10 Classroom Rugs For Teachers in 2021

A classroom rug can be a great learning tool and a defining centerpiece to a classroom. 

It can give your classroom your own sense of personality as well as give your kids the feeling that they’re in “your” classroom giving it a homey feeling, a sense of comfort, and a lasting memory as well. 

There are all sorts of classroom rugs for teachers that come in different shapes and sizes as well as different variations of designs, and the fun part is that you get to choose it solely based on your likings. 

Choosing the right rug can also benefit your students, because of the flexible seating arrangement classroom rugs can provide. 

how can classroom rugs support learningYou will also love the reasons why you should inhibit flexible seating arrangement in your classroom and we’ll be talking more about that more as we dive into this article more. 

The designs of the rug can also create waves in the imagination of children, especially the colorful ones with different designs. The creative designs add color to the classroom atmosphere besides colorful bulletins!

You’ll be able to choose from rugs that come with numbers, alphabets, shapes, even rugs with fun train tracks to keep your students happy and busy all day keeping things fun and interesting inside the classroom.

If you are also looking for a great way to add pizazz into your classroom that seems to be looking a bit dull at the moment, getting a classroom rug will get your room looking from ordinary to extraordinary in a snap. 

So if you’re interested in how to find the best rug for you, then keep on scrolling! 

What to look for in a classroom rug for teachers

The perfect classroom rug should be able to help you make the room look organized and not a sore for the eye because you will only end up hating it and storing it—and we surely don’t want that. 

There are also a lot of factors that you should consider when deciding on what rug to get, are you looking for something that can cover the entirety of your classroom floor, or maybe something quaint to add an accent in your classroom aside from your wall decorations.

And before we dive in, let’s learn a bit about the different types of rugs that are typically used inside the classroom.


Are you in a hurry? Take a peek at the top 3 Editor’s Choice.

Editor’s choice # 1


  • An ABC-themed rug that teaches children the basics of the English language through play
  • The added weathers, seasons, and days of the week complete the learning experience
  • Bright colors and lovely illustrations stimulate children’s minds making it more fun
  • Made from high-quality polypropylene with a non-skid rubber backing for safety

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1. Wool Rugs

This is one of the most durable options you can look into when you out and looking for a rug to buy for your classroom. 

Because of its highly versatile fiber material, it is widely used by rug makers due to its capability to take in vibrant colors wonderfully. It can also maintain its overall appearance for a long amount of time, that you can even lend it to your grandchildren after years of using it. 

One thing that teachers will also love about these types of rugs is that its ability to repel water as it does not absorb water quickly when spilled on it, making it easier to clean up when one of the kids accidentally spilled their juice or water. 

It is also very comfortable to stand and sit on making it a perfect rug to have around little ones inside your classroom. You might want to take note that this type of rug is likely to pile up or shed over time, so it’s best to have them professionally cleaned from time to time. 

2. Cotton Rugs

This one is a much cheaper option compared to wool rugs if you are a little bit tight on the budget side. 

This type of rug can also retain great colors so you’ll be seeing some cotton rugs with great designs and colors as well. They are usually braided or in a form of a flatweave that can be easily maintained. 

What’s you will love more about this type of rug is that it can be washed using a washing machine and they are also highly durable. Cotton rugs can give your room a more casual look if you’re going for something neutral and homey. 

3. Sisal and Jute Rugs

This type of rug is also very durable to use and can last a long time. 

This is a great option if you’re trying to avoid wool rugs specifically if you have a wool allergy or some of your students. But do know that these might feel a bit more hard compared to the previously mentioned type of rugs. 

And also stains will be your enemy if you’re going for this one. 

4. Silk Rugs

Now, this type of rug is very soft to the touch, but it might not be that durable compared to wool, cotton, and sisal, and jute rugs. However, silk rugs may not stand up and last in a classroom setting where a large level of foot traffic happens. It is also sensitive to liquid spills. So in general, silk rugs are delicate and require intricate care.

5. Polyester Rugs

This is a synthetic type of rug that uses manufactured fiber materials. This type of rug is usually solution dyed making it resistant to fading of colors and other types of wear and tear.

But the choices of color might be limited as the material used to make it cannot hold color very well. Polyester rugs may be toxic and might cause allergies in children.

6. Nylon Rugs

This is also a synthetic type of rug that uses manufactured fiber that can hold color very well in different types of patterns and designs as well. 

This type of rug can be easily cleaned and it can also resist dirt and crumbs as well, it can also hold off very well even if there’s a lot of foot traffic traveling across this rug on a daily basis. This type of rug also has a nice shine due to its silky appearance and can be the strongest choice.

