12 Best Shoes For Male Teachers [Reviewed: 2022]

We all know how demanding a teacher’s profession can be, and this includes you being on your feet most of the time, coming in and out of the classroom.

Standing all day does not have to be an ordeal for anyone to be an effective teacher. 

Making sure you’re equipped with the best shoes for male teachers can really work wonders with helping you get through the day. 

leather shoes for male teachers

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And with that in mind, today I give you some of the best shoes that every male teacher needs in his shoe rotation that just goes well with everything!


Are you in a hurry? Take a peek at the top 5 editor’s choice.

Product Image Reasons to get it
Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker
  • Soft slip-on sneaker perfect for the on-the-go gentleman
  • Has a classic round toe design with knit-in texture detail and padded collars for a natural fit
  • The cushion technology is composed of soft-woven layered mesh fabric that promotes breathability
  • GOwalk Evolution provides the ultimate comfort you need for standing most of your day
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Clarks Men’s Escalade Step
  • 100% Genuine leather with soft uppers for flexibility
  • Easy-to-care and breathable leather
  • Full-length cushioning provide complete underfoot comfort
  • Lightweight ortholite footbed helps with moisture management
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Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe
  • 100% Full grain leather
  • With supportive sole unit and padded collar
  • Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock to prevent foot fatigue
  • Ortholite footbed wit breathable mesh lining wick will keep your feet dry
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Cole Haan Men’s Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford
  • 100% Imported leather
  • Classic wingtip patter on a sport inspired sole
  • textile covered footbed for comfort and breathability
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for ultimate comfort
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Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot
  • An American icon extremely popular for standout classic and long-lasting construction
  • Handcrafted with quad stitching on the toe cap for impeccable protection yet flexible enough for mobility and comfort
  • Has the looks of oil-tanned leather and thick wax threads, high polish hooks, and eyelets
  • Features a bump toe for more room up-front perfect for those with wide feet
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Best Shoes For Male Teachers: Buying Guide

There are many substantial reasons why you get yourself a pair of the best shoes to elevate your teaching experience. Breathability, durability, stability, and comfort are some of the traits a good shoe should possess. 

Getting the right shoes can help you avoid discomfort, prevent foot odor, bad posture, and other problems along the way. There are a lot of different types of shoes that can offer both style and comfort and won’t really strain your pocket. 

Some think that cheap shoes can help you save money, but that’s not where it’s going. It will only lead to more expenses to resolve problems from using poor-quality shoes.

It will be best to make an informed decision so that you can reap the benefits of selecting the right shoes for you in the long run. 

1) Materials

This is something that is not really obvious when we go out and check a pair of shoes to buy, but this is a really important matter to weigh when checking out shoes. 

Shoes are usually made from materials like leather, textiles, synthetics, rubber, and foam. Below are some key differences in each material:


Leather is a noble and malleable material and is widely used for most men’s shoes available on the market. This material is light, strong, and supple as it is. 

Leather is a well-liked material and well known for its breathability, ability to insulate heat, as well as regulating temperature. Most leather shoes are made to adjust perfectly to the feet of the wearer. 

It is also good to know that leather is made from animal skin, which can be a drawback for vegans. One of the downsides when using leather is its price which is pricier compared to other materials used in making shoes. 

It can also absorb heat which is not really an advantage to those who are combating sweat when wearing shoes. 

And one thing that you should also consider when getting leather shoes is its distinction to be vulnerable as time passes by, and treating leather can be a bit expensive.


Textiles are also the most common materials used for shoemaking. These types of materials are widely known for their varieties in textures, colors, and designs. The most common textiles used in shoes are cotton, polyester, wool, and nylon. 

One unique thing about using this kind of material for shoes is its versatility for design and functionality. 


Also known as PU leather or PU, synthetic leather or simply synthetics is a man-made material consisting of two main layers, which is the outer surface bonded to a backing layer composed of polyester fibers. 

This type of material offers an economical price for the manufacturers’ side as well as for the consumer. One downside with synthetic material is that it is less durable than its other counterparts. It can also degrade at a much faster rate and can lead to early replacement. 


Rubber is the most used material to make the soles of shoes. This can also be seen in the majority of sports shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, and other sports recommended shoes.


This material is mostly found in the upper parts of the shoes. This provides support for all types of shoes whether it be leather, textile, rubber, or synthetic. 

Making yourself aware of the materials used for making the shoes can help you in deciding on what type of shoes you should go for. Try to take your time to consider the qualities as well as the maintenance part of owning a pair of shoes.

Listing down some of the pros and cons can help you determine which one is the right match for you. Each material can be good or bad depending on how you will choose to see it. 

2) Shoe Construction

This is an extremely important aspect to consider when choosing the right shoe for you. A shoe usually consists of two parts, which is the shaft and the base. 

A quality shoe should appear in one piece seamlessly. Using premium shoes can greatly promote healthy feet along with better posture and health. 

In the wide array of clothing, shoes are the most abused type of garment. Weathering through heat, rain, and other types of environmental factors are some of the typical adversities shoes go through daily. 

Some of the common types of shoe constructions are; The Bonded, The Goodyear Welt Construction, and The Blake Stitch. Goodyear welts are good for shoes that you tend to use on a daily basis, but if you’re in a mood to dress up and you would like to elevate your get-up from time to time, Blake-stitched shoes will work wonders for you.

