23 Best Microphones for Online Teaching [Reviewed for 2023]

How do you choose the best microphones for online teaching?

If you’ve ever tried to listen to a live stream with poor audio, it makes the experience one you don’t want to repeat. This is the main factor you absolutely want to avoid. Since this involves speaking and listening between teacher and students, you need to have outstanding audio quality so your students can hear and understand you well.

condenser microphone with black background

How Can You Improve Sound Quality?

Poor-quality voice can discourage and push students away. If you want to win over your listeners, get a voice that is friendly, convenient, nice to the ears, and most of all, natural. As if you are only talking face-to-face.

I have looked at several computer microphone models below. My focus is on sound quality and that which can be used for solo speaking, conference calls, in-person discussions, or plain voiceover.

After reading this review, you are on your way to determining the ideal form and usage factors for the best teaching online audio quality. Let’s take a look at 23 of the best computer microphones all explained to you.


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Quick Comparison of Our Top 5 Editor’s Pick

Product Image Reasons to get it
Blue Yeti Nano Premium
  • USB mic for recording & streaming
  • 2 custom mic capsules
  • Dual pick-up patterns
  • No latency monitoring
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  • A clip-on lavalier mic
  • Quick plug & play feature
  • The clip is rotatable
  • Universal compatibility
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  • Easy plug & play feature
  • Custom condenser capsule
  • Cardioid pick-up pattern
  • Skype & Discord certified
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ZAXSOUND Condenser Mic
  • Cardiod with noise cancellation
  • Easy plug & play USB Mic
  • Universal compatibility
  • With 3 legs tripod stand
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SOONHUA Condenser Mic
  • Quick plug & play feature
  • High-quality condenser chip
  • With noise reduction foam
  • 180 degrees adjustable tripod
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Our No. 1 Microphone for Online Teaching

The BLUE YETI Nano USB Microphone

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  • The dual mic patterns offer the right setting when recording, streaming, or when in the conference.
  • Provides exceptional detail, presence, crisp and clear audio quality.
  • Durable, easy to use, and budget-friendly.


What to Look For When Buying a Microphone  

With the world today shifting from classroom to online learning, the right pieces of equipment are basically important if you desire to teach online. A clear voice throughout your class sessions is your goal.

If your listeners can’t hear you well, what else would they learn? So the correct microphone is one thing you need, whether you want to transition to a full- or part-time virtual profession.


While there are many computer microphones that are inexpensive, there is a unique difference between high-end professional microphones and consumer microphones. So if you give time shopping for the model that you like, you will be amazed to discover that entry-level microphones can literally compete with the most expensive options.

Microphones that are designed for voice mostly come at affordable prices. Of course, a $100 model with superior quality features is reasonable enough to spend. There is no need to spend too much on something as simple as a USB microphone for a laptop unless you intend to do more advanced things like a voice-over for your online teaching.

Plug and play usability

What you are looking for is a model that will help you to capably teach in an online class. What about something as convenient as “plug it and then start working?” Yes. Your microphone should offer you this application. As soon as it is plugged into your laptop or computer, your device should automatically recognize it.

The best microphone will undoubtedly carry your voice with professional quality, whether your course lectures call for audio-only, voice-over, screen sharing, or live video. Therefore, it gives you the assurance that you will be able to conduct a virtual class using just the best equipment in addition to the confidence that you will be able to do so without encountering any difficulties.

Guarantees Voice Quality

You will definitely benefit from a microphone that guarantees very little nuance. Quality allows a mic to focus more on your speech that the other person will capture loud and clear all the time.

Now, imagine a situation where you are with other people in a room. You want to hear someone talking but the room is too busy and you are having a hard time hearing the person. If only he or she can get louder than all the noise, then you and other people can pay attention. This is an example you can apply if you are in the shoes of your online students.


Understanding Microphone Types 

Again, your built-in computer microphone may not be good enough to teach online. Use a more advanced alternative that you can connect to your PC or laptop. There are many specialized microphones available. With the right connector, you can connect just about any type of microphone to your computer.

You have a few alternatives to think about when deciding on the finest computer microphone, regardless of whether you use a PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet. Your decision will rely on your intended usage, form, and financial situation. The best mics for online instruction are the ones listed below.

1. Condenser/Capacitor Microphone

Pros. This microphone is the most preferred for high-quality audio. It has the ability to capture a larger frequency range and reproduce speed with good transient response. Because of their louder output, they are typically used in studios. With a light diaphragm assembly, it is more efficient and capable of capturing a range of high frequencies. Condenser microphones can be small in design, which is ideal for any online teaching setting.

Cons. The Condenser Microphone has a limited maximum signal level. It is also more complex than dynamic microphones for its tendency to get adversely affected by extreme temperature and humidity. Cheaper models can produce a slight amount of noise from the electronics.

2. USB Microphone

Pros. The USB Microphone is a cost-effective option. It serves as a cross-platform feature that can be used on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. From the name USB itself, you can easily connect the mic to a USB port.

USB microphones are equipped with their own processors to convert analog signals to a digital stream. Because this type usually comes with headphones, they definitely are ideal for video voiceovers, podcasts, Skype, conferences, interviews, tapings, and so on.

Cons. A USB works through your computer’s sound system. It delivers excellent audio quality if you have a good sound system and a low-quality output if your pc has noise and interference, and will not sound very good. As you can see, USB types are expensive. But if you desire an easy-to-use mic without the need to buy separate components, this is a good option. Not only is it convenient but super portable as well that you can take it anywhere with you.

