22 Best Classroom Storage Ideas in 2023

My dear teachers, it’s about time to break from our habits of digging up items for long hours by adopting the best classroom storage ideas. Finding the most effective classroom organization strategies is the best thing to do when we wanted to have our things and supplies in place.

Everything should be in place in the classroom or in the home office to boost our efficiency and productivity. Indeed, disarranged items can tinge on our productive days.

 We need to consider smart ideas to get things in order or keep them in their proper places. With our busy days as teachers, unknowingly, we fall prey to disorganization beasts which can lead us to teacher burnout. 

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The Purpose of Decluttering

Decluttering my classroom allows me to breathe in new perspectives. In this post, I’d like to share some amazing storage ideas for our classroom. I would like to share with you our favorite storage solutions that can work best with you.  So, by the time that you want to re-arrange your classroom, you just know where to go.

As much as possible, we teachers should keep our things in the classroom orderly and organized. There’s nothing more accommodating than an organized classroom. We can stick to our teaching commitments if we know that things are in their proper places and there is enough space for the students in the classroom.

Every teacher has different ways of organizing things and visual materials in the classroom. I know that each one of us wants to be successful in our teaching career. Let’s take in those benefits of classroom space organization.

I remember one time when I fell prey to my hectic schedule that I never had the time to arrange my things. I just couldn’t find my pen. I felt restless and my mood changed so I asked myself ‘why didn’t you organize your things before you left yesterday?”

And you know what, the very pen that I was looking for was just in my blouse pocket all day! I got overwhelmed! Have you experienced the same thing?

Adapting storage solutions in our classroom will give us wonders and happy days. I can say this because I have had a bad experience with cluttered classrooms starting from Math manipulatives, books, pens, blocks, pins, and even important files and worksheets! Well, they have to be in place!


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**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Product Image Reasons to get it
ECR4Kids Birch Hardwood Double-Sided Book Display Stand – Two-sided wooden bookshelf (10-slots)
– Certified Greenguard Gold
-Shelf dimensions: 34.5″ L x 1.5″ W x 8.5″
-Accessible shelves
-Sturdy and high-quality
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FakeFace Heavy Duty Hanging Caddy Organizer – Comes with 14-storage pockets
-Multi-purpose pocket organizer
-Made from waterproof and scratch-resistant Oxford fabric
-100% brand new
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Simple Houseware Mesh Desk Organizer -Stylish and functional compartments
-Proportions: 13.25″L x 13″W x 9″H
-Superior space-saver
-Excellent quality
-5 top sections
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Creative Caddy Rotating Art Organizer -360° rotating base
-7 removable bins
-Stylish and functional
-Best-rated and highly recommended
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Pacon 30-Slot Mailbox -Made from sturdy cardboard material
– Wide individual compartments: 1-3/4″H x 10″W x 12-1/2″D
-Ideal for classroom use
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Really Good Stuff File Holders -Perfect for books and magazines
-Set of 5 bins with clip-on labels
-Comes in different neon colors
-Superior quality
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Seville Classics 10-Drawer Storage Organizer -Pearlescent finish drawers
-Spacious inner drawers
-Mobile storage organizer
-Superior organization capability
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Zilpoo Plastic Shelf Bins -Dimensions: 11-Inch x 6-Inch x 2-Inch
-Superior quality drawers
-Best reviewed and rated
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Langyashan Rectangular Storage Bin -Durable and multi-functional storage basket
-Sturdy rope handles
-Interior EVC lining
-Made of linen, polyester canvas
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Blu Monaco Foldable File Holder -6-piece set with leather label holder
-Made from sturdy thick cardboard
-Aqua-colored vertical file organizer
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What are the benefits of having classroom storage ideas?

Reduces stress

A cluttered classroom or space is stressful. We, teachers, have so much on our plates. Our increasing duties can make us overwhelmed at times when our to-do list gets overcrowded.

But, it should not make us inefficient and incompetent. It’s just a matter of choosing the best classroom storage ideas!

Just imagine if we had a disorganized classroom! We lost the proper track of things. And because of that, we spend too much time looking for a certain thing.

Let’s say a file, document, or instructional material. It’s distressing to note that we are aware of the presence of such a thing in our classroom, but we can’t just locate it instantly.

arranging things neatly

Having a reliable storage solution as a means of organizing our classroom means possessing an efficient system of compiling activity sheets and storing visual materials and other important things.

If things are always available because they are properly organized, we always find extra time for other important matters.

It gives us confidence that the materials are intact and readily available. This can be a form of self-care activity for us. So, it’s just right to sit and relax for a moment than to spend time looking for things out of view while scratching our not-itchy heads!

Saves time

By just simply looking for my pen, which was not really lost but just misplaced, didn’t only give me a headache and frustration but also took away my precious time that should have been spent on some other useful things!

Apparently, my experience taught me that, by organizing and arranging my things and visuals in the classroom, I could save time which made me a happier person.

If we save time looking for materials and resources, we gain more hours doing things that will ease out our schedules and will help us beat deadlines.

Makes us confident

When our things are organized, in just one look, we know that what we are needing is available. It’s just a matter of pulling it out from the storage box.

By the time we need these things, we are confident where they are specifically located. My unpleasant experience makes me think of using an efficient and reliable storage system that will make my life easy and comfortable. I label my boxes and drawers so I will know specifically what each storage box contains.

My storage ideas give me more time for instructional planning and preparing visual materials which will increase my students’ performance and preparation.

Offers an inviting and positive learning environment

Having classroom storage ideas will make our classroom attractive and peaceful. Moreover, transforming our classroom into a positive learning environment is crucial to teaching and learning. Students will become more attentive and participative.

Clutters can distract. They make our classroom messy and ugly. It will affect our students’ performance. Whereas an organized classroom will help our students gain energy and motivation which they need to foster productive learning.

Saves money

As always, we teachers are on the lookout for resources and materials to be used in our instruction which can cost a chunk from our limited budget. It’s needed in our work to keep our students engaged in learning.

By keeping things in order, we are confident that we already have the things we need and that we don’t need to buy them. If our things are not properly stored after use, we lose track of their availability and buy another set of the same products.

