Top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Teachers 2022

Teachers today are fortunate to have some of the best materials available via YouTube. If your purpose is to find inspiration that can enhance lessons, YouTube has transformed from a video-sharing service to an EdTech tool that enhances teacher-student learning outcomes.

Let me excite you with the best YouTube channels for teachers. I described the details of what each channel offers and how it can help you achieve a happy teaching life.

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Why Is YouTube Good for Teachers?

YouTube has brought a great revolution in the field of education. The complete line of videos, demonstrations, and presentations showed a significant rise in the quality of education in the past few years. Today, it has become a mainstay tool for information by topic.

Since the visuals explain things in a variety of ideas like how-to demos, evolution stories, history concepts, science experiments, and many more interesting facts and truth in moving images – learning becomes more effective in the minds of the children. This makes YouTube education more influential than any other resource.

Only YouTube allows you to explore thousands of videos featuring different subjects aimed at getting the world to discover about what should be known and the core skills that define 21st-century knowledge.

Create your own channel.

Other than being a relaxing entertainment tool, YouTube lets you create your own channel, direct and produce personal videos, and share them for others to comment, or to capture your students’ interest. You can create unique and educational videos to help visual learners, too.

By using YouTube, you can provide a quality of education that is not reachable by the traditional method. With this video internet service, there are no chairs, boards, and classrooms needed to learn anything but a reliable internet connection and a computer.

Because your students give much more attention to the videos than those in the traditional teaching environment – it also helps you level your lessons in an interesting, comfortable and easy way.

Think of videos that can capture the attention of your students. Not only do you have to be careful about the type of broadcasting, but you also have to be very selective in the quality and the source of information.


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The 10 Best YouTube Channels for Teachers

Let’s take a look at some of the best YouTube learning channels. Actually, I found them among the top mediums many educators have been using to improve their knowledge and make learning fun.

1) Edutopia

Edutopia creates videos about K-12 education. Its goal is to help learners develop 21st-century skills and be adept in facing modern practices.

This channel will give you the best resources in implementing innovational approaches for project-based learning, teacher development, social and emotional learning – all integrated with technology. You can engage students, rotate stations, and flip your classroom.

Edutopia’s evidence-based strategies will allow a child to work independently with the confidence to demonstrate his or her ability to do research and work well with others during collaborations, conversations, discussions, and other projects.

Dedicated to transforming K-12 education, Edutopia videos showcase the most effective care that is available for K-12 schools. Founded by award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991 whose focus is on the six core learning strategies.

Take a look:


2) TED-Ed

TED-Ed’s lessons aim is to spark knowledge sharing and spread great ideas, whether for producing a video library of animated lessons or curating educational videos that explain spectacular things.

They have animated videos that are paired with questions and resources to boost further research and TED-Ed lessons. This channel provides an international platform so you can create interactive lesson plans and help curious students gain presentation skills and leadership.

TED-Ed has risen into an award-winning education platform catering to millions of teachers and students within TED-Ed’s global network. It also represents creative collaboration from TED Speakers and TED Fellows including TED-Ed clubs to support students in discovering, and exploring their ideas through short, TED-style talks.

Here’s a sneak peek:


3) Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne is the man behind the amazing Richard Byrne channel offering free technology for teachers to use in the classroom. It aims to share resources from videos with tutorials on all kinds of digital tools for the classroom.

The channel is your go-to resource when it comes to working an app out. For example, if you have questions about working with PDFs or looking for extensions and add-ons, how to download Google meet recordings, or how to create Google slides, check out this YouTube channel.

It’s your one-stop channel for resources about creating from the multimedia timeline, adding voice comments to Google docs, drawing on your screen, creating quizzes, searching within a YouTube channel, and more.

Richard is the creator of the award-winning blog Free Technology for Teachers with a subscriber base of more than 60,000 educators every day. The EdTech Richard Byrne channel gives practical ways of using technology to enhance lessons, increase student engagement, and make you a better teacher.

If you’re looking for directions, tips, and tricks for using popular ed-tech apps and sites, check out this YouTube channel.


