14 Best Tote Bags for Teachers in 2023

I have always had an affinity for tote bags. Considering that this style also makes the perfect teacher bag, I thought writing a product review on the best tote bags for teachers would be very helpful not just for them but for all women, as well.

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Why You Should Own a Tote Bag

Aren’t you wondering why tote bags are dubbed as the best teacher’s bag? The reason is that out of 40 different types of bags, the tote is the only one capable of delivering the services offered by the 39 others. As a matter of fact, there are backpacks today that can beautifully transform into a tote. 

Finding the best tote bag for a teacher can be tricky, but I have done the work for you. Let’s delve into our well-chosen totes so you can choose which one can make your day more productive in school or make your commutes comfortable.


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Our Top 5 Editor’s Pick for 2023

Product Image Reasons to get it
ZYSUN Tote Bag
  • Sleeves are well-padded
  • Professionally partitioned
  • Houses a 15 inches laptop
  • Plenty of pockets & slots
  • Made of rich PU leather
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SHERPANI Camden Tote
  • A convertible backpack tote
  • Contains slip pockets all-over
  • With RFID for extra security
  • The 50-inch strap is removable
  • Made from Repreve material
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  • Well-organized compartments
  • With a hidden zipper pocket
  • Fits airline compartment
  • Features dual in-line wheels
  • Has RFID blocking technology
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  • Space fits a 15 inches laptop
  • Organized four compartments
  • With handle & detachable strap
  • Professional, neat & elegant
  • Scratch & waterproof PU leather
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CREST Design Tote Bag
  • Sturdy enough for daily use
  • Padded & fits 14-inch laptop
  • With pockets all around bag
  • Carry by hand, shoulder, crossbody
  • Fabric is 100% water-repellent
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Our No. 1 Tote Bag for Teachers


The NEWHEY Laptop Tote Bag

  • It offers the best partitions for teacher essentials. 
  • Elegant, multipurpose, & perfect for all occasions.
  • Fabric, style, and material – it’s for the modern lady teacher.

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How to Choose the Best Tote Bag for Teachers

Teachers frequently carry different stuff every single day. In order to have quick access to pens, cell phones, sharpeners, lesson plans, and other necessities; choose a bag with a wider opening. This feature allows you to get the items inside the bag quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for the best teacher tote bag, you’ve reached the right page. Find your best choice here by reading first the best features your tote bag should have.


1) Capacity

Imagine yourself rummaging helplessly for notes or files. You don’t want your students to see you in such a mess. The perfect work bag for teachers should have a spacious interior and creative compartments. This will allow you to organize your items so they are quick and easy to find. It’s a joy owning a happy bag for a more organized you! Not only it keeps papers neat and well-filed but prevents squashing and crumpling them, as well.

Additionally, pockets group tiny items like sign pens, cards, keys, and even staplers. They make it easier for you to partition things off and quickly locate them when you need them. No separate organizer bag is required. For a stronger grip of the contents, some tote bags additionally use zips and mesh bags. If you were lucky enough to get a tote bag with pockets and compartments, consider yourself really lucky because you can arrange your belongings neatly. 

2) Durability

Being one of those teachers who are carrying everything to work, you should check for the durability of your tote bag. You should be considering how it’s made as well as the material and fabric.

A tote bag will last longer if it’s comprised of durable and strong materials. Look into the stitches. See if they are done to last for long. Moreover, you should also be assessing the handle straps and the bottom of the bag.

Evaluate the stitches at the bottom of the bag. Do you think the bag can handle all the things you put into it? I guess you should familiarize yourself with the kinds of durable stitches.

3) Right Size and Handle

Determine your needs and you will find the best tote bag. Large or medium sizes are the best tote bags for teachers. These sizes generally fit all whether you carry long or short paper sizes, a planner, a laptop, or books. We suggest that you allow about two inches of space on top for smooth zipping or closure.

The length of handles or straps is as important depending on how you want to carry the bag. A smaller or shorter strap allows you to carry it by a hand or at the crook of an elbow, while longer straps can be propped over a shoulder without slipping off. Long handles are also more functional because you can either rest them on the shoulders for heavier loads or simply hang them along with your elbows when the bag is light. 

Not all recommended totes for teachers offer the same features. Each bag carries its own stylishness and adaptability. Are you in need of a messenger-type tote bag for your laptop and textbooks, or you’re simply looking for a lightweight carryall that can hold anything from papers, cell phones, and other daily personal belongings?