Offers us good health

Disorganized things can make us sick. Well, I can’t let this happen again. I would never track those sad and frustrating days again as it makes me weak and it distracts my students.

Cluttered things will give us difficult times cleaning and dusting our classroom. We are not only the ones who will be inhaling the dust but also our students.

It isn’t good to be exposed to dirt and dust. Our students might get allergies and other diseases especially those who have a low immune system. We should not wait for this to happen.

Improving my classroom by having a proper storage solution makes me feel better and makes my students happier and healthier.

So, who am I to refuse such a wonderful offer? Hence, it’s the right time to adapt the best classroom storage ideas before it’s too late. Grab one that fits your classroom and your taste.

I offer several useful options to make your teaching life a lot easier and enjoyable. Let’s not be sad and anxious any more.

It won’t do us any good. I’ll tell you! It’s always advantageous to organize our things and pack our classrooms!

Increases students’ participation

When I found out that the application of effective storage ideas in my classroom has increased my students’ performance, I always included them in my room structuring. It is one of my effective means of keeping my students engaged in learning and it is for me, easy and less of a struggle.

The colorful storage trays and boxes also catch my students’ attention. Figuratively, these boxes are calling my students to action. It is easy for students to pick up sticks, blocks of different shapes and colors, and other hands-on manipulatives.

In my experience, with the short attention of my students, I should keep track of what makes them comfortable and what makes them curious, so I can keep them engaged and interested.

Sets a good example for our learners

If our students are having a clear view of how we arrange and organize things in the classroom, more likely, they are to imitate us. It is a way of emphasizing organization and order in the classroom.

As teachers, we should always lead our students through good examples. They look up to us as their point of reference and resource.

Hence, we should do our best to organize the things in the classroom like a pro, and essentially, our classroom storage ideas hit the mark bull’s eye!

How to choose amazing classroom storage ideas?


As we talk about bookshelves, pen holders, and cubbies for our classroom; we should always consider their good quality. Are they built for long-term use? We should choose durable and high-quality cubbies and containers.

Classroom storage is very important to give enough space for the students in order for them to move about freely and to perform without getting stuck to the walls.

Hence, it’s important to depend on durable and good-quality storage ideas to give ample space for a more conducive classroom.

The shelves or cubbies that we choose should withstand the bulk of the materials we store and the inevitable movements of the students.


Our classrooms should have ample space for the students’ activities. The more space, the more interactive the different class activities will be.

So, the first thing to do before we go shopping for containers, bins, and holders, we have to check first the desired location for these storage solutions. The more certain we are of the space, the better we can identify the proper size of storage for the classroom.

If things are organized neatly and the shelves are placed in perfect areas of the classroom, students will be more engaged to learn and participate in the activities.

Also, if the classroom is spacious, we can arrange the chairs in a way that could promote collaborative strategies for learning 21st-century skills.


How we manage our classroom will depend on our style and the storage solutions we use.  As we make sure that everything is in its proper place, we have to consider the style of our file organizers, desk drawers, shelves, and cabinets.

We have to consider the space to devote to storage. Hence, we should think of the most appropriate style that will precisely address our needs.

As you aim to take full advantage of the storage for your classroom, you should learn the different types of storage solutions.

Hence, it’s a good idea that you visit this page. Here, you will come to know if wheeled shelves, plastic drawers, or desk file organizers are suitable for your needs.

Moreover, by looking at the items on the list, you will know which of them looks cool in your classroom. The style of your storage options will depend on the available space of your classroom, the number of learners, and your needs.


How does the storage option look in your classroom?  What design is most suitable for your desk or for your space? Would you for multi-layered file holders or would you prefer basket holders? Most teachers prefer rolling storage drawers for easy mobility.

Aside from that, they can best keep their folders and important documents in the drawer without getting worried that these items will be misplaced.

There are also desk drawers with multiple slots for stationery items. This allows you to have easy access to your items without you having to look for them anywhere when you need them.

They can be in your hands in an instant. There are several designs for storage options to choose from. Some have many compartments in them which allow you to store a large number of items.

Therefore, before you buy a storage organizational item for your classroom, you have to double-check the classroom space, reassess your storage needs, and do research for incredible storage designs.


22 Best Classroom Storage Ideas

Maintain the graceful and attractive look of your table, students’ desks, and floors by using any of these organizers! We have gathered these storage solutions to give you perfect ways of decluttering your classrooms.

Are you ready to get started?

1. Birch Hardwood Double-Sided  Boom Display Stand for Kids

Birch Hardwood Double-Sided  Boom Display Stand for Kids

Click image for details

How is your storage space for books and magazines in your classroom?  Does it eat too much space or does it help you give ample space for student’s activities?

Here’s a reliable storage idea that can be a hit to your classroom. Double the storage space and add more space for the students.

It’s number one on the list because it can accommodate a number of reading materials which makes it both functional and perfect decoration of your classroom.

Books and magazines should be kept properly to avoid cluttered floors and desks. The Birch Hardwood Double-Sided Book Display is an impressive way of displaying your books in the classroom.

This is cleverly designed through the overall dimensions that make it easy for your young readers to get their reading materials. Stacking your picture books and other reading materials is made a lot more comfortable with this timeless wood-finished bookshelf.

Using this storage idea is making the shelf easy to read for young learners. The neatly arranged books will encourage young learners to reach out for their favorites and read with their classmates.  They can do it by themselves. The books are within their reach.

The shelf’s 4 removable casters make it easy for you to move the shelf and transfer it to another location. So, when you reconfigure your classroom arrangement, it doesn’t require you to gather people to help you. You can do it yourself with great comfort.

Furthermore, this book display stand is GREEN GUARD certified which means that it is safe to be used and you will not worry about chemical emissions into the indoor air. Also, you will not be worried if the children bump into the shelf’s edges because it has been built with rounded wooden edges.

So, to add interest to your great collections of picture books, you can make this display stand a perfect choice. It’s double-sided so you can arrange the material easily which makes it easy for children to pick their best picture books.  Having this in your classroom makes the shelving easier and more comfortable.

