Top 13 Best Tech Gadgets for Teachers in 2022; Inspiring Innovations Every Teacher Must Know

Educators should have quality access to the best tech gadgets for teachers in order to heighten their pedagogies and augment student learning effectively. Long gone are the days for flashcards and other traditional tools used in the classrooms. More schools and teachers are now leaning on technology, especially with the current situation we are all facing all around the globe. 

impressive tech gadgets teachers can use daily

Since we are in an era where everything is integrated with technology, schools and teachers are also joining in the movement of taking advantage of tech gadgets to help life become easier for everyone. 

But since gadgets and gizmos do tend to change very quickly due to upgrades and other newly found innovations, determining the best tech gadgets for teachers might become a tricky question to answer. 

There can be a lot of things to consider before purchasing a tech gadget. Some gadgets do sell quite well if they are trending, some might really dig into research and thoroughly go through reviews and comments, and others might just go with word of mouth and recommendations from their family and friends. 

But not to worry, we will help you go over some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new tech for you and your work. 

It can be to help boost your productivity, or for your personal use specifically for entertainment only, because we all know we need to relax and tap time out too! 


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Product Image Reasons to get it
PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger
  • First-ever UV sanitizer and charger in one
  • Fits and charges any smartphone
  • Disinfects even the nooks and crannies of phones
  • You can also clean whatever fits in it
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Mangata Orbit
  • Conveniently charge two 5000 mAh powerbanks on the dock
  • Wireless charging, no need to connect to cables
  • Minimalist design keeps your desk space neat
  • LED light indicator shows battery level
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  • HD Video (1920 X 1080P)
  • With built-in noise reducing microphone
  • Plug&play, no complicated set-up
  • Supports streaming on most popular platforms (i.e. Google Hangouts, Facebook, and more)
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LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive Portable
  • Portable and ultra-compact 5TB hard drive
  • Ultra-fast transfer speed of 130MB/s
  • Drop, crush, and water-resistant
  • 2 year limited warranty
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OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Cable-free bluetooth keyboard
  • Wide compatibility
  • 30-day continuous use with automatic sleep mode
  • Perfect size providing a great typing experience
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What to Consider When Purchasing a New Tech Gadget

As everything in the tech world rapidly changes every now and then, deciding on which tech to buy can be a complicating situation. 

If you buy the newest and latest phone, tablet, laptops, or other gadgets, you will only come to find and learn that a new one is already coming out after just a few months, and that can be a bit frustrating especially if you always want to hop on the trend. 

So it’s best to take your time and do your research and maybe try to wait out on the next best thing that’s coming out. But if you really don’t have an issue with that part, you can go on and purchase that certain gadget that you think will be perfect to help you out with your daily predicaments. 

So without further ado, let’s go over some of the most important questions to answer if you’re planning to buy that expensive but really nice tech gadget. And while you’re at it, you can also check out some of the best Bluetooth speakers for teachers here! 

Is there a need for it?

So the first question that you need to answer is if there is really a need for you to purchase the gadget. 

Is it going to be useful for you while you work? Are you going to use it frequently? Is it going to play an important role to help you boost your productivity? And last but not least, is it really necessary for you to purchase it? 

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you already have checked this one out of the list. Knowing that there is really a need for that certain gadget to help you be more effective in being a teacher can help you decide if you can go for the buy or not. 

If you answered no, maybe that’s the time you’ll need to think twice before buying it. We all know how cool some tech gadgets might look like at first but when the time comes you’ll notice that it doesn’t really help you that much or it doesn’t serve its purpose as it should with your teaching role. 

This can only mean that your money has been wasted and you’re left with something that you can’t use. This is the reason why you should always make sure first that you’re not just being blinded by how cool it looks, but it can really serve its purpose which is to help you gets things done faster and smarter. 

Is it going to last for some time? 

Nobody wants to buy a pricey tech gadget that will only last less than a year or so, right? This is why durability is a must for tech gadgets because we all want to get the most out of what we purchased. 

