20 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers in 2022

Teaching is the noblest profession. Among others, teachers are the unsung heroes of the world. Keeping themselves busy facilitating learning and making a difference in the lives of the students. That’s from September to June.

Here come the great summer months. While you deserve a break, feel delighted to extend your energy to the best summer jobs for teachers in 2022. It’s also a great way to earn extra money since the summer months are usually unpaid. Hence, working through the summer months is a fantastic idea.

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Making use of the vacation time to be more productive is one of the best agendas of teachers in the summer months. Best of all, being busy during the summer months by engaging in part-time jobs is one great way to become financially stable.

Yes, you owe yourself that most wanted break but on the practical side, adding more to your paycheck can help the family while making you more productive in a way.

So, if you’re looking for the best summer jobs for teachers in 2022, then you’re in the right place.


20 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers in 2022

Making the most of your summer to earn extra income is a wise decision. 


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Summer Jobs for Teachers Who Still Prefer to Teach

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Part-time jobs in the summer are plenty where you just decide which arena will fit your expertise. Anyhow, if you really love teaching and it’s your passion to work with children, you can delve more into the following teaching part-time jobs.

1) Online tutor

One way of making the most of your free time in the summer is to extend your teaching prowess online. Be an online tutor and continue to facilitate learning at a distance.

There are incredible online schools available that require your expertise immediately after taking a break from your regular school. Online English schools, for example, are a smash around the globe. You have plenty of options to choose from that offer remarkable compensation.

As an equipped teacher, you can provide the best learning experience to students online while you are earning extra in the great summer months. Indeed, it’s very satisfying on your part and a perfect experience for students, especially if you altruistically dish out knowledge and skills.

Get a boost to your career.  Getting more curious, you can try RareJob, one of the most prestigious online schools in Japan that has served for years now. Another top-notch choice is Liberty University Online Academy and other highly credible virtual schools that can help you become a great online teacher and accelerate students’ performance.

2) ESL teacher

With your strong interpersonal communication skills, you can make a difference as a part-time EFL/ESL teacher. With your superb speaking activities, you can help students polish their speaking skills. An enthusiastic teacher like you can become a successful ESL teacher who allows students to explore while applying all the tricks up your sleeve.

Being an ESL teacher in the summer is a worthy choice to consider. Helping students from around the world become proficient in the use of the English language is a fulfilling duty.

There are innumerable job postings for part-time ESL teachers and you can certainly choose the best company where you can help children or adults better their English skills.

Extend your excellent command of English and provide individualized instructions to your students so they can also make the best of their summer months by enriching their speaking and pronunciation skills.

Being an energetic ESL instructor in the summer is one great way to have a satisfying job and do an extra paycheck.

3) Writing Tutor

Being a writing tutor is an exceptional choice. It’s another outstanding way to make extra money during the summer months.

Also, you can be an online writing tutor where you can teach conveniently at home. Not leaving your abode means less hassle and you can exceptionally plan writing instructions.

With that, you can help both children and grown-ups increase their performance in writing essays and compositions or polish their basic writing skills. Best of all, as an online writing tutor, you can make use of online writing tools that spark a difference in the writing skills of students.

Extend your on-demand writing expertise and help students improve their writing skills or you can help them with their writing assignments. You are a great help to others while you are earning extra.

4) Religious Education Teacher

Fervent to facilitate religious activities in an institution, a religious education teacher is a virtuous profession.

A passionate educator like you is most capable of creating a nurturing learning environment, whether in-person or virtual. Your utmost responsibility is to cascade and inculcate value-laden instructions and content that help learners raise their performance and promote desirable behavior.

Through your value embedded instructions, you will be able to teach your students how to become upright citizens while getting acquainted with the different religions of the world.

Facilitating philosophy and global beliefs, you can help students respect other

5) Substitute Teacher

In the absence of a full-time teacher, a substitute teacher serves in his or her place performing the teaching duties. This is both a challenge and adventure as you must be prepared to teach any class without hesitation and at a moment’s notice.

Your duty is to continue the tasks of the teacher including recess or lunch duty, bus duty, grading assignments, maintaining order in the classroom, to the discipline of students. Since you perform the teacher’s tasks daily, you must have some sense of humor, adaptability, and confidence to be able to control a new classroom every time.

Working as a substitute teacher could get you noticed and open the door to the possibility of being hired at a school for a long-term substitute position. While pay varies by country, this job offers a steady source of income for your summer days.

6) Assistant Teacher

A teacher assistant works with a full-time teacher by providing further support to students. This means that when a teacher starts a new lesson, the teacher assistant works with students, either individually or by group, and helps reinforce the lesson.

To be an effective assistant, you have to review the topics with the teacher including familiarization with the materials the students are using in the class. You may also support students with research skills, or help teachers in checking homework and tests, calculating grades, checking attendance, and record-keeping.

Other than supervising students between classes, recess, lunches, getting on and off the bus, and on field trips; you should also excel at socializing with all age groups. Teacher assistants work on a part-time basis or assist in summer schools with hourly pay, but some work in year-round schools.

