14 Best Shoes For Teachers On Their Feet All Day 2021

I went around different schools and asked some teachers about the type of shoes they always are on the lookout for. All of them gave me one answer – COMFORTABLE SHOES.

Well then, I have written about the best tote bags and school supplies for teachers. This time I am putting together my best shoes for teachers on their feet all day.

There are hundreds of different brands that develop different styles of shoes. What I got on my list are among the most recommended and even used footwear by professionals and women influencers who care about beauty and ease of use. I believe these shoes are perfect for teachers, too!

best shoes teachers wear all day

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Let me show you some of the most popular styles of ladies’ shoes today that teachers will surely love. If you look at my selection, there is something in each of the shoes that is exceptional. That I will leave for you to find out. Remember, it is you who will use them.

Now since you will be buying online, the one thing very important is to determine how to get your exact size before placing an order. Here are steps on how to find your shoe size when shopping online. Whether you need flat shoes for daily use, one with heels for special events, or just plain rubber shoes, I hope you will find something here that you like.


Are you in a hurry to find these shoes? Take a peek at the top 3 editor’s choices.

Editor’s choice # 1


Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

  • These “clog” shoes are made of leather uppers with a roomy toe box to protect the toes
  • Ergonomically designed with removable dual-density polyurethane (PU) leather footbed and padded instep collar for extra comfort when walking
  • It uses a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) arch stabilizer to provide exceptional all-day support and memory foam for cushioning comfort
  • The leather material also makes tidying up easier with its wipe-clean feature


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How to Find Comfortable Teacher Shoes for Standing in All Day

As a teacher, you almost never sit while teaching. You keep standing while giving lectures. Even when you write on the board, you do it standing. Not to mention the walking around from classroom to classroom on any given day.

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to shoes. Do you like the polished look of wedges so you don’t have to wear heels that look like towers? Maybe you prefer the feminine appeal of shoes that fasten with laces? Let us say you like a bit formal so you are opting between court shoes or ankle boots. See there are different options to choose from.

But not too fast.

A teacher’s attire for school every day falls into the business casual category. While there is no strict code required for teachers’ shoes, professional attire is expected of them. Therefore, it follows that whatever shoes you wear should look dignified in the eyes of your students. One that is respectable yet shows off some of your personality is perfect.

Frequently, pain in the feet comes from wearing the wrong shoes. Fortunately, the perfect shoes for teachers are not too difficult to find if you know what to look for.

It Has the Correct Size

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that felt great when you first put them on but later turned uncomfortable? After wearing them for a longer period of time, you started to feel pressure and eventually tension on your feet? This is an example that the shoes are smaller than your actual size.

To make sure you get the right size, do an intense fitting when buying in a physical store. Stand and walk around in the shoes. Gently press on top of the footwear and feel if your toes are comfortable while walking. Get a feel of the ankle part if it hurts.

Wiggle your toes to make sure there’s enough room. If the ball of your foot feels dense and compressed, go for the next size. Most importantly, it should offer sufficient space for the toes to move when walking.

Editor’s choice # 2


Clarks Women’s Sillian Sway Ankle Bootie

  • This is a renowned ankle-boots style with a boot shaft measurement of 5 inches from the arch
  • It comes with its iconic ruche adjustable upper part made from smooth nubuck synthetic leather secured with Velcro tabs
  • The shoe comes with a cushiony Ortholite footbed and a removable high rebound insole that takes in impact from every step
  • Made from an imported textile with synthetic durable soles that secure the shoes on the ground, preventing the risk of slippage

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Understand if You Need Heels or Flats

Should you go with flats?

Because a teacher’s job involves a lot of standing and walking, the flatter the heel the more comfort it brings. The flat surface helps your calf muscles to be more relaxed. It allows the feet and legs to move freely and walk securely without making the feet tired too easily. This relaxed environment on the lower extremities helps distribute your body weight evenly across the soles of your feet.

Or with a shorter heel?

The look of high heels while teaching is exceptionally smart. However, wearing them for long periods of standing adds additional strain on your legs and feet. It can compromise proper circulation and contribute to blood pooling in your veins. The result is pain and discomfort.

Short heels do not cause the balls of your feet to hurt if you are on your feet all day. A wider heel also gives more steadiness that makes balancing easier. The block style, for example, is chunkier than a stiletto and gives full support. This type of heel is easy to walk in because they help distribute the weight evenly.

Shorter heels allow your feet to walk comfortably than in higher heels. They are perfect if you have a higher arch. Now let us talk about the arch of the feet.

Editor’s choice # 3


Vionic Women’s, Tawny Platform Wedge

  • A strappy footwear fashion with an adjustable metal buckle at the ankle
  • Designed with elevated support to provide the arch that can keep up with you
  • Looking at the flat top toe area, it snugs enough to keep your foot from sliding down over the edge
  • Made with breathable leather and fabric linings so air can pass through the material, helps cool your feet and stop them from smelling


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Comfortable Shoes Have A Great Arch

Comfortable shoes accommodate the arch.  They are those types of shoes with insoles that follow the curves of your feet. This means that the arch of your foot comfortably rests into the widest part of the shoe which is the middle.

The arch is found in the middle of your foot. It is that area between the ball and the heel with a slight hollow. Since that part holds bones, tendons, and ligaments that work together to support the body while standing, this area of the foot likewise needs the most support. If you have been feeling pain and discomfort in this area of your feet, pay attention to your arch the next time you buy shoes.

Teachers may have flat, medium, or high arches. A flat arch requires low arch height insoles. For arches that slightly touch the ground, yours are medium height. High arch height insole is what you need if your arch is high off the ground when you stand.

A good arch keeps the feet from flattening. Since it helps relieve strains on your muscles while walking and standing, good arch support is highly recommended. This is why buying heeled shoes with one-size-fits-all insoles may not be a good choice because there is no exact support provided in the arch. So to sum it up, get the correct support. Find a fit that follows or at least close to the arch of your feet as possible.

