9 Best Stress Relieving Toys To Help Teachers Keep Calm

Okay, so hear me out. What if I tell you that adults can relieve stress using toys? Yes, you read that right, toys! I know as a teacher, you have your wondrous stories of stress and anxiety. But, just relax.

But not just ordinary toys, these are stress-relieving toys to help teachers keep calm. They are specifically designed to help you loosen up and release the tension building up from all the stress your mind and body are currently going through, you’ll probably be more familiar with them being called “Fidget Toys”. 

a teacher stressed out from work

Fidget toys are just one of the best stress-relieving toys to help you calm down or keep calm whenever stressful situations arise. There are many kinds of toys that can help us manage stress and we’ll be talking about them today!

Stress can come to use in different situations and reasons and all of us have our own way of how we experience stress, how we react to it, and how we can cope with it. 

So in order for you to know how to tackle and manage your stress levels, it’s best for you to learn about the type of stress you’re experiencing first so you can find the best stress-relieving toys to combat it effectively and for you to be able to manage it at healthy levels as well. 

Stress will always be here to stay, no matter what we do it’s a part of our everyday life. We have to accept that there are certain things that will be beyond our control. The only thing that matters is that we will not let ourselves succumb to it because if there’s a will there’s always a way. And we know that teachers are always keen to find a way! 


<<Did you know that fidget toys can help? Yes, and we found 16 popular toys for both adults and children to use in the classroom. Check them out!

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Product Image Reasons to get it
Infinity Cube Fidget Toy
  • Playable with one hand; pocket-sized
  • Durable and can withstand constant flipping and folding
  • Relaxing and noiseless never-ending cube
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Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book
  • Acclaimed international best-seller
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Helps inspire creativity
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Tom’s Fidgets Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy
  • Helps lower stress levels
  • Silent yet satisfying
  • Break and corrosion resistant
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CHUCHIK Fidget Cube Toys
  • Increases concentration and reduces stress
  • Made from soft high-quality ABS plastic and silicone material
  • Play with it anywhere
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TANGLE BrainTools Imagine
  • Latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free material
  • With therapeutic qualities to help exercise the brain
  • Easy to use and fidget on-the-go
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Stress Relieving Toy Buying Guide

Stress if not addressed early can lead to chronic stress which is damaging to one’s health. Stress should not be taken for granted, if left unnoticed it can lead to something more serious like depression, heart problems, and other kinds of illnesses caused by stress. 

I know that it sounds scary and it is indeed a sensitive topic, but doing something about it and knowing how you’ll be able to handle it at your best to keep your stress levels down is your first step to keeping yourself happy, healthy, and stress-free! 

The tides have changed now. Toys are no longer just for kids—because stress-relieving toys are all the rage nowadays, especially with how fast-paced the world is changing that as soon as you turn the other cheek there’s something new or different that comes up at you. 

So to know what’s the best type of stress-relieving toy that will benefit you, you have to know what kind of stress you are experiencing most of the time. This way it can target that specific stress to help you tackle it and hopefully tone it down. 

Stress Ball or Putty

When you think of stress-relieving toys you immediately think of stress balls, right? This is because it has long been used as a medium to temporarily release stress and tension that the body is experiencing during a stressful event. And we all know that teachers can never hide from stress because teachers live it. 

stress balls balls lined up on the table

By using stress balls and putties, the kneading and squeezing motion when we use it helps our muscles relax and release the good hormones called endorphins that will then help blood circulate at a better rate to help change our mood. 

You can choose from different varieties and sizes when it comes to stress balls, some companies even offer to make you a personalized stress ball if you want it. 

Concentration Toys

Are you having trouble concentrating on your tasks because you’ve beeling feeling stressed out lately? 

You might be experiencing cognitive or emotional stress that is usually caused by fear, frustrations, pent-up anger, grief, jealousy, attachments, panic attacks, self-criticism, and most commonly by anxiety. 

These triggers can cause you to overthink and panic that even the smallest of things start to bother you and get you all worked up. 

wooden block puzzle toy

A concentration toy will help you take off your mind from unwanted feelings that can increase your stress levels because it will help you shift your focus to the toy rather than what you’re being stressed about. 

Coloring books are one example to help you take off your mind from the things that you want to forget momentarily. Block-type toys and puzzles are also an excellent choice when you want to improve your focus and concentration so that you’ll actually get things done. 

Fidget Toys

Ever since fidget spinners came out back in 2017, more and more versions of fidget toys are coming out to help people struggling with restlessness, nervousness, and overall stress as well. 

