11 Best Mechanical Keyboards For Teachers 2021: Reviewed!

The sound, the feel, and the feedback are probably the reasons why one of the latest trends in the tech industry nowadays is the mechanical keyboard. 

There’s just something oddly satisfying about using mechanical keyboards. And until you’ve tried using one, you’ll surely get what I’m saying. 

mechanical keyboards for teachers

I myself have been dragged into the hype of switching from the good ol’ membrane keyboard to a mechanical one. 

If typing is one of your main tasks while working then it’s truly ideal for you to use one because of the number of benefits it provides—and the best part of all is that the customizability options are endless! 

And lucky for you today, we’re going over 11 of the best mechanical keyboards for teachers this year 2021 to upgrade your typing experience to the most enjoyable thing you’ll do every day. 

Membrane Keyboards VS. Mechanical Keyboards

Now let’s settle the real score between the conventional membrane keyboard and the upcoming mechanical keyboards, well not really upcoming but since they just started to go mainstream recently let’s just go with that. 

Membrane keyboards are the normal keyboards that you have been using ever since personal computer desktops came out. This can also be found in your laptop because most laptop only uses this kind of keyboard. 

If you are to remove the keycaps from a membrane keyboard you’ll find rubber inside the keyboard which shows you how it works, whereas mechanical keyboards on the other hand use switches. 

Comparing the keycaps of the membrane keyboard and the mechanical keyboard you’ll see the bottom part of each is totally different from one another, this only goes to show that both keyboards work differently. 

Mechanical keyboard keycaps can be completely replaced hence giving it the option to be customizable, while membrane keyboards can only use the keycaps that it comes with. 

So what is inside a mechanical keyboard and how does it work? 

Well, a mechanical keyboard mainly consists of five parts. First is the case which acts as the base and holds all the components of the mechanical keyboard. 

Next is the circuit board is also known as the PCB which is the electrical component of the mechanical keyboards that allows it to work. The PCB is also where you attach the switches in order for it to work when you use it. 

After that, you have the plate which is the component that helps to align all the switches to the PCB and it also helps ensure that they stay in place. 

Another important component of the mechanical keyboard is the stabilizers. The stabilizer’s role in the mechanical keyboard is to keep the keys from rattling, shaking, and titling while you are typing, hence the name. 

Last but not least are the switches, which for me is the most fun part about mechanical keyboards. They are completely customizable and functional ergonomically and aesthetically as well. 

mechanical keyboards vs. membrane keyboards

Mechanical Keyboard Quick-Start Guide: 101

I love typing, and because of that when I first heard about all the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard from it lasting longer than a membrane keyboard to how satisfying they feel whenever you use them for typing, I knew I had to get one for myself.

And all that led me to the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole, which was confusing especially for all the jargon and types and categories that came up at me—I admit, it was an information overload for me. 

For that reason, I made this beginner-friendly guide that will help you get started and be well-versed when it comes to buying your first mechanical keyboard as I don’t want you to get sucked up into the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole as well. 

I’ll try to make this in the simplest and clearest way possible in a way that I know how so that you’ll get that mechanical keyboard that works, sounds, and feel just the way you would like it to.

Because trust me I made the wrong choices previously and only ended up with something that I did not want to use and wasted my time, energy, and money. 

And to save you from that hassle, let’s get this started so you’ll make a purchase without any regrets in the end. 


Top 5 Cheat Sheet!

Product Image Reasons to get it
Das Keyboard X50Q
  • World’s first ever smart RGB keyboard
  • Intuitive dedicated media control buttons
  • Detachable ergonomic wrist rest
  • Pre-built Q applets
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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE
  • All-new Cherry MX Speed switches
  • Aircraft-grade anonized brushed aluminum frame
  • USB pass through port
  • Windows key lock mode
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Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard
  • Opto-mechanical switches
  • Multi-functional digital dial
  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Hybrid onboard memory & cloud storage
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HyperX Alloy Origins 60
  • Petite 60% form factor
  • Full aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • HyperX mechanical switches
  • Adavanced customization with HyperX NGENUITY
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  • Mimimalistic design doing more with less
  • Connect up to 4 devices seamlessly
  • Ultra-fast wired and wireless modes
  • Premium mechanical swicthes and PBT keycaps
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Form Factor

First up, we have the form factor. Your preferred form factor will help you decide what kind of keyboard you want. It’s basically the physical shape and size of the keyboard that you would like to use and this is also very essential because this will help you determine which one is the best mechanical keyboard for you and your teaching needs. 

There are a lot of form factors to choose from but we will start with the 4 basics:

  • Full-sized
  • Tenkeyless (TKL/80%)
  • 75%
  • 60%

Full-sized mechanical keyboards 

This form factor is much like your normal membrane keyboard it has all the same keys such as the function keys, num pads, and other keys that you would normally see in a membrane keyboard. 

It usually has about 104 keys depending on the layout. This type of form factor is best for those who are just starting to explore the keyboard building hobby because in this way you’re not really changing drastically from what you are used to.

This will be great for teachers who prefer their keyboard with a physical number pad. My current mechanical keyboard has this form factor as well. For me, it just feels complete and I really love how it makes life easier, especially for the number pad and function keys it has. 

Tenkeyless (TKL/80%)

Now if the number pad is not really of importance to you, then this next form factor will be perfect to provide more space in your work area. 

Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards usually have 88 keys or more depending on their layout. You’ll get everything else from the normal keyboard just without the numberpad section. 

