17 Best Toys for Learning to Read [Reviewed: 2022]

Reading time doesn’t have to be a boring and uninteresting time for both children and adults who are trying to teach them—because the best toys for learning to read will make you keep your flashcards in the drawer when it comes to reading time for you and your kids. 

When I first taught my daughter how to read, I could see her face gleaming especially if she knew the word she just read.

Even if she mispronounced some words, which was something normal for children to experience and was an important part of the learning process, I could see that she was having fun. 

boy smiling after reading a book

She just kept on going and going until she seemed to get the hang of it and is now reading a book all by herself. 

Now, one important tool that I used to help her learn how to read was by using toys as a medium to help her understand the process of reading—because let’s all agree if we are in need of getting a child’s complete focus and undivided attention, toys are the best way to go. 

And the best way to help them learn naturally is by incorporating play and that is something expected for kids to do most of the time because we really can’t have a 5-year old sit all serious and listen to lessons, right?

So let’s go through some of the benefits of using toys to help child development and how they can help teach children in learning how to read and write.

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Are you in a hurry? Take a look at the top 3 editor’s choices.

Editor’s choice # 1

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

  • An interactive desk that you can transform into an easel and chalkboard with storage space for art supplies and an accompanying stool perfect from 2 years and up
  • Features 100+ vocabulary words, 20+ activities and 20+ fun songs, and expansion packs (each sold separately) with an array of curriculum
  • Very explorative toy as kids can pretend to make a call on the toy telephone or listen to melodies on the music player, plus a progress button reports on the child’s progress
  • Designed with a LED display that illustrates letter and number stroke order and how to draw basic shapes

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How Educational Toys Help Encourage a Positive and Healthy Development in Children

Kids are all about toys. And using toys will not only help kids learn how to read and write, but it will also help create a positive and engaging environment for a rewarding learning experience. Plus, you also have an excuse to play too, and we can never say no to playtime! 

Children are amazingly fast learners, and with them having the ability to quickly pick up things and having a copycat nature they tend to learn their ABCs without even knowing it even at a very young age if you start them early. 

It is also worth knowing that all children go through a critical learning period in which they are sensitive to all the information that is being given to them. 

This starts at a very young age when they are starting to observe and learn from their environment their development is already starting to take place. 

With their brain being able to develop so fast and absorb all the learnings that are being taught to them, it is important to create and establish that foundation of learning which is the basics of how to read and write correctly and appropriately. 

So with that in mind, you might be wondering where do toys fit in the equation, let’s go through some of the surprising and remarkable benefits of supplementing your teaching strategies with toys. 

Editor’s choice # 2

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Alpha SlideWriter

  • ​​A portable magnetic writing pad with lines on the screen to guide preschoolers master their writing skills
  • Kids will love playing with the colorful and moveable letter tiles so it allows them to recognize letters, build words and then copy them as models to practice writing
  • Specially designed with a triangular-shape pen to guide little hands into a correct way to grasp a pencil
  • It has a removable rubber grip so preschoolers can learn how to properly and comfortably hold a pen

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1.) Increased retention of the information given to them

When a child usually hits around pre-school age, they usually get to learn and polish their knowledge about numbers, the alphabet, and all basic concepts in life before they get ready to come into big schools. 

This is why it’s important to help them get introduced to the fundamentals of learning and most importantly the basics of reading and writing. 

Adding toys to your teaching approach will help them retain the information you are intending them to learn because if they do start to get fond of a certain toy you will notice them reinforcing the things that they have previously learned which is the main goal itself. 

Teaching them, and seeing them apply it to a certain scenario with correct results or response to a certain type of situation means they are effectively learning. 

There are thousands and different types of toys you can choose to use, from basic wooden toys to highly advanced electronic gadgets but still, the effect will highly depend on how you will oversee and teach them how to properly use the toy to maximize its educational benefits. 

Children learn best from playing, and using toys to help them retain educational information increases their ability to memorize and learn. 

They love repeating everything, and by repeating, I mean I must admit, I’ve heard nursery songs for about a gazillion times now but I’m glad it did teach my child a lot of things like the colors, number, and the alphabet. I even catch myself singing some, the baby shark song still won’t leave me alone until now! 

But please do remember that it is important to play with a child just to help them and guide them just in case they stumble upon any block, this will also teach them to reach out and enforce a positive attitude and view towards learning. 

Editor’s choice # 3

Carson Dellosa – Sentence Building Literacy Resource 

  • This toy consists of 86 cards for Language Arts for K, 1st, and 2nd-grade & Ell
  • The hands-on learning resource covers parts of speech, building sentences and language skills including the right way to use capital letters and punctuations
  • Comes with grammatically color-coded interlocking cards with 55 words, 4 punctuations, and 27 photo cards
  • An interesting toy with game ideas, sample sentences, and teaching suggestions that support NCTE and NAEYC standards

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2.) Refines physical dexterity and motor skills

Another great thing about using toys to supplement a child’s educational development is its contribution to help develop their motor skills as well. 

Learning through play greatly enhances the strength in their hands by using the fine muscles as the bones in their hands are not fully developed by the age of seven. 

As their hands are not yet fully formed letting them play to exercise their hands is a great way to support their developing dexterities. 

You can let them play with playdoughs, letting them color in coloring books, cutting pieces of paper into shapes they would like to cut it, letting them have fun with dirt, and many more! They can also reap tons of benefits through sensory play which also involves the use of their hands or feet as well. 

With us knowing that play helps develop a lot of things for a child, this only gives us more reasons to incorporate toys with how our children are learning, right? 

And we really don’t need to rush them with writing or reading. Each child reaches their milestones at their own phase, we just need to be there for them to guide and help them learn throughout the beginning of their journey in this world. 

Letting them play and explore toys will help build their confidence, strength, and balance as well which is an important aspect for them to develop during the pre-school age. You can also try and set mini-games to play while using the toys that you think they will enjoy which makes it double the fun!

With toys helping them reinforce the use of their little feet and hands their fine and gross motor skills will surely develop well since they are motivated by toys to move around. 

Once they do get to master how to use their hands, they will surely have no problem writing and give them also confidence when it comes to reading as well. 