Try to analyze your clothing needs, to see what shoes can benefit you over time. If you’re looking to get a sole-stitched shoe, try to look more closely at how it is done, it’s best if the stitches are waxed as this can prevent early damage to the stitches. If you can see little hairs coming out from the stitches, that’s probably a red flag already.

Now if the soles are glued, and not stitched try to take your time to check all sides and angles of the shoes to ensure that no glue is peeking out of the soles. If the glue is seen on the sides, this usually means poor production quality. This might seem a bit tedious but it can really pay off when you’re using the shoes already. 

Personally, I prefer rubber soles over leather ones. Rubber soles can prevent you from slippering, and they can also be replaced when it gets worn out.

3) Know the Arch type of your feet

There are three Feet Arch types. Knowing what your arch type is will help you avoid any agonizing foot pain when buying shoes.

Neutral-arched feet – You will know your feet have neutral arches if you can see that they aren’t overly arched or aren’t really that flat. If your feet have neutral arches, it’s best to look for shoes with firm midsoles, straight to semi-curved lasts,  (last relates to the shape of the sole and the footprint around which the shoe is constructed.)

Flat feet or low arched feet – having this type of arch on your feet may induce muscle stress and joint problems in some people. Try to find shoes with a straight last and motion control to aid in stabilizing your feet.

High Arched feet – this type of arch can take part in adding excessive strain on joints and muscle as your feet are not able to fully absorb shock well. Shoes with great cushioning and a curved last can greatly aid you in shock absorption to lessen the pressure in your feet.

4) Keep your standards high

The best shoes should be durable, can provide your feet adequate room in all dimensions, can give you great comfort when worn, and should perfectly fit instantly, or else, you shouldn’t be buying them. 

Never lower your standards just because the shoes have great color, or they have some embellishment that caught your eye, or maybe they’re currently trending among your peers. These factors do not help you in the long run. 

5) The time of the day will help you determine your true size

Your true size is when your feet are swollen, and this is usually at the end of the day when you are able to see the maximum size of your foot. Feet are usually compact at the start of the day and expand up to half the size, so this plays also a critical part in choosing the right shoes.

During the hours of standing and walking, when your feet sweat, it causes your feet to swell.  And you certainly don’t want to feel tightness and wetness on your feet in your work hours. 

Swelling can also occur mostly during the days of summer, this is exactly why it is best to try on shoes in the evenings or after a cardio workout or even a jog.

6) Mind over matter, therefore, comfort over style

You have to put comfort first before style. Teaching is a very demanding profession and will surely require you to rely on your feet most of the time. Putting style over comfort will just put more stress on you if you don’t get the right fit and the best qualities on the pair you choose, you will just end up disliking it and you will end up searching again for the right shoe.

Remember that sizes vary for different brands of shoes, some might come in true sizes, while others can have a narrow fit or a wider fit. This is why it’s best to fit both shoes in actuality. Also to remind you that it is best to be fitted for shoe midday as our feet can swell in the late afternoon hours.

Tip: Try to align the style of your shoes with your school’s dress code. Some schools are strict with dress codes while some are not. You can also use the kind of class you teach to be the basis of what kind of shoe you will purchase.

If your classes are for Physical Education, you can look into sporty footwear but if you’re an art teacher, you can go for the casual type of shoes. An elementary teacher will surely differ in need from a high school teacher. So it’s best to measure up and analyze your shoe needs based on your actual needs and preferences.

If you’re having a hard time making your decision on what pair to buy, you can always have more than one pair so you can use each one depending on your mood. It’s also best to always have an extra pair just in case the other one falters and rotating what you wear in a week can also help with the longevity of the shoes you ow

“You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” ~Dr. Seuss


12 Best Shoes For Male Teachers To Keep You Up On Your Feet All Day

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ATTENTION: Shoes ONLY for Men.  Click here for Best Shoes for Women.

1) Rockport Style Leader 2 Slip-on.

Rockport Style Leader 2 Slip-on

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This brand has been labeled as one of the most comfortable shoes that also come with modish designs. Many teachers have recommended shoes from this brand due to the durability and easy-to-wear features.

Each shoe from Rockport combines style and comfort for daily use, they offer shoes in every category you might think of. From casual shoes to sporty shoes, along with ageless and dashing dress shoes. 

Rockport claims that they only use quality materials for the ensemble of each shoe, one of the highlighted specifications of their products is their use of soft materials made from genuine leather that can provide you the quality and comfort that you look for in shoes.

Their leather shoes are designed to be 100% waterproof, their shoes offer a hydro shield technology that can protect your feet from rainy days as well as grime and dirt. 

They also use memory foam for the insoles that can make you feel that the shoes are tailored just for you since the insoles are infused with memory foam it can adjust and adapt to your feet. Shoes from Rockport also equipped with the cutting-edge combination of moisture-absorbing materials and anti-microbial inlays will keep your feet fresh all day long, with climate-controlled comfort.

Every component of Rockport shoes is intended to get you moving with flexibility and freedom to move in any direction comfortably. The brand offers shoes that can complement your outfit for any occasion, but the product that is most recognized by their brand is the Rockport Style Leader 2 Slip-on. 


The Rockport Style Leader 2 Slip-on is a classy slip-on fabricated with leather and is a square-toe shoe. This shoe will surely add a polished and professional look to any attire. The EVA outsole of this shoe will provide lightweight shock absorption and help reduce weight and stress on your feet. You can select from the classic lace-up and slip-on which is easy to put on and take off.

