16 Remarkable Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Step into a winter wonderland of creativity with our collection of 16 Remarkable Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers! Transform your classroom into a festive and engaging space that sparks joy and excitement for the holiday season. From dazzling decorations to interactive displays, these ideas will not only captivate your students but also make learning during the most wonderful time of the year truly unforgettable. Get ready to deck the halls of education with these inspiring and merry bulletin board concepts!”

Deck the Halls of Knowledge! The month of December makes me think of fun and eye-catching Christmas bulletin board ideas for teachers.

We should spend time designing our interactive and creative Christmas bulletin boards to further enhance student learning and intensify the spirit of joy and giving during the winter season.

What do I have for Christmas?

Hello, my dear great teachers! Do you have plans for your bulletin layouts and designs this Christmas? Then, let’s talk about your brilliant ideas! No need to scour the interwebs for festive and creative designs because you have landed on the right page.

Christmas bulletin boards

Christmas is one of the most sought-after occasions of the year!  Indeed, this is one of the greatest holidays of the year that our students are excited about!

We, teachers, are planning creative bulletins for this most celebrated holiday of the year. Specifically, it’s part of room structuring and in essence, it’s part of our mission as teachers!

In my view, as a teacher, setting my classroom for every season is one of my responsibilities. I internalize this act because I want my learners to be always updated and engaged to learn.


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Generating my students’ attention is best supported by my creative bulletin displays. The bare and boring walls of my classroom are transformed into interactive walls for learning.

Hence, I always pitch in extra time for special celebrations of the year. One of these is the Christmas season. I want my students to feel the season of love and cheers!


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Don’t worry because searching for Christmas bulletin board ideas is made easy for you!  Let’s make our Christmas preparations and decorations in our classroom really meaningful and fun!

In this post, let’s explore easy and cheerful ideas or suggestions on how to decorate our Christmas bulletin boards in the classroom.

16 Remarkable Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Let’s begin with a stylish parade of ready-to-use merry elements for your Christmas bulletin board.

Christmas decorations for the classroom

Click image for details

1. Carson Dellosa Christmas Mini Bulletin Board Set

I highly support Leonardo Da Vinci’s thought that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I love the line of thought on simplicity and have always wanted to apply this to my classroom bulletin boards.

Oftentimes, when I design my Christmas bulletin board, I make sure that it is parallel to my other creative displays in the classroom in terms of borders, styles, and sizes.

For me, uniformity is more visually appealing and more comprehensible.

I keep my bulletin simple yet very attractive.  To be sure, I avoid many items on one bulletin board.

To illustrate, in my Christmas bulletin board, I usually ask my students what they like to display or their favorite Christmas items that will intensely make them feel the spirit of the celebration.

It is expected that most of them want a Christmas tree to be present in the scenario. I buy their ideas. That’s what they like. I just added a few details to it and arranged the items neatly.

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2. Carson-Dellosa CD-110062 Christmas Scene Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

Depending upon where you arrange this complete set of Christmas bulletin sets, I’m sure this looks cool and exudes cheerful energy. It’s a strong plan I can recommend.

The whole package contains 59 pieces of ornaments that are easy to assemble on your walls.  The Christmas tree measures 23 inches by 49 inches while the fireplace measures roughly 23 inches by 22 inches.

Now, what do you think? Will your designated wall accommodate this fantastic Christmas display? I hope so too! Because it’s worth its very affordable price!

Other items on the set include 4 attractive stockings, peelable flames, lush garland, 2 candles, 34 colorful ornaments, a Santa Clause image, a clock, 3 piles of gifts,  and 3 pet darlings on a rug.

Plus, all of them are printed on durable cardstock materials for the best quality. now, if you are to use them again next Christmas season, I suggest at least one-sided lamination for each item. Don’t worry, a resource guide is included so you can set up your Christmas bulletin conveniently.

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3. Fancy Land Store Christmas Lights Border Holiday Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration

Click image for details

Well, it may not be so complete, but it can best serve its purpose of defining the borders of your Christmas bulletin board. Did you get the idea? You can even have these lights border on the edges of the classroom ceiling or at the door.

As we know it, the borders are always included in the strategic planning of Christmas bulletin decoration, right? So, you have to make it stylish and very classy.

