8 Best Uses of Label Makers for Teachers – perfect labeling tips for teachers

An organized and de-cluttered workspace demonstrates productivity and efficiency. One great way to do it is by labeling your things and other essentials properly.

The label markers are among the best essentials that can keep your things well-ordered and easy to locate. But it’s not just about labeling.

using label makers

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It’s essentially about the best uses of label makers, why teachers and other professionals never forget to put them in the shopping basket when buying office and school supplies.

Through improved organization by marking up your things such as files, pens, stapler, sharpener, and many other things on your desk, they can’t be lost. This is my experience.

Check out the following best uses of label markers to enhance your organizational skills and increase your productivity. Hopefully, they can help you decide if you really need to buy a label maker.

Do you know how label makers can make you an empowered teacher? Read further and gain insights about the best uses of label makers for teachers.


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8 Best Uses of Label Markers

Exceptional shots to keep organized

Practically, label makers are useful tools for home, office, and classroom organization. Hence, if you have purchased one during a mall sale as you were too excited over the low prices, then consider yourself very fortunate.

A label maker is an easy-to-use and portable organization tool that you can use to customize your labeling goals. It gives you a professional feel as you prepare and set up your classroom or workspace.

Now, take a look at these creative uses of label makers. Make a difference in your organizational style and spark a moment of convenience in everything that you are doing in the classroom or at home.

1. Organizing

Generally, label makers are excellent at organizing your classroom or workspace.  It’s a handy tool that makes your organizing label possible. These impressive tools offer unique features so you can modify your labels according to how you want them to be.

In other words, it’s a handheld tool that you should try now and experience excellent organization in the classroom or even on your working table. Once your items are properly labeled, you’ll certainly have a good time working and preparing your instructional materials.

Evidently, when your essentials are labeled, you can easily find them and your label maker is always for good use!  It saves you time which boosts your productivity and efficiency. That is when your materials are in a perfect place and go together accordingly, your organization labels are just so perfect!

2. Class Record Label

My class records are labeled properly so I can easily identify which is which.   Moreover, there are label makers with computer-style features which allow you to choose font styles for variation.

When my class records are labeled according to sections and tasks, I find it convenient enough especially when I am to record manually scores. Yes, even with the advent of technology, I still write the scores of my students by hand. This is my way of familiarizing and memorizing my students’ names.

Moreover, I find writing scores classically on my class record as a way to relax my mind and exercise my fingers. I usually do the manual recording of scores, especially with hands-on performances. Recording scores directly in the class record helps me monitor who lacks outputs.

To make the recording more convenient, I label my class record according to sections or classes. Hence, I’ll be pulling out from the file which class record is needed. Best of all, my label makers make me more organized in record keeping.

3. File Folder  Label

Our file folders are basic ingredients to our record management techniques; hence, we should make it more convenient for us to access our files.

Specifically, when keeping files it’s important that you can find them easily for future use.  Hence, labeling your file folders appropriately positively impacts your time, energy, and productivity.

If you can locate your files easily just like in keeping your digital files on your computer, you can save your time and proceed to do your other tasks.

Equally important, using the label maker in naming file folders helps you to achieve efficiency in data management.

I know that we teachers have so much to keep. We keep students’ educational records, anecdotal notes, agreements, minutes of teacher conferences, and many more. Want to know what’s the top-secret? Label your file folders according to the title of the files being kept and the date.

4. Lesson Plan Label

I label my lesson plans according to grading periods, subject area, and school year. Hence, when I need those as references, it’s super convenient to know I’m picking the right one.

Year after year, I keep my lesson plans. It’s my style so I can compare the strategies I used for a certain lesson last year, so I can be guided, at least on how to modify it and make it most fitting to the kind of learners I have in the present year.

5. Student Output Label

Yeah right! I label my students’ outputs so I am guided by which tasks are done and who’s the who. Doing so keeps my students’ projects intact and I can easily trace which of my lessons required students to present outputs.

Hence, I keep them in plastic envelopes or expandable folders to keep a huge volume of students’ work.  I consider these as secure storage of my students’ data and outputs.

To keep track of my goals of being organized, I use a label maker to name the folders so I can pull them out instantly in case I need them.

Digging through students’ answer sheets and test papers is quite overwhelming too. So what I’m doing is keeping them in a data binder and labeling them properly.

6. Container and tote tray Label

I should know where I keep my pens, paper clips, fasteners, erasers, and other supplies. I keep them in recycled cans, decorated bottles, or boxes I bought from stores so I won’t be digging around and disarranging my things just to look for a paper clip.

Exactly, they are containers and tote tray storage!  I have them ready before classes start. These should be labeled properly so I can easily pull out the things that are needed.

Moreover, when my students need supplies, they can easily find the container and get what they want.

7. Book Label

labeling books

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Take a better approach to keep your classroom mini-library organized. I really find naming and labeling helpful. Maybe you can try it too.

Deeply, I know that you’ve been working hard to make student learning productive and there’s been too much on your plate. Hence, by making your way systematic and organized, you can amazingly catch up.

Label books based on genres, titles, subject areas, and other important details to help you pick the right book spine. Proper labeling and marking of the book spines enable you to skim your shelves quickly and best of all, you’re helping your little librarians and readers in the classroom to easily find the books they need.

By using your label maker in marking up your books, you can categorize books easily like separating fiction and non-fiction books. Likewise, your young learners are more engaged to read if the books in the mini-library are properly labeled and organized.

Books look neat if they are well-arranged and categorized properly. The labeling process can be tedious, but it’s worth not having your books fall off the shelves every time just because you’re pulling out the wrong one!

Above all, when students’ books are labeled, they won’t interchange their books or lose them.

8. Safety Label

labeling first aid kits

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Safety and security in the classroom are two things that are quite challenging to manage. But with the right signs and labeling, your classroom can be a safer place.

Do you label the switch in the classroom? What about your safety first aid kits?

Labeling for safety in the classroom is part of our responsibilities as teachers. Promoting safety in a learning environment makes us confident that our students are learning at their best.

Labeling, marking, and naming are excellent ways to spread awareness of safety tips and measures. I supplement safety signs with proper labels so I know where exactly to place them to increase visibility.

Also, I label classroom equipment and tools to ensure the safety of my students. I put warning statements and reminders on projectors, microscopes, televisions, desktop computers to keep children and gadgets protected.

Most importantly, those gadgets are to be used under my close supervision to ensure safety while maximizing opportunities for learning.


Label makers help us achieve professional labeling. Hence, they make my best partners in preparing my classroom when in-person classes resume. My label maker is my best pick in terms of organizing my things.

Indeed, with label makers, you can have your classroom nice and organized especially at the beginning of the year.

While reading, you might be holding your favorite label maker. Thus, you know exactly how to make it more helpful and functional.

Ultimately, label makers serve me well. But I want to hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to share your best experiences with label makers below.