3.) Toys will let their creativity juice flow 

Toys will let their imagination expand and let their minds get exercised by exploring and experimenting. Letting children play with toys will greatly develop their artistry which is also developing during the pre-school age. 

Toys will also help them develop and master skills that they will be using in life as they get older. Not only do toys help them develop their learning and growth it also expands and exercises their creativity which also helps them improve problem-solving skills, how to properly handle conflicts and how to resolve them as well as how cause and effect go hand in hand. 

Using a different type of toy will also help them be better in observing and investigating their surroundings because it will help them understand how things work, their curiosity is also exercised very well when using toys. 

You can let them use toys that they can organize and regroup, or maybe puzzles that can really challenge their thinking. Role-playing is also a great exercise for their creativity to be nurtured and their emotions to be expressed. 

You can let them have a role-play of stories to help them learn how to react or respond to a certain type of situation. You can let them choose the characters they want to portray or maybe even let them wear costumes which is something fun, even for adults! 

You can let them be whoever they want to be and that really helps to open up their imagination and work out their creative side. You can let them act out a certain scenario that will test their cognitive skills. 

You can try to set them for like a day at the farm, or a visit to the doctor, or at the market where they can get to interact and choose how they will respond. These types of exercises are great especially with toys because they will let them get a glimpse of how life plays out on all types of occasions. 

One thing that I have also observed with my two daughters, is that they have this ability to see toys far more from what they actually are, they might see toys as a phone, or maybe a key to their pretend car. 

It’s really fascinating how kids’ perspective can be more of what they actually see in front of them, this is why it is important to not let their spark of creativity die out because it is something that will keep them going through life. 

4.) First impressions last

I’m pretty sure even if you are a fully grown adult by now you still remember some of the first few toys that you absolutely adored playing with, and I bet you’ve learned a thing or two with that toy.

Even if it’s related to counting, or maybe learning the alphabet toys can greatly impact how a child sees the world later on in life. Toys have the ability to help you prepare for what life is throwing at you. 

And it’s time to take advantage of learning through play with the use of toys. There are numerous studies in which it shows that toys can really have a positive impact on how children learn and develop. 

Children are also highly impressionable and can be easily influenced, whenever you teach them something it gets stuck with them until they grow up into full-grown adults. And I must admit, there are still things that I can clearly remember that influence how I act today because of my experiences during my childhood. 

Any learnings that they absorb during the early stages of their lives can have a long-lasting impact on their cognitive and social skills as well. Things that they experience in early life will leave a mark, especially on their decision-making skills when they transition into adulthood. 

If our children can grow, learn, and develop in a positive and enriching learning environment we will surely have great leaders in life, and that is what’s magical about toys—they act as a medium to help them develop the important skills and character to be successful and help them learn on how to achieve all their aspirations in life. 

Children can also learn through toys the norms and social prompts and gestures that they encounter on a daily basis within the environment that they are being exposed to. Toys might be seen as something just to play with by adults, but through a child’s a there’s a whole different story. 

5.) Language, social, and cognitive skills are significantly improved by toys

Toys are fun and effective to help in developing their language, social, and cognitive skills. 

Their fluency with these skills can greatly develop while they are having fun with toys. 

You might notice them sharing toys with other kids in their class and interacting and engaging with them as well. This is what we want kids to develop to help them learn before going to school. 

They can use toys to create a role-playing situation where they will be able to express their emotions and learn how to cope with a typical situation. 


17 Best Toys For Learning to Read (And Write!) At The Same Time

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1.) VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe (Frustration-Free Packaging)

Why kids will love this:

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe (Frustration-Free Packaging)

Click image for details

This activity desk from Vtech will surely make your tots enjoy every second of reading and writing because it just looks like a fun-filled desk, just waiting for them to open all the expandable parts of this superb fun activity desk!

If you are looking for something interactive that gives you something new with every twist and turn, then your kids will be up for a super fun ride with the Vtech touch and learn activity desk deluxe. 

The stool is also included and is perfectly sized to fit kids and for them to be able to sit comfortably.
Now when it comes to kids, of course, they will be wanting something that’s super colorful and vibrant and that is what the Vtech touch and learn activity desk deluxe will give you in every inch and corner of it. 

This desk toy is also a 3-in-1 station that can transform into a learning desk, a chalkboard, and an art station! It gives you the whole package! You can always switch up the activities you would like your kid to work on with this desk. 

It also features a light-up display that shows kids how to write numbers and letters bit by bit so they can follow it slowly. A music player to give them fun tunes while they learn away to their hearts’ delight, and a toy phone that helps them know their numbers and gives them lovely and cheerful greetings each time they use it. 

Kids will surely come racing in on who gets to sit first in this crazy fun-filled desk, and as amusing as this desk might look it’s also filled with educational and informative content that will help kids read and write in no time, all while having fun. 

How it will help them read:

This striking and awesome desk includes five activity pages that can be explored as all of the contents it comes with are all exciting and engaging. 

But wait, there’s more! You’ll be able to add expansion packs (each expansion packs are sold separately) if you want to widen the variety of lessons that are based on an expanded curriculum. 

The desk also features an LED display that will amaze and entice any kid to read and write. It can show and illustrate how to properly write letters and numbers by following the proper stroke as well as teach them how to draw the basic shapes, like the circle, square, triangle, and other forms of shape usually taught to preschoolers. 

In the learning desk option, kids will be able to explore more than 200 touches and learn spots with up to four different learning modes for each card, and that means they won’t be bored with this activity desk anytime soon. 

They can also learn how to read while writing down C-V-C words on the chalkboard as well as have a little art time with words using the Art station mode of this desk. You can also monitor a child’s progress through the progress button reports where you can check and update from time to time

This desk features a hundred and more vocabulary words or sight words to help kids be familiar with them, twenty activities, as well as twenty songs and melodies to give them a fun working song. All you need to get this desk up and running are four (4) AA batteries, and the fun will never stop.

There’s also a storage option on this desk that is just useful to keep all the school supplies kids need when they go to study their numbers and letters, or when they just want to have fun! 

This interactive desk will help your kids discover, learn, and have fun during reading and writing time, this desk is recommended for 2 to 5 years of age. It comes in the size of 23.31 x 26.34 x 21.81 inches and weighs about 8.05 pounds.

