14 Best Life Planners for Teachers – Attracting the Energy You Want

You probably focus only on lesson plans, meetings, tutoring, after-school activities, research, training, and school days. What about the things going on with your beautiful life?

Success has shown how actually tracking down your personal plans actually helps move you forward. Let’s talk about the best life planners for teachers and why they might be the perfect solution for reigning the life you want for 2022.

best life planners for teachersWhat is a teacher life planner?

A Teacher Life Planner is a daily journal that lets you write personal goals and schedules including daily habits, quotes that inspire you, things you want to change, wellness tracks, meal plans, and even family plans.

It’s more than just your regular teacher planner, but a fancy organizer to help redefine your daily planning; a daybook, a vision board, and a time management strategy to inspire you to act a plan every day. When the things you needed to do both at home and at work are clear to you, it allows you to move faster.


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Check Out These Top 3 Editor’s Pick for 2022

Product Image Reasons to get it
Little More Daily Organizer
  • Minimalist planning system
  • 328 pages of 80-GSM paper
  • Twin-wired with golden edge
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Law of Attraction Planner
  • Helps you stop procrastination
  • 8-step system to attain harmony
  • 274 pages of life transformation
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Teacher Created Resources
  • 112 pages with 340 stickers
  • 40 weeks of daily lesson plans
  • Spiral-bound with rustic theme
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Why You Need a Life Planner

If you believe that living in the moment is important, that means you want more out of life. You want to build a better you. You want an organized goal initiated by the kind of energy you want in your life.

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1) A good planner helps you slow down

As a teacher, you develop the habit of giving your all to the education of others; every child deserves information, and you should always be present. This kind of self-talk needs to rephrase. If you really want to plan for what makes the most of life, you need to step away from the “busy” screen once in a while.

Slowing down in concerning yourself so much about the world’s expectations of you helps you respect your time. Your incorporating personal and teaching goals for the day, week, or month lets you set milestones. You’ll recognize your impact as a teacher and human being. You’ll get greater clarity in making decisions about balancing your personal and teaching life.

2) It makes you present

How many times have you regretted forgetting extremely important dates or events because you had a long list of duties to complete? You tell yourself, if only there was a way to turn back time. Using a daybook or goal planner will assist you in developing mindfulness. It enables you to focus your attention on the present moment, including your own personal agenda, in a way that is “always possible.”

When you don’t consider what you want to achieve, every single day ends floating. Why? Because you kind of put less value on the importance of now, today, this moment, or right away. You being overly preoccupied leads you to miss appreciating the wonderful things that are happening at the moment. Being able to determine what needs to happen to reach your goals, shows that you have owned your time. Following the actions you need to do in your schedule now helps you track your goal in progress.

3) It sets you a personal connection

If you want to get the most out of goal planning, you’ll want to put time and effort into recording and reflecting on things that make you grateful every day. The reason is that, rather than just writing teacher-daily guides, lessons, and how they are to be taught; including people and events associated with them allows you to interact with others and with life’s challenges in a constructive way.

The goal is to use what you learn and how the positive impact nourishes your emotions as you grow to become the best version of yourself. By including people other than just objects, the memories are treasured in your journal. Each one is an opportunity for self-improvement and you’re motivated to become happier and more grateful.

4) It provides exceptional stress relief

Although stress can take many different forms, they all have the potential to overwhelm you. You become stressed out by your always busy schedule. You scramble to fulfill the numerous requests coming at you from every direction. When you finally realize you’ve taken on too much, you’re already worn out and drained. Consider the difference you would make if you were ready for each assignment. Can you complete each one separately?

When you actually have time for yourself, it means you are able to put your responsibilities in order. The best thing is you don’t keep worrying yourself about being late, missing something, or having to back out at the last minute. Thanks to your planner, you are able to schedule all tasks and activities in a way that you can handle them better and lightly. You can even make a special session for self-care activities.

5) It makes you happy and healthy

Imagine yourself already done with the day’s obligations a few minutes ahead of time. How do you feel? What about having time to have a hot cup of coffee and a longer chat with colleagues? Planning everything rightly helps you to stay healthy. It supports your mental and physical health by helping you track things like the food to eat, schedule a dentist appointment, or spend family time outdoors. You get mental health benefits by reducing the stress around you. In fact, your time journaling is a good date for you and your brain without the rush.

