15 Top Educational Toys for the Classroom in 2020

As a teacher, I believe that children can learn through playing and it is the most enjoyable part of childhood. And, every child in the world should enjoy this opportunity. For me, incorporating play in the classroom is a must for it makes the child’s learning experiences really wonderful.

Joline Godfrey once said, “All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack and Jill dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and motivation.”

Hence, select educational toys for the classroom can make learning happen! Learning toys can help us make a difference in the lives of our learners.

fun educational toys children can use in the classroom: stuffed toys, blocks, shapes, and more

I definitely agree with her. On my end, I have been using educational toys in reviewing lessons and in making skill reinforcements. And, the results are commendable. My students love the fun learning and I really meet their level of excitement.

We should give our children space to explore and to be creative by using the most reliable educational toys for the classroom. Toys have become indispensable to the learning journey of children. Besides, the toy display in your classroom will attract children. The colorful toys will get them hooked and for sure, these cute learning items will make them stay in your classroom.

No one ever forgets a toy that made him or her supremely happy as a child, even if that toy is replaced by one like it that is much nicer. -Stephen King

What are the all-time favorite toys of your children? Or, have you considered using educational toys as your helpful props and important supplies in the classroom? We all know how appealing toys are for children of any age. It seems that their toys mean the world to them. Therefore, as teachers, we have to be sensitive to the natural desires of our children.

Thinking of the best educational toys for the classroom and picking for the most appropriate ones can become challenging; however, I will make your journey to choosing the right educational toys easy and comfortable.

You just have to read on and experience the great delight of having an easy pick of your best choice among the many educational toys available.

Are you in a hurry? Take a peek at the top 3 educational toys the editor’s choice.

Editor’s choice # 1

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

click image for details

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

  • Kids will love to meet learn with friends Turtle, Tiger, and Monkey who will introduce more than 100 age-appropriate words chosen by learning experts
  • These words combine pets, animals, food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, outside and more; playing words with sound effects and fun facts
  • They can hear the Learning Friends theme song by pressing the light-up star button
  • The words, songs, and instructions can be heard in both English and Spanish for a full bilingual experience

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Educational Toys as Effective Teaching Tools

Teaching has been made enjoyable and exciting by making use of educational toys for the classroom. In fact, schoolchildren must be given amazing opportunities for creative explorations to get rid of boring and dull moments in the classroom. There are toys that are super versatile and super useful in making teaching and learning productive and enjoyable. You just have to open your eyes and be selective as there are a lot of them in the market.

For this reason, every teacher has incredible picks of educational toys for their students to keep them engaged in different classroom activities. Definitely, toys help teachers motivate students to be interactive. I personally commend the use of these wonders in classroom learning. Some of them can be brought outside the classroom for more exciting activities.

building blocks for development

Parents and teachers share the same joy when seeing children enjoy learning and show exceptional development in all aspects of their personalities. Such is a remarkable joy!

And, we cannot deny the important part toys have played in our young students’ journey in learning. Toys are engaging and they promote creative thinking of our little ones.

Once toys are within reach, the little hands and minds in our surroundings seem to be very active and are mindful of their development especially in language, numeracy, and even social growth.

Hence, we should not overlook the importance of educational toys in the development and success of our students. Educational toys are great wonders in the classroom that can enrich the students’ learning experiences in many different ways.

Kids in the classroom should be made to explore and exercise their creativity. There are a lot of educational toys available in the market, but we have to choose the most fitting ones that will help improve the cognitive and analytical skills of students.

Yes, effective educational toys are meant to bring enjoyment and constructive challenges to the students. The more students get hooked on solving a puzzle for example the more they are challenged and the more they enjoy the activity.

The student’s favorite toys should make them more active and should extend their best learning interests. Moreover, these toys should be of good quality to ensure its safety and durability.

Being a teacher, I always consider the quality and usefulness of educational toys. Will they be appreciated by my students? Do these toys support my learning objectives? How do these little kinds of stuff of enjoyment invite my students to extend their little hands and little brains? Do these educational toys guarantee interactive and productive learning just like the interesting books on the shelves?


ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game and STEM Toy

click image for details


  • Let children manipulate real-looking circuits with highly comprehensible instructions to use and navigate
  • With Circuit Maze, your goal is to create a real electrical circuit that lights up designated beacons
  • Fun gameplay with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty amplifying STEM skills from beginner to expert
  • Created by ThinkFun, a world’s leading manufacturer of brain games and mind-challenging puzzles

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For us to intensify the value of ‘playing while learning scheme’ in the classroom, watch this video and see how effective it is in making students learn important skills that can be used along the roads of their journeys.

How to choose incredible educational toys for the classroom?

I agree with Garry L. Landreth with his amazing food for thought that, “Toys are children’s words and play is their language.”

Realizing the great importance of educational toys for the classroom in the overall development of our students, we teachers should be guided very well in choosing the most incredible toys that serve for that purpose. In point of fact, we have storybooks and picture books that help students figure out story elements and concepts. Doing this brings about brilliant discussion and excellent interaction. Young learners are given the perfect opportunity to express themselves in a super cool way.

For our efforts to be not in vain, let me share practical tips in choosing the useful educational toys that will help you in your journey as a great and effective teacher.

What are educational toys for? What purposes do you want these toys should meet? Are they for the cognitive skills of the children? Or, are they for language and fluency? Or maybe they are for solving simple Math problems or to boost the child’s analytical skills.

Editor’s choice # 3

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

click image for details

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

  • This is a cool and fun math game about basic counting while encouraging retention through stimulating multi-level math games
  • With eye-catching graphic designs to encourage young boys and girls in the classroom and at home
  • An interactive teaching tool for parents looking to reinforce multi-dimensional learning at home, school, nursery, and during tutoring sessions
  • This STEM game is easy to set up you can start playing and enjoying hours of math and counting fun

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Which among the great choices really promotes the vital cognitive and emotional growth of the children? With so many choices available, we tend to be confused and our preference sways to what is attractive and colorful.

Although these qualities count, we must consider first and foremost the “how it supports your purpose” scheme. For, no matter how attractive the toys are if they do not fit the purpose perfectly, it will be a waste.

Hence, we may ask ourselves, which of the little wonders in front of us best support our students’ development? This is one of the factors to be considered when choosing educational toys for our students in the classroom. Before toys can become the real buddies of our students, first, they have to be useful and can give us amazing results.

Hit Students’ Skills and Interests

In choosing educational toys for the classroom you have to consider what’s interesting to children and what’s most fitting to their abilities. I believe that educational toys can become effective teaching tools if they are within the interests and capabilities of children. If not, our children will just touch it and get confused about what they are for.

For that, before I rush to the store, I should have a reliable list which among the many can delight my young learners. Do they like prehistoric stuff? Or, would they be interested in using building blocks for language and mathematical concepts?

Choosing the right toys is just a matter of being sensitive to what children really enjoy playing. It should not be difficult to use either or the child will just be frustrated, and we don’t want that to happen.

When purchasing educational toys, you should not overlook its interactive quality. In other words, in picking the wonders for school children, we have to think if they amplify collaborative and social skills.

At a young age, children should be taught how to collaborate and socialize, and educational toys best support this end. When children take turns and consider responsibility in using manipulatives, puzzles, building blocks, Legos, and other stuff they learn how to share and to work together.

Simple and Open-ended

Playing should never be made complicated or else the child will get stressed. According to Ellen Wild, Chair of the Early Childhood Program at Dutchess Community College, “The best toys are simple and open-ended.” She further suggested that to engage young learners in writing, they have to be given crayons, plain papers, stickers, envelopes, and markers.

Open-ended toys can be used in a lot of ways. They are a lot versatile than video games and toy trucks. One of the amazing advantages of considering open-ended toys in your classroom is they encourage students’ creative and logical thinking.

Perfect examples of open-ended toys are blocks, Legos, stuffed animals, playsets, and many others that can be played in countless ways. Besides, these toys may look so simple yet our students couldn’t keep themselves from holding them and arranging them in so many ways depending on their moods and creativity.


Heading out to toy stores without being sure of what type of educational toys to purchase won’t help. If this happens, the tendency is you will be picking whatever you’ll find.

Remember, the major clientele of educational toys are the children, therefore it is quite helpful if you are certain what type of educational toys to buy. These toys must enrich students’ learning experiences.

What type of toys do you need in your classroom? Do you need puzzle toys? What about the physical development of the students? Undeniably, physical activity toys are most welcome. Will your classroom accommodate bikes, wagons, wooden rocking horse, and other ride-on toys? I’m certain that blocks and shapers are already on your list.