This desk can also be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty over time. And another bonus is that when you purchase this desk, you’ll be receiving it in a frustration-free packaging that will let you easily open it from a plain brown box. 

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2.) LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Why kids will love this:

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Click image for details

I love the “wheels on the bus” song and I do get myself entertained including my kids while singing this song, and I’m pretty sure all kids are familiar and know this song very well too. 

Now this happy singing bus toy will help them learn their phonics while singing and dancing their way through their ABCs. Leapfrog’s fridge Phonics magnetic letter set comes with 26 interactive and interchangeable alphabet tiles that also display different colors and fun songs. 

Each tile will talk whenever it is prompted into the bus and will sing and teach kids about all the alphabets from A to Z. 

And if there’s something that kids love to play with, it’s magnets. All of the tiles including the bus itself are magnetic and can be hanged onto the fridge or any metal surface where magnets can cling to. 

I myself have already witnessed how magnetic letters can entertain a 4 year old for hours, what more if it can sing and talk too! So I’m pretty sure kids will be hanging around the kitchen more than usual after you get this fun and informative toy! 

Songs included in this party fun bus are the “Alphabet song” and “Wheel on the bus” which is a crowd favorite, I’m sure! All a kid needs to do is just place one magnetic letter on the window bus and it will start teaching them about the alphabet and phonics. 

How it will help them read:

Helping children get familiarized with phonics is an important skill for them to obtain because it is something that will help them read when they encounter any unfamiliar word. It gives them letter-sound knowledge to help build their reading skills. 

Phonics act as a foundation for them to learn how to read on their own, once they get familiar with how and when to use the specific sound of a letter they will be able to go on about reading by themselves in no time. 

This fridge phonics magnetic letter set will also help kids build their vocabulary by just pressing any letter they have placed into the window of the bus twice which will then let Tad, the frog in the bus, use it in a word and a sentence to give kids an example of how to use the letter accordingly. 

When kids press any letter once, Tad will then proceed to say the letter’s name and sound to help them be familiar with it. This buy toy will significantly help in improving alphabet knowledge in kids. 

They will surely memorize the names of each alphabet as well as the sounds it makes with the Leapfrog fridge phonics magnetic letter set. Kids can also form this toy independently or with adult supervision which is better as well. 

Each tile can be easily manipulated by little hands so you don’t have to worry about them having a hard time removing and placing tiles when they are playing with it, and other benefits with using this toy is that their fine motor skills, as well as their coordination skills, get to be refined with them removing and placing tiles after tiles. 

This magnetic letter set comes in a size of 1.85 x 5.22 x 5.49 inches and weighs about 1.1 pounds making it very lightweight for kids to move around. It only requires three (3) AAA batteries that will surely last for a long time which is observed with most Leapfrog toys. 

This toy has been highly recommended by most parents as well as teachers as it displays as a great learning tool for kids to polish their phonics skills to help them read as well as how to use the right letter and sound at the same time. 

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3.) Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Why kids will love this:

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Click image for details

We are now in a time where we can learn, discover, create, as well as get entertained all by using just one device that can be surprisingly as small as a notebook or so. 

And now, I present to you the Fire HD 10 kids edition tablet that can give your kids tons of educational pieces to help them learn about reading. You might be thinking that this tablet is not a toy, but this device can greatly assist your little ones in learning how to read. 

This tablet has been made specifically for kids and designed ultimately for kids, and thanks to its vibrant and colorful case, you’ll never worry about them dropping this tablet as it is designed to withstand and fall from any given height. 

The Fire HD 10 kids edition tablet comes with Amazon Freetime Unlimited which gives your kids an all-in-one subscription access to a stunning number of  20,000 books, movies, Audible books, TV shows, tons of apps, and games for kids aging from 3-12 years old. 

All content that they will be able to access will be tailored and be based on their age, if they do want to add apps they can just easily reach out to their parents to give them permission to install apps like Netflix or Minecraft. 

Another thing I love about this tablet from Amazon is its inclusivity, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited also has access to thousands of kid-friendly and age-appropriate Spanish-language books, apps, games, videos, as well as audible books. 

You’ll be able to see contents like Sésamo, Dora, Disney, and Nickelodeon, and much more! Imagine that on a brilliant 10.1” screen that has a 1080p full HD display where they also throw in amazing and immersive speakers to seal the deal.  

How it will help them read:

Now, let’s discuss the important part. In today’s age, there are tons of apps that you can download to help kids learn how to read. 

You must also supervise your kids when using the tablet while they are learning to read to make sure that they are learning right from what they are accessing on this tablet. 

You’ll be able to set educational goals, set time limits, as well as filter content with Amazon’s FreeTime parental controls. You can stream through Wi-Fi or have downloaded contents available when you’re on the go and have no access to a stable internet connection making it a very versatile learning tool. 

The best part about purchasing this tablet is that you’ll be able to enjoy a 2-year worry-free guarantee wherein if it unfortunately breaks, Amazon will have it replaced for you without any additional charges. 

After purchasing the Fire HD 10 kids edition tablet you’ll be getting a 1-year free subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and you’ll be able to have it renewed monthly for just $2.99 plus applicable tax, and with all the content you’ll be able to access the amount of the subscription is really worth every penny. 

This tablet comes with 32GB of internal storage so you will probably have plenty of space for all the Apps, books, audible, and videos that you can use to help your child to read and your kids will be able to use this tablet for about 12 hours of reading, watching videos, games and other activities you would like to do with this amazing tablet. 

Oh, and there’s also a slot for a MicroSD card where you can expand the tablet’s memory for up to 512GB of extra storage. 

Once you have purchased this tablet, you’ll be getting a USB-C cable as well as a 9W power adapter that comes with the tablet in the box. 

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4.) VTech Lil’ Speller Phonics Station

Why kids will love this:

VTech Lil' Speller Phonics Station

Click image for details

Vtech’s Lil’ Speller Phonics Station is the perfect pit stop for your kids to learn about reading, spelling, and get fluent with their alphabet. 