Remarkably, the Fancy Land Store light border decoration extends up to 36 feet per roll and measures 3 inches in width. I think that is pretty accommodating.

Extremely, this looks cool on the edges of your bookshelves too. I’m sure your students will love these colorful borders. They are made of quality cardstock that ensures durability for excellent use in the classroom, doorway, or in an office.

Undoubtedly, these borders make your classroom refreshing and bright!

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4. Eureka’s Charlie Brown Christmas Bulletin Board Sets

Click image for details

Here comes a cool presentation for Christmas. Ideal for a pre-school classroom and it really looks fantastic on your Christmas bulletin board.

Bring the spirit of the Christmas season into your learning space using Eureka’s Charlie Brown Christmas Bulletin Board Set. I’m sure 4 peanut characters attract your students’ attention.

Arrange the items according to how your children want them to. Let them enjoy the moment and have them feel your confidence in their layouts.

Have them arrange 6 gifts, a big Christmas tree with detachable 12 decorations, 2 lovely stockings, and a wreath. Just let them enjoy their creativity.

Give your young learners a merry celebration for the holidays. Make your party a lot of fun!

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5. Outus 40 Pieces Snowflakes Cut-Outs Christmas Winter Theme

Get your bulletins and doorways with these pretty accents. The 40 pieces of snowflakes can also enliven your ceilings and anywhere in your classroom.

The sparkling snowflakes are indeed a terrific winter theme that your students will adore. Brighten up your classroom with these snowflake cutouts.

The snowflake cutouts own the best quality and design yet are very worthy of the very affordable price.  Including these marvelous cutouts on your Christmas bulletin board will excite students who can’t wait to celebrate the party holiday.

Definitely, the snowflakes cutouts add style to your overall design and party decoration.  Interestingly, the snowflake cutouts are made of superior quality cardboard materials that you can use again if you laminate them for future use. Hence, the cutouts don’t just offer you perfect beauty for the holiday but also a big smile on your piggy bank.

Moreover, the eye-catching patterns just say it all!

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6. 45 Pieces Colorful Winter Mix Cut-Outs Versatile Classroom Decoration Snowmen

Click image for details

Catch the best winter parties with these 45 pieces brilliant winter mix cutouts. This is a versatile presentation on your Christmas bulletin board that will make your students very happy.

Adding some happy elements to your holiday theme is the best thing you can do to make your young learners be merry and excited.

Each has adhesive point dots for convenient posting on the surface. Snowflake cutouts and snowman figures are customizable so you can write your student’s name on each one!

For great winter-themed parties, these colorful winter mix stylish cutouts are the perfect choice! Besides, these are made of durable card material and are printed on a quality card stock that makes them reusable and firm. However, if you really want to use these designs over and over again, I suggest that you laminate them neatly.

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7. Eureka Classroom Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

Here’s another cool Christmas Bulletin Set of Eureka, which is a perfect continuation of the peanut characters. Again, this is another ideal entry for kindergarten or pre-school classrooms.

Certainly, the items in the package bring total fun and happiness to the students this holiday season. Its banner title “Happiness is Catching Snowflakes on Your Tongue” speaks to its overall message for a happy celebration.

This winter’s magical presentation showcases happy characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, and Linus. They are celebrated by other happy elements like Snowball Stack, Foil Snowflakes Cutouts, and Woodstock Igloo.

Bring a chilly winter into your classroom most conveniently.

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8. Yoklili Christmas Snowflakes Bulletin Board Border Trim

Click image for details

Utilize this fabulous border trim to make your bulletins, hallways, doors, and walls look stunning this Christmas season. The Yoklili Christmas Snowflake Border Trim is another magical design that supports the wintertime.

This 36-foot scalloped border trim offers a longer length for continuity of design. And you don’t have to worry that it will be torn easily because it’s highly made of premium quality cardstock for a dreamy holiday party.

Hence, it’s sturdy and a very cool addition to your overall design.

Make your holiday decorations perfect and enliven your classroom with this amazingly designed Snowflake border edging.

It prettifies the learning environment more than you expect it to be.  Hence, you should say no to a dull classroom this Christmas, and say hello to a magical one!

