15 Fascinating Birthday Bulletin Ideas for Teachers

Finding the most attractive and awe-inspiring birthday bulletin ideas for teachers shouldn’t be a pain.

I’m glad that you’re here on my page. I know some of you have been around for a while as you delve deeper into your teaching career.

Interestingly, I know that you are somewhat overwhelmed by our tremendous yet fulfilling roles as teachers. I’m here to help you. Let’s talk about this!

family tree for birthday bulletin board and other ideas


Our students would love to see their names in the pockets of the bulletin board. This raises their self-esteem. When one of my students celebrates his/her birthday, I ask my class to sing a birthday song for him or her!

I just couldn’t imagine how happy the birthday celebrator was! Some of my students even requested to have a short program as a means of celebrating. Doing this made my young learner feel celebrated.

How would I take that? My students are eager to celebrate? Who am I to say NO? when I, myself, also want them to sing for me, too when I also celebrate my birthday. Hence, it’s a win-win strategy for all of us!

Importance of Birthday Bulletin Boards

Before we dig into awe-inspiring ideas for bulletin boards, let’s point out first its basic significance so we are more inspired in crafting our layouts.

Don’t want to make a Birthday bulletin board?  Check here for our favorite bulletin that is all ready to put up.

Birthdays are special events. And, our creativity and best ideas are our means of celebrating with our students. We can get a lot of inspiring ideas online and we can dwell on our creativity too.

The birthday bulletin board in our classroom is a reminder of the special days of our students. The busy school days will make us forget special occasions in their lives. So, to keep us on track of their memorable days, let’s get help by posting their important dates on the walls.

As our young learners really are excited to celebrate their birthdays, just like we do, let us not disappoint them. By making pleasant and attractive birthday walls, we are making our young learners extremely happy.

Moreover, having display boards for our students’ birthdays is an important part of room structuring. As a classroom teacher for years, room structuring has been one of the reasons why  I am very busy a month before the opening of classes.

Yes, I really devote time and considerable attention to making my classroom visually and intellectually appealing to my learners.

To make the classroom a fun and conducive place for learning, I make sure that my bulletin boards are updated and are stunningly beautiful.

Students especially the elementary really love colorful and interactive classrooms. Also, birthday bulletin boards are what excites them more, second to the bulletin of the elected classroom officers.

Coming up with the best and design functionality birthday bulletin boards, with a sheer number of choices online, we are required to bring out our purpose and creativity.

To help you with your birthday display boards, I’m going to show you several best ideas on how to design or layout your displays.


Choosing a great theme will in one way make your bulletin looks fantastic.  However, there are a lot of factors to be considered in making your layout. Hence, allow me to share with your amazing ideas and at the same time the factors that need to be considered in creating and designing our birthday bulletins.

In my classroom, I used the title ‘I BLOOM Today!’ This means, it’s their birthday and they bloom that specific day! Of course, the months are written on cut-out flowers of different vibrant colors!

For me, these words are very striking to use as titles of bulletin boards because my classroom is seemingly a garden and my students are the blooming flowers.

So, that’s my theme!

The titles of our birthday bulletin boards should depend on our theme. If we are promoting the garden setting, what can you think of as the title of your birthday board display?

15 Fascinating Birthday Bulletin Ideas for Teachers

Here are my picks of best designs for birthday display boards.

1. Using Sea Creatures

using sea creatures

How would you imagine your students’ excitement when they see their favorite sea creatures representing their birthdays on the wall?  Arranging the sea creatures to resemble the ocean will intensify the birthday display.

When we use neon paper in our cut-out letters, this bulletin board will really look fantastic and vibrant. The three-dimensional letters will make our designs and displays really visible. The broad array of rich colors adds up the comprehensive text in the bulletin boards.

Some of my co-teachers are using eye-popping colors to attract attention.  They are using neon-colored papers in circles and other attractive shapes and used them as borders in their birthday bulletin boards.