You should also look into more lasting specs that are highly recommended products and also have good quality to really determine it as a good buy. 

Purchasing tech gadgets with great specs will give you your money’s worth in the long run compared to techs that come at a cheaper price but will only slow down your productivity, makes you work more, and also give you headaches because it doesn’t work like it is supposed to. 

And since we are already talking about specs, it’s better to buy gadgets with specs that are enough for what you need and not overbuy for higher specs but won’t end up using. But still, it’s always a good idea to leave enough room for growth and by that I mean upgrades. 

Leading us to our next important question…

Are upgrades or repairs plausible?

It’s always best to have in-depth knowledge when purchasing tech gadgets as this will help you find and make the right choice to go for it or to walk turn the other cheek and look for a better one.

You might feel like you’re walking through an endless maze with all the tech terms as companies may come up with different names with every upgrade and specifications as well. 

But this should not intimidate you, take your time to check and choose the right specs you want to work with, read through genuine reviews and Youtube videos comparing one product from another to find out which one really suits you. 

Finding tech gadgets that you can upgrade down the road can be a great feature because then you will not have to buy another gadget just to replace the older one. 

You also have to think about part replacements and if it’s convenient to change parts for you or if it’s readily available anywhere and can be easily replaced in a short span of time because of course you are using it most of the time and you can’t have it repaired for a month or so. 

You can always count on well-known brands because their spare parts will mostly be available in any repair shop you go to. 

Is it going to be worth the price?

A lot of times many tech gadgets come with overly priced tags and that can be hard for some people to take out of their pockets, and of course, not all people can afford a $1000 phone or tablet. 

It is also very important to analyze whether the item is really worth the price tag it comes with. If you go for cheap and too good to be true products you might end up with something that will only last you for a month—and will only make you buy another one which means you’ll be spending more money than you thought you will. 

If it’s too overpriced and can only function below your expectations, you won’t really get the good value you are looking for in that product leaving you with a dud and not the bomb. 

Make sure that is it durable enough and one way to know that is by sticking with brands that you have already tried using and don’t skimp on reading reviews! Reviews are the best indicator to tell you if the product is good or a hard pass. 

Learning from other people’s hands-on experience with the product will tell you a lot about what you will be expecting from it once you have it in front of you already. 


Top 13 Best Tech Gadgets for Teachers in 2022

Gizmos to Help You Become Innovative and Up-To-Date Inside The Classroom

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1.) Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Click image for details

Are you looking for something that’s as powerful as a laptop and can also do the same functions but need something light, compact, and portable? The Apple iPad might just be heaven-sent to make all your wishes come true. 

The Apple iPad 10.2 inch has a retina display, has a fast processor which is an A10 fusion chip, supports touch ID fingerprint, has an 8 mp back camera, and a 1.2mp front camera. 

It has up to 10 hours of battery life and also supports other products like AirPods, smart keyboard, and apple pencil. This iPad supports the latest operating system which is IOS 13. With this iPad, you can get your work done at ease. 

You can easily edit your documents, search for something on the internet, make calls to your loved ones or colleagues using facetime, manage all your files in one convenient spot with the Files app. 

This Apple iPad is very useful in taking notes in class to writing a quick to-do list for you to keep track of all your works. This iPad also has an app store where you can discover a lot of different apps that will be very useful for you or will entertain you a lot of times. 

Also if you have a lot of free time and you’re looking for something to do to pass time, this iPad will keep you company with its A10 Fusion chip. It gives an amazing and smooth performance so games will be immersive, detailed, and fluid. 

You can also pair using Bluetooth your PlayStation DualShock 4 controller or any game controller with your iPad which can act as a portable gaming console—perfect for teachers who are gamers on the side! 

The iPad lets you express your creative ideas in so many ways. You’ll be able to do all sorts of activities from sketching which is highly recommended with the Apple pencil, creating presentations, or just enjoying other amazing Apps the App Store has to offer. 