Totes are the best bags that can provide the topmost convenience to teachers – your part is to pick the practicality that can go with your style every day.

5) Budget

Cost is an important factor in purchasing a tote bag. Most people go for what they can afford while some are willing to go expensive for the right choice.

Your personal requirements on the type of bag, size, shape, capacity, color, and brand will determine how much you are willing to spend on your tote bag. Personally, I too love real leather bags because they generally are created to last longer. But it doesn’t mean non-leather brands do not have quality.

Brands that can serve your needs are perfect buys. So while your initial investment may cost you more, that is because you found the best tote bag that has fulfilled your requirements.

Here is a simple video that shows what a teacher’s basic tote bag usually contains. I hope this helps you decide which among the best tote bags in this list works perfectly for you. 


How Large a Tote Bag Do You Need?

As a teacher, you definitely want extra space for extra things that you may want to carry with you. If you buy a tote bag that is too small, you definitely would be looking out to buy a bigger one. So that would be another expense on your part.

There is a difference between a handbag and a working bag. For example, if you only wish a bag to perfectly store all of your daily essentials like cell phone, wallet, some notes, including your lunch box perhaps, then using a large tote can be too big. But if you need a bag to carry folders, textbooks, projects, or a laptop, then it follows that you have to look for a tote bag specially designed for that use.

Take a look at these standard tote bag sizes popular in the market today:


This is the oversized tote bag which typically has a dimension of 20 inches in width and 15 inches high. If you need to carry heavier items like a few pieces of hardcover textbooks, laptops, folders, change clothing, and meal boxes plus a water jug; this size will meet those needs. This bag is also capable of everyday activities in school. It can accommodate your school supplies as well.

While large capacity totes provide a room that is easier to reach for contents inside, those styles without pockets can get things disorganized, so you may need to provide small pouches to put things in separate places. Large totes are best for the beach, as a carry-on or diaper bag, an overnight bag, and of course, as a teacher bag. 


The medium size generally measures 16 inches wide and 15 inches high. That is a pretty comfortable size. Popularly handy and casual, this offers a suitable space to store textbooks, folders, lots of papers, and your laptop. Its capacity can also carry snacks, personal essentials, spare utensils, hand sanitizer, or a first aid kit if you are carrying them with you all the time.

Medium-sized totes are not only large enough to carry everything you need to take home from school but are also more trendy and fashionable. We suggest that you look for a tote bag with compartments and pockets for easier partitioning.


Small totes are basically 12 inches wide and 13 inches high. Although it is quite small for a regular teacher’s day, it has a large enough bulk to store a few essentials, such as your cell phone, wallet, make-up pouch, keys, and notebook. This size is perfect for non-working occasions like a school meeting or a simple evening out.

Now, let’s go check out my list of the best tote bags for teachers looking to stay organized and all packed up.


14 Tote Bags All Teachers Will Love

1) ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag

The Zysun tote bag is for the teacher who is particular of great organization and sophistication. Designed to secure a 15-inches Macbook, it is a multi-pocketed bag with smooth and specialized closure to keep contents safe and easy to access.

ZYSUN Laptop Tote Bag

Click image for details

This high-end leather bag has outside hardware in a grey tone and a dark brown cloth interior. You will be pleased to know that the bag contains soft foam pad linings to provide additional protection for your laptop if you carry one every day. Make use of the 3 pockets and 4 sections to organize your books, files, iPad, laptop, and mouse. Like any other leather bag, this one retains its shape and sits straight thanks to the leather’s sustainable fabric..

Are you fond of chain straps? Perfect! The Zysun laptop tote bag uses stylish chain-link straps that nicely loop around wear-resistant metal rotatable loops. Now that is another elegant factor that catches people’s eyes.

What is unique about this tote bag is the large-capacity robust-looking posture that looks stylishly professional.  Aside from its multi-purpose function, the silver chain links attached to the main handle bring another exceptional feature. You will be so proud to use it from everyday school to special events.

The best part about this bag is the collection of compartments. For a disorganized gal, it is perfect. This ZYSUN tote design is for the on-the-go woman who upholds a high sense of style. Also, a plain laptop tote bag that makes the daily commute trendy and less stressful – is worth investing in.

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2) KATTEE Genuine Leather Tote Bag

Kattee’s genuine leather bag is the best choice if you’re looking for a vintage appeal, or should I say a strong influence of European culture. Its large capacity can accommodate an iPhone Xs Max, wallet, cosmetics, books, your planner, and an umbrella. With adjustable straps, you have the option to lengthen or shorten them when the bag is more loaded.

