16 Best Side Jobs For Teachers in 2022

Even if it pains me to say this, it’s the truth. And the truth is teachers are overworked and despite that, they are still underpaid. 

And to overcome the adversaries of being underpaid, they look for other ways to compensate for maintaining their household. And others don’t have any other choice but to opt for a side hustle to earn extra income. 

And even though teachers are natural and great hustlers, it’s still not an easy task to juggle teaching as their main job along with a few side jobs because we all know that teaching needs your sole focus if not your whole attention.

now hiring sign for teachers looking for a side job

It just really shows how dedicated and determined teachers are just to be able to give quality education to their students to their best extent even though their personal matters are at stake. 

I just really wish that we could all shed some light on finding a way to help our educators get the appreciation and compensation they deserve. 

That being the case, I took the liberty of putting together a list of some of the best side jobs that pay decently for teachers that can really fit well into their schedule that offer a flexible time schedule, and for the most convenient part, they can also work at the comforts of their own home. 

So without any further ado, let’s get hustlin’!


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Factors You Should Consider Before Committing Yourself To A Side Job

What are your skill sets?

Think of your skillset as your weapon like you’re running straight ahead towards a war. When you’re a soldier in war you need to isolate your skill sets and be able to utilize them properly to survive on the battlefield. 

Knowing what type of skills you’re good at will help you land the side job you are looking for. Recognizing soft and hard skills also helps you utilize the best you can offer. 

There are skills that are job-specific. For example, you might have studied hairstyling so you may be good at hair coloring techniques. You may also have worked as a part-time sales agent so a marketing assistant position works well for you.

If you love arts and crafts, you can sell some of your prized arts on Etsy, and you’ll never know when your business might boom. There are many online opportunities to grab these days that only need your attention and focus to earn more bucks.

If you’re into graphic designing, which is a very in-demand skill nowadays you can work at various platforms as a freelancer and get tons of gig with just designing logos and other stuff you know how to do. 

Just knowing what your forte is will get things going for you in finding the best side job for you. Since you are already a teacher, and you truly love teaching, why not try to be an ESL teacher? This side job only requires stable internet access as well as a reliable laptop, and also the ability to communicate English well.

Here are examples of skill sets:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Front desk and customer service
  • Interpersonal skills and Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office skills with job-specific software
  • Event coordination and organizing
  • Problem-solving skills including Time Management

Does it work with your current schedule with your main job and personal life? 

This is the first question that you should ask yourself. Take time to carefully analyze if it will perfectly fit into your already busy schedule and will not interfere with any of your current situations.

Try to look for a side job with a flexible schedule or a project-based one so that you will not be chasing the time and feel dreaded about deadlines. 

This is an important part to determine because if things go out of your hand, and if it comes to a time where you’ll be needing to let go of the side job, you’ll just lose all the time and effort you exerted just to get the job. And adding to that is the bad rep you’ll be getting from your side job employer. 

Or if you’re self-employed at your side job, and of course that means you have invested time or money to it, it will be at your own watch and cost. 

Is certification or training a must to be qualified for the side job? 

It might be overwhelming to determine where you need to start your journey to find a side job, much like main jobs, a side hustle may require you to take in training or a professional certification before you’ll be able to begin your side job journey. 

Side jobs that usually require certifications and training are graphic designers, illustrators, web designing, technical gigs, and most of the skill-based jobs available in the job market. 

Of course, if you are planning to pursue getting a certification or going under training, you have to make sure that you have enough and adequate time you can lend to it. 

Is a certificate enough to get a side job?

Yes, certifications attest to your skills and trustworthiness. Also, the information required is dependent on the job and the employer’s hiring requirements. As long as they are the right documents coming from the right personnel. You never know if your new company may be willing to pay for training classes once you are considered. That’s a big bonus!

How much effort the side job is going to need from you?

Teachers are also human, and we do get to a point in time where we get burned out from our job. Don’t get a side job that will require you to invest too much effort than what you can actually give to it. 

You may be two or three part-time jobs scattered into different times each day instead of a full-time job. If this is the case, you need to weigh what job pays you well and which is the most exhausting one. This way you also balance the mind and body towards responsibilities.

Freelancing is a great idea if you’re looking to be paid more per hour or as per schedule. Weekly jobs also make sense as it allows you to report once a week. The per-project basis is another not-too demanding task. Here you get paid every after a project is done.

Monitor as to how much of your time and effort you can actually give to it your other jobs carefully. You cannot afford to ruin other people’s schedules because you can’t report for work on time.

There should be no conflict and regrets from accepting the side job you want. If you usually work from 9 to 5, it’s best to look for part-time jobs that can be easily done within a few hours, and still have some time for yourself to rest and relax—we need to recharge, you know. 

Is the pay going to be equal to the effort? 

The main reason you are looking for a side job is to earn extra income for yourself, especially if you are the breadwinner of your family and you’ve got someone depending on you. 

An example of an increased or additional expense is if you have to spend transportation on the second job. Similarly, if you see a sharp rise in your expenses because you are required of new clothing or have to be eating out more, then it might not be worth keeping.