7. Olefin or Polypropylene Rugs

This type of rug is the most popular type of synthetic rug used by most producers of rug products. 

It is actually very similar to wool as they almost have the same texture and hold great colors very well. Plus, it is also stain-resistant making it very ideal to use inside the classroom. It is also very affordable. 

Editor’s choice # 2


  • This City Rug includes a school, an airport, hospital, roads, signs, and roundabouts
  • Has the perfect size for toddler and elementary school kids to be able to play together
  • Made of extra-thick fine quality material with a skid-proof latex back
  • Lays and folds up very nicely for ease of use and storage 

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Types of Rugs for Classrooms

Now, let’s go to the factors that should help you determine what type of rug you should get for your classroom. 

First off on our list, we have the Material. Because we know for certain that the rug will be placed in a high traffic area almost every day of the week, you should get something that can withstand throughout the whole year. 

You should look for something that you think will be durable enough for the setting of your classroom. Try to look for rugs with high-quality stitches that will help the rug avoid fraying in time. 

Also, try to look for rugs that have a backing that will help avoid slipping and bunching of the rug when being walked over. 

The next thing you should look into is the rug’s Motif. Of course, you have to pair it up with your classroom setting for the whole room to make sense as well. 

Many school rugs are available in different kinds of themes and I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit quite well into your classroom goal look. At the same time, they can also function as learning aids especially for the preschool type of classrooms, ABC rugs that are colorful will surely be a big hit, no doubt! They are a great addition to your educational toys!

You can also look for rugs with bright and vibrant colors to bring positive vibes into your classroom. 

You can also opt for rugs with sight words, maps, pictures, and numbers imprinted on it with great pictures to go with it if you have older students. Their appearances are so educational that they resemble pages in their Science books. This is a great way to promote learning while making it a fun time sitting on the classroom rug.

If you want to keep it classic and monotone, you can also opt for a solid bright color that can give a pop of color if your classroom is in need of one. 

Editor’s choice # 3

Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug

  • A classic hopscotch design rug with 2 colorful beanbags for fun leaps and bounds
  • With high-quality woven materials that are machine-washable for easy cleanup
  • The bright and cheerful whimsical design keeps kids motivated and on the move
  • The six feet long and two feet wide is just perfect for the perfect aim, toss, then hop game

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And speaking of Color, this is also an aspect that you should not forget about when picking the right classroom rug, well this is also the same for picking any item that you would purchase and you know that you will use it for a period of time. 

Selecting the right color will greatly accentuate your classroom and of course will make your classroom one of the best in school as well, not to brag about that, but it really just gives that difference. 

You can also look into matching the rug with the decors you already have up in your classroom so that everything will be aligned and will not look disoriented, and we do not want to go for that. Make it match your Christmas bulletin boards perhaps! You can also look into creating a contrast between your floorings and the rug that you are eyeing to purchase. 

If you have a quaint space you can go for a lighter colored rug to open up the area and make it a little more spacious, darker colored rugs are great if you know that heavy traffic is to be expected inside your classroom. 

And of course, the Size of the rug is another aspect to look into when getting one for yourself. There are a variety of rug sizes you can choose from, and there are made-to-order rugs as well if you want it to perfectly fit and be one of a kind. 

Just make sure that you measure up first the area you want the rug to cover, this will help you determine the rug you want and will purchase. You can also choose to define certain areas in your classroom to create a separate area. 

The size of the rug can either make the whole look of your classroom or break it, so it’s better to have this one carefully planned, you don’t want to end up with a small amount of rug making the room look awkward. 

Last but not the least, the Features of the rug. This aspect will help you understand and anticipate what will be the everyday scenario while using this rug inside the classroom. 

If you know that spilling of any type of liquids will be on a frequent occasion, you surely want to look into rugs that can be water repellent and can be easily maintained and washed. 

Also, another important factor is to make sure that the rug meets fire code requirements and has passed the CRI quality (Carpet and Rug Institute) which means it has gone through indoor air quality testing. 

You can also look into anti-microbial features that help fight off bacteria, molds, and mildews, and other icky stuff that you surely don’t want hanging around your classroom rug. 

Choosing the right rug can help a teacher in many ways you can only imagine if it’s the right fit ultimately it will create a feeling of comfort, safety, and fun as well. Your classroom will be the best place for your students to learn if it has all the quality you are looking for. 

Now we know the basics on how to choose the right rug for your classroom, now let’s go down on why you should buy one and how a classroom rug can help you and your students.

Flexible seating arrangements give both teachers and students so many benefits that once you realize how many there are, you’ll be ordering a rug for your classroom after reading this. 