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2. Wooden Desk Organizer

Wooden Desk Organizer

Click image for details

What do you think of a picture-perfect desk organizer? Have you thought of the simplest way to declutter your working table in the classroom? What about keeping your computer desk crisp and neat?

Here’s another clever way of organizing your things on the table. Looking at them very disarranged can give you negative energy that will affect your total performance and will make you feel restless.

This Catekro Wooden Desk Organizer will help you keep your table debris neat. You can organize your pens and other materials on the table easily through the organizer’s 12 compartments. Keeping your items here will make it easy for you to locate them.

A messy table can make us feel tired and exhausted. Our school supplies are very important to us as teachers. We need them from time to time. They have to be within our reach. Let’s keep our table clean and organized by using this storage idea.

Having this on your table will help you organize too. If you need paper clips, scissors, pencils, stationery, and other items, you can easily pull them out from their nook. No need to scratch your head and waste your time looking for them.

This item is a perfect beginning for me. As I looked for my pen in nowhere, this organizer kept my track and eased out my search. Since my pens of all colors are very important in my teaching career, I made them within my reach.

Having a pen holder on my table is a simple way of telling myself ‘hey, don’t frown, your pen is just right in front of you. Every now and then, a lot of paperwork comes and goes, and it has become a part of our existence as teachers.

Our pens are among the things we frequently use. Therefore, they should be kept within our sight! A pen organizer on our table is useful for holding pencils, pens, scissors, erasers, and even cute post-it notes.

I find this simple storage idea really helpful and it looks graceful on my table. They come in different variants and shapes, just pick one of your choices and store your pens efficiently.

Having this durable layered storage on your desk is quite helpful. This can be one of the simple yet high-quality storage solutions we can get from here. You can store a variety of items here. Hence, you will be more organized in your work as you just reach out for the things you need. You just have to arrange them accordingly in each drawer and you are good to go.

Besides, this product is guaranteed safe and it’s formaldehyde-free as it is crafted with eco-friendly materials. As you can see, you can always benefit from an uncluttered space. If you only use a highly reliable storage solution, you can make the most of your space and you can be the best in your work.

With all items on your table in an orderly fashion, you can focus more on your work. It’s self-efficacy. The more you are organized with your items, the more you see yourself as a very competent person or professional.

This wooden desk organizer looks perfect on your working table. Moreover, you can install this desk organizer easily. Another thing, this desk organizer has rounded corners that protect your hand. Hence, this product is very safe and durable. With its wide range of uses, you can say that owning this organizer is indeed worthy.

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3. Classroom Keepers 30-Slot Mailbox

Classroom Keepers 30-Slot Mailbox

Click image for details

Here’s one of the splendid ways to make everything in your classroom fit and in order. Include these 30-slot classroom keepers to keep your items organized.

The individual compartments can store the outputs of your students. You just have to label each compartment according to the names of your students or it depends on how you use it.

Each slot will keep the projects of each of your students. This will make it easy for you to track who among your students has made the output and who didn’t.

Having this storage solution makes it easy for you to monitor student projects, your folders, and other materials. It looks cool on the floor or on a desk.

If the schoolwork of our students isn’t kept in one place, it will create a big mess. Piling them up anywhere can be very distracting and annoying.

Hence, to avoid distractions, you should organize and arrange checked outputs accordingly. This will help you create an awesome space in the classroom.

The more organized your classroom is, the more conducive it is for learning and your students will be encouraged to participate more in the different activities because they can move about freely.

It should begin with how you arrange your rugs to how you keep the classroom so organized. Try having this coordinating file box in your classroom and experience great comfort and a relaxed environment.

This storage box is made of durable cardboard recycled material. So, it’s a good choice because it doesn’t only help save the Earth but also keeps you organized.

You have to always keep in mind that a decluttered classroom highly impacts the student’s ability to learn as well as intensifies your perseverance to teach.

If there’s still enough space in the slot box, you can as well keep your visual materials like your illustrations and charts. You can keep them stored for future use. It will be easy to pull out the materials you need.

Why not consider this item in your classroom? This can be the best way of purging your classroom so you will not be stressed in compiling students’ works as well as your professional papers.

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4. Wooden Bookshelf for Kids

Wooden Bookshelf for Kids

Click image for details

If you are to encourage your young learners to love reading and engage in this interesting activity, here’s an exclusive and trapezoidal bookshelf for you. It is designed to attract kids and to ignite their reading interests.

The bookshelf comes in the right size that it’s suitable for kids ages 1-5. Moreover, the interesting books are arranged with their front cover and not through their spines so it would be more attractive to the young readers.

As the shelf is painted with bright colors and with amazing designs, your young learners will surely get hooked on the shelf and can’t stop themselves from reading all the books.

This item will get your children interested in reading.  The shelf itself will arouse the students’ curiosity which makes this product a great choice for you.  Furthermore, this encourages interaction among and between your children as they choose their books and read together.

What’s more impressive with this item, is that it’s made with safe materials like solid wood and eco-paint with strict adherence to Toys Safety Standards EN-71- CE in Europe and ASTM F963 in the US. Hence, this wooden bookshelf is very safe for young learners. Having this book display cabinet in your classroom is a great idea.

This children’s bookshelf is built with hidden space and casters that can accommodate different sizes of books. You can as well store children’s educational toys in its hidden storage at the back.

If your kids want to change the bookrack’s direction or they want to relocate it, it can easily be done. The bookrack has four wheels and is designed with a handle design for comfortable mobility.

So, if you are to encourage the good reading habits of your young learners in the classroom, this wooden bookshelf will help you. Just display your most inviting picture books and other reading materials and the display rack will help get the attention of your kids.

As we all know, reading is a very important skill that children need to develop in order to become successful in life.

Let’s support them all the way. It’s our happiness when we see our children possess good reading skills and by that, we are certain that they have the skill for lifelong success.

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5. Childcraft Tabletop Storage Box

Childcraft Tabletop Storage Box

Click image for details

If you want to have peace of mind while in the classroom, you have to do some decluttering. The messy floors and desks can cause stress.

When you keep your files other things organized and in order,  you will never find it difficult to look for them when you need them, It can save you lots of time and it will make you feel good.