Kattee Women's Genuine Leather Tote Bag

Click image for details

The inside of the bag has a middle zippered compartment that functions as a divider. Here, you can store valuable items like money, credit cards, or a piece of jewelry securely. It is actually a one-piece-divider that creates 3 partitions. You will also have three small pockets; 1 open side pocket and one zipper pocket, where the third is a zippered one located on the outside of the bag.

You will love Kattee’s combination of 100% waxed cowhide leather and heavy-duty soft nylon lining inspired by brass-toned hardware. It comes with a 47-inches handle with golden metal links. These straps are perforated, adjustable, and detachable. With the bottom of the bag secured in metal rivets – it has the durability required in every teacher’s tote bag.

Kattee’s genuine leather tote is every vintage lover’s dream. What gives it an edge over other teacher’s bags is its middle divider that you can transform into a secret compartment to secure little valuables. It is so creative you will feel those items are intact and safeguarded in the middle of the bag. Not just that, its vintage features also advocate functionality and elegance. You will love to use this bag on all your professional occasions like symposiums and conferences.

No matter what you put into the bag, it can hold up beautifully. So whether you are a principal or faculty member who frequently is into meetings outside of school, this is the perfect tote bag you can use for the best assemblies of the year.

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3) Soft Faux Leather Tote Bag

Here is a Soft Faux leather tote bag noted for its simple yet big, wide, and roomy feature. This is the best option for lady teachers who simply are looking for a plain daily routine bag.

Women's Soft Faux Leather Tote Bag

Click image for details

Speaking of capacity, this Soft Faux leather bag can house a lot of items, your iPad, cell phone, charger, wallet, books, keys, cosmetic bag, and so on. Although it has no divisions with only one small side pocket available inside, it offers a large space for all of your stuff and doesn’t feel overly large nor look bulky.

The tote’s material is thin but is durable. It is well-made and tough enough to prevent anything inside from puncturing. So when you press your finger into the surface of this faux leather bag, it will not wrinkle but retain its shape. Teachers also reach for their bags now and then. Then the easy magnetic lock closure of this work bag will serve that quick-to-lock need.

What you will like most about this Faux leather bag is its super simple strategy yet practically useful and convenient to carry. Yes, it may look frail, but you are sure that the tote bag can withstand scratches, it is stain-resistant and will not easily fade. For a tote that costs so affordable, you will be proud to find and own a soft faux leather bag.

Space and comfort will make this soft faux leather a good work bag for teachers. Also, if you love soft-feeling totes but think they are too flimsy, try this bag. The sturdy tote can handle your needs.

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4) Pursetti Teacher Tote (Navy Chevron) with Pockets

If you want a more attractive design, here’s a Pursetti Teacher Tote Bag. It is a Navy chevron-patterned tote that is not too big nor too small for everything you need. Ideal for school and can easily go from classroom to home.

Pursetti Teacher Tote

Click image for details

Take a look at the bag. You will notice the generously designed compartment for textbooks, files of papers, student projects, important notes, and other teaching essentials. It can even hold more items like an umbrella, clothes, snacks, and a water bottle.

Also endowed with many pockets, it has 5 interior pockets for contents that you want intact inside the bag and 6 pleated exterior pockets for easy-to-grab objects like your cell phone, pen, or ID. Your water bottles will fit nicely in the 2 mesh side pouches located at both ends of the bag. That is so plenty of space!

Regarding the material, this bag has a polyester finish, which is lightweight yet tough and flexible. It can also stand upright on its own even when fully loaded. Storage-wise, you can simply flatten the bag when not in use. Therefore it also saves storage space.

What is so special about this Pursetti bag? You will enjoy the combined utility and style. Imagine walking inside the campus with a navy chevron-printed bag. Don’t you think no one will be impressed with the cheerful aura it brings? You will brighten their day!

Its medium size may not sound big, but overall the Pursetti tote is perfect in size, good quality, has lots of pockets, and is extremely easy to carry. It is like getting everything you need for a good price.

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5) SCOUT BJ Bag, Large Tote Bag for Women

If you have a lot of stuff needed daily, SCOUT BJ tote bag will give you a place to put these things in. It will hold everything and zip them securely. Scout bags, in general, represent convenience and style. They are lightweight and easy to carry, long-lasting, washable, reusable, and can easily be folded for easy storing.


Click image for details

No more worries about having to bring two or three workbooks every day. This Scout design tote bag has a roomy heavy-duty interior and a stable burst-proof bottom that can accommodate light necessities to heavier items.

