for help regarding a homework they are struggling with or a lesson that they can’t understand that well. If chatting is not effective enough to instill learnings to students, then Zoom’s video conference is a solution for that. 

Zoom is a very powerful cloud video performing platform since it can hold video conferences for hundreds of participants, so there is no doubt that the video conference will be able to accommodate an entire class plus one teacher. 

With this, teachers will be able to conduct class discussions even outside of school premises. This is a very convenient way to have lessons, especially when there is a natural disaster or emergency that occurred which resulted in the suspension of classes.

 Faculty members of the school can also use this app to conduct meetings regarding teaching plans. All of them can send files through the chat and read through them while it is being discussed at the conference. 

The free version of the app supports unlimited 1-to-1 meetings and a 40-minute time limit on group meetings. The base paid version, though starting at just $15 a month, offers meetings with up to 100 participants running up to 24 hours long.

I really found this app highly beneficial for remote meetings wherein situations unfold and participants of the class are unable to attend meetings face to face. This app really works well in terms of screen sharing, drawing on a shared screen, as well as all the other features this app offers. 

The real-time whiteboard collaboration available for the iPad is also great for the class as it encourages active participation between the students and the teacher. Zoom also works perfectly using WiFi, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks. 

Download the app here

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Are you sick of buying whiteboard markers only for it to be empty the next week? Take advantage of your widescreen IPad and use it as your whiteboard to give lessons during your class discussions. 

It is possible to do that with screencasting, desktop controlling, and interactive whiteboard application; called the Doceri Interactive Whiteboard—which is available to download for free in the app store.

Teachers can create hand-written or hand-drawn projects on the IPad by using Doceri’s drawing tools, and they can also insert images, videos, and audios in the project to emphasize what they already have. 

These projects can be presented in class by controlling a class projector and flashing the presentation to the class. Of course, the tools and rotation box are hidden and are only visible on the IPad; only the display screen of the Doceri project will be flashed on the projector.

The reviews on the app are mostly by educators, many of which experienced great satisfaction from using the app. One review said that they can utilize it in a way that while they are lecturing, they are writing up formulas on the Doceri app without them turning their back on the class; keeping the interaction with students still intact, and still circulate throughout the room to help with classroom management. 

Another way to use the app is to flash images or draw a representation that can help students visualize the lesson that is being discussed, making it easier for them to understand and present as accurately as they can. 

All drawing strokes, photos, or hand-drawn objects can be cut, pasted, or resized at any point in the timeline. This enables easy creation and reuse of engaging presentations and high-quality flipped classroom screencasts. 

The app can also record the class discussion together with the project that is being presented, and it can serve as a future reference for other educators or simply share it with the students for a better understanding of the discussion.

The Doceri app is free to use, and all features are available in this app. However, to support the developers of the app, there are in-app purchases to remove the watermarks of the saved projects that you have done. 

This is the perfect application for teachers to use while teaching so they can walk around in the classroom freely, to help engage themselves with the students and establish a deeper communication with them.

I super love this app and I have been using it every day ever since I decided to download and try to use it for my class. I have actually tried using this App to create multiple online courses and it is always stable and never crashes on me. 

This app certainly changed the ways I teach in class, I am able to post my lectures online so that children who were not able to come in class can still catch up while they are at home and for those who need a little more help. This app is one of my favorite classroom tools. 

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Edmodo is a social media type of learning management platform that teachers can use as a way of handling online instruction to their students. 

Teachers will have to create an account for a specific class, then they can invite students and parents to join via class code. In the app itself, teachers can post homework, quizzes, announcements, and many more for both students and parents to see.

 It is somewhat similar to the Facebook app, but it leans more towards a learning management system rather than social media. The students will be able to interact with the posts of teachers and their classmates by engaging in activities such as writing posts that can either be in text or in media form. 

This is one of the effective ways to gather class requirements since users can share documents, files, audios, links, and images by uploading it directly to the app through integrated google and Microsoft accounts. 

The teacher will be the only one to see the student’s submitted work, and if they choose to, they can privately send it to their parents as well.

What makes Edmodo app different from other learning management apps is that it has a touch of social media to it. Basically, teachers can post-assessment forms or basic questions to gather information on how knowledgeable the students are to the upcoming lesson. 

It gives the teacher the advantage to prepare for what kind of method of teaching they should use in order to reach an effective class discussion. They can also post polls after every discussion to see if they are still struggling to understand some parts of the lesson.

Online forums are also one of the features that Edmodo has to offer, both students and parents can participate in these forums, it also empowers those less vocal students with a low stress-way to respond and share their thoughts with the class. Making it a very inclusive app. 

Teachers can moderate the posts of the students to ensure communication appropriateness. Nevertheless, students are free to enjoy and be safe as they use the app for their insights and school works. 

It is a user-friendly way for parents to monitor their child’s cognitive progress, and it is a good platform for teachers to digitally instruct students while engaging in fun activities for the well-being of the students as well.

It is also a great tool for free-flowing communication between teachers, students, and parents. It is a useful app for keeping students engaged in a fun and creative environment this app provides. 