If you want to take it to the next level, Apple Pencils will make your vision and perspective possible and come to life. All your drawings will be pixel perfect and with precision like you have never experienced before. 

No matter how you capture your photos and videos with the 8MP back camera or the 1.2mp front camera on the iPad, you’ll love editing the photos you take on the large, immersive screen of your iPad. 

If you’re up to it you can also add fun effects, apply filters, crop, or rotate. Once you’ve got your perfect shot, share it with your social feeds or send it to friends with one tap. 

There’s nothing more you can ask for from the Apple iPad, especially with its well-loved thin and light design, you’ll be asking yourself how can it pack all its power in it. The Apple iPad is also equipped with fast Wi-Fi and 4G LTE making it possible for you to bring it anywhere you want to go. 

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2.) Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer – Idea Builder for Brand New Hobbyists and Tinkerers

Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer - Idea Builder for Brand New Hobbyists and Tinkerers

Click image for details

The Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D printer lets you produce high-quality printing as it is the most reliable low-cost 3D printer. 

This awesome 3D printer will let you make your first print out fast and easy as the printer itself is already pre-assembled. You will also get half a kilo of the spool of filament and easy-to-follow instructions. 

The dimensions of the things that you can build using this 3D printer are 5.9 inches maximum build depth, 5.9 inches maximum build height, and 5.5 inches maximum build width. 

The Dremel 3D printer is very safe compared to other 3D printers because of this enclosed design. The Dremel 3d printer is definitely a printer you can place safely in an office as it will fit in nicely with other equipment. 

The Dremel 3D printer functions pretty much like the traditional printer. This is a completely finished machine ready to go from the box. The Dremel 3D printer allows for repeatable and consistent results from your printing. 

In many ways, the Dremel 3D printing can be considered the next generation. With an easy-to-use touchscreen, the Dremel really has simplified the process of printing and that anyone can adapt to even those people with limited experience. 

The Dremel 3D printing really pushes ease of use. Everything from the interface to the actual creation and the process is as simple as possible.

If you want to get some inspiration, you can check out their website for some downloadable pre-modeled concepts. So if you work or teach at a school this Dremel 3D printer would be very helpful and be very useful for you as you can build materials that you might need to improve the quality of education that you are giving to your students. 

This piece is great for people who are just trying out 3D printing for the first time and do not want a complicated setup and use. So if you are looking for an easy-to-use 3D printer this Dremel Digilab 3D printer might be the one for you all that you have to do is plug and then use it at ease. 

Also unlike other 3D printers when printing the Dremel 3D printer is not that noisy compared to other 3D printers. This will be a perfect tech gadget for teachers inside their classrooms if they want to bring something exciting and innovative to their students. 

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3.) PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger 

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger 

Click image for details

The PhoneSoap 3 UV sanitizer is the first and only cell phone charger that also cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges now you can improve your daily charge with the sanitizing process that the PhoneSoap 3 gives you. 

This smart and innovative Smartphone Sanitizer can help get rid of  99.99% of the germs sitting down on your phone. What’s great about it is that it fits all different types and sizes of smartphones—and it’s not limited to smartphones only anything you can fit inside can be sanitized as well. 

Conveniently, it also comes with an audio amplifier to help notify you, so you will not miss any notifications and alarms that you might get while you are charging, and also the two charging ports allow it to act as a universal charger meaning you can charge any device. 

With the world encountering a pandemic caused by the COVID-19 sanitizing is one of the ways of protecting yourself from the virus that might get to you. 

The PhoneSoap 3 UV sanitizer might solve the problem of you sanitizing your phone and will make you and the people around you protected as a virus such as COVID-19 might get easily attached to your valuable things like smartphones. 

It is designed to fit next to your office, at your bed, or anywhere you want to. It only takes a few minutes for your smartphone to be fully sanitized and be free of dangerous bacteria or viruses that can make you or the people around you sick. 