Look for Sturdy Construction

Whatever the material you choose, it should provide softness and ease of use for the feet. Durable shoes are almost always stitched to ensure that both the inner and outer soles are properly connected together with thread. While the glued type uses strong adhesive to attach the soles.

Examine the soles – are they tough enough to protect your feet from sharp objects? Is there padding under the ball of the foot? Is it slippery? Can you replace the soles when they start to deteriorate?

The Outsoles You Need

Chances are you wear rubber shoes for physical activities in school. Choose rubber or sports shoes that are thick-soled. Thick rubber outsoles work for better traction and shock-absorption due to the extra cushion provided. This extra plushness also helps minimize pressure from the ground up, providing more support and comfort.

A padded heel also keeps your feet stabilized with every step. At the same time, they keep the shape of the arch of your foot, too. The best way to determine if a certain pair of shoes are supportive is to review the sole, the arch, and the feel of the material.

Finally, Get Shoes that are Flexible

Flexible here means the ability of the material to bend, or move with the feet. Most of your body points are located in the feet. As you walk, the feet naturally move from side-to-side and slightly rolling inward with each step. Every time your heel strikes the ground, your arch begins to flatten and cushion the shock.

It is only fair that your feet can move, bend, and function with ease. So to save yourself from buying stiff, thick, and heavy footwear that prevents your feet from doing their job, here are a few quick tests:

  1. Put on the shoe. Now lift your heel. Does it bend along the ball of your foot or does it remain firm? A good shoe does not contradict the natural movement of your feet.
  2. Bend them. Shoes that also bend at the arch area conforms to the mobility of your feet. I have explained this above. If you can bend it completely in half smoothly, this shoe will not give you issues with walking.
  3. Now place the shoe flat on a surface. With slight pressure poke the toe part down. If the heel rises up from the surface then it offers a curvature that helps you roll through the step.

When it comes to shoes, the number one you need to look out for is comfort. Here is a video that shows how to know if a shoe will be comfortable. Get to know the importance of each part of a shoe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CCTyP-bHnY


14 Best Shoes For Teachers On Their Feet All Day

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ATTENTION: Shoes ONLY for Women.  Click here for Best Shoes for Men.

1)Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs

Click image for details

Do you like clogs that look exactly like a respectable teacher’s pair of shoes? Spending long hours on your feet after a day of teaching can really be exhausting. Fortunately, the Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs have all the features you need.

From the brand that launched a comfort revolution with its iconic footwear, the Dansko XP 2.0 clog is made with leather uppers and a synthetic sole which ensures durability and long-lasting wear for years. The leather material also makes tidying up easier with its wipe-clean feature!

The Dansko style is equipped with an ergonomically designed removable dual-density polyurethane (PU) leather footbed. It uses Dansko Natural Arch technology, a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) arch stabilizer. Its main purpose is to provide exceptional all-day support and memory foam for cushioning comfort.

It also has an added instep collar for extra comfort when walking and a roomy toe box to allow plenty of wiggle room. When compared to the Dansko Professional clogs, it has sleeker, slimmer styling yet still has ample roominess.

The latest version of the iconic XP clog features a new, lighter weight construction with an outsole that is slip-resistant. So you feel safe on wet, dry, and oily-wet surfaces! It also has a removable footbed and an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole. The material not only reduces fatigue for everyday wear, but it also provides stability and high shock absorption.

You will love that this footwear is DANSKO’s lightest clog ever. You can stand up straighter and have better posture in general with its rocker bottom and platform that measures approximately 0.75 inches. The imported clogs are available in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 13 and offer 26-color choices from black to metallic floral.

If your work requires all-day standing and you have been meaning to have an unmatched comfort, support, and style, then look no further than the XP 2.0 Clogs.



  • material: leather uppers, with spacious toebox to shelter the toes
  • ergonomic design including a removable dual-density PU leather footbed and padded instep collar for added comfort
  • utilizes thermoplastic urethane (TPU) arch stabilizer 
  • available in 32 designs


  • TPU arch stabilizer provides all-day support
  • comfortable to wear/use thanks to memory foam
  • easy to lean leather material


  • small instep
  • not made for a high arch
  • inconsistent size

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2) LifeStride Women’s Deja Vu Ballet Flats

LifeStride Women's Deja Vu Ballet Flats

Click image for details

A very sweet and so relax-looking flat pair of flat shoes is what Deja Vu Ballet Flat shoes can offer.

The Déjà vu Ballet Flats come in a package of a low-heel, round-toe slip-on yet still manage to provide the essential features of the comfortable and trendy footwear. Perfect for dresses or blue jeans, and perhaps your daily teaching uniform, you will be happy to have stumbled upon LifeStride Women’s Ballet Flats.

You will like the article, The Right Shoes: The Key to Better Health” by Harvard Health Publishing. It says women can have any footwear based on their personal preferences. It says a rounded toe top with enough depth for the toes, good arch support, a low or flat heel, and soft material is the perfect package.

This footwear has all of these features. On top of its rounded toe design is a slip-on closure type that is easy every time. Moreover, the synthetic lining is also accentuated with a subtle snake print which offers a deal of both comfortability and style.

The upper part of Déjà vu Ballet Flats is made of faux leather, generally making it lightweight. That makes the shoes easier to spot clean with just a wipe. The LifeStride Soft system® comfort package provides all-day support, flex, cushioning, and extra stability with its Synthetic Flexible traction sole.

To add to the bargain, it also offers a “Just Right Height” with its 1.38” heel. The LifeStride design is available in American sizes ranging from 4 to 11, European sizes from 34 to 41 (half sizes included) and offers four (4) color choices of Taupe, Navy, Tan, and Black.