2. Using Eye-Popping Colors

As I walked into other classrooms, because I have always loved doing it, I saw other creative hands. You know, teachers are really very creative especially when it comes to designing our classroom. We always want our classrooms to be stimulating and exciting for our learners.

using colorful cutouts

Bright colors make our birthday bulletin boards attractive and pleasant. That’s why shades of pink, orange, green, yellow, and more vibrant colors should be given careful mix.

In brief, this calls our knowledge of the perfect combination of colors in the color wheel! Take a look at the “Overflowing With Happy Birthday Wishes” wall display. The falling leaves of the ‘fall season’ makes it more attractive.

However, we have to be careful with color consistency in the backgrounds of our bulletin boards. The more consistent we are with our background colors, the better. In essence, we have to be very careful with our colors so our bulletin boards will not be distracting.

In my classroom, for example, I keep my bulletin boards organized and attractive by using a 3-color combination. And, it is not only for my birthday wall, but it’s also applied to all my display boards in the classroom. Moreover, I use the same border colors and styles.

Since we are talking about birthday bulletin boards in this post, so let’s dig into amazing themes.

3. Using Garden Themes

Display boards add color and spirits to bare walls. These bulletin boards should be well-thought of before being posted on the walls to pick up the interests of our learners.

using garden themes

As teachers, we have known the importance of bulletin boards in a classroom setting. These decorative things may just be posted on the birthday wall of our classroom but they are considered as effective teaching tools.

With this concept, I usually make advance preparations to make this task delightful instead of a hassle. For example, at the beginning of the school year, I was thinking of a garden theme. So my borders were cut-out drawings of flowers and butterflies creatively aligned on the edges of the walls at the bottom part.

4. Using Cut-Out and Real Balloons

Birthday bulletin boards are more visually appealing if we use colorful balloons. Our learners are readily attracted to balloons.

using balloons

using real balloons

The months of the year are creatively printed on each balloon. The first names of the students together with their corresponding birthdates are posted on each balloon accordingly.

To make it look real, we can attach strings into each balloon. Or, if you really aim to give your students a ‘tremendous birthday celebration’, then you can actually pin real colorful balloons on the bulletin board.

To add interest, we can cut out images of people holding each string. It looks like they’re flying with those balloons. Then, what title can you give? For me, it’s ‘ I Fly Today!’ or It’s My Day Today!’

5. Using Birthday Cupcakes

using cupcakes

Among the best choices of unlimited customization possibilities for birthday walls, are the colorful cupcakes! Colorful images of birthday cupcakes and with sprinkles or topped with fudgy chocolate frosting will appear very real to our learners.

using birthday cupcakes

The delicious cupcakes on our birthday walls look attractive to our learners which makes them really excited to look forward to their birthday!

As my students get excited to celebrate their birthdays, I make simple presents too.

Since my birthday wall displays flavorful cupcakes, it would not cost me too much to give the birthday celebrator his/her real chocolate birthday cupcake with a cute candle on top of it!

For me, it’s a meaningful way of celebrating my students’ birthdays! I am just giving them what they deserve and they never forget my birthday too!

You know, our young learners are very thoughtful and loving. Hence, they ought to be celebrated too!

6. Using Colorful Umbrellas

using umbrella

using umbrellas

Images of colorful umbrellas are attractive to our students too.

It adds a modern feel to your birthday walls!

The matching raindrops on the board make it appear real and fantastic.

Since birthdays are particularly valuable, we teachers should be mindful of our designs. The use of cutout umbrellas makes your walls look cool and fun!

7. Using Cake Slices

The flavorful cake slices will make our birthday walls pretty and creative. Our young learners will surely like it! Having their names on the slices makes it really eye-catching!

As we know, most of our special days are celebrated with festive cake recipes! So, why not post it on your walls! Cake slices designs have long been my choice! It’s my natural pick.

The slices of cakes on the bulletin really adds delicious versions of celebrating birthdays! This is perfect for any teacher’s classroom.