Did you know that your phone, the one in your hands right now, is a lot worse when it comes to harmful bacteria count compared to a public toilet? 

As gross as it sounds, let that sink in. Even if you wash your hand frequently, if you don’t clean your phone which is always in contact with your hand, washing your hands is like catching air. Nonsense, right?

We forget whatever our hands touch that we pass on to our phones which might be the cause of the spreading of the bacteria. The light bulbs on both the top and the bottom of the PhoneSoap 3 gives 360-degree disinfection to your phone. 

You don’t have to worry about overheating or accidentally leaving your things inside it because the PhoneSoap 3 UV sanitizer is smartly set to automatically shut off after 10 mins of use, which is the recommended time for sanitizing using UV light. 

The light bulbs of the PhoneSoap 3 UV sanitizer have a lifespan of 4,000 hours which is equivalent to 240,000 minutes and if the light bulbs happen to burn out the PhoneSoap 3D sanitizer will replace them at no cost.

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4.) Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

Click image for details

Note-taking has never been made so easy with the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen. You’ll be writing with delight with this impressive smartpen. Then, it’s just right to get to know this wonderful pen!

Writing and drawing have also been made so accurate that you’ll feel like you’re working smartly and innovatively which is the most commended feature of this smartpen. 

You can record everything you write and hear so you’ll never miss a word. And another amazing feature this smartpen can offer is it allows you to replay recorded meetings or lectures by simply tapping the notes you’ve written down. 

You can also save the notes and audio recordings on your computer so you would not lose them. 

This smartpen can be synced with the Echo Desktop software for both Mac and Windows users, it also comes with a starter notebook with 50 pages. And along with that you also get to have two (2) ink cartridges, one in the pen and another one in the box with an extra smartpen cap. 

The notebook is equipped with icons for bookmarks and recordings on each page so starting and stopping recording will be accessible and easy. The Livescribe 2GB Echo smartpen has a 12-hour battery life and a built-in audio recorder. 

The smartpen can be charged using a micro-USB port just on top of the pen, this is also the way for you to connect it to any computer to upload notes and recordings. 

You can also plug a pair of headphones directly into the pen so you can listen to your audio recordings directly through the pen. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen has an LCD screen that displays the battery and the time. 

The audio recorder is a very useful feature in interviews, lectures where you need to get exactly what it is saying and you don’t have the time to write it down. 

Each page on the notebook that is provided includes a small “record” icon. When you tap this with your Smartpen it will begin recording sound and will only stop until you tap the “stop” icon and whenever you tap the notes that you have written the pen will automatically play back the recording that you took. 

Also, this pen has a feature wherein it lets you connect to your email or google docs account and send notes, diagrams, and recordings by writing the name of the service and just tap on the specific pages you want to send.

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5.) IntelliScanner Classic

IntelliScanner Classic

Click image for details

There are many instances that students have no access to books, making it a hindrance when it comes to class discussion. 

Although students are encouraged to buy a book of their own, there are many students who do not have the privilege to buy their own. 

One solution to this predicament is to let students borrow books and references from teachers if they wish so, however it is hard for teachers to keep track of the books and references that they lend to students; it is also possible that the books will get lost—which is a burden for teachers. 

That is why I believe that every teacher should have an IntelliScanner. This device is used for organizing books, it is also used for movies and media. 

Not many people know this kind of device because it is much more common to see it in local libraries, but if you are a teacher who has a big collection of books this is the perfect way to keep your books organized in a specific category. 

With the IntelliScanner, it is much easier to keep track of the books and references that teachers and students, just simply scan the barcode to the book before lending it to students. You can also make it more digitized by scanning the contents of the book and sending it to the email account of the student. 

As stated before, books are not the only things that the IntelliScanner can organize, you can also keep track of your movies and other media by using this device. 

If there are other digital teaching materials that you need for a class discussion, then storing them in the scanner will help you be reminded that you have that kind of teaching material at hand. 