Here’s a video is on how to actually use your planner – just a few tips that will help you appreciate tracking your daily routine.


What Should a Good Planner Include?

1) An Attractive Approach

The best life planner is equipped with everything you’ll need to set realistic goals and achieve them with success. Its main feature should help you understand, complete, and achieve your goals in the first 100 days. Most high-value life and goal planners today offer a scientific approach to help you lay create and refine all the tasks to do so they don’t look overwhelming.

It has an approach that not only encourages productivity but an increase in happiness, as well. This is a kind of planner that guides you on how to become better at tracking the things you need to do. At the end of most goals, you will look back in your To-Do list and find that you may not have perfected it, but you have accomplished the most important tasks.

2) Durability to last

You will be using your teacher planner almost daily from the first day of classes to the last. Consequently, it ought to be able to tolerate wear from frequent handling. Planners made of laminated or plastic have a sturdy construction. There are attractive leather covers available if you purchase a planner with a basic card-stock cover to keep it organized, safe, and secure.

3) Colors for Coding

The reason why colors are important in a teacher planner design is for their ability to stimulate brain chemicals associated with high energy. Colors have a significant effect on the human mind. They influence how you feel and dramatically affect emotions that lift up moods. Colors also help you invent ideas and express the mind. They spark up interest that generates passion. If you’re wondering why you feel automatically creative, calm, peaceful, and excited the moment you see a beautifully colored planner – the colors are responsible for that sparkle of enjoyment.

4) Some decor or sticker

I personally agree that adding bits of embellishment before each page, task, or appointment represents how each task might impact you. At first, I thought this idea was not quite useful especially to guys. But for busy professionals like teachers, this is very effective when it comes to reminders and it doesn’t take you too long to do this, either. For example, tiny squares (if you don’t like dots) or stickers are hot to the eye.

For the most crucial task of the day or week, use the boldest color code. It is a MUST-DO when you see that color, so take action! In the middle of a lesson, meeting, or break, you can easily see your assignment, reminding you that you have work to perform, by any means necessary. It also helps you understand how long and how much more effort you will need to put into the activity at hand.

5) A good daily, weekly, and monthly layout

Nothing beats a well-organized planner that allows you to freely write tasks, schedules, and notes. For instance, if you have limited room and want to convey all the minute details of a work. So you’ll be borrowing spaces from other pages that can get that note lost in your eyes. Lack of sequencing is also an instance you might forget when your last appointment was.

You don’t want to keep flipping your planner a few weeks back to check and review a certain task. Did you forget a parent’s request or a promise made to a student? Ask people who use a planner, and they will tell you — this comes in handy!


14 Best Life Planners for Teachers 

1) LUX Productivity PRO A5 Planner 

LUX Productivity PRO A5 Planner

click image for details

LUX Productivity PRO A5 Planner is an undated diary and organizer that focuses on time, tasks, and finance management. Beautiful from all angles, this daybook organizer is made from vegan-friendly faux leather. It has a zipped pocket for a few pieces of paper or stationery as well as valuables you wish to keep.

Other storing options are slots for your business cards. It has an elasticated pen holder and a button-down fastener. The best thing is it comes with a strong metal clasp to hold and secure all your docs inside the planner.

This is also your reflection journal. You can create tasks with strictly defined start and finish times. This method gives you the sense that delayed tasks also result in the delay of certain projects. The structured scheduling and recording will help you recognize critical and non-critical activities.

Lux Productivity PRO A5 wants you to use this goal planner as a gratitude daybook where you can focus on taking time to reflect on regular activities. Lux believes that in order to promote self-improvement, you have to first practice gratitude exercises. Since the planner is undated, you are free to pick this up at any point during the year.

Let LUX PRO A5 Goal Planner help you every day. Allow it to assist you from the lessons for the day to your gym goals, house chore planning, new classroom strategies, other project management, start-ups, event management, back to school, travel planning, financial management, and even new business ideas.