With fidget toys, you can let your hands move mindlessly while it helps evict all the excess your body is emitting causing you to feel restless or nervous. We actually fidget all the time, especially when our body has elevated levels of stress hormone. 

We do it when we incessantly click on our pens or when we keep wagging our feet because it helps to keep our mind focused on what we need to do. 

They work quite similar to concentration toys, but it will still boil down to your personal preference to what you think to work better for you. If you find that you fidget most of the time you feel stressed, then you can try out fidget toys to help you manage your stress levels. 

Coloring books

I know, you might be thinking that coloring books are not toys, but I wanted to include them in this list because coloring books can also be a form of an object that you can play with especially when it comes to mixing and matching the different colors to fill in the book itself. 

Coloring is actually a therapeutic process that has been recommended by health professionals to help you deal with trauma, stress, and just to let yourself be free in the world of colors where the possibilities are endless. 

a teacher coloring an adult coloring book

The therapy that coloring books can provide actually comes from the repeated strokes that are done when filling in the gaps with color. It helps you concentrate, be mindful, and take your mind off of things that are causing you to overthink and stress yourself. 

There are many adult coloring books that you can choose from, and you’ll definitely find something you like out there, just give it a try and see how it goes from there! 

Consider the Weight and Size

This might not seem important to you at the moment, but you should consider the toy’s weight and size as well. This is because for sure, you’ll be bringing it along with you and it should have an acceptable size and weight that will not bother you when you carry it around with you all day. 

You might want it to fit your pocket so that you can easily pull it out and keep it back in whenever you want it, this also makes it convenient for you to carry it along with you anywhere you go. You’ll have your stress-relieving companion to help you reduce the stress and to keep you calm all day every day. 

Also, since you’ll mostly be inside the classroom trying to go for a stress-relieving toy that will not distract the whole class when you’re using it, go for a subtle yet effective toy to help you go through the stressful moments of your day. 


Of course, as with any type of purchase that you will make, you should always consider the price. Try to check other brands that offer the same design but always make sure that the quality is sublime, we always want to get our money’s worth and on top of that, it should work to help you lessen the stressin’. 


9 Best Stress Relieving Toys To Help Teachers Keep Calm

1.) Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy by Tom’s Fidgets

Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy by Tom's Fidgets

Click image for details

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by moving and continuous motions that are oddly satisfying when playing with a toy that I can move around over and over again. I can go on with it for hours without me getting tired.

And instead of feeling tired, I find it entertaining and enjoyable as well. And now, as an adult, I discovered that there are toys specifically designed to let you enjoy fidgeting movements that are therapeutic and beneficial as well. 

That’s when I found Tom’s Fidgets Original Flippy Chain Toy while I was scrolling through my newsfeed and I knew I had to buy one for myself asap. 

This awesome stress-relieving toy was in my hand almost all day while I was working and it grew on me that I still have it near me by my desk while I’m writing now as of the moment. It’s fun and I can go on and on and use it for hours while I try to write and it actually helps a lot especially when I stumble across blocks every now and then. 

The Flippy Chain Fidget Toy is an original by Tom’s fidgets which are handcrafted and are made out of high-quality steel that is durable enough that it will not corrode or break even with heavy use. 

Whenever I feel an unwanted feeling like stress, anxiety, and I seem to not be able to concentrate fully on the things I need to get done, I just whip out this fidget toy and after a while, I’ll be able to bounce back and get on with my day feeling focused and ready to get things done. 

It helps keep my fingers busy and my mind focused on the things I need to do, It’s helping me channel the extra energy of my body to my hands so that it won’t bother me whenever I need to concentrate on things that I do like writing or some other stuff. 

I enjoy using it, and it helps me focus on what’s important. I also noticed that when using it I don’t get distracted easily, it’s like my mind is glued to my train of thought and I don’t get lost from it. 

This chain fidget toy is made from used bike chains that have been washed thoroughly in order for it to be usable, don’t worry it longer has any trace of grease and your hands will not get greasy after using it! 

Also, you’ll have no worries about noise when using the flippy chain fidget toy because it’s designed to stay quiet and it will not cause any distraction when you’re using it that you can even use it inside a classroom too. 

You can also easily slip then on your shirt’s pocket or in any pocket on the clothes that you have on, it comes in the size of 0.75 x 1.5 x 2.99 inches, and weighs about 0.81 ounces (22 grams) so it’s not really that heavy that it will bother you while you’re using it. 

They also provide a guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with it you can easily reach out to them and they’ll gladly give you a refund. 