8. Using Birthday Candles

birthday candles bulletin board

Click image for details

Our students are excited to blow out candles after they make their wishes when they celebrate their birthdays! Hence, let’s support them in this interest!

Candles symbolize the light of life. So, this idea is just so perfect on your birthday bulletins! This birthday graph bulletin board in the image adds perfect decoration in your classroom.

9. Using Confetti and Birthday Decorations

Using confetti on our birthday walls is a fantastic idea! The variety of colors makes our classroom fascinating.
This Confetti Let’s Celebrate Birthdays Mini Bulletin Board looks amazing in our bare walls!

In my experience, the bewitching details of them will appear lovely to my young learners. They just can’t wait to celebrate their special days with the whole class.

Using Birthday Decorations

One of the best ways to decorate our birthday bulletins is by using 3D images of birthday decoration images such as birthday hats, cakes, picture frames, gifts, cupcakes, and many more.

A perfect combination of these birthday materials will look lovely and sweet. This inspirational idea will make the special days of our learners really memorable and amazing.

10. Using Plant Images

For our birthday boards to be really great-looking, we can use this amazing cactus themed birthday bulletin board.
The nametags add up to its pleasant view.

birthday cake graph bulletin board

Click image for details

Then, the perfect combination of colors makes the wall magnetical. Try this in your classroom and see the delight it brings to your students. For a different and engaging view, you can also use flowers and butterflies on your birthday walls.

11. Using Cake Graph

The appetizing layers of the cake add a fantastic look to your bulletin. Moreover, it is a perfect delight for our young learners as they celebrate their birthdays.

The graphing concept of this bulletin display ignites mathematical concepts that our students learn in our Math class. The fun colors of the layers of the cake give reasons for our young learners to be jolly on the special days of their lives.

12. Using the Garden Setup

using the garden set-up

using the garden set-up

The multi-colored garden setup will look great to our students.

This is one of the amazing creative tips for decorating our birthday bulletin boards.

You can creatively arrange the months, dates, and names of students in the different garden images.

Months can be best printed on the clouds, flowers, butterflies, animals, or wherever you like as long as it looks captivating.

The best title for this one can be best printed on the rainbow. Furthermore, this wonderful design will enhance the positive and productive atmosphere in our classroom.

13. Using Creative Titles

using creative titles

The titles of our birthday walls are essential. They are the most visible in our classroom displays!

Titles are one of the most captivating parts besides the layout of our bulletin boards.

making use of creativity

In my view, catchy titles for our birthday walls make the difference.

This captivating group of words will get the attention of the students or classroom visitors and evaluators.

Hence, it’s important to consider your engaging and awesome title. Make sure, your title highly compliments your best designs and layouts.

Since, titles are the very first thing to notice, here are some creative and fun title suggestions for birthday bulletin boards that certainly draw your students’ attention:

It’s My Day!
Our Class Birthdays!
Our Sweet Days!
Our Birthday Board!
My Birthday Cake!
It’s My Birthday Cupcake!
Get On Your Way! It’s Your Special Day!
This is my happy day!
My Fun Day!
Have a bite of my cake!
Blow Your Candles!

14. Using Interesting Cartoon Characters and Minions

using minions

using cartoon characters

We can have our students meet their favorite cartoon characters on their special days. Have you tried this idea?

Having the big-eyed minions on our walls gives us ‘minions’ of reasons to celebrate our students’ birthdays!

Your Disney themed birthday walls is a creative means of reminding our students that they have their amazing friends in the classroom.


Feature on your ‘Happy Birthday’ walls the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and observe how amusing it is with your students.

The fun designs are a perfect addition to spice up your classroom structure.

15. Using the Busy Bees

using bees

What will it bee? Happy Bee-day!
Stay sweet as can bee!

If you want to create a relatively simple yet meaningful birthday wall, make use of the busy bee!