Let’s welcome the sturdy Childcraft Tabletop storage solution. Having this product in your classroom will ensure you have it for long-term use because it is made with high-quality wood.

Moreover, it’s proven safe because it is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, so it can be a very accommodating storage bank in your classroom.

As you aim to have an orderly learning environment, it’s always helpful to keep your things organized and in a crisp look. Have you thought of decluttering as a self-care activity? Well, it can be.

When your things are organized and arranged neatly, you can become more confident and gain more concentration on your work. And, when you feel good with your work every day, you will not hurdle with stress and it can have a great impact on your health.

Hence, this tabletop storage box is a way of self-compassion. Working with love and joy can make you more productive and will boost your self-esteem. This will happen if your classroom is neat and clean. The messy surroundings will consume our energy and will make us feel uneasy. So, why allow yourself to delve into such a terrible situation when you can avoid it with greater ease?

Here’s the storage product that can help you keep order in your classroom. This will benefit you and your students. When things are in their proper places, they always look new and fresh while at the same time making you feel good.

With the proper storage solutions in the classroom, it will make it easy for you to change the physical arrangement of the room because you will just pick up the boxes or push wheeled-shelves to where you want to transfer them.

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6. Guidecraft Corner Book Nook

Guidecraft Corner Book Nook

Click image for details

Who says that the corners of the classroom can’t be maximized?

Do you want to be supercharged when you are in your classroom? Well, then let’s take a look at the Guidecraft Corner Book Nook.

This will give your corner its sophisticated look. It’s a delight to see that books are not only arranged neatly but the stylish storage itself makes the classroom look beautiful.

Using the corner bookcase will help you manage your space. It’s a way of making the most of the corners of the classroom.

This bookcase flatters its 9 front-facing adjustable shelves that can be used to display not only your reading materials but also some decorative educational items that will attract students and keep their interests.

Since it is very important to maximize classroom space to provide students with enough space for their activities, we have to utilize even the slightest nook in the learning environment. One of the advantages of using the corner book nook is it saves you a lot of valuable space for your students.

Hence, it’s good that this shelving system is mentioned on this page. This plywood bookcase can also precisely accommodate your teaching materials. You can put this in a corner nearest to your table so you can have easy access to your needed items.

You just have to arrange items creatively and accordingly. Give your items appropriate places and they can assist you the most. The classy and sturdy appearance of this corner book nook is worth its price.

Most importantly, this storage solution can truly organize your classroom. This creates a good display which adds to the welcoming aura of the learning environment.

It’s essential so your students will stay engaged and excited to be in your class. If you can, get this item and make the new makeshift organizer of your inspiring books and other display educational items.

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7. Universal File Holders

Universal File Holders

Click image for details

Let me introduce to you the universal file holders that offer efficient classroom management. This will give you extra storage space for your important files and student’s work.

Each package contains 5 convenient holders which make this set really worth it. The delightful neon colors of the holders are eye-catching and they look good on top of your table, cabinets, and bookshelves.

What makes it an ideal storage solution for your classroom is that it comes with clip-on labels which give you easy labeling and categorizing.

This convenient storage stuff can accommodate not only your folders and teaching materials but also books and magazines. It’s very easy to use.

The five durable baskets are a great addition to your classroom decluttering project. You can arrange them neatly. Through this organizational tool, your work can be done systematically. Shall I need to say, here’s the pretty folder organizer suitable for you?

Make decluttering so easy in your classroom. Show your students that you are most capable of making the classroom so organized so your students will follow your good example.

These sturdy file holders deserve to be in your classroom. It’s one of the most effective ways of organizing your documents in folders and other files.

With this, you will not experience difficulty in looking for those files whenever you need them There’s no need for you to dig around to get the file. These colorful holders will give you easy access to your documents.

The folder’s universal clip-on labels help you with your automatic search. Hence, you will not be wasting your time looking for these necessary files. Then, you would be as productive as could be. This is really good stuff for you.

How can I put this? Basically, as teachers, we should have reliable file organization methods because of our highly demanding work.

The perfect cover is your best choice depending on your theme or dominant color in your classroom. Keeping our books and files in crisp shape is very necessary to make learning even more productive.

You can also best arrange these sets of organizers on your shelf for easy locating of needed files and references. The pockets of the organizer will give us easy access to our important files.

On my end, I usually label them according to School Year and file name so it would be easy for me to recognize which is which.

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8. School Specialty Book Rack

School Specialty Book Rack

Click image for details

Here’s another fun way of organizing your books and magazines. This book rack is made of metal so you are sure that it’s sturdy and meant for long-term use.

It is quite evident that keeping your teaching materials such as reference books, supplemental magazines, and charts, is good practice. This makes your necessary items readily available and accessible.

This can be placed on top of your table or cabinets so you can locate your needed materials easily. Amazingly, this product can hold up to 30 books in bags sold separately.

So, if your teaching materials are scattered on your table, it’s about time to gather them all and hang them on this reliable book rack. Take great advantage of a stress-free classroom. I know you want a clutter-free workspace.

So, don’t deprive yourself of the easy way of getting organized. You can have it. You can definitely get rid of the physical mess. Don’t wait until you get too exhausted from your clutter. This is very basic.

Even though you are very busy with instructional planning and execution, you should always find time to organize your things to avoid problems and frustrations in the future. It’s quite depressing to know that the material you have been digging for is just around you and that you can’t just pinpoint where exactly it is.

I know that our work as teachers is extremely overwhelming so let’s lighten up our daily loads by getting organized and by managing the physical arrangement of the classroom by using the most appropriate storage solutions. It’s just a matter of setting up a system of organization by using the proper storage ideas.

You and your students will benefit from getting organized. Hence, let the School Specialty book rack help you. For sure, this product will help you tidy up your table and your entire classroom.

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9. Heavy-Duty Oxford Large 14-Pocket Desk Organizer

Heavy-Duty Oxford Large 14-Pocket Desk Organizer

Click image for details

Let your students reap the rewards of being organized in the classroom. Take this heavy-duty pocket organizer.

It’s functionally crafted to accommodate books, stationery items, notebooks, water bottles, and other things that should not be left scattered on the floor. It’s a tiered design pocket desk organizer which is an ideal storage solution for students.