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2) 2022 Weekly & Monthly Appointment Book 

appointment books, teacher's planner

click image for details

Does this look like a business appointment book to you? Well, isn’t it that a big part of your lesson planners are schedules and appointments?

The Weekly & Monthly Appointment Book will assist in year-round planning. It lets you keep track of your time from the shortest meet-up to the longest assemblies. You’ll like the way you can keep appointments recorded in the weekly and monthly spreads included on each of the 8 1/4″ x 11″ pages.

With the planner, you can choose to break your day into manageable 15-minute periods between the hours 8:00 am to 5:45 pm. Weekend slots are untimed due to flexible scheduling. With an appointment-style planner, you’ll have a calendar view of the daily time slots.

Among the special features of this Weekly & Monthly Appointment Book are its large-sized refillable planner coverings 12 months from January 2022 to December 2022. The black premium simulated leather cover and wire-bound design will give you a neat professional look. It has removable ruled notepad contacts, tabbed for months. All of these are locked inside a zippered-style daybook.

Most of all are the ink-bleed-resistant paper that gives you no fear of distracting neatly-written schedules. All teachers are like neat and legible planners. The good thing is it includes the 12-month filler planners in the pack. The bonus part is – you can buy a new insert each year including a phone and address section that is refillable every year.

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3) Clever Fox Planner PRO 

Clever Fox Planner PRO, teacher's planner

click image for details

For me, going clever with the Clever Fox Planner PRO’s gold rose appeal is a sweet way to track goals and increase life’s momentum. Envision happy goal-setting based on a 1-year goal. It helps you be in tune with your goals that you can divide into 3-month goals.

Transforming details into smaller quarterly goals allows you to focus on details and slowly incorporate them into your monthly, weekly, and bigger agendas. There’s a mind map space where you can write your goal-reaching strategy.

The Clever Fox Planner PRO is a 12-month calendar organizer with A4 non-dated layouts. It comes with time slots but it’s all up to you to fill in dates, weeks, and months; or leave the pages free until you need them. If you like the hourly layout in planners, this one would be great. Each page has plenty of space to fit your daily activities and chores, even if you have larger handwriting.

Don’t worry, the paper is thick and bleed-resistant 120 gsm pearl white. Since this is a little heavy on the goal side, you have all the options to leave the daily stuff blank and just concentrate on the bigger goals. To ensure that you enjoy using it, Clever Fox Planner PRO Planner and organizer come with a creative user guide, 6 sheets of colored stickers, an elastic band, pen loop, and an accordion pocket at the back. You’ll love the dainty-looking hardcover made of animal-friendly PU leather.

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4) Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition 

Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition, black teacher's planner

click image for details

Add a bit of luxury with the Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition.  This model is an improved version of the original Clever Fox weekly planner. It boasts a day-to-day calendar format for you to highlight personal life and work-life balance on a daily basis.

Premium has some innovative features. It comes in A5 (5.8” x 8.3”) size with more space for you to write daily tasks and appointments. This one works for those with larger handwriting. It delivers the most requested feature of the Clever Fox Planner’s fans which is a simple but elegant layout.

Like its PRO version above, the Clever Fox Premium Edition is also non-dated so you can choose to use it at any time of the year – no throwing of pages. It comes in an all 12-month run with 54 weekly spreads separated with bookmarks for quick flipping between weekly and monthly spreads. It also has more grid sheets in the back.

You’ll truly appreciate the Vegan leather hardcover and its thick 120gsm pearl white paper that rarely or don’t bleed at all when simply using a pen or highlighter. For your convenience, it includes an illustrated user guide and a bunch of stickers so you can personalize the layouts a little more. Plus it has a cute box where you can store the goal planner safely.

Get to know the Clever Fox roadmap: your mission statement, gratitude, and affirmation, passions, and skills, goal-setting pages, monthly reviews, and notes. All these cleverly organize life by giving you a sense of empowerment. Well then, it reduces stress using proactive control.

The Clever Fox Premium Edition lets you define and break down short and long-term goals with its extra quarterly goals and an improved monthly review. If you review and adjust your goals to a realistic approach, this will help you organize every aspect of your responsibilities. You get more focused and motivated.