This cute little attached case-like toy features animated pictures on its LCD screen to help kids get familiar with words and their corresponding pictures. 

With pictures being shown on the LCD screen kids will surely want to interact as each and every word they will be able to spell will come into life. The display of the LCD might be a little outdated but it still shows off great animation that kids will love to see. 

The Vtech’s Lil’ Speller Phonics Station is also lightweight and portable so kids can bring it wherever they are and play with it whenever they want. The whole set includes 26 letter blocks as well as 4 duplicate blocks just in case some of the blocks get lost or you might need to use 2 letters of the same kind for spelling.

It shows off super fun and vibrant orange color that will really catch their attention and the button can be easily pressed as well if they would like to change the mode of the game.

How it will help them read:

This toy is perfect for kids from 3-6 years old to help them work on their phonics as well as spelling words. Kids will be able to learn their letters one by one and by building three-letter words using the designated slots for them to use. 

The Vtech’s Lil’ Speller Phonics Station can spell up to 200 and more three-letter words to help kids really master their skills when it comes to spelling and reading. This toy is perfect for kids who are just starting out with three-letter words

It comes in a size of 10.75 x 11.77 x 2.99 inches and weighs about 2.18 pounds making it very easy for kids to carry around. You also have two options for the volume setting when you want to minimize the sounds and voice of the toy. 

They will be able to have fun with four interactive games that will really encourage them to polish their reading and spelling skills. They’ll be able to learn about their letter names as well as phonics. 

You can also encourage kids to repeat after the cues so they can really memorize the letter names and sounds as well. Repeating is key for teaching children how to read. 

All they need to do is plug the letters in the letter block and the phonics station will begin doing its magic. They will also learn how to properly order the letters by filling out the missing letter prompted on the screen. 

The cute little spelling bee will also help them ace their spelling skill in no time. It also features a super speller challenge that will really let them use their spelling skills to use. If they do get to spell the word right, they will be able to advance to an awesome bonus rhyming round 

If your kids are all done with some spelling rounds and alphabet familiarization, the phonics station has a smart storage space to keep all the alphabet blocks in place so all 30 letter blocks will not get lost. And this also encourages them to tidy up after themselves once they are done playing. 

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5.) Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter

Why kids will love this:

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter

Click image for details

Reading and writing will be your kid’s new favorite activity with the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter. This ergonomic magnetic writing pad will encourage kids to create their own words and try to write them on their own as well. 

This magnetic writing pad is mess-free compared to chalkboards so you don’t have to worry about them being allergic to dust, and mess from whiteboard markers are also never there too!

And because practice makes perfect, they’ll be able to practice their hearts out because kids will never have to worry about running out of ink or chalk using this magnetic writing pad. They will also have loads of fun sliding out the letters to create three-letter words or more with the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter. 

Each letter block comes in different fun colors making them want to play and create different words when using it. The pen is also attached using a rope-like cable so that you’ll never have to worry about the pen going missing. 

This is really a cute toy that can keep kids accompanied at any time of the day, they can use it while in the car, or while waiting for their doctor’s appointment, or whenever they would like to practice their reading and writing skills. 

How it will help them read:

The Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter focuses on three areas to help kids read and write. Kids will be able to develop their letter recognition skills for them to be able to distinguish letter names and their sounds. 

This magnetic writing pad can also help kids work on their spelling skills, which will then lead to them learning how to read out each letter and sounding them out to create the word they are trying to write out. 

Physical dexterity is also one of the things this toy is aiming to develop as the pen of the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter has been specifically designed to accommodate growing hands. 

It features a triangle-shaped rubber guide to help their little hands to correctly handle the pen and it can also be conveniently removed when they are ready to write without it. 

The magnetic writing pad also features a printed writing guideline to help beginners know when and where letter lines should start and end. The Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter really gives kids good practice and helps develop a lot of areas just by using it on a daily basis. 

It also comes with an easy-gliding eraser so they’ll be able to erase letters that they have already written in one swipe making them able to practice over and over again till their heart’s content. 

If kids want to practice writing their names, or might need a few extra letters you don’t have to worry if you are seeing that there is only one letter for each alphabet included, the set will also come with blank tiles and extra stickers just in case they are needed. 

Overall, I do highly recommend the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter to kids who are just beginning to write and read, it’s a helpful tool that can also be a lot of fun to use! 

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6.) LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

Why kids will love this: 

LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System

Click image for details

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to help you and your kids when it comes to reading and writing? Well, look no more because the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and writing system is here to solve all your problems.

This awesome little pen can be easily held by small hands and they will not have any problem using it while they are trying to trace letters and numbers as well. It comes in a fun green and white color that won’t really divert their attention when reading and writing. 

Some of the titles that kids can choose from are; LeapFrog’s Get Ready For kindergarten which is a multi-subject book that is designed to be fun and interactive. It will introduce at least 40 kindergarten readiness skills that are essential for preschoolers to develop. All illustrations are engaging in art with super fun audio effects. 

Disney Pixar’s Monster University book in 3D (this one sounds exciting already!) wherein Mike and Sully the main characters in the movie will take kids into an adventure to help build their vocabulary and comprehension skills as well. 

Another awesome book that kids can look forward to is Leapfrog’s Leap and the Lost Dinosaur book where they will be transported to a world where they can explore science and archaeology while they practice their reading skills. 

Kids will have so much fun playing and learning with the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and writing system as it will tell them fun stories with awesome and lively character voices that will also help them build their reading and vocabulary comprehension as well. 

How it will help them read:

The LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and writing system is the complete package that will cater to all your preschooler’s needs to develop the skills they need before going into the big leagues. 

They can also choose from around 150+ books, flashcards, audiobooks, learn-to-write sets, maps, trivia challenges, music albums, which can all be customized by how your kids would like to venture through their learning journey and choose titles based on your child’s current reading levels.

If a child is just starting out to learn about reading and writing, you can help them practice out with content that focuses on phonics, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. They will surely enjoy storytime thanks to the lively character voices that the Leapfrog Leapreader reading and writing system uses. 

The LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and writing system sounds out words and will also guide them on how to properly write each letter interactively. By using this interactive reading and writing system kids will be able to master the skills they need to become confident and independent readers. 