Some users find the sole in this shoe as somewhat narrow. Note that different women have different feet dimensions. So check your feet first. If you have a large entry portion or your feet are a little fat, then you need the size that will not hold very tight across the top.

With the right height of heels and a nicely-shaped arch, you will without a doubt love to buy another color for these shoes.



  • man-made synthetic sole
  • flexible sole
  • available in various widths: narrow, medium, and wide


  • can be worn with any clothing and style: dress, casual, etc.
  • sophisticated looks
  • wide selection of sizes


  • can be tight across the top, not comfortable to wear
  • too narrow for a wide shoe
  • cute, but low cut

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3) Skechers Women’s Cleo-Sherlock-Engineered Knit Loafer Skimmer Ballet Flat

Skechers Cleo-Sherlock is another ballet flats but this one is classically-printed footwear in geometric black and white pattern. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Skechers Women's Cleo-Sherlock-Engineered Knit Loafer Skimmer Ballet Fla

Click image for details

Whether you deny it or not, every woman has a sense of fashion. Skechers is an award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry. From the brand itself, you are assured of the high quality and diversified features necessary for comfort.

The imported ballet flat is engineered as a knit loafer skimmer from 100% textile with a Skech-Knit-fabric upper design. All these are especially to offer breathability, comfort, and flexibility. It has a rubber sole, Air-Cool Memory foam cushioned comfort insoles and a flexible rubber traction outsole. Perfectly safe, right?

What you will love most is its flexible design that allows you to use the shoes even outside-of-campus and in casual gatherings. The trendy color contrast and overall design would match many types of outfits. They literally go well with anything. You name it, jeans, leggings, dresses, shorts, skirts or even your gym clothes.

Comfortable and versatile, Skechers Cleo-Sherlock Ballet Flats are ideal for flat-footed women. Plus, the flats are also machine washable. So you can wash them in the washer and simply air dry.

While the upper fabric in these shoes is flexible for the wide feet, narrow feet sizes still can fit comfortably. Despite feeling a little loose, the upper closure design can secure the feet suitably and remain easy to walk in.

The cushion though is not a full load of foam but is perfect enough to keep your feet from aching after a few hours in them. Not only they are light and soft but they also offer ease while standing for long hours.

Skechers design is available in American sizes ranging from 5 to 13, European sizes from 35 to 43, and offer three (3) color choices of Black, Black and White, and, Navy and Grey. Certainly, there is no wonder why this shoe ranked among the top in women’s flats based on Amazon’s best-sellers rank.


  • 100% textile and rubber sole
  • air-cooled memory foam
  • cushioned comfort insole
  • Knit fabric upper design for added comfort and flexibility


  • Flexible rubber traction outsole
  • Slip on casual dress comfort ballet flat design
  • comfy, breathable and cute


  • not good for traveling
  • poor design on the heel
  • don’t buy if you have bunions

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4) TOMS Black Suede Water-Resistant Women Paxton Slip-on

Even Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” With TOMS Black Suede Water-Resistant Women Paxton Slip-on, it is easy to face every workday with chic and comfort.

TOMS Black Suede Water-Resistant Women Paxton Slip-on

Click image for details

The TOMS® Paxton Water-Resistant Slip-On offers a sleek, comfortable style for all-day wear. This imported suede pair has a rubber sole, a customized rubber outsole, and a removable cushioned insole. All these provide underfoot comfort.

It also has a winterized water-resistant suede or canvas upper and a forged iron suede which has a soft faux-fur felt lining. With these features, the TOMS slip-on winter shoe managed to rank in Women’s Fashion Sneakers. That alone is worth thinking about.

TOMS Black Suede is easy to wash. There is no hassle as these shoes are machine washable. Just handle them with care by putting them inside a delicate bag to wash. Take the insoles out and place them separately in the bag. Thereafter, wash with cold water in a gentle cycle.

Even though the shoes have a sleek design, wearing and taking them off is smooth and fast. They also offer a firm but relaxed snug. So if you have wide feet, the footwear may be a bit tight. This slip-on design is available in American sizes ranging from 5 to 12, and European sizes from 35.5 to 43.5.

To sum up, suede is warm and sturdy, but not heavy. Plus, they will go well with skinny jeans and most certainly boot cut jeans while more importantly standing up to the ever-changing harsh condition of the weather.

Another check on the list is a contribution to One for One. This means that for every pair of shoes that you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Join this noble movement and be trendy at the same time.  Get your pair of TOMS Black Suede Water-Resistant Women Paxton Slip-on today. It is recommended that you order the size you normally wear. If you are typically in between sizes, try going with the smaller one since TOMS will stretch slightly as you break them in.


  • water-resistant suede or canvas
  • available in American and European sizes 
  • rubber sole
  • Soft felt lining


  • comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • machine washable
  • easy to wear and take off
  • go well with any style or outfit


  • made for narrow feet
  • won’t work with “tall” feet

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5) Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 – Pursuit Walking Shoe

This Go Walk 4 shoes by Skechers is a radically lightweight pair of shoes with a Quick-Fit Portal heel. This is a feature that provides the heel area easy and fast pull. The heel fabric overlay panels also allow for a super snug fit around your feet.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

Click image for details

Like any SKECHER’S fit, it is comfortable on the ankles it feels like you are wearing socks. Plus, the added 5GEN padded midsole and New Goga Max high rebound footbed gave the shoes its more amplified arch support. Therefore every step is energized!

You will also see that the slightly cushioned upper mesh and the practically seamless outline has added to the general high-tech specs of the shoe. The footwear is also designed with a bamboo-lined footbed that functions as a deodorizer with an anti-bacterial element. With this, you are confident that you have shoes that help regulate perspiration on the feet.

What makes these shoes comfortable for a teacher is its anti-slip and slide inner sole that naturally adjusts well to the movement of the foot. That good grip will prevent slippage when it comes to traction on the terrain.

