12 Best Small Sling Bags for Teachers – Because You Deserve a Great Bag

With so many alternatives on the market today, finding the best small sling bags for teachers can be quite tough. You might not think a small bag is of use to you, but there are potential sling bags for teachers that a minimalist educator like you might need for traveling, hiking, and for daily use. They can be your most dedicated bags so your most essential things fit in without a hitch!

There will always be a time when you need a small carrier that you can quickly pull and sling around to the front of your body. Don’t be a limp for wearing the same and only bag.

Open up your imagination and collect some useful bags not just for school but for everyday trips everywhere. These small bags are a promise of casual convenience.

man wearing a sling bag


<<In a hurry? Take a peek at the top 3 Sling Bags the Editor’s Choice.

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Editor’s choice #1

KIPLING Gabbie Small Crossbody Bag for Women

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  • Uses durable, water-resistant crinkle nylon with TPU top coating fabric
  • With beautiful, expressive colors and patterns you can choose from
  • Rich in space, compartments and zip pockets inside and outside of the bag
  • The adjustable strap lets you adjust to any length that suits you


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Benefits of Using a Sling Bag

A sling bag is defined as a “not-too-big” bag with a strap that can be hung on one of the shoulders, or across the body. The bag is often used as a daypack for little daily belongings you need to bring, or for activities that require a few hours’ worths of gear.

From single trips to school, commuting, travel, shopping, lugging around, hiking, or any simple dates –  small sling bags offer all you need to go with all your basics coming with you like your phone, wallet, little notebook, pens, a face towel, your bottle of water, and even an extra shirt.

The best thing about a small sling bag is it allows you to simply drop it over your shoulder or wear it in the front. Some men sling it across the back because it gives them the freedom to move, while others at the waist. This, though, depends on the bag if it has features that allow you to hang it safely on the waist.

There really isn’t a wrong way to wear a sling bag because these bags are all-purpose and you are free to use and wear them any style you want. Now let’s proceed on how to shop for the best sling bag.

Editor’s choice #2

Diesel Men’s SKOOLD SANDRIGO for Men

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  • The bag is made of coated denim material with nylon-stitched tobacco seams
  • It is 70% cotton and 30% polyamide, soft to touch, rugged and water-resistant
  • With a big main compartment, partitions, zipped interior, and exterior pockets
  • Washable and easy to dry while color stays and the denim fabric doesn’t ripple


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How to Shop for a Small Crossbody or Sling Bag

The quickest and most effective way to find the best sling bag is to look for those that offer quick pull-me-up features. While you may already have different types of bags, which among them are extremely handy?

1) Convenience

Sling bags should be lightweight and, above all, packable. Note that these bags are specifically designed as a quick on-the-go pouch. It is only basic that you can pack it and go. Overall, go for a medium-sized, lightweight sling.

2) Style

Deciding which type of bag suits you depends very much on what items you need to put into the bag. Do you like a bag with special partitions for each of your items like a small notes section, a pen area, side pockets for an umbrella, and a rear slot for your purse? Then get a sling bag that offers plenty of pockets.

During the current pandemic, your sling bag should allow you to throw hand sanitizer and face masks in separate pockets. If you wish not to touch the other items in the bag.

3) Price

The popularity of sling bags has born different brands claiming to be the best. Manufacturers are producing the most beautiful and comfortable bag to compete in the market. It’s no wonder there are sling bags ranging from a few bucks to thousands.

When it comes to quality, forget about how much the cost could be – it is the convenience you want to focus on. Of course, that includes how it makes you look classy and perhaps an urban fashion icon. As a teacher, you deserve a great sling bag.

Editor’s choice #3

AVYERE Genuine Leather Crossbody Daypack For Men & Women

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  • A sling-shoulder-backpack-in-one designed for a trendy way of storing your valuables
  • Made of 100% genuine Cowhide Leather, it offers extra resilience and lastingness
  • With two main compartments – one front zipped pocket and a rear standing zip pocket
  • You can sling it over either shoulder or across the chest and keep your hands free


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4) Materials

You should be familiar with the fabric used in a bag. While each has its own pros and cons, it pays when you know which fabric material will work for your sling.

Look for durability, the flex of the material, and capacity. Normally, a sling bag need not use the same materials as that of travel bags. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be hard to feel, stiff to touch, and tough overall.