This functional pocket organizer comes with an adjustable buckle strap which makes it precisely fit on the desk side. Using this hanging organizer will train your students on how to arrange their things neatly.

It is built with 14 functional pockets which give you extra space for your teaching materials. If your students have these on their desks, well then, they would find it really comfortable looking for the school supplies they need.

The deep pockets can accommodate large-sized books which is a big help to your organizational needs. It gives you easy access to your things. This does the same for your students as well. Just imagine if all the desks in your classroom are equipped with this durable organizer.

Do you think it will improve your classroom organization project? Well, with its capacity and best features, it surely does help you with your management which can highly benefit your students as well.

Having this desk accessory will lower your stress level. When you see that the crisp look of the students’ desks is maintained, you will gain more energy to teach the students the things they deserve to learn.

You will be more inspired to teach if the things in your classroom are in the right places. This hanging storage will help you and your students find what you need quickly.

This will make you feel satisfied and happy. Hence, the feeling of anxiety will not surface when you know exactly where everything is.

Through this hanging organizer, your students will be taught how to declutter their desks which is a good practice. Having this kind of attitude will make them value the essence of being systematic.

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10. Jonti-Craft  Toddler See-Thru Book Browser

Jonti-Craft  Toddler See-Thru Book Browser

Click image for details

Our toddlers will get the value of decluttering too. This book browser is the perfect way to train our young learners on how to get and return books on the shelf.

Hence, this is a practice that promotes independence among our toddlers. Moreover, as they reach out for their favorite picture books, they will develop a great love for reading which is very essential.

The three-partitions and the see-thru panels make it easy for young kids to get the books they love. Moreover, this item is made with very safe materials so we are certain that kids are protected when they get hold of this book browser every day. The rounded corners will protect the little hands which touch them.

You can also benefit from this functional item. Place this on your table and you can arrange your teaching materials most essentially. Your arranged materials will give you easy access to them which can help increase your productivity.

When your table is free of clutter you can concentrate more on making instructional materials for your students.

You will not be wasting your time looking for those misplaced references because this book organizer will help you clear your desk.

You and your students will enjoy the benefits of being organized because you will be happier and less stressed. When you are happy with your work, it highly impacts your relationship with your students. In this way, your students will be more confident to learn from you.

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11. UnionBasic Office Desk Organizer

UnionBasic Office Desk Organizer

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Take hold of this exceptional holder stationery organizer.  Here’s a stylish and elegant addition to your desk.

Having this multi-use storage desk organizer on your table will make your days more productive. It allows you to keep your important belongings on its built-in mini drawer rack.

The organizer’s 7 divided compartments are the best fit for your organizational needs.

Through this, you can get rid of the clutter on your table. This gives proper storage for your important school supplies and other things.

The storage compact design makes you organize your teaching materials and stationery items more efficiently. Your calculator and cactus have a special space on it too. Plus, it can be the best keeper of your planner too.

Yes, it can accommodate your small potted cactus because it is made of high-quality board and is covered by extremely durable PU faux leather.

I am deeply attracted to its feminine color and simple design. This will definitely be a great aid when my work is tough to beat!

Finding my essentials has become so much easier now! My school supplies are within reach and are organized neatly on my table. It has become a necessary addition to my table.

For us teachers, it’s essential to develop the habit of decluttering because it can get us away from stress and anxiety. There’s always a reason why you should get the time to arrange your things.

Having this ideal storage option makes my everyday tasks easy. I feel comfortable using it. It’s easy to use and we are sure that it holds our school supplies securely. Its lightweight design makes it easy for us to transfer it anywhere when we are dusting our table or when we are changing our classroom set-up.

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12. Blue Monaco Foldable Aqua Magazine File Holder

Blue Monaco Foldable Aqua Magazine File Holder

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It’s always good to give our documents and papers a definite place in the classroom. this will help you locate your files and materials faster, which means there will be less time wasted searching.

Our important paperwork should be filed neatly and it makes our file search a lot easier and more comfortable. This desk file organizer will help us with organizing and managing goals.

It comes with a set of six, so your important files and documents can be accommodated by this storage option.

Admittedly, we are always on the lookout for files in the classroom. The file organizer stands as a feasible solution to carefully store our files. Hence, having this wonderful piece of storage in our classroom is a perfect idea.

Moreover, it’s easy to label each set of documents because this organizer is made with leather label holders. So, just take hold of your best marker and write what each organizer contains.

It is made of sturdy thick cardboard so it can also keep your magazines and teaching materials. The 6 elegant holders can help you clear your table.

Nothing compares to neatly filed worksheets and folder files. As teachers, we can’t deny that we are very rich in terms of documents, school files, activity sheets, and all other paper stuff! We can’t get rid of some of them because their use seems perennial!

I keep the necessary files neatly so it will be easy for me to pull them out when I need them. This paper document storage box is a perfect addition to my collection of storage options. Its elegant aqua color makes this six-piece set of holders look fantastic on my table or cabinet.

They are the most common file holders I have ever met and  I’m sure they are all set to make our file organizing well-kept and efficient. These elegant holders support your goal of organizing your files into folder structures that make it easy for you to access and locate your files when you need them.

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13. Contender Reading Bench

Contender Reading Bench

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In our classroom, physical arrangement matters because this makes our classroom ready for everyday use.  The Contender Reading Bench will assist you in your physical arrangement goals in the classroom.

Having this in the classroom will make the place of learning more organized and neatly arranged. It’s one of the best ways to make the physical environment of the classroom conducive and safe for learning.

This helps in promoting a positive environment for the students so they will be more motivated to learn new skills every day.

Another way to declutter our classroom is to observe a functional and efficient classroom arrangement. The tables and chairs of students should be arranged neatly to allow necessary movements. This reading bench is constructed to help you with this specific need.

You can arrange your books underneath the full-length cushion which is a comfy spot for your students to take time for reading.

Have you thought of a creative classroom physical arrangement? For me, how we arrange and prepare the learning environment will directly impact the success of our learners. The organized tables and chairs will make our students comfortable. Also, it gives them amazing learning moments and offers us more pleasurable teaching hours.

