10 Best-Rated Vibrant Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary School Teachers [Reviewed and Rated: 2023]

Bulletin boards play an important role in visualizing learning. Not only do they make the classroom attractive to children, especially in elementary schools, but also provide assistance to teachers in facilitating learning.

Hence, in this article, we will talk about effective bulletin board ideas for elementary school teachers.

updating classroom bulletin boards

As you offer varied learning opportunities in the classroom, don’t forget to update your bulletins. Every season means a  meaningful change in the learning environment that students get excited about.

Bulletin boards offer opportunities to manifest that attractive seasonal change in the wall display. Your classroom bulletins help you emphasize the curriculum and help students to fully grasp complex items.

Additionally, designing your interactive bulletin boards helps you revisit your teaching strategies and reinforce content, too. As you aim for genuine interaction in the classroom, let the walls speak of the curriculum to further hone students’ skills.


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Scholastics Class Jobs Bulletin Board
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Growth Mindset Posters
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Carson Dellosa Calming Strategies Bulletin
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  • Essential calming tips
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Helping Hands Pocket Chart
  • Reversible and customizable cards
  • Write and wipe cards
  • Nylon charts with grommets
  • 10 class job charts
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Sproutbrite Reading Bulletin Board
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What to do?

Sponsored imageAvoid too much text on the bulletin

Bulletin boards serve across multiple curriculum content and cover a wide range of topics.  Although they should be informative, it doesn’t mean they are overcrowded with text.

Too much text on the walls is overwhelming. Not according to its purpose anymore. Bulletin boards are particularly valuable if they serve their purpose as a teaching tool. They are not just to beautify classrooms but also to strengthen content. Hence, you should plan what text to include in your bulletin.

Sponsored imageChoose a visually appealing color mix

Children love bright and pastel colors. When choosing the right color background you should consider the overall design of your bulletin board. Additionally, the color mix should coordinate with the motif of your classroom.

The best way to achieve color harmony is to balance it with your chosen theme. If you are to project a flower garden on your interactive bulletin board, you brighten it up with evocative colors of happiness and excitement.

You can use multiple bright colors in your flower cutouts, for example, to make your bulletin board attractive.

Sponsored imageMake it interactive

Include questions and speech bubbles. They make your bulletin display mentally stimulating and synergistic. Visualize your overall design and decide where to place the speech bubbles and the questions.

Your bulletin boards should elicit responses from your students. Not only attractive to look at, but bulletin boards should optimize learning.

When students read the text in your bulletin, they should find great opportunities to interact with the material and realize its connection to their lesson content. Therefore, you should consider the relevance of the information presented on the bulletin board.

Sponsored imageMake it readable

Bulletin boards serve as learning resources for students. Thus, students should be able to consume content from your bulletin by making it clear and intelligible.

Informational bulletin boards should be made interesting, gripping, and absorbing. Make sure that graphics are comprehensible.  Most of all, your design and theme should complement the captions, headers, and interactive questions.

In other words, your bulletin board should be a pro-reader that your students will read and go through them.

Sponsored imageUpdate by season or quarter

The bulletin boards outside the classroom are useful spaces to keep parents updated on the classroom and school activities. You can post important announcements or you can utilize the space as a display wall so parents know how their children perform.

Awesome, the bulletin boards are the updated ones. It would be horrendous to have the same bulletin board throughout the school year.

You can update your bulletin board by season, by chapter, by semester, or by quarter. Whatever you want it to be, for as long as your bulletins experience the touch of needed changes and updates.

Your students can keep track of academic content, announcements, a calendar of activities, seasonal refreshers, and many more through your updated bulletin boards.


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10 Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary School Teachers

Here are attractive and educational bulletin board designs that are most fitting for elementary school. They elaborate on fun and interactive learning that essentially complements elementary classrooms.

Let’s take a look at these ready-made bulletin board ideas for elementary school teachers.