5) Pockets

I love plenty of pockets for my sling. If you too like it, pockets truly are one great feature to look for in a sling bag. That which offers a zipped pocket on the front exterior and another one on the rear part of the bag is great.

I suggest looking for a sling with tricky pockets and zipped slots on the inside for items like cash, credit cards, IDs, and other little valuables you don’t want to loiter anywhere in the main compartment.

6) Strap

Crossbody or sling bags typically offer an adjustable strap that you can pull to shorten or elongate. You should be able to switch whether you want it worn on your back, shoulder, or sling it around to your front.

7) Zippers

Zippers are great but not when they’re too big that already becomes a bulk. They can also rub against your chest or back, which can be annoying. Scrutinize zippers and see to it that each tooth has the same distance away from the next. They should be identical to be able to function and zip properly.


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Are you fond of DIY?

You might want to try making your own sling bag. Who knows, you can teach this to your students, too! Here’s a tutorial video.


12 Best Small Sling Bags for Teachers to Use Everyday

Because you deserve a great bag!

1. COACH Metallic Pebbled Leather Jes Crossbody For Women

COACH Metallic Pebbled Leather Jes Crossbody For Women

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Given how well established and world-renowned Coach is as a luxury brand, the Metallic Pebble Leather Jes Crossbody Bag lives to these expectations both in luxury and practicality.

The sling bag is made of high-quality metallic pebbled leather and is donned with lustrous silver hardware making it look a lot more elegant. With abrasion-resistant leather and fancy metal fixtures, you are getting a sturdy bag to use every day.

Regardless of its quite small appearance, it offers a spacious main compartment that can hold a lot more than it seems. It actually comes in two main compartments with zipper enclosures to ensure easy and quick organizing.

The seams in the Coach bag have the same exact size, coming in a perfectly straight line with no overlapping stitches. This leather crossbody has a shimmer toting around the COACH® Metallic Pebbled Leather Jes Crossbody. If you look inside, you’ll see a small rectangular sewn-on leather patch, which is the brand’s identity.

The bag is equipped with a lined interior, dual zipper closures, and a  slip pocket – all to secure your quickest essentials for the smallest items. Use the back slip pocket for anything small you want to keep right beside your bag for quick access.

The long strap comes with a heavy-duty buckle. It’s also removable and adjustable. So other than its crossbody function, you have another option to use it as a clutch bag. This is for you if you’re looking for a versatile sling bag that carries an extremely classy appeal.

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2) KIPLING Gabbie Small Crossbody Bag for Women

KIPLING Gabbie Small Crossbody Bag for Women

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This is probably the most multi-faceted bag if you’re fond of a lot of pockets.

Established in 1987, the goal behind Kipling bags is to inspire the everyday woman to be iconic and fashionable, yet feminine. Most importantly – to bring vivacity and satisfaction to the wearer.

Kipling bags are known for their signature crinkled nylon with TPU top coating fabric in expressive colors and patterns. The Kipling Gabbie Crossbody bag is incredibly light due to the solid crinkled nylon material used. It has 100% polyester lining so you can expect it to be almost silky and slippery to touch, flexible, and wrinkle-resistant.

This small bag has one really spacious main compartment, two front zip pockets, 2 side zip pockets, and one large zipped pocket on the rear outside. Notice how the placement of the pockets is very convenient. It’s so functional, you can indulge yourself in great organizing.

Curious if you can carry a tablet? Yes, and include your cosmetic pouch, sunglasses, cellphone, pens, paper, wallet, and even a small water bottle. Don’t worry, it has a zip-top closure and you can use the front slip pockets to secure your mobile, iPod, or other digitals.

Kipling Gabbie Crossbody Bag offers an adjustable 25.6″ strap that you can adjust to any length that suits you. While a little downside is that it tends to get heavy easily when full, then note that you’re only looking for a small carrier to carry a few basic items – so no need to bulk up.

From being lightweight, sweet, rich in storage, and easy to weary – this Kipling sling bag will make it possible for you to go places from home to school and other casual trips.

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3) FINELAER Brown Leather Crossbody Sling for Women

FINELAER Brown Leather Crossbody Sling for Women

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Seeing the importance of leather bags to professionals, Finelaer sees the need to re-design luxuriant high-end finished leather bags with a global outlook. Their goal is to create understated pieces while maintaining haute couture.