This is perfect for teachers who want something more compact but still have the arrow keys and other important keys found in normal keyboards. It’s the perfect fusion of form and function equating to an ergonomic and compact mechanical keyboard. 


This form factor is a more crammed-up of the TKL with no spaces in between making it more compact but still with the important keys you need such as the arrows and other essential keys but still less the number pad. 


Last but not least is the most compact of all as it removes everything from the right side of the Enter key. This is great for teachers who are looking for the most compact and portable mechanical keyboard to use when they’re on the go. 

This type of form factor is reducing the size of a normal keyboard almost by half and only has 60-61 keys depending on the layout. 

I use a mechanical keyboard with this form factor with a tablet whenever I have to work while I’m out and about.  I love that it’s wireless and I can connect up to three devices simultaneously and it lets me type on my phone and on my tablet in just one click. 


After deciding on what form factor you would like your mechanical keyboard to have, the next thing that you’ll want to consider is its layout.

I would suggest choosing a mechanical keyboard with the same layout as the keyboard that you are already using. In this way, you will not get too confused with where your fingers need to land when you’re typing. 

The three most popular and widely used keyboard layouts are the ANSI which is the American standard, ISO European standard, and also the JIS which is the Japanese layout standard. 

And to give you more context, you can watch this video below.

Choosing your Switches

Now that you’ve been familiar with choosing the form factor and layout of your mechanical keyboard, we’re now moving forward to probably the most important part of the mechanical keyboard. 

The switches will be the biggest factor in how your mechanical keyboard will sound, feel, and work. Because if it will not work the way you want it to, you’ll 100% not want to use it because it will feel like something does not sit quite right. 

Your switches must align with your preferences, do you want clicky sounds with deep clicks or “thoccy” sounds (a unique term that keyboard enthusiasts use to describe a mechanical keyboard typing sound) with light clicks? 

Depending on the type of switch that you will choose to go with, each type will have a different feel and sound when you type with it. 

The first three types of switches that I’d like to introduce to you are the Linear, the Tactile, and the Clicky switches. There are a lot of other types too but let’s get you more acquainted with these three first. 

Know that there are no best switches between them all, they’re all preferences. You need to figure out whether you like linear, tactile, or clicky switches. 

Linear switches (Soft)

If you want smooth, consistent, and quiet click then Linear switches would be the best type of switches that you can use. They’re the best switch to use if you want your typing sounds to not distract others that are with you in the room. 

They’re also the easiest to use for beginners as their response rate is the fastest between the three, and you don’t really need to push the keycaps that far for it to respond. 

When you press down on Linear switches, you won’t get that much of a bump or tactile feedback and the clicking sounds are not that prominent when you use it. 

Tactile switches (Medium)

If you want something not too clicky but also something that’s not too quiet, then the tactile switches are your best bet. This would be the best type of switch for typing , so if you do a lot of typing when you work, then you should probably consider getting a mechanical keyboard with a tactile switch.

Compared to Linear switches you might need to press down a bit harder on tactile switches, but this is a great thing because since they are less sensitive that means there will be fewer accidental keystrokes therefore fewer typo errors when you are typing.

I currently use a 60% mechanical keyboard with Gateron brown switches which are known as tactile switches and so far so good. I’ve been loving the typing experience and it seems to be my favorite part of the day now. 

Clicky switches (Hard)

Linear switches are soft, tactile switches are medium, therefore Clicky switches are hard. If you want a really loud and obnoxious keyboard but for good reasons, then search no further because the Clicky switches are just the thing that you are looking for. 

Clicky switches offer the bumpiest keystrokes, therefore, it provides the loudest sound clicks, they usually require a lot more effort from you when typing as you’ll need to press harder on the keys for them to register properly when you type. 

This is best for teachers who want that traditional typewriter vibe because it will really give you the sound and feel of using an old typewriter when typing into your computer. 

I have also tried using a mechanical keyboard with clicky switches, for me, the only downside is that it can be distracting for others besides you, it might be too noticeable while you’re in a meeting conference that others might hear it and potentially distract discussions. 

But if others won’t mind then I don’t see any problem using it, and you can always mute your mic whenever you type during a zoom meeting or conference call, right? 

You also don’t need to purchase different kinds of keyboards just to figure out which type of switch is it that you like. You have two options to help you figure out which one is the right one for you. 

First is you can go to shops that sell mechanical keyboards like Best Buy or Micro Center and test out all keyboards and see which one feels right for you. Second is, you can purchase switch testers from online platforms like this one to help you figure out the exact type of switch that you would want. 

PBT vs. ABS keycaps

Now onto keycaps, in your hunt for a mechanical keyboard, you will mostly come across ABS and PBT keycaps that are common to see on most stock or premade keyboards. These two types of keycaps can look very similar but they have noticeable differences specifically with their strengths and drawbacks. 

First, let’s take a look at ABS keycaps. Do you ever notice when you’re typing using a normal keyboard that over time they have a build-up of moisture or oil on top of them? Well, that’s probably because they’re ABS keycaps. 

This type of keycap has long been used on membrane keyboards, they have a shiny or glossy appearance as they are made from plastic materials and are finished off with a layer of paint on top. 

ABS keycaps have a sleek and smooth-to-touch feel but they can accumulate moisture, so you have to watch out for that. 

But still, they have the best RGB shine-through and lettering capabilities as all key characters are laser engraved, this lets users see each and every character easily with or without backlighting and even on different RGB colors as well. 

Now as for PBT keycaps that are most commonly found on keycaps upgrade kits and can now also be seen on most premade keyboards has a different story to tell when it comes to its pros and cons. 