Many people have been using this device either inside or outside of the classroom, it serves as an organizer for them and it helps them keep track of their books and other media. This is a handy gadget for people, especially teachers.

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6.) Mangata Orbit Power Bank Charging Dock

Mangata Orbit Power Bank Charging Dock

Click image for details

Smartphones are an important gadget that everyone uses, whether it is for personal use or business use. 

Many people are connected through the use of cellular devices and the internet, that is why it is necessary for us to have 24 hours access to it but we all know that is not possible because of the battery capacity of our devices. 

That is why there are chargers included when we buy smartphones, however, a wall socket is not always available. The only alternative for using chargers is a Power Bank, but even a Power Bank needs to be charged before it can be used. 

The Mangata Orbit Cordless Power Bank Charging Dock is the perfect power source for your mobile devices, and it is also a perfect charging tool for your power bank. 

This product comes with 2 power banks, both having 5,000mAH to ensure that your device will be able to reach full battery capacity, not to mention that it comes with a wireless charging dock so that users can enjoy a clutter-free and a space-saving device that can be carried anywhere and be used anytime. 

This is the perfect charging product for teachers as it is hassle-free to carry around, and it is much more efficient to use when it comes to charging mobile devices. 

The only thing that you need to charge in a wall socket is the charging dock itself, when it is fully charged then you can insert the power banks in the charging dock when it is drained. No need to look for a wall socket, and no need to charge it with a cord. 

The great thing about this product is it has passed the world’s strictest power bank safety certificate, which is the UL2056. 

So if you are one of those people who are skeptical when it comes to using power banks, this product will surely be a good one for you. Many people have positive reviews about this product, they commonly use it when they go to their workplace. 

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7.) PAPALOOK PA452 Webcam


Click image for details

We are living in a generation that uses technology in our everyday lives, including for work and school purposes. 

Currently, there is a pandemic going on, so many businesses have stopped meeting in real-time and of course, many schools have made the decision to continue class discussions via online classes. 

So instead of having classes in person, teachings will have to be done through the use of the internet—meaning both teachers and students should invest in technology accessories to ensure that learning through online classes will be clear for students to understand since it is harder to incorporate teachings to students’ understanding especially without a visual representation. 

That is why this product is one of the most needed technology accessories that a teacher needs, a good webcam will be able to project a clear vision of the teacher and whatever teaching materials they have in hand to show to students. 

The PAPALOOK PA452 Webcam will be able to do the job as it is a 1920x1080P HD widescreen; it projects high-quality videos especially when it comes to video conferences and streaming. 

During online classes, students will be able to see a clear vision of the teacher—making the interaction between the student and teacher be more like if they are having a class discussion in person. 

This webcam has a built-in reducing microphone that can limit and suppress any unnecessary background noise that can hinder the online discussion, this enables teachers to run an online class without any disruptions that can potentially be a problem for students to understand. 

Unlike any other webcam, the PAPALOOK PA452 Webcam is a plug-and-play HD camera—there is no need to install any kind of application to read and detect the webcam, just simply connect it to your personal computer or laptop and it will be automatically detected by the device to be used in different video chatting applications such as Messenger, Zoom, Skype, or any other Instant Messaging App. 

This is a product that is worthy to buy, especially when we need to limit physical contact with other people; having a webcam makes it possible to overcome the struggle of not having to meet people.

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8.) OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Click image for details

Many teachers do not have the privilege to buy a personal computer or a laptop, they mostly have mobile devices such as a tablet or a regular smartphone, making it harder for those who do not have a computer or laptop to do documents and manage grades sheets for their students.

Although a tablet or a regular smartphone can do features that a computer or a laptop can do, the way that it is handled on a tablet is much harder than using a computer. 

For example, you would not be able to type as fast as you can on a computer when you use a tablet, it is also harder to do spreadsheets on a mobile device. 