1. Scholastic Tape It Up Class Jobs Bulletin Board

Click image for details

How do you encourage your learners to become classroom little helpers?

Customize this ready-to-use class jobs bulletin by indicating your students’ names on separate name tags and putting them inside the pockets.

Your young learners will be thrilled once they see their names on the pockets of the bulletin. With this colorful and creative presentation on the wall, it will be easy for you to assign class jobs in your classroom.

The 13 sleek class job pockets are very convenient to put up. Moreover, the labeling of these pockets is made easy with the 65 name labels included in the package.

Plus, it includes a banner that measures 12 inches by 5.25 inches, making it readable and comely.  I’m sure your kids will love it too.

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2. Learning Resources Helping Hands Pocket Chart

Click image for details

 With your strong intention to teach your children about hard work and responsibility, you are helping your young learners to become independent.

One great way to do it is by assigning them specific tasks in the classroom.

The Helping Hands Pocket Chart is another charming bulletin board idea that encourages learners to become responsible. It’s indeed ideal for the elementary classroom where everything begins.

They should be taught classroom jobs at an early stage so they build up responsibility and take ownership of their roles.

Furthermore, this high-quality chart includes 30 write-and-wipe hand cards for students’ names,  1 durable nylon chart that measures 22 inches by 29.5 inches, 2 storage pockets, and 10 class job cards.

With its quality material and write-on, wipe-off hand cards, you can post this pocket chart on your Class Jobs bulletin board year after year. Plus, the nylon chart has grommets for easy put up and the 10 job cards have blank reverse sides just in case you want to change class jobs.

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Click image for details

3. Growth Mindset Poster Bulletin Board Display Set

 Keep your young learners motivated with Growth Mindset Posters. Create a gallery of positive thoughts on your bulletin board to build up your students’ self-esteem.

Just arrange the 13 posters neatly on the bulletin and be creative with your overall design. Using these positive thoughts to welcome your students during the first day of classes is an excellent idea.

For most customer reviews, many are satisfied with these Growth Mindset Posters. It’s just fine to ask your children what are their mindsets.

Motivate your students with these inspiring lines and let them know that they can always do better. Offer them the inspiration they need. The power of positive words is lasting. The Growth Mindset Poster Bulletin Board is an excellent motivation in the classroom.

Erika, in the customer’s section said, “I posted the signs on the outside of my classroom room so my students can check their mindset before walking in my doors. I’ve received so many compliments of how positive the messages are.”

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4. Carson-Dellosa Calming Strategies Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

 Do you have a calming corner in the classroom? How do you make your students feel better when they struggle from anxiety or when they are agitated? How do you establish a relaxing atmosphere in the classroom?

Take the value of these high-quality posters made in the USA and instill in your children the value of being calm amidst struggles and challenging situations. Guaranteed to have the stimulating and refreshing colors that most kids love.

It can be daunting. However, with the right strategies, we can help children manage their emotions and develop their social skills. Read aloud each strategy and invite your students to gather in front of the bulletin board.

Make sure that they understand the visual presentation. This can be an effective intervention in your behavior management strategies.

Get this idea and apply the different calming strategies it offers so your students can learn how to handle negative emotions. Moreover, with this bulletin display, your students will be guided on controlling themselves and expressing their emotions and feelings.

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5. Sproutbrite Classroom Decorations Welcome Banner

Click image for details

 Designed to give inspiration to your students as the school year begins. Welcoming them with this positive mindset banner will keep them motivated to study harder and realize their full potential. A perfect reminder to your students that they are amazing and are capable of doing great things.

Printed in colorful letters, the words of inspiration are highly visible that students can read from afar. This wonderful bulletin banner is easy to assemble and use.

Made of durable cardstock, this welcome banner can serve you long. Telling your kids how amazing they are will boost their self-esteem and capacitate them to do their best.

Plus, the eye-popping colors will certainly brighten up the bulletin. The welcome banner really looks astonishing and inviting.