Another aspect that makes SKECHER’s Go Walk 4 the best is its ability to go extremely flexible. Because everything in it allows for natural movement of the foot, there is no hitting your toes on the front of the shoe. This makes it ideal for those who have backaches or difficulty standing for too long.

Some users recommend this for its soft sole cushions with arch support for the foot. I believe this feature is practically helpful for those with bunions. As soon as you start walking you find yourself bouncing because of the foam insoles. Therefore the easy-going interior works in a way that protects the feet from being pressurized or rubbed on by the shoes.

Overall, Go Walk 4 is a perfect fit, relaxed, bouncy, and washable. I believe that good arched shoes are comfortable and I too recommend this to anyone. Just another perfect pick for teachers, lecturers, and even nurses whose job involves a lot of standing. You will expect no blisters even after an all day’s work.


  • Quick-Fit Portal heel
  • heel fabric overlay panels for a snug fit
  • flexible, giving your toes some room
  • foam insoles


  • supports the ankle
  • soft sole cushions that support the foot
  • great for those with bunions
  • washable


  • short-term comfort
  • terrible for any true walking

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6) Odema Women’s PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace-up Mid Heel Pumps 

Odema Womens PU Leather Oxfords Wingtip Lace up Mid Heel Pumps

Click image for details

Are you looking for comfortable shoes with heels? Here is something dressier than wedges or sandals, Odema’s Wingtip Mid Heel Pumps! Every woman should have at least one pair of Oxford pumps. These shoes are 2-inch heeled enclosed footwear that is suitable for both casual occasions and professional settings. These are made of PU leather materials and have rubber as soles so you know that they are durable and safe for your feet.

Classic-style shoes remain the most elegant. This brogue possesses an exemplary look that makes you unique and special. It has an intricate hollow out design that is almost perfect from formal to casual life ideal for school time, Sundays, weekend day out or shopping moments.

The most exciting thing about these Odema pumps is the wide range of colors that you can choose from. Can you imagine yourself wearing a black like this for school and a white one on very special occasions? Surely you will impress everyone.

ODEMA Oxfords Wingtip Lace-up Mid Heel Pumps are non-slip. The footwear is provided with a traction grip so you can be at ease even while walking in a hurry. Even better, the pumps have cushioned footbeds so it can get really snug and balancing easier.

I can see that comfort of these shoes is on another level. Depending on your feet size, you can literally be on these shoes all day long without getting your feet hurt. If you are used to wearing heels, then you can use the pumps to run errands, as well. No blisters, aching heels, nor sore toes.

I believe its excellent specs make these shoes great for teachers, college students, and professionals. This is a great start if you want to try wearing shoes with heels. You can practice in these pumps without the fear of pain while doing your job all day.

For a pair of shoes that can complement any outfit and bring you comfort at the same, it is worth having. One more wonderful is you can get these high-quality Odema Oxford Pump Shoes anytime at an affordable price.


  • comfortable 2-inch heeled enclosed footwear
  • available in 11 different styles/colors
  • classic wingtip brogue
  • rubber soles with chunky high heels


  • great for professionals, teachers, and students
  • can complement any outfit
  • affordable price
  • could be cheap looking
  • tight on the toes
  • sizing chart is a bit off

Our Rating

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7) DREAM PAIRS Tomson Women’s Casual Fashion Outdoor Lace Up Low Wedge

These stylish-looking pair of wedge booties must be on your list. Why? They are casually practical and you can wear them from school to anywhere and with anything.

DREAM PAIRS Tomson Women’s Casual Fashion Outdoor Lace Up Low Wedge

Click image for details

The DREAM PAIRS Tomson Low Wedge is an approximately 3-inch low wedge heeled lace-up footwear. It is made from man-made materials with a clean faux suede on the upper part. The sole is made of rubber material and a partly cushioned insole. Overall, they are a pair of posh booties that carry a timeless appeal.

The shoes have a classic round toe detail, low platform heels, delicate stitching design, and lace-up closure. You will like the insoles coming in a silky kind of cloth material. Just thinking of it assures you that they will secure your feet feeling nicely and beautifully.

Speaking of comfort, the wedges are comfortable and ideal for hours of standing or shifts. Because of the shoes’ overall close-type hi-cut style, many like the way these booties make their feet look smaller than they are. To a busy woman, that is a pleasant experience. Perhaps not ideal for fat feet, but check your measurements first. Not all women have the same features in their feet.

For the most part, DREAM PAIRS, as a brand of high regard, aims to create fashionable footwear that brings more coziness. The Tomson Low Wedge shoe is their best example of that. With all the attention to detail, it is no wonder many women find this pair surprisingly comfortable.

There is a choice of different colors to choose from. You have classic nude, dark blue suede, sleek black, or brown leather. With all these options, you can create plenty of looks. Try them also on with casual denim shorts, dark-colored tops, or blazers and achieve a model-off-duty look.

Wear these wedges in a wide range of occasions and boast that professional trendy look. It is especially fitting for professionals like teachers and active businesswomen whose job is to present themselves in front of people young and old.

DREAM PAIRS low wedge are among the comfortable heeled wedges I have known recommendable from comfort to affordability.  I think this pair of wedge booties might exceed your expectations. Give it a try.


  • man-made material and synthetic sole
  • boot opening measures 
  • Low wedge heel
  • soft PU upper or soft suede leather


  • dimensions: 2.75″ (heel height), 0.25″ (platform), 3″ (Shaft height), 9″ (top opening circumference)
  • can be worn with any outfit or style
  • clean, sleek, and posh look
  • comes in 11 colors and styles you can choose from


  • good quality, but needs to be cushioned
  • nice, but a little oddly shaped
  • had problems after walking on a sidewalk

Our Rating

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8) Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Rise Ankle Boot

SCHOLL’s Rise Ankle pair of boots is another option. They go well with your teacher’s uniform, casuals, and out-0f-the-campus mini, midi, maxi skirts, and dresses. One ideal footwear for cold days must-have.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Rise Ankle Boot

Click image for details

With ankle boots as the latest footwear trend, DR. SCHOLL’s Rise Ankle Boots is their own version. It has boot shafts that measure ankle-high from the arch. These boots have suede upper made of perforated microfiber textile and are of round toe design for comfortable use.