With the help of the latest technology, Finelaer has achieved significant recognition in international markets. That’s the quality you’ll see in this Finelaer Brown Leather Crossbody Sling Bag.

Made from the finest, soft but full-grain cowhide that has been tanned to perfection, one look and you’ll know the highly skilled attention given to the structure. It uses elegant-looking antique hardware and zipper closures to match a vintage aesthetic.

The bag has a spacious inner compartment with a built-in zippered pocket inside for tiny valuables. You’ll be happy with the two zippered outside pockets, one on the exterior side and another one close to your body. You can adjust the heavy-duty leather strap to a 24-inch drop.

Handcrafted with the finest craftsmanship, the jagged seams give a more rustic interest. Finelaer Crossbody Sling for Women is small but it can hold the things you need for a single quick trip, whether it’s for a weekend school faculty meeting, shopping, errands, or even as a daily sling bag. 

You deserve a fine bag that speaks of tradition, quality, and luxury. The non-bulky design using old-world craft methods has made it perfect for today’s teachers – you!

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4) Diesel Mens SKOOLD SANDRIGO for Men

Diesel Men’s SKOOLD SANDRIGO for Men

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For the guy teachers, here’s Diesel SKOOLD SANDRIGO, a great quality, medium-sized crossbody bag for you. You need this to hold whatever you’d like to bring with you throughout the day.

Considering that it’s a Diesel-made shoulder bag, you’re getting a handy small sling carrier that’s well-made, stylish, all-weather, and tough.

The bag employs raw, coated denim material with neatly stitched nylon tobacco seams. Do you see that stylized printed branding displayed at the center of the bag? It’s the epitome of the bag’s rugged functionality, comfort, and urbanity.

The bag is 70% cotton and 30% polyamide, which is considered as water-resistant. However, it’s hand washable and quick to dry.

This Diesel SKOOLD SANDRIGO, is a high-track utility crossbody sling bag with black zippers in the main compartment. It has two big partitions with extra interior and exterior pockets. You’ll love the two zippered slots on the outside exterior with overlap to ensure safety while on the move. Use these outer pockets for any quick “keep me up for later” stuff like receipts, tickets, etc.

Speaking of ruggedness, the adjustable strap is purposely designed wider to provide extreme comfort for the busy man. So even if it’s packed to the brim, it still is easy and convenient to carry.

Overall, in terms of durability, performance, and style; small bags like Diesel’s Sandrigo may help you during casual workdays, outside campus activities, overnights, and daily commutes. Yes, this bag suits students, too!

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5) Kenneth Cole Reaction Tablet Day Bag for Men

Kenneth Cole Reaction Tablet Day Bag for Men

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Introducing the Kenneth Cole Reaction Tablet Day Bag with RFID, an anti-theft technology!

RFID is a Radio Frequency Identification Blocking automation lined up within the business organizer to intercept identity theft. It blocks 13.56 MHz and above RFID signals that help protect your information from being transmitted.

It’s a sleek bag known as the “Bag For Good” tablet messenger bag crafted from genuine full-grain cowhide Colombian leather. As leather ages beautifully, your bag will become admirably usable through the years.

Overall, the bag is enclosed with a wear-resistant 100% leather exterior and a navy-printed polyester interior. This Kenneth Cole Reaction Tablet Day Bag is confident that there are no other split leathers used in the bag.

For the interior, it features a generous and fully lined inner compartment with several slots for better organizing. There is also a padded tablet pocket section along the rear wall, which is compatible with most tablets.

The rear exterior includes a full-length open pocket that you can secure with a magnetic snap closure. Because this part of the bag is close to your body, you can slip wallets and even cellphones into the open pocket for a quick pull-out anytime.

The “0pen top pocket under the flap” design is held together by a secure magnetic snap closure. Speaking of straps, the wide, permanent, adjustable, and padded shoulder strap can extend up to 52 inches. I’m sure it’s among the features guys are looking for in their bags to keep all their quick daily essentials.

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6) IVTG Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag for Men 

IVTG Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag for Men 

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As a brand, IVTG specializes in sustaining the memories of the past. It says “fashion trends will change over time, and vintage will not.” 