Getting extra jobs is to augment family and household needs and is supposed to provide a positive impact. If you are not making any progress because of an extra burden on your part, then decide whether or not the job is worth it.

Try to weigh out if the pay you’ll be getting from the side job justifies the effort you’ll be investing in it. I mean, who wants to be overworked but still not get enough pay for all the effort and work you’ve put into it, oh yeah, I forgot. Teachers. This is the reason why they are heroes. 

If you think the pay and the effort are justified, then go for it. But if it isn’t, time to flip to the next page. 

Is it home-based or do you need to be physically present at a worksite? 

Consider going for a home-based job because this will really help you in the long run, you’ll reduce the time you’ll need to allot when going to your side job physically.

The key takeaways for the part-time option are more free time for yourself and your family. Plus, the convenience to pursue extracurricular activities. Not only does it save on gas and car maintenance costs, but a few dollars off your monthly auto insurance premiums.

While the home-based option is ideal if you just want something part-time for some extra cash fast, it’s also a great opportunity to find your dream job or a long-term career.

Some opportunities can be started right away just after applying for the job. Some require little commitment and accept completed tasks according to your schedule. Since these jobs don’t pay much, it’s up to you now if you want a few short-term bases or one long-term job.

You will also be in the comforts of your own home earning money without having to put on a uniform for work. Teachers will surely love that!

Are you going to love your prospect side job?

There is this saying that goes like this “if you love what you’re doing, there will never be a day where you will feel like working.” and this has been proven true enough for me over the years. 

If you are pushing for a side job, consider pursuing something that you will love to do so you’ll never feel like just randomly having another job to do just to get by. 

I know, this might be a hard question to answer. Try to get in touch with yourself and assess the things you enjoy doing, like for example, let’s say you love writing. Try to look for a side job that requires free writing and you’ll end up just pursuing a hobby of yours that you’ve forgotten over the years. 

Take this chance to also nourish your passion for something that you love to do because in the end we only got one life to live and we need to make the best out of it so that we can live with no regrets. 

Is there going to be a conflict of interest between the side job and your current job? 

No side job will be worth it even if it will gain you lots of extra income if it will go against your main job. Make sure that there will be no conflict of interest between the two and everything is on their side of their fences respectively. 

It is also best to also check with your current employer first if it is okay for you to commit to a side job because sometimes when things go out of our control, at least they will understand the situation and not guess as to why your performance has been affected at work. 


16 Best Side Jobs For Teachers Guaranteed To Help You Earn Extra Money

1.) Online English Teaching

Virtual Learning, Online, LearnThis is the number one go-to side job of teachers especially in the USA because the demand for teaching English as a second language is high. To me, it’s a good starting point if you’re new to doing side jobs besides teaching. 

The best part is that you’re not straying away far from what you are mainly doing. Another thing to love about being an Online English Teacher as your side job is that you can plot your own schedule accordingly to your main job schedule, whatever floats your boat. 

This side job is very versatile and you get to choose from many companies offering competitive salaries that will surely make it worthwhile for you to look into. Some even converted to working full time as it just works for them in terms of salary and convenience of working from home. 

This side job is really booming at the moment, so you won’t find it hard to search. You still get to teach, but in a more relaxed and virtual environment since you will usually teach via computer or laptop. 

One of the best-known platforms for Online English teaching is VIPKid, which is a 1-on-1 environment. The rate is usually around $15-$22/hour which is surprisingly amazing if you’re just at home teaching using your laptop. 

Another great thing about online English teaching is that you don’t have to worry about creating tedious lesson plans and organizing student charts. Here, the students are randomized. 

It’s also cool that the students have the option to request you for their future classes – that’s if they love the way you teach and interact with them. This is a great opportunity for you to build an online teacher reputation. The more students request you, the more income you get.

Once you have regular students booking you for their classes, you can easily plot your schedule and be more comfortable with your side job. 

The only qualifications you’ll be needing to be eligible for this job are a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of experience in being a teacher, which I think you already have plenty enough of. 

You can also teach over the summer break or during your free time when you get home from teaching at school. You’ll love this side job as you can always choose what works best for you. Having the freedom to choose your schedule will make you want to apply for this side job asap. 

As long as you have the best computer desk at home which serves as your workplace and a powerful headphone. Then you can rock the online world!

2.) Be a Nanny or Baby Sitter

Child, A Smile, Childhood, Boy, SpacerNow, if you’re someone who really loves being around kids and doesn’t mind interacting with them for the whole rest of your day, even after school. This side gig can also help you earn a decent amount of money with a little to no effort needed from you at all, I mean except for taking care of a baby or kid. 

This side job can challenge you physically, but will not require you to stress out your thinking capabilities. It will free you from constantly thinking about lesson plans and grading.

This job can be as easy as pie. If you grew up taking care of your sibling or maybe have some experience taking care of your nieces and nephews, it makes a good background experience – you will make a loving babysitter or nanny. 

Plus, babysitting does not tie you down to a schedule. You can be on-call and you can also decline a request that does not fit your current schedule. Yay for being your own boss! 