You may also consider make-believe toys to gain the interests of learners. Dolls, stuffed toys, toy cars, trucks, and playsets like dressers and kitchen utensils spark students’ interest. When they play these kinds of stuff, most likely they will converse with other students which is a good way to enhance their social skills.

To further enhance students’ artistic capabilities, you can pick crayons of varied colors and sizes, coloring pens, markers, colored and plain paper, scissors suited to their age, and other toys for the arts and creativity.


Educational toys come in different brands, quality, and sizes. Since toys are needed for the development of the child, we have to be very careful in our choice. As concerned teachers, we should not let toy-related injuries like choking and chemical-poisoning to happen.

Therefore, we should not compromise safety and quality over affordability. We should always go for what is safe and durable. Hence, we must double-check toy packaging and safety precautions.

Moreover, we also have to consider the ages of our learners and match them to our chosen products. Always remember the ages of your learners. Are the chosen toys are a match to their stage?

Being aware of the toys for specific age groups is a good idea. Furthermore, as teachers, we are the most responsible adult in the classroom, we should supervise our students while they are playing educational toys.

But, before, anything else, you should have read the toy guideline or labels before making your purchase. It’s good to be more cautious to avoid regrets and accidents in the future.

Children’s Age

Choosing educational toys for the right age is an important consideration. Toys have to be age-appropriate for them to serve their intended purposes. By this, playing can be more fun and safe.

We all know that toys can make children happy. However, before rushing to the stores, we have to be very particular in which toys are most fitting for our desired clientele. If you are handling toddlers or preschoolers, then the amazing pieces should hit that stage.

Toys are more stimulating and fun if they are age-appropriate. Anyway, most toy packagings display safety measures which include the ages of children as the primary targets.

Being thought of as development learning tools, toys have to be carefully chosen. Moreover, toys should not deny the child of using his/her imagination. Hence, it’s always good to pay attention to packaging details and toy’s purposes before making any purchase to enjoy your money’s worth.


15 Top Educational Toys for the Classroom

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game

ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game

Click image for details

This item is a remarkable toy of the year finalist which introduces young boys and girls with ages 8 and up about circuitry through Fun Gameplay. Having this amazing educational toy in your classroom is a perfect idea because it is one of the best STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) toys available in the market.

Being an exceptionally adorable toy for our kids, this toy allows them to be creative as they develop their skills in creating real electrical circuits through fun and exciting ways.

Gameplay is an amazing addition to your collection of educational toys for your students as it highly develops students’ critical skills without giving them pressure. Notably, by playing this incredible toy, your students will surely gain an understanding of how circuits and electrical current work in a very easy way. The toy can be a very effective teaching support that puts emphasis on logical reasoning and planning skills.

On top of that, Circuit Maze is a surprising and one of the most products of ThinkFun, a world’s leading manufacturer of brain games and mind-challenging puzzles. That is why this product is trusted by families in the whole world. In fact, this extraordinary Circuit Maze has been a favorite for young boys and girls worldwide with over 50 million sold.

Another point is, Circuit Maze makes a perfect gift for your learners as they develop their skills in using and manipulating real circuits with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty. The fun gameplay it brings amplify STEM skills from beginner to expert.

Moreover, it’s highly comprehensible instructions make it easy for students to use and navigate. The clear instructions are set so students can begin solving circuitry challenges right away. All you have yo do is put is 3 AAA batteries, then your students are a way to go.

On the whole, having this Electric Current Brain Game in your classroom is a solid idea for you will be giving you students authentic multi-level challenges which are really fun and exciting.

Therefore, picking this educational toy is a good choice for it will strengthen your students’ skills through learning the fundamentals of STEM through a hands-on approach in solving tasks and challenges.

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2. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket

Click image for details

Have the Ultra Rocket in your classroom and witness how this magnificent piece excites your learners. Even though it’s meant to be used outside, but you can use this to get the students’ attention while in the classroom. Hence, this can be a valuable item in the classroom.

This educational toy is extremely helpful when you are to develop the physical and social aspects of your students and is most fitting to students of ages 5 and up. With the 4 foam-tipped rockets, your learners will surely have a great time during your extracurricular activities outdoor.

Having this outdoor rocket toy is a great idea for it makes your students enjoy the real-world scenario of rocket launching which is really fun and exciting. They have this in their Science books most probably and they want to experience it in a real scenario.  Moreover, it can be the best way of spending time with your students outside the classroom.