That is why many brands have been releasing Bluetooth keyboards not only for an alternative keyboard for a laptop but it can also be connected to a tablet in order to make it a mini laptop. By connecting a keyboard to a tablet, users will be able to find it easier to type and work with the Microsoft office applications. 

One of the brands that offer a Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with tablets is the OMOTON with their Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, It is a Bluetooth keyboard that allows you to connect to it wirelessly—any mobile device is compatible with this keyboard as long as the device has a working Bluetooth function. 

Although it is a keyboard, it is not as big as an ordinary keyboard, it is only as big as a tablet making it a perfect pair. Even though it is smaller than an average keyboard, it still has the same design with a QWERTY Layout and other hotkeys that are customizable to suit your device. 

Teachers will be able to enjoy working with a tablet because the keyboard makes it more easier and convenient for them to work with. 

Not to mention, it can also be brought together with your tablet anywhere, whether at school, work, or a coffee shop. 

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9.) Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Click image for details

One of the essential things that teachers often use at school is a projector. 

It is an important tool especially when it comes to class discussions to further elaborate on a certain topic by showing visual representations and important notes that students need to remember. 

Many schools have already invested projectors for teachers to use, but it is often limited so there are instances that some teachers will not be able to use it because another teacher is currently using it. That is why it is ideal for a teacher to invest in their own projector to bring in class, however, it is not that easy as it seems.

First of all, a projector is expensive; some may not be able to afford it. Another thing to take note of is that a projector is a big thing to carry around, even if you bring your own projector it will surely be a hassle to carry every day at school. 

That is why this product is perfect for teachers who need a portable projector that is affordable. The Wi-Fi Mini Projector, as the name suggests, a projector in a portable form. 

It does not have any cable or any other wires that need to be connected to, just simply connect your device to the projector using the Wi-Fi signal that is available in the mini projector. After connecting to the projector, the screen of your mobile device will be projected by the mini projector. 

Even though the mini projector is small in size, its projecting image/videos will not be any different from an ordinary projector. 

The ideal distance of this device is 8.2-11.4 ft with an 80-100’’ large screen, it is large enough for a whole class to see. When you purchase this product, it will be a good tool that can help students understand the lesson further. 

You would not have to worry about borrowing a projector from the school, as you can bring and use your own. It is also good for personal use, if you want to watch a movie then you can use this at home as well.

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10.) LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive Portable

LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive Portable

Click image for details

There are many paper works that will be handled when your occupation is a teacher, starting from paper works of your students, grading sheets, paper works that are needed in a certain department, and many more.

Some teachers have already invested in computers and laptops in order to work with paperwork through the use of technology. With so much paper works to go through, laptops are often slow to operate whenever there are more files inside their internal memory. 

This may cause the laptop to lag, hang, and there are many cases that when you are writing a document the laptop will close suddenly, causing the document to be lost and making more work for the teacher. It is best to take care of your laptop, not overload its memory with many files. 

That is why the LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive Portable is perfect to keep hold of those important files. 

A portable hard drive will be able to keep tons of files, just simply organize them inside the hard drive and you would not have to lose any files. This has a 5TB memory capacity, so there is no need to be cautious when storing lots of files—there is plenty of room for storing more files in this hard drive. 

You can also store videos, images, music, and other media-related things inside the hard drive for you to be able to use in the classroom or for your personal use. 

You won’t have to overload your laptop and risk having a corrupted file because of the many files stored in the internal memory of your laptop, give your laptop a break and buy a portable hard drive to store large files. 

The LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB External Hard Drive Portable is different from other hard drives, it is surrounded by a silicone protector that enables the hard drive to withstand falling from a high place. 

Hard drives are heavy, making them prone to falling that is why they are prone to breaking but with the silicone protector it is shockproof.

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11.) Osmo – Genius Starter Kit Hands-On Learning Games

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit Hands-On Learning Games

Click image for details

For teachers who handle younger students, the Osmo Genius Starter Kit is a perfect tool that will be able to help the learning of children be more fun and interactive.