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9. Blulu 40 Pieces Peppermint Land Gingerbread Candies Cut-Outs

Click image for details

Spruce up your doorways, hallways, and bulletin boards with Blulu Peppermint Land Gingerbread Candies Cutouts. Breathe in new life to your classroom this holiday season by using these 40 magical creatures!

These decorated candies are made of sturdy cardboard and have glue point dots for easy use. Extremely ideal for the classroom and party rooms!

Accentuate the merry celebration by writing your students’ names on the gingerbread candies as they own enough space for that. A review even states, “I like it for the kids’ name tags.” Now, isn’t it really cool?

The candy die-cuts own attractive colors and your students will certainly love them. Besides, Gingerbread rings a bell for young kids!

The rich variety of shapes, designs, sizes, and colors makes these Christmas ornaments really versatile and attractive. Aside from having them on the walls, you can also attach a string to them and hang them on the ceiling so they look like sweet candies in the sky.

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10. Eureka Peanuts Dimensional Christmas Ornaments Mini Bulletin Board

Click image for details

Bring fun and excitement to your classroom this Christmas season by preparing your bulletins using the Eureka Peanut Dimensional Christmas Ornaments. The panels offer various arrangements that most fit your classroom walls and ceilings.

The panels and the ornaments are of nice quality that you won’t regret your purchase. In fact, in the US,  this is one of the best-rated and reviewed Christmas Decor by Eureka.

How do I design it? You can assemble the panels to form a Christmas tree or you can create 3-D pieces by folding them together and they look great on the ceiling. Use a string and hang it creatively.

Based on some customers’ reviews the product is really of excellent quality. It’s reusable and really looks perfect as a Christmas decoration and party celebration. Best of all, young students really love the Peanuts movie characters. Don’t they?

Of course, who would resist Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, and many more! Bring all these characters to your classroom and see how they make your students very happy!

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Now, here are the captivating designs originally crafted by teachers. These are chic and smart Christmas displays that radiate perfect joy for the season!

1. Anything Elves?

anything elves for Christmas

These easy and fun items may include reindeers, gingerbread men, snowmen, candy, penguins, Santa, wreaths, elves, and other lovely ornaments.

The Christmas elves cut out is a fantastic idea too. Our young learners will surely enjoy this design. This is an inclusion of fun and excitement in the Christmas season.

2. What’s on the TREE?

what's on the tree

At times, I am considering the idea of having paper trees on the classroom walls and pillars to enhance the spirit of Christmas.

Our students will also enjoy arranging our chosen items on the bulletin. As far as I’m concerned, I usually give my young learners the utmost freedom to decorate seasonal bulletins.

Essentially, I let them navigate. I am just in view to guide them and give my suggestions when needed. I appreciate their efforts and creativity.

In a way, the decorating activity will not only be celebrated but also for fostering cooperation, collaboration, creativity, and good relationships among our students. Moreover, to make my Christmas bulletin congruent to all other bulletins in my classroom, I apply the same border styles and colors.

However, it still depends on your taste and on how you let your creativity work!

3. My Colorful Christmas

my colorful Christmas

Another thing, in making my Christmas bulletin board really eye-catching and not ‘eye distracting’, I am always careful of my color combinations, the background, and the patterns for arranging the items.

I believe colors evoke emotions and express messages discreetly. This is where color psychology takes place. Since it’s Christmas, what colors do you think are dominant to highlight the momentous celebration?

Our color combination will either make our bulletin look fantastic or terrible. On my end, on my Christmas bulletin boards, I  go for the red and green items. Or, at times, I go for the blue and silver items or the white and red ones!

Making our creative Christmas bulletin should not hurt our viewers’ eyes nor our pockets! Hence, we have to make it simple.

Avoid clutter and celebrate Christmas cheers in the classroom with happy hearts instead of aching hearts as a result of poorly designed bulletin boards!

4. Make Your Christmas Display Creative

Christmas decor

Think of the best creative designs that hit the bull’s eye! For creativity, you can as well consider recycled materials in making items for your Christmas bulletin board.

This idea calls for plastic bottles, caps, plastics, and other recyclable materials. Yes, we can reuse plastic caps to make snowmen and plastic spoons to make a Christmas Tree.