This award-winning toy helps you in making your students physically fit and have an active interaction outdoors. This Ultra Rocket toy is 100% KID powered as it allows students to run, jump, and stomp as they launch these rockets up to 200 feet in the air.

Just imagine how your students would feel after they have launched rockets up to 20 stories high! Moreover, it’s a great way to make children release energy and enjoy playtime with others. They expand their minds as they set forth releasing ultra rockets into the air.

Furthermore, these rockets are very user-friendly because they can be used readily for it doesn’t require batteries which makes it easy to assemble and use.

If you are for gross motor and physical development, this stomp rocket is a perfect hit. For sure your students will be fascinated as these rockets soar high up in the skies which make this toy really helpful in assisting our students to grow, learn, and thrive.

All you have yo do is shout, “Ready, set, stomp!”

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3. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Click image for details

We can give our toddlers a fantastic ball game by using this delightful Smart Shots educational wonder. This is a lovable item that can make your toddlers enjoy basketball and learn different shapes in a fun and exciting way.

Moreover, this valuable item promotes physical and cognitive development which are essential for the child to thrive with confidence and amazing skills.

Having this battery-operated 2-in-1 basketball hoop sports center in your classroom will make kids with ages 1 to 3 years old extremely happy.

Above all, you can have a great time playing basketball with your kids indoors which is a perfect time to bond and maintain wonderful connections. This is a way of convincing toddlers to play basketball at an early age.

For sure, kids will have a great time scoring goals with the soccer net. Kids will get are excited when they see that their aims being shown through the toy’s animated light-up LED scoreboard.

What makes the toy delightful are its amazing features like the sounds and phrases, and beautiful animations it produces every time baskets are counted.

This is truly a wonder in your classroom as it supports kids’ language and motor skills as it is equipped with buttons that introduce shapes and numbers, not to mention the 50+ songs it plays.

This kids’ toy is a fun way of exposing toddlers to ball games and buying this is definitely a good move. Interestingly, this basketball hoop is very safe for your toddlers and is a very interactive way of introducing them to shapes, sounds, numbers, words, and phrases.

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4. Butterfly Garden with STEM Journal

Butterfly Garden with STEM Journal

Click image for details

For the average child, playing is indeed very remarkable especially if he/she sets out with this amazing Insect Lore Butterfly Garden. It is packed with amazing items and add-ons which can make the children observe the splendid life cycle of a butterfly. It’s quite an excitement to witness the butterfly’s complete metamorphosis.

The portable caterpillar habitat is one of the toy inclusions that surely children would appreciate.  They can tell their observations which is a way of developing their cognitive and analytical skills.

This educational toy is a fun delight that captivates young children’s interest in living Science. What makes it exceptional is its STEM Butterfly Journal that provides students with comprehensible learning activities.

The 10 live baby caterpillars are in it and it’s really a joy to behold. The two Deluxe Chrysalis Station Logs and one Flower-shapes Butterfly Feeder and the nutritious food included made this product phenomenal.

Furthermore, the pop-up 12-inch tall mesh habitat is reusable so our kids can spend a great time with these wonderful insects.

However, the shipping of this item is quite challenging because extreme temperatures may not be safe for these amazing creatures. Therefore, it’s just available to certain countries. Check the link below for details if this ignites your best interest.

This toy set gives spark to your students’ interest which highlights their curiosity of some adorable living creatures around them. Through perfect manipulation of this creative wonder, the children will be led to a full understanding of the butterfly’s spectacular metamorphosis.

Indeed, this is an educational product worthy of your choice. Cleverly designed to satisfy students’ curiosity, this habitat Science kit deserves to be in your classroom to enhance your lessons in Science.

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5. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Click image for details

Our children love books. Leafing through the pages of pictures delight them so much. If your main concern is the early learning stage of Preschoolers, then this amazing educational toy is a nice idea. Young learners will find a strong engagement in learning words in every touch. It amplifies core learning skills such as early vocabulary, Spanish vocabulary, and colors.

With the toy’s 12 learning word categories, young children will have a great time touching pictures to hear the sounds. These categories include animals, pets, colors, mealtime, opposites, activities, and more.

It will be a fantastic learning and playing experience of kids as they meet lovable friends like the adorable turtle, the fierce tiger, and the friendly monkey.