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2.) Chuchik Fidget Cube

Chuchik Fidget Cube

Click image for details

One of the best fidget toys that you’ll be able to find in the market is the Chuchik fidget cube, it’s the most brilliant contraption that infuses every possible fidgeting movement you’ll want to make right in the palm of your hand. 

What makes the Chuchik fidget cube awesome is that anyone of any age who has a lot of extra energy or is experiencing high stress and anxiety can channel it to the cube anytime and anywhere they want to. 

If you compulsively click on your pen, or tap on the table, or waggle your feet whenever you can without even noticing it, this stress-relieving toy will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to use it without any noise thanks to its noiseless features—you will not be distracting anyone or even yourself when you’re using it. 

You can just let your thoughts run freely while you release all the movements your body wants to make onto this clever fidget cube. 

It is a well-made toy that is made from high-quality and durable materials that can withstand heavy use and it will also not easily break even if you are to use it all day. It uses a matte rubber-like plastic material known as ABS Plastic with silicone to provide a soothing feeling whenever you touch it.

The Chuchik fidget cube is truly a premium fidget toy that teachers can enjoy using while grading papers, making presentations and lesson plans, and even during their break time too. 

Many customers who have previously purchased the Chuchik fidget cube have said nothing but praise this toy as it greatly helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels and to also improve concentration as well. 

There are 6 unique features in the Chuchik fidget cube, for the first side you have the On and Off Switch style that you can pivot back and forth as long as you want to, but don’t worry no lights will be turning on and off when you use this one! 

For the second side of this cube, you’ll have the joystick-like glider, you’ll surely enjoy this one especially if you’re a gamer who’s fond of how joysticks are operated. 

The third side is much more subtle but amazingly enjoyable as well, three gears will be awaiting for you that look a lot like a combination lock that you move around in briefcases. I love doing this one because I feel like I’m opening a surprise every time I use this side. 

Now, the fourth side is the relaxed zone, it was designed and inspired by traditional worry stones to help you remember and exercise your breathing pattern, you simply rub it while you breathe slowly and after a few breathing cycles, you’ll surely feel more relieved from stress and anxiety. 

For pen clickers, the fifth side will be your favorite, 4 buttons are placed that you can click as many times as you want, but the upside is the noise is minimal and you’ll hardly even notice it while you work. Say goodbye to annoying pen clicks with this cool toy!

Last but not least is the sixth side, which is the clickable and circular spinning disc that you can spin 360 degrees as much as you want. To protect your fidget cube, you’ll also get a caliber case so that it’s stored safe and sound when you’re not using it. 

Overall with the Chuchik fidget cube will help you concentrate and focus more and say goodbye to distractions that hinder you from being productive and finishing task after task. 

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3.) Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube

Click image for details

Why do you think we fidget every time we feel stressed out or tensed? Surprisingly, it’s not a sign of boredom contrary to popular belief—it’s actually our body’s coping mechanism to fight off the stress and tension. 

We all know how elderly people say that fidgeting is bad, but it’s not! Fidgeting helps to snap us back into reality whenever our mind’s having trouble focusing on the task at hand or when we get distracted too easily. 

Now, this next stress-relieving toy will surely be a hit not only for kids but for adults as well! The Infinity Cube by Small fish store will let you fidget like a boss. You can play with it using only one hand or with both of your hands, so you can use it while you write, or do something else with your other hand.

It’s pocket-sized too! Making it very easy for you to carry it around wherever you go. You can simply slide it into your pocket to put it away in the meantime and reach out for it whenever you want to use it. 

The Infinity Cube consists of 8 blocks that are integrated together by top quality stainless steel metal rivets to make up for the whole toy itself, it’s made from high-quality and durable ABS plastic and when it comes to safety, you’re guaranteed that meets the standards by the ASTM International Toy Safety Standard and the CSPIA

This stress-relieving toy feels easy and smooth on the hands making your experience while you’re using it comfortable and effortless because it’s not too heavy on your hands, arm, and wrist as well. 

It’s super discreet and ergonomic as well making them perfect for teachers to use, you’ll get to enjoy some fidgeting movements while still looking classy and stylish because of its simple and minimalistic look. 

The Infinity Cube will be your antidote for any stress and tension that you’re feeling, it will help improve your focus when it comes to working, brainstorming, and getting more creative and it will surely provide a pleasing sensory experience for everyone who uses it. 

It’s a never-ending cube that will help you find your way back for as long as it takes. You’ll also get to lessen the use of technology with this toy because it will surely provide endless hours of addictive fun once you start using it. 