The pen itself is USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries running out, kids will have uninterrupted hours of playing and learning! It only requires 500MB of free disk space.

As your kid’s reading and writing skills advances, the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and writing system also grow with them giving them content that will be perfectly suitable for their learning needs. 

Your kids’ reading and writing journey will surely be magical with LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and writing system!

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7.) VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Why kids will love this: 

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Click image for details

If you’re looking for something traditional but with a twist, then the VTech Write and Learn Creative Center is perfect for you and your child. 

It is a learning toy with a magnetic drawing pad where kids can have endless fun making doodles and practice their writing skills as well. It is a super fun way of giving kids a great start to learning about reading and writing.

Its headboard shows off a colorful creative center with colorful and interactive buttons to help them choose what they want to see on the LCD screen. The Doodler also allows parents to help their child to customize the creative center and put their names to help them learn how to read and write their own names. 

It also comes with stamps and stencils that kids will surely enjoy playing with, they can also play a game by guessing what object is being shown in the LCD screen before it fully appears! They will be able to learn about letters, shapes, drawings, objects, vocabulary, and music as well. 

The pen also comes with a cord, so you don’t have to constantly worry about the pen missing because it is securely attached to the drawing pad itself. 

How it will help them read:

It is actually a Pre-K learning toy that shows kids a demo on how to properly write letters for both uppercase and lowercase letters. The magnetic drawing pad is encased in a solid white casing that is made of plastic with pictures of the alphabet on the side for their reference. 

The  VTech Write and Learn Creative Center comes in the size of 12.09 x 14.39 x 2.76 inches and weighs about 2.7 pounds which is a fair size and weight that kids can hold and carry around. 

The voice used by the VTech Write and Learn Creative Center gives out clear and pleasant instructions so kids can easily follow what they need to do in order to learn about letters and other things they would like to look into. 

The on-screen instructions will help them know about the popper strokes of writing letters for both uppercase and lowercase letters. They can also explore their creativity by drawing objects as the screen can also project at least 26 objects for them to use as a guide. 

It also comes with a trace and stamp activity where they can create their own drawings using the magnetic pen or the 2 magnetic stamps along with the 8 stencils that it comes with. It also plays fun and enjoyable music. 

This toy is a blank canvas that is a versatile tool that you can use to help kids learn about reading. You can use it for helping them learn about phonics and learning to read short letter words until they can progress to longer words or until they already have the confidence to read on their own. 

You just also have to be creative on how you will teach kids how to read, it’s a continuous learning process for all parents, kids, and teachers. 

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8.) Melissa & Doug See & Spell

Why kids will love this:

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

Click image for details

This See and Spell toy from Melissa & Doug is a developmental toy that is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn about their phonics and letters as well. 

There are a lot of benefits with learning while using sensory-motor skills and to have that with letters is why I have included the Melissa & Doug See and Spell wooden toy. This toy is absolutely amazing and it has really helped my daughter with reading and spelling as well. 

Each and every cutout board is two-sided with amazing and pictures that are colorful and will surely capture any child’s attention. Kids can complete the word puzzle by putting in the correct letter to complete the word that is written on the cutout board. 

With my daughter, I noticed that she loved hands-on experience when it comes to reading, as she can physically touch each letter and form the words she is trying to read. She also gets to sound out each letter she is holding and making it more fun is that each letter comes in different bright and vibrant colors for her to explore. 

She also didn’t feel like she was studying, she thought she was just playing and did not know that she was already reading by herself. She especially loved how each of the cutout boards has its own pictures that relate to the words that were written beside it. 

Until now, she still loves playing with it and also tries to teach her little sister how to complete the word puzzles, she also loves how she can create other words by herself as the set comes with lots of extra letters. 

How it will help them read:

Based on Melissa & Doug’s product description each and every toy that they produced is designed to ignite every child’s imagination to its full potential for them to unlock and master skills for their development. 

Melissa & Doug’s developmental toys focus on promoting self-confidence, greatly improve social and cognitive skills, as well as resilience, and much more skills that children need in order for them to be ready for school and be their foundation in being successful in life. 

This stunning wooden puzzle set’s main goal is to help children build their fluency when it comes to their alphabet and phonics skills as well. This toy set will encourage them to build up their sight-reading vocabulary that will help pave the way for them to learn how to read independently. 

The whole set comes with a sturdy wooden case and is made from high-quality wood that is non-toxic and storage will be no issue. It can encase all the items included in the wooden puzzle toy and you can also bring it with you anywhere easily as it is just lightweight and not bothersome to carry around. 

Toys from Melissa & Doug are Award-Winning toys so you will be sure that their products are really top-notch and very effective when it comes to teaching kids the essential skills they need to kick start their learning. 

They also promote 100% screen-free time when it comes to using their toys, you won’t need to set up any apps and sync them all you need is to supervise your kids and guide them while they have fun enjoying hands-on play with this wooden puzzle set. 

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9.) Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart

Why kids will love this: 

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart

Click image for details

Another great hit from Melissa & Doug is their classic ABC Wooden block cart. One thing is for sure, carts are really a big hit for kids. It’s just super fun for them to have a toy that they can transport and move around as well! 

This vocabulary building toy is perfect for kids aging 2- five years old and will surely give them lots of fun memories when they are just starting out on learning how to read and write as well. 

Kids will be able to do all kinds of things with the Melissa & Doug ABC wooden block cart, they will be able to stack ‘em up, sort the blocks out to create a word, and the best part about this for kids is that each block comes with fun and colorful pictures, numbers, and of course, letters as well. 

The cart is made out of light-weight wood that is also non-toxic and can be easily pulled around by kids effortlessly thanks to the durable pull-along cord attached to it, if they would want to take it out to the garden or bring it with them for a picnic at the park, this wooden block toy will surely transform their afternoon into a fun and educational learning time every time. 

How it will help them read: 

With these blocks being durable and being able to withstand any type of playtime, kids will surely have fun with these blocks and can be even passed down to their siblings in the future as well. 

They will be able to enjoy hours of sorting and stacking thanks to these wooden blocks that they won’t even realize that they are already creating words and reading them without any help from anyone. 