These include your daily bundles of paper, folders, projects, and yes, your workbooks. It has two exterior flat pockets and another two exterior pleated pockets. That should give you small pouches outside the bag for small bulky items like whiteboard pens and erasers.

Scout zippers are coated so you are assured that they do not rust. This tote will safely keep your belongings with its interior zipper pocket and a maximum capacity breakaway zipper for open-top or zip-top use.

Even though the straps are not long enough, it has tough and comfortable grip handles. This is among the important factors that can help you carry random things to and from your home with ease. The good thing is you are free to add a shoulder strap. There are two grommets on each side of the bag that you can use to clip a shoulder strap.

Next is the interwoven polypropylene fabric that is light but durable. This material feels like a tarp so it is water-resistant, easy to clean, and dries fast. Also, the fabric can hold its shape even when wet and can easily be folded when not used. It may look like a “standard tarp” utility bag but it can deliver what you need. It offers convenience, ease of transport, and a unique cheerful design.

What you will love about this tote is the feeling of having your stuff for the day all “packed” together. Have you ever had that contentment in a bag? I believe that is what teachers need – comfort in style. Plus, with its friendly price, you know that it comes with great quality that can last. Are you a scout teacher? Then you definitely need this large SCOUT BJ tote bag.

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6) Sherpani Camden Tote Bag with Shoe Luggage & RFID Protection

The Sherpani Camden is a laptop-friendly tote bag that can also be worn as a backpack. This style is ideal for teachers who require a rugged and bigger volume bag.

Sherpani Camden Tote Bag

Click image for details

This work bag has a comfortable space inside. With a 15-L capacity and padded sleeves, the bag can hold and protect a 15 inches laptop. It also carries everything you need to bring with you daily – your planner, folders, textbook, iPhone, and charger. You can still add a cosmetic pouch, extra essentials like clothing. It comes with a zipper closure so the contents are securely intact.

Also inside the main compartment are two slip pockets with an inside mesh pouch to secure small items. Here, you can keep your keys, IDs, and pens. For sure, the elastic end pockets both inside & outside will be very helpful.

The 100% recycled fabric is RFID protected. It uses a blocking technology that prevents your credit cards or passport from being scanned by hackers. Additional convenient features included are the dual water bottle pouches and a specially-designed zippered-luggage for your shoes.

Sherpani Camden tote is for you if you are looking for a more rugged style of bag. It has a lot of compliments on its design and appearance. While the entire bag is a bit large or bulky for a regular class day, it is the best pick if you are looking for what can hold everything in one go.

The shoe luggage makes this bag rank no. 1 on my list. You will also fall in love with the removable crossbody and backpack option that allows you to either wear the bag as a crossbody tote or as a backpack. For more appeal, you can allow the 18 inches shoulder backpack option straps to be often accessible, or hide it if you don’t want the straps hanging out all the time. You will have your items fit inside the tote without distorting their shape.

With the shape of the bag that falls vertically, you don’t have to worry about your bag keep bumping people as you walk. Truly, this tote bag makes an ideal companion to your daily classes, extra-curricular activities, and educational tours.

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7) Crest Nylon Laptop Tote & Organizer Bag

The Crest Tote is a bag for all occasions. It can be an organizer bag during school days and a shopping bag on the weekends.

Crest Nylon Laptop Tote

Click image for details

Spontaneous and classy, the tote has multi-pockets to put different items in respective places. Into the main compartment is an inner padded section that fits a 14 inches laptop. It is hard to find specific items when you are in a hurry. Compartments will make organizing the contents of your bag nice and easy.

Also, this bag has two interior slip pockets to carry your cell phone, keys, or wallet. It is also designed with a pen holder. With this, the struggle to find a pen when you need it can be avoided. Overall, the bag has a full-length top zipper closure.

You don’t have to keep opening the main compartment to reach all the contents. There are extra zipper pockets in the front exterior and another large slip-in compartment at the back portion. All these pockets can hold several different items neatly around the tote bag.

The main material used is vintage-wash water-repellent nylon. It is a lightweight but durable, moisture, and dust-resistant fabric. All edges are durably stitched and fully lined with polyester plastic. The hardware is also good with swivels on the shoulder strap attachment. But even though this tote bag provides many compartments, the light nylon material makes it soft and still light to carry.

Handles are great in this Crest Nylon tote bag. The reinforced top handles and adjustable shoulder strap will fit on your arm or shoulder. This also gives you an option to carry it by hand, on the shoulder, or sling it across your body.