You can even purchase this as a gift to anyone you have in mind because this toy is for everybody that even kids will surely love to have because it’s a stress-relieving toy for all ages that you’ll not be able to put it down anytime soon once you get it!  

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4.) Secret Garden Coloring Book

Secret Garden Coloring Book

Click image for details

Did you love to color when you were still a kid? Well, here’s some good news for you because coloring books are no longer just for kids, they’re for adults now too! You’ll be amazed by all the benefits of coloring books can give you. 

And to start it off with one of the best coloring books for adults that you can buy now is the Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book. It’s a great place to start if you want to start and color as a hobby. 

With over 10,000 positive ratings, you’re guaranteed that this is a good buy and this is a coloring book that will help you relieve stress and will help you increase your focus on things that are really important. 

It’s actually an international best-seller and has gained a spot on the New York Times best-seller list and it’s actually the books that started all the craze about adult coloring books. 

Coloring has leveled up with this book, not only are you going to have fun filling it with wonderful shades of color and creating a masterpiece of your own, but coloring this book will also help you be mindful and release all the agitation and stress that you’ve pent up from work and other things that contribute to the unwanted feelings that you have. 

I guarantee you that you will absolutely adore this coloring book and it might even pave the way for you to pick up a hobby that you’ve never thought of to have. It contains beautiful and intricate drawings that will look absolutely stunning once you finish coloring it even if you’re not a professional artist. 

It’s also high-quality as it now comes with thicker and heavier paper stock that will prevent bleed-through if you’re planning to use gel pens, but if not, you can pair it up with a great set of coloring pencils

This book will help you pour out all your bottled-up stress and frustrations as you turn each black and white page into something magical once you’ve filled them up with color. 

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5.) Tangle BrainTools Imagine

Tangle BrainTools Imagine

Click image for details

The word “tangle” might not seem relaxing and stress-relieving at all, but the Tangle BrainTool IMagine will help untangle your mind by occupying your hands to let your mind be free from things that are causing you to overthink and panic. 

This stress-relieving toy is specifically designed to create sensorial stimulation to get your brain to work and for your thoughts to flow freely without getting easily distracted by small things. 

You can use this while you’re doing anything and you’ll notice that you’re more focused and you’ll be able to concentrate to the extent that you won’t even notice that you’re already finished with the task you’re doing—that’s how fun this toy is! 

This is a twistable therapeutic device that is recommended by professionals, teachers, and parents as well. It greatly aids in focusing and learning as it makes the hand an outlet to release all the energy whether positive or negative into the hands so that the mind can concentrate and do its own things. 

It is also recommended by the National Autism Resources as their best seller that everybody of all ages can enjoy. 

The tool itself is made out of latex-free rubber and is designed to have texture bumps that provide a pleasing sensorial experience when you use it. You’ll enjoy endless hours of looping it and making it form different shapes while you let your mind enjoy a creative phase without feeling stress and tension while you’re using this toy. 

In the box, you’ll get the snap pieces that are removable with each one enveloped by the bumpy rubber, if you need to have it cleaned you can easily soak it up with warm water and soap then rinse it and it’ll be good as new again. 

I actually purchased one of these for my daughter and she absolutely lived for it. We even bought others in different colors, we actually have quite the collection and I must say that I enjoy using it too! 

It’s fun, relaxing, it helps me think peacefully, and the most important part of it all is that it helps me get things done. And so will you! This is definitely a highly recommended stress-relieving toy.  

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6.) Pendulum Fidget Spinner 

Pendulum Fidget Spinner

Click image for details

Are you going to believe me if I tell you that fidgeting is actually good for you? Fidgeting provides many amazing health benefits; it can reduce stress, help you self-regulate your attention span, and so much more. 

Now that you know that fidgeting is actually good for you, why not indulge yourself with the Pendulum Fidget Spinner? This is not your ordinary fidget spinner, this is a different take on one of the most popular stress-relieving toys that you will surely appreciate. 

If you’re guilty of nail-biting, leg shaking, pen clicking, and knuckle cracking, you’ll find that this stress-relieving toy will help you shift those habits into hours of playing with this toy. It’s the most unique fidget toy you’ll ever see in the market because once you start playing with it you’ll be mesmerized by its movements. 

This stress-relieving toy was designed based on the theory of the double pendulum and random motions which is also known as the Chaos Theory. When you use it it will create a different path that is random and unique for every spin that you will make. 

There are many ways you can play with this toy, and it is not limited to spinning only. You can let it drop and let gravity do the work or you can flick it to create motions that will hypnotize you into playing with it more. 