It also encourages kids to develop their fine motor skills which are also crucially developing during preschool age. 

The Melissa & Doug wooden block cart comes with 30 one-inch solid wood blocks that will help and encourage them to read and improve their phonics and reading skills. Each wooden block features a number or a letter that also comes with pictures that they can use as a guide to spelling out words.

This toy set is also a great value for money as it assures you that it can last for years even with frequent and heavy use. The Melissa & Doug wooden block cart is made to inspire your kids to become creative and interactive while they build up their skills for them to thrive and continue learning and growing as well. 

This toy set comes in the size of  8.25 x 3 x 8.75 inches and weighs about 1.5 pounds which is surprisingly lightweight for a wooden type of toy! 

If you’re looking for a classic toy that makes you nostalgic about your childhood days, then this right here is perfect for you and your kids. 

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10.) Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

Why kids will love this: 

Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

Click image for details

Fishing is an activity loved by all ages, and the Coogam wooden magnetic fishing game brings the fun of fishing and learning ABCs come together with this brilliant and fun toy that they have built. 

This fishing game is simple as it can be and kids can also set their own rules of how they would want to play the games, they can either play by themselves or have fun with a friend or their parents too. This game will really open up their imagination and that is something we want a toy to do. 

All they need to play is the two poles that come with the set of Coogam wooden magnetic fishing game and take turns catching the fish, they can also opt to compete with friends and see who gets the most fish or race on who gets to create the first word they want to create. 

This game promotes hands-on play and will not need any screen time making it great for kids even if they play with it for hours on end. This surely is a unique learning tool that kids aged 2 years of age and up. 

How it will help them read: 

This one of a kind wooden toy helps promote and develop your little one’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, basic cognitive skills, challenge their imagination, practice their problem-solving skills, as well as help them with their color and letter recognition. 

Since some wooden toys can cause splinters and paint usually comes off easily, the Coogam wooden magnetic fishing game assures you that their product is made from natural and high-quality solid wood that is non-toxic and also it’s worthy to note that the paint used for this wooden playset is environmentally friendly and is a water-based paint. 

All pieces are meticulously sanded to produce round and smooth edges, so splinters are far from happening. Each fish can also adorably fit into a tiny hand and can be easily stored inside the original box of the toy. 

To teach kids how to play this game, all you need to do is prep and teach them how to properly catch the fish by aiming the end of the pole to the mouth of the fish where magnets are attached. 

Once the magnet in the mouth’s fish is aligned with the end of the pole it will then cling to it allowing them to catch the finish. So it’s pretty straightforward but it’s still versatile and they will have plenty of ways to play with it. 

The Coogam wooden magnetic fishing game set comes with (26) double-sided and painted wooden fishes that come in four colors, which are light blue, orange, red, and a fun yellow. You also get (2) wooden fishing pole that is 7.1 inches long and is suitable for kids 3 years old and above—and the wooden game board itself. 

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11.) ThinkFun Zingo Word Builder Early Reading Game

Why kids will love this: 

ThinkFun Zingo Word Builder Early Reading Game

Click image for details

Bingo is truly an exciting game and is also enjoyed by everyone, even kids! That’s why the ThinkFun Zingo word builder early reading game will transform your reading time into an exciting game time all while your kids are still learning how to read. 

This game is bingo with a zing and can be addicting especially when kids learn that they are already reading thanks to this game. Kids will also love how easy it is to learn the instructions of how to play the game. 

This game will also encourage them to read aloud which is great for kids who are just starting out with reading. Once they get the hang of how the game goes, they will no longer require help from adults which is great because it will also help to build their self-confidence. 

This game is so fun that kids are actually recommending it to their friends, and if that’s not a great product review I don’t know what is! 

How it will help them read:

The game goes by a simple set of rules, first, all they need to do is slide the zinger, after that their next goal is to build a word, and whoever gets to fill their card first wins!

It might seem like just a fun game for kids, but the ThinkFun Zingo word builder early reading game will help them develop critical learning skills where they can build up their vocabulary, learn how to spell, and be familiar with spelling patterns. 

There are two levels they can choose to play, which is the beginner level and advanced. Once they have build up their fluency in reading and spelling, they can move up to the advanced level which means the game really helped them develop their reading skills. 

The set will give you the Zinger, six (6) double-sided cards, and seventy-two (72) double-sided tiles. This fun game also won a number of awards and is also trusted by families all over the world. And it also seems to be the number one go-to gift choice for birthdays and other occasions as well. 

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12.) Carson Dellosa – Sentence Building Literacy Resource

Why kids will love this:

Carson Dellosa – Sentence Building Literacy Resource

Click image for details

Kids will surely love creating and building sentences with this awesome puzzle game. All they have to do is bring together sentences that should start with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark. 

But the challenge does not end there, they also have to read the sentence as a whole which is a great practice for kids who are already fluent with reading short words. It gives them great practice and will also build up their confidence when it comes to reading by themselves. 

Kids can also challenge their brother or sister, or their friends and kids will surely love the feeling of them being able to construct the sentence itself and also read it on their own or with a little help from their parents or teachers. 

This one is also a great supplementary teaching tool for kids who loves hands-on playing compared to digital ones. The pieces are durable and sturdy so you don’t need to worry about the edges opening up soon.

How it will help them read: 

This pack includes fifty-five (55) word cards, twenty-seven (27) photo cards, and four (4) punctuation cards. The box itself already comes with a few examples that kids can look into how they will be playing the puzzle game. 

Kids can also construct and set their own rules making it more fun and enjoyable to play with. It is a multi-sensory learning tool that kids can use to develop their reading skills and grammar skills as well. 

They can also choose from the game ideas that are given with the set, teaching suggestions are made available too. 

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13.) The Learning Journey: Match It!

Why kids will love this:

The Learning Journey: Match It!

Click image for details

Kids love puzzles. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and boost of confidence whenever they are able to complete puzzles which is an important aspect for them to develop because it helps them believe in themselves.

What kids will love about this puzzle toy is its ability to help them connect each piece to create a word and it also helps them read too. Each puzzle set that they need to complete has one letter and will also complete fun and colorful pictures. 

This is absolutely a great starter for kids who are just beginning to learn about their letter recognition, phonics fluency, and spelling as well. 