The first and important thing to know is that how the rug will help you. A classroom rug can act as a gathering place for all types of students and it can also act as a fairground to promote a friendly and fun learning space. 

Each and every student will have the freedom to choose where they will sit and pick their favorite spot. They will also have control over their own space that can promote independence which is a part of a teacher’s goal. 

If you want, you can also designate and put up a few rugs inside your classroom that can serve a specific purpose for a specific activity, you can put on a science rug, or a math rug—which is kind of fun for the kids and you really don’t have to go through the trouble of having strict seating arrangement. You can give your kids their own control when it comes to learning. 

As children can also move freely with flexible seating, they will be able to move whenever they want to reduce fidgeting and the boredom they experience when they are in a usual chair and table setting. Because even an adult who sits for hours may feel that they want to move around and dull at the same time. 

A rug can also help reduce the noise inside the classroom as tiles, wood, or hard floors and walls tend to bounce out the noise, any type of rug are great when it comes to soaking up noise and this means there will be more clarity when you’re talking while giving your daily lessons to your kids. 

And more importantly, rugs can also help to avoid slips that we surely don’t want to happen to the kids when they are inside the classroom, because we all know how energetic kids can be! 

Rugs can also help reduce the allergen circulating around inside the classroom because it can get trapped into the rug if it has anti-microbial or anti-bacteria properties which seems to be the standard for most classroom rugs nowadays. 

So I bet you are already pretty convinced on getting a rug for your classroom! Let’s now go by with some teacher favorite rugs that are highly recommended. 

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10 Classroom Rugs For Teachers To Aid In Flexible Seating

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1.) KC CUBS Educational Learning Area Rug

KC CUBS Educational Learning Area Rug

Click image for details

If you love incorporating a play-learn tactic into your teaching style, this rug is perfect.

You’ll be able to teach kids the basics of the English Language through this colorful and vibrant classroom rug. It is actually more than just an Alphabet rug, and your students will be fluent in the English language sooner than you think.

Because children learn at a much faster rate through play and learn strategies, they will love that they can sit, lay down, and play on this rug and not even realizing that they are memorizing the information written on it. 

This rug can also be treated as a great tool for early learning. This rug lets the children explore the alphabets that surround the rug from A to Z and in a different color for each letterbox, and it also comes with a picture to represent the beginning letter of the certain image attached to it. Just forms a fantastic avenue for their reading activities!

This rug is also specifically designed to introduce general concepts like the types of seasons we have in the year. This rug features four pictures of the season, mainly winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each and every picture has bright and fun colors. This rug will be the center of attention in your classroom. These designs of rugs form a blast to the spring bulletins!

It also includes ways for children to learn about the days of the week, months of the year, and the different types of weather we usually have each day. Having this rug in your class will help the students be familiar with these concepts and ultimately a big help for you for letting them understand it through this rug. 

This rug is made in Turkey and features a latex rubber backing that is non-slip making it great for use inside the classroom. This also helps promote a safe and fun ambiance that the kids will surely enjoy especially when it’s time to sit down on the rug and have fun while learning. 

Another key to help children learn is by repeating, it’s how we all learn. With practice and with them seeing this rug every day in school, they will soon be fluent with their ABCs, the seasons, weathers, the months of the year, and the days of the week. 

The KC CUBS Educational Learning Area Rug is made from a high-quality polypropylene material that can assure you that it can withstand the test of time, even with high-traffic from everyday use. 

So you’ll know that you will be getting your money’s worth with this rug, and the best part about this rug is that it is not even expensive! This rug comes in the size of 39.9 x 4.4 x 3.6 inches and weighs about 5 pounds, making it very light and easy to move around when you want to switch things up inside your classroom.

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2.) City Life Kids Carpet Playmat Rug by Angelz

City Life Kids Carpet Playmat Rug by Angelz

Click image for details

The City Life kids’ carpet playmat rug by Angelz will be your students’ favorite rug because of the intricate designs and fun highways and details this rug offers. It includes a real-life-looking map of an airport, a hospital, a school and so much more! 

It even has parking spots for when it’s time to take a break from playing and have fun listening to the teacher again on this comfy rug. It also features a circus, a pond with ducks in it, and amusing roundabouts. 

Teachers and children will love the image of the town. Its whole concept helps children familiarize themselves with how the city they’re living in could look like when viewed from above. It is also the perfect size of classroom rug for toddlers to elementary kids. 

You can even have multiple kids of different ages play on this rug for versatile playtime. Allow them to play with multiple toy cars coursing the highways. Surely, the roleplaying time will also encourage storytelling that can enhance their social skills. 

This rug will also help them learn about the concept of traffic signs, and it’s great to start them teaching about traffic signs and safety too at a young age, all while boosting their imagination to the fullest. 