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6. Safety Magnets Anger Management Poster for Kids

Click image for details

 Behavior management is another challenge in the classroom. Due to individual differences, students display unique traits that need to be managed well.

Well, they get angry at times that can cause trouble among their peers. Hence, you should make positive interventions to promote healthy relationships in the classroom.

At times when children show negative emotions and behaviors, as the teacher, you should do something about it. One great way to help kids manage their emotions like when they are upset or angry is by using a calm down poster.

This durable poster is ideal for elementary classrooms. You can use it again and again because it’s thickly laminated for lastingness. Made in the USA and receiving numerous positive reviews from customers, this anger management poster should be in your classroom beginning today.

The poster measures 17 inches by 22 inches, which spreads just right on a regular bulletin board. Printed in colorful and bigger fonts, the calming lines can help children control their emotions especially when they’re irritated. So, when they turn mad as a hatter, educate them with the anger management strategies mentioned in the poster.

Essentially, the cooling down schemes will work for you too! I know there are times that you experience emotional meltdown and it’s typical of us teachers.

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7. Carson Dellosa Kid-Drawn Emotions Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

“It has been teaching kids all year about emotions and kids love them,” says a product review.

Having these emotion cards in your classroom empowers your young learners to be aware of how they feel. Kids at an instant show big feelings. Your classroom becomes a big scenario of varied emotions and it’s essential that kids learn how to manage their emotions through awareness.

Created for pre-school and elementary classrooms, the Kid-Drawn Emotions bulletin board set is a great idea to teach children about emotions.

Based on the top reviews from the United States, this bulletin set is durable and can be used again next year.  The set includes 16 cut-apart emotion cards, each with dimensions of 7.5 inches by 16 inches.  Enough to be read and seen easily. Think of your chosen space in the classroom and visualize how to arrange the emotion cards that look pleasing and attractive.

Additionally, images and text are printed on card stock material and take note, cards aren’t laminated yet. If you want to use them again and again, laminating each is your best option after purchase. It’s a really perfect addition that looks impressive on your bulletin board.

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8. Carson Dellosa Education Easy Anchor Charts

Click image for details

 Here’s a unique Working with Numbers Bulletin Board Set. It offers 57 pieces and 1 teacher guide to helping you assemble the whole set with greater ease.

Grab this enriching content chart now and post it on your math bulletin board. Such a great way of teaching math to your learners.

Introduce effective strategies for solving math problems as the banner states and offer your kids opportunities to enjoy learning math. Strengthen your kids’ numeracy skills by using this comprehensive and interactive anchor chart.

With separate cut-out pieces, you can highly customize your bulletin set up to make it fit with curriculum content. Invite children to do the math and enhance this crucial skill effectively.

Make this interesting display even more captivating by creating relevant accents that are appropriate to your chosen theme. Conquer art, accentuate content, and reinforce 21st-century skills. This sounds magnificent.

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9. Sproutbrite Parts of Speech Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

 Once you start looking, you’ll find this concept in almost every classroom. Why? It’s because it’s very basic and it’s intrinsic.

So is in my classroom. As an English teacher, parts of speech basically own a wonderful spot in one of my bulletin boards. As you might have guessed, the Parts of Speech bulletin board set of Sproutbrite is of good value and quality. Hence, it deserves your attention.

It could be a plain array of definitions and examples but it’s pushing your kids to learn the parts of speech to a moderate degree. Not a blow but a gentle push.

Each is printed on high-quality cardstock and measures 8.5 inches by 14 inches. Quite visually appealing. Hence, it has the potential to teach your young learners about the parts of speech. This is really something on your bulletin board. Amazingly, text can be read even at a distance so your kids will certainly love this presentation of the basic parts of speech.

Such a great buy that it earns affirmative reviews from customers in the United States. Got five stars from Cassandra Richardson with the compliment, “Would purchase again. Awesome for the class wall. Larger than I anticipated.”