The footbed of this shoe is a thick foam material which is the EVA designed for the utmost comfort it can provide. It’s described to feel like having clouds under your feet. It offers a perfect snug to get you moving smoothly as you go by with your day. 

A slip-resistant material is used for the soles of the Rockport Style Leader 2 slip-on to support stability and a great hold on any type of surface to keep you on your feet at any cost.

This shoe is actually the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn for quite a while, which is actually a win for me as I think I got a good deal with the price point of this product. I was actually also dazzled as to how lightweight this shoe came to be. I can say that this is my favorite shoe to use every day for work and I did not regret buying it. I can say that I can highly recommend this shoe to teachers looking for a great pair at a great price. 

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2) Vans Men’s Slip-On Perforated Leather

Since the year 1966 Vans has been well known for the iconic style, durability as well as undeniable comfort of their shoes. Vans is an American manufacturer that produces skateboarding shoes and apparel. But their products are not limited to skateboarding only. Most of their products are highly suitable for teachers who are on their feet all day long.

The Vans Classic Men’s Slip-on has elastic side accents as well as padded collars for added comfort while the high-grip waffle outsoles finish the look for this popular design. It is said that Vans shoes are perfect for a casual yet sophisticated look that can easily match any color of outfit you wear.

In contrast with its minimalist and basic simplified design, Vans shoes are known for their superior quality and stunning craftsmanship that is fused with their well-established manufacturing practices since the company has been founded.

The Vans Men’s Slip-on (Perforated Leather) is actually a staple to my work wardrobe. It really works well for me during days when I need to walk a lot. I even wore these to a conference which is a three-day event, and I was comfortable throughout the occasion. 

It is an all-time classic shoe that has gained popularity due to its low-key and simple design and overall a great casual shoe. You can never go wrong with purchasing a pair of Vans shoes.


A precedent number of reviews highly praised the comfortability of the Vans Classic Men’s Slip-on Perforated Leather gives off. The uppers of this shoe provide breathable circulation for your feet to prevent your feet from getting warm and sweaty the whole day.

Most wearers particularly liked the fact that it is less effort to put on. Which is great for busy teachers who are always on the go. If you’re in a hurry you can just slide into the Vans Classic Men’s Slip-on and get to where you need to go without the hassle of tying up shoelaces and making sure it’s fitted correctly.

A survey of consumers deems the shoe to be stylish and iconic-looking. It can also easily go with any ensemble you can think of. Most wearers also swear by the durability not to mention how easy it is to break in the shoe.

The shoe also comes at a very affordable price that attracts many buyers. Word of mouth advertisements from customers has also stated that the shoe is of great quality and is time-tested. 

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3) Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On

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Standing and walking around all day can be exasperating. The Merrell brand claims that its products are formed through a sustainable manufacturing process to produce high-quality shoes that will exceed your expectations with regards to comfort, durability, and more.

The company’s principle is to repurpose the old to make a better new. The materials used or their products are composed of recycled polyester, rubber, and EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate).

Additionally, with the help of their suppliers, they have been able to maximize the integration of post-industrial scrap rubber to form the soles of their products. EVA is also being repurposed for most of the insoles used for the shoes.

Their manufacturing process also focuses on ways to encourage sustainability. The first is durability through using products that project longevity of use, as well as their mission to conserve water by making effort to reduce the water used for their production, and lastly movement to reduce landfill waste.

If you are someone who is environmentally conscious, the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On is a great choice to add on your list. They also proudly state that they are a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and are using their program called “The Higg Index” to contribute to their vision for sustainability.

Needless to say, I find this pair of shoes the most comfortable pair that is perfect to go with casual attire I have. Some may find that the shoe is a bit pricey for its style but the comfort seems to be what you’ll be paying for, which is something that lived up to its expectations from my perspective. 


The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On shows off a basic slip-on design that is made out of leather and is a modish-clog style shoe. This shoe is ideal for people looking for optimal comfort for everyday use. This shoe will work wonders for comfort seekers.

This shoe is exceptionally comfortable, with the midsole made from repurposed EVA with an air cushion built-in on the heel part. What I loved about this shoe is that it seems to mold my feet whenever I use it. Since I suffer from Sciatica Nerve Pain, I noticed that the support from the shank positioned arch of this shoe relieved some of the pain.

The outsole of the Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On is made from M Selected grip, which is a material that provides proper stability for daily use. The upper part of the shoe is made from sterling leather that may not be that breathable but thanks to the constructed mesh lining for the shoe, it heightens the absorption rate for the air-permeability of the shoes.

The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On weighs about 11 ounces (312 grams) and when it comes to durability it can actually proud itself for some of its features. It is scuff-mark resistant, think, and also highly durable giving you the most out of your money’s worth.

With its ability to perfectly snug your fit, you will surely appreciate the stability this show will offer. Although flexibility was not a priority for this design, it does provide a firm arch shank to deliver quality support. It also features a removable insole for customization primarily for orthotics.

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4) ADIDAS CLOUDFOAM ULTIMATE (Adidas comfort line)

The Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate will give you a fresh look with its stylish design and comfortable cushioning system and more, all this without straining your wallet. This is perfect for teachers who would like to purchase a pair of shoes that are versatile and can also double as walking shoes.

Coming from its name the Cloudfoam feature is set off to provide exceptional comfort and will embrace your feet with a sock-like knit feature.


Click image for details

Customers who purchased the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate vouched that you will be able to be on your feet the whole day wearing them. It also features the Three (3) seamless iconic stripes of the brand Adidas on its outer part of the whole ensemble of the shoe. 