They also have deep chop outs and black pull tabs on the sides for the wearer’s convenience and easy suit ups. Do not worry, they have smooth and sustainable linings that are primarily made of recycled bottles from landfills which is just one of the company’s ways of giving back to the environment.

These ankle boots are not only made in an eco-conscious way, but they are also made with the wearer’s comfort in mind. They have a foamy and cushioned footbed designed for general comfort. The shoes also are equipped with shock absorption intended to lessen fatigue and pressure on your feet.

They have bendable and durable synthetic soles that allow foot movement to an extent without causing any discomfort. Plus, they can reduce slips and slides when worn. So you can figure out what you are getting.

The only thing to be mindful of is that this pair can be small or narrow for ladies with wide foot entrance. This is because of the shape of the toe area. But again, trust your feet’s measurements. You may not know these are the perfect shoes for you.

Of all these features and functionalities, DR. SCHOLL’s ankle boots appear to be simple yet stylish. I think that is what most teachers are looking for – simple yet comes with a sense of fashion. You can have them in four different colors. They will look good when paired with jeans, dresses, skirts, and just about any outfit, really.

All in all, for a price this low, purchasing these boots is a really good deal of investment. Convenient for busy women, especially teachers, college students, and generally working ladies on their feet all day every day.


  • slip-on shoes with synthetic sole
  • ankle-high shaft
  • insole with cushioning and shock absorption
  • made from recyclable bottles 


  • goes well with school uniform, and for casual outfits
  • with a back pull tab to help fit
  • cushioning helps reduce foot fatigue and pressure
  • with four colors to choose from: beige, olive, dark shadow grey, black


  • comfortable but runs small
  • very narrow for a wide
  • can be loud, like squeaks whenever you step

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9) Clarks Women’s Sillian Sway Ankle Bootie

Undeniably, the Sillian Sway Ankle Boots from Clarks’ Cloudsteppers Collection is one of the most renowned ankle boots of its time.

Clarks Women’s Sillian Sway Ankle Bootie

Click image for details

With a boot shaft measurement of 5 inches from the arch, it comes with its iconic ruche adjustable upper part made from smooth nubuck synthetic leather. Also secured with Velcro tabs that attach the front of the boot to the back, fastens like breeze.

The shoe comes with a removable high rebound insole that takes in impact from every step. With its cushiony Ortholite footbed, you are getting comfort while wearing it. If you think the insole is not enough, it is removable. So you can easily replace it with a more supportive footbed of your choice. That is another easy feature you will like.

Another thing to consider is the durable soles that secure the shoes on the ground, meaning it helps reduce the risk of slippage. You don’t want to feel discomfort nor bear sore feet from standing long hours. The CLARK’s SILLIAN Sway Ankle Boots can help you address this concern.

For its price, I can say it is super worth it. These are my favorite pair of shoes on this list. From the looks, feel and weight – this Sillian ankle bootie is without a doubt, my best among the best. I wear it most of the time – work, events, or for play. They simply go with every outfit.

I know of someone with plantar fasciitis yet find these shoes a great relief.  She said she rarely finds a shoe that is not only elegant in style but comfortable to wear. The boot opening measures approximately 11″ around with a heel height of 1.35″.

Allow Cloudsteppers to help you walk nicely and confidently – especially during cold weather days. Maybe a bit pricey, but worth it.


  • ankle-boots style, shaft measures 5″ from the arch
  • made from smooth nubuck synthetic leather with velcro tabs for security
  • dimensions: .05 inches (platform), 11″ (boot opening), 1.35″ heel height
  • cushioned Ortholite footbed for comfort and absorbs impact from every step


  • durable soles keep your shoes on the ground, prevents the risk of slippage
  • comes with removable high rebound insole
  • available in four colors: brown, black, grey, red


  • the toebox isn’t roomy or spacious
  • the top part may rub into your leg, creating blisters
  • can be too small for your normal size

Our Rating

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10) Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Funky Canvas Women’s Mary Jane Flat Shoes

Now let us talk about footwear that looks unique, cheerful, young-looking, mood lifter, and totally beautiful.

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Funky Canvas Women’s Mary Jane Flat Shoe

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Hot Chocolate Design is a fresh and innovative brand that encourages comfy uniqueness. These flat shoes are the latest iconic footwear that enormously sells for their original prints and fabric design. You will be impressed in the combination of vintage prints and avant-garde designs imprinted in a shoe.

Looking at the upper part of the shoe, they are made from printed canvas material with soft fabric textile used for the interior part. Its footbed is cushioned for maximum comfort and with rubberized sole, it lessens the risks of slippage. Additionally, it has an adjustable buckle strap that you can modify if you like it tighter or a bit loose.

The color is very vibrant and attractive. If you love colors and panaches, the mismatched style on the left and right shoes will bring an absolutely surprising impression. The concept, layout, and fabrication of each individual designs are well thought out of and the ingenuity of the brand itself is a thing many competing brands drool about.

The comfort it brings can withstand long hours of standing, running errands, and casual walking so it is perfect for women on the go. Enjoy its breathable and flexible features perfect for standing on your feet all day, travel long distances, or when you simply don’t want to wear heavy shoes.

Also, do not worry, Hot Chocolate Design proudly presents its products as PETA approved vegan, so rest assured that there are no animals harmed in the making of these flats. Now that gives you shoes with a mark or eco-friendliness. Not to mention the imaginative packaging which is a chocolate milk carton, really, what more can you ask for?