3. Lavalier Microphone

Pros. Also known as a lapel microphone, you can use this if you speak directly to a camera or when recording and don’t want to be holding a microphone close to your mouth. You can clip a lapel microphone to your shirt and have freedom of movement while speaking. Lavalier Microphones are “omnidirectional,” so they pick up sound from every direction, no matter which way the mic is pointing. 

Cons. A lapel mic needs to be placed in a not-so-ideal position and may not give the best vocal sound. Those with an omnidirectional pick-up pattern may pick up sound from any angle, but chances are they still record background ambiance and noise. It can be hollow, echoey, muffled, brittle, or a blend of those tendencies. Although you can opt for a traditional wired lavalier, I suggest that you get an omnidirectional pickup pattern.

4. Headsets with Microphone

Pros. Headsets with microphones are very common, quick, and easy to use. If you plug them into a microphone jack, automatically you can start talking. Their smooth listening feature boosts noise cancellation allowing the headphones to focus more on the speech of the other person so that you can be sure to hear them clearly all the time.

Headsets generally combine both a monophonic and dual stereophonic earpiece with a boom microphone. This is to make it easy for the user to talk and listen at the same time. Also, headset microphones come with traditional applications that include computer telephony and multiplayer gaming.

Cons. While headphones and microphones operate on the same basic function, both devices trade-in vibrations, making it less efficient to teach online because the microphone may not work as a good speaker.

5. Desk-Mounted Microphones

Pros. A desk-mounted microphone can be plugged into your sound card and you get a quality-sufficient reproduction of voices. This makes it popular for achieving high-quality voice recordings when podcasting. Desk-Mounted Microphones are specialized for conferences as they can pick up multiple people simultaneously. You can get inexpensive models although you need one with a really good capability for your intended online teaching use.

Cons. Other than it can detect mechanically transmitted noise from floor and desk vibrations or handling noise on boom poles, the maximum signal level the electronics can handle is also limited. Plus, the mic is prone to getting knocked or falling. The mic obviously needs to be positioned facing the required direction so you will need to keep repositioning it, if necessary.

Are you a beginner?

Check out this short tutorial video on how to get your computer microphone to work on your PC or laptop and how to adjust the levels to create the best sound amplification.


23 of the Best Microphones for Online Teaching

1) ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Tripod Stand 

ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Click image for details

If you’re just starting to get into working or teaching online, or are looking for a professional mic but on a tight budget, this is the best budget condenser microphone.

This mic is equipped with a superior quality cardioid condenser for a true Cardioid Pickup Pattern system perfect for live webcasting and YouTube recording. The best thing is it has a matching capability to reduce ambient noise from the sides and back.

ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone has everything you would want for a home-use mic. It is compatible with almost all devices and there’s no need for a driver or software to get it working. Aside from your computer and tablet, it works on a smartphone.

You will love that this model comes in a package. Along with the Cardioid Condenser Microphone itself, you’re also getting a tripod, an audio headphone splitter, a USB audio adapter, and a user manual included. Here’s more, it comes with an extra cord should you want to make it longer. That is a lot convenient, right? The tripod is adjustable and is easy to use, as well.

ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone is an incredibly affordable, high-quality Cardioid mic like a unique find. I highly recommend this for all online teachers, students, and business people.

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2) SOONHUA Condenser Microphone 3.5mm Plug and Play Omnidirectional Mic with Desktop Stand 

SOONHUA Condenser Microphone

Click image for details

This Soonhua Omnidirectional Microphone is another inexpensive but great-performing tool you can trust for online teaching, podcasting, vlogging, voice-over recording, and many more. It is suitable for basic internet gigs and activities, thanks to its plug-and-play system.

Its high-quality condenser chip helps the mic aim sensitivity as it filters out background noises for the best sound possible. Since it is designed with noise reduction, ambient noise is not too much of an issue. Plus, you’ll like the accompanying extra split cable, it saves you from spending on a converter table.

The great thing is it has a built-in anti-wind foam pop filter. But even without the red foam protection on the outside, it still has a metal mesh inside to prolong its effectiveness and quality. It adopts a noise reduction technology that significantly reduces background noise for incredibly clear and crisp sounds.

If you prefer a model with a desktop tripod, this mic is for you. You will be happy that its accompanying tripod is adjustable so you can adjust the angle for better sound quality. Don’t worry, it has a silicone rubber foot pad to make the tripod and microphone safe and secure. Amazing?

Ultimately, the Soonhua Condenser Microphone is an excellent choice when it comes to a low-cost, high-quality microphone for your everyday virtual classes. It is top-notch in every single aspect for a really affordable price and, without a doubt, will help you teach with ease.

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3) BLUE SNOWBALL iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac

BLUE SNOWBALL iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac

Click image for details

When talking about which professional microphones are the best, Blue has never failed to put itself as a top producer. One of their best-selling and top-ranking products in the market is the Snowball iCE USB Microphone.

This model is in a custom condenser capsule form which can produce superior sound quality when voice recording, live online teaching, podcasting, and vlogging. In terms of noise cancellation, the mic has a Cardioid Pickup Pattern system that can block unwanted background noise and focus only on your voice. This feature paves the way to the microphone’s capacity for clearness.

What online teachers will love about the Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone is the design inspired by retro recording equipment. Like other professional microphones in the market, this model has an adjustable tripod stand intended to improve the quality of general use while saving some desktop space at the same time. With a type of microphone designed to work with your android and apple devices, the price is worth buying.