This rug is made of superior-quality nylon material. It delivers a super soft and thick cushioning that is very comfortable to sit on even for hours. It is also equipped with a latex bottom that is non-slip for maximum safety measures inside the classroom. Great for kids!

It can be layered up on top of a carpeted floor that you don’t have to worry about it bulking up, and also stays well on top of wood floors, thanks to the latex bottom of this rug.

I actually remember to have seen this rug and have played with it for hours at my aunt’s house. I truly adored it that I plan on buying one for my own kids. It’s just a great way to encourage self-learning and social skills when you have the kids playing on this rug. 

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3.) Modern Squares Multi Geometric Area Rug by Well Woven

Modern Squares Multi Geometric Area Rug by Well Woven

Click image for details

If you want to add a pop of bright colors to your classroom but you are on a budget, well this modern squares rug design may be for you. 

The Modern Squares Multi Geometric Area Rug by Well Woven features an abstract checkerboard styled colorful and bright boxes that will excite your student when it times to pick on what color they would want to sit on. 

This rug can be an exciting and great addition to your classroom. It features an ultra-soft pile height of about 0.4 inches and is made from a top-quality polypropylene material that is power loomed in turkey. 

Teachers will also love that this beautiful rug is stain and fade resistant, so you’ll be sure that the colors will stay in place even after years of using it inside your classroom enduring high traffic volumes of little feet every day. 

It also features a 100% Jute backing material that eases your mind if you are going to use this rug against wood floors as it offers uttermost safety for the little ones. 

This rug is also durable as stone as it is intentionally made to last beyond a year after year of use and can be easily managed and clean even without professional help. You will also love each and every color this rug has, you’ll be seeing a variety of colors from red, yellow, light green, light blue, orange, black, white, and pink! 

Children will get familiar with the different colors and their names. This will surely cheer up a classroom that needs a bit of color treatment not to mention how soft it is! You’ll be wanting to run your hands through it for quite some time because of how fuzzy and comfortable it is. 

Another great thing about this rug is that it is UV-fade resistant, so this means that even when the sunlight hits this rug pretty hard on a daily basis, you don’t need to worry about the colors on this rug fading compared to other types of rug that lose it colors especially when sun treatment is something that cannot be avoided. 

It can be easily cleaned and just needs to be vacuumed often to prevent things you don’t want to be hiding underneath it. 

If it accidentally gets soiled, you can just whip up some mild detergent to help you with cleaning it up and it will be good as new again. You will also love the idea that the edges of this rug are bound with serging that makes this rug durable to last year after year. 

This rug comes in a size of 126 x 94 x 0.3 inches and weighs about 24 pounds. Use it to accent your classroom even when on a budget. This also offers great coverage if you’re looking to cover a large area in your classroom. Choose from a variety of sizes depending on the area you want it to be placed into. 

Overall, the colors and the quality of this rug made me include it on this list. As well as the great and compelling reviews that will really make you just want to buy it on the spot!

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4.) ABC Alphabet with Old McDonald’s Animals Educational Learning Area Rug by KC Cubs

ABC Alphabet with Old McDonald's Animals Educational Learning Area Rug by KC Cubs

Click image for details

This is another great classroom rug piece from KC Cubs. The ABC Alphabet with Old McDonald’s Animals Educational Learning Area Rug will help students get familiar with different types of animals as well as the sounds they make. 

This rug can create a magical and unique way for your students to learn about the alphabet and the sounds they make which is critical in early school learning. This rug can also be used for kids of all ages as its colorful and fun pictures will just make everything more fun inside the classroom. 

Not only will they learn about the letter and the letter’s sound, but they will also get to know about animals and their sounds with the classic Old Mcdonald Had a Farm nursery rhyme, which I am sure all the kids know and enjoy singing every now and then. 

You will also love having your students do various activities here. As you incorporate some game time, you can ask them to find a certain letter or alphabet. This fun activity will help boost their memory and have some playtime on the side as well. 

What makes this rug unique is the design that keeps children engaged in play. This is to offer learners the opportunities to learn in an environment where imagination is fun and endless.

Built-wise, the rug is made of high-grade polypropylene that is equipped with a non-skid rubber backing for maximum safety inside the classroom. It comes in a size of 39.5 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs about 4.59 pounds. Very ideal for daycares, libraries, or other places inside the school where it is fit to put this fun rug. 

What teachers will love about this rug is that it is also heavy-duty, and any accidental spills and any stain will come right off making it very easy to maintain because teachers don’t really have the time to clean up the classroom rugs often. 

With this being a pretty solid and durable classroom rug, you will also be recommending this to your teacher friends as it can really entertain the kids and keep them stay put and comfortable during class hours. 