4) Khan Academy

This channel is a personalized learning resource for all ages and empowers teachers to differentiate their classrooms by engaging students. 90% of US teachers found instructional videos, customized learning, and practice exercises effective in inspiring learners to develop their own study time.

Khan Academy offers science, math, history, economics, and more, including K-14 and test preparation (SAT, Praxis, LSAT) content. The good thing is it tackles computing exercises so it establishes strong foundations that really hones students towards mastering skills.

The use of Khan Academy is positively associated with better than predicted test scores, but showing the errors of learners instead. Encouraging more practice helps learners understand everything step-by-step. The outcome is a lowered anxiety in math but a 95-99% confidence level in one’s ability to do the math.

With free tools for parents and teachers, you’ll like to be a part of the mission to provide free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere.


5) Big Think

Think about these: space-time, the nature of human consciousness, the realistic robots, the new technology of gene editing, the battle against climate change, where you want to go in the future.

Big Think is the channel for the greatest minds. It’s just a very small part of the planet but it shares informative and engaging college-level lectures. Each episode features different experts lecturing on their own expertise.

Since Big Think started live-streaming in 2012, the channel reached 20 million views with a video archive of more than 12,000 clips from 2000+ experts. The platform also provides companies with “real-time interaction as well as a resource for educators and researchers who facilitate online learning.

Big Think has created video series on collaborations, academic freedom, and the innovations of education. Check this one:


6) Teacher’s Pet

Created by a science teacher, this channel is full of quick advanced science videos for you and your class to enjoy. What makes this popular and recommendable is the free-to-use materials that you can use for all you might.

It offers videos for topics about the biosphere, ecosystems, organisms, habitats, systems, specialists, behaviors, biotic and abiotic factors of the ecosystem. Examples of these are counting atoms, enzyme actions, cellular respiration, and the beautiful science of photosynthesis.

At the Teacher’s Pet channel, the videos are the kinds of evidence for evolution, history of thought, brain development function, structures of DNA, symbols, and formulas, to the work of Gregor Mendel, remember him?

Watch one of the videos:

7) National Geographic

Who doesn’t know National Geographic? This channel is your destination for adventure and exploration from the smallest to the biggest life in the wild.

The channel is every educator’s premium landing space that involves a blend of science, nature, culture, including some reality and pseudo-scientific programming. It also produces non-fiction television programs like history and documentaries with factual content.

Bring National Geographic to your classroom as reference resources from mapping the stories of our planet to involving yourself in geography awareness. Young children will love to be introduced to the concept of maps as representations of places.

Together with your students, you can track bears and monkeys. You can even fly drones over the highest glaciers. The stories will get you and your learners closer to every edge of the world that deserves to be discovered.

Want a sample look?

8) BBC Teach

The BBC Teach channel is a collection of free videos from reading, writing, spelling, word and sentence grammar, speaking and listening, and more.

In this channel, you get live BBC interactive lessons that help you bring your subject to life featuring some of the BBC’s biggest brands and presenters. It has downloadable worksheets that help you improve your learners’ reading, writing, and numeracy skills.

With BBB Teach, you can browse for thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos for primary and secondary-aged students. The topics are appropriate as they are arranged by subject and age group.

Teaching by letting kids watch live lessons is like bringing them to school trips without actually leaving your classroom. As for the teacher, you can re-watch live discussions by teachers for teachers’ topics.

BBC Teach supports teachers in building well-being space to help them through the stress and pressures of the school year.

Curious about it?


9) Common Sense Education

Technology has changed the world. It changed how kids learn and how you teach. So you want to make sure your students use technology with sense, thanks to this YouTube channel that offers free resources for teaching in the digital age.

Common Sense Media advocates digital citizenship. Their channel is devoted entirely to providing the best digital tips and tools for modern educators. You are getting reviews on the latest in EdTech and tips, how-tos, and how to use most of the tools in creative and engaging ways.

You’ll love to learn distance learning with common sense, your role in media and technology, how to create balance, teen guides, and voices,  friendships and boundaries, sexting relationships, classroom management, to presenting yourself online.

Subscribe to the Common Sense youtube channel if you’re looking for a quick overview of ed-tech tools for 30 seconds and playlists for educators in bite-sized videos that offer a preview of each tool. There is a lot you can choose from.