PBT keycaps are made from durable plastic material that does not need a layer of paint on top of m because they are already colored and will last for years of use, this means that when you’re typing you are already touching the plastic itself with little to no moisture building up even for long hours of use. 

This type of keycap has a matte and much drier feel to it with minimal texture that can feel great on your fingers especially for long hours of typing or gaming. But the only thing is, PBT keycaps might have less RGB shine-through compared to the former. 

Both keycaps have their advantages and in terms of physical strength, ABS keycaps have 40 MPa whereas PBT keycaps have a slight advantage of 50 MPa.

Weigh your options and try to see which one fits best for you, if you prefer a smoother and more sharp and brighter RGB shine through then its best to go with ABS keycaps, but if you want a matte feel and minimal texture while you type, then I suggest for you to go with PBT keycaps.

Modding options for your mechanical keyboard

Normally when you buy a mechanical keyboard, you’ll be getting normal switches such as Gateron, Cherry MX, and Kaihl box switches. 

After-market modification is always a possibility, and the options are endless. From the case to the switches and up to the keycaps, you’ll have plenty to choose from to create the best mechanical keyboard for your typing hobby. 

So, if you would ever want to dive into enthusiast mechanical keyboard building further down into the hobby,  you always have the option to do so until you’ve come up with the best mechanical keyboard based on your preferences. 

The easiest type of mechanical keyboard to mod is the hot-swappable, compared to soldered ones, you won’t need to desolder just to mod your keyboards when you want to. And to give you a gist here are some pros and cons between the two.

Hot-swappable pros:

  • You’re free to change your switches anytime you want without much of a hassle
  • You’ll be able to interchange and mix switches making it easier for you to find out which kind of switches it is that you like.
  • Low risk of damaging your PCB which is the circuit board of your mechanical keyboard because no desoldering is involved. 
  • Maintenance is easy; changing springs, lubing the switches, and stabilizers as well. 

Hot-swappable cons:

  • There might be a chance that sockets can become loose if they are put into the socket unevenly. 
  • Fewer possible layouts. 
  • Less tinkering if you want to really get into the modification of your keyboard. 

Solder Pros:

  • You’ll be able to further tinker with the keyboard and the modification options are wider in terms of variety. 
  • You’ll be able to learn how to solder and desolder
  • More layout options
  • Some suggest that the switches are more secured. 

Solder cons:

  • There’s a chance that you can damage the PCB of your mechanical keyboard
  • Difficulty when changing the switches and stabilizers
  • Can be time-consuming to build and maintain but if you’re into the tinkering hobby then you wouldn’t find this as a con. 

Additionally, you can also join forums dedicated to mechanical keyboards, and you’ll be surprised with how large the community is and how creative people are when it comes to building their keyboards. I even saw someone make one out from solid mahogany wood, and the end result was just outstanding.

And that’s it! For now, these would be a quick guide for you to get acquainted with the vast world of mechanical keyboards. 

If you’re on the verge of buying your first mechanical keyboard I would highly suggest getting premade keyboards first because a lot of premade keyboards are already solid and ready for use. 

Try and test the waters first and see if you would like to continue with modding and tinkering with your mechanical keyboard. 


10 Best Mechanical Keyboards For Teachers 2021

1) Anne Pro 2

Anne Pro 2

Click image for details

First up on our list is a trusty mechanical keyboard that I’m personally using right now as of writingand the only thing I can say is that using this keyboard is just pure delight!

The Anne Pro 2 is a 60% wired or wireless mechanical keyboard that will make typing a mind-blowing experience, I mean who knew I’d experience joy in typing even if I had to do it the whole day?

The sound, the feel, and the aesthetic is just really out of this world for me. It proved to me that I made the right decision to buy it.

It features a minimalistic design that does more with less. At first, I was a bit skeptical about getting it since it only had a 60% form factor and I was worried about it missing some keys that I was used to using with my old keyboard, but boy did it prove me wrong.

Not only did it provide more space in my desk, everything can now be easily reached when I type because it now requires less hand movement but it still lets me access all the functionalities in less than a hand-span reach. 

The Anne Pro 2 is highly compact and portable making it easy to carry around and use whenever you want to, plus it has up to 8 hours of battery life if you plan to use it wirelessly.

You can bind up to four devices via Bluetooth while having it also wired via a USB-C connection, so that means you can connect up to five devices at a time if you really need to, making the Anne Pro 2 perfect for home, work, and on-the-go use.

In terms of connectivity, thanks to its ultra-fast wireless and wired modes you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between all your connected devices which is particularly helpful if you’re working on multiple devices at a time, which teachers always do as multitasking is a must. 

Now speaking of build quality, a critical factor for hardware components such as a keyboard, you’ll be assured that the Anne Pro 2 is well-built with sturdy and premium materials.

You can choose from three switch types which are the Blue Gateron for clicky switches, Red Gateron for linear switches, and brown Gateron for tactile switches. Currently, I use the Brown Gaterons on my Anne Pro 2 and I’m loving every click so far. It also features PBT keycaps which are known to hold up well over time.

The Anne Pro 2 also has a full RGB backlight function where each and every key are individually addressable and can also be programmed in 16 different preset styles that you can also modify.

On top of it all, the Anne Pro 2 also features an Obinskit starter software that constantly develops and updates the firmware of the keyboard, this is also where you can set up your own key layout lighting and create macros as well.

And if you’re worried about it not having function keys like a normal keyboard, the “Magic Fn” button that doubles as the Caps Lock will allow you to utilize the function keys from  F1 to F12.