Once you have purchased this rug, you’ll be realizing that it will really exceed your expectations especially as to how well each of the colors and pictures stands out. 

The fun part is you also get to let your students be in control of their own environment and not let them stay dull in chairs and tables, as kids they do need to move around for more oxygen flow to their body that can aid in enhancing their learning experience as well. 

All in all, this is a pretty great classroom rug that you and your students will surely love seeing inside your classroom day after day. You will also set your students on a path that will help them master their ABCs while learning the sounds of animals in a fun, interactive, and informative way. 

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5.) Multi Silly Circles by Flagship Carpets

Multi Silly Circles by Flagship Carpets

Click image for details

Abstracts can create waves to a child’s imaginations, and with the silly circles on this rug, they will surely have a fun time choosing which circle to sit on. 

The Multi Silly Circles classroom rug will surely put the “fun” into learning in amazing ways that any teachers could think of, not only will this rug give the benefit of flexible seating inside the classroom, it also adds as a great decor to complete the look of a teacher’s classroom. 

Children get to learn while sitting on this high-quality and high-density nylon fiber material that is finished off with great colors to give a nice look to the rug. Each square on this rug gives a spacious seating arrangement for kids of all ages and of course fun colorful circles to choose from based on their own likings. 

Created by a family who has been operating years of carpet manufacturing experience, this classroom rug is 100% made in the USA supporting American people with jobs and also sourcing locally when it comes to manpower. 

The company Flagship Carpet is also women-owned based in Northwest Georgia, which is popularly known as the “carpet capital of the world.” Just adding a little fun trivia to that!

A unique feature that gives this rug the spotlight is the stainless stain guard to help protect the ug from danders, spills, bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor which is great for spaces that don’t really have great indoor air circulation. 

This classroom rug can serve as a reading area, seating area when the teacher’s giving out lessons, and also a safe space for kids to sit back and relax during the hours of school. It is very easy to clean and is surely made to last year after year. 

It is also stain resistant so you don’t have to worry about the kids spilling their juices or falling crumbs from their food as it can be easily wiped off from the rug. For maintenance, you can just vacuum this rug frequently but you need to try and avoid the stitched serging to preserve it, as it maintains the shape of the rug. 

The best way to have it preserved is to have it cleaned professionally because they know what to do and have the right products to use to help maintain the rug’s durability and shape. This rug comes in a size of 5’ 10” x 8’ 4” and weighs about 19.4 pounds ( 8799 grams). 

Teachers will absolutely love how adorable this rug will look once the kids are seated and comfortable. Each color gives a vibrant and bright look that just makes a classroom a great space to learn and this rug can also sit in 24 kids and still feel very spacious and the kids will not look tightly packed. 

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6.) nuLOOM Pinkie Handprint Nursery Kids Rug

nuLOOM Pinkie Handprint Nursery Kids Rug

Click image for details

Another great piece to add to your classroom is a gorgeous multi-colored rug with handprints from nuLOOM. 

This rug will give a light and positive vibe to the classroom and your students will be in awe because of the great and fun colors this rug comes with. This classroom rug is made out of the best polypropylene material that is surely built to last you years even with a high traffic volume of people walking and standing on it. 

Power-loomed construction sees to it this rug will look and serve great even in high traffic areas like the hallway or where students typically stay.

You can give out rules like, “no shouting or yelling on the math rug” or maybe “fair play only on the English rug”. And since flexible seating can also promote taking turns which is an important social skill to develop in early school years. 

The nuLOOM Pinkie Handprint Nursery Kids Rug also assured you that it is made to last because of its power-loomed construction that it can endure high-traffic areas. All materials used for this rug have been handpicked to make sure that it can effectively resist spills and stains that we don’t want hanging around on classroom rugs. 

No need to worry about spills, simply get a trusty carpet cleaner solution and have the spot mess-free in no time. This rug comes in a size of 36 x 60 x 0.25 inches and weighs about 6.16 pounds (2.8 kilograms). And also has a pile height of 0.5 inches. 

The handprint patterns are also very attractive and can really make you gaze into it for a while especially if it is your first time seeing it. This is also very cute to place in preschool rooms as the colors are very bright and fun. 

I actually have this rug in my daughters’ bedroom and they super love playing on top of this rug than on our tiled floor because it is super soft and comfortable to sit on and they even enjoy their naptime on this rug at times. 

I can definitely recommend this rug if you are looking for something light and easy as well as a fun piece of decor to add to your classroom.