This kit will provide learning and teaching to students while creating entertainment for children who are easily distracted during class discussions. 

It will make them understand a certain topic by making them see and play with the items that are available inside the kit and on the application. 

There are many topics that the Osmo Kit will be able to provide. One of which is the arrangement of puzzle pieces to match the shapes on the application (Tangram). Children can also Solve creative physics puzzles by illustrating lines or placing items in front of the screen (Newton). 

They will be able to learn how to draw anything with creative drawing tools (Masterpiece), and lastly, they will be able to add, count, and multiply tiles by popping the number bubbles (Numbers). 

They can also learn new words, and be able to spell correctly by projecting on-screen words by the application. 

Inside the box, you’ll be getting the signature Osmo base and reflector for iPad, fun and colorful tangram pieces, word tiles and numbers tiles, stackable storage for each game and 5 fun charged Game Apps: Numbers, Words, Tangram, Masterpiece, and Newton. 

These things are good tools that can help students understand certain topics, and it also goes well with the activities inside the application. 

The application will be able to run even without an internet connection, so just simply install the application and you can open it up easily. The application itself will be able to keep track of the child’s progress in certain topics and will be able to show statistics of the students’ progress as time goes by. 

This is a great help and it will be able to show if the child is learning slowly. 

This is a great product to be used for younger students because most of them have a short span of attention, they are easily bored and if the class discussion will always be a lecture, there is no guarantee if they understood the lesson that it is being taught. 

That is why it is always a good idea to provide various learning activities for students to engage in so that they will be more eager to learn, and it will be easier for them to understand the lesson. 

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Click image for details

12.) IPEVO Ultra High Definition Document Camera

 Owning the IPEVO high-resolution document camera allows you to project onto screens amazing instructional materials that best support student learning in a very easy way.

This is highly compatible with your Windows PC, Chrome, and Mac which is an impressive feature that helps you make the most of your teaching opportunities.

If you really want to deliver the best to your students whether online or offline learning encounters, the IPEVO is just your most incredible choice for a most accurate visualization.

This is the best partner of your tech tools that seizes high-resolution live footage on the big screen making it very visible and comprehensible to your students when remote learning is in high demand. Hence, through its 8-megapixel camera, you are confident that you are truly owning a showpiece that best facilitates learning instructions in a very convenient way.

The IPEVO document camera owns a built-in mic that makes you even more convenient when live streaming, web conferencing, or conducting your online learning sessions.

The best thing of all, the gadget’s incredible focusing speed facilitates the frequent switching of materials without blurring because it is equipped with exceptional capturing features that best works even in poorly lit surroundings.

Grab this advanced tech tool to facilitate learning with quality display features to give your students more engaging and enjoyable learning experiences.

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Click image for details

13.) Logitech Wireless Presenter

 As wireless technology abounds, the superior quality Logitech wireless presenter offers you ultimate execution that captures the best interest of your students.

When your best facilitation skills are coupled with going around the classroom to supplement your classroom management strategies, this flexible presenter significantly abides by what you really desire to make your presentations highly comprehensible and effective.

With a reliable remote clicker, you are confident that you will achieve smooth flowing slideshow presentations that elevate the learning preferences of your students. Giving you hassle-free navigation of your presentation, the Logitech wireless presenter offers a convenient plug-and-play touch with its easy-to-follow features.

Logitech remote presenter owns perceptive touch keys that essentially make your presentations smooth-flowing and intelligible. Interestingly, this item includes 2 AAA batteries for uninterrupted use and you have the best option of using polaroid batteries for high efficacy.

Greatest of all, the Logitech tech presenter is as good as the leading brands as it owns a highly perceptible red lacer pointer that ultimately works on most settings. Moreover, it functions very well with up to a 50-foot  range, such an incredible wireless technology that best facilitates your instructions on the screen. It’s super easy to use and you don’t need to install any supporting software on your device. Just plug in the port receiver and you’re good to move around as you desire.