Selling at an affordable price tag, the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is usually on top of the list for teachers looking for comfortable and casual shoes.

One thing to brag about this shoe is its out-of-the-box comfort that users wearing it on a daily basis experience, which is great for teachers who are looking for an affordable shoe with great value.

The aspect that is giving this shoe the recognition is its look and style perfect for casual and everyday wear. Even if the shoe is not tagged as a premium sneaker of the brand, it still serves its purpose for different points of usage. The way this shoe is constructed promises to keep your feet in the best climate to avoid sore and aching feet. 

The shoe also provides a strong grip to ensure stable and level balance while using it. I personally love the design and feel this shoe has given throughout my use of it.

The Cloudfoam technology integrated into the shoes will give you a perfect snug, that is soft and can mold to your feet immediately after wearing. The cushioning of the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is also one of a kind in a very positive way. Both features can also help reduce shock on your feet.

The shoe also claims to be true to its size, which is pretty good to know. As we all know, it is hard to buy shoes online and guess if it is the right fit. It is frustrating when it gets delivered to you only to find out that it does not fit great. So much for your time in waiting and effort.


The main material used for the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is Textile and the soles are made from quality rubber to give off a great grip. The shoe’s dimensions come in the size of 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches and weigh about 12 ounces (340 grams); this can also depend on the size you’re planning to purchase.

The Upper knit is specifically made to promote breathability and improved comfort to help you last even if you are on your feet all day long. It is also fabricated with quality and comfortable textile lining guaranteed to give you a nice and natural feel when wearing it. It is also made to always return to its original shape.

The tongue-pull feature will allow you to adjust and fit the shoe for a perfect snug as it should. What is also best about the shoe is that no break-in is required and is available for use as soon as you purchased it.

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The Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Loafers are perfect to help you pull off a business casual look when needed in school, but it is also perfect for everyday use. This is the best shoe if you want to present a more professional and polished look. It selectively features a padded collar and stretches lance for a perfect fit and great comfort. Also, the leather and mesh-covered lining will comfortably cushion the foot.


Click image for details

It also has the ability to make you appear taller thanks to the unnoticeable and seamless heels framed into the shoe. If you would like to improve your height discreetly this is a great shoe to help you look taller visually. 

This shoe is also perfect for everyday use of the week and can be effortlessly paired with different outfits within your wardrobe, which makes it the perfect candidate for those having daily predicaments in the morning as to what they should wear.

Since the materials used for the Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Loafers are of great and high quality, you will surely know that every penny spent on purchasing it is worth it. The genuine leather used on the shoe will surely make you look swank and highly professional.

These shoes really fit me well and have held up pretty well since I purchased them. It is also quite comfortable to wear all day long. One thing I just noticed is that it did squeak for the first few weeks of use, but I think it just needed some good scruffing to break in the soles. But since then, I’ve been loving these shoes for casual and everyday use.


The Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Loafers is made from high-quality and full-grain leather and that means these shoes will perfectly hold its shape and texture for a long time that you won’t even remember the year when you bought them.

It comes in the size of 10 x 15 x 6 inches and weighs about 2.4 pounds (1088 grams). The leather material used for the shoe is easy-to-care-for which is a plus if you are a busy teacher with all the things you have in mind and don’t really have time to keep up for high maintenance shoes.

The shoe also features a very flexible sole, as well as a non-marking sole. It’s also perfect for teachers who are required to move around during the day, as its cushioning which is highly praised will give you unparalleled comfort and absorbs impact to protect your feet from aching sore, fatigue, blisters, and pain.

The Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Loafers will be the answer to any of your workplace outfit dilemmas. It’s incredibly light-weight perfect for all-day use. At the end of your day you’ll notice the great difference between using this shoe that offers reliable comfort, soft and feet-friendly cushioning, and the breathable leather versus shoes you wear just for the sake of looking good.

I think this is a great shoe to boost confidence in men in the shorter department. This shoe will overall make you look more stylish and classy, but still casual in positive ways. Just top-notch shoes in their entirety. 

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6) ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-Ons

The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-Ons offers a fit like no other. The brand claims that this shoe is solely designed to fulfill your needs. Whether you’ll be moving around, walking for long distances, going up and down the stairs, or scurrying through uneven slopes.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-Ons

Click image for details

The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-Ons will provide you with amazing support, flexibility in a full range of motions, as well as incomparable durability. The Advance shoe construction technique of the shoe will provide you with the dependable comfort you are looking for.

The brand is also transparent with its continuous look for materials to improve the quality of the shoes which has made them recognizable to be some of the best shoes that teachers can choose from. You will immediately feel the difference the first time you’ll use this shoe.

The experience of using the shoe will be truly appreciated after testing it out for a long walk or hike through easy terrains. The company also proudly exhibits the “ECCO Freedom Fit” their shoes offer that greatly differs from conventional shoes, so as they say. And this technique is also integrated into the ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-on.

It offers a nice roomy toe box and comfortably fits more narrowly from heel to your instep, which is suitable for most widths. Your toes will be able to spread freely to fully support your weight and not constrict movement for a great feel. This shoe assures comfort fresh and straight from the box. This sure sounds really promising to me!

The feature that really stands out for me is its ability to fit like a glove. This shoe can also endure any type of exposure from different elements whether it be harsh rain and rocky roads. The shoes still hold up their shape and are super easy to polish and clean.