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5) Little More Daily Organizer Planner 

Little More Daily Organizer

click image for details

How about getting something that’s guaranteed to boost your productivity? The Little More Daily Organizer is among the best daily goal planner, organizers, and calendars for goal setting, gratitude, and happiness.

Who will not be happy with this elite and professional-looking daybook that carries the “Little More” logo on the front cover? This is your non-dated daily, weekly, and monthly planner to help you transform your life with 328 pages.

The journal uses 80 GSM thick ivory bleed-resistant paper. You will love the binding that allows it to lie flat when opened to any page. There is an introduction that explains how to use the journal and the most important concepts behind it.

The Little More technique uses simple strategies that let you fill in the habits, notes, or gratitude – small steps every day for a happy life. It will help you actualize your potential by allowing you to understand exactly what you want and why, rather than just randomly setting goals. The result is a dramatic increase in passion, engagement, and effectiveness in life.

To make the most of your planning, the Little More Daily Organizer comes with daily pages, monthly plans, and review pages. It has a lot of full pages for daily note-taking, planning your best weekly goals, and creating your monthly roadmap. This means you can use your weekly targets as checkpoints on the road to your larger monthly goals.

Say goodbye to not knowing what to do next. The Little More Organizer will help you break your goals down monthly, plan and review your week, your day’s tasks, so you can track your progress. You will be happy to be able to reflect on last month’s achievements or lack of achievements and plan on how to improve from the lessons that you’ve learned.

This is ideal for teachers as the Little More concept is for extremely motivated people who are willing to put in some time. This is why it tells you right in the introduction that its purpose is to help you fall in love with the process of achieving your goals rather than obsessing over the result.

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6) Life Mastery Planner 

Life Mastery Planner, black planner for teachers

click image for details

The Life Mastery Planner is a deluxe undated planner for the modern professional. Its design is based on proven scientific studies that promote productivity, harmony, and happiness by 300%. Intriguing!

The first bunch of pages is full of life planning, motivating prompts, and outlines to help you focus on your top priorities first and delegate the rest. This approach is so that you can achieve more tasks, more free time, and happiness for yourself.

Getting the Life Mastery Planner gives you a productivity and time management organizer that contains to-do lists, feel-good lists, and gratitude journals. Its weekly and monthly pages amazingly will help you not to forget yourself by putting your needs first. You’ll like it that you can write down important ideas, notes, and a mind map.

This is a 12-month weekly, monthly planner and journal with slots for the most important goals and actions for the month. Every month is blank, every week is blank. It also has a monthly reflection questionnaire for people who inspired you, what lessons you learned, mental blocks, challenges, and more.

Learning how to set big goals and achieve them can improve your time management. Doing that is like following the same methods millionaires and billionaires around the world are using. You will be amazed by the results if you follow the 8 steps included in the planner.

The Life Mastery Planner has a size of A5 size: 6 x 8.5 inches. It is beautiful and durable with a soft cover made from animal-friendly PU leather. The faux leather cover is nice classy and professional perfect for an educator. Although the paper is a little thin compared to typical planners, it doesn’t absorb ink-bleeds with a regular pen used.

What’s great is this planner is 100% eco-friendly and vegan-friendly. You are supporting the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper being used to protect against the harvest of rare old-growth forests. Plus, it comes with a FREE video mini-course so you will get a 10-min morning routine used by the most successful people to 10-fold your productivity focus.

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7) Law of Attraction Planner 

Law of Attraction Planner, teacher's planner

click image for details

Ready to create the life you always wanted? Get the law of attraction secrets in this planner with increased productivity and happiness. Science has established that using a Reward in the completion of a goal creates positive behavior changes that lead to better habits. It helps you achieve your goals by learning the step-by-step ways of setting big goals and eventually helps you learn time management.

The Law of Attraction Planner is an undated deluxe life goal planner to guide you in your quest to becoming the best possible version of yourself. It’s the only planner that helps you find your purpose and eliminate anxiety. It’s a one-of-a-kind professional planner that uses the mental and interpersonal measures of the law of attraction vibration guide. It boasts all the success tools you need to create life goals you always wanted to achieve.

