10 Best Productivity Apps For Teachers!

The true price of anything you do is the exact amount of time you exchange for it. 

~Henry David Thoreau

Productivity is something in life that has always been talked about but not really understood. In life, you might be productive in one area, but not the other—and that’s okay!

We’re all different in the way we approach life and we also have our own set of unique skills and ways of doing things. 

Best Productivity Apps

However, if you’re one of the many who are struggling with productivity or just want to improve your existing habits, or create new good ones, know that there are a few apps that can help you get more organized and efficient! 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 10 of the best productivity apps for teachers and what they have to offer, so fasten your seatbelt because we’re going to be productive today!

10 Best Productivity Apps For Teachers!

Forest App User Interface1.) Forest

First up on our list is a unique app that motivates you to stay focused and productive (a.k.a. putting your phone down so you can focus on your task) and will reward you for doing so it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. 

The app’s concept is pretty simple: it’s mainly a timer app where you plant a virtual tree when you complete a task, focus on your work, or are productive. 

But the more trees you plant in the game the more (that you’ll also earn points from), the slower their growth rate becomes.

In the Forest app, when you plant enough trees you’ll earn rewards such as new wallpaper for your phone’s lock screen, additional mini-game modes, and even new species of trees for you to plant!

Forest for Android has been downloaded over 10 Million times since its launch in 2015—so it can be said with confidence that this app is truly effective in helping people to be productive and accomplish their goals whether big or small!

The best part about the Forest app? It’s free! If you find yourself struggling with distractions at work or school, this could be just what you need!

Download For: iOS, Android, and Chrome Extension

Pocket App User Interface2.) Pocket

Incessantly scrolling through social media platforms just to be flooded with things that don’t interest you can be quite unproductive. And the Pocket app is here to save you from that. 

The perfect place for you to absorb great content without the other whatnots, Pocket will let you curate your own space filled with topics that matter to you. 

You’ll be able to save stories, news, articles, videos, and even sports from any device and any publisher or app to read or watch later. With Pocket, you can save almost anything you find interesting to you on the web—not just what you find on your social media feeds, but also from news sites and blogs as well. 

The neat thing about this app is that it will save an offline copy of each article you’ve downloaded, so even if you don’t have an internet connection at the moment, you can still read the article without losing any content or formatting. 

Plus Pocket also provides an estimated reading time to help you turn any time into quality time. 

And to make things, even more, better, Pocket’s listening feature can turn any news story, blog post, and article into hands and eye-free learning experience as it will let you turn content into knowledge even while you’re out for a jog, while you cook or even while you commute or when you just want to relax and listen. 

This just really makes it easy for teachers who want to follow industry leaders but don’t want to feel like they’re wasting their time going through their feeds just to find valuable content that is compelling to them—or worse, getting distracted by other things that they find online. 

Overall, Pocket will help you focus on content that matters to you. Which is really quite productive, I must say!

Download For: iOS, Android, and Mac

Evernote App User Interface3.) Evernote

The ability to take notes wherever you are helps keep your thoughts organized and easily accessible when you need it the mostthat’s what Evernote will provide you with and more. 

Evernote is a note-taking app that will let you easily and quickly capture, organize, and visualize your ideas, projects, memories, and more. You can use the app to store notes for a variety of topics for work, personal life goals, and more. 

It provides insightful features such as automatic backup (because who remembers to back up, right?), searchable text, and images within your files, as well as easy sharing capabilities with others so that everyone in the team can access the said information simultaneously without any delay—whether they’re across town or halfway across the globe! 

You can also use the Evernote app to create shopping lists, write down a quote from a book that you’re reading, or even save web pages of articles that you’re interested in reading for later. 

You can also use it to create checklists and set reminders for important events in your life or work such as birthdays or conventions where they can be easily accessible whenever needed in one place as they will be neatly organized into notebooks within the app. 

You also don’t need to worry about where you should use the app because it can be made available across all your devices whether it’s your phone tablet or computer—so it’s always at hand when inspiration strikes (or for when the situation calls for it).

Download For: iOS and Android

Habitica App User Interface4.) Habitica 

Why not try to gamify your productivity? If you’re interested in doing so, then I suggest you check out Habitica! It’s like a digital version of your to-do list but with a twist: it’s super fun! 

Habitica is an easy-to-use game-based productivity app that’s designed to improve your motivation and organization skills—in short, it’ll help you stay on top of things all while playing a game. 

You’ll love the way the app applies typical gaming elements with the goal of improving your life instead of just increasing your experience in points as it will turn all of your tasks into challenges that you can complete in order to level up your character in the game.

You can use Habitica to keep track of your goals and habits and even share them with friends and for doing so you’ll be rewarded for your accomplishments which will make you lend time to things that you might’ve been putting off for quite some time (making it easier to get it done).

This app is also great for organizing as it will let you record everything from work hours down to how many glasses of water you drank today (or didn’t). 

If there’s something in particular that needs to happen every day at the same time, like taking medicine or watering your plants, Habitica has an integrated tool called “habit forming” that will remind you when it’s time. 