One thing is also worth mentioning, the results from the abuse of using the shoe for some time only made it worn-looking but not worn out. I hope you get what I mean!


The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-on is true to its size, feels true to width, and gives moderate arch support. It provides a fetching comfort through its classic and casual-to-dress style. The Moisture-absorbent sock lining ensures to keep your feet dry and odor-free throughout the full working hours of the day.

Its upper is equipped with high-quality full-grain leather with a padded tongue and collar for extra support. It comes in the size of 10 x 15 x 6 inches and weighs about 2 pounds (907 grams). It also comes in three contemporary and neutral colors; black, cocoa brown, and rust. Each color is eye-catching and will surely add dimensions to your look.

The soles for this shoe are made from PU that can last 2-3 times than can last longer than other regular materials. The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-on might look expensive but you will surely be surprised as to how affordable it is. It can also compete and stand out from the rest of the shoes within its price range.

The most tempting aspect of the ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-on is its “ECCO Comfort Fibre System”, wherein its inlay sole is structured with a vegetable-tanned leather surface.

Offering one of a kind soft layer consisting of moisture-absorbing foam. It is also cured with AGION (an anti-microbial additive that helps prevent surface growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew) for lasting and impressive control of bacteria and odor build-up. The foam is shock absorbent and has a pumping effect that triggers as you walk. It smartly pushes the air through tiny holes to form comfortable air circulation and a healthy climate around the foot.

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7) Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger

Iron Ranger is a brand that is famously known for its footwear style. The history behind the company’s name comes from the hard-working miners on Minnesota’s northern iron range. This shoe is only handcrafted in the USA and the craftsmanship on their products is undeniably one of the best in the market.

Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger

Click image for details

The Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger is made durable by its oil-tanned leather, exquisitely thorough triple-stitch, and thick wax threads, a cap toe, and high polish hooks and eyelets. It is also seen worn by celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Dave Franco, and Brandon Boyd of Incubus giving more attention to these boots.

Each and every aspect of the shoe is designed for flexible mobility and comfort. Each detail also needs to pass the standard quality checked by a Red Wing craftsman before they are ready to be boxed and sold.

This shoe has an acceptable break-in period. It also ages better than any other comparable shoes. Many teachers who have used the Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger chime in on how everything looks and feels great when using this particular shoe. Word of the mouth is really one of the most reliable reviews you can trust when buying yourself a pair of shoes.

This is also hands down one of the best fitting boots I have ever tried on, not specifically for its comfort, but the room it gives to my feet when worn. The extra room felt great and fitted quite well in my opinion.

We all know how some shoes end up cramming up your toes, which is frankly not ideal if you’re a teacher who walks and stands on your feet all day. Thinking about it just makes my feet ache!


The Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger comes in the size of 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches and weighs about 12 ounces (340 grams). Right off the bat, the shoes are also visually masculine and you will surely notice the quad stitching on the toe cap which is absolutely impeccable.

This shoe displays a Nitrile Cork sole and is made purely from natural leather that allows mark and scruff to easily happen but can also be manageable to remove by using a soft dry cloth to lightly buff out the scuffs and marks.

The upper part of these boots is amazingly pliable compared to other boots I have tried on. It is formed with a durable welt-construction stitch and is made from 100% high-quality and premium leather. The brand claims to offer comfort to the user year after year.

Dubbed as the “Ultimate Boot” this footwear will be great for teachers who are looking for shoes that are reliable as the years go by.

It’s good to keep in mind that boots are made to be abused, beaten down, and left outside to completely dry off. I try to think of it as a part of the process to make the boots last longer and more durable. The more you use them, the longer you’ll be able to use them.

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8) Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford

If you’re on a roll to spend a bit more on your workplace shoes, the Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford is a classic and great piece to add to your wardrobe. It is a handcrafted welt-constructed show that can complement your look in any way you want to style it.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford

Click image for details

It is a high-end shoe brand that offers recrafting services that you can’t really find in other brands. Recrafting is a service that the company offers wherein you basically send off your shoes to them once it is worn out. They will refurbish the shoes to make them good as when you first bought your pair from them. Which I can say is pretty impressive, I can give that to them.

Now when it comes to the price for a pair of shoes from Allen Edmonds it is a bit higher than most people’s preference when it comes to the money they will spend on shoes. And that is truly understandable, especially with the expenses to live on a daily basis.

What the Allen Edmonds Men’s shoes can offer aside from their stylish looks and comfort is their ability to last even a decade or so, as long as it is well taken care of and the maintenance for keeping the shoe in its tip-top shape is spot on.

So your money’s worth will actually pay off with its tested durability and its unique feature to be recrafted in due time when needed. Think of it as spoiling yourself, we all need that sometimes. *wink*


The Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford is handcrafted in Port Washington, WI. It is said to be made from only the imported fine materials there are available.

It is a recraftable shoe that features the brand original and signature 360 Goodyear bench welt. It ensures amazing stability and their classic and lasting comfort feel for your feet.

It comes in the size of 12 x 8 x 4 inches and weighs about 4 lbs (1814 grams). It is also the best selling style from the brand Allen Edmonds. The upper is made from lined premium calfskin leather. It can also be smoothly paired with business, casual, and laid-back looks.

The classic and timeless look of the Allen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford will surely make you walk with poise and a more elegant look that can lead to an added boost of confidence. I mean we can agree that some of us need that sometimes, especially when you are always talking in front of students and other people.

