20 Best Online Courses for Improving Your Skills

Do you want to learn a new skill but are unsure which, or do you just wish to refine your teaching expertise but don’t have the time to go to school? Don’t make it hard for you. Take online classes. I found the best online courses for improving your skills.

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Online courses are the answer to your queries. They cover just about every subject that’s normally taken shorter than a college semester. The classes featured are focused on soft skills and hard skills while adapting to the online context.

Earning a skills improvement certificate is a good way to show educational institutions and employers that you’re serious about bringing your education to an advanced level. There are many ways you can improve your work. Whatever skill you choose to enhance, these short courses have a significant impact on your profession.


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Types of Online Course Models

1) Free. There are online courses that are free and available if you enroll like Coursera. Here, you get the privilege of learning from elite professors along with other students from around the globe.

2) Subscription. You can choose a subscription-based online course where you pay a fee monthly or yearly for the specialization course until you complete it, or depending on the online school’s requisite.

3) Hybrid or blended courses take 50% of the place of traditional classroom activity and 50% online. For example, if a traditional course meets in a classroom twice every week, a hybrid or blended version may require to meet one day face-to-face and another day is done online.

4) Minimal face-to-face courses are classes that are almost fully-online and face-to-face meetings are only for essential sessions like introductions, laboratory, reviews, and examinations.


What Skills Can Be Improved?

Video Recording, Conference, Public Speaking

True leaders look at the best in people and teach them to utilize their potential so they can work confidently. 

  • Communicating with impact (verbal)
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Photo/Video Editing
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming
  • Influencing & Persuading
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal & Collaboration
  • Leadership

Best Online Courses for Improving Your Skills

1) Coursera

Coursera is the online learning platform offered to anyone around the globe. It offers self-paced projects in a variety of subjects. It aims to serve the world through learning along with its world-class university and company partners to bring you courses that are on demand.

2) Udacity

Its mission is to train the world’s workforce, learn the skills they need, land the jobs they dream of, and build the life they deserve. Udacity partners with leading technology companies to provide the most effective tech skills that companies are looking for in their people. Do you require Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence? Enroll now.

3) Udemy

From design to marketing, personal development, and photography, Udemy wants you to learn anything. This platform allows instructors to create courses in traditional post-secondary education styles. Here, you’ll be adept at PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, making videos, and intriguing ZIP files. Want to learn debate? Trust Udemy.

4) Babbel

Use Babbel to learn a foreign language. It has web and mobile apps that can help you practice a new language at your most convenient time. The extensive learning system is a blend of the most effective educational and modern approaches. It offers 13 languages and adapts to real-life conversations for users to engage in better.

5) Duolingo

Depending on your goals, Duolingo can help you develop knowledge of different languages for free. This model utilizes points, levels, and achievements to add fun to the learning process. The courses are more on teaching how to read, listen, and speak. Once you downloaded the app and get registered, start your language journey right away.

6) Lingodeer

Starting only with the Asian language, Lingodeer has expanded into several other languages. Here, you’ll be doing plenty of practice and language exercises to keep you highly motivated to learn and speak in no time. This platform offers grammar explanations that will make learning easier to review and remember. All in all, it’s among the best options in learning a language fast.

7) Alison

Do you want to learn skills that will be immediately be used in the classroom or workplace? You’ll love to sign up for courses like sales and marketing, management, teaching, academics, or engineering and construction. That includes categories for health, language, business, and more. Alison allows maximum flexibility so you can specialize in a  full subject area.

8) edX

A free online courses platform founded by Harvard and MIT, the edX platform supports online campus, degree programs, and instructor courses with optional paid certificates. Find free online courses in different subjects including master’s programs like MicroMasters and MicroBachelors. Why not learn the art of persuasive public speaking?

9) Linkedin Learning

With more than 5,000 courses, Linkedin Learning Hub will help you discover and develop creative skills. Through a library of expert-led course videos, you will be provided with personalized courses and advanced techniques utilized by educators and administrators. The recommended courses are based on people’s learning activities, skills, roles, and more.