It contains 10 hybrid ceramic bearings resulting in pristine movements and creates the most unique spinning experience you’ll get to enjoy. It’s also lightweight, compact, and quiet. The whole toy itself is made from high-quality durable aluminum material that will not easily break down or corrode in the long run. 

This toy is a killer of stress and it will also be your companion to more fruitful and productive days ahead of you!

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7.) Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls

Click image for details

Of course, we needed to have a stress ball toy on the best stress-relieving toys list! The Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls will not only help reduce your stress but will also motivate you through tough times when you just can’t seem to get anything done. 

In this set, you’ll be getting three stress balls with different affirmation messages to read while you’re using them to help let all the agitation and frustration out. Each time you squeeze and release it you can try reading the messages to help motivate you while you release your stress at the same time.

These stress balls are pretty amazing when it comes to helping out people who suffer from anxiety because not only is the stress ball helping the uplifting messages imprinted on each ball also add to the positive effect these balls bring to its users. 

These balls are made from a durable foam material that will surely last through all the squeezes and pressure it receives when being used. They can also be given to students who are trying to improve their handwriting skills as the squeezing and clenching motions will greatly help in developing their dexterities. 

You can choose from 6 different colors or you can just buy them in all colors available and give them to people or students that you think might need them. Color choices are red, blue, pink, green, teal, and purple. 

And if you want to hand them out as gifts for any kind of event or holiday, you’ll be able to buy them in bulk with a special 10% discount, so you’ll be saving while you’re reducing stress as well!

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9.) AzKrafts Kinetic Spinning Tops

AzKrafts Kinetic Spinning Tops

Click image for details

If you were fascinated by spinning tops when you were a child, then you’ll definitely love this next stress-relieving toy up on our list. AzKrafts Kinetic Spinning Tops is a three-piece set that contains two spinning tops and one concave spinning base that is made from an all-natural wood material that is also artisan made. 

Each of the two tops has its own color scheme and you’ll definitely love the aesthetic that it will add to your work desk. The colors are from natural vegetable colors and natural lacquer giving it a vibrant color and glossy finish, kind of like a nostalgic toy that you used to play with at your grandparents’ house.

It does not contain any synthetic material or any plastic of sorts and it is also made by rural artisans and is not mass-produced by factories.

The amazing thing about this spinning top is that no matter how fast you’ll spin it, it will stay in place within its base and you can always change up the color anytime you like because you’ll always have a spare one that comes in a different color.

At home or at the office you will definitely love using this non-distracting stress-relieving toy that will keep you company and help you let off some heat from your stress-inducing work. Overall, a fun toy to use that’s also a bang for your buck given the quality and entertainment that it will give you!

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10.) Squeeze&Beans


Click image for details

Are you a fan of Japanese foods or peanuts? If yes, then you’ll love Squeeze&Beans! This fun tiny toy will keep you entertained and will reduce your stress with its endless squeezing action over and over to your heart’s content!

You can choose from the Edamame beans or the peanut beans. Both are made from high-quality ABS, PVC, and synthetic rubber material that is tested to be durable no matter how often you’ll squeeze them out they will not falter at all.

You’ll get 2 Peanuts keychains, and 2 Edamame keychains as well so you’ll be able to place them in multiple areas or give some to your friends and families, and I’m sure they’ll be grateful for you giving one to them.

And mind you, it’s just not a stress-relieving toy because it also doubles as a fun little keychain that you can clip onto your bag, keys, phone, or just about anywhere you would want to place them so you can have easy access whenever you want to use them.

Just simply squeeze the pods right out and you’ll have endless fun that will help you relieve anxiety, stress, while also helping you increase focus and be less distracted while you have at it at your work.

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I know that you’re stressed out because it’s the reason why you’re here reading this article. I just want to let you know that stress will not always be here to stay, and it happens to the best of us. 

We all have our own silent battles but always remember that it’s all about how you will let it affect your life, you either succumb yourself to it, or you get up and take control of it and your life as well. 

It’s only temporary, and one you’ll be laughing at it thinking why you got so worked up about it. Finding people to help you through tough times is also important, surround yourself with people who are willing to support you and help you through it. 

Also, just a reminder, we are not living to work. Find some time for yourself, work on that work-life balance, because even if it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel as long as you move forward you’ll see the end of it. 

To wrap things up, next time you’re feeling bummed out from stress, order one of these stress-relieving toys to help you overcome it and not let it get the best of you! 

Let us know your thoughts about this list, or much better kindly leave a stress-relieving toy recommendation if you have one in the comment box! 

The newest motto now is “it’s okay not to be okay”.

Smile, breathe, and keep calm! You can do it!