Just with its concept alone, it gives you a clear idea of what you are getting. Let us say, quality, unique design, nice features, and a really good price – you would love to buy a bunch of pairs in different designs.


  • printed and soft fabric
  • vegan friendly
  • cushioned insole for added comfort
  • adjustable buckle strap


  • brings comfort that can last for long hours of running errands, walking, etc. 
  • elegant vintage prints for teachers who love this style
  • available in 12 designs


  • quality control issues
  • sizes too big
  • looks and feels cheap

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11) Vionic Women’s, Tawny Platform Wedge

Be part of today’s strappy footwear fashion with the Tawny Wedge from Vionic.

Vionic Women's, Tawny Platform Wedge

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A trendy sandal, TAWNY is every teacher’s wardrobe kicker. The strappy wedge may not be for your daily classes, but they complete your looks during weekend activities, meetings, and casual occasions.

When you are on your feet all day,  footwear with a supportive arch can keep up with you. Complete with man-made outsoles plus a heel cup, it provides stable positioning of the foot and ball-of-foot cushioning for all-day comfort. Looking at the flat top toe area, it snugs enough to keep your foot from sliding down over the edge.

Made with breathable leather and fabric linings, air can pass through the material. This is great because the leather material allows air in which helps cool your feet and stop them from smelling. So imagine your surprise and delight to slip them on with the assurance that your feet are well taken care of.

TAWNY adapts a cushioned and contoured footbed for guaranteed comfort in the footwear. This structural element is to provide a better fit and comfortable insole. Also comes with a wrapped midsole, the shoes feel as good when you take them off at night as they did when you slipped them on in the morning.

Here is more. Vionic offers innovative biomechanical technology and a raised arch support footbed is one of that. This pair is a sturdy 3″ platform wedge. Designed in rich suede uppers with an open toe plus a quarter strap that comes with an adjustable buckle at the ankle. Don’t you think this pair has the comfort you are looking for in a sandal?

VIONIC’s versatile footwear collection combines fashion with wearable comfort. That includes picking a color that truly gets on top of the strapped sandals trend. This pink-looking platform wedge actually has mauve or a pale pinkish-purple tone in personal. But if you like black or neutral – go for it! Now you can join the craze with ultimate comfort. Who says teachers cannot go cool without classes? TAWNY will let that happen!


  • classic wedge with rubber sole, adjustable metal buckle and strappy footwear fashion
  • provides the arch elevated support
  • upper area is fit enough to keep your foot from sliding down to the edge
  • made with fabric linings and breathable leather


  • not too close to give your feet air
  • available in 6 colors to choose from


  • frays easily
  • runs a little short
  • not for wide feet

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 12) Ollio Women’s Ballet Shoe Floral Lace Breathable Flat

Ollio Women's Ballet Shoe Floral Lace Breathable Flat

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This footwear is an elegant pair of dressy ballet flats with a floral lace design that you can wear to your classes at the same time to any of your events. The ballet flats are inspired by a soft ballet shoe with a very thin heel height of 0.3. The shoe world categorizes this heel as flats. The shoes may look like common footwear but the imported material in the floral lace added a gorgeous ensemble you cannot afford to look away.

This takeaway means you can wear them all day at school. Also, because the heel is almost level to the ground, wearing it remains comfortable even without arch support. It has a man-made synthetic sole that resembles the look of leather and rubber. So definitely they will not give you issues standing long in your feet all day.

Weight-wise, OLLIO ballet shoes are super light. With a lace upper, they are breathable and very comfortable to the feet. There is also a designed extra liner for the sole that provides more padding. Apparently, the extra stuff offers better walking support.

So considering that this footwear is overall made of lace material and at the same time flat and breathable, not only it helps you look more “dressed,” but relaxed and trendy, as well.

You will love its major advantage – the lace fabric that is lightweight and transparent. Many women find a graceful artistic experience in laces. That is the main reason why OLLIO designed these ballet floral shoes – to create a mystic appeal in its floral lace breathable flat shoes.

You can see that the lace on this shoe is smart and reserved. It adds a hint of a very special appeal that when you look at them makes you feel classy. Did you feel the same? You will fall in love with these shoes and you cannot blame OLLIO that the design is so interesting.

Offered at a very affordable price, this is your chance to get an elegant collection of black, red, blue, or a dainty white pair of laced ballet shoes.


  • synthetic solo and manmade material
  • features an elegant floral lace
  • heel height: 0.3″


  • available in 6 colors to choose from
  • looks cute


  • low quality
  • can be too small, can smush your toes
  • pretty flat, but not too comfortable to walk all day

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13) Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Women’s Leah Wedge Sandal    

Would you like to try 100% Nubach? This one is surprisingly very feminine leather footwear with a demi-wedge style.

Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Women's Leah Wedge Sandal

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Gentle Souls by KENNETH COLE is a wedge sandal made of top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed to produce a velvet-like surface. While the strappy style remains trendy, don’t miss to take a look at this Gentle Souls wedge sandal.

These sandals are fairly comfortable. For complete breathability, it is designed with open-cell materials so the air can flow and the moisture evaporates. That is a wonderful feature then because it will help keep the feet cool and dry. With leather lining, it feels soft on the skin and will adapt to the shape of the foot over time.

GENTLE SOULS uses the patented displaceable solid technology (DST) for unique cushioning with specialized flax seed pillows in the insoles. This means the materials inside the sandals will conform to the contours of your feet. It provides compression over tender areas that improve lymphatic efficiency, pain management, and comfort.

This demi-style wedge has multi-layered cushioning. The layers are arranged in this order: leather lining, premium red performance cushioning, then a green foam, followed by the demi-wedge (the heel), and lastly, the molded rubber outsole. Wow, that is a lot of cushions for you!