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4) Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Titanium Black)

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Click image for details

Known as the Blue Snowball Competitor, this is a no-frills, well-designed little microphone that makes a good alternative to the more popular Blue Snowball (above).

Samson Meteor Mic USB is a portable USB studio condenser microphone with one of the largest condenser diaphragms known as a USB mic. Its cardioid pickup pattern, smooth frequency response, and 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution delivers the professional audio results most users are looking for.

Due to audio quality sensitivity, the sound is picked up efficiently. So this is for you if you do voice and music recordings directly on your computer. There is also a headphone volume knob that lets you take full control of the mix and a switch that mutes the microphone if you need audio privacy while video conferencing or having virtual classes.

With Meteor Mic, you can produce a rich audio recording for any application. It is no wonder why many users fall in love with how this mic allows you to create incredible recordings. Just another great mic for podcasting, Skype, streaming, and gaming.

Along with a built-in but detachable tripod is a fold-back leg designed to provide optimal mic positioning. Even if you travel, you can connect this mic to your device via a USB like all the other microphones. While this model does not have any advanced features, you will be happy that it is of top quality.

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5) NEEWER NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount and Mounting Clamp Kit

NEEWER NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone

Click image for details

Want to try a professional microphone with a scissor arm stand? This electric condenser microphone gives you a stable performance in different scenarios and usage environments.

Take a look, the Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone Kit is comprised of a condenser mic, a pop filter, a ball-type windscreen foam cover, an adjustable arm stand, a metal shock mount, a mounting clamp, and its necessary cable – isn’t that a complete teaching mic package?

What’s unique about the Neewer NW-700 Microphone is being a directional type that offers the ability to fully capture and produce premium and authentic sounds that you can only expect from microphones at a considerably higher price. It features the Cardioid Pick-up Pattern which allows it to be a lot more crystal clear. The pop filter definitely helps in that regard as well.

This microphone is especially great for online teaching and other live recordings for its sound clarity feature. But overall, this set offers excellent performance in any situation including a price that everyone can afford. You should not pass by this microphone model. Podcast, dub, sing, record, meet up or chat – you’ve got it all.

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6) POWER DE WISE Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip-On System

POWER DE WISE Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Click image for details

The Clip-On Lavalier Microphone is one of the best lapels. This gives you a different level of experience far from those big old tacky microphones you used to.

First off, the sound condition of this mic is just as high as the average-sized microphone, if not more. It cancels unwanted noise in the background and focuses solely on your voice – a guarantee of sound clarity. It’s a user-friendly type as it doesn’t require batteries or drivers is needed to work with the iPhone, smartphone, or tablet. Just tightly plug the jack and start recording your voice.

As for the size, it is compact. It works well when clipped to a shirt and it can be pointed in any direction you wish. So portable you can fit in your pocket or it can be kept in its included storage case. Plus, it has sturdy wind muffs and a durable metal clip perfect for the on-the-go teacher.

The quality that you need and want from a standard microphone is in this Lavalier. A model that is way less bulky. Users can attest that quality is great, handles volume well, and picks up the minimal background noise. Ideal for voiceover, recording, interview, conference, podcast, and voice dictation.

If you are in the online teaching world, it is a pride to own a mic that has met the demands of thousands of customers. Whether you need it for voice calls from home or you need to record outdoors on your iPhone, let this microphone perform in any situation.

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7) iUKUS PC Microphone with Mic Stand

iUKUS PC Microphone with Mic Stand

Click image for details

This model is among the most recommended affordable condenser microphones with decent quality for vlogging, podcasting, live recording, and online teaching. This is a great mic for radio broadcasting voice-over, podcasting, including gaming.

The iUKUS PC Mic can be used whenever and wherever you are because it is compatible with almost all devices – just use its audio jack plug. In terms of sound quality and clarity, it fares well and also reproduces an authentic sound. It has a perfect 360° high-fidelity vocal as well with its intelligent noise reduction output system.

You are getting a frequency response of 50Hz-16kHz – that’s a clear and high-fidelity vocal. With the large condenser microphone, it lets you perform excellently Skype, Whatsapp, QQ, MSN, and more.

I bet you will like its microphone holder, a fully functional three-legged mic stand with a rotating shaft, and non-slip rubber foot pads to ensure the safety and stability of the microphone. The whole package also comes with an audio splitter adapter for an extra immersive experience.

For the online teacher, iUKUS PC Microphone is exceptionally a dream come true considering its significantly superior quality collection yet at an affordable price. It has a high output level despite the meager voltage required. By the way, this uses a professional 3.5mm jack and is compatible with PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Recorder,  YouTube, and Skype gaming.

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8) FIFINE Mini Gooseneck USB Microphone 

FIFINE Mini Gooseneck USB Microphone 

Click image for details

Here is a budget little gooseneck microphone called the FIFINE Mini Gooseneck USB Microphone. It meets the criteria of compatibility and portability- the two essential factors to look for a great computer microphone.

Built-wise, you will be impressed with the sturdy metal base that prevents and protects the mic from slipping and sliding. This microphone is also perfect for video conferencing or if you are creating a Youtube channel for your online courses.

It has no advanced features as you can see, but the microphone is specifically designed for clear & understandable speech suited for online video conferencing and voice recordings. Rotate the microphone into any desired position to suit your recording needs through its 5.7-inch gooseneck. With a slim, inconspicuous shape, this mic is not blocking anything in your workspace.

FIFINE Mini Gooseneck microphone has a Plug-and-Play connection for quick setup. Simply plug the microphone into your PC, MacBook, then start recording and streaming. It can also be squeezed into a compact body that is ready to go anywhere you need to. Immerse your online listeners with clearer, richer recorded sound with its cardioid USB microphone.