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7.) KC CUBS Playtime Collection USA United States Map Rug

KC CUBS Playtime Collection USA United States Map Rug

Click image for details

Ever thought about turning a map into a rug? Well KC Cubs did! And they surely did it in a fun and exciting way. This plays a static school trip!

This fun rug map is made out of high-quality polypropylene material that can withstand high traffic has a low pile form and is also wear and fade-resistant, making it a great candidate as a teacher’s classroom rug.

This classroom rug features all 50 states with different distinguishable cartoon icons to help kids remember and differentiate each state from another. It also includes Washington D.C. and neighboring countries which are Canada and Mexico as well. 

The rug is a fun way for kids to interact with the states and practice identifying them. This classroom rug also intelligently incorporates a greatly known landmark all throughout the 50 stands of the United States of America. It includes the Mississippi River, the great Mount Rushmore, the stunning Statue of Liberty, as well as the Golden Gates Bridge. 

Getting this map for your classroom is a fun and unique way to help your students learn about our great country. You can also smartly incorporate rug games with the KC CUBS Playtime Collection USA United States Map Rug, and they will surely have fun memorizing each and every one of the 50 states. 

This rug can be a great tool for History, Geography, Science, and nursery classes because of the fun and colorful drawings of this rug features. You can also help your students get a glimpse of how other states look like and maybe have them plan a trip and go there over vacation. 

This rug also ensures safety when using it as it has a non-skid latex rubber backing to prevent slips and falls which is important inside the classroom, safety first! 

If you want to add something unique and fun to your classroom, you don’t really have to look for it anymore, because this one will surely be a win for you and a wow for your students when they get to see it firsthand and play on it when you place it in your classroom. 

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8.) Furnish my Place Educational Antiskid Oval Rug

Furnish my Place Educational Antiskid Oval Rug

Click image for details

Because usually, rugs come in a rectangular shape, we will be adding something that is a bit unconventional, the Educational antiskid oval rug from Furnish my Place will give a unique and vibrant look with its amazing and versatile design. 

This rug can tie the whole look of your classroom together just by adding this piece to pull off a safe and playful ambiance for your student to learn and play at the same time. 

This rug comes in very vibrant colors that are also very pleasing to the eye making it a perfect piece to complete the look of any room, this rug can be used for daycares, nursery schools, and even playrooms. 

This classroom rug shoes off great colors with the alphabet and number prints along with it to serve also as a tool that teachers can use to change things up with the ways of their teaching. 

What teachers will love about this rug is that it can greatly promote fundamental learning and knowledge and also letting the kids have fun at the same time. 

The impressive print designs of the alphabet and the numbers of this rug will excite students when it is time and up for them to pick their very own spot in this rug. This is a highly interactive educational tool that not only serves as decor for the classroom but can also give the students a chance to learn and be familiar with the alphabet and numbers. 

This classroom rug also features a bacteria-resistant surface that is sure to be kid-friendly making it perfect for use inside the classroom. It also has a safe non-slip rubber backing to help prevent accidents when walking or running over this rug. 

It is also made from superior quality nylon fiber that is machine made and this rug also comes with a one (1) year warranty which is a great feature especially if something unfortunate happens to the rug itself, but let’s just hope nothing bad happens to it. As long as it is taken care of and maintained to preserve its purpose. 

Speaking of maintaining this rug, you can easily just spot clean this rug whenever any spills accidentally come in contact with it. You can just use mild soap and water and what’s great about it is that it is also stain resistant. You can also wash this rug in the washing machine for easy cleaning. 

If it needs to be stored for a while, you can easily roll it up and keep it in a storage room just make sure it is in a dry area when you store it to avoid moisture and letting it get dampen which might ruin the rug. 

This rug comes in a size of 39 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs about 1.41 pounds (639 grams) which is very light for a classroom rug, so you can easily have this moved into another space from time to time. 

Overall this is a very cute and colorful rug that brings good value for your money and will also brighten up your classroom. 

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9.) HEBE Solar System Kids Rugs

HEBE Solar System Kids Rugs

Click image for details

If you are a science teacher, you will fall in love with this classroom rug. The HEBE Solar System Kids Rug will let you bring outer space into your classroom and this is also very unique and your not-so-typical type of rug for classrooms. This just hops into your best school supplies!

This awesome and out-of-this-world classroom rug is made from pure high-quality soft nylon piling that is fire resistant and is also very easy to manage and clean. Teachers will love how this rug will let the students run their imaginations to the fullest. 

It also features quality stitching on the edges, so you’ll be assured that this rug will not fray easily. This cool solar system rug includes the sun, the planets included in our solar system, an astronaut holding the American Flag kinda like Niel Armstrong’s first landing on the moon, a space rocket—kids will go head over heels with this one, and some satellites as well. 