In the box, you’ll be getting the Anne Pro 2 along with extra keycaps (which I love because they’re colorful kind of like legos), a USB type C cable, a keycap puller, a warranty card, and a user manual to help you get started.

Overall the Anne Pro 2 is a pretty solid mechanical keyboard that’s best for all-around tasks and is by far the most versatile 60% keyboard in the market. \

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2) Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky is a well-known and respected company amongst the keyboard community, they’re known to produce some of the best keyboards in the market that you can get your hands on. Ducky One 2 Mini

And one of their phenomenal products and is a crowd-favorite is the 60% mechanical keyboard that’s going to impress you known as the Ducky One 2 Mini which is incredibly satisfying to type on.

At-a-glance, this 61-key mechanical keyboard is so lightweight and compact but holds a lot of power and functionality when in use. It has a tiny footprint that greatly reduces desktop clutter to give you more mouse area, desk space, and mind space as well. 

Now the Ducky One 2 Mini comes in two colors, you’ll be able to choose from the black and white panda color shell and the pure white version wherein both in my option is just stunning and exquisite in terms of their appearance. 

Aside from the amazing aesthetic, you’ll come to appreciate a lot of features that it has to offer. 

Its laser engraved double shot PBT keycaps lets the full array backlit RGB board fully illuminate each and every keycap making it great for use, especially at night. A number of dedicated keys also have printings on the front side to let you know what keys will double function since it is a 60% keyboard. 

To run through the 10 RGB modes of the Ducky One 2 Mini, all you have to do is press and hold down “Function+Alt+T” to go through the different lighting modes that this superb keyboard has. 

The Ducky One 2 Mini is an on-board programmable keyboard which means you’ll not need a separate software to modify it, and it is a good idea to keep the user manual that it comes with since you’ll be learning a lot from it on how to program the Ducky One 2 Mini to your likings. 

A USB-C port is found on the upper left side of this keyboard which is detachable, letting the keyboard be portable and easy to carry around as much as possible. And on to the underside of it are 4 dip switches that will let you rearrange and modify the function keys however you like. 

This carefully thought-out mechanical keyboard also has two fold-out feet that you can set up in three different angles increasing its ergonomic feature which is rare for a 60% keyboard, this feature helps reduce fatigue when you need to do a lot of typing. 

4 rubber strips are also found at the bottom of the Ducky One 2 Mini to prevent it from sliding around your desk while you are using it. 

Straight out from the box, you’ll get the Ducky One 2 Mini, the user manual, a USB Type-C cable, a keycap puller, and an extra set of colored keycaps that you can use if you want to add a bit of flavor to your mechanical keyboard. 

Every set will come with a random color of extra keycaps which can be blue, purple, red,  green, or yellow, and hopefully, you’ll get a color that you will like, but nonetheless, you can always purchase keycap sets in colors that you would like. 

Lastly, this keyboard has a built-in game on the keyboard itself, kind of like Russian roulette and even a minesweeper game, which is a fun perk and a great party trick if you want to show it off to your friends. 

So, if you find that the Ducky One 2 Mini is a perfect match for your style and work needs, then hurry up and get your hands on it, asap! 

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3) BOYI 60%

BOYI 60%

Click image for details

Say goodbye to old boring keyboards and say hello to the BOYI 60% wired mechanical keyboard. 

For me, keyboards are very personal. It’s like they’re the extension of your mind that helps you connect to the online world, so why not use a keyboard that’s more like you? 

If your personality is colorful and you love fun colors, then the BOYI 60% keyboard is the perfect match for you! With up to 30 colorways to choose from you’ll surely find your perfect color match. 

This is perfect for teachers who are looking for a mechanical keyboard that is already equipped with colorful keycaps so you don’t need to find and purchase another set of keycaps and change it. 

This keyboard utilizes Cherry MX switches, and the four types of switches that you can choose from are; Cherry MX Blue which is described to have tactile and heavy clicks, Cherry MX browns are known to have tactile and light clicky sounds, Cherry MX red with linear switches with light to quiet sounds, and the red silent which is linear as well but produces the quietest clicks. 

With top-grade PBT thermal sublimation keycaps making them extremely durable and the characters on each keycap will not fade anytime soon, ensuring that they will last you a long time. 

The keycaps are excellent to touch, they’re abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and dust resistant as well. 

Just a tip, make sure to keep the user manual as you really don’t want to lose it because you’ll be getting all the information and instruction on how to program the BOYI 60% mechanical keyboard from it. 

From finding the arrow keys and function keys to knowing how to change the  RGB lighting more, you’ll find it all in there. 

You’ll also get a Type-C USB cable and a handy keycap puller if you want to change your keycaps in the near future. 

In terms of build quality, this mechanical keyboard offers a pretty solid form and ergonomic features that are designed to provide the maximum comfort you need when you type. 

Its scientific stair-up keycap design has a natural 4° tilt to help keep your hands in the most natural state to meet the level of comfort you need for those long hours of work. 

A 3-level angle adjustable keyboard stand can also be found on the bottom part of the BOYI 60% mechanical keyboard that also helps optimize your comfortability. 

Just a thing to note about the BOYI 60% mechanical keyboard is that it is not hot-swappable, which means you can’t change the switches that easily you’ll need to desolder them before you can change the switches. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a comfortable and fully functional 60% keyboard that already offers a variety of fun colors to choose from, I highly suggest that you check out the vibrant BOYI mechanical keyboard. 

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4) HyperX Alloy Origins 60

HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Click image for details

If you are in dire need to switch up your work desk game, the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 will be the perfect complementary for that. 