I definitely recommend this computer microphone for online teaching. This is the type of microphone to get if all you desire to get is something that will improve the audio of your online class. It also allows you to use a headset of your choice and still have quality audio. With its compatibility and portability, you don’t want to miss this one.

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9) PAPALOOK AF925 Stream Webcam with Microphone

PAPALOOK AF925 Stream Webcam with Microphone

Click image for details

In these times when technology is developing quickly, you’ll be happy to have a webcam and microphone in one – a clear, crisp, HD-video quality, and noise reduction microphone.

The PAPALOOK AF925 Webcam with Microphone has a high-definition quality that makes video calling, live streaming, online classes, and makes YouTube videos a breeze. It has a 5-layer optical lens with an automatic light correction that helps fine-tune your lighting conditions.

Additionally, it has a noise-reduction microphone that filters out noise in the background. The omnidirectional mic filters out external background noise and captures your voice from every possible angle so that your listeners can hear you clearly. Since the mic is built-in, it lets you enjoy audio even without using a headset.

The most important factor you could find here is the popular Plug & Play feature that makes it easier to use with an available computer- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS. What will amaze you is its Fold-and-Go design, you can take it anywhere. Of course, the 180-degree adjustable mic stand even makes easier to manage.

All in all, this webcam for me, is a 10/10. All the great features mentioned plus it comes at a very affordable price. If you are an online teacher, I suggest you grab this one before it runs out.

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10) BLUE YETI Nano Premium USB Microphone – Vivid Blue

BLUE YETI Nano Premium USB Microphone - Vivid Blue

Click image for details

People who do podcasts have to keep up with the demands of technology. This is what the BLUE Yeti Nano USB Microphone is renowned for.

It is perfect for podcasting, game streaming, Skype calls, YouTube, making music, and conferencing. It has the famous plug-and-play feature that is compatible with any computer. This means you just plug it into your computer and start recording quickly and easily. The mic also comes with a driver-free operation on Mac and PC.

It has a compressed footprint, fits great on any desktop, and looks great on camera. To sum it up, it provides a professional streaming visual that takes up slight screen space. Give your podcast, video, or game stream the production it deserves. With this microphone, you will be heard loud and clear every time.

The BLUE Yeti Nano USB Microphone works with the Blue Sherpa Companion App. Here, you will be able to fine-tune your sound while still in deep control of the mic.

With two modes, Cardioid and Omni mode, you can control your technical preferences and pickup pattern selection right from your desktop. The Cardioid Mode captures the sound right from the mic with clarity. Omni mode is best when having a conference call with multiple participants in the same room. It captures the sound from both parties resulting in a clear and crisp sound.

BLUE Yeti Nano Microphone also comes with equipment such as Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm that provides a sort of stand to the microphone (when doing a podcast or live streaming) and a Radius III Custom Shockmount that cancels out noise, shock, and vibration.

This model is my no.1 option on this list. I am impressed by the two modes feature. It may be designed for people doing podcasts and making music, but it works great for online teaching, too.

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11) OFFICEAID Document Cam Built-In Microphone

officeaid microphone

click image for details

Getting a high-quality document cam with a built-in reliable microphone is a must in online teaching. Typically, as an online teacher, you need to facilitate instructions remotely with clear audio so your students are able to hear you loud and clear.

The OFFICEAID is a USB document camera offering you high definition resolutions for impressive screentime and wonderful audio through its built-in premium quality microphone, making it very ideal for your online teaching work. Engineered to support online teaching in a more productive sense, this online teaching tool is attuned to your smart tech gadgets that boost your confidence in delivering quality instructions online.

Amazingly, this tech tool is highly compatible with Windows and Chrome OS  and with your powerful Mac computer. Innovatively, this makes the OFFICEAID doc cam with a built-in microphone the best online teaching solution.

For your online teaching job, this decent tech tool deserves your choice. This makes your video conferencing sessions really lively and ensures your students are getting hooked to high-definition resolutions and excellent audio. With its compact and sleek design, you can comfortably carry this portable teaching tool wherever you want to.

With the camera’s built-in straightforward microphone, you will be presenting your online instructions and live demo with exceptional ease and efficiency. Thus, you must consider checking this option and try its state-of-the-art features.

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12) USB Metal Condenser Microphone

USB condenser microphone

click image for details

This tech microphone is another incredible and forward-looking selection that definitely adds meaning to the content that you are sharing with your students online.  It is perfectly designed to give you quality audio to help your students grasp all the things they need.

This USB condenser microphone offers a manifold of uses that surely makes you satisfied with its service. It’s highly perfect with Windows System and IOS which can make you even more productive and make your students exceptionally participative as well.

With its noise-canceling feature, you are certain that your live broadcast, live discussions, audio recording, and video conferencing sessions will go well. Moreover, with its simple yet decent design, this gadget is very straightforward to use and its adjustable microphone gives you expedient functions that can make you very confident while having your online classes.

Rest assured that your students will receive the best quality audio they deserve. It comes with a tripod stand scheme, making it easy for you to adjust the microphone to whatever angle you desire.

The microphone’s one-key mute button and powerful volume knot give you a convenient time to adjust the volumes and control the sound quality for an exceptional online teaching experience.

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13) MAONO AU-PM 421 USB Microphone

maono usb microphone

click image for details

Here’s another advanced alternative to the best microphone for online teaching. It boasts top-quality 192KHZ/24BIT sound microchips to give you the highly definitive audio quality most fitting to your video conferences, Zoom, skype calls, and gaming delight.