This is what you will like the most. The wedge sandal comes with superior shock absorption that helps reduce fatigue. By reducing the stresses on the feet, the shock-absorbing insoles can substantially help prevent tiredness at the end of the day. Perfect feature!

GENTLE SOULS measures approximately 1.5″ heels with outer soles that are made of rubber. So it makes the shoes very comfortable and better for standing long, walking long distances, or when doing sports activities. Rubber also guarantees a good grip so it protects you from tripping and slipping. Also waterproof, therefore the sole will not seep rain or water that can cause the feet to stink.

Are you often annoyed with black marks on the floor left by the outsoles of your shoes? This wedge sandal has a non-marking outsole so they do not scuff off and leave marks on the floor.

What color do you like? Blush, sand, black embossed leather, or the black Nubach?


  • semi-wedge style with patented displaceable solid technology and specialized flax seed pillows to provide cushioning and comfort in insoles
  • 100% suede with a synthetic sole
  • heel measurement: 1.5″
  • leather lining and non-marking console


  • looks pretty when worn
  • comfortable


  • no other colors available
  • not for wide feet
  • not good for walking for hours

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14) New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running Shoe

New Balance Women's 680 V6 Running Shoe

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Say goodbye to pain and aches with the New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running shoe because this will be your new favorite pair once you’ve experienced wearing them. I have a pair of these and they’re by far the best and most comfortable pair I have ever had making me use them a whole straight week—I might even need a new pair in a different color of these soon! 

While wearing these awesome running shoes, my feet always feel comfortable from the superb support that they have given me even if I have been on my feet throughout the day. They are also really lightweight unlike other shoes that are heavyweight which can make you feel more tired halfway through the day. The New Balance Women’s 680 V6 running shoes are made from 100% durable synthetic material which explains why they are so lightweight.

It also features the Abzorb midsole which is responsible for the cushioning and compression resistance that the shoe provides to anyone who wears it. The Acteva midsole cushioning on the other hand provides great flexibility and versatility support, making them the best pair to cop if you’re someone who’s on your feet for most of the day. 

Another thing that I love about these shoes is that they fit perfectly well, and that’s because of the engineered upper mesh which is a no-sew construction enabling these shoes to give a sleek fit and feel. It’s almost like they were tailored solely for my foot. And the same goes for other customers who bought these pairs and all they can do is give praise about how great these shoes are.

There are also 12 colors to choose from giving you a wide selection of colorway and each pair just looks stunning and can be used casually when you feel like wearing running shoes for the day. you will surely be a head-turner in the hallway or while you’re out and about running errands while wearing these shoes. Providing style and comfort, two of the basics that you should be looking for first in the best teacher’s shoes. 


  • Sleek engineered mesh and synthetic upper for utmost breathability, durable no-sew construction 
  • 100% durable synthetic material
  • with molded sock liner hug for the ultimate fit
  • Lightweight injection-molded EVA foams provide unbelievable cushioning underfoot


  • 12 complimenting colorways to choose from 
  • superb support and comfortable to wear
  • lightweight


  • too lightweight, might look cheap
  • might have problem with sizing 
  • too many colors to choose from you might have a hard time

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Needless to say, how a shoe is constructed answers the questions about what type of shoes are comfortable for teachers.

Knowing the basic parts of footwear also helps address the specific needs of the feet. Things like, to prevent sore toes at the end of the day, round-top types will be helpful. Or you want to relieve numbness in the middle foot? Then shoes designed with arch support are what you need.

There are many different styles and brands of shoes today. But there exactly is no standard size, shape, and feel of their footwear. So what makes the difference now is in the fit and function of the shoes you have in mind. Therefore it is in understanding the movement of your feet, their aches, and reliefs that will lead you to the perfect shoes.

As a teacher, your footwear needs to make sense. In fact, taking into account every detail of the shoes also invests in understanding how it will affect your day.

My word of advice: Whether the shoe is made of synthetic material or leather – a satisfying-to-wear pair of shoes is more important than a fancy-looking one. Keep expectations high. If there is something in the shoes that “might” cause pain – go to the next choice. Comfort matters. So choose your footwear wisely.

Do you have some tips about finding shoes that you want to add to the list? Please don’t hesitate to comment below.



1) What Types of Shoes Should a Teacher Invest In?

Teachers also have a social life. Therefore they should be able to enjoy life and career with suitable footwear accessible to them. 

Classic shoes. Every woman should invest in a pair of comfortable heels. Consider buying neutrally colored pairs that can go with any outfit. You will love to look well-dressed to church, gracefully stylish on formal events, and casually trendy on the other occasions of your life.

Dress Shoes. Of course, you should have a standard shoe that you can wear for casual days, parties, or getaways. Here, leathers are great. It may cost you more, but it is worth showing up at school meetings with the looks of authenticity in your footwear.

Sports Shoes. Don’t hesitate to buy expensive shoes when it comes to athletic wear. Remember that you need to cushion your feet during more active activities.

Rain Boots or Wet Weather Shoes. As a teacher, you don’t want to step in a pool of mud and lose your composure, or perhaps suffer from cold feet due to wet socks or stocking. Then nothing suits better than a comfortable pair of rain boots. If you live in a cold climate country, look for wet weather shoes with lining.

All-Around Sandals. Bet it casual sandals, flat sandals, or sandals with heels – you need a few stylish pairs for fun gatherings in school, vacations, and other outdoor adventures. Invest in sandals with a functional design and can be worn all year round.

2) Can You Enlighten Us With The Different Types of Shoe Materials Used in Popular Stores Today?

Synthetics are the most common. They are fabrics constructed from manmade materials like nylon, latex, acetate, acrylic, spandex, Orlon, and Kevlar. PU leather (polyurethane leather), also belongs to the artificial leathers used in manufacturing shoes today.