This premium ultra-compact 60% mechanical keyboard will help free up more space in your desk A-class style. 

Stunning with its full aircraft-grade aluminum body its casing will keep the keyboard structurally sound and stable even when your typing game gets intense. 

This sleek and dashing keyboard is equipped with Double-shot PBT keycaps with side printings for secondary functions of the dedicated keys. The keycaps are designed to be durable and long-lasting that are resistant to wear, friction, and solvents. 

The HyperX Alloy Origins 60 utilizes their custom-designed HyperX key switches that are engineered for speed and accuracy which features short travel time and low actuation force. This then lets the keyboard be rated at 80 million keypresses without any loss of its quality. 

You’ll also be captured with its luminous RGB backlit keys with radiant lighting effects that will surely motivate you to type and type on and on. It also has a unique design of exposed LED lights illuminating the HyperX switches. 

On top of that, you’ll get that satisfying clicking sound that will make you just want to type all day long. 

Customize this mechanical keyboard further with its advanced customization with HyperX NGENUITY which will allow you to set up and customize game modes, build macros, and set up per-key lighting and effects, giving you a more personalized user experience.

This keyboard is also designed to be compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox series, and Xbox one, so not are you only able to use it for work purposes, you can use it for gaming as well. 

All in all, the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is an elite mechanical keyboard that will keep your desk space uncluttered yet highly functional to aid you in work and leisure time. 

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5) Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite

Click image for details

It really surprises people to know that teachers have a life outside of school too, just like my friend who’s a teacher makes people gasp when she tells them that she’s a gamer when she’s off-duty being an educator.

And that really shouldn’t surprise people because teachers have a right to have an outlet where they can relax, have fun, and be themselves as well. 

So if you’re a teacher by day, and a gamer by night just like how my friend is, then you’ll surely love the dashing Razer Huntsman Elite that some might consider a god-tier keyboard for its extreme awesomeness. 

Here to impress you with its full-sized layout encased in a solid aluminum top frame, RGB accent at the bottom, and floating key design that lifts up each and every keycap for you to be in awe at. 

And that’s not all, because we are just getting started. Glancing at the Razer Huntsman Elite, you can tell that this mechanical keyboard has a stealthy and minimalistic aspect perfect for teachers who wants a simple yet aesthetic work set up. 

This mechanical keyboard’s design is unlike other keyboard designs in the market, making it one of the best-selling keyboards that will surely not disappoint you when it comes to its performance which Razer claims is as fast as the speed of light—and let me give you more information into that.

You can choose from two types of switches when you get this keyboard—the clicky optical switch and the linear optical switch.  

Compared to the other mechanical keyboards in the market that uses several mechanical parts to operate, the Razer Huntsman Elite right here does not utilize any of that, instead, it uses Razer’s new Opto-mechanical laser switch technology to actuate each and every keycap that you press. 

And to further explain it, what happens when you press a key, the switch engages a light beam that instantly passes through the switch stem to send a corresponding signal to your laptop or computer to perform the intended action. 

If that not makes this the coolest keyboard ever, I don’t know what is. And the coolness of this keyboard is not stopping there just yet.

The Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard is also equipped with a multi-function digital dial that will give you instant control to adjusting your computer’s volume, brightness, and more depending on how you will program it. 

It also comes with a Type-C USB with a braided cord which is rare for a mechanical keyboard giving it a more premium feel. I also love the seamless design of the USB port at the bottom of this keyboard. 

Four rubber pads are also found at the bottom of the Razer Huntsman Elite along with two-angle flip-stands to maximize your comfort when you use this keyboard. 

You can also opt to get its matching leatherette wrist rest to give you the ultimate comfort you need when working or gaming. 

And what makes this wrist rest worth getting is that it is magnetically attached to ensure that it’s secured and it is also quite fun to use as it also syncs to the RGB underflow of the keyboard. 

So if you are someone who wants to combine casual gaming with an insane amount of writing tasks using the same keyboard, then look no further. The Razer Huntsman Elite will promise to perform long-term consistently and accurately. 

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6) Das Keyboard X50Q

Das Keyboard X50Q

Click image for details

Do you ever stop and stare at your desktop and feel like something is missing? Well, it might be the Das Keyboard X50Q—the world’s first-ever smart RGB keyboard perfectly suited for both work and play.

This mechanical keyboard in my opinion is downright perfect for all kinds of typing tasks that teachers need to tend to and more. It’s a keyboard that’s upgraded to become your dashboard. 

Productivity is crucial for teachers, that’s why having this keyboard that’s designed to keep professionals like you focused on creativity and operating at the highest level of concentration is a must. 

After reading that, you might be wondering how can something like a keyboard do that for me? 

Well, the answer to that is the Das Keyboard Q Software that’s a first of its kind letting you tinker with its cloud-connected customizable notification features that will keep unwanted interruptions at bay. 

Instead of relying on distracting and annoying pings and rings, the Das Keyboard X50Q will simply display notifications in color directly on its RGB keys. 

Since the Das Keyboard X50Q is software-driven, it will allow you to customize the color and pattern of every key based on the information that you want it to follow. You can set dedicated keys to help you keep track of emails, stocks, and even your water intake! 

The Das Keyboard X50Q will let you overlay apps into your keyboard letting it become a smart keyboard that you can tailor to fit your needs, displaying color-coded information streamed from the cloud to track any data that is valuable to you at a glance letting you say goodbye to flood alerts!

Another unique feature that makes this mechanical keyboard stand out from the rest is the weather app that you can initiate on top of the keyboard that will instantly let you know the weather in your area. I mean, how cool is that right? 