They will be very glad to hear these animals say ‘Hello’ and feed them with fun facts and enriching sounds and music.

Children will have the best option of choosing English or Spanish 100 age-appropriate words. The toy’s three play modes are interesting and easily translates English and Spanish words. Pressing the light-up star button
According to Carolyn James, LeapFrog Literacy Expert, “Research has demonstrated the importance of fostering children’s early vocabulary to build a solid literacy foundation. Vocabulary skills allow children to express themselves clearly and comprehend what they hear and read,”.

For this reason, Learning Friends 100 Words Book is a must-have in your classroom as it aims to teach children basic vocabulary words in 12 familiar categories plus amazing fun facts as well as Spanish translations as a perfect addition to your children’s learning experiences.

This useful toy comes in a very handy design with product dimensions of 9.4″ in width x 9.4″ height x 1.9″ depth. The child can carry and play it anywhere as long it has 2AA batteries in it. It’s very easy to use for the child will just touch the words on the pages to play the words, sound effects, and to listen to fun facts. These words are in English and Spanish to add layers to the child’s bilingual experience.

Designed to teach, this toy is truly a real deal for your children. A simple touch will help you achieve your purpose of enhancing your children’s language and vocabulary skills. Thus, this toy intellectually helps you. This is what makes this amazing item meaningful and educational.

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6. VTech Turn and Learn Driver Amazon Exclusive

VTech Turn and Learn Driver Amazon Exclusive

Click image for details

Do you want to amaze your 3 -year-old kid? Then, choose this educational toy. This is really something for your toddlers in the classroom.

Having this precious educational item in your classroom will help you hold the attention of your little ones.

The cute dog character will move back and forth when the child begins to drive the steering wheel toy. Amazingly, the toys shifting gear allows the child to push and pull to introduce the opposites.

Among the toy’s best features are the 3 play modes which make toddlers learn different animals and vehicles as well as driving moves which are ways to exercise the muscles while maintaining focus on the steering wheel.

If you decide to have this in your classroom, that’s a good idea because you will make learning more fun for your kids. The VTech Turn and Learn Driver has a fun baby car toy design which makes it captivating to children.
Kids with short attention span will surely benefit this educational wonder. It enriches the chid’s imagination and it is clearly supported by the traffic light, which is a signal lever that enables creative sounds and music.

Also, this perfect delight will help you teach kiddos new skills through sounds and music, and manipulation of the toy parts. Hence, playtime fun is maintained. As the child drives, it encourages his/her imagination. Although the prime clients of this wonderful toy are the little boys, the product’s best features accommodate the little girls as well.

Furthermore, this educational toy encourages play to pretend which eventually results in interaction that develops the social skills of young children. Playing together with their classmates will increase their confidence and foster meaningful friendships. It’s good to introduce this concept at an early age so children will know how to socialize with other kids along the way.

Another point is, this toy can improve hand and eye coordination just like most educational toys. As the child pushes and pulls the gear shifter, the cute dog moves while their little hands press the colorful buttons.

Therefore, you can always choose the best wonders for the little minds in your classroom. And, this toy should be on your list!

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7. CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game

Click image for details

If you wish to give your kiddos in the classroom cool math games, this open-ended playset can help you with your teaching goals. With this, you can involve your kiddos to play Math games from basic counting to multi-level math games in an easy manner.

This fantastic item can be used in different ways that will make learning concepts in the classroom interactive and productive. Besides, this can be a perfect addition to the toy collections of kids at home. They can play this impressive toy with their family of which in a way foster good relationship and make bonding time really meaningful.

This is another STEM toy that can be played anytime and anywhere. It’s very easy to set-up and the packaging contains clear instructions in which children ages 3 and up can easily follow and navigate.
Its exceptional use includes tutoring sessions, remedial and reinforcement activities aside from regular class sessions, and multi-dimensional learning at home.

The versatility of CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game is a trend for young children. Every single packaging contains 65 pieces which include 19 monkeys, number shapes 1-10, cool 30 double-sided cards, monkey scale, base, 2 scale pans, and a very comprehensible instruction leaflet.

If you have this playset in your classroom, you can be so sure that the kids will enjoy its educational qualities. They can play instantly. They can count the numbers while weighing the monkeys corresponding to their numbers. Isn’t it cool? You can have this activity a collaborative one.
Moreover, this fun and educational stuff will teach kids counting and basic Math concepts while developing fine motor skills.