Download For: iOS and Android

Todoist App User Interface5.) Todoist

If you’re looking for an app that allows you to manage your tasks and projects available on all platforms—Todoist may be the one for you.

Todoist is a cross-platform solution that is completely free, which is always a plus! It has many useful features that teachers can easily use to improve or maintain their current routine. 

You can set up reminders and comments associated to certain tasks as well as labels to allow you to organize your tasks by categories.

You also have the freedom to create sub-tasks that allow project management functionality within the app itself. Integration with Google Calendar is also possible making it easy to share your calendar with your students or co-teachers. 

It’s also great for teachers who need an accessible way of tracking grades across multiple classes at once. 

Altogether, Todoist is an easy-to-use app with a friendly UI that has a lot of great features to offer teachers, along with integrations with other apps. 

It’s truly a solid option for teachers, and to put a cherry on top, you don’t have to pay anything upfront because you can use it and access its useful features for free! 

Download For: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Desktop

Bear App User Interface6.) Bear

Designed to be a handy digital notebook that you can access anytime and anywhere, the Bear app will swoon you with its clean, beautiful, and easy-to-navigate UI.

It’s one of the most popular note-taking apps out in the market as of writing, but what makes it so special? Well, it actually all comes down to four key features of the Bear app: organization, focus, project planning, and being able to write without any distractions. 

The Bear app is quite intuitive and has a lot of features. It lets you quickly take notes, tag them, and organize them into lists with ease. Bear’s tags are great for organizing notes by projects. 

You can use the tags to keep track of your work, and they will be automatically organized into a hierarchy of projects so that you’ll be able to see your priorities at-a-glance. 

You can even use the app to create and write down blog post ideas. It also has a full-screen mode and support for Markdown, which makes it easy to organize your notes into different categories. 

And what I love the most is its powerful search feature that allows me to search for specific words within my notes so that I can retrieve any information related to it no matter how many folders I have at any given time. 

Another feature that I’m sure many of you will like is its light or dark mode feature which is particularly helpful when working in the dark or reducing eye strain, especially when working for long periods of time. 

Download For: iOS and macOS

Google Keep User Interface7.) Google Keep

Think of Google Keep as your digital post-it note, but one that you can access from almost anywhere (as long as you’re connected). In the app, you can create reminders, to-do-list, and notes all while on the go. 

You can take notes in Google Keep by typing or dictating them into the app, which is quite useful especially if you need to be hands-free during the moment you need to jot something down—and if you need something a bit more detailed than just a text you can go for the handwriting option as well. 

Google Keep will also let you organize your thoughts by using labels so you know exactly what type of note you’re looking at whenever you open up the app later on in the day—letting you skip the guessing game of what note you’re looking at therefore making you more productive than ever. 

This is also a great app for collaborating on projects with others. If you have an upcoming presentation and you want everyone to have access to the same notes no matter where they are, you can easily share that specific note with them by clicking “Collaborators” at the bottom of your screen and then inputting their email addresses.

Download For: iOS and Android

Otter.ai User Interface8.) Otter.ai

Otter.ai is a one-of-a-kind productivity app that can help you save time on your notes, documents, and project updates.

It’s free to use and its friendly UI makes it ideal for both novice users and experienced professionals alike. This app is your best bet if you’re looking for an app that can transcribe audio files fast and accurately as well. 

But this app has a lot more to offer than just speed, it can also work with different accents and languages which makes it great especially if you are working on content that is in a different language.

More specifically, Otter.ai can also transcribe audio into different languages. And not only that it also has the capabilities to integrate with other apps and services (e.g., Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iOS Calendar, etc.).

You can also transcribe specific parts of your audio files. For example, if you had a meeting with the admin and your colleagues, and you only want to transcribe the part where you give your presentation, then you can very much do so with Otter.ai. 

Download For: iOS and Android


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” which is exactly what it does—if something happens then do this. This productivity tool can help teachers automate their class flow. 

The possibilities are endless with this clever app and the premise is simple. First, choose a trigger, and then choose an action, and voila! You’ve single-handedly created a recipe for automation.

To illustrate, you can use IFTTT if a student submits their work through Google Classroom and if it meets your criteria, you can have ITFFF send them an email telling them what their score is and how they can improve it.

Download For: iOS and Android

10.) Things 3

Things 3 is a simple and intuitive task manager app that will help you successfully check off your to-do list productively in a way that works for you. 

As its name implies, it has the ability to help you manage your tasks with ease and simplicity. Its UI is simple and clean, very pleasing to the eye, and limits any distractions that may clutter your brain while you work on important things. 

The app also helps you set goals, break down tasks into smaller tasks, and keeps track of time spent so that you can manage your time more efficiently. With this app, you’ll simplify productivity in a fun and easy way. 

Download For: iOS and Mac

To surmise, 

The best app to boost your productivity can be hard to come by, but they’re worth the search. These are just some of the few amazing productivity apps that will help you cross tasks one after the other. 

So try to check some of them out for yourself and see if they can help boost your productivity levels (my fingers are crossed for you!). 

Until our next one!