The IVTG Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag takes pride in this craftsmanship. It is made from authentic cow leather and polyester using a special coloring process that gives it a vintage and rugged look.

Inside the main zipper compartment are two smaller pockets, a zipped one, and an open pocket. If you look at the exterior front pocket, it features a magnetic buckle design with a hidden magnetic closure for easy opening and closing. With a rear zipped pocket – every angle in the bag is utilized for storage.

Inside the bag, there’s plenty of room for your phone, wallet, reading glasses, sunglasses, including extra stuff like calculators and other teaching basics. You’ll like the snap shackle that hangs nicely outside on one of the strap connectors, so you don’t have to dig for an item from the bag.

Other vintage structures include rust-proof metal zippers in retro-finished, anti-rust hardware, and neat stitches that have been made with care.

The IVTG Leather Satchel Bag is made easy to use for men. Other than the satchel carry handle, it is another strap intended to be worn as a crossbody messenger bag. For maximum convenience, you can adjust the strap to a length you like.

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7) Maxpedition Entity Tech Sling Bag

Maxpedition Entity Tech Sling Bag

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I chose the Maxpedition Entity Tech Sling Bag perfect for teachers for its 7L-capacity yet it does not look bulky. In fact, it’s a low profile look for a carry-all.

The bag is made of 500D N/P Hybrid Heathered Fabric with Polyurethane – so it’s 100% nylon with a special coating that will give the bag the ability to last without easily wearing down with use.

This tech sling bag has two-way access to a fully loop-lined rear CCW compartment. The main storage is padded with lockable zipper sliders. It also boasts a dual access padded compartment for an 11″ laptop with pocket organizers along with the frontal compartment.

With an adjustable sling strap, you can easily change from a sling bag to a shoulder bag option to carry. Plus, it can be positioned for right or left-side carry, too. The width of these shoulder straps is 1.5″. One thing unique is the skin-friendly seatbelt webbing strap and carry handles.

Overall, the Maxpedition Entity Sling Bag has a sleek, modern exterior characteristic that’s normally associated with the ‘tactical look’  and an optimized interior for organization and situational readiness.

Male teachers usually look for an off-body carry bag for just a few items. With several pockets, it can house a few pens, iPad or tablet, glasses, keys, and probably a water bottle. This sling bag will accommodate these items, and maybe a few more.

You’ll be thankful it comes with a Security Lockout Strip for added safety.

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8) AVYERE Genuine Leather Crossbody Daypack For Men & Women

AVYERE Genuine Leather Crossbody Daypack For Men & Women

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Stay organized in style with the Avyere Leather Crossbody Daypack. From style to storage, this sling-shoulder-backpack-in-one is designed for convenient and safe storage of your on-the-go valuables.

Orchestrated with 100% genuine Cowhide Leather, it offers an extra resilience that makes you sure your bag will last a long time.

This versatile bag features two main compartments – one front zipped pocket and a rear standing zip pocket. You’ll love how the rear pocket will let you easily slide a cellphone, wallet, or any other daily trip essentials smoothly inside it.

Aren’t you impressed by the way zippered pockets fall into place? The entire storage idea is spacious enough to accommodate your mini digitals including wallets, keys, and other stuff separately and organized. You’ll be happy it can home an 8″ tablet.

Wear this sling bag over either shoulder or across the chest to secure your belongings while keeping your hands free. It’s a soft bag that feels very comfortable around the shoulder. While it may be a little small, use it to carry little necessities.

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9) PIJUSHI Genuine Leather Sling Bag Backpack For Men & Women

PIJUSHI Genuine Leather Sling Bag Backpack For Men & Women

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Another unique designer bag is this shoulder chest day pack. Pijushi Crossbody Chest Bag is a one-of-a-kind high fashion brand that prides itself not just as a bag but as an artwork.

The special and unique concept of this bag is a combination of Asian and European culture that showcases nature and animal elements.

As you can see, the bag is made of 100% top-grain cowhide leather. If you notice it has an exceptional shine — that’s because of the unique crocodile wax oil leather which is typically shinier than normal leather.

You’ll love the embossed dragon head flap that has been created to look distinctive and luxurious to touch. Of course, you can’t underestimate the golden metal hardware adornment, which matches the black crocodile design.