For a more in-depth look, check this out:


10) Alice Keeper

Because you love teaching, be a part of this channel. Paperless is not pedagogy, Alice said, who has been an expert in EdTech integration. Like her, you don’t want to just go paperless, but you want to be an awesome teacher.

Alice Keeper channel will assist you in your behind-the-scene parts of teaching. It reveals all stratagems you’ll need to fulfill your teacher and classroom organization dreams. Alice will lead you in developing efficient, engaging, and effective digital learning environments that go beyond worksheets and PDFs.

Have you ever thought of Minecraft Education? In this channel, you’ll get to level up remote learning by creating a world that plays, move, make planks, chop down trees, and even die okay – with Minecraft.

With the Alice Keeper’s channel, technology should improve learning through interactions, better feedback, increased relevance, and facilitating a student-centered classroom.

Curious? Here’s Alice.


Let’s sum it up!

The best YouTube channels for teachers in the list above are among the most popular and hard to beat. You yourself can attest to everything each offers from lesson ideas to professional development opportunities which when blended together creates the perfect EdTech tool.

Learners today, regardless of age are captured with stunning video stories, incredible animation style, and real-life colors of life. This is the reason why educational YouTube channels are mushrooming on the internet – for their unique way of captivating and engaging students.

Depending on your ambition and budget, you can either go for a paid business account and get a whole range of business services including additional cloud storage. Your own YouTube channel will help you teach with the best recording or broadcasting and connect to your students with passion.


1) How is YouTube helpful?

With the world today moving with the internet hand in hand, YouTube has been very useful in providing quick information, answers to common questions, how-to guides, hacks, to watching movies and videos, including games and cooking. Whew, did you see how YouTube has conquered almost all categories for searches?

YouTube also provides a means for users to store videos online, create and share them with others. Since YouTube covers any possible topic , their channels likewise become the most popular videos used on the internet.

2) How Can YouTube Be Used for Education?

That’s very interesting. Look below:

  • Allowing learners to create videos motivates the ingenuity of imagination.
  • Students will be happy and proud to share their little creations with the class.
  • You can create your own educational video lessons.
  • Students can learn to subscribe to relevant subject-related channels.
  • Asking students to comment on videos encourages interaction with the class.
  • The class can create their own videos to watch for the next lesson.
  • You can begin and operate your own video channel.
  • YouTube allows you to upload other videos and use them in the class.
  • It helps you showcase your students’ work by creating a course channel.

3) How Can I Utilize YouTube in My Classroom?

Since YouTube is all about recording, reproducing, and broadcasting; finding the “right” videos for you and your class will let you discover and gather various educational videos from the world wide web. The tactic is to search within channels such as the American Museum of Natural History.

Gather up your keywords and make use of “advanced search” in finding channels. Don’t forget to look and consider contents that are latest and relevant.

4) What makes this list the best YouTube Channels for teachers?

Each of the YouTube channels is more than just music or animal videos. It includes interesting and instructive content that directly points to what teachers are looking for. Imagine how each channel can be used as a video hosting platform to take their students into different systems that are used across the world.

Watch each of these teacher-perfect YouTube channels and you’ll find that every topic is relevant, timely, interesting, and all of them can help inspire teachers for new concepts. If people around the world use YouTube for tricks and solutions, then educators as well deserve to use the channels to engage learners of all levels and ages.

5) Should I create my own YouTube channel? If I do, how will I benefit from it?

Starting a YouTube account for a teacher is now a need rather than a fad or hobby. Imagine how every material on those channels will assist you in almost any solution you need.

When you have your own wonderful YouTube channel, not only you are equipped with a world of knowledge but also a great way to establish a video foundation that others can turn to, engage students, parents, other teachers, and even the entire school.

In Conclusion

If Google is the leading web-based tool used by people for knowledge, it makes sense that educators turn to YouTube to get incredible information. No more struggling for the best topic of the day, week, or month.

Whatever location a teacher may be at – the possibility of discovering new teaching ideas and strategies is limitless. With the best YouTube channels for teachers above, you’ll be able to make everything in your classroom full of life.

So, which educational YouTube channels above do you think your community should discover? Share them in the comments.