You can also consider trying elder care. I personally have experienced this side job when I was in college. I love being around elderly people listening to their awesome stories. It has taught me a lot about life before and today. Taking care of an elderly person may be more challenging- but it’s so worth it.

This is one of the chill side jobs you will ever find and will hardly require any effort from you. You know the demands of a teaching job. You know how it feels standing on your feet all day which sometimes can get you exhausted. But if you have a passion for babysitting, let a baby melt your cares away. 

3.) Be an Uber or Lyft Driver

Highway, Freeway, City, Traffic, TravelIf you’re good at driving and directions – this is another perfect for teachers. Do you have your own car? All the better!

This is also a very flexible side job that only requires a decent car and a smartphone with an internet connection. These days, you’re a lot able to register and start ridesharing for extra income for your pocket any time you wish.

With all the amazing apps developed nowadays, it is now possible to earn on the side using your own car, at your own set of schedules. You are also your own boss so you don’t need to worry about reporting for duty as well as driving a car that is not yours. 

You will even be more cautious about driving because you’re building a reputation for clients to trust, as well as in choosing whether you can pick up the passenger or not. 

With this side job, you will be able to earn $15-$25 an hour and even more depending on the city you’re in. If you’re in a more urbanized area, you can earn more as booking here has a higher demand due to the number of people in need of ridesharing services. 

As a teacher, you can easily tailor your ridesharing side job to perfectly fit with your ongoing schedule at work. If you have a couple of free hours during the weekend, you can also do ridesharing to earn extra during your rest days. 

In line with driving, if you’re not really into driving around for people to get them to places they want to be you can opt to deliver food on demand through platforms like Door Dash or Instacart. 

With the door dash, you’ll be able to keep 100% of all the tips you get from customers. Instacart is more of delivering groceries, which you can do while you’re out shopping for yourself too. 

This is also a very versatile side job, and will not entirely affect your main job in terms of schedule and interest. It is fairly easy to have this type of job as a side gig and earnings are surely guaranteed. 

4.) Tutoring

Study, Student, Tutor, Education

Naturally, this type of side job is the go-to option for teachers because it is already very similar to what they are already doing. Teachers can do tutoring both online and in-person in a face-to-face and one on one setting. 

It actually depends, if there are a few kids in your neighborhood with the same age and class level, you can also offer to do group tutoring, which actually makes it very fun to teach in a miniature class setting. 

I recommend this for teachers who are newly testing the waters if they can accommodate getting a side gig besides teaching. Essentially, tutoring is a little sister of teaching. So you really don’t have to sway far from what you originally do. 

Tutoring can also give you a pretty decent extra income especially when you have a few kids that you teach on the side. You can tutor after school, or maybe on Saturdays. The best part about it is that you also don’t need to allot much of your time to this type of side job. 

Usually, tutoring services take up about 2-3 hours of your day, depending on how many kids are booked on your schedule. If you can take up more tutoring schedules, this can only mean one thing—and that is more income for you. 

There are currently many types of tutoring but the most uprising is tutoring services specifically tailored for testings. Teachers can get about $20 up to $50 per hour depending on the type, of course, you are going to tutor, and if you are up to earn more money, you can also do tutoring services virtually on the side. 

If you are doing group tutoring, and you have about 2-3 kids, you can schedule at least two hours, and that two hours can pass by really fast over the week, you can also charge per student, and I am pretty sure kids will love studying in a group type class—parents also need this 2-hour break in their day. 

One good thing about being a teacher if you are looking to be a tutor on the side is that you already have target clients you know that would like to avail your services—you can offer it through your school, your neighborhood, or other online platforms that can help you expand your clients to get more bookings. 

There are tons of online platforms where you can tutor, like Wyzant, Skooli, Chegg, and TutorMe are some of the popular websites that teachers can use to offer their tutoring services. 

These websites can help you match up with students around your area to give you a broader list of potential students you can tutor, which is a great thing because you’ll be able to get an idea of how many students you’ll be able to handle with your side job. 

5.) Bake and sell your yummy goodies

Cookie, Christmas, Advent, BakeWho wouldn’t love a decadent, luscious, and oh-so-yummy chocolate chip cookie that just instantly makes your mouth water with delight? I know I do!

If you have the talent to bake, and you have a killer recipe up in your sleeve, well it is time to get those hands bakin’ and sellin’. All teachers have a hidden talent, and if that talent can get you earning money on the side to get you earning more cash for your expenses, I say get on running at the baking supply store and make haste. 

If you’re a fan of watching Masterchef (I am!) I’m sure you saw the episode of a teacher contestant. You can get ideas from there, whether you like crazy good meals and pastries.

What I mean here is that any teacher can grab his or her baking or cooking talent because food is a great go-to comfort for all ages especially. Try how yummy desserts can sell like pancakes in no time. 

Many of the teachers I know enjoy baking because after all the mess you make you get to eat the yummy creation you just made, and all the effort it took makes it all worthwhile. If baking is your passion, then this is definitely the perfect side job for you. And making something out of your passion will surely be a success no doubt. 