How it will help them read: 

This colorful and fun 3-letter and 4-letter word puzzle set will be your child’s new favorite learning toy. It will give them a great introduction to reading and spelling as well. 

They will be able to match and associate the word with the pictures that it comes with will give them a clue on how to correctly fit the whole puzzle together. 

They will also not have any challenge in completing the puzzles because each puzzle is self-correcting and only the cards with the right sequence will fit together to perfectly complete the image and word. 

Their problem-solving skills will also surely sharpen with The Learning Journey: Match It! Puzzle set. Their motor skills will also have the chance to develop as each of the puzzles are sturdy and is made from high-quality cardboard boxes that will not easily break down. 

Their focus and attention will also be used in order for them to correctly complete each word puzzle, which is a great practice before they get a chance to go to big schools. 

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14.) Hot Dots Jr. Let’s Master Kindergarten Reading Set

Why kids will love this:

Hot Dots Jr. Let's Master Kindergarten Reading Set

Click image for details

I heard about Hot Dots from my daughter herself, she was raving about her friend telling her stories about how great it is. She went on asking me for hours just to buy it for her, and when she first started using it she was as happy as a baby that was given candy. 

This interactive learning activity is made and designed perfectly for growing minds suitable for kids aging from 2 years old to 12 and that’s a wide scope and a long time of learning with the Hot Dots!

Now the Let’s Master Kindergarten Reading set is specifically made for preschoolers that are just beginning to sharpen their reading skills. 

They will also enjoy endless hours of reading with Ace the talking and teaching dog pen! Ace will really motivate them to learn how to read.

How it will help them read: 

This fun set comes with two (2) sturdy and spiral-bound books with over a hundred lessons for each book and can be used with Ace the interactive talking and teaching dog pen. 

It covers lessons regarding letter recognition, reading readiness, sight words (my daughter’s favorite), phonics, grammar, punctuations, and a lot more! And if kids already had the hang of reading there are 15 challenges available for next-level prep skill—that’s a bonus, I must say. 

This set will really help kids get ready for school and will also give them a fun learning experience. They will be engaged, entertained, and learning a lot from Ace, the talking and teaching dog while they’re in the comforts of their home. 

The Hot Dots Jr. Let’s master kindergarten reading set will surely aid in sharpening kids reading and language skills, this interactive and playful learning set will be giving kids enough time to learn about certain subjects at their own phase. 

It will not rush them through each lesson as its main goal is to encourage independence and self-paced learning that will allow them to build and boost their confidence that is needed before they go to school. 

The most important features of the Hot Dots Jr. Let’s master kindergarten reading set will provide is broken down into 85 Kindergarten-level lessons covering reading readiness, letter recognition, sight words, phonics, grammar, and punctuation as well. 

Ace, the talking and teaching dog only needs two (2) AAA batteries, but please do note that it is not included when purchasing the set of Hot Dots Jr. Let’s master kindergarten reading. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product to parents and families that is always multitasking because this set has been a life-saver for me, I was able to let my daughter use this interactive reading set whilst I was doing some work beside her.

It let me hover over her minimally but she was still able to absorb and learn about the reading and language art skills thanks to the Hot Dots Jr. Let’s master kindergarten reading, we absolutely adore this product! 

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15.) SGILE Magnetic Doodle Board

Why kids will love this: 

SGILE Magnetic Doodle Board

Click image for details

Normally, with sketch or drawing pads you will be able to write on a white background and black magnetic lines will be drawn over if you use the pen that comes with it. 

What makes the SGILE magnetic doodle board is that instead of your plain old black and white pad, kids will get to draw with multi-color or rainbow color with each and every stroke and that already sounds like a lot of fun! 

This is exciting for kids because it will surely make their drawing and doodles come alive thanks to the SGILE Magnetic doodle board. 

The sketch pad itself will show off four different vibrant and vivid colors, mainly red, green, blue, and yellow, and these colors will be displayed in 8 color areas for a rainbow effect added to kids’ drawings. 

Erasing will also be effortless as it is conveniently designed allowing the whole pad to be erased in one swipe. 

How it will help them read:

The possibilities of how you will use the SGILE magnetic doodle board to help kids read are endless. It is a blank canvas waiting for you to take inspiration on how you will use it to help encourage reading fluency in kids. 

You can let kids draw, write, play games on this magnetic erasable drawing pad to assist in their development. You can draw any picture on the magnetic pad and write letters but leaving out one letter to let them guess and write what letter is missing. 

You can also help them learn about the alphabet and numbers to help them build the basic blocks they need for learning. The magnetic pen is also attached to the pad by a string so it will not go missing. 

Kids can also have fun and use the three magnetic stamps included in the SGILE magnetic doodle board, you will be able to get a square, triangle, and circle stamp helping them be more creative for their drawings and doodles. 

It comes in the size of 16.61 x 13.07 x 1.5 inches and weighs about 1.21 pounds making it very lightweight and can be easily carried around by little hands as it also features a handle on top of the board itself. 

If you’re looking for hours of fun while learning with your tot, then this one is surely a good buy! 

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Click image for details

16.)  MOFANG Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

 Here’s another educational wonder that will surely engage your young learners to embrace the world of numbers and the alphabet.

The MOFANG electronic interactive alphabet wall chart is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller which advocates Early Childhood Development that can certainly assist your toddlers and engage them to learn letters, number distinctive sounds, and word pronunciation.

Learning the alphabet, being associated with numbers, reading sight words should be a meaningful experience for young beginners. You might want to avail this whiz educational toy so you can comfortably teach your young learners letters A-Z, numbers 1-10, and develop their creative moves as they dance and sing in a fun way.

All the more, this perceptive educational toy can play letter and number pronunciation and articulation so your children can best correspond to letter and number sounds.  In some fashion, The MOFANG reading toy props up your reading instruction in a very engaging way.

What makes the MOFANG reading wall chart better than any other brands? Aside from its best offers to learning, fun, and entertainment, this educational toy also speaks of quality and safety.

The screen itself is made of coated and waterproof paper so you won’t worry if young kids point their little fingers at each letter repetitively while enjoying their healthy drinks during playtime.