The Law of Attraction Planner has 274 pages of life transformation with 52 weekly, 12 monthly planning overviews, and reflection. It also includes 45 journal pages, habit trackers, mind maps, morning & evening routines, plus an out foldable vision board. It also has a pen loop and 2 bookmarks.

There are 12 monthly planner sheets designed to stop procrastination, embrace your goals, learn, and finally master the habits of reaching them. This strategy of reducing enormous stress and fixing procrastination will bring you back to clarity and harmony in your life. You’ll find the planner’s monthly reflection pages a friendly guide to learning and staying in harmony.

At the end of the year, you can reflect on what you did to see how far you have celebrated your victories. If you look at the planner’s cover, it is made of vegan-friendly leather that is beautifully embossed. The design alone already pulls a positive mental outlook for you. It’s a lot durable even for extremely heavy use. Don’t worry, it comes with instructions in the back of the planner that will walk you through.

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8) Schoolgirl Style Academic Teacher Planner 

Here’s another planner to share with you, the beautiful Schoolgirl Style Academic Teacher Planner. This one offers non-dated yearly planning, monthly calendars, and weekly lesson plans.

You can plan for the week by writing down events, tasks, meetings, and anything that requires a reminder during the week. Focus on what really matters by following up on tasks, reviewing the week, and summarizing how you can make it even better next week. Similarly, you can schedule events, projects, important meetings, and appointments for the month in the monthly calendar.

Even though it’s undated, this planner features a two-page monthly calendar with 40 horizontal weekly layouts for lesson planning, goal and life planning, scheduling extra-curricular activities that you can spread from July to June. Use this systematic planner as an all-in-one plan book for record-keeping pages. Your superior organizer includes sections for up to seven subjects on each weekly spread with lined boxes for neatly organizing each component of the lesson.

You can set your most important reminders, appointments, training, and meetings. Thanks to the lined graph sheets that are very helpful in organizing everything from the students’ seating charts, communication logs, things to do, to keeping track of important dates. Use the monthly pages with weekly sections for recording grades or personal assignments.

Other than lesson planning, this beautiful Schoolgirl Style Planner will help you to create your personal vision. as well, so that you will see what you really want in life. Here, you can split your short and long-term goals, and incorporate them into each area of your daily life.

The perforated page corners can be torn off so that helps you track what has been completed. It provides 16 tab stickers to make your lesson plan organization fun. With 9to-do list stickers, you will not run out of cute reminders. Plus, there are also 21 accent stickers of assorted shapes, colors, and sizes for making a really nice-looking and pleasant-feeling daily life organizer or school planner.

Other items that inspire learning are motivational quotes and unique designs to add life to your visual displays and classroom decorations. You can decorate just about anything with bright decorative pieces. This planner set will help you with eye-catching patterns for bright year-round visuals including important events, holidays, and birthdays. Use some sections for quarterly goals and monthly reflections.

Are you feeling cheerful just looking at the planner? Go for it. From lesson plans to self-discovery pages to dreams and life goals, strategy, and daily rituals; it helps you focus on and become your best self. You deserve to be happy and happier despite being too busy.

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9) GRIT Mastery Planner 

The GRIT Mastery Journal, teacher's planner

click image for details

If you’re working online, I suggest the GRIT Mastery Planner featuring the GRIT Success System. It has a unique journal system that instantly transforms the way you accomplish goals.GRIT stands for Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth.

The whole concept is outlined by the author of Leading With GRIT, Laurie Sudbrink, a trainer who has been featured in Forbes, Leader to Leader, Men’s Axis, and Entrepreneur. Her goal is to motivate you to TAKE ACTION following what you think is important to you.

The GRIT Mastery Planner is a full-year calendar of 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of spaces so you can focus and get stuff done according to how you like them to be. It’s a 100-page journal that uses premium wood-free paper. You have 12 months of undated monthly planning spaces to write and reflect.

The page is 8X5 and the week is spread across 2 pages. It comes with easy step-by-step planning, taking action, and reflecting with Vision Board, Goal Setting, and High-Value activities. The goal is to motivate you to work smarter, plan with a balanced approach, and dream big by focusing on what’s important using the high-value activities template.