Since most of us spend most of our time indoors nowadays, you no longer need to take a peek outside or check your phone just to know the weather. If the key turns yellow, it shows you that it is actually sunny outside whereas if it turns blue it means that rain is currently being experienced in your area. 

And that’s not all, the Das Keyboard X50Q also features a Q-key which is a dedicated media key for quick controls of media volume that also doubles as a shortcut button to a certain app that you have configured within the Das Keyboard Q software.  

Now that we’re done with the software side, let’s head on to the other important factor to consider which is the physical build of this mechanical keyboard. 

In terms of built quality, this beautifully done professional keyboard features an Aluminum top which is the real star of the longevity show of this beast of a keyboard. 

It also comes with a magnetic snap-on and soft-touch wrist rest that will perfectly prop your hands providing the utmost comfort that you need while typing. 

And for a faster and more accurate typing experience, this keyboard utilizes Das’s Gamma Zulu mechanical switches which unsurpassed 100 million key presses letting you type at the speed of thought. 

It will also pull you in further with its dynamic RGB display with enhanced brightness matched with modern switches promising to only deliver superb brightness and vibrant RGB colors to keep things a little more fun and exciting while you work.

So all in all, my two cents is that keyboards have been keyboards for such a long time that’s why it’s time to innovate your work set-up with the Das Keyboard X50Q.

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7) Red Dragon Kumara K552

Red Dragon Kumara K552

Click image for details

Next up on our list, rated as the best budget mechanical keyboard on the market today is the Red Dragon Kumara K552. 

The Red Dragon Kumara K552 is a Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that offers premium materials and layout at a very reasonable price tag. 

and as we have previously discussed before, Tenkeyless means you’ll get everything from a normal keyboard layout except for the num pads and that’s really not bad if you don’t really use it that much often. 

With the number pad missing in action, this then gives way for more space on your desktop letting you have more area to move your mouse on-perfect for teachers who are trying to make a limited desk space work. 

This mechanical keyboard also has a very nice minimalistic look and feel to it, with the layout being more compact and subtle it makes the perfect mechanical keyboard for any setup that you might have in mind. 

The overall build of this keyboard feels very sturdy and durable and so far users have only been praising how cool of a keyboard the Red Dragon Kumara K552 is for its price point. 

This mechanical keyboard utilizes metal alloy for its ergonomic steel base design along with ABS plastic materials that are known to be quite durable as well. 

The keycaps have a nice matte finish that is not slippery and is also dustproof, plus the Red Dragon also claims that this keyboard is splashproof as well. 

So for those who love their drinks to be around them at all times and are a bit clumsy in combination, then this might be the keyboard for you. 

This keyboard also features Cherry MX-like switches that they call Outemo Key switches that many have found to be very similar to the original Cherry MX switches in terms of their performance and durability. 

An RGB backlit illuminating every key character well can also be changed for up to 19 different lighting modes with 2 user-defined modes that you can configure depending on how you would want to. 

The function keys on this keyboard also have secondary functions which I find quite useful as you have secondary keys for media button controls along with other helpful functions such as keys that will help open up your email, calculator, and whatnots. 

Just press down the “Fn” button and the function key with the intended action that you would like your computer to make, and you’ll have quick access to things that will make work life easier for you. 

Just a thing to note, the Red Dragon Kumara K552 has a built-in cord so it might not be as portable as the other mechanical keyboards that I have listed here. 

But overall, this mechanical keyboard is perfect for teachers who are on a budget and looking for a decent keyboard that can provide the functionality and satisfying clicks we need to go by.

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8) GK61 Optical Mechanical Keyboard

GK61 Optical Mechanical Keyboard

Click image for details

Nowadays, we spend so much time on our keyboard as it has become the primary way we interact with our computers and the outside world. You can always settle with a normal and boring membrane keyboard to get the job done but why do that to yourself? 

There are a lot of reasons why people are willing to pay for a good keyboard and it’s because we spend so much time on them that using a junky and clunky keyboard with a poor build is just counterproductive. 

So it’s best to arm yourself up with a reliable and nicely built keyboard that can keep up with your pace. 

And with that said, let me introduce another 60% keyboard that’s going to reel you in with its charming features and alluring price pointthe GK61 optical-mechanical keyboard from HK Gaming.

This charming mechanical keyboard has 61 keys encased in a nice and compact housing, no num pads, navigation keys, and function keys giving you more space on your desktop to work with. 

But don’t worry, because you won’t be entirely missing those essential keys because 74% of the total key layout which is about 45 keys exactly has alternate functions which include the said missing keys. 

It may look like they’re not there but they’re actually just hiding in plain sight to give you a functional, compact, and space-saving keyboard. 

This keyboard is made from ABS plastic material but it has a sturdy feel to it with no board flex and just the right height size for a comfortable typing experience. It also has 4 rubber feet at the bottom to keep it steady while you’re using it. 

The GK61 optical-mechanical keyboard utilizes ABS keycaps with a smooth and glossy finish with an awesome shine-through from the RGB backlighting, this then makes it easy for you to see all characters on the keyboard with or without any backlighting. 

And because of its set-up and size and its detachable Type-C USB cable, it makes it very portable and easy to carry around wherever you go. 

Going further, the GK61 optical-mechanical keyboard is equipped with Gateron Optical switches which have lower actuation points that are also rated at 100 million keystrokes making it great for tons of typing tasks. 

It is also a hot-swappable keyboard but it will only be compatible with Optical switches. The stabilizers that come with the keyboard are pre-lubes provisioning a better user feel and acoustics as well. 