10) General Assembly

This course combines a variety of tech skills. As a popular alternative to higher education, the General Assembly model combines product management, social media, data analysis, and user experience. That is for you to learn how to position your product in any market. Some courses here charge higher as people are willing to pay for it. It is no wonder this platform is gaining popularity.

11) Thinkful

More on a personal approach, Thinkful lets you work one-on-one with an expert coach who will help you prepare for a job after completing the course. Break down their course options in high-quality tech education formats. Since you can choose when to complete the work, this makes it a perfect platform for busy people. Which course format to choose? Check them out.

12) Codecademy

Want to learn HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Ruby, Python, and more? Now you will learn the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for free! Codecademy offers free lessons and tutorials to improve your coding skills. Classes this platform offers are Code Foundations, Computer Science, Data Science, and Web Development, as well as customized shorter-term goals. Not sure where to start? Take their quiz.

13) Virtual Speech

Learn 4x faster with combined e-learning interactive exercises. Regardless of experience level, you can apply your learning with practice in online simulations or virtual reality scenarios. Depending on the course you choose, you will definitely learn high-impact presentations, sales pitching, job interview preparation, and more. So worth trying!

14) CreativeLive

Meet the world’s top experts in crafts and design, audio, photography, business, and more. Subscribe and avail of any of the 2000 classes. There are new classes added every month that you can download for offline viewing. Whether your wish is to change your career or learn something new, let CreativeLive help you to reach your dreams.

15) Coach.me

Coach.me will give you a free app to use for coaching and goal-tracking. Paid services come with specialized coaches ready to provide help and advice. With more than 8,000 personal mentors who can cater to your specific problems and goals, you will gain momentum on your personal development. Learn from the best because this platform is created by creators for creators.

16) HighBrow

More on life lessons, imagine waking up with a new 5-minute lesson delivered to your email inbox. Might as well read each lesson while having your morning coffee. Even with hundreds of topics, HighBrow specializes in short courses consisting of arts, business, health, history to languages, photography, productivity.., and more. It’s like getting a daily journal practice to become a better person every day.

17) Treehouse

If you’re a neophyte in the coding world, Treehouse Techdegree gives you expert-led video courses emphasizing coding. It offers over 300 courses to guide you in building a portfolio, starting a network, developing real-world skills, and landing your dream programming job. You’ll be dealing with mini-programs with code quizzes and challenges to keep you engaged.

18) Skillshare

Animation, creative writing, film, and video, fine art, music, and more – are among the courses you are about to experience in your classes with Skillshare. One of its featured classes is uncovering your purpose, passion, and path. Shoot a film, create a wonderful painting, start an online business — you’ll be able to complete and promote your own projects.

19) Teachable

Share what you know by creating online courses. Let Teachable transform your know-how into thriving what you love—whether it be lettering, cake decoration, acrylic pouring, or anything else you plan on achieving. Teachable has the best online courses from enhancing hobbies to multi-million business projects. Try now!

20) Dale Carnegie

It’s time to take command — be an engaging leader, powerful speaker, and assertive business professional. Project a confident attitude, build better relationships, learn how to communicate, master sales gimmicks and tactics — find a professional training course for you. In-person or live online training, Dale Carnegie tailors content to maximize your impact on your organization.

best online courses for improving your skills



The world is changing and will continue evolving every day. As such you will be handling and solving future responsibilities and problems. As an educator, you will face challenges that require skills to manage, appropriate actions, and solutions.

The best online courses for improving your skills will mold you into a confident and well-equipped leader. There is no need to perfect every skill, just a little creativity is more than enough to help you and your team tackle anything from handling rejections to creating a correspondence, or preparing an impromptu event.

Do you know of a wonderful course that I have missed? Share them in the comments and together let’s explore.