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10.) Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a beautiful presentation-making application that has different themes where you can freely add images, text, audios, and videos to make the presentation of decks more eye-catching and easy to understand for students. 

The app itself has stock photos to choose from, also it includes tables, charts, and graphs—perfect for representing numbers for research purposes. It is a convenient app for teachers since it can create presentations on any digital device they have. 

It features cloud saving, so whenever you make changes it will automatically be saved to all of your devices. The presentations that the teachers will create can be shared, and to avoid plagiarism of your work, you can watermark the presentation.

What’s so great about this app is the fact that you can pre-record all of your lectures in the presentation itself. Meaning, the teachers won’t even have to speak during class discussion, except to emphasize some parts to the students—the app will do it for you. 

Of course, teachers will have to promptly pre-record themselves and add the audio to the presentation to be used during the discussion. This is also perfect to use for conferences or teacher’s meetings. If you have any last-minute changes, you can easily revise the presentation through your IPad or mobile device making it very convenient to use.

Though the app is free, it offers subscription payment so you can access all of the high-quality images available in the app itself. Many reviews of teachers have given positive feedback on the experience of having a subscription in Haiku Deck; majority of which say that the experience is definitely worth the subscription payment. 

Getting the pro version of this app will give you the feature to export editable PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, give you access to PDF downloads with high-quality print-outs, control privacy settings, unlimited cloud storage, as well as a personalized haiku deck with your very own branding. 

Teachers are not the only fans of the app, many students as well use it for their reports and digital creations. 

On a side note, teachers can also use this app for other purposes. If some teachers have side jobs they can definitely use this app to bring their ideas to life in terms of making beautiful and stunning visuals that they can add to a blog or website, they can also create a customized portfolio, as well as to showcase a brand or company. 

Presentations made within this app will make you look like a pro with its high quality and beautiful templates available for purchase within the app. You’ll be impressing everyone with the modern and uncluttered style of the presentations this app will allow you to make. 

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11.) StudyBlue

When I was still in school, whenever my teacher would take out the flashcards I would always get excited and nervous at the same time. You never know what’s coming at you next with flashcards, but they do have the tendency to get used and abused over time. 

With Study Blue, teachers will be able to digitize and customize flashcards, study guides, as well as pop quizzes. And you can choose to add a video or specific audio to make more things fun inside the classroom.

Additionally, students can also make and share their own flashcards giving them the convenience of studying outside the classroom. This app offers a fun and interactive way to learn for both teachers and students. 

StudyBlue offers access to over 500 million study guides, materials, and a fully customizable flashcard deck all for free. This app is usually targeted for use with high school and college students. 

Most teachers I know have tried and tested this app with their classes and have proven to be highly effective to help students learn and memorize lectures while having fun with this app. 

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12.) Notability

Most teachers might be already familiar with this app and have been using it for a long time too. But what I love about this app is the ability it gives me to keep track of all of my notes. And as a teacher, if you are using the old fashioned pen and paper, they can get piled up and you will soon have difficulty finding a certain important note. 

This app can give teachers the best note-taking experience there is. Students can also use this app to upload their writings and splurge on their readings as well. This app can also sync with your Google drive just to make sure you have a back up for all the important notes you put into this app. 

One great thing about this app as well as the options for teachers to create a divider just for anything they need it for. Especially when it comes to meetings, we all know how a teacher’s week is always flooded with multiple meetings here and there. 

Teachers also have the ability to breakdown the types of notes they put into the app, and I really love this feature because it helps keep things organized for an easy and quick look when you need to find something. Adding images, audio recordings also take note-taking to another level with this app. 

We all know how sometimes we never have the time to look back on notes on paper, and we just forget them like for forever, but with Notability, you’ll be more prone to review and check your notes because browsing all your notes in this app is quite enjoyable with its simple and easy to use interface. 

You also have the option to handwrite or sketch naturally with this app, which is great if you’re someone who enjoys using your iPad to write down or sketch things using the Apple Pencil.

This app also features a full-on presentation mode that you can project without distracting toolbars when connected to an external display. You can engage students with the apps’ laser pointer tool, and also use the Multi-note feature to view a secondary note that will only appear on your screen and will stay hidden when you’re presenting something to your class. 

This app is also one of the Editor’s choices in the App Store and currently has a 4.8-star review which is pretty high for an app if you ask me. This app is also available in a number of languages and offers In-App purchases if you want to change the theme of your Notability App. 

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Being a teacher can sometimes be overwhelming especially with all the work piling up on a daily basis. This is why after technology brought us Apps that can be used to help teachers get organized, be on track with their lesson plans, and access to an easy-to-manage grading system, and many more made the lives of teachers much easier. 

There are a lot of apps that offer to perform different and specific tasks a teacher can choose to download from the App Store and use for the actual setting inside their classroom. 

Some apps do great with tasks relating to managing classes, it can be for collaborating with students, tracking their progress, and even creating a digital teacher’s planner and more. 

With developers working around the clock, there are endless possibilities with the things an app can do for you. We can see that some apps have played a vital role in today’s education, especially with remote learning nowadays. 