Space-wise, the large capacity compartment can secure a 7.9 inch iPad and other on-the-go items. You can trust the matching durable fabric lining on the inside. It also comes with an adjustable leather strap for any time customizing.

Look at the structure. The front zipper works as double protection for your essentials. It also boasts another inner zipper and an additional back zipper pocket, which you can utilize for important tiny stuff.

Since it has a few more zipped pockets aside from the main one, you’ll like the way it offers more secure storage. What’s more, it is the neutral design that makes it perfect for both men and women.

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10) Pacsafe Metrosafe Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Men and Women

Pacsafe Metrosafe Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Men and Women

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Go anywhere with a Metrosafe LS200 Shoulder bag. You will have peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure with RFID technology. You’ll want to avail yourself of the blocking system (10MHz-3GHz) that helps prevent stealing your personal information.

The Pacsafe has more than just everyday features. It features a Smart Zipper Security, which are zip pullers attached to discreet hooks to discourage pickpockets. Plus, using Xomesh Slashguards, the hidden stainless steel wire mesh double protects your items against slash & run theft.

The Metrosafe Crossbody Shoulder Bag has a lot of room. It offers 2 lockable zipped compartments where the main section includes a special tablet padded sleeve so the device won’t touch the bottom of the bag.

Still, inside the bag, have 2 zipper interior pockets for more of your valuables. This bag has a side pocket for an umbrella, or if you’re fond of bringing a small bottle of water, you can use this side pocket, as well. 

While the front flap can be annoying as it opens towards you every time you open the bag, the large flap serves as additional protection when you’re wearing the bag.

In this sling bag, you have the option to lock both the main and front compartments with a padlock if you have one. With an adjustable strap through the handle on the top, you can wear the bag with the strap across your chest or sling it on your shoulder. Ideal for everyday teaching, or as an errand bag.

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11) Waterfly Crossbody Sling Backpack

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 You’ll need a sturdy bag on your planned trips to hold your valuable items and instant necessities.

Fortunately, the Waterfly crossbody sling backpack is a dedicated option to hold your personal belongings when your spirit enjoys the mesmerizing moments of your journey.

Made of 100% nylon, supported with polyester lining, this bag highly promises long-time use. With small distinct inner compartments, you’ll be able to keep your personal belongings in order. Truly, the bag’s impressive dimensions can efficiently contain your phone, tablets, beauty kit, keys, and more.

Additionally, the bag’s exterior mesh pocket can accommodate your water bottle or other smaller items. Also, to support your entertainment goals, the bag offers a secret headphone hole on the front so you can easily access your earphones so you may listen to music whenever or wherever you like.

Plus, the bag is designed with an adjustable reversible shoulder strap which can be adjusted from 31 to 39.5 inches, making it easy to wear on either shoulder. And it’s not just an ordinary strap because it has a small pouch on it that measures 3.5 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches and can easily keep your phone with a screen smaller than 7 inches. Isn’t it a great help for convenience?

Aside from the premium quality of its overall components, the bag’s strap and back are composed of breathable making travel, hiking, and other activities more convenient.

“Would buy again,” says one top review from the US.

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12) KAVU Original Rope Sling Bag

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 With its durable, 100% Polyester components, design, and utility, the KAVU rope sling bag has everything you need to hold your basic essentials to make your trips more comfortable. It has the prerequisites of a sling bag that makes it sturdy and dependable.

This rope sling bag has been reinforced to withstand your trips and commutes. In fact, it’s a best seller on Amazon that earned impressive reviews from clients in the US which made me include this pretty choice in the list. It’s the practical bag you deserve.

Take advantage of its versatile design that includes 2 vertical main compartments, 2 zip pockets on the outside for your phone and keys, which make this bag so elegant and comfy to carry.

Not to mention the adjustable sturdy rope straps, which are extremely robust and may last for years. Plus, the straps are extremely soft and quick to put on. The color is highly-matched to the specific hue or print of the main bag itself.

Additionally, the bag has a padded back with KAVU needlework that makes it a lot more comfortable to carry anywhere you want to.

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1) Are sling bags and messenger bags the same?

To be exact, a sling bag is a bag that you can easily wear slinging on your shoulder, across your chest, or back — close and secured to your body. Typically, sling bags are diagonal in shape and have straps that you can adjust using a buckle.