There are clear directions to give you the most benefit out of this for your life. You can get very detail it’s just the right amount of space. Look for the spot “Potential Obstacles” which is great because it really lets you look at what might hinder you for that month. At the end of the month, it gives you a chance to check in with yourself with a series of questions that kind of ask you how you did your tasks.

Everything is for your convenience. The Online Bonuses comes with a poster-sized template of the vision board, so you can hang it on your wall if you like it. Thanks to the sample goal sheet from a customer, shows how the GRITty Stuff planner makes goal setting effortless. So lucky you are for the bonus of 3 magnetic bookmarks, plus, an extra in 2019, at no cost to you.

You’ll also love the 3 ribbon placeholders and 2 pockets to keep you organized. Most of all is the FREE access to Laurie’s Resource Library for more “success” templates.

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10) Panda Planner PRO 

Panda Planner PRO, teacher's planner

click image for details

Panda Planner’s design is taken from the principles of positive psychology and neuroscience with the objective of helping you become more productive and happier simply by using the planner. It inspires you to stop living in a “reactive” mode and plan with confidence and control. It helps you stay focused so you can take on bigger projects, excites you about what the future holds, and allows you to lead a work and life balance.

Panda Planner PRO is a non-dated daily planner that is 11 x 8.5 x 1-inch” in size with 80 gsm thick paper. It’s a 6-month planner with daily, weekly, and monthly sections that are separated from each other. Its layout style employs 7 days per two-page spread Monday through Sunday. It contains 52 weekly reviews, 12 monthly overviews.

On your Daily Pages, you get morning review, scheduling of tasks, notes, priorities, and end-of-the-day review. The Weekly Pages contains review last week, plan next week, project break down, and crush your goals sections. The Monthly Pages focus on month overview, focus and daily habit, plan your monthly and review your monthly goals. What makes this planner unique is the way it totally takes a different tactic.

The concept highly motivates you to not only consider the things you have and have not done but also the things you’re grateful for. That includes positivities and ways you could improve. As a bonus, the Panda Planner PRO includes incredible eBooks featuring goal-setting topics, plus, a video mini-course on how to skyrocket your productivity.

Don’t let the demands and stressors of the modern world rob you of the lives you are meant to live. Because Panda is on a mission to help 10 million people to reclaim their happiness, you are welcome to join the Panda movement, too!

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11) The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self 

Here’s a one-of-a-kind planner that focuses on self-help and maintenance. The Self-Care Planner is the #1 holistic wellness planner being the only daily book that classifies your main activities and helps you achieve more with lesser stress to discourage the feeling of burnt out.

This luxury planner employs a wellness default that prioritizes fitness, sleep, mood, meal planning, exercise, and even your water intake to increase overall happiness, beat stress, achieve your goals, be satisfied with life, and prepare you for bigger intentions.

The Self-Care Planner has six unique steps so you can reflect on areas to improve. It includes monthly intentions and planning, monthly overview and goals, start-and-end self-assessments, quotes by inspiring women, and self-care challenges and ideas.

Another thing relaxing about this life planner is the minimalistic style and classic feel that appreciates beauty, creativeness, and quality. The goal of this note is to help you feel relaxed while writing on it. That’s why it employs thick, 70 lb bright white paper embraced by a soft-touch blush hardcover with gold foil lettering.

You would love to identify what you value and prioritize your time mindfully. This way, you become the best version of yourself. If you too believe that for a planner that can inspire you every day, you should invest in something that you like and enjoy using and relieve stress from your busy day.


12) Scribbles Matter Bullet Dotted Journal 

You’ll be amazed at how unique this planner is. the Scribbles Matter Bullet Dotted Journal is more than just a planner, this tool helps you create the journal of your dreams with pens and markers. Use this to define and break down your short and long-term goals and integrate them into your daily life.

This planner’s objective is to encourage you to write with a touch of inspiration from the stars. With ultra-smooth ink-proof 160gsm acid-free black paper, there is zero bleeding. It also comes with a special Pen Test page so you can test first and prevent ruining your work.

If you love bullet journaling, let this Scribbles Matter Dot Journal give you a key-code page, index pages, pre-numbered dotted pages, pen test page, and two color-coded bookmarks so you can focus on the fun part of creating what you need to jot down.