This mechanical keyboard can also be configured via software letting you personalize the lighting effects and macros to your likings, it has 5 modes which are the default and the other 4 that can be modified to your preferences. 

The GK61 optical-mechanical keyboard also has a sound-sensor feature where it translates a musical rhythm lighting effect which is kinda nice and fun especially if you’re a music lover and you wanna listen to some tunes while you’re taking a break from grading or making lesson plans. 

Overall, the GK61 optical-mechanical keyboard is definitely a good value for your money that’s also perfect for beginners who want to dive into the mechanical keyboard building hobby. 

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Click image for details

We’re going head to head in the 60% keyboard game. Hailed as the best budget 60% mechanical keyboard, this might yet be the best band-aid solution to all your keyboard problems. 

Letting you define your own keyboard, the RK61 is a 100% hot-swappable keyboard that will revolutionize your typing experience. 

And if you’re not a big fan of cables you’ll love the maneuverable minimalistic and compact form factor design of this keyboard. It comes in a size of 290 mm x 100mm x 35mm and only weighs about 564 grams making it one of the most lightweight mechanical keyboards that you can get your hands on. 

Even though many keys are missing such as the navigation keys, function keys, and num pad, this keyboard is still fairly accessible as most keys have sub legends serving a dual purpose. 

The overall materials used for the RK61 is ABS plastic material including the keycaps as well which are good and sturdy built-wise. Just a thing to note though, over time frequently used keycaps might show signs of use as they can turn shiny due to your fingers being in contact with the paint. 

It can be used and connected in two ways, first is via a solid Type-C wired connection and via its ultra-low latency wireless transmission Bluetooth where you can connect up to 3 devices at the same time.

You can also easily switch between your devices by simply holding down the Fn key + Q W E which is great especially if you need to work between a couple of devices simultaneously. To turn on the Bluetooth mode of the RK61, simply turn on the dip switch found at the bottom part of the keyboard. 

The Rk61 offers three types of switches that you can choose from; RK blue switches provide tactile and satisfying keystroke feedback, RK brown switches will give you soft and tactile typing feedback with low noise, and RK red switches that will give you smooth typing with quiet linear feedback. 

RK61’s long-lasting and abundant battery will also let you use it unplugged for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use. This means that in just one full charge you’ll be able to use this for a few days depending on how heavy you will use it for typing. 

To know if the RK61 keyboard is charging the spacebar will blink three times indicating that it is charging, and if it blinks five times this tells you that the keyboard is already fully charged and is ready to go. 

It also features a power-saving mode where if the keyboard is inactive for about 3 minutes, it will automatically turn off its RGB backlighting, after five minutes of not using it will then be on standby, and after 10 minutes it will then go to a deep sleep mode which can greatly help preserve the battery life. 

This keyboard is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye given that it has Helvetica fonts for its key characters instead of gaming fonts and all main legends and sub legends are double-shot molded to show off the bright and vibrant RGB backlight of the RK61.

So grab the RK61 while you can and make your setup simpler yet functional with this awesome and humble mechanical keyboard. 

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10) Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE

Click image for details

Make way for your new favorite keyboard, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE giving you the Rapidfire advantage with a side of their very own Cherry MX speed switches—designed for reliability and accuracy at your fingertips. 

This state of the art keyboard lets you pick your switch from the fantastic new Cherry MX speed with a staggering speed of 1.22mm actuation letting users experience a smooth and fast typing experience down to the Cherry MX Red(smooth and linear), Browns (light tactile bump), Blues (tactile clicks), and Red Silent (smooth and quiet). 

The Cherry MX Speed switch is truly a game-changer for me, it provides great balance and a tactile feel with just the right amount of resistance to give you those satisfying keystrokes. And no matter how fast your typing actions are, every key is promised to be registered timely and correctly. 

Now onto another fun part, whoever is behind in formulating this keyboard is just pure genius, encased in an aircraft-grade aluminum body just goes to show that this keyboard has the strength to withstand the test of time with a build that will make you stand out from the crowd.

This intuitive keyboard also has a dedicated multimedia and volume wheel which is unique and easy to use and dynamic RGB backlighting as well. 

I also love the font that the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE has because they are wide and the RGB light really shines through brightly on each and every keycap on this keyboard. 

along with a windows key lock which is a first for me, the window key lock will help you stay focused by preventing accidental windows and context menu key presses which is great especially if you’re in the middle of a super important task where you need to be completely undistracted. 

A three-step brightness button can also be found on the side of the windows lock key which just screams convenience for me because in just a few clicks you can set the brightness of the RGB with ease. 

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE is also equipped with all-white double-shot keycaps that are precision molded for maximum durability and also they will never fade even if you use them 24/7 all year round. 

A USB pass-through port can also be found on the top part of this mechanical keyboard which is specifically positioned there for uninterrupted work or gameplay, you can easily hook up your wireless mouse or headset to the keyboard itself instead of cramming up the ports on your desktop or laptop computer which is really a smooth move by Corsair for me. 

It also features a very nice feeling detachable soft-touch wrist-rest that helps expand the profile of the keyboard which comfort-wise is just very satisfying and ergonomic as well because typing for a whole day can really be tiring at times but fun if you’re using the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE. 

Textured keys are also found on the space bar and the WASD keys which gives it kind of a nice accent and feel to the overall look and use of this keyboard. 4 height adjuster flip out feet are also found that you can adjust to give you the maximum comfort you need while you work or play. 