7) Early Childhood Teacher

Early childhood educators require a passion for working with young children in order to keep them engaged with daily social, learning, and physical activities while in the classroom. The job entails designing their own school-approved curriculum lesson plans not only for what students will learn but how they will learn it.

The job includes monitoring the general welfare of small kids from learning sessions to mealtimes, restroom breaks, and nap times. Part of an early childhood teacher’s role is to keep the classroom clean, organized, and energizing for young learners.

Since schools and daycares hire early childhood educators, you have the option to work early daytime hours during weekdays, weekends, or during the summer. The average pay is through salary or per hour.

8) Part-time Art Teacher

Part-time art teachers prepare a program of study that informs students about the cultural and historical influences of art. They encourage students to explore their interests and express their own personalities through the creative process. You have to understand instructions on drawing and coloring, including sourcing art supplies.

You demonstrate a variety of art techniques and assist students to use these techniques to develop artworks aligned with their artistic abilities. You also help develop an aesthetic understanding that allows students to make qualitative judgments about art. To be a successful part-time art teacher, you should be able to encourage expressiveness among students.

Unlike full-time, part-time art teachers typically work thirty hours or less per week. The good thing is you can be available to work during the evenings, or on occasion.

9) Part-time Dance Teacher

If you love dancing, working as a part-time dance teacher during summer lets you teach the theory of dance and enjoy teaching people who want to explore dance movements so they can improve their wellbeing.

You teach students how to dance safely by warming up steps and then demonstrate the elements of technique for graceful dance moves. You may also choreograph dance routines for your pupils to perform. This includes an understanding of how to meet safety requirements and prevent injury. You could teach ballet, modern, classic, or ballroom dancing.

If you choose to work as a private dancing teacher, then you can offer classes for individuals and groups in a venue like a community hall,  a village, or a parish center. A part-time dance teacher may also train related subjects like performing arts, theater, and even songs.

10) Child Care and Teacher Education Instructor

This offer can be done both online and in-person learning. If you are willing to extend your teaching expertise to improve student performance and increase their engagement through planned instructions and lessons, then this part-time job is a great fit.

In this venture, like in a regular classroom environment, you will be assessing student performance of the learned competencies and mastered skills through different evaluation tools.

Also, this could work out effectively if you have strong communication skills so you can build positive relationships with both your students and colleagues even though it’s just a temporary job offer.

Best of all, your passion to teach and your will to perform your essential duties with utmost efficiency can always make a difference especially in student learning.


Summer Jobs for Teachers Who Prefer Other Avenues

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11) Childcare

A childcare worker is responsible for the general well-being of toddlers, school-age children into their early teenage years. While the job entails assisting and supporting in the preparation of school materials for the kids, you don’t have to worry about paperwork and grading.

A childcare worker ensures the children have good hygiene. If under your care is a baby, then you also change diapers. Part of your job is preparing healthy meals and snacks for the children, contributing to their social development by participating in their learning and leisure activities. You also have to read or play games with them, or even tutor them.

Childcare workers can work in private, residential homes, childcare centers, or in any government setting supporting children in their educational and recreational activities. Typically, childcare workers are paid at an hourly rate or depending on the requirements of the daycare facility or private employer.

12) Life Coach

Life coach, as a job, is interesting if you like helping people make progress in their lives. It can be health, career, relationship, or life skills coaching. This summer job has become so popular that it has started to be offered as an essential subject in universities, postgraduate and masters level courses.

Other than offering tips and advice, your goal is to maximize your clients’ personal and professional potential and empower them towards a life they want for themselves. You act as a counselor, assisting them with what they need help for like designing strategies toward meeting their goals in life. A coaching relationship requires honesty and confidentiality to establish trust between both parties.

Business people, top executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities hire coaches to help them understand their goals better. You can join an industry of your expertise and provide clients a better understanding of the things they need to achieve. The salary of life coaches depends if it is one-on-one which typically pays per weekly session, or you can get paid by the hour, or by an agreed professional fee.

13) Medical Assistant

A medical assistant, sometimes called clinical assistant, or healthcare assistant assists physicians in clinics, hospitals, and other health care facilities. The task involves recording the vital signs of patients, filling out insurance forms, or taking medical histories needed by the doctors.

While most of a medical assistant’s job is administrative work, they may also handle clinical tasks such as dispensing medications, changing wound dressings, or removing stitches. This occupation may sound similar to Physician Assistants, but note that PA (physician assistants)  are licensed professionals who under the direct supervision of a physician can perform surgical procedures.

A medical assistant is a versatile job that streamlines important tasks and makes a clinic smooth running. Communication and interpersonal skills along with handling children and adults will help you excel in this job. If you’re a science teacher, it makes preparing treatment rooms and performing basic lab tests easier. This job earns per hour.