Best of all, it owns Oxford brimming so you are confident that it’s not prone to graze. I’m sure your pre-schoolers will enjoy using this exceptional reading toy on your classroom wall or study desk.

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Click image for details

17.) VTech Musical Rhymes Book

 If you are looking for the best interactive way of teaching your young learners how to read, the Vtech musical rhyme book is the most suitable learning tool that advances your children’s literacy skills at an early age.

Being one of the synergistic educational toys on Amazon, the Vtech reading book is most appreciated by parents and early education teachers. It is a rhyming book that nurtures the children’s reading skills while at the same time developing their fine motor skills.

It’s the highest-rated educational toy that boosts the 5 R’s of early education suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics: namely, reading, rhyming, establishing routines, encouraging rewards, and nurturing relationships.

Remarkably, this a Pre-K reading book that offers your toddlers with ages 6 months to 3 years old engaging opportunities to probe the attractive-colored pages most comfortably and easily. This interactive book is built with 6 hands-on pages with timeless nursery rhyme for each.

Available for both learning and playing modes, this fantastic learning toy helps young learners appreciate instruments, colors, and sounds. Moreover, the book’s distinctive colors are highly enlivening that certainly capture your kids’ interests and attention.

The book’s stimulating features include more than 40 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. When children press the on button a light-up star captures their attention as it sparkles along with the melody.

Furthermore, this amazing piece helps children develop their cognitive and physical skills as they play the bright-colored piano keys, they flip the pages, twist the amusing learning components.

Definitely, this interactive rhyme book from Vtech can have a positive impact on your children’s early development stage.

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>> Need a Quick Recap of the Best Reading Essentials?

Check out the Best Choices!

Product Image Reasons to get it
Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet
  • 1080p Full HD
  • I Year of Amazon Kids + FreeTime Unlimited
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Enjoy 2-year worry-free guarantee
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Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy
  • Premium quality alphabet letters
  • Vibrant wooden puzzle
  • Comes with sturdy wooden case
  • Promotes hands-on, imaginative play
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Carson Dellosa Key Education Sentence Building for Kids
  • 55 word cards,27 photo cards, 4 punctuation cards
  • Multi-functional learning tool
  • Enhances grammar and reading skills
  • Made of cardstock
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Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr
  • 2 Books and interactive pen
  • 100 reading lessons perfect for ages 5+
  • First-rate learning toy
  • Promotes audio and visual feedback
Check Price --->
VTech Musical Rhymes Book
  • Easy-to-turn interactive pages
  • Contains 40+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases
  • Features 5 colorful piano buttons
  • Music and learning mode
Check Price --->



Letting kids play while they learn is the most natural thing to do because playing is what they are best at! 

Kids love toys, and letting them explore toys while learning will not put any pressure on them to absorb all the information that is given to them, they’ll just think of it as another playtime fun. 

If you will also closely observe children do take their time and learn from toys especially if it’s their first time playing with them, it ignites their imagination and encourages them to explore as well. 

All you need to look for in the right toy for your child is if it is able to engage your child in an interactive learning experience and also provides benefits when it comes to essential skills to develop and grow through time. 

But still, it is best to always have your presence with them when they are playing because your presence will never be replaced with any type of toy. And plus, it will be like a moment for you and your kids as well. 

Toys can bring families together and make bonds stronger—and using toys to help them learn at the same time will surely be one of the unforgettable moments for a child. 

Have you and your kids tried any of the toys included in this super fun and educational list? We would also love to hear any toy recommendations from you! 

Leave us your thoughts and comments down below! 

Happy Learning! 


How to Help Kids Become Awesome Little Readers

1.) Don’t force them, let them be kids

We all know that kids, especially ones that are just starting to learn about reading will not sit down all serious and will be all enthusiastic about reading. 

The first thing that I’m pretty sure we all know that they will do is to play with the book. They might explore and flip through the pages, or even turn the book all upside down, and maybe just be interested in looking into the fun pictures from the book. 

If this is what’s happening, don’t worry. It’s normal. 

With my own daughter, at first, I was trying to make her sit still and teach her about letters and their sounds, and lo and behold that did not work. 

But when I tried to use songs along with some finger puppets, she was so happy and was focused on what I was teaching her the whole time. She loves Sonia, our finger puppet, and thanks to her my daughter was able to learn her phonics and is now able to read by herself. 

2.) A little goes a long way

Kids learn one step at a time, you don’t have to start them up with complicated and long words. 

You can try to first sound out syllables and then gradually add another letter to make three-letter words or C-V-C words to build up their reading skills. You can first use words that are already familiar to them like cat, dog, red, blue, and the likes. 

3.) Read, Sleep, Repeat

Kids learn by repeating, and they never get tired of repeating songs, games, dance steps because they enjoy doing it. 

By repeating what you are teaching them for a certain amount of time, let’s say for example for a week, they will be able to retain it more because if you suddenly jump into another lesson they might get confused and overwhelmed and we don’t want that happening. 

Take your time when teaching them how to read, it’s like taking their first steps to walk too. Let them build their confidence for them to confidently tackle reading and enjoy it as well. 

4.) Let them see you reading too

With kids copying almost everything adults do, if they see you reading they will be wanting to do it as well. Being their role model is one of the best ways to encourage them about reading. 

You can also casually tell them a story about how learning to read will benefit them as well. You can also share to them what you are reading because they will surely take a peek and see what’s taking your attention. 

The thought of how important reading is will be stuck in their mind and will also motivate them to do their best when reading. 

5.) Let them play

Finally, just let them be themselves. Let them learn at their own pace, what’s important is that they are having a great and fun time learning while they are building their reading fluency. 

You can incorporate nursery rhymes, and play word games to help them develop their phonemic awareness, their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency as well. 

Any time of the day is a great time to have mini-fun games that they think is only a game but all the while they are already learning a lot. Play with them while in the car, while bath time, and even before going to bed. 

And also expose them to a lot of books, always give them time to read through books each day. Let your house be filled with educational and fun books and your kids will be thanking you one day. 

You can either let them play with hands-on toys or use available technology to help them learn. Just remember the important thing is that you have to be there for them every step of the way.