The clutter and the messy learning place will disrupt the flow of the discussion and somehow affect the performance of our students. By arranging our furniture, shelves, and storage boxes, we are given enough space for instruction.

The contender reading bench will save you a lot of space because it can store books and can be used by students for reading. So, you don’t need chairs in your reading nook which makes you save space.

Obviously, our classroom storage ideas help define the physical arrangement of our classroom.  Keeping the reading materials of your students in the 3 open sections of the bench adds to the orderly set up in your learning space.

This makes your reading nook attractive so more students will visit it during their free time. The bench will help students feel relaxed while they are reading their favorite storybooks.

When planning the general physical arrangement of your classroom and your storage solutions, you should consider the needs of our students and think of the things that will make them comfortable.

Consider having this item in your classroom and adding elegance to your general classroom setup. Doing this will help students be more productive.

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14.  4 Drawer Fabric Dresser

4 Drawer Fabric Dresser

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In my classroom, my students are taught to keep their learning materials neatly arranged and organized. Here’s another top-notch storage solution that fits your classroom’s decluttering needs.

This is one of the smart storage ideas you can use in your classroom to get organized and to manage your files and materials. This can be a proper storage option for you.

Using this drawer file cabinet and placing it near the students’ working tables gives them easy access to what they need.  Or you can have this near your working table where you can keep your files and other teaching materials.

From time to time, you will be needing these items so it’s good that they are neatly stored in this large-capacity storage tower.

If you will allow your students to use this in the classroom, you can instruct them to keep their outputs and educational materials in the drawer accordingly. This will help them practice self-discipline as they are mindful of the things they use.

To allow more working space, I divide my students into 4-5 groups and set a seating plan. I was assigned to place a file cabinet near each table. I am very pleased with this concept because my students are mindful of their things.

They also avoid clutter and keep their designated places tidy and organized. Interestingly, the cabinet file organizer is a perfect piece in the classroom.

Similarly, I use the file cabinet in organizing learning materials by subject area. I find this useful and amazing. Keeping important materials in the file cabinet makes sure that they are protected and kept in place.

Thus, instructional time is increased and students are benefitting from maximized learning hours. The more hours for teaching and learning, the more that our students master the skills and competencies.

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15. Rectangular Storage Basket

Rectangular Storage Basket

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We can also take this simple way of organizing our school supplies. This amazing storage piece can house pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, colored papers, students’ projects, and educational toys.

When you have this in your room, it’s easy for students to get the toys they want or the school supplies they want to use. Moreover, with its stylish design, it’s also easy for students to return and arrange the items they use.

If you will be using this to organize your files, you can have them in properly labeled folders for easy access.

You can also use color-coding schemes for student outputs and have them in colored folders. It is a way of categorizing student projects for easy access. We can set a specific color for our male and female students.

We can also utilize this storage choice as book boxes. It is made of heavy-duty canvas fabric which makes this storage bin reliable.

Seemingly, in keeping our bookshelves looking crisp and neat, you can have this storage bin. The basket’s sturdy exterior handles, made of double cotton rope, make it easy to change directions or locations.

Invariably, we can use the rectangular multi-purpose storage basket as our ‘task box’ where students can keep their graded projects. It is also our way of tracing which outputs are missed by our students or which students missed specific outputs.

Either way, this storage idea banishes the clutter efficiently and makes our day-to-day interaction with our students really fulfilling and unstressful.

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16. Posprica Storage Cubes

Posprica Storage Cubes

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Here are high-quality foldable baskets that can give you maximum assistance in organizing your books and other materials.  Since each package comes with 4 sturdy storage baskets, you can save not only space but also money.

Having these baskets as toy storage will make it easy for you to retrieve the toys used by your kids. You can also teach them to do it by themselves.

Arranging the students’ learning materials, manipulatives, and tools in the Posprica storage cubes can work wonders, too. It also promotes student discipline and habits of cleanliness.

With the well-kept items, your students will be motivated to participate more in the discussion because the classroom is free from distractions.

As we know, unarranged and scattered items will distract students’ concentration which unfortunately affects their performance. We can’t allow that to happen. As much as possible, we have to make our classroom really fit for students’ learning.

Of course, we should give clear instructions to our students on how to arrange things accordingly and where to place those learning storage cubes.

You may also utilize the 4 storage cubes to store manipulatives by subject area. In this way, it’s easy for you to track if items are intact and in good condition.

Designating a definite place for these storage options will make the classroom neat and clean. Moreover, students will get accustomed to where things are located in the classroom. It isn’t a difficulty on their part and it’s not a hassle on yours, either!

It makes students well-pleased and triumphant. More likely, it will free us from the bondage of heavy clutter in the classroom, thus making us equally gratified.

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17. Brightmaison Wood Floating Bookshelves

Brightmaison Wood Floating Bookshelves

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This 2-shelf set will give you more space in the classroom because it will just be mounted on the wall.

Arranging your storybooks and other reading materials using this book organizer will get the attention of your children.

It is always good to develop early childhood reading by bringing books closer to them. When they have easy access to books, they will be more eager to open the pages and enjoy reading.

Moreover, these nursery decor wall shelves will provide you with the extra space you most need for student activities. It’s ready to use and can easily be mounted on your wall where your kids can easily reach it.

Now, if you plan to use it as your shelving option, you can hang it near your table so you have easy access to the references you need. This adds to the attractive look of your workspace.

Doing this will make our classroom more of a learning place rather than a messy station. Moreover, students will find it easy to locate and return the learning materials. This idea of shelving is quite perfect in small classrooms.

And so, it would be nice to affix shelves on the wall to allow more space in the classroom.  This book organizer storage is a shelving option that doesn’t clutter your floor. That’s a big check for you.

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18. FITUEYES Blackwood Desk Organizer

FITUEYES Blackwood Desk Organizer

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How do you welcome this elegant black wood desk organizer? It flaunts 4 open storage spaces suitable for your decluttering needs.

Having this multi-purpose item in your classroom is really helpful on your part. You can place this on top of your desk or you can have it on the floor near your swivel chair.

What makes it more interesting is that you can use it to keep your laptop, printer, and even fax machine.