The microphone’s built-in condenser transducer makes your voice so clear that your students incredibly pick up every detail you give. Moreover, the all-inclusive shield of the microphone itself comprises an iron capsule, acrylic mirror, and zinc alloy metal which ensures superior quality sound, free from any noise and distractions.

With its modern and innovative design, this microphone looks great on your working table that adds an optimal look to your workspace.  Furthermore, its sophisticated design captures a premium windscreen blocking wind noise that can make your record sound like a pro.

The MAONO USB microphone is highly professional and takes your online teaching parameters to a whole new level. You’ll probably love online teaching even more as this microphone offers you the best service ever.

If you are a teacher who is aiming to work effectively in live streaming, then you should consider checking out this excellent USB microphone, especially its excellent mic gain control features that make sure you are delivering your quality voice alone.  It has the advanced build quality that you are looking for in a USB microphone.

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14) ZZCP Webcam with Microphone for Desktop

ZZCP Webcam with Microphone for Desktop

Click image for details

If you are into webcams that provide high-quality videos and pictures, try the ZZCP Webcam with Microphone. With its 1080p video quality for clearer video calling, online classes, live streaming, and if you are making videos, this model is for you.

It comes with a microphone & noise-canceling technology that cancels out any noise or background sound to make the sound crisper and clearer so that the people whom you are talking to hear you clearly even without a headset. It has a Plug N’ Play feature, which means that you can just plug it into any computer without driver installation.

For the busy teacher, you will like it that this model is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. Back to its camera, it has a high-quality image and video with a 1080p quality that gives crystal clear images for taking a photo, video chatting, and video conferencing. The camera records the video in full HD so that the user does not miss a single detail.

This ZZCP Camera and Microphone boasts an autofocus design, which removes the need for manual focal adjustment out of the equation. It automatically focuses on the person captured on the camera and no matter how much he moves, the video quality will not be blurry.  The adjustable base can be rotated up to 360 degrees so you are free to get to a comfortable angle. Not only that, but it also has a multifunctional USB camera for better video chatting, online lessons, and video conferences.

For me, it meets all the qualifications needed for both a webcam and a microphone at a price within reach. Ideal for people who are in constant online communication, especially for work and work-at-home professionals. You will not be short of comfort, portability, and compatibility using this ZZCP Cam and Mic portfolio.

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15) AUDIO-TECHNICA PRO 8HEx Hypercardioid Dynamic Headworn Microphone

AUDIO-TECHNICA PRO 8HEx Hypercardioid Dynamic Headworn Microphone

Click image for details

Audio-Technica Headworn Microphone offers a highly intelligible individual voice reproduction. The comfortable, lightweight PRO 8HEx is ideal for guitarists, keyboard players, drummers, and teachers who may need to use their hands during a performance or while discussing lessons.

Looking at the mic, it features a pivot-mounted flexible mic boom that descends from either the right or left side. This Hypercardioid Polar Pattern improves the isolation of the desired sound source. What is more, is that this mic has a dynamic element and needs no power. It’s very convenient.

The microphone boom also rotates in the headset. If you move the mic upward and flip the headset, the mic will be adjusted for the right side. So it is easy to wear it depending on your personal preference. You can expect highly intelligible sound production. Great for speech recognition and voice communication type applications.

Audio Technica PRO 8HEx is comfortable to wear. The low-visibility headband and cushioned support pads provide a stable, comfortable fit. It also has a swivel-mounted flexible mic boom that descends from either the left or right side so that the user can move it from side to side.

Many users attest to its excellent noise-canceling feature that they find the mic useful in the broadcast radio industry a lot. It employs a dynamic mic factor which means it picks up less self-noise and with no built-in pre-amp. Worry no more, either, as it comes with a 2.2m long cable that is permanently attached between the microphone XLRM-type connector. It gives the user more space to move as he desires. This model is my second choice.

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16) CYBER ACOUSTICS 3.5mm Stereo Headset with Headphones and Noise Cancelling Microphone

CYBER ACOUSTICS 3.5mm Stereo Headset with Headphones and Noise Cancelling Microphone

Click image for details

Having a bad headset for everyday use, especially for work, would really affect your mood and output. Good thing Cyber Acoustics released this quality Stereo Headset that works best in muting every single noise in the background. Perfect for online teachers, students enrolled in online classes, and people who work from home.

Cyber Acoustics made sure that this headset was perfect in matching today’s demanding classrooms and open office environments. This product offers quality stereo headset features with a single 3.5mm plug and is compatible with PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, and most gaming systems with an aux port. Excellent features aren’t they?

This one comes with a unidirectional, noise-canceling microphone that enables the listener to clearly hear the speaker’s voice. From what has been said, the user need not talk loudly for a clearer register of voice. A normal voice works perfectly fine with this headset.

Cyber Acoustics Headset with Microphone is further designed with a sturdy braided high-end cord and comes in a size that best fits the size of a person’s head. You can trust how sturdy they feel and how the microphone will fit the most faces. So if you are teaching online, the adjustable headband and leatherette ear pads will make it convenient especially if you need to wear the headset for hours.

 You can now improve the audio for all of your online classes for a low price. The only downside with Cyber Acoustics is that it does not work for phone calls.

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17) LOGITECH High-Performance USB Headset H540

Logitech headsets are perhaps the most bought model on this list. This model, Logitech H540, comes in a glossy, plastic finish with an adjustable mic that rotates and can be hidden inside the earcup.