Having reliable apps at your disposal can make things work for you in a more productive and convenient way. Work smarter, not harder! Teachers already have a lot of responsibility on their backs and getting the best out of iPad Apps especially constructed for teachers will make working a breeze. 

So what’s your pick? Have you tried any of the apps listed here? Are any of them a hit or a miss for you? I’d love to hear from you, let me know down on the comment section below!



1.)  What are the In-App purchases?

Most apps inside the App Store are free to download and use but when it comes to some additional features or premium versions, you might need to purchase it through the app and they usually come in the form of In-App purchases or Subscriptions for the App that you can purchase. 

You can check before downloading an app if it offers In-App purchases or subscriptions in the App Store where details of the app are available to view and check first. 

There are actually two types of In-App purchases, a non-consumable purchase and a consumable one. 

The non-consumable In-App purchases usually pertain to purchases that help you remove ads, getting a full game to unlock, upgrading to a pro version of an app, and bonus game levels. Once you have purchased these items, you can access them through other devices and as long as your Apple ID is logged, you won’t need to repurchase them again.

The consumable In-App purchases are usually for game currencies (coins or gems) or packages to export new file formats. You’ll be needing to purchase this type of item every time you’ll want or need to use them. And please note that if you remove or uninstall an app you might lose these types of purchases.

2.) What are subscriptions and how do I use or manage them? 

We’ve all come across an app offering a type of subscription for premium content access to an app. A subscription is a service type of fee that you will need to pay in order for you to access an app or some of the content not available in the free version of the app. 

Some of the apps I listed here offer subscriptions that can be for a weekly, monthly, or even yearly access. It is good to know that once a subscription is availed through your Apple ID even for a free trial only, it is automatically set to renew so it’s best to cancel the subscription on your account before it charges you and renews automatically. 

To access your subscription settings, on your iPhone or iPad you can go to Settings > Tap your name > Then Tap Subscriptions > Then tap the subscription you want to manage > Then tap cancel the subscription. If you are not seeing this option it means you have already canceled it already. 

3.) Can I use a subscription on multiple devices?

You’ll be able to use a purchased subscription on any device as long as your Apple ID is logged in so that the App can recognize that you an active subscription under your Apple ID. 

If you are not logged in with the Apple ID you used to subscribe to the App, you won’t be able to use the App with the subscription you have purchased. 

4.) What if an App subscription accidentally renewed, or I made a wrong purchase? 

Apple’s customer support runs 24/7 that you can reach via phone call, chat, and email. You can try to request for a refund and help in canceling the subscription on your account if you are having issues canceling it. The approval of your refund will depend if your purchase is eligible based on their refund policy. 

5 Useful iPad Tips Every Teacher Should Know

To get the best experience out of using an iPad, here are some very useful tips teachers can use to be more productive. 

1.) iPad Multitasking

Previously the iPad only allowed one app to run when you are using it. But with how the iPad evolved through the years, you’ll be able to add frequently used Apps on your dock so that they are always available. 

When you want to start multitasking all you need to do it is to be in the first app you want to use simultaneously with another app and pull up the dock by sliding the lower part of the screen up and drag the other app that you would like to use over to the left side of the display then you’ll be having a split-screen multitasking mode. 

You can change and resize the apps as to how you want them and add another app with the slide overview feature that can also be dismissed by simply sliding the app to the far side of the iPad. You can also add additional apps to the slide over and control it like an iPhone inside your iPad.

It might take a while to get used to these new gestures and features but can be great for teachers who need to access multiple apps at one time. 

2.) Access the floating keyboard in an easier way

You might need a few tries just to get the floating keyboard to appear in the iPad OS13, but there is actually another way you can make the floating keyboard appear and this is by tapping and holding on the keyboard button on the lower right side of the screen and it will show you an option that says “floating”. 

The floating keyboard makes one-hand operation of the iPad more convenient as the floating keyboard can be placed either on the right or left side of the screen.

3.) See shortcuts on apps by long-pressing

Think of this as the same action when you press right-click on a desktop. When you long press on any icon of the Apps on your iPad, you’ll be able to see a series of shortcuts available for you to tap on and use. You can also use this feature on the control center of your iPad to change your WiFi Network or change the connection of a Bluetooth device. 

You can also long-press on links within an article in Safari for a small preview on how the website looks like. 

4.) Using the iPad’s keyboard as a trackpad.

We all know that moving the text selection when writing down something can frustrating especially when the cursor doesn’t seem to cooperate with you. Just by simply putting your two fingers down on the keyboard until the keys disappear, you will now enter the trackpad selection mode and you can simply slide your finger wherever you want to place it. 

5.) Easily copy from your iPad to your iPhone or vice versa

With the cloud feature, Apple devices have, you can easily copy and paste texts from your iPhone to your iPad, and this also works the other way around. Just select some texts that you would like to copy and it will automatically sync to the iCloud and allow you to paste it to the other device that you’re using.

This trick will save you so much time, and save you time from rewriting or having to transfer text from one device to another. You can also do the same with pictures, with exactly the same procedures as well. 

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