It also displays a heavily reinforced sturdy and solid leather sole. You also have the option to have the shoes resoled for improved longevity and durability. I believe the price is right for a pair of these shoes.

The cork footbed has the ability to mold your feet overtime to give you a personalized fit for comfort. One more attribute that makes the Allen Edmonds shoes distinctive is its unique and wide sizes and widths for a more personalized fit.

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9) Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker

We all know Skechers offers popular and trend-savvy shoes for all types of people. Whether it be for kids, women’s, and men’s shoes they have it. Every product they offer is integrated with modern innovative, athletic, casual, and fashionable sneakers, including sandals and boots.

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker

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The Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker is one of the well-loved products of Skechers that many people swear by specifically with the comfort it gives even with extended use. The sizing of this shoe has also been lauded by users due to its seamlessly perfect fit for anyone that uses it, which makes it a perfect candidate for a teacher’s shoe.

Many users also ponder as to how lightweight and breathable the shoes are. That again is one of the reasons to have this on your list. I haven’t even mentioned how affordable these shoes are.

The only problem I found with these shoes is the outsoles are short-lived and not really great when it comes to their longevity. But I think out of its price, it’s still a good cop.

Overall, I think it’s lightweight, flexible, and super comfortable when using and I am actually looking forward to using this more in the coming days. All I can think of it is it’s like putting on pillows for shoes. Can you imagine what that feels like?


The Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker is the most popular go-to option from its line of products. Its slip-on features provide easy to no effort when putting the shoe on and off that can be described as a seamless comfort fit. Pretty convenient especially when you’re always on the go.

It displays a classic round toe design with knit-in texture detail and padded collars for added support. The shoes seem to expand naturally when worn. A Skechers signature logo can be seen at the shoe’s side heels. 

Another head-turning feature it imposes is its ULTRA GO cushion technology that has been greatly praised by users of this shoe. The top part of the Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker is made from soft-woven layered mesh fabric and promotes breathability.

The insoles of the shoe are covered in full-length by the ULTRA GO cushioning systems that ensure to provide receptive underfoot security and protection. It is carefully engineered to be sensationally lightweight yet the outer soles can endure across rugged surfaces.

It comes in a size of 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches and weighs about 1.7 pounds (771 grams). Structures called the ULTRA PILLARS are found on the forefoot and heel sections. These rebounding components enhance impact absorption at these impact zones.

A more detailed factor inside the footwear is the Air Cooled Goga Mat. This insole will not only accentuate comfort but it will also aid in well-ventilating the insides of the shoe. Additionally, it also has a moisture-wicking technology that is highly absorbent to help your feet maintain a good climate all throughout the day.

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10) Dansko Men’s Walker

The Dansko Men’s Walker is a business casual oxford that carries Dansko’s Signature comfort promising to last all day long. Getting yourself a pair of these shoes will surely aid you if you’re someone who is required to walk and stand for a prolonged amount of time.

Dansko Men's Walker

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You will surprisingly find yourself being able to endure long periods of standing as well as walking with the Dansko Men’s Walker. It guarantees to help you stand better, for longer amounts of time.

The upper is made from leather and has an integrated triple-density EVA molded footbed with leather sock lining but is conveniently removable if you wish to customize it by your preference to accommodate orthotics. It is stroble constructed for increased flexibility.

These lace-up shoes are made from 100% full-grain leather that can boost your appearance professionally along with its exceptional comfort. The Dansko Men’s Walker displays a smooth leather is a water-resistant leather that withstands and endure in environments with wet, acidic or greasy climates.

It also provides commendable arch support for gaining its title as the “Best Standing Shoes” in the market. I am starting to think that I need to get myself a pair of these shoes soon. 

A great feature of this shoe that has also been lauded by many users is its slip-resistant technology on the rubber outer sole, which is great for walking around tricky and slippery tile floors.

These shoes are equipped with PU midsole for further cushioning and the heel height is 1 ½ inch. These shoes are also perfect for workplace use because of their featured sock lining that both fights off odor and is antimicrobial.


The Dansko Men’s Walker is a highly recommended shoe for people relying on their feet for work purposes. It can be a hard task to get the best shoes for you, but with the right tools and features to look for in shoes to aid you every day. You will surely have these shoes on your shortlisted choices.

These shoes come with a highly breathable feature that can promote healthy air flow for your feet to stay dry and comfortable all throughout the time you wear it. The durability of the Dansko Men’s Walker can also withstand frequent use and still maintain its first-rate quality.

One more feature that is highly beneficial for people who are accident-prone specifically slipping, the slip-resistant sole of the Dansko Men’s Walker ensures stability and great traction for surfaces that are likely to cause accidents.

The lace-up design of the shoes is also highly appreciated by users as it helps secure the feet in place all day. The Riveted Shank support has been meticulously developed by Dansko to give each user unrivaled arch support.

The shoes are also highly praised for their excellent shock absorption and amazing pain management capability. The outer sole will fully absorb the shock before it is felt on your feet. Several reviews also point out the shoes’ ability to help manage pain in the heels and your feet.

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11) Cole Haan Men’s Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford

Another quality comfort shoe for male teachers is the Cole Haan Men’s Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford. The Cole Hann brand is one of the leading brands when it comes to offering quality comfort in shoes.

Cole Haan Men's Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford

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The brand stands by a phrase that goes “elegant innovation”, which can be seen on every product they come out with. Their design principle is based on words; thoughtful, comfortable style staples for all occasions.