But to get the customer ordering your product, you can offer free taste samples to your students, colleagues, and everyone at your school so they can take home the goodies. This is one way to make everybody aware of you selling delicious treats.

You can also put up a stand for a day at your school, but make sure to first ask for approval from the school administration of your plans.

One thing to keep in mind is that baking is very tedious and time-consuming work, so you can start by accepting small batches of orders, and if by word of mouth your goodies start to be in demand. You can gradually take in batches of orders for the current week that you will deliver by next week to ensure how much you need to produce. 

A good way to make this work is to make sure you can accommodate the time you need for baking into your schedule if you have an extra helper at your house maybe your brother or sister or even your kids to help you prepare all the things you need while you’re at school, you can surely produce batches that can accommodate all orders you need. 

You can also utilize Facebook, which is a free platform for you to create a page for your little shop to help you manage all inquiries and receive orders. During your free time, you can create and post pictures of your baked goods and be sure that they have that scrumptious Instagram-worthy look to help you get a lot of hype on your Facebook page, and the rest will follow. 

6.) Unleash your inner chef and cooking talents

Chef, Food, Sushi, California RollsThe same goes for baking, if you are someone who loves to cook for your family and friends and you do always get great compliments from the people who tasted the meals you prepared for them, then you sure have found the perfect side job for you. 

I’ve seen some teachers even shift from teaching to being teacher-slash-chefs chasing the best of both worlds, which is imparting education as well as letting the people taste your recipes that are sure to die for.

If you can gather a large group of orders in a week, you’ll find yourself earning extra income easily in no time. You can also take advantage of the summertime where festivals and fairs are where all the people are and start selling any type of food that you think would sell out every time you open and see the people line up at your stall. 

Think about comfort foods that people always love, and try to think of the ongoing trends you usually see on social media. The world is yours to take, with the endless possibilities and creativeness you can achieve with being a cook as your side job. 

You can interchange your menu every week to spice things up a bit and offer an in-house dining experience that seems to be all the hype nowadays, it will be a very unique experience for both you and the customers you’ll entertain. 

Try to give a personal touch to the meals you are going to make, so that impressions will make your customer praise your cooking and come back for more, and the best review you’ll get is by the word of mouth your customers will share with their friends and families to help your side gig earn reputation and the talks around town. 

I know that all of us have to make ends meet, and what better way to do that than by instilling your passion to it to give you inspiration even when it takes the whole village to do your job, and I know that food is my inspiration as well as for many people, that’s why if you are talented in the kitchen why not give cooking a go? 

You can also try to go with making delicious dips and ready to cook foods that you have marinated and prepared that will surely knock off the socks of anyone who will taste it, and I do believe that supporting small businesses is a way for the community to care for each other, so you can ask for support from your local community as well as your co-workers at school. 

You can also opt to be a food blogger, but I will leave that topic for another item in this list that I know teachers will surely love to have as a side job too. And if you have a little extra saved up for yourself, you can even invest in a food truck. There is one thing I am sure of, if people see a food truck and smell something good cooking up, you will usually see a long line, and a long line means good business for you. 

7.) Freelance Writing

Once Upon A Time, Writer, Author, StoryIf I am going to be asked what teachers have in common, I’d say it is their exceptional talent in writing. Teachers construct lesson plans, create presentations, write up reports, and many other things related to writing that makes teachers above average in experience when it comes to writing. It’s what teachers do every day!

The perks of being a freelance writer are endless if you are someone who loves to be glued at your keyboard and be creative hour after hour writing amazing articles, stories, or anything you can think of—this is the perfect job for you. 

Being a freelance writer is one of the top choices for a side job because what’s great about it is that you can also do it at the comforts of your home without the need to dress up for the office—dream job alert!

There are wide varieties and endless options of topics you can write about so you are not really in an enclosed space left with limited options you can choose from. 

You can offer your services to anyone who needs someone to write great content for them. Topics range from business, entrepreneurs, and many more as long as you can jive with the niche they are requiring you to write about, which is important because it can be an impossible task to write about something you don’t know—but then we do have access to the internet now, unlike in the old days where you literally need to help yourself to get through manual researching in the library or so. (Thank you internet!)

You can also base your potential topics on the current subjects you are teaching, which makes it easier for you because you are already an expert in that specific area. Writing can also be a great outlet for teachers because it can give you the feeling of having a voice reaching many people online. 

Freelancing as a writer also means you have the freedom to choose the work you are going to do as well as the time you are going to give to it. But keep in mind that it can be challenging to be productive when you have a flexible schedule to work. 

Also, if you are aiming to be a freelance writer, you can read on the internet on ways to write great content so that readers will be engaged from the start to the end of what you have written even in the form of a short article or a long one. 

This type of side job also has a lot of perks because the possibilities are endless and you can create and repurpose content and write about anything under the sun that you would like to write about. 

With all the companies and potential employers looking for talented writers it won’t be hard for you to comb through jobs with the help of the internet and pick one that’s perfect for you and fits your current routine with your job and personal life. 