The Logitech USB Headset H540 is a perfect business headset for voice calls, Zoom virtual conferences, Google meetings, webinars, and more. It has high-definition sound with on-ear controls located on the right ear cup where you can adjust the volume or mute your calls. Thanks to its light indicator on the headset cord, you can easily confirm mute status.

For strict voice work, it is equipped with laser-tuned drivers and a built-in EQ for superior audio quality and rich bass. The position of the microphone allows it to deliver a better voice capture. The headset likewise minimizes unwanted background noise so you get clear conversations. The close-mouthed boom can be tucked inside the headband and out of the way when you’re not using it.

What is great about this product is the padded leatherette headband and ear cups that give you hours of comfort even after hours of listening. It also has digital laser-tuned drivers that work to provide enhanced digital audio for music, games, and calls.

This plug-and-play headphone works fine with any PC or Mac computer without the need to install the software. Logitech USB H540 Headset has incorporated enhanced digital audio, in-line controls, and all the necessary features of an excellent headset. No wonder why it is highly recommended by many users.

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18) MPOW M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset, Advanced Noise Cancelling Microphone

MPOW M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset, Advanced Noise Cancelling Microphone

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The innovations introduced by technology made our everyday lives easier. Among the useful inventions are headsets and Bluetooth. What is more exciting is incorporating these two into one awesome gadget—a Bluetooth headset.

As the leader in producing the best audio products, Mpow proudly introduced this model as an innovation of the typical cord headset into a wireless earpiece. The one who invented this headset is a genius! Mpow trucker wireless headsets with noise-reduction mic deliver crystal clear calling which improves conversations and satisfies listeners.

Like other noise-canceling mics, M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset with Microphone offers a clear listening experience wherein unnecessary noises are automatically muted. Its cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless technology lets you pair up with any Bluetooth-enabled device to provide full wireless freedom within a 33ft operating range.

As for the earpiece, it further provides ultra-soft, large protein memory earpads that give you all-day on-the-go comfort and 18 hours of talk time – that is pretty amazing. The product also features a flexible headband design to serve a diversity of head sizes. According to the requirements of different users, the adjustable factor helped M5 Pro to rise in prominence as a Bluetooth Headset with a noise-canceling microphone.

On top of what you are looking for, this headset is widely compatible with smartphones, computers, iPad, tablets, and more. A worthy-owning choice for people working in call centers and online teaching, for Zoom meetings, conference calls, office, webinar presentations, and more.

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19) TAO-TRONICS Trucker Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

TAO-TRONICS Trucker Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

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One of the struggles in working from home, attending /teaching online classes, and teleconferencing is a noisy environment that distracts your audience. TaoTronics offers a Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Al-powered noise-canceling technology for clearer speech.

At the present time, the TaoTronics Trucker earpiece is considered the world’s most advanced headset. The microphone is equipped with technology that filters out external noise in the background by up to 40dB. Taking hands-free calls has never been with flawless clarity even if you are in a noisy environment like the call center, mall, construction site, or wherever your feet take you.

This headset is likewise built with an advanced chipset that enables fast & stable signal transmission. The battery life can last up to 34 hours continuously talking on a single full charge, always ready to answer or make hands-free calls.

In such a case that you are teaching while on the go and run out of battery in the middle of a session, your headset can be charged via your car’s USB port. The charging period is only 2 hours.

In addition, the TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset with Microphone comes lightweight with an adjustable headband so it fits any head shape. It also provides easy controls: the mute button (mute your voice) and the multifunction button (redial/answer/reject/end/ transfer a call).  Lastly, its 270° Rotatable Microphone is also installed wherein you can freely adjust the mic to the perfect angle to capture your voice.

What else can you ask for with this awesome earpiece that offers you the best of the world’s technology? You would not want to miss this electronic opportunity.

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20) THINK-WRITE Premium Headset with Boom Microphone 

THINK-WRITE Premium Headset with Boom Microphone 

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ThinkWrite introduces a premium headset for kids and students. One of the top choices of mommies and teachers for their children and student’s use.

What you will love about this premium headset is the idea that while it is designed specifically for the use of students in classrooms, the headset also works for online classes. It is built to take advantage of the single jack for recording and listening to Apple iPads, Kindle Fire, Google Chromebooks, smartphones, and reliable laptops.

In addition, the premium headset is very handy and useful for speech-to-text (Siri or Dragon), gaming, voice/video chat (Zoom or Google meeting), language learning, gaming, multimedia narration, recording voice-overs, and other online related activities.

ThinkWrite Premium Headset offers high sound quality and excellent dictation accuracy results, with less noise even if you are in a noisy environment. It also comes with an adjustable boom microphone with built-in volume control on the cable for convenience. Another useful feature is a durable cord with an extra thick 1.3M cable suited for children and students’ use.

For something you can use for voice-to-text, video/voice chat, language learning, gaming, multimedia narration, and any other applications that integrate a microphone, plus, is compatible with iPhones – isn’t it a multipurpose online teaching gadget?

Although this microphone model is a little bigger and bulkier than some of the others, the pros outweighed this drawback. Some also say this seems so little and too easy to break for students’ use. But like any other headset with a microphone, it requires some care from every user to make the most of its features.

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21) NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset 

NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

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Think of this option for a PC, PS4, laptop, Xbox One, Mac, iPad, Nintendo Switch Games, computer game. An over-the-ear flexible microphone with volume control and mic can help you succeed in an online teaching career.

Firstly, this headset works perfectly with PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Smart Phone. Just connect the headset to your gadget and you are good. Also, if your Xbox One controller is an old version, you need not worry because an extra Microsoft adapter is all you need.