While messenger bags are also sling bags with the same style and length of straps, they usually are bigger in size. From what its name denotes, a messenger bag is also known as a courier bag so it may require a boxier shape to accommodate quite a bulk of items for transporting or errand.

2) With all the items a teacher has to carry every day, don’t you think a sling bag may only be added to the baggage?

Since teachers bring big bags for books, journals, folders, and other teaching materials, there are times they may need a plain basic small carrier or pouch for a wallet, keys, cellphone, and cards.

In short, there’s no need to use a big carry-all bag but a small one to quickly sling on the shoulder.

For a quick task that needs to be done right away, a quick trip to the mall, or a casual coffee date with friends; it’s going to be a lot convenient to just toss all of your stuff in a sling and go. A sling bag will fit almost every basic item within reason. It’s light, casual, stylish, and a breeze.

3) Where else can I use my sling bag?

Use it anywhere you like to go, any time and for any occasion. For example:

  • Vacations, travels, and festivals
  • To carry basic stuff to work every day
  • When watching a movie
  • Malling, shopping, and groceries
  • Great outdoors like picnics
  • Dinner dates and partying
  • Exploring places and visiting friends
  • Amusement parks or a day out
  • When driving or commuting
  • A hundred other things

4) Does size matter?

I believe that size and volume matter. In fact, that’s the criterion. How would a sling offer comfort and convenience if it’s too big? Even weight must be given consideration.

Since you are wearing a sling bag over one shoulder or across the chest, a big, heavy sling may be uncomfortable and inconvenient to carry. Worst of all, it may hurt your back.

5) Most bags on your list range from $50 to $100 or more, which is a bit costly. Why are you recommending those bags?

I believe that regardless of it being small, a good quality sling bag carries a trusted type of material and craftsmanship.

Cost may be above budget, however, it covers everything a teacher may require in a bag. While it’s practical to go for what is “simply affordable,” those who understand the reason for buying pricier bags are willing to go expensive for the right choice.

The leather ones, for example, may truly be expensive, but they generally can last longer. The great thing about leather is how they age beautifully. While non-leather brands do not mean they are of poor quality, the leather group will remain standing the test of time.

Other than that, I believe educators deserve the best bags. Brands that meet your needs are perfect buys. So while your initial investment may sound expensive, that simply means you’ve found the best sling bag that has fulfilled your requirements.

As a teacher yourself, an expensive bag can make you a story of your journey as an educator. When you retire, a long-lasting bag will still be there to remind you of those beautiful memories.


<<< Here’s a Quick Glance of the Best Options You Might Not Want to Miss!

Check Out the 5 Dedicated Options!

Product Image Reasons to get it
WATERFLY Crossbody Sling Backpack
  • 100% Nylon, polyester lining
  • Multiple compartments
  • Adjustable reversible shoulder strap
  • Suitable for travelling, hiking, camping, and daily use
Check Price --->
IVTG Leather Messenger Bag for Men
  • Made of genuine cow leather, plus polyester components
  • Elegant, vintage style
  • 1 main zip compartment; multi-pocketed
  • With rust-proof and durable hardware
Check Price --->
Finelaer Leather Sling Crossbody Bag for Women
  • Imported leather
  • Unique craftsmanship
  • Vintage-inspired excellent bag; polished antique hardware
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
Check Price --->
PIJUSHI Genuine Leather Sling Bag
  • 100% Authentic Leather
  • Excellent detailed, unique components
  • Sturdy fabric lining; premium quality gun metal hardware
  • 12″ shoulder drop adjustable strap
Check Price --->
Pacsafe Metrosafe Unisex Crossbody Shoulder Bag
  • Smart zipper security;anti-theft scheme
  • Functional,versatile sling bag
  • Zipped and padded main compartment and front pockets
  • eXomesh slashguard
Check Price --->



As a general rule, you don’t require a sling bag that’s too tough to handle. Since these are small slings, you may not even need thick, padded straps as these will only lead to sweaty patches, not to mention that bigger straps can weigh more.

While the straps on sling bags have a major influence on the style of the bag, the best small sling bags for teachers can have a thinner strap that’s wide enough for comfort and style. You know it’s the right sling for you when you see one.

Did you find the best small sling bag for you? Do you have suggestions for a perfect bag? Let us hear them in the comments.