8.) Try and be a virtual assistant

Man, Smartphone, Mobile, TechnologyFor the past decade, being a virtual assistant is one of the most upcoming and most in-demand jobs in the online world. 

A lot of rising entrepreneurs are being caught up with small tasks that seem to be hindering them from focusing on the much bigger tasks that can be highly beneficial to the business. 

This is when the need for a virtual assistant comes in, hiring a VA for their business will help them delegate some of the tasks that can be so time-consuming but do not really have an effect on helping the business to grow. 

This side job can be perfect for teachers because this one can also be done in the comforts of your home as well, some of the tasks a virtual assistant needs to do can be for email management, database management, and most administrative tasks that entrepreneurs can’t face at times because they are so busy with many other things going on with their business. 

And the best thing about this is that teachers are already well experienced with these types of tasks, and I am 100% sure about it, don’t you agree? Teachers already manage a room of about 20-30 students at a time and if that is not impressive, I don’t really know what is.

There are a lot of platforms to hunt for virtual assistant jobs. There are VAs for real estate, medical-related fields, e-commerce, and even for social media marketing fields, and more. 

You can also do this part-time as well as full-time if you’re up to it. But this can be difficult to do especially if the job will require you to take in calls or so, but if it doesn’t well lucky for you, you can also manage to teach and being a virtual assistant at the same time if you are up for the challenge. 

You can take advantage of school breaks where you’ll have pretty much all the time in the world for yourself and you can course all that to earning extra income for yourself as a virtual assistant. 

You can amp up your portfolio and I suggest putting in most of your expertise so that you can attract more clients and get acquainted with how their business works. 

It is always a good idea to have a contingency plan so that you will always be ready, and having a side job can help you have a backup plan just in case you know, life happens.

Being a virtual assistant can also be an intimidating job especially when you are just starting out. So the best way is to mingle with people who are already in the business so you can learn a thing or two about how a VA’s day goes by. 

And choosing this type of job as your side gig can also be very rewarding especially with the professional growth that you will be able to gain which is a very valuable addition to your blossoming career. And being a versatile individual with a lot of skills, you will really find yourself connected with people with the same goal in mind. 

9.) Learn about Facebook ads and create advertisements for small businesses

Hire, Hiring, Recruitment, RecruitingNow this one is trending and if you will notice more and more ads are now popping up on Facebook and this means there is an opportunity lying beneath it as well because recent observations with these types of ads are that they are really effective. (I know because I do click on them and end up buying what was advertised, guilty as charged.) 

And since almost everyone is now on Facebook, businesses are taking advantage of using Facebook as a tool to reach more customers and gain new leads for their sales to grow more and more and it really is proven and tested with positive results. 

If you are someone who loves and can easily create very catchy and eye-pleasing presentations this might as well be a piece of cake for you.

The key for this side job is familiarity with tools that you can use to emerge in this type of job like using Adobe Photoshop, Canva, basic image manipulation, and knowing how to capture the audience with what you are making. 

Knowing the basics of Facebook advertisement is absolutely free, and if it is free better take advantage of it because ultimately you will earn a pretty decent amount of money from it whilst not really putting much time to it hence making it a great side job for teachers. There are tons of free tutorials on Facebook and unlimited information on the internet on how you’ll be able to do it effectively. 

Even students who are teens are learning to make Facebook ads to earn cash on the side to help them with their studies, and if they can do that so can teachers! Everyone who has access to the internet and will to learn will be able to go into this type of side job. 

As Facebook ads are becoming the mainstream and quick way for businesses to reach customers, you will surely have a lot of niches to focus on and choose from to help you with getting started with this type of side job. 

All types of products and services can now be seen roaming around newsfeeds and effective click baits will surely help businesses to get more money fast and that’s when the need for people who can create Facebook ads comes in and where you will find an opportunity to make money out of it. 

The core of this side job is for you to know what will drive more traffic to the correct funnel for it to aim at the right prospect market. I know for sure that most of us have been using Facebook for years now, and you know how things usually go around while using it. 

You just have to keep in mind the question of what would make the perfect campaign and how will you use Facebook ads to help your employer make money online and drive sales further. 

It may not be simple as 123, but once you get the perfect formula that will help you create the perfect ad that your niche needs then you will soon be earning money even when you’re sleeping. 

10.) Sell your Lesson Plans

Planner, Glasses, Time ManagementWell, how about that! Did you know that you can also sell lesson plans online and it’s currently the norm nowadays? Yes, you read that right. You can sell lesson plans that you make. And there is no shame in sharing something that you worked hard for and earning an extra few bucks from it. 

This is just a way for teachers to help teachers because we all know how challenging this profession is. And if you got some extra time in your hands and if you want to earn extra money aside from your current job, then say no more. This side job is for you. 

If creating a lesson plan is a delight for you, well no need to look for another side job that you can do because here it is already. Even if you are a high school teacher, or an elementary teacher, or even a professor at a university or community college, you’ll be able to sell your lesson plan at a great price online. 

This has become a norm due to other teachers not really having enough time to create their own lesson plan for themselves. Usually, other teachers buy already made lesson plans for them to free up more time for themselves to achieve a work-life balance that we are all craving for. 