One of its interesting and cool features is a high-quality stereo and intelligent extreme bass which enhances sound clarity, bringing you an amazing audio experience. The mic is designed to be extremely clear.

Many users shared how they get great levels in discord with just the regular mic gain at 100% in windows. Even with a +10db boost or you are in a moderately noisy room, there still is very little hiss.

NUBWO Headset is built with soft skin-friendly leather ear pads and an adjustable ergonomically designed headband. Hence, making the headphones comfortable for long-time wearing. The microphone is likewise flexible which enables exact positioning to clearly collect desired voice for prompt and clear teammate communication, while at the same time removing unwanted background noise.

The gaming experience will not be complete if the microphone is not great. Therefore, if the NUBWO U3 Headset works great when used in gaming, then the same features would do perfectly when used by a teacher to teach online. That is a hint to think about.

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22) KIMAFUN Fitness Wireless Microphone 

KIMAFUN Fitness Wireless Microphone

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Get yourself covered with a 2.4G Wireless Waterproof Headset Microphone. This device picks up sound through its dust-proof anti-corrosion shell and a professional waterproof condenser.

It can effectively eliminate environmental interference and achieve high fidelity and restoration of voice reception. More so, the gooseneck and wireframe headset are both built of waterproof and sweatproof materials. I see it as suitable for any on-the-go online educator.

The KIMAFUN 2.4G Headset Microphone adopts international 2.4 GHz wireless transmission which can connect automatically within 2 seconds. Its 3.5mm receiver is suitable for iPhone, Android Phone, tablet, and laptop with a free Y Splitter.

In addition, the wireless transmitter and receiver of the device are rechargeable, as they are powered by built-in lithium batteries. This means they can be charged simultaneously with the dual USB cable. Both the transmitter and receiver can be fully charged within 3-4 hours and can be used for 6-8 hours. The wireless transmitter is fixed on the head bracket, offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

For added bonus, the package includes a free 6.35mm adapter for a voice amplifier, audio mixer, and outdoor speaker. Once you install the mic into your device with a suitable adapter, you can get the best sound quality by recording the audio or video. The package also includes a high-quality carry-on bag, making storage more convenient.

You will be using a microphone that easily connects and fits around the head. Beautifully designed with a humanized structure, it is proven to prevent fatigue when on high-impact use. If you are an educator in need of a handy teaching assistant, or if you are just a fan of convenient devices, the KIMAFUN Waterproof Headset Microphone will boost your teaching game.

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23) BIETRUN Wireless Microphone Headset, UHF Wireless Headset Mic System

BIETRUN Wireless Microphone Headset

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At the bottom of the list, you can soar high with this UHF Wireless Headset Mic System.

BIETRUN’s latest upgraded wireless microphone headset includes a built-in, high sensitivity condenser microphone with a transmission distance upgrade to 160 feet or 50 meters. Users are guaranteed signal stability, no delays, no radiation, anti-howling, anti-jamming, constant frequency, and clearer sound quality.

More so, it is easy to use as a blue light will flash for approximately 2 seconds as the transmitter and receiver power switches are turned on. Thereafter, an indicator light will stop flashing after a successful match, and then it can be easily utilized by the user with no further action required.

The transmitter and receiver of the microphone are built-in 400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can offer about 6 hours of working time. You will like it because the package comes with a USB cable that has two Micro USB v2.0 for the transmitter and receiver at the same time. More so, only 2.5 hours is required for the device to be fully charged.

The BIETRUN Wireless Microphone Headset and handheld have a 2-in-1 design, so you can easily change the handheld mode to headset mode to meet their preferences. Plus, multiple wireless microphones can be maximized at the same time through channel switching. In fact, up to 15 microphone headsets can be used at the same time. It is portable Karaoke equipment with compatible voice amplifiers and multimedia.

Its built-in cardioid polar pattern condenser microphone can be widely applied for conference speeches, podcasts, and promotions among others. Indeed, the low latency with sound transmission makes this device a joy to use.

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Don’t wait until students start to complain about you not being heard well. Look through the several computer microphones I have tested. The market favors all of these models. Although some users claim that certain models don’t work well, it could be because they have different needs. Because of this, you must be aware of what you basically require in order to pick the correct model.

If you are using an XLR connector (which is highly suggested) I would recommend getting a dynamic microphone along with the XLR USB cable or investing in a condenser microphone and getting an actual audio interface that is designed to power condenser microphones.

I hope this review will help you choose the best computer microphone for online teaching. Do you know of any other best microphones for online teaching? I might have missed something you believe should be on this list. Please don’t hesitate to comment below.



1) What is the best USB microphone today?

My personal pick is the Blue Yeti Nano. It is a condenser microphone with two modes, Cardioid and Omni mode that allows you to choose between cardioid and omnidirectional recording patterns. Here, you can control your technical preferences and pickup pattern selection right from your desktop.

The Cardioid Mode captures the sound right from the mic with clarity. Omni mode is best when having a conference call with multiple participants in the same room. It captures the sound from both parties resulting in a clear and crisp sound.

2) What do you mean by a microphone’s frequency response and why it is important to know?

Frequency response is the range of sound that a microphone can reproduce and how that output is related to the live sound produced. If your audio device has a good frequency response, it can play all the low, middle, and high tones in the proper proportion. The opposite of this is  audio that don’t sound right.