Besides, the packaging and items are colorful and attractive. It can hold the children’s attention and offers them a fun dose of learning experiences.

Indeed, monkey balance is an exceptional choice. This is an effective teaching tool that can contribute to a happy and interactive learning environment. Grab yours now and play together with your kiddos!

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8. Wooden Letter Blocks for Kids

Wooden Letter Blocks for Kids

Click image for details

Why is this a wonderful option for your kids? Do you think you need this in your classroom? Definitely, it’s a big yes! Your preschoolers need this. I’m sure of that. These blocks are small yet very useful. You can use these wooden blocks to keep your students busy and attentive.

Here comes another useful delight for the classroom to keep your kids active and participative. The blocks are held by a storage box that contains 110 pieces of magnetic travel spelling letters, numbers, and 30 interactive cards.

These interesting open-ended wooden blocks help in developing the cognitive skills of your young students. Kids can play and learn through this item. It can be a single storage box but it’s full of surprises.

Your children will interact with one another as they play and arrange sets of uppercase letters and lowercase alphabets as well as with refreshing sets of numbers from 0 to 9, plus the weather Icons and mathematical symbols.

As a teacher, you can also promote this learning toys to the parents so they can have these crisp items at home. Why should they buy it? It’s because the item is portable and can be brought and played anywhere.

Certainly, this educational stuff can become one of your coolest teaching tools in the classroom that will assist you in teaching kids about animals, Alphabets, fruits, and other interesting objects by using the 30 cards.
Possibly, with this toy, kids in the classroom or even at home will have a great time learning. The alphabet and word games are very interesting and enriching.

Aside from all these amazing features, this item is very safe to use because it’s crafted with environmentally friendly materials. This makes playtime even more enjoyable. As the name states, the magnetic letter blocks are wooden which can be easily stacked to the iron box or to a magnetic easel board.

Aside from that, there’s so much you can do to these magnetic wooden blocks to help you develop your young learners’ cognitive, analytical, and logical thinking skills. Moreover, they may be small but they are helpful in many practical ways. Hence, it’s time to get one for yourself and make your kids in the classroom so happy.

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9. ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Preschool Game

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Preschool Game

Click image for details

I believe that toys play an important role in a child’s development. A child can never be called one if he/she is not playing toys.

However, with the multitudes of wonders available, you have yo be very careful in choosing the most appropriate ones for your children. You have to pick according to the child’s age, stage, interests, and of course, your purpose.

Here’s another impressive offer for more fun and engaging learning environment. Your children will love this. Zingo Bingo is one of the most trusted educational toys that ThinkFun has manufactured worldwide.
The toy promotes cognitive, logical, and critical skills.

Teachers like you can best use this amazing educational wonder in your classroom. It is most suitable for kids ages 4 and up. It highly supports pre-readers and early readers for it enhances their reading, language, and matching skills.

Furthermore, Zingo Bingo can be one of your most reliable counterparts in providing children with engaging lessons in English and language subjects. It’s really fun and is really designed to make children happier. They can also enjoy playing this stuff at home with their parents and siblings.

Every packaging includes an extra Zingo card and a delightful Zinger device which can accommodate 7 players in a game to make it more exciting.

Besides, this toy is so easy to use with its easy-to-read instructions. You can instantly begin the game without spending too much time assembling and preparing the stuff. You can have the multi-awarded game right away!

At certain times in your lesson discussions, it’s always advantageous to integrate playing time. This will keep the students active and interested. Always remember that a lesson is best remembered when students enjoy the manner of lesson delivery.

This toy is worth your money. Hence, it’s good that you consider it as one of your best options. Picking this a good decision!

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10. AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

Click image for details

Here’s another exceptional item that can excite children and will get them on the move! Your little scientists in the classroom will doubtlessly love this educational item.

Whether they are into Science or just curious about how tiny things look like, the AmScope is a great joy in the classroom.

This beginner microscope has three magnifications schemes that incredibly give students an amazing time during their Science experiments.

Kids love to play the roles of scientists which makes this toy a great choice. Aside from its best magnifying features, it’s safe to use and is guaranteed durable. It has a solid metal construction frame with stage and clips for easy use.

It is small and durable and comes with a carrying box that can be brought anywhere. Moreover, if you are looking for the most appropriate microscope for your young learners, you are on the right page. This scientific wonder is crafted with a reflecting mirror for natural illumination which gives children a clear view of the specimen.