Interestingly, it just calls for your artistic designs and arrangements!

With a touch of fine paint and art, these materials can be transformed into more useful and artistic products that deserve to be displayed on your bulletin board.

Hence, with your amazing touch of creativity and resourcefulness, Christmas day also becomes an Earth day!

I have tried this idea in my classroom and my students were very eager to cooperate. We planned first how to design our Christmas display and thought of what recyclable materials to use to make the necessary items.

One time, they thought of making a Snowman out of white plastic bottle caps. They really enjoyed making their recycled Snowman.

In addition, we can also use CDs and paper towel cores to make a Christmas tree on the display board.

So, you can ask for help from your students by bringing their old CDs, DVDs, and other recyclable materials.

Then, to make it more interesting, you can ask your students to have their faces at the center of the disc.

Ask them to take their amazing photos while wearing Christmas hats. You can have it in your classroom.

Giving time for a photo opportunity, anyway, making our Christmas bulletin board always demands time, right?

Hence, it’s up to us to budget our time so as not to compromise study hours.

5. Make Interactive Christmas Displays

adding numbers this Christmas

How do we make our Christmas bulletin boards interactive? Well, our walls have to bring out our students’ ideas and opinions.

It’s just a matter of thinking about the best interactive title and caption of the bulletin.

To enhance students’ speaking and writing skills, you can have a question as your title.

What are your Christmas wishes? Or, how do you celebrate Christmas? What are your Christmas wishes for YOU and ME? What brings you joy this Christmas season?

We can also help improve our students’ critical and analytical skills through our Christmas displays.

Let them solve mathematical problems or analyze language interactions.

For example, we can have as our titles: ‘Solve the Cards in the Christmas Tree’  ‘Explain a Snowflake! ‘Help Out a Snowman’.

As you think about it, there are a lot of ways to make our bulletin boards for the Christmas and Winter Holidays interactive and fun.

We are teachers and I know each one of us is capable of doing it. I believe in your creative powers anyway!

With this concept, we can designate a space in our Christmas bulletin board for our students’ original messages.

I’m sure this will generate amazing interactions from our students.

6. Bring the Joys Under the Big Christmas Tree

celebrating christmas

I let my students literally rockin’ around the Christmas tree! Our big Christmas Tree is in its wonderful post near the bulletin board.

Or, if the classroom setting permits, you can have it in a corner of the room but it should be closer to the Christmas bulletin board.

Another idea for this one is to make use of the shelves underneath or beside the bulletin board. It is still part of the decoration process.

Arrange gifts in a fashion that will excite our students more. Doing this will make the most of your space in the classroom and that certain space in our hearts! Christmas is giving anyway!

Then, as the students display their creativity, we can as well think of the best incentives to reward their best efforts. We can have simple items as gifts for them.

You know, Christmas is celebrated once a year, it won’t make us poor if we offer something to our students this Christmas.

How to Create Your Christmas Bulletin Boards?

a.  Choose the Perfect Spot in the Classroom

Displays are to bring delight and get attention, hence, they have to be made visible to the students and to the visitors as well.

While others are so engrossed in decorating Christmas bulletin boards either outside or inside the classroom, I am certain that I want both.

Yes, I want to create creative Christmas displays in both locations! And that’s possible. It’s just a matter of time and creativity.

Choosing a perfect location for the Christmas board is one of the important things to be considered so our time and effort wouldn’t be a waste.

In my view, I usually have my Christmas bulletin board on the wall and not on the door. However, I would tend to have significant Christmas items on the door like a paper Christmas Tree or banner Christmas greetings.

Well, that is just a fine introduction to the magnificent showcase of the season inside the classroom.

However, if you want your seasonal bulletin boards to be outside your classroom, then it’s your choice. But, still, location is the key! Will it be near the classroom door or should it be situated on the wall in the middle part and adjacent to the hallway?

As long as it won’t cause any distractions, then that idea is totally fine.

Now, if you want to utilize your windowsills for the garlands, evergreens, poinsettias, and Christmas balls, then you have to arrange them in their most attractive and organized view to avoid messy decorations. No clutter this Christmas!

In my classroom, my students are always eager to bring Christmas lanterns and I accommodate their ideas. That’s their best Christmas interpretation and I am here to support that.