Big check! It’s durable. Each shelf can accommodate items weighing up to 22lbs.

Your valuable items are kept safe by this adjustable desk organizer. I know that your table is located at the back of the classroom, as it should be the perfect location for a teacher’s table, this wooden organizer best fits.

Tuck your gadgets or your laptop on sturdy shelves and you will be confident that they are very safe there. With this on your desk, you get more inspired to work as there will be no more clutter that distracts your attention.

Besides, this cheerful blackwood desk organizer is a solution to give you more working space.

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19. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

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Here’s another fantastic space saver that will look good on your desk. This organizer can keep all your school supplies and materials in one place.

The upright sections and the 3-compartment drawers will help you keep your table neat and organized. This desk storage accommodates your files, folders, and stationery items.

Its stylish design fits your decluttering needs. The  Simple Houseware Mesh Desk Organizer will inspire you not to procrastinate your cleaning and organizing goals. In fact, this can make decluttering your desk a habit.

As per experience, an organized desk offers peace of mind and can deepen your work concentration which can help you become more productive in your work and as a person.

The compact organization of your things will give you easy access to your daily work necessities. The organizer’s easy-access tray makes locating your stationery items an easy breeze.

The metal mesh body is light so it can be transported or moved easily. Moreover, the metal components make the item durable so it guarantees long-lasting use.

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20. Seville Classics 10-Drawer Mobile Organizer

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 Looking for a highly functional storage organizer? Or does the color-coded scheme of organization impact your de-cluttering goals?

Here’s the Seville Classics tray cart. The trays are multi-colored which makes it easy for you to organize your things in the classroom. It’s a clever addition to your classroom storage ideas.

There’s no doubt that the product dimensions 12.8″ W x 15.3″ D x 38.2″ H and the interior proportions of each drawer are 9.5″ W x 13.63″ D x 2.6″ H. Perfect size that can accommodate your art materials, pens, compact fidgets, and more.

The pearlescent removable trays provide you with an excellent idea of how to organize your stuff.

It’s a mobile organizer that carries your things securely in any corner of the classroom. Organizing and storing your items using this high-quality storage solution is genius!

Designed with a detachable white top tray that keeps your items in place while you transfer from place to place.

Moreover, this top tray gives you additional storage space for your extras making them very accessible. Just grab the accessible handles and get hold of your notebooks, journal, bond paper, and other supplies.

Make it stand next to your desk and the rainbow-colored trays just stand out so pretty. It’s a creative solution to your color-coded arrangement. It offers convenience and extreme organization of your essentials.

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21. Creative Caddy Rotating Art Supply Organizer

“Well-made and perfect for any classroom!”, says one reviewer.

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Just imagine how pretty it is to have this rotating art supply organizer on every student’s desk in the classroom. It can rotate 360° making it easy for the kids to access coloring pens, glue, crayons, and other supplies.

It’s an excellent solution to your organization in the classroom which likewise benefits the kids. It’s super clever!

Making art materials easily accessible to children when they are having their art activities and other tasks will make them a lot more comfortable.

The seven brightly-colored receptacles are removable making it easy for you to clean them as well as the rubber mat base. Furthermore, the rubber mat at the base holds the containers steady so children can spin them all they want.

This rotating desk organizer really helps in keeping little things in place and very accessible. Having this Creative Caddy organizer in every kid’s desk in your classroom helps children stay focused on their art or learning activities because they will not be distracted from looking for their colored pens.

They just have to rotate and grab what they need. Isn’t it very convenient and fun?

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22. Zilpoo 10-Pack Plastic Bins

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 “Perfect fit for my classroom desks!”, says a reviewer on Amazon.

“Great quality and perfect little organizers,” commends another one.

Such great and impressive reviews make the Zilpoo plastic drawers an excellent choice.

It’s another must-buy for every teacher out there. If your students need their crayons and other things, these colorful bins can help them grab what they need easily.

These durable and high-quality drawers are fabulous containers that can hold your small items securely.

Moreover, the bright colors attract children which helps them get more motivated to finish their learning tasks.

Brighten your classroom with these amazing storage containers. Perfect for your organization needs that can help your students get organized as well. Your classroom desks can look very accommodating with these colorful and durable trays.

Besides, when watercolors, markers, pens, coloring pens, glue, and others own a definite space in the classroom they’ll go a long way in serving your students.

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Here are some more interesting classroom organization ideas you ought to see.



As teachers, we should be mindful of our creative storage solutions to declutter our classroom so we can have more areas for students’ performance and learning. Using smart storage ideas will place items in their proper places and create a more productive classroom.

When our increasing number of paper files are handled properly, we can achieve more in less time. Procrastinating will just delay the process.

These files and teaching materials should be hidden yet are available anytime. Finding them should not cause stress on your part.

Decreasing classroom clutter should also be one of our priorities right now. It’s time to re-arrange our classroom if it already looks like a storage facility. Students will not feel comfortable in a classroom that looks like a stock room. It will suffocate them and make them feel uneasy.

Designing our classroom in a way that impacts a positive learning environment is very essential. It’s one of the best things we can do for our students so they will become productive learners. Besides, the students are the primary occupants of the classroom.

So, if you will not organize the things in your classroom now, then, when? You should make the decision the soonest time to welcome the feelings of comfort and satisfaction of your students. 

My dear teachers, let’s make decluttering, organizing, keeping, and discarding a habit until it becomes second nature to us. Storage solutions have to be arranged as well. They should not sprout from just anywhere.

What helpful storage options can you recommend? How do you address the constant scenario of looking for misplaced items?



1. Are bookshelves safe for toddlers?

We all know that books are very important to a child’s education. However, if these pieces of educational gems are not stored properly, they can be destroyed or they can cause clutter in the classroom. Hence, teachers like us ought to use this shelving method. We use bookcases or shelves that are suited to the age of our children.

In choosing bookshelves for our kindergarten classroom, we have to be very specific with their design and the physical components of the shelf. We see to it that it’s made of eco-friendly materials to make sure that the learning environment is safe for children.

Furthermore, multi-shelf units are not suitable for toddlers. Go for a shelf with only one or two layers just like in the items that we have on the list.