Other than its resource pages, you will get a vibrant, well-built, vegan leather cover, a refined lay-flat binding, and a workable pen-loop to help you put your thoughts together and bring more creativity into your life. You will enjoy using a smudge-proof Uniball Signo gel pen in Angelic White. It also has a back pocket with a reliable protective sleeve to keep your journal safe for years to come.

Here’s one more surprise. You will become a member of the STM community and get to connect with other Scribblers or journal users. It’s a good opportunity to learn new tips that comes with friendship and encouragement from TeamSTM. This can be your chance to meet people who help people promote self-care. They can help you focus on organizing your time.

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13) The Happy Planner Big Teacher Box Kit 

The happy teacher planner

click image for details

This one is a back-to-school set of supplies. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the teacher’s influence theme of a 12-month undated teacher organizer and accessories. From the name Happy Planner Big Teacher Box Kit, these materials contain everything you need to yield high and stay gleeful all around the school year. You are getting 1 big undated planner, 1 folder, 1 bookmark, 3 punch of cards, 2 rolls of washi tape, and 3 sticker sheets.

The planner book is a pure planner book and not just sheet inserts. You have to fill up and complete the dates for the planning sheets. If you’re curious if it has sheets for the grade book, yes it has a section in the back for grading.

Don’t worry if it’s not dated, all you have to do is add the month stickers to each tab and then write in the date on each monthly calendar layout. Use all that is provided and invent a planner design that fits your lifestyle. Make use of organization accessories to help you get things in order. Embellish with stickers. Marry colors and custom-make a daybook planner to fit your own personality.

This Happy Planner is expandable. It uses a dis-bound system that utilizes circles to hold the notes together. There are little lips around the edge that prevents the pages from falling out and give you confidence that all is intact.

Happy Planner Big Teacher Box Kit comes with a paper that’s thick enough to write. So it’s safe if you want to use felt tip pens – no ink bleeds. The box is different from typical planner packs because it comes with little details that can awaken your ingenuity and stay organized with fun.

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14) 2022 Erin Condren De Luxe (Dated)

2022 Erin Condren De Luxe

click image for details

This monthly planner is a 12-month (January 2022 to December 2022) planner with an 8.5″ x 11″ size. You’ll be inspired by the Watercolor Blooms concept that offers a beautiful colorful layout. 

The Erin Condren Teacher Planner is your idea of an absolute list-maker, note-taker, project planner, and big picture organizer. You would love to keep organized a month at a time using a tool to help you plan with all the smallest details included.

Not only functional but fun, Erin Condren Planner comes with 12 laminated tabs to create a 12-month calendar. The design allows you to open a calendar in a special tab. Once you open the calendar, it gives a menu bar where you can select a window for a particular month’s calendar. Here you get monthly two-page spreads, goal-planning spreads, monthly notes, productivity pages, including yearly views.

You’ll also find page notes for each month where you can enjoy the extra stickers included. Most teachers are looking for note sections before each month. Well, this planner includes 8 lined notes pages between each month. Enjoy the notes your way with extra note pages, too! Make it lined, dot grid, or productivity- you choose. The removable and interchangeable cover will let you switch & swap designs as often as you like.

Erin Condren’s teacher planner is known for its high-quality construction. The whole design is a monthly planner and notebook in one with sturdy laminated front and back covers. It is hand-coiled using a sturdy metallic coil binding. This planner is made in the USA using a thick, premium 80# Mohawk paper. To Erin Condren, a notebook-plus-planner combined makes a deluxe monthly teacher planner.

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It is no secret that using a life planner can increase your motivation, efficiency, and productivity. Some notes might be as little as a minor numeric or symbolic detail, but writing them down or underlining them helps you remember them over the entire year. Any of the 14 planners listed above will help keep you organized this year.

However, if you’re looking for the type of planners that high-achievers use, I would recommend the Law of Attraction Planner, Life Mastery Planner, and Clever Fox Premium Edition. These daybooks are broken down whether daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You’ll also want a non-dated planner. The list also winds up a few truly customizable planners if you want to relish colors, shapes, and styles in your planner. I’ll leave you this quote:

People with no goals are not as successful as they hope to be.