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A classroom is a place where innovations and ideas are welcome to flourish and blossom especially in students. 

With technology changing the traditional ways of teaching for the better, it’s time for teachers to also take advantage of the new norm. The best tech gadgets will keep them company and also help teachers pave a brighter and better tomorrow for our children. 

These gadgets do not need to be the top of the line and most expensive ones, as long as it serves their purpose to help make things easier for teachers I do recommend them as the best ones for our educators. 

One gadget can be a life-changing tool for teachers not only inside the classroom but can be in any setting as long as it helps them send the message and play their role in educating their students effectively. 

I hope you were able to discover some products here that you think will be helpful through your journey in teaching! 

Leave us a comment down below if you want us to add some personally recommended tech gadgets that you have already tried and tested.

“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” 

                                                                                                        -Daniel Bell


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing New Tech Gadgets

1.) Not gathering all the deets and not doing your research enough

This might be the most common mistake people make when it comes to buying gadgets, other people are usually driven by short reviews of how great the product is on social media or maybe it’s just the trending and hot item of the minute because celebs are endorsing it. 

This is where reality vs expectations bite, and it’s best to make sure that your expectations meet the reality of what the gadget is really about and what it can do for you. 

And if you’re a teacher who wants to make sure that what you’re buying will benefit you positively, just think of it as a side research in order for you to make a fully informed decision on whether you’ll end up with the decision to push through with the purchase or not. 

Reviews and other helpful comments and suggestions from customers of the said gadget will be the best indicator you can use if it’s actually a good product. 

You can also opt to look for experts on the internet who take their time to make thorough reviews and really know what they are saying about the product if you’re not really familiar with the specs or the product itself yet. 

The key is for you to be practical. You surely don’t want to end up buying something that you thought will erase all your problems away but actually just added up to your pile of challenges, right? 

You don’t really have to be a tech expert just to buy tech gadgets, learning the basics, and knowing what can be helpful for you will be sufficient to aid you in making the right choice. 

2.) Not Comparing Products In The Same Line

Another mistake that people make when buying tech gadgets is not comparing products. Getting all the important specifications and features of products in the same line will actually help you decide on which product you should go for. 

You don’t always have to go with what everyone is using, or with what’s trending at the moment. 

Comparing products will help you narrow down your choices and arrive at the one that will help you with boosting your overall productivity and making your life much easier. 

3.) Buying Techs That Are Second Hand Or Nearly Obsolete

All of us are always looking for ways to at least save some money when buying something, and we always try to get it at the lowest price available which makes us opt for second-hand items or items that are soon to be phased out. 

Buying these kinds of items is not really a smart decision for you and your pocket because you will only end up with something that will be of no use for you and probably won’t be compatible with other gadgets that you want to use. 

Upgrades and updates are also not guaranteed for second-hand items or lower-specced items because the tech world is rapidly changing over time that you’ll be surprised that another new gadget will come popping up around the corner. 

Warranty is also going to be your knight in shining armor when it comes to gadget buying because repair costs for gadgets come in prices that you would be gasping at once you hear it from the repairman himself. 

4.) Overpaying

Contrary to popular belief that the more expensive it is the better the quality you will get is not all true for all cases, especially when it comes to gadgets. 

There are some gadgets that can come at a great affordable price but will give you great value for your money, the same goes with highly expensive gadgets, you’ll be paying a lot more just for the name of the brand but will still get the same performance as affordable ones. 

Another great practice is for you to get your online price checking skill on point because it will really save you a lot of bucks and you’ll be surprised that you already know with one look if it’s a good deal or not.

5.) Overthinking

Overthinking is something you can’t avoid especially with all the different options flooding right in front of you. 

To avoid being overwhelmed, list down the most important features you want and need in a certain gadget and the rest will follow. If you have a guideline on what type of gadget you will need you will not be confused as to what product to choose. 

Preparing a list of must-haves will help you save time and get your tech gadget faster in your hands.