And the idea to buy and sell lesson plans online was born because of it. We all know how tedious and time-consuming it is to create and organize a lesson plan, and others really just do not have the time for it. If you have the talent and if you can make lesson plans in a printable format, you can post them for sale online and make bucks out of it. Isn’t that amazing? 

And the website Teachers Pay Teachers has made all of this possible and created this very helpful platform where teachers can exchange and share content to help each other go through the everyday challenges of being an educator. 

This is a no-judgment zone where teachers can exchange some of their previous lesson plans and take it up for sale where other teachers are looking to buy one to help them with maybe some unfamiliar lesson they are currently facing. It is actually a win-win situation if you think about it carefully. 

You can also post some of your handcrafted tools or visuals on the website and shop for some things that you can also use for yourself in your own class. And the great thing about this is it will become a great passive income that will not really require a lot of effort from you because you are just selling lesson plans that you have already made previously. 

11.) Create and sell courses online

Online, Course, Training, TeacherAnother skill that many teachers have already mastered is creating and selling online courses. If you’re good at multi-tasking, this will be easy as pie and a great way to earn a few bucks. 

You can create online courses about how-to’s inside the classroom, which seems to be pretty in demand at the moment for new teachers. Since most of us are in the digital world right now. Think of it as just sharing tips and tricks on how you manage your classes and how you stay productive as a teacher. 

You can also write about anything that you have the expertise and know a lot about and you will soon find yourself making a few sales here and there. You just really have to take advantage of the internet at this point. 

Once you create a course, you’ll be able to sell it for a long time as long as it is posted as available and money will be just going into your pocket passively.

A popular website to sell online courses is Udemy, and I’m pretty sure you have heard or read about it every now and then because there are a lot of people who buy online courses from the said website.

You can choose from a variety of topics and create online courses based on them and Udemy will be there to help you sell under a few circumstances, in which Udemy will also earn from a small percentage of your sales—which is still a win-win situation because once you have uploaded your online course Udemy will be the one doing all the hard work of promoting your course to magnet sales and earn money for you. 

You can freely create courses out of anything or think of courses based on your teaching specialty and that should be easy for you. There are a lot of teachers who have had success doing this as a side job and even earned a lot of money surpassing the monthly income they get from teaching. 

Education is a form of wealth that cannot be taken away from you. You will never know how well things will work out unless you try it for yourself and go for it wholeheartedly. You should just keep things natural like you are just creating coursework for your students and the rest will follow. 

One person named Rob Percival who created a 30-hour online course about web development and coding originally put it up for free on Udemy actually got 4,000 students to sign up and he made about a whopping $1 million out of it. And that’s a lot of money.

You can also earn from selling online courses determination and a positive mindset. 

12.) Be an Airbnb host

Airbnb, Air Bnb, ApartmentThis one is also a great source of income especially if you have a few extra rooms in your house or maybe even an extra property that you already own, which you can use to be rented through Airbnb. 

Renting your place through Airbnb if you have an extra room is a great way to subsidize the cost and expenses of ownership which will ultimately help you pay out bills and other expenses and gain a new friend at the same time. 

A lot of people look into renting out places through Airbnb. The platform perfectly works for them and the system is very user-friendly. You just list up your place and give out a few details and voila, you’ll be having your first guest in no time. 

Airbnb payment and transactions are highly secured so you don’t really have to worry about anything—adding to that is you also have the power to say yes or no to the booking request of a guest. 

This will also be great for teachers who love to host and share the cultures of their city and know the whereabouts of the great places to go to within their city. Plus, you will be getting to know new people and get to have more connections that will help you in growing your career as well. 

If you know how a thing or two about surfing, arts and crafts, and all the hidden gems in your city then this side job will fit you like a glove. You will be acting as a tour guide, and this will be perfect for you if your town is a great tourist spot with people coming in and out looking to rent a room for a night or two. 

But before you venture into this side job, make sure that there is actually a demand for your listing to be noticed in Airbnb. You have to make sure that your place is very accessible for the guest as if it is near the supermarket, convenience stores, and the likes. 

If you are planning to go into being an Airbnb host, you also have to calculate carefully the risks as much as any other businesses run into. If you are willing to take a leap of faith and if you are thinking that this will work for you then you can read more about it in this article, to give you a better insight on the ABCs about being an Airbnb host. 

13.) Earn money from doing voice-overs

Music, Sing, Concert, SingerDo you have a captivating voice that can command an audience? Well, you should look into doing voice-overs as your side job because this will be perfect for you. There are online websites looking for people who can read stories or any other form of written compositions in need of a voice-over. 

If you can speak English well and love to read out stories with emotion, voice-over will just be like a hobby for you. You can earn a lot of money selling your voiceovers at sites like Fiverr and other websites where people are looking for this type of service. 

This can be great for teachers who have been into acting and performing for a long time as it will be your foundation if you are a starter in this kind of job. Another thing to keep in mind to help you much further in this type of industry is to get a voice coach to get your skills sharpened like a knife. 