The bees and hives create a more inspirational birthday atmosphere that makes young learners happy as they can bee!



Watch the video below and see how simple it is to make a birthday bulletin board for our classroom. This is a strong act that this activity is a DIY task and that every teacher is capable of doing it by themselves!

Visual Appeal

Eye-catching? Or, Eye-distracting?

Our birthday bulletin boards are among our creative displays in the classroom. Since we consider them an effective learning tool, we have to make them really presentable and organized. Besides, this bulletin board is a way for students to get to know one another.

considering color schemes for bulletins

In other words, we have to take care of our color schemes for our bulletin’s oomph.  As we are aiming for student’s attention, we have to be careful with our color combinations.

The impact of our color combination should gather interests rather than shove away students because our color choices are distracting and unpleasant to the eyes.

The visual appeal of our birthday bulletin boards should be synchronized with the rest of our display boards in the classroom. It should make the expressions of ‘get it to my sight’ rather than ‘get out of my sight’!

Time Element

Time is very important to consider when creating our birthday bulletin boards. As we are making our classroom really motivating, we should spend considerable time in doing so.

For me, the best time structuring our classroom should be weeks before the opening of classes. We should set the classroom before our students occupy the room.

On my end, I am asking the help of my previous students. My students from last year are very cooperative and creative. Their ideas are very splendid.

Our school highly participates in the Department of Education’s program on the National Schools Maintenance Week where teachers, parents, students, stakeholders, and volunteers are enjoined to participate and to contribute their time, efforts, expertise, and resources to prepare the school for the opening of classes. For me, it is the most appropriate time to structure classrooms.

When you plan to structure the classroom during a couple of weeks after the opening of classes, it will be a great hassle on your part and of the students. They have to pitch in extra hours in school to help you with the task.

The best teaching comes when everything is set. Your faded and worn-out bulletin boards of last year should be replaced with more vibrant and interactive once.

So, how to create birthday bulletin boards before the opening of classes knowing that we don’t have yet the list of names and birthdays of our new students? Well, I will make the designs beforehand. The pockets on the birthday boards are made ready.

If you really want to be ready and in full blast fashion, you can actually make use of the students’ enrollment forms! I experienced it too! I asked the assistance of our school’s guidance counselor as she was the one in-charged of this matter.

I asked for the list of my expected students for the year as well as their enrollment forms. I encoded their names alphabetically with their corresponding birthdays and other important details! And, it worked! My students were amazed!

Because when they entered the classroom on the first of school, they were so excited to see their names on the birthday bulletin board! This made them feel really important and lessen their tensions which they normally felt during the first day of classes.

Available Materials

The availability of materials should also be considered. In crafting our designs for our birthday bulletin boards, more often times we are using multiple vibrant colors.

Therefore, colorful paper sheets like neon paper, construction paper, and art paper are very useful. Also, pasting materials such as glue sticks, duct tape, mounting tape,  and double-sided tape of good quality should be readily available.

However, if you are planning to design the layout of your birthday bulletin board along with the other classroom bulletins before the classes begin, then you will have enough time to look for resources.

Anyway, our school admin best supports us with our classroom structuring in terms of reasonable allocation of budget for this matter.

If you are into redesigning your birthday display boards, click this link and pick your designs that fit your taste and add the essence in your classroom.

To briefly paraphrase…

To design your birthday bulletin with an incredible amount of customizability, consider your classroom size and the overall setting. As teachers, we have our sense of balance and creativity. We are exceptionally good at this.

Providing structure in our classroom is one of our roles as effective teachers. Clearly, our well-structured classrooms will make our students engaged learners.

The structured learning environment ensures the academic and personal growth of our students. And, our creative birthday walls spice up our classroom designs and layouts.

On top of that, it’s one of our amazing ways of creating an inviting and supportive learning environment. It strengthens the teacher-student relationship.

Do you have something in mind? What are your great designs? How do you make your birthday bulletin enticing? You can share your best ideas here!

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