This space rug features not only the solar system but also has prints of the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes that will help kids learn and be familiar with the concept of the basic learning foundations. 

This will also spark up the students’ curiosity and desire for discovering and learning new things as well. They will feel like they are in outer space with how big this rug is. This rug comes in a size of 51.18 x 39.37 x 0.39 inches and weighs about 2.77 pounds (1256 grams). It also has a low pile making it very easy to clean and quick and easy to maintain. 

Another selling point of this rug is that it is equipped with an anti-skid TPR (Thermoplastic Elastomer Granules) backing giving it a good abrasion resistance and the materials used to make this rug also makes it very durable that ensures many years of use for this rug inside your classroom. 

This classroom rug also folds very nicely even with its large size. Both you and your students will love how vivid and rich in detail this rug is. Your students’ imagination will also be as vast as space with this rug. 

This is also a great rug if you are going for a space-themed classroom if you are a science teacher. You will not regret buying this rug for your classroom as it is guaranteed to be well made and the rug will surely stay in place and will not move even a bit from where you have originally placed it. 

You’ll just love having this as your classroom rug. Everything about this rug from the great details and pictures to the bright and dynamic colors will perfectly fit inside any type of classroom in need of a reliable and comfortable rug. 

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10.) Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug

Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug

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This one piqued my interest because of all the great reviews this classroom rug has been raking up.

And boy let me tell you, this rug did not disappoint! This is a cute and fun rug that will surely make all your students want to go on it and this might cause a bit of a commotion if you’re putting it up for the first time in your classroom.

Hopscotch is probably one of the most fun games you’ve ever played as a kid, now, can you just imagine getting a hopscotch rug for your classroom? It just makes sense! 

You and your students will probably love the colors and details of the Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug. This classic and fun rug will surely ignite the children’s imagination with every hop they’ll make with this awesome rug. 

The Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug will be keeping your students on the move that can promote and improve their gross motor skills and let them have fun at the same time. 

It displays a classic hopscotch pattern that will surely make your students jump and count for hours. It also guarantees a full blast of fun and playtime while helping the kids learn and be fluent in their numbers. 

This fun rug is made from high standard woven materials that can be used both for indoor and outdoor activities, so this rug will not only be useful inside the classroom, you will also have the chance to use it when you’re out and about with your students because learning outside is double the fun! 

Cleaning is also easy as you can just toss it in the washer. Melissa & Doug have been creating wonderful designs that guarantee imagination and creativity to spark up in children’s minds, so you’ll be sure that this rug will be a hit inside your classroom. 

They design each and every one of their product with superior quality to help teachers nourish each and every child’s heart and mind. This rug is not only long as it actually measures up to six feet long and two feet wide. 

It also gives you the guarantee that it will last you years and you will still see that this rug is in great shape, even with the high volume of traffic it encounters on a daily basis. It also displays big and colorful numbers on each block of this hopscotch rug matched with fun and colorful designs that will surely be the center of attention inside your classroom. 

Another thing that you will love about this rug is that it comes with two super soft and colorful bean bags that are included in the purchase which lets your students have a blast playing hopscotch with this rug. All they have to do is to aim toss and hop their hearts away! (Between you and me, I would also play with this rug when the kids are not around. 

With the quality construction that made this rug possible, you’ll be assured that it will offer countless playtime that it will still look good even if you can’t remember the date when you’ve purchased this rug. 

For safety measures, this rug is equipped with a skid-proof backing that will put your mind at ease about slips and falls, it is also safe to use on any type of floor surfaces. It also comes with a reinforced backing that will prevent fraying of the rug over time. 

This vivid and bright rug is also stain-resistant, which we all know is a must for a classroom rug. So if you’re still thinking about it and waiting for a sign if this is the right rug for you, I’m telling you, this is it. This is the one. 

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Best Classroom Rugs Top 5 Cheat Sheet!

Product Image Reasons to get it
City Life Kids Carpet Playmat Rug by Angelz
  • Extra large size (6.6 Feet long by 3.3 Feet wide)
  • Skid-prood latex back
  • Fun way to teach kids about community
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Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch Game Rug
  • Classic hopscotch detail in full vibrant colors
  • Durable and high-quality contruction and materials
  • can be used indoor or outdoor
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HEBE Solar System Kids Rugs
  • 100% High quality soft nylon loop pile
  • Fire retardant and easy to clean
  • Skid proof TDR backing
Check Price --->
Furnish my Place Educational Antiskid Oval Rug
  • Nylon loomed fibers with dense pile
  • Easy to clean and roll up
  • Educational themed design (Alphabets and numbers)
Check Price --->
KC CUBS Playtime Collection USA United States Map Rug
  • Can help introduce geography to kids in a fun way
  • Fade and wear resistant
  • Latex rubber backing
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Adding a rug to your classroom can give you more than just a cute decoration to complete the whole look of the room. This is an indication that you are really passionate about your work and that you teach from the heart!