This one is the perfect choice for those looking for a great deal of organization. With its reasonable price, the tote bag will definitely make you feel organized. It is no wonder many lady professionals consider this option. Not only it is presentable for school but great for ordinary days, too.

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8) NEWHEY Laptop Tote Bag

Fashion lovers, the NEWHEY laptop tote is more than just a bag – it is a multifaceted minimalist fashion tote.

NEWHEY Laptop Tote Bag

Click image for details

The tote is large with an 18.5L capacity. It has four main interior compartments beginning with a fully padded section designed for a 15.6 inches laptop. The pads are to ensure the protection of your laptop from sudden impacts. You can store folders, files, workbooks, or magazines in the next partitioned space. Put all other extra essentials like a cosmetic pouch, change clothes, umbrella, and water bottle in the large open compartment.

I know that you like extra pockets so much. Did you know that this bag contains 9 divisions inside it? Yes. Aside from the main compartments, it also includes extra pockets and zip pouches for your small items, wallets, keys, phone, charger, and hair ties. Pens are not exempted as they too have small pen loops to stay.  If you look around the bag, all pockets and compartments are fashioned inside so the entire bag exterior comes bare and free.

Made of PU vegan leather, this laptop bag is moisture resistant so you are guaranteed that it does not absorb water. You can easily clean the bag with a soft cloth. The fabric is also naturally thick. All these features are great finds when considering a teacher tote bag.

The NEWHEY tote has an adjustable and detachable handle. So you have options on how to wear it. First, you can carry the tote by hand using the two main handles. Second, you can attach the longer strap and wear the bag over your shoulder. The third is simply adjusting the strap and use the bag as a satchel. Depending on your needs, the tote can also serve as a laptop bag, a casual crossbody bag, or a fashion tote bag.

Buy this brand for its sturdy yet supple feature that is flexibly bendable. It may leave a slight crease when it gets folded but the PU leather material helps the tuck to simply wear off over time. That means this tote can be used as a carry-on bag for out-of-campus activities and educational trips.

This is our no, 1 editor’s choice!

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9) Aleah Wear Shoulder Tote Bag

Aleah Wear Shoulder Tote Bag

Click image for details

The Aleah Wear tote bag is an oxford-rugged tote that looks casual yet so proficient-looking. This is a beautiful tote with wide long shoulder straps to amp your daily teaching life.

The bag has a spacious open interior. Since it has no partitions, it can accommodate lesson plans, essays, textbooks, tablets, and other thicker materials in a single arrangement. There are two open pockets and an extra zipper compartment for additional storage for your extra stuff. These can be a cell phone, eyeglasses, credit cards, keys, whiteboard pens, an eraser, and a coin purse.

Aleah can be used for a wide range of on-campus and off-campus occasions thanks to its simple yet professional-looking exterior. It uses a high-quality 300D Oxford waterproof fabric that is lined with premium PU oiled and waxed leather. This bag is wear-resistant and will stand up for daily use. This is a wonderful feature that makes this tote easier to clean and dust.

The color combination is so cool to the eyes – a dark grey body with pastel grey and white stripes. The handles are brown leather and the interior is black. Plus, the design is young and trendy that it does not look tacky nor cheap-looking at all. Because it is made of oxford fabric, the wide and flat shoulder straps naturally follow the contour of your shoulder no matter how loaded the bag can get.

The Aleah tote bag is best for it is extremely comfortable and lightweight to carry stuff that is not so heavy. You can alternate using it as a handbag, large purse, book tote, or lunch bag. Do not worry that oxford material can stretch and deform. In normal use, oxford can last for decades. In fact, the world uses this material to produce hiking backpacks, courier backpacks, and special backpacks for tools.

Speaking of cost, I vote Aleah one of the best tote bag for teachers. I strongly sport in this “super-affordable” tote not only for its soft oxford fabric that is sure to last but also for the comfortable fit that teachers need.

For another brand that will not break your bank, you are getting a wise investment for a staple product. Overall, this Aleah Wear tote bag is definitely a must for teachers. It is like hitting two birds in one stone.

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10) Senoht Vegan Canvas Tote Bag

Senoht Vegan Canvas Bag is a multipurpose beige and camel-colored tote bag. It is a high-quality handbag from a company that specializes in faux animal leather. It uses a genuine and eco-friendly vegan canvas perfect for everyday use. With a basic and minimal design, you can use this tote as a school bag.