Overall, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE is a full package keyboard offering everything you need and more and it just surely belongs to the top-tier of mechanical keyboards that teachers deserve to have. 

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11) Glorious GMMK

Glorious GMMK

Click image for details

Closing off our list is the Glorious GMMK modular mechanical keyboard that’s stunning and will probably be the only keyboard that you will need for either work and play if you prefer the Tenkeyless form factor. 

This keyboard is just straight fantastic, it comes pre-installed with Gateron Brown Switches which are Cherry MX brown equivalent when it comes to performance and typing experience when used. 

It’s also armed with a glorious sandblasted aluminum faceplate that feels solid and nice and looks premium and professional as well with no flexing on the board, so know that this keyboard is well-built and will last you years with little to no signs of use and abuse. 

It also comes with legs that act as a height adjuster inclining the board to give you the maximum comfort you need while typing. 4 rubber grips are also found at the bottom part with 2 extra rubber stickers if you want to increase the grip of the keyboard onto your desk. 

A keycap puller slot is also found on the bottom part which is a smart move from Glorious because it’s a smart use of space and this will prevent you from losing it as well. It’s out of the way but it’s kept safe, secured, and always ready when you need it. 

Speaking of the overall look of the Glorious GMMK it has raised keys which quite frankly look nice and also makes it super easy to clean compared to compact layouts where you need to take off all keys to get through the base of the board to clean it. 

The keycaps used for this pre-built keyboard are ABS double injection keycaps that feel nice to the touch when you’re typing. 

And the most applaudable part about this keyboard is that it is completely hot-swappable from the keycaps down to the switches that only takes less than 5 seconds to change using the switch puller that it comes with. 

For me, this is an excellent way to go into customizing mechanical keyboards if you see yourself doing so in the near future as the Glorious GMMK will allow you to quickly try on different switches in just a matter of seconds. 

This feature would be great for people who are not yet fully committed to what kind of switches they prefer to use on their keyboards. 

A 6-ft braided USC-C cable is also included in the box along with extra keycaps and stickers and a plastic dust cover as well for when you are not using your keyboard. 

Overall, the Glorious GMMK is a good place to start in mechanical keyboards if you are looking into modding as it’s simple to put together and it will let you explore and play around until you’ve found the right set of switches that perfectly fits your preferences. 

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12) Max Keyboard Gateron + Zealios + Tealios Key Switch 12-Key Tester Kit

Max Keyboard Gateron + Zealios + Tealios Key Switch 12-Key Tester Kit

Click image for details

If mechanical keyboards have piqued your interest and the switch game is still confusing to you, I would recommend getting the Max Keyboard 12-Key tester kit as this will help you distinguish which kind of switch is your forte. 

This tester kit includes Gaterons, Zealios, and Tealios switch types in different colors and all are labeled to help you decide which one fits you best. 

And the best part about this tester kit, is that after you’re done and over with deciding on what switches to get, you can use it as a fidget toy to keep you entertained while working, I mean typing is also like some sort of fidgeting, right?

So if you’re looking for a nice lil’ sampler to help you figure out which switch to go for and if fidget toys are just right up your alley, check this one out and hit two birds with one stone—and I meant that figuratively, please don’t hit birds, be kind to animals. 

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In a nutshell, 

The world of mechanical keyboards is fast-paced and is continuously growing, new stuff is coming out almost every day but that’s the best bit about it. My advice is just like what I did, smart with something fairly simple and just go with the flow until you’ve found what sticks with you and your routine. 

You might be overwhelmed and confused with the information overload at first, but I promise you, once you get the hang of it you’ll eventually enjoy the ride and someday be a mentor to someone who wants to start with their first mechanical keyboard. 

And that concludes our best mechanical keyboards for teachers review, and I hope you had fun and have found this useful and good luck on your mechanical keyboard journey! 

Thanks for riding out this article with me! And to show my appreciation please enjoy this satisfying ASMR mechanical keyboard video that will surely just give you that satisfying feeling.

Bust That Jargon: Mechanical Keyboards Edition!

Keycaps – the most fun part about mechanical keyboards aside from the typing sounds are keycaps. These are the plastic covers seen on top of every switch, available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and is also fully customizable as well. 

PCB – Stands for Printed Circuit Board which is responsible for registering keypresses to your devices via electronic signals from the keyboard wired or wirelessly.

Case/Housing –  The component that holds everything together, from the PCB to the plates and the switches. 

Actuation force– refers to the key travel distance where the key is recognized by the keyboard, to put it simply, this will be the scale of how hard you need to press down on the keys for it to be registered to your computer. 

Tenkeyless – A keyboard form factor/sizing where all keys on the right-hand side of the “Enter” key are deducted from the layout to produce a compact yet functional keyboard. 

RGB – refers to the LED lighting found on the PCB, it can be customized by users via software or onboard. 

Linear – switches that have no bump when pressed before bottoming out

Tactile – switch types that have a noticeable bump that you can feel in every keypress before bottoming out. 

Clicky – a type of switch that produces an audible click when typing.

Bottom out – the act of fully pressing the key in full depth. Most mechanical keys actuate before bottoming out making it possible for you to type faster with less force, reducing fatigue and less typos as well. 

Double-shot molding – are keycaps with legends never where’s out compared to printed ones because legends are physically cut out from the upper layer of the plastic and is then filled with a contrasting lower layer

PBT – stands for Polybutylene Terephthalate which is a more durable plastic material used to make premium keycap sets. It usually has a grainy texture and matte appearance.

ABS – stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which is a common material used to make keycaps and keyboard bodies as they are quite inexpensive but highly durable.