The textile material symbolizes cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, nylon, lycra, and polypropylene, or any other vegan material. They are the shoes that offer breathability and temperature control (hotness or coolness) like weaves, knits, or denier (weight) fabrics.

The rubber range is mainly used in shoes to make soles. Rubber is resistant to oils and hydrocarbon making them ideal in the production of safety sports shoes, like your rubber and sports shoes. When you have to buy safety shoes or boots, take into account a rubberized sole.

Foam shoes are created from a permeable material. It has the property that allows water and air to pass through or the ventilation feature in shoes. This makes Memory foam shoes popular among people whose jobs entail standing for long hours. Memory foam provides total comfort and even distribution of balance that totally minimizes stress on the feet.

Leather is the most authentic material. It has a stretchable yet really durable substance perfect to make flexible shoes. A truly versatile and supple material that can last and remain beautiful with time. Although leather tops any other shoe material, the truest of leathers can be dense or heavy on the feet. It is also susceptible to water absorption and can get damaged if not treated.

3) What is The Healthiest Option for Teachers? Flats or Heels?

Experts say a little heel is most suitable. Since you are standing on your feet all day, your shoes should be raised by at least ¼ of an inch. Other than it is a lot comfortable, it gives you an extremely professional look.  A low but wider heel may also give more steadiness so you keep a good balance, as well.

Flats are great, if you really have to, particularly that they are structurally designed for complete comfort. Flats also provide a natural roll-through movement of the foot as it does not need to balance the weight of the body.

I am not saying high heels are a no-no for teachers. In fact, wearing heels strengthens foot muscles. Just wear them in moderation. Days that do not require a lot of standing may be a perfect time to show off those high-heeled look. Just make sure your feet can withstand the strain.

4) Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

Part of your investing in costly shoes is the belief that you are getting sturdy construction and high-quality materials. This means everything in your new shoes assures you that it will not easily breakdown. You have the confidence that you are wearing world-class shoes.

You just have to be careful as some expensive shoes can be deceiving. I suggest that you read about the manufacturer and read reviews. Ask some friends if they know something about the brand.

5) Is High Price a Guarantee of Shoe Quality?


Obviously, buying high-priced designer shoes follows that you are paying for the brand name, as well. That includes the elaborated designs that are essential for the shoe to compete in the shoe market as luxury goods. All these add up in their retail prices.

High prices on non-designer shoes may be driven by the high cost of raw materials used to ensure quality in the footwear. The higher price can also be due to the required manual or extra production time.

While it does not necessarily mean that expensive shoes are always well-made, hand-crafted footwear similarly does not imply that the end product is of a higher quality. With all the brands we have today, only you can distinguish why a certain pair of shoes are sold at higher prices.

6) Do You Have Tips when Buying Shoes Online?

Compared to buying in a physical store, you cannot personally see, touch, and fit the shoes that you want to purchase from an online store. Also, note that different shoe brands have different sizes, widths, and depths. Therefore it requires more research and effort on your part:

  1. Know your foot measurements, especially the length. I provided a link on the first part of this review that will teach you how to get your exact measurement. Visit the website.
  2. Make sure the one you are buying is the shoes that you really want. Don’t forget to check the color from the choice boxes.
  3. Shop only with reputable stores. How long have they been on business?
  4. Check if the online store has a “Good Return or Exchange Policy.”
  5. Read the store reviews. Does it deliver what it promises?
  6. Wait and be patient. Your pouch will arrive in due time. If you keep tracking the website, it can reduce all the excitement.

Doing your part before you click “ADD TO CART” saves you from getting the wrong pair or having the need to return them.

7) Can You Explain More About Shoe Quality?

Determining quality in footwear ALWAYS begin with examining its overall quality. In other words, giving a closer look at how the shoes are made.

Whether the footwear is hand-stitched or glued, you should not see stitch threads or a glued seam visible anywhere in the shoes. Even if you apply pressure when inspecting, stitches, or glue still should not be visible.

Other than the quality of the upper (fabric used) material, a perfectly placed insole, precise and tight over-all construction is a mark of a good quality pair of shoes.

8) With All the Marketing Tricks Today, How Can I Avoid Buying the Wrong Pair of Shoes?

Look for a reputable shoe retailer and find the most trusted shoe brands. Reviews will tell you the details of particular shoes. Creating a list of proven legitimate sellers will also do the trick.

If you are unsure of the authenticity of a photo, you can ask sellers to send you a tagged photo of that item. That way you are sure that they own the photo. Check feedback forums and trust only recorded deliveries.

Be suspicious of shoes that are sold at a low-cost range or those offered on bargain too quickly. Some things sound too good to be true.

9) Should Teachers Go For Footwear That Costs $50 or Higher?

Don’t use the price of the shoes as your determining factor. Like I have mentioned earlier in this post, just because a pair costs $100 does not mean it is of top quality.

Buying designer shoes follows that you are paying for the brand name, as well. High prices on non-designer shoes may be driven by the high cost of raw materials used to ensure quality in the footwear. Yet all these should not be your basis when buying quality footwear.

Only you can distinguish why a certain pair of shoes are sold at higher prices.

10 ) There are Shoes that Look Nice and Feel Good to Wear.  But They are Cheap.  What Can You Say About This?

There is nothing wrong with buying low-priced shoes if that is what you desire. You can buy as many cheaper shoes as you like and wear them according to your needs – daily or special events, it is all up to you. However, it can compromise comfort and quality. Low-priced footwear almost always uses low-quality materials that can easily deteriorate.

On the flip side, be on guard from luxury traps or those that offer gorgeous-looking shoes as these schemes can be tricky. You may end up spending more on a low-quality type of footwear. Why not get some pairs of inexpensive shoes and another few pairs of expensive ones? Don’t deny yourself the dream to own different styles of shoes. As long as you put comfort above all things, you know where your budget range gets in.

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