Senoht Vegan Canvas Tote Bag

Click image for details

Senoht vegan tote bag is known for its spacious interior. It can fit personal belongings yet still has more spaces to offer. So no more worries about carrying electronics, books, clothing, and everything you need for the classroom. What is more are the large front pocket, one side pocket, and two inner compartments. There is a tumbler holder inside for your drinking bottles, too.

The bag is made of PU-coated hard canvas fabric so it is thick and durable. Plus, it has a base shaper at the bottom to allow heavier items without stretching the bottom part. So you can expect that it stays in perfect shape regardless of what is inside. No more wearing a deformed bag that makes you look so haggard after class.

Tote bags should deliver a better user experience. Senoht vegan tote bag is waterproof so it can withstand raindrops and water splashes. Made from eco-friendly materials, it makes a great substitute for leather. For sure, teachers will love this.

On top of that, the bag is comfortable to carry. Thanks to the detachable and adjustable strap that you can switch to any way you wish to carry it. Wear it as a handbag, shoulder bag, carry-on, or crossbody bag, you decide. With tough straps, the bag can bear as many items as you can carry.

The Senoht vegan canvas tote bag has the most spontaneous appeal perfect for all academic personnel. In addition to its camel color, it is low-maintenance, versatile, and flexible. Bring it inside the faculty and you will be proud. Regardless of your outfit of the day, this tote bag goes along elegantly. Don’t you think a professional like you deserves spontaneity in the middle of a busy teaching week?

This canvas tote is the perfect accessory if you want a practical bag that’s also incredibly stylish. It is convenient, comfortable, and fashionable all rolled into one.

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11) Teacher Peach Inspirational Commuter Tote Bag 

Teacher Peach is a nylon-made teacher commuter tote bag.  Also called an inspiration bag it has a motivating quote that reads: Teach Because It Matters.

Teacher Peach Inspirational Commuter Tote Bag

Click image for details

With a 12” wide x 16” high x 4.5” deep dimension, you can easily put your classroom supplies, books, laptop, your phone, lunch, and even shoes. It has a big front pocket with Velcro closure, an inside double pocket, cushioned laptop sleeves that can hold up to a 15-inch laptop, and smaller devices.

There are outside pockets for your keys, one, and a water bottle. You can never go wrong with this commuter tote bag. Coming in durable canvas material, this tote bag is easy to clean. You can wash it and leave it to dry in the air. Since it is made of nylon, you don’t have to worry about rain or moisture seeping into the bag and damaging your contents inside.

This commuter bag is popular for its comfortable style. The 31 inches straps are adjustable and removable so if you are commuting every day, it makes carrying the bag comfortable. Very ideal for carrying items on a day-to-day basis, to and from an office to a classroom and home. This versatile style doubles its purpose as a purse, handbag, or shoulder bag.

The Teacher Peach bag has a small, slim pouch on the side. Even though it belongs to the small size category, it is a pro. So if you are not looking for a large tote bag, this tote bag is a great buy.

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12) Kenneth Cole with Anti-Theft RFID Wheeled Carry-On Tote

The Kenneth Cole tote bag holds most laptops and tablets with up to a 17 inches screen. It is a premium quality tote that can cater to all of your needs in one bag.

Kenneth Cole with Anti-Theft RFID Wheeled Carry-On Tote

Click image for details

The tote has well-structured compartments. There are two padded pockets for electronics, one for a laptop and one for a tablet. If you are only using one laptop then you can utilize the tablet space for other stuff. It also contains a detachable accessory pouch and a full-length zippered pocket. Plus, a business organizer comprising slit pockets, card slots, and pen holders. This bag features a front zippered pocket and open compartments on each side.

Kenneth Cole’s reaction meets most U.S.-based airline carry-on size requirements. So you are confident that your bag can fit into overhead bin compartments during flights.

The best part here is you are getting a bag that is equipped with RFID. This is an anti-theft radio frequency identification technology. Meaning, you are using a bag with a shield that helps radio waves from being transmitted from U.S. passports and credit/debit cards.

For the rolls, the bag uses a dual in-line skate for flexible movement. If you want hands-free carrying, simply fasten the rear exterior trolley strap over the luggage upright handles. Also included are padded tote-style handles with 9 inches drop and wrap buckle for easy lifting. The exterior of the bag is made of nylon twill with split leather trim and self-repairing gold-plated metal zippers.

As you can see, this bag can hold quite a lot of items inside. It may get a bit overloaded but the trolley should help you carry the bag with ease. So not only it makes a great tote bag for teachers, but it can also be used for important travels, meetings, and events.