Some known comfy shoes might not really look appealing for teachers. But Cole Haan delivers great-looking shoes that can also offer superior comfort for your everyday look in school. It also offers a huge improvement to your overall look

The Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford has been crafted with quality soft leather that modernizes the look of the shoe. It is also cushioned by energy foam that works wonders for your feet in every step. It has a padded sock lining, as well as rubber pods at the hell for added traction.

In my experience, the shoe initially felt a bit awkward when worn, but when it finally broke in it stretched out pretty nice. Hence, it’s one of my go-to shoes for long walks, and if I’m going to be out all day long.

It is super comfortable and has a nice style that can be coupled with casual outfits and it can also be worn if you plan to dress up for an important occasion. Versatility is its main function which is something important for teachers. A shoe that can be used for different events aside from working is a big plus for me.


The Cole Haan Men’s Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford weighs about 2 pounds (907 grams) and comes in the size of 10 x 15 x 16 inches. It has a classic wingtip pattern on a sport-inspired outsole with rich and quality leather or suede uppers in Woodberry brown color which is the face of the shoe. But it also comes in a myriad of different fabrics and colors.

It features a cream sole that appears to accent the shoe which gives it a different take from conventional wingtip shoes. The footbed is textile-covered for comfort and breathability. It features a lightweight EVA midsole cushion with a grand OS for superior comfort and is highly flexible.

The shoes are also incredibly light as a feather making it easy to walk around and not be bothered by heavy shoes. You can pair it up with any type of slack you have and you will surely not encounter any issue pairing it up.  Everybody loves a nice wingtip. It has a classic and timeless design that can bring out the gentleman in you.

The variation of these shoes seems to be unlimited making it perfect if you want to create a statement shoe that you want to rock in the workplace. The Cole Haan Men’s Grand Tour Wing Ox Oxford is comfortable, stylish, and fresh, this shoe is a great option if you want to upgrade your wardrobe game.

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12) Keens Men’s Austin Shoe

The Keens Men’s  Austin pair of shoes offer style to any teacher selecting it from all others. The Keens company has been well known to have created some of the most comfortable teacher’s shoes available in the online market.

Keens Men’s Austin Shoe

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It is consciously created while following a process that promotes sustainability and these shoes are guaranteed to be eco-friendly. It features Eco Anti-Odor and PFC-FREE water repellency. The leather used for the Austin shoe goes through a process that significantly reduces the chemicals used for a lesser impact on our watersheds.

The brand Keen has turned to nature to rid of pesticides and biocides from approaching the environment. The footbeds on the shoes are blended with probiotic technology that naturally breaks down odor and sweat without heavy metals or hazardous chemicals.

It offers a wider toe box, highly dynamic arch support, and is also water-resistant. Perfect for the rainy seasons so that you won’t have to change shoes coming in and out of the house or school.

These shoes will make you feel the comfort and cushioning in all the right places they should be. The insole is remarkably soft when needed most and has extra cushioning to the sensitive areas of the heel and ankle where the most pressure is felt.

The upper mesh remains stylish and breathable letting the airflow pass through the feet for a fresh and clean feel. The dynamic shape is responsible for the energy-saving profile of the teacher while on their feet in class.

Some pros that I have picked up from this shoe is its toe box room that gives ample space to give comfort to your toes, if you are someone prone to bunions, this will work great for you. Not only that, it is also a perfect shoe for the workplace or just casual.

But one thing to note about this shoe is it might take some time to break-in, and it might be a tad uncomfortable for the first few weeks of use. But once it successfully breaks in, you’re in for a real treat, which is comfortable shoes all the way and all day long.


The Keen Men’s Austin Shoe is furnished with the brand’s distinctive icon stamp. It is a handsome and casual shoe that comes in the size of 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches and weighs about 12 ounces (340 grams).

The Keen Austin Shoe is said to be an extremely durable pair. Some had stated that the shoes last for a few years before having them replaced, which is a trait that gives great value for the money. The shoes are available in different neutral and pleasing colors that can be thrown in with different get-ups.

It is also said to be true to its size and most of the users praised how easy wearing and comfortable the shoes are. This shoe is also recommended by users who struggled to find comfy-fitting shoes for their wide feet until they found the Keen Austin Shoe.

The most uprising technology the shoe features is its Metatomical Design, it is an internal support mechanism that is anatomically engineered for astounding arch support and to cater to every contour of your feet. 

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As a teacher, you’re expected to tend to a lot of things. You’ll be needing to manage lesson plans, create coursework, and more. Being a teacher, you would want to look your best every time you step into the classroom as your students look up to you to lead an example.

Having the right combination of outfit and footwear is a game-changer for a teacher’s self-esteem when teaching in class. And the right footwear can also help you avoid any foot issues down the road.

With so many options and alluring features of different brands and models, finding the best shoe to keep you up and going all day seems to be an overwhelming task. 

Setting your mind to invest in shoes that would serve as an aid to your day-to-day dilemmas can really pay off over time.

My top pick for the best shoes for male teachers in this list is the ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-Ons which I believe has most of the quality shoes that male teachers of any age will surely appreciate. Every teacher I know also raves about this shoe.

And the most affordable teacher shoes for me are the Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker. Even with its very affordable price, you still get high-quality features that most teachers look for. 

What are your favorite and most comfortable shoes you wore as a teacher?

Leave your top favorites or shoes that caught your attention in the comments below! I hope I was able to inform and enlighten your pursuit of the best shoes that will fit you and fulfill your needs. Good luck!