Moreover, its best features include a built-in light for direct illumination for easy viewing. Therefore, if you are still figuring out what’s best for your classroom, don’t get stressed. This item can serve your purpose very well.

So, what consider when choosing a kid’s microscope? Well, you have to check if it has a built-in rotating color filter wheel. It’s a good thing this Beginner Microscope STEM Kit has that specific requirement.

If your kids want to view like flowers, insects, or any samples to get fine details, they can absolutely enjoy that task using this three magnification beginner microscope. This microscope has LED light that runs with 2 AA batteries which are included in the package.

Have this starter microscope and introduce your kids to the captivating world of other tiny creatures on the planet. Teaching microscopy to kids will become very exciting with this product.

Your student’s hands-on experience will be a fantastic one if they are using this beginner microscope. If they lack a longer attention span, this item can help.

Using this item in your classroom is the right approach. This can engage and excite children. Get one now and give your kids unparalleled experience in Science learning.

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11. LeapFrog LeapStart 3D Around Town with PAW Patrol Book

LeapFrog LeapStart 3D Around Town with PAW Patrol Book

Click image for details

While there are amazing adventure books published which are meat for children, this PAW Patrol book is one of a kind. It’s a perfect creation that should be in your classroom.

Your young learners will certainly love its presence in your classroom. For sure, seeing this item on your toy display rack will make learners come to school every day. Isn’t this a great idea?

Here’s another item that is most fitting to little boys and girls with ages 3 to 6. What makes it really an attractive educational toy is the built-in 30 plus replayable activities.

Yes, you have it right. This amazing book will excite kids through its audio and animations which can be played using LeapStart systems on screen. However, an internet connection is required to download content from the LeapFrog.

If you are to develop your students reading skills in a creative manner, then hop in and read on. Let your students interact with the animations on the screen. Just tap on the words and pictures using the stylus. Demonstrate to your kids the proper way of using this item for them to have a good time learning.

This will help you with your teaching efforts. With this educational stuff, teaching kids bout logical concepts and engaging them in problem-solving will be fun and you can sustain their attention long enough.

I’m sure your kids are familiar with the PAW Patrol characters. This what makes teaching young children exciting. They love these characters and for sure they are all excited to discover the pup’s pawsome skills in solving problems and in dealing with emergency situations.

All the replayable learning activities are a good catch! The amazing adventures this book can give is better than simply telling them about the skillful pups!

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12. ASIUR Digital Camera for Kids

ASIUR Digital Camera for Kids

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Encouraging kids to capture and treasure moments is highly supported by this attractive digital camera for kids.

Your young learners with ages 3 to 10 will surely benefit this educational piece. It has a 16GB SD Card that can store memories for a lifetime. Your students can capture the best moments in the classroom by using this portable digicam.

Moreover, the camera’s astounding specs of 1080P IPS Screen & 5. 0 Megapixels are worth your money. Needless to say, this digital camera remarkable.

The high definition photos are useful and can improve students’ social skills. As they take photos, they are actually developing the great hobby of photography and video recording.

Among the best features of this digital camera for kids are its playback and date settings, self-timer options, and the recording schemes. With its multiple functions, I can say that finding the most affordable and useful digital camera for your kids has been made easy.

This camera is very easy to use and straightforward. Kids will love the impressive photo and video modes which include 15 scene options and 7 cool photo frames. Kids will just choose their favorite scene before the smart click. Hence I can say, that this digital camera with its best functions and features, is more of an educational toy because this can be used to develop an interesting hobby among your children.

Indeed, this is a wise bet because it’s lightweight and can be carried anywhere. You can put it in your tote bag without worrying that it might cause the bag to look bulky. Moreover, this digicam can withstand drops so it can be your best company when having field trips with your students.

Plus, this camera is made of high-grade and eco-friendly materials that guarantee safety use. All you have to do is have the rechargeable battery full and make your kids capture incredible moments for 3-4 hours.

I can say that this perfect and compact-sized digicam for kids is very robust. Also, its durability and portability create magic! Your little learners can hang this item on the neck for it weighs only 56g and they can easily move about to look for best spots for photo opportunities.

So, if your tech-savvy kids love imagery, then this sophisticated educational item is the best choice. Get it now!