Definitely, bookshelves are the most versatile way of displaying storybooks to children. Let’s get to that idea. There are shelves with rounded edges so as to protect the hands of children when they happen to navigate them.

Moreover, check the stability of the shelves. They should not only fit in your space and on your budget but also should be safe for young children.

Double-check the structure and the material. Check the weight capacity of each wooden shelf. Is it capable of storing heavier books towards the bottom?

The decision is yours to make, you will be the one to choose the item, so you have to consider the safety of the children. Be sure that the price doesn’t compromise the shelf’s quality, durability, and stability.

2. Do file holders go a long way?

The durability of file holders will depend on their material components and how they are built. Hence, it’s important to check these factors when you shop for this type of storage solution. See to it that the item is perfect for the office or at home.

Always go for file holders with sturdy and durable construction. You can tell by its thick board components and structure. Choose the most reliable file holders to protect and preserve your files and documents.

The ones on the list are some of the high-quality file holders available on the market today. Moreover, you have to be mindful of the holder’s capacity because if you store just anything else on it, then, most probably it can’t withstand your long-term archiving solution.

Most significantly, for your file holders to last, you have to use them accordingly. Since they are our professional work assistants, we have to keep only the items that file holders ought to accommodate. It can be an intelligent decluttering solution in order to succeed in our work.

3. Are floating shelves safe?

One of the forward-looking storage options we have today is hanging shelves. They are a great help for the quick organization of our reading materials. They mean a maximized space and elegant storage space.

They are seen in school libraries, offices, and classrooms. Known to be great space savers, hanging shelves meet our professional needs. But, are they safe in all types of classrooms?

Floating shelf organizers are safe if they are securely mounted on the wall and are carrying the desired weight of items. Check for the durable anchors and proper screws needed for mounting.

As for the kindergarten classrooms, it’s good to use floating shelves with railings to prevent items from falling off. They have to be mounted away from the space where children usually stay. It should be at the back of the classroom or at your reading nook.

Floating shelves are safe. Just follow the instructions on how to use it and if possible, seek the help of a professional to accurately mount this sturdy construction on a perfect wall location. Don’t forget to check for dimensions if it fits your solid classroom wall.

4. Do steel cabinets offer genius storage solutions?

Steel cabinets are smart shelving units that are made with heavy-duty metal frames in order to promote high stability for long-term use. If you desire to preserve your files and teaching materials by using a solid and strong archiving solution, then steel cabinets are a great choice.

Moreover, you can also keep your valuables and your bag in a steel cabinet because oftentimes, it comes with a locking system for security. Hence, there’s no need to always carry your bag whenever you are in a faculty meeting. You can just leave it in your classroom and you can be so confident that the steel cabinet keeps it safe and untouched.

To keep you within your decluttering goals, a steel cabinet will always support this. The built-in support tabs, which resist bending under heavyweights, can highly accommodate anything like your laptop, tools, educational toys, and important classroom equipment.

5. Which storage options are most appropriate for kindergarten classrooms?

Go for space savers that promote a safe and healthy learning environment. Most kindergarten teachers use wooden bookshelves with one or two layers in organizing picture books and other items.

Chairback pocket charts can create wonderful decluttering too. They can be the perfect solution for organizing students’ materials and the easiest way to make school supplies readily available to them.

Most children love this stylish storage because they just have to slip their pencils, sharpeners,  crayons, markers, and other materials at the back of their chairs.

These may include plastic containers and bins that come with labels for easy access to the student’s work and materials. With the myriad of choices,  you just have to choose what perfectly suits kindergarten children.

6. What are multifunctional organizers?

These are storage solutions that are most capable of keeping a wide variety of items. If you find difficulty in distinguishing a bookshelf from a file cabinet, there are multi-purpose organizers meant for your needs to make your decision-making easy and not confusing.

Seeking storage solutions should correspond greatly to the items you need to arrange and hide, and to your existing space. Since we always aim for a better space in the classroom, we highly consider storage solutions that are multi-functional yet very safe to use. Many clever storage ideas serve your downsizing needs.

Desk file organizers, for example, can best store not only your stationery items, but also your files, folders, magazines, books, cell phones, and many others. Hence, they are great multifunctional storage options we can get for ourselves.

7. How to make sure that the storage solution is of high stability?

Does stability storage always mean it’s made of metal and steel? Well, each storage solution promises rewarding stability to keep us organized, creative, and stylish. However, we come to wonder, which item is stable and meant for long-term use?

It always pays to check the materials of these archiving options so that we will enjoy using them to keep our desk space and classroom productive.

Doing research on the best storage ideas will help. We have just given you interesting and high-quality storage solutions that most fit your needs in the classroom.

We made sure that our choices won’t overwhelm you. Our list is incredibly helpful. They are the most practical items that assist teachers in their decluttering and organization needs.

All these items are made of eco-friendly and durable materials. Just click each indicated link for more details of the product.

In addition, as we highly depend on our file organizers, desk organizers, bookcases, cabinets, shelves, and many other storage options, we carefully check the full components of the product.

It should be the attitude of a wise buyer. Are you like that? Or do you just pick your organizer without even checking the totality of the item?

8. How to organize student supplies in the classroom?

Crayons, pencils, glue, erasers, etc. tend to get misplaced when they’re not properly stored. At the end of each day, our classroom becomes so messy and disarranged when storage solutions aren’t used.

To end up this strife, we can use properly labeled bins and baskets to neatly organize student supplies.

Moreover, using reliable bins can also train children to become organized. Or you can also provide your students with labeled baskets so they are responsible for keeping and storing their materials after use. Then, these bins and baskets should be kept on easy-access shelves.

Another excellent idea for storing student supplies is by using simple jars and table caddies. It is by far an effective way of organizing supplies especially if your students are working in groups or are working at a table.

9. What are the essentials of good storage in the classroom?

There are a few essentials for good storage in the classroom.

First, everything should have a designated place. This will help keep the classroom organized and tidy.

Second, there should be enough storage for all of the materials and supplies that are needed. This may mean investing in some additional storage furniture or containers.

Third, the storage should be accessible to both students and teachers. This means that it should be easy to find and reach items when they are needed.