The Kenneth Cole tote is your best option if you require more than enough stuff for your class. This is also most suitable for the head of school who has a hectic schedule. This is the perfect tote bag for professionals, teachers, and travelers who value both functionality and stylishness.

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13) CYUREAY Convertible Tote Daypack 

Speaking of a tote bag that can be converted into a daypack means it’s a super functional teacher bag.

Stylish and with a large capacity, the Cyureay Convertible Tote has one spacious interior that comes with a laptop lining to safe keep a 15.6″ laptop. From this alone, you can visualize that the bag can also house a few book-sized items and small folders. Of course, it definitely has a space for your cosmetic pouch, meal container, and even an extra shirt.

You’ll find 2 front zipper pockets, 2 side pockets, and 1 in the front with Velcro. The thought that it has zippered slots gives your the confidence that your valuables are well-housed and all fastened. You definitely want your cellphone, cards, purse, and keys all intact safe, and sound. You’re also getting a USB charging port located on one side of the bag.

Other than the simple cut style, the wide-open design allows you to put and take out items in a breeze. Since it has a rectangular opening, it’s also easier to access items you wish to place at the bottom. Not be too bulky but roomy for everything you need. It has dual-padded and adjustable shoulder straps that provide a snug fit around your shoulders.

Another answer to your is is the water-resistance property of the bag’s fabric making it even more versatile and durable. With its waterproof function, you’re confident that all your belongings will not get wet with accidental water spills or unexpected rain.

Plus, did you see the 2 color variations? Choose what suits your vibe. The next thing is you choose how to carry it – a lovely tote bag, a functional handbag, or an equally presentable backpack.

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14) SEAMMER Leather Tote Bag


For leather lovers, here’s another tote bag for your vintage-looking collection. 

The Seammer Tote Bag is a US-made 100% Cow Split leather top-polished with oil wax to present natural shine that ladies can boast whether for formal, work, or casual use.

It is a sizable multipurpose backpack with adequate room for teaching necessities. It has a divider in the main compartment for a 13-inch laptop and other electronic gadgets. It has room for your wallet, a cosmetic bag, a water bottle, a few books or notes, a notebook, and other items.

There’s one open pocket and another zippered pocket for your valuables inside. ON the exterior presents 1 zippered pocket – that means your coin purse, keys, cellphone, and other small items are secured.

The Seammer Leather Tote has a self-supporting nature and can stand sturdily on the floor. You will not worry as the bag’s bottom has protection rivets so it can be placed anywhere without worrying it will flop and spill your items. 

You’ll love the supporting 45.5″ adjustable shoulder strap that’s long enough to have it carried as a stylish shoulder bag. You too will love the wider strap specially designed to lessen the pressure when you have to bring the bag on your shoulders. With exquisite and brass-tone metal hardware, you know that your items are secured.

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A good-quality tote bag is a teacher’s investment. But with a wide variety of styles and great brands available for you, it’s not impossible that you end up buying the wrong bag. The biggest challenge is how to choose the correct tote bag not only for a style but also one that can offer all the comfort a professional educator needs every day.

I wish to help you understand the complexities of buying a tote bag – from how much space you need, the amount of convenience it can offer every day, design, and the look that you wish to achieve. Aside from that, totes make a lovely present you can give to another teacher, mother, sister, or friend.

I hope my list of teacher tote bags has given you all the necessary details you need to know before buying the best tote bag. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask or comment below.


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1) Why is a Tote Bag Considered as the Best Teacher Bag?

The answer is yes if you’ve ever wondered how you’re going to fit all of your belongings, including a laptop, in a single suitcase. You can carry all of your essentials in one tote bag. Any item, including a notepad and your smallest valuables, may be secured using the space, pockets, and zipped sections. There will be no shortage of the things you need.

Of course, there is the backpack, briefcase, duffel bag, laptop bag, or the weekender that are useful in their own ways, but none of them can give you adequate space like a tote can with a matching finesse.

2) How Did Tote Bags Become So Popular?

The reason is that tote bags from the very beginning are sustainable bags used for many purposes. They became the favored replacement for plastic bags much that the material used is mostly canvas which is washable, reusable, light to carry, stylish, and extremely handy. Since then people have been using the tote for grocery shopping, as a utility bag, book bag, lunch bag, beach bag, school bag, and today, a teacher bag.

3) Are there Different Types of Totes?

Yes. Below are 8 of its main types.