1) Why is it important for teachers to consider objectives in planning instructions?

If you believe your practice is effective enough and lets you achieve your goals wisely, you may not need to redefine anything. However, if you’re a teacher who is often unsure or feels like there is lacking in your standard planning, then redefining your goal setting can help you create markers and milestones along your way towards meeting your objectives.

Goals give humans the momentum to expedite through the many challenges they experience while achieving their daily, weekly, or monthly goals. People without goals are not as successful as they hope to be. Essentially, productivity planners are proven with support tools to take your “productivity” to the next level.

2) What are the exact characteristics of a good goal planner?

Goal planners classify important tasks into their categories. They generally propose solutions based on how you should be conducting the goal-planning steps. A good goal planner should guide you to break down the long-term and short-term goals that you write out. Even if you set goals for the year, it lets you do daily tasks in order. That which makes you grateful in dealing with time in each task, the manner you’re working to accomplish your goals, and in ending each day completely without being overwhelmed with stress – is a good goal planner.

3) How do I create a regular planning habit?

The best answer here is to stop waiting for the right time to begin planning. Most people wait for certain motivations or things that inspire them before initiating action. Hanging fire to strike you in setting a schedule will never make you a regular planning habit. Motivation flows the moment you initiate action. That’s why a daily planning routine is important. To make a regular planning habit, try collecting the things you need to do with your favorite existing habit like listening to music or drinking your morning coffee.

4) How do I stop missing appointments?

Appointment setting to some people is kind of forcing them to think critically outside of their subjects of interest. For example, you find it quite demanding to write other things to do for the day other than your lessons and how they should be taught. If you believe that writing to-dos can be incredibly daunting, then it lowers your level of motivation.

The reason why you keep missing appointments is that you can’t even make an appointment for yourself. The remedy: Adding time assignments is one way to sync everything to each task. Similarly, following scheduled assignments discipline your brain to take action. This is a good phycological trick you can use on yourself to make it easier to keep appointments in check.

5) How does planning help me to become a better educator?

Teachers do a lot of planning, from what lesson to give to the contents and how these should be conducted. That even includes classroom management planning, right? While a lesson plan guides you towards sequencing your teaching process, goal setting helps by making your tasks in order, specific, and smaller. It can even align and balance both teaching and personal engagements.

Many educators use planners for their teaching but along the way, they add in other aspects like family and other personal agendas. This makes using planners with daily, weekly, and monthly detailings an efficient technique in collecting everything into one place so that things are under control.

6) Why do people keep failing when it comes to meeting their goals?

It’s not that those people are a failure themselves. but their inability to follow through because of poor planning and fear. They would set plans at the beginning of the year, do the tasks on the first days or weeks, then slowly stop looking at them and eventually forget about them. How will one achieve anything if they don’t create action in the first place? This is why and where goals fail.

7) How can a life planner make a teacher’s life better?

Educators are among the busiest professionals. They deal with almost all people from all walks of life all the time they are in school. The goal of life planners is to minimize stress by encouraging more fulfilling and meaningful organization. This is also why expert planners spend time innovating the tools that help busy individuals to become more productive.

If you have plenty of things to put into the planner, the best life planner (of your choice) will keep you focused, organized, and feeling inspired. Once you master how to use a goal planner, journal, or daybook, you would not want your school year without this planner on your side.

8) Can you explain the Law of Attraction and its connection to goal-setting?

An idea called the law of attraction encourages people to think positively and brings that positivity into all aspects of their lives, including their health, relationships, and even their finances. This law supports the idea that objects that are similar are drawn to one another. Since opposites attract, it follows that people are drawn to other people who are like them. Positive experiences spread that energy throughout many aspects of human life, proving that positive ideas do really attract positivity.

According to the law of attraction, what you put into the center of your attention is what you draw into your life. It follows then that what you believe will happen is what does happen. This includes incorporating the law of attraction into setting goals. If you want to be grateful, if you want to visualize your goals or look for the positives in a situation, these concepts will attract things into one’s life.

I hope I have motivated you enough about redefining your planning strategies, and of course, excited about getting your next teacher goal planner.

Have I missed something on the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.