If the frequency response is not good, nothing else matters. It is about how speakers and headphones work, the concept of amplifiers, bass management and filters, the effect of sound depending on the position of the mic, acoustics, monitors, DVD players, and anything that produces sound — you have to understand frequency response.

3) Is a USB microphone perfect for online teaching? Can you enlighten me?

Yes. A USB microphone is easy to use. It serves as a cross-platform feature that can be used on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. From the name USB itself, you can easily connect the mic to a USB port.

USB microphones are equipped with their own processors that convert analog signals to a digital stream. Because this type usually comes with a headphone, they definitely are ideal for video voiceovers, podcasts, Skype, conferences, interviews, tapings, and so on.

The other way a USB microphone system helps online teachers is for its being extremely handy. It makes things convenient when they do recording online lessons from home, or for those who go from class to class or building to building.

What makes the USB mic a great option is by allowing teachers to connect its microphone to most devices with a USB port. So whether it is a laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone they need to deal with; they can quickly start recording their voice within seconds. Quick and easy, that is!

4) Is a USB microphone enough for my recording needs?

A USB microphone is a great way to get started with recording on your computer or tablet. However, if you are planning for a more serious setup like the need to record music using several instruments, hook up keyboards, and other hardware and equipment; an audio interface may be what you need rather than just a USB.

But for solo recordings, a USB mic is almost certainly perfect. USB microphones are extremely simple and you will, of course, achieve a great recording result. But even if you are overwhelmed by how simple the portable USB microphone works, other microphone models may do as well, depending on your needs.

Feel free to check out the rest of our microphone selection above.

5) How do I find the correct microphone model?

Everything begins with analyzing exactly what you need. Different applications have very different systems, and each type of microphone has its own unique characteristics. But regardless of their specialties, a good microphone offers sufficient frequency response for all applications.

The directivity or directionality of the microphone is an important factor to consider. Most microphones used for vocals and PA applications have a cardioid directional pattern.

Recording music using strings, for instance, requires a higher frequency response to capture vocal and audio strength, so you need a very wide and more expensive microphone for good quality sound. A condenser mic, on the other hand, gives out a detailed sound that you will get from most USB mics. Therefore they make a good option for vocals and other sound sources.

6) Is an expensive computer microphone worth a try?

Yes. Expensive mics go high on price because of the specialized features and designs assigned to them. They definitely possess traits that may not be found in the cheapest alternatives. A $150 or $200 computer mic sounds pricey, but it will make your project to sound in command.

It is also safe to assume that the more you spend, the better the mic you are buying. But don’t be too overwhelmed. I suggest that you remain realistic. Work with your budget. Who knows, you will discover something not as costly but works as great – which is not impossible.

One tip: Ensure that your choice is close to giving you the features appropriate for what you want to achieve. Your microphone’s overall quality should give you quality audio all throughout. What is the mic for if it does not?

7) Aside from a good microphone, what other essential things do I need for a successful online teaching setup?

You simply need all the basics:

Camera. Even though you are teaching online, students young and old still need a bit of liveliness from time to time. They need some sort of simulation or computer graphics to make lessons more comprehensible, and of course, your face. This could mean anything from demonstrating a project, moving over to the whiteboard for some detailed explanation, or standing up in front of the cam to add vivacity and beat boredom.

As a teacher, you know how the appropriate visualization can enhance the teaching process and online learning experience. When students understand their lessons, it makes learning easier, fun, and more interesting. Believe me, it is also a lot easier to move a webcam than an entire computer.

Good lighting. Just like how good ventilation is required in a physical classroom, it does the same even with any online classroom. Good lighting is an important element that allows your students to see your lessons (when demonstrating) and of course, the expressions and body language of their teacher. It also delivers a more professional setting and appearance.

8) What is the best microphone position when teaching online?

The distance between the speaker and the audio equipment is very important. You need to understand the limitations of your computer’s built-in microphone and how far it is from your voice. When the mic is close to your mouth, it will capture a much clearer sound than when it is far away.

However, being too close is also no good for it can pick up mouth noises and other disturbing auditory feedback like breathing sounds and other mouth noises. Most culprits are when you pronounce the letters “P’ and “T.” They are called plosives and often yield an annoying sound effect.

Teachers are used to too much time speaking during physical lessons so their voices are already cultured with appropriate loudness and clarity. So when teaching online, it is suggested to simply position the mic close to the mouth in order to appropriately pick up the voice. The correct loudness will cover the other background sounds.

9) Should I really have to louden my voice when using a microphone?

Speaking too loud on any microphone is not recommended. You will sound angry and the feedback may be annoying to the ears. Speaking too low and quietly can also make it much harder for the microphone to pick up your voice. Just make sure you speak with enough energy to convey confidence and engage your students with what you are teaching.

The secret is not to forcefully speak louder. Speaking with a full voice in a moderate and related tone will yield the best audio.

10) How do I reduce microphone noise?

  1. Try a condenser mic to pick up more delicate sounds and higher frequencies.
  2. A dynamic mic is employed with a humbucking coil that reduces interference and capture stronger sounds.
  3. Directional mics pick up the highest sound from the front, unlike omnidirectional mics that capture audio in every direction.
  4. Use a Pop Shield or Filter to barricade plosive sounds that naturally occur in speech.
  5. Invest in a microphone or headset with noise-cancelling feature.
  6. Change the way your mic is mounted to prevent thrust sounds.
  7. Position your mic closer to your mouth.
  8. Choose a quiet room when broadcasting or recording.
  9. Keep the wind away from your microphone’s capsule by pointing it away from the direction of the wind.
  10. Use short, high-quality power cables for low impedance connections.


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