  • Market Tote is typically unfastened with no extra pockets and comes with parallel handles. Typically used as a shopping bag.
  • Beach Tote is made of vinyl fabric to make it waterproof appropriate for the beach setting.
  • Travel Tote is designed with a large space, slots, slip-in pockets and zipper closure to store travel belongings.
  • Work Tote is designed with compartments and pockets to offer sections for daily work essentials.
  • Boat Tote started when people use a tote to haul ice from the chest to the car or from the car to the table.
  • Picnic Tote is an easy-to-carry compact tote that can hold picnic utensils, food, and drinks.
  • Diaper Tote is a small multi-pocket tote to carry diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and other baby items.
  • Promotional Tote is a custom-made bag for advertising, fun-raising, and other commercial purposes.

4) Can You Tell Me What These Bags Are Made Of?

Tote bags are made from different materials and are intended to be strong and easy to use. These can be a basic cloth, denim, canvas, twill or drapery fabric, nylon, upholstery material, leather, faux, and any other textile suitable for a tote bag. Drape and upholstery are the usual choices for totes that do not require meticulous cleaning. Leather, faux, nylon, and vinyl are more durable options.

5) How Long Must Tote Bag Handles Be?

  • Short handles have around 14″-18″ length and 6″-8″ drop. Carrying the bag with a small handle is limited by a hand or hang it at the crook of an elbow. Small handles cannot be used over the shoulders. These are not that practical if the bag is loaded as the weight may damage the handle joints and the bag itself.
  • Customary handles go with a 20″-22″ length with a 9″-11″ drop. This is the standard length for tote bags where you can easily prop the handles over a shoulder without the worry of slipping off.
  • Long handles are 24″-26″ in length and 12″-13″ drop. These handles are longer, wider, and enough to rest on the shoulders.
  • Detachable strap handles allow you to carry the tote by its handles or via the strap when the bag gets heavier. If you like, you can bring the weight across your body for a more balanced stance. 

6) What Kind Of Material Is Best For A Teacher To Use?

Leather offers long-term servicing warranties. It has also been shown to be strong enough to withstand big loads and severe handling. It absorbs moisture, grease, and stains more quickly, though, and requires more frequent care. It requires more frequent cleaning with moist cloths or simply leather wipes. Waterproof cleaners are useful, but they run the risk of destroying its patina. In addition, leather typically costs more than canvas.

Canvas, on the other hand, is much lighter and easier to carry than leather. Because it is a plain-woven fabric, it has natural fibers that make it durable, more flexible, and manageable. Canvas requires little maintenance, it is easy to clean and is washable. A canvas tote does not tear easily and can bear heavy items better.

Cotton material is an option for you too, and they are made through a special weaving process. The advantages of using cotton are in line with its positive environmental impact. The cotton material is lightweight, reusable, and cheaper but is usually not as durable as canvas and leather.

7) Why Do You Call It a Tote? 

The tote bag was a regular carry-all in the 17th century with the name “tote” which means “to carry.” When the iconic boat bag became popular in the mid-1900, the tote bag was used to carry ice during outings. Since then it became a staple accessory in running errands and finally upgraded by designers and became a fashion statement in the 1960s.

High-end tote bags began to be seen on runways across the world paving the way for the bag to up itself into the level of luxury. The tote journeyed through the years as a multipurpose bag. Today, the bag remained an eco-friendly option widely used for a variety of purposes.

h3 style=”text-align: justify;”>8) Where Can I Find the Best Tote Bags?

Great question. You can browse a variety of styles online and make purchases while relaxing in your home. You can choose the tote bag that best suits you by reading product reviews that describe the features of each one.

9) Do you have some tips on finding the perfect tote bag for a teacher like me?

The most important thing to consider when buying a tote bag for a teacher is the way in which you would find it most useful.

If you are looking for a professional tote bag, leather options might be for you. Aside from being durable, leather carries a refined taste with combined strength and functionality. It is perfect for a formal campus environment.

Are you a P.E. teacher? Then the spontaneity of canvas and vinyl-made types will make a practical choice. These types are naturally casual and a little rugged yet do not compromise quality and professionalism.

The perfect teacher bag should be easy to carry. I suggest that you consider the one with shoulder straps. Look for what will allow you to wear over your shoulder. Do not worry if they are very long because you can hide or clip them creatively. This will give you the option to hold the bag by the handles or via its straps.

All the bags on this list will make a perfect teacher bag. But regardless of what each of the bags offers — what matters is to figure out what works best for you.