However, I have to decide where to hang those lanterns in a way that will still look impressive and patterned. I couldn’t just hang it everywhere on the ceiling for it will look terrible rather than attractive.

b. Ask for Students’ Ideas During the Planning Stage

Yes, we should make our plans before the Christmas frenzy arrives! As we aim for a neatly decorated classroom, we have to consider the planning stage.

In decorating our Christmas bulletin boards, we have to consider our students’ creative ideas. Anyway, this visual presentation is mainly for them so we have to involve them in the process.

Decorating is somewhat related to the best application of the things that they learned from their art class.

How would you like to celebrate Christmas? What brings you joy this winter season? I asked my students. Shall we fill our room with your warm Christmas greetings? Or experience the winter season through snowflakes and gifts? With that, I could gather different suggestions and ideas.

c. Think of the Best Designs and Themes

We have multiple decorating options when it comes to the Christmas season. Our simple DIY Christmas decoration ideas for our classroom will come into bloom!

However, we have to pick the most meaningful and thoughtful ideas that highlight Christmas cheers!

Our Christmas displays should be age-appropriate. If we are handling elementary, the Christmas tree, gifts, and the snowman are the most appealing.

Or you can ask your young learners what they enjoy the most to celebrate the season.

What about stocking stuffer ideas for your learners? You can hang Christmas socks on your bulletin board. They are extremely extraordinary.

Printed colorful Christmas socks add to the festive mood in the classroom. A variety of colors will add attraction to your bulletin board.

What would be your favorite title for this concept?  It could be: ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ ‘ What’s Your Gift of Love?’ ‘Wishing you a Blissful Holiday!”

The cute patterns of the Christmas socks on your bulletin board make an excellent display.

Create a banner for your Christmas bulletin board. This is a perfect addition to your ultimate Christmas decor preparations. That catchy phrase gives the energetic setting of the layout.

Another way to design our Christmas bulletin boards is by using fantastic cutouts of elves, Christmas tree hands, and many more artistic designs. Moreover, these lovely designs will encourage your students’ artistic talents and creative ideas.

‘Tis the season to bring festive cheer into the classroom!

As teachers, we understand the importance of creating a vibrant and engaging environment for our students. What better way to usher in the holiday spirit than by transforming your bulletin boards into winter wonderlands? Get ready to jingle all the way with these additional ideas:
1. Santa’s Reading Workshop:
Encourage a love for reading by turning your bulletin board into a cozy reading nook. Illustrate Santa Claus curled up with a good book surrounded by his favorite literary companions. Add each student’s name to a festive book cover, creating a visual reading journey for the class.
2. The Polar Express Adventure:
Take your students on a magical journey aboard “The Polar Express.” Decorate your bulletin board with a snowy train track, showcasing each student’s face peeking out of train windows. Don’t forget to include a conductor hat for a touch of authenticity!
3. Gingerbread Grammar:
Turn your bulletin board into a gingerbread-themed grammar paradise. Create gingerbread people showcasing different parts of speech—nouns, verbs, adjectives—and let your students have fun decorating each cookie with corresponding words.
4. Santa’s Workshop of Kindness:
Spread the message of kindness during the holiday season. Transform your bulletin board into Santa’s Workshop, with elves working diligently on acts of kindness. Encourage students to write and share their kind deeds, turning your board into a heartwarming display of compassion.
5. Elfie Selfies:
Capture the festive spirit by turning your bulletin board into a collection of “Elfie Selfies.” Have students draw themselves as cheerful elves or even add their real photos adorned with elf hats and ears. It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate individuality.

To give you more creative ideas on crafting Christmas bulletin boards, watch this video!


To wrap it all up…

Christmas celebrations are heartfelt both at home and in school. Teachers and students get busy decorating the entire classroom with the intention of bringing Christmas cheer into the learning environment.

With a touch of creativity and ample time for preparations, we can easily create engaging and joyous Christmas bulletin boards in our classrooms.

How do you want to decorate your Christmas bulletin board? For a magical celebration, let’s share our best thoughts on these wishful acts. It’s our meaningful way to a wonderful season!

Post your comments below and share your valuable Christmas bulletin board ideas. We are excited to hear from you!