With the many benefits of flexible seating as well as acting as an aid in teaching your students, a classroom rug can help students be familiar with the concept of basic learning fundamentals. 

They’ll be learning their ABCs, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, the seasons we have, the kinds of weather, the solar system, geography, and many more without even knowing it. 

One perfect use of a rug in the classroom is its ability to buffer the noise coming from hard floors and walls. Children tripping or falling may also be less hurt upon landing on a rug.

Overall getting a classroom rug will help teachers create a positive learning environment and a lasting memory of fun, safe, comfortable, and colorful classroom rugs. 

We hope you loved some of the classroom rugs included on this list! Do you already have some of them in your classroom? Let us know and leave your comments and suggestions down below! 

Happy teaching! 



1.) What’s the best way to keep a rug from slipping on carpet floors?

If your classroom has carpeted floors the best type of rug that you can use should be equipped with a non-slip rubber backing that will help prevent movement of the rug even with any type of friction is applied to it. 

It might not eliminate the movement completely but it will tremendously help reduce the amount of movement the rug will make and prevent it from slipping underfoot. 

You can also opt for rugs that have a claw, cleated, or gripper backing. Gripper backings are great against the carpet and will increase the rug’s grip on carpet floors. 

The last option you can look into is getting a non-skid underlay that you can put beneath the rug. You can customize it to the perfect size that can fit under your rug so that it can help with greatly reducing the movement of the rug against the carpet. 

You just need to make sure that you trim the non-skid underlay at least a couple of inches shorter than the total size of your rug—this is to avoid the edges of your rug from lifting which can lead to trip hazards. And we absolutely say no to that. 

2.) Can I use a vacuum cleaner on a newly purchased rug? 

If you’re into sanitizing newly purchased items, which seems to be a must nowadays. It is usually okay to have your new rug vacuumed if you want to give it a quick sweep. But keep in mind that you need to be cautious with rugs that have longer fibers. They have the tendency to have the get into the vacuum’s machinery and that can be a bit messy.

You can generally gen into flat-woven rugs without any problem, as the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. 

3.) Should I go with natural or synthetic fibers? 

Most of the products I have included in this list are generally made from synthetic fibers, this is because the majority of the rugs in the market today are made from synthetic fibers because it is much cheaper and also a durable option. 

Most synthetic fibers found on rugs are actually soft and durable making it a great choice when you can’t really spend that much on a classroom rug. 

Usually, natural fiber rugs that are made from wool, silk, cotton, or bamboo is considered as some of the best types of material to go with when purchasing a rug, but the price might be coming in at a higher standard.

So to answer this question, it will actually be depending more on your personal preferences and of course your budget.

4.) What’s the best way to clean a classroom rug? 

All you have to do to keep your rug in its best condition is to run through it with a vacuum regularly. This is to avoid dirt build-up and to keep all the icky things at bay and far from your classroom rug. 

If you can visibly see dirt that is bothering you, the best thing is to have it cleaned professionally or if it’s machine washable just toss it and let it do its thing, or you can have it cleaned regularly on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. 

One thing to keep in mind is to attend to spots immediately after you see it and when it is still fresh, any type of stain can come out with ease after blotting it a few times with seltzer or just plain old water. 

Rubbing is a big no-no as it can just worsen the condition of the rug if you deliberately try to rub off the stain it can only do more damage than results to permanently stain it. So always remember, gentle blotting is all a rug needs to keep it spick and span. 

5.) My rug is curling up, what’s the best way to avoid it? 

A rug that curls up is usually machine woven and it is sometimes inevitable even when it is just newly purchased. This is a result of the tight rolling when the rug is packed and shipped to your doorstep. 

This can be fixed with just a little bit of your patience and time, when the rug begins to be exposed to heat and cool it will eventually lay flat and will stay flat afterward. 

6.) Is it important to determine if my rug is going to get full sun exposure? 

You might think that the sun can’t pose any harm to your rug but you might need to think twice because the harmful UV rays from the sun can cause your rug to fade and can make the fibers of the rug brittle too. 

You might want to choose a spot that only has minimal sun exposure to increase the longevity of your classroom rug. Another option is for you to draw the blinds or curtains of your classroom especially when the sun hits the rug directly. 

If you’re in it to really keep your carpet’s shape and color, you can opt to have it treated with UV-blocking materials that can greatly help keep your rug’s form for a long amount of time.