14) Occupational Therapy Assistant

If a medical assistant assists doctors, a therapy assistant helps patients with disabilities in their therapeutic activities. You will work with an Occupational Therapist in taking care of people who have difficulty doing normal everyday activities due to injuries and disabilities.

Your major job is to aid patients to recover, improve, develop, as well as encourage the skills needed for daily living and working. You help treat patients with support activities and exercises specified in a treatment plan including how to use the equipment. It is your responsibility to monitor a patient’s activities to ensure they are performing them correctly.

Under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist, you can give instructions to families about the patient’s treatment program. OTAs also work with individuals in their homes, rehabilitation hospitals, and nursing care facilities. Pay varies based on level of experience, education, and certifications.

15) Pet Sitter

As the name implies, pet sitting means caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away for hours, out of town for a day or two, or on a long vacation. You should, at least, be familiar with animal care and behavior to be able to build rapport with the animals.

You have the option to choose the type of pets to care for. Do you require just dogs and cats, or you’re willing to provide care for birds, fish, and reptiles? Your job is to prepare food and water, bathe the animals, clean after them including litter boxes, brush their teeth and fur, give medications, or bring them to the vet, if necessary.

If you’re a pet lover, this job adds fun and some dollars to your summer months. Their owners would be delighted that you are ready to provide solutions to meet the needs of their pets. Pet sitting is a rewarding career that pays you by the hour, day, or depending on the number of pets and care required.

16) Virtual Assistant

This job can be part-time, freelance, or full-time. If you work on a freelance basis, you can have several projects to work on. The best thing about working as a virtual assistant (VA) is the opportunity of working at your own time without leaving the comfort of your home.

Virtual assistants generally help their employers with administrative tasks and other tasks that may be assigned. They set travel plans and hotel reservations, book tickets, and even attend meetings on behalf of their employer. Other tasks may be editing and encoding documents, organizing files, and creating presentations.

Working as a VA allows you to complete tasks from home, personal office, or even at a café. The best thing is you can work from anywhere in the world giving you the privilege to know professionals from different industries. Virtual assistants can work either 30 to 40 hours weekly or less with weekly or hourly pay.

17) Event Organizer

Now, this is a lot of fun. Imagine you’re going to create or assist in planning events like birthdays, weddings, bridal and baby showers, educational conferences, business conventions, celebrity endorsements, product launching, civic programs, and more.

You can use all your expertise in conceptualizing unique ideas, talking, and negotiating with food suppliers, organizing participants, entertainment activities, or even initiating a new idea for the good of an organization. As an event planner, you should be resourceful, flexible, and enthusiastic so you can lead your team in harmony.

In this role, you as the event planner should coordinate every detail of events to the client to make sure goals are achieved. You have a lot of transferrable skills that will help you become a successful event planner. Most event planners set a flat project fee, percentage of expenses, commissionable or hourly rates.

18) Real Estate Agent

The role of a real estate agent is to assist buyers and sellers in facilitating the sale of a property, selling and renting of houses, land, and buildings. It is your responsibility to collect pertinent information needed by the client. Since you show homes to prospective buyers, you can use your communication, negotiating, and time management skills.

The challenging part as a home or property agent is that you’re not only dealing with buyers and brokers but will also acquire skills in legal documents, searching competition for sellers, planning and coordinating appointments, open houses, showings, and meetings with real estate professionals.

Each day is full of fun for a real estate agent. You get updated with local, regional, and national market activity in the estate industry. How much you make depends on the number of transactions you complete with the possibility of unlimited income through commissions.

19) Social Services Manager

Social services manager is largely an administrative or supervisory role assisting organizations that promote social welfare. It oversees the operation of a social work organization.

Community groups need you to help them manage general community wellness, particularly for the elderly, children, low-income families, the homeless, or people facing challenges in life. You can work with religious groups, civic, professional, health care, Grant organizations, and more.

This job also deals with workers in facilitating different services from government to non-profit agencies.  Although candidates with related experience are preferred, a teacher can successfully handle supervising, analyzing community needs, and then design programs to meet those needs. Income varies depending on the size and funding of the employer group.

20) Executive Assistant

Working as an executive assistant during the summer break can equip you with professional skills as you provide high-level administrative support, personalized and timely support to executive members. You function as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients, and business associates.

You will be working similar to the role of secretary except that as an executive assistant, you are responsible for managing the schedules of top executives. You also manage calendars, arrange travels, set up meetings, conduct market research, and even prepare expense reports.

If you can multitask, have attention to detail with excellent verbal and written communication skills, you can be successful in keeping up with key executives in an executive office. Educational requirements qualify an educator for the job with a rewarding salary.



Did you know that being a teacher makes you three times more likely capable of juggling various gigs? So even if you are good at budgeting, earning some extra money during the summer is always a great idea.

But don’t forget that you also deserve a break. So on top of getting a summer job is to make sure that you find a balance to relax, have time with the family, your summer gig, and of course, for yourself. You deserve it!

So there you go. Hoping the list above will help you choose and decide which job suits you excitingly for summer.

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