You can also take an interest in studying other successful voice actors online as they do offer free tutorials on Youtube that will help you be successful in this type of side job. If you were to take this type of side job as a serious business, the money will be knocking at your door effortlessly. 

If you are thinking, “well, I really don’t have a great voice to start with”, keep that negative mindset and lock it away because good news for you, businesses are not really into cartoony and out of this world voices, they are more into normal everyday people voices because they are more relatable and believable, and they need that to help them attract more people.

It is also an advantage if your voice is like an average person because you will fit in more on the different genres and you don’t really need to be outrageously talented to go into this type of side job. 

If you are only getting a few orders when you’re starting up, don’t worry. With just a few practices and voice development you will be able to get more orders and earn up to $100-$300 per minute. Just be consistent with progress and your goal will be reached sooner than you think. 

What’s best about this side job is that you can start up with basic pieces of equipment and have them upgraded in the future, and maybe even set up a quaint studio in your house where you can comfortably go into reading and producing high-quality voice-overs that clients will surely line up for.

Here, you need the best working microphone.

14.) Blogging

Wordpress, Blogging, Blogger, EditorEver wondered how much bloggers make from videos and articles they upload, it’s unimaginable. If I had a chance to be one, I would in a heartbeat. It’s a great way to connect and to share with other people, and also learn from them at the same time.

Educational blogs are also very popular nowadays, and that will be a topic teachers will have no problem going into. You can also start a blog with one of your passions making it easier for you to tackle the things you want to talk about.

If you are into makeup, well, good news for you, you can just start simply by doing makeup tutorials and start your blogging empire from there, it might take some time but it will all be worth it especially when you start making money out from it full time. 

Some people even blog as their full-time job and states that it can support their whole family all in all and that is something very promising if you’re looking into this type of side job. And since there is serious cash to be earned with this gig, of course, you have to make sure that the quality of your content is something that people see as a helpful guide on solving some of their problems—which is the main reason why blogging started. 

Usually, blogs that come up to the top are educational ones or entertaining blogs that rake up a lot of views and clicks which means more ads and more money for you. When it comes to the income that you’ll be able to earn, it is as wide and vast as the galaxy because it is unlimited. That’s the most amazing thing about it.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to blogging, there are tons of ideas that you can go on and about, and you’ll be surprised as to how many people also take the same interests as you. And that’s the fun thing about blogging, you also get to meet people that share the same sentiments as you do. 

You can even blog about the challenges and the perks of being a teacher, or even tips and tricks that work really well for the environment of your class. The online world has really opened up a lot of possibilities for everyone to share and earn at the same time while having fun doing both. 

Making reviews for products are also some of the great ways you can start your blog, the more traffic you will get, the greater chance you will start earning money from your blogs in no time soon. 

Additionally, you can also offer live workshops, which will be your forte because you are already a teacher and that will make things even better because you already know the basics and how-to’s in running workshops. 

15.) Be a camp counselor

Campfire, Beach, People, Party, SunsetAfter the school year is done, you know where the kids will be off to, no doubt they will be at a summer camp. And if you really love being with kids and nurturing them to be the person they can be, you can opt to be a camp counselor. 

And since you are already equipped with the mentoring and teaching skills you have been an educator, you utilize those skills and put them to good use to help you earn money.

If you are also up for team-buildings and outdoor activities, you’ll see yourself enjoying camp more than the kids staying there. 

As a camp counselor, you’ll be able to take part in leading a large group of kids, taking the lead in workshops, as well as putting the fun into all the things you can help to put into the camping experiences of the kids you are handling. 

If you love the outdoors you will surely enjoy every minute of being a camp counselor, because camps are usually located near lakes, mountains, and the outdoor that the city does not offer. 

All I know is that coffee just tastes better with the view of a lake or mountains and just smelling the morning dew from trees when you wake up. 

One thing to keep in mind with this type of job is that the pay may not be what you are expecting to get from it, which is one thing—you can still opt to negotiate since you are backed up with your experience. Ultimately, this will also be just like a vacation for you but instead of spending money, you will be earning it. And who wouldn’t want that? 

16.) Create your own online business

Cyber Monday, Online Shopping, ShopToday’s world is changing rapidly and so are the different business models that exist.  A few decades ago, a brick-and-mortar business was the only way to have a business.

With things shifting towards the online world, you can create an online business with as little as $49.00 USD per month, instead of tens of thousands that you need to invest in a physical business model.

And there are clear advantages.  One of the most important ones is that you don’t need to make a huge investment upfront to start it.  And another one is that you can work at your own pace and also at the times that you can, given your busy schedule as a teacher.

Being a teacher myself, I understand the battles that you are going through. I know the perks of financial stress with an underpaid job. I feel how passionate you are about that you cannot give it up, but you need a side income.

I have been there and know exactly what you are talking about and I can help you with it.

Be aware, building a new online business is nothing easy and it takes time to build it up.  So if you are in desperate need of money, this is most likely not the route for you.  However, if you have some money saved up and are not that needy right now, you can carefully consider this as your next best option.