1) How will I be able to get the right fit?

Getting the right size for your feet can be a tricky task, especially when you’re trying to buy online. Wearing shoes with the right fit and shape can show a significant difference in how the shoe feels when worn.

Even if you purchase any high-end shoes that promise great features, it won’t be able to do what it is intended to do if it does not fit you in the right way.

Different types of shoes are sized differently. Knowing your foot length accurately is significantly important to help you in your quest to buy shoes. Getting your foot’s measurement in centimeters can help you go through the manufacturer’s size chart and determine which size is best to fit you.

You should also pay attention to the shape of the shoe and your foot. If you’re going to choose shoes with a pointed tip, it’s best to get a size higher to avoid cramming in your toes. If you are in the wide foot department, you can try avoiding pointed shoes or shoes with seams at the wide points of your foot.

I myself have a half-sized foot which can be a bit challenging for me to find shoes with available sizes, you can choose from brands that offer half-sizing in shoes. Shoe size can differ from brand to brand, that’s why knowing your measurement in centimeters can help you with this.

A great way to know your true size is to get a piece of paper, then put your foot on top of it, then while holding your pen or pencil vertically, try to put a dot where your heel ends and where your longest toe ends. This will be the starting and endpoint for your true size measurement.

Get the measurement in the distance between the two dots with your ruler. Then you’ll be able to determine the length of your foot in centimeters. You should also do the same thing with your other foot.

Try to think of your feet as twin brothers, they may look identical but are slightly different in some ways.

It is also good to know that a men’s AUS size is the same as UK size and in women’s AUS sizing is the same as US sizing. Just remember that your shoe size needs to be based on your largest foot, think of them as twins as your right and left feet are often not the same size.

Another tip is to bring the socks that you usually wear so that you will be able to know if you’re comfortable enough in it. If you’re in a physical store, try to walk in the shoes, they should be able to feel comfortable in just a few steps, this way you’ll know if it’s the perfect pair for you.

2) What are the basics of taking care of a new pair of shoes?

Taking care of a pair of shoes is easy but sometimes you do not have time to do it yourself. But with efficient ways, you can clean it just in time to go to your class. I am sure that teachers have a pretty busy and hectic schedule that cleaning and caring for your shoes can be easily forgotten.

The longevity of your shoes will also depend on how well you will care for them. If well taken care of, you will be able to effectively increase the durability of your shoes as well.

The first thing to put into consideration is the material making up the shoe.

For leather shoes, you can use mild soap, warm water, and a dry cloth to easily remove any dirt that is on the shoe. It is also advisable to insert a shoe tree inside the shoe to retain its shape as well as freshening it up, this can be done after a few hours you take off the shoes. If a shoe tree is not available, some crumpled newspapers can also do the job.

Suede shoes – it is wise to invest in a suede protectant spray as this material can be a bit tedious to take care of. Just spray on the protectant and leave it to air dry. This way, you can protect your shoes from any elements it will encounter along the way.

Trainers or Textiles – one of the advantages of this kind of material is that you only need to throw them in the washer and you’re good to go. But be mindful to take off the insoles and wash it separately. You can try to get a shoe case that you can include in the washer.

3) What’s the best method to store shoes?

If you’re struggling to find a way on how to safely store your shoes to avoid damage and unwanted creases, read on.

Leather shoes are best to be kept in shoe bags so that scratches and other unwanted scuffs or marks can be avoided. This way they are also kept free from dust and exposure from light that causes damage to the leather. A plastic bag will also help maintain its natural moisture and keep it from shriveling.

As for suede shoes, it’s best to keep them out in the open where the shoes can breath to prevent it from sogging up and keeping it fresh.

And then for trainers, best to stuff them with papers or tissue that will absorb excess moisture and this will also help the shoe to retain its original size.

4) Should I buy shoe wax or shoe polish?

The key difference between the two is that shoe wax is great for already waxed leather and can contribute to protecting and repairing the shoe. While shoe polish is best for polishing and retouching color when you want to see your shoe shine again.

Both shoe wax and shoe polish can greatly help in maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of your shoe. You just need to know what type of product will be best to use for maintaining your shoe for it to be spick and span.

5) What is better? Rubber soles or Leather soles?

Before all the fancy shoes and soles of shoes nowadays, did you know that soles back in the day were made from animals behind? The “sole” purpose of it is to protect the feet from the harsh elements of the ground. And speaking of soles, there are two main types of them that you can choose from.

The leather sole has been a traditional piece used to complete the construction of shoes. It is stylish, classic, and long-lasting. Most dress shoes you can see on the market use leather soles due to their known durability. One drawback of a leather sole is its traction ability, the grip of leather is not really reliable compared to rubber soles.

On the other hand, the rubber sole has been a promising material for shoe construction. If you go to a mall, or stores that sell shoes, you will probably see this on most shoes on the rack. This type of sole is best suited for walking shoes, running, and sporty ones.

If you’re a physical education teacher, it’s probably best to choose rubber soles for your work shoes. One downside I can think of with rubber soles is that if you’re walking you will probably notice squeaking noises when the soles rub on the floors, especially on tile floors. You don’t want everyone looking at you when you walk into the room right?

Choosing between leather and rubber soles doesn’t have to be difficult, try to analyze and weigh what type of sole is best suited for your workplace. Try to match it with your workplace environment, the type of floors you have inside your classroom, and the hallways of your school.