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10. Sproutbrite Reading Bulletin Board

Click image for details

 Reading is an essential skill. Every child should learn how to read. The process should be made less intimidating for better results. The colorful designs can help to persuade children to read and to love reading.

It goes without saying that this is a useful element in every elementary classroom. The 2 banners are eye-catching and readable at arm’s length.

This reading bulletin board offers its convincing powers so your kids will definitely love reading. Each banner measures 13.5 inches by 39 inches. Its meaningful content will certainly impact children’s reading adventure.

No wonder the top reviews of customers generally speak of contentment of the purchase. Indeed, such a lovely product that merits your ownership. Have this in your classroom and see what it can do.

“Bought this set to decorate for virtual learning at my house. It seems very durable and has a nice glossy finish to it. The colors are bright and vibrant. Very happy with my purchase! Highly recommended!” – Candace Acker

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Smart Tips

  1. Make a statement with a colorful bulletin board display. Use bright colors and patterns to catch students’ attention and add visual interest to your classroom.
  2. Create a theme-based bulletin board display. Incorporate elements from your current unit of study into your bulletin board design.
  3. Highlight student work with a “Student of the Week” or “Star of the Week” display. Students will be proud to see their work on display for all to see.
  4. Keep your students engaged with an interactive bulletin board display. Add games, puzzles, or other hands-on activities to your bulletin board design.
  5. Make learning fun with a playful bulletin board display. Use cartoon characters, humor, and other lighthearted elements in your design.
  6. Encourage reading with a book-themed bulletin board display. Feature favorite books, characters, or quotes from the literature on your bulletin board.
  7. Get kids moving with a fitness-themed bulletin board display. Feature healthy eating tips, fun exercise ideas, or inspirational quotes about staying active and healthy
  8. Teach kids about different cultures with an ethnically – diverse bulletin board display. Include traditional clothing, foods , music, and art from various cultures around the world

In Essence

Bulletin boards are great teaching assistants. They activate student learning and drive students to pursue better results. Hence, they have to be updated and made relevant. They play an important role in increasing student engagement and in enhancing the learning environment in general.

Just like being enticed, your students get motivated to do what they are supposed to do to make the most of their learning time. In most classrooms, bulletin boards are a fantastic display and are a reflection of the classroom’s dwellers.

Updated bulletin boards mean hard-working teachers and engaged learners. Offer this to your students and just notice how it increases their performance. I did. And you must too.

It’s just like offering them something very valuable in a gentle style. Think of this tactic.

Have I missed a style? Which design do you think is captivating? Share your bulletin board ideas below!


1. What should I put on my classroom bulletin board?

Putting up bulletin boards in the classroom has been part of our roles as teachers. However, we can’t just up anything we wanted on the wall without prior thoughts.

Since bulletin boards are important teaching tools, we should include items that facilitate learning like images, interactive questions, catchy phrases, inspirational messages, task cards, students’ work, etc.

In other words, items on the bulletin should have a greater impact on student learning and should have optimal relevance to the content.

2. How do you make a good bulletin board?

These classroom displays have magical powers. They captivate your student’s attention and make your classrooms vibrant. They transform dull walls and transform them into an educational and vivid exposition of content. Such a presentation overrides the students’ tedium. Such is a good bulletin board.

Good bulletin boards are effective teaching tools and promote interaction among students. Hence, teachers aim to design interactive bulletin boards to heighten students’ interest and engagement.

3. Are bulletin boards effective?

Bulletin boards in the classroom should serve the purpose of enhancing learning, sharing information, displaying school happenings and students activities, etc. When designed and structured accordingly, bulletin boards are effective, especially for visual learners.

At a glance, the whole setup should communicate something to the students or audience. An effective bulletin board makes learning visible and enhances student engagement.

However, a bulletin board can become a distraction when it’s poorly structured and designed. A cluttered display won’t make any sense. Consequently, bulletin boards should be carefully planned to make a difference in the learning space.