Check out my favorite course to build your new online business here.  By the way, I have been enrolled in this course for years and I still love it.  I learn new things all the time.  And it has led me to success while being a full-time teacher.


It doesn’t have to be hard just to make ends meet, and you don’t have to fret if you are needing to get yourself a job on the side just to pay the bills and other expenses. Arm yourself with your passion and unending determination – this is the key to success.

There are times when you might think about the purpose of why you teach and what good does it do for you. It might take time for you to realize that it is all worth it. Many individuals who juggle two or three jobs. Some even go for more.  It’s the power of a positive mindset as well as a can-do attitude that can really get you far. 

If you think you can manage to commit yourself to a side job, then go for it! You should always follow what’s in your heart and the rest will follow. It will also be a great opportunity for you to gain amazing experiences in life as well as for your professional growth. 

Because time is uncertain, and we are never sure of what tomorrow brings, it is also better to have a backup plan just in case we face an inevitable situation. And there are a lot of side jobs where teachers can still work with kids or not if you are looking for a different type of environment or vibe. 



1.) What is a side job or a side hustle?

You might be new when hearing this term, you can also think of this as a part-time job that you can do whilst you are also engaged with a full-time job or both! 

There are side jobs that can help you earn passive income even if you are not putting a lot of hours into it. And this can be by selling online courses, or even blogging which are previously mentioned above. 

There is a wide category of side jobs you can choose from and you can also take advantage of the free research on the internet if a certain type of side job can work and be perfect for you. 

You just have to be sure that it does not interfere with your main job, and you’ll be good to go and be merry with earning money to help supplement the current salary you are getting from being a teacher. 

2.) How do I know if I am in need of a side job? 

Well, maybe you can get to the most obvious part first, which is that you are here reading about it. Think of it as a contingency plan that can help you when the rainy day comes. Or maybe if you are currently struggling to make ends meet with your current job that may be a sign to start hunting for a side job to help yourself financially. 

This might mean a few more hours of work after work, (I know it already sounds dreading) but try to look for a side job that you will enjoy where you will not really feel like working at all. And that is the key, use your passion to earn.

You need to ask yourself these questions. Are you having job stability issues? Are you badly in need of extra income? Or are you looking to knock on new opportunities as well?

3.)  What are the type of side jobs I can look into?

If you are just starting up on finding a side job for yourself, here are some of the side jobs that teachers will easily jive into. 

Online jobs – these jobs consist of usually teaching jobs, being a virtual assistant, blogging, and other online activities that you can earn money from. 

Did you know that you can also earn money just by answering surveys or taking part in a focus group? Yes, these jobs exist. So if you love answering surveys you can look up on google the sites that offer cash in exchange for you to answer some surveys.

Photography jobs – Yes, you can also earn from photography especially if you have a good eye for it. Speaking from experience, I did a few gigs taking pictures of newborns because I really loved working with my newborn, and some of my friends saw my works and asked if they could also hire me for their newborn’s photoshoot too. 

Just a tip, if you are good at something, never do it for free. Even when others judge you, just be consistent and stand your take. Because not everyone can do what you do. 

Side jobs from home – Yes, you can also work in the comforts of your home. These side jobs are usually the ones related to baking, cooking, hosting an Airbnb, and the likes. Graphic designing, and doing voice-overs are also included in this category. As long as it’s in the four walls of your home. 

Caregiving – if you are naturally a caring person and love taking care of kids, pets, and the elderly, you can consider this type of side job. It is not really stressful and at the same time, you will get to have fun spending time with the one you are caring for. 

4.) I think I can do it, should I go for it?

By all means, why not?

It is important that before making a life-changing decision, you are sure that you’re physical, emotional, as well as your social well-being is up for the task you are putting yourself into. You can test the waters first by taking 1-2 hours of your time each day and gradually put more hours into it. 

Just see to it you are ready because you don’t want to risk everything and have it backfire on you. Don’t stress too much and avoid making irrational decisions because you got blinded by how much money you will make with the side job. If you know for yourself that you will not be able to handle it – don’t do it.

5.) Should I tell my current employer about it? 

This is also a question that might have run through your mind when you opt to take the second job. The answer to this question might vary depending on the situation, but it’s best to inform your employer about it. 

If your current employer had you sign a contract for you to exclusively work for them, then you might really need t to let them know about your situation and surely they will understand. But if it is not the case then the decision to let them know about it is all up to you.

But still, transparency is best when it comes to these kinds of situations.

6.) Any tips on how I can balance out everything? From two jobs as well as personal life?

Whatever happens, please leave some time for yourself to unwind and relax. It is not a good idea to work yourself out to the point where you will get burnout because this will never have a positive effect on you, and consequently this will also affect both of your jobs. 

You should always have time to prioritize your life outside your jobs because this is your way to vent out stress and have relief from it. Yes, making money is important but so is your health too, always remember that health is wealth. 

You will not be able to fulfill the duties you have with your two jobs if you are unhealthy, right? So might as well make sure to save some time for yourself to make it all work harmoniously. 

Do you know any side jobs we can add to the list? Please feel free to leave a comment down below.