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13. MAN NUO STEM Toy Solar Robot Kit 12-in-1 Learning Science Building Toys

MAN NUO STEM Toy Solar Robot Kit 12-in-1 Learning Science Building Toys

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Here comes the 12-in-1 solar robot club that kids will surely love. This item is proof that learning through playing is an important aspect of a child’s development.

Giving them enough time for playtime will help them learn how to interact with others and to discover their abilities.

Hence, these STEM Toy Robots come into view. These are among the most creative educational Science Kits toys that are appropriate for boys and girls ages 10 to 12.

This valuable item can get them hooked and will help them develop dexterity, motor skills, intellectual curiosity, logic, and analytical skills.

As your students progress with this item, clearly, they will be exposed to the job responsibilities of an architect which is a good exercise. With the toys 190 pieces, your students can enhance their creativity as they create 12 different types of building robots.

To emphasize collaboration and teamwork, you can have them work and finish the tasks by groups. It will be fun and exciting. Moreover, these solar robot Science kits can help your students move a step ahead in their scientific explorations.

When they assemble the pieces to form building robots, your kids are actually performing a constructive game with their classmates. As they do it, they display patience and determination which are exceptional qualities needed to succeed in life.

Other than that, this exceptional science kits teach students about the use of renewable energy because these robots can display multiple movements like crawling, rolling, and floating on the water through the use of solar energy. It encourages students’ planning skills and creativity.

If you decide to consider this interesting item, you are making little architects and scientists in your classroom which is a fantastic idea. It’s good that you are giving the best chance to shine and show their creativity.

This amazing piece is made of non-toxic materials so you can be so confident that your students are safe while they assemble the multiple pieces to create wonderful robots. Furthermore, the step-by-step instructions in the manual are very easy to follow which gives learners a happy time creating robots which ultimately enhance their confidence and self-expression.

What about that? Are you interested to make great kids in your classroom? If it’s a resounding ‘YES’, then don’t waste time. Check the link below to know more about this excellent learning toy.

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14. Meland Dino Eggs Dig Kit

Meland Dino Eggs Dig Kit

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We all know that kids are very interested in dinosaurs and are curious about Jurassic World. They are dinosaur lovers! Most of them are already familiar with the names of dinos while some are still curious about these extinct species. These dinos can be awesome gifts to students.

Who would think that these amazing creatures can become wonderful learning toys? Dinos make learning great fun!

I am introducing you to an archaeology Science STEM toy that can become the best companions of your kids in the classroom. Inside the dinosaur excavation kit are 12 dinosaur fossil eggs that are waiting to be discovered.

Kids will get more excited when they will know that each egg houses a unique dino. So, when kids are to open the 12 dinosaur eggs, you can tell them act as little archaeologists who will dig the 12 dinos.

This Science discovery kit includes 12 brushes, 4 attractive dinosaur-themed table mats, and 12 learning cards about dinosaurs. Through the cards, the students will be introduced to some important historical facts about dinosaurs that will help them understand the extinct species.

Excitement will grow as the kids discover what dino is inside each egg. So, how will they break the eggs? Your kids have to think of safe ways on how to break the eggs to discover the amazing dinosaurs. To enhance their thinking skills, you ask them what to do with the fossil eggs.

Let them explore and acknowledge their curiosity. You may check the link below to get creative ways and the right ways of excavating the dinos. But before you do it, discuss with your students their suggested ways. This will not only encourage communication but will also make your students become independent thinkers and gain more focus in doing the activity.

Give your little archaeologists and paleontologists enough time digging. You can have the digging act as group activities to enhance collaboration and interaction.

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15. TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board

TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board

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Nowadays, our tech-savvy kids are more excited about gadgets. They explore these technological advances easily. However, we have to be very cautious and set a specific time for them to use gadgets.

Good thing this writing tablet doodle board is already available. You will not worry about the ill effects of radiation anymore because this smart item has amazing features for eye protection and non-radiation options.

We all know that tablets and other gadgets can really hold a child’s attention. It can make them quiet. Moreover, these wonders can make children learn quickly.

This 8.5-inch colorful drawing tablet writing pad can help your children explore and make use of their rich imagination through writing and drawing. This LCD writing tablet allows children to doodle their imagination and this is enriching and engaging.

The colorful screen of this writing tablet is specifically designed to protect your children’s eyes from radiation so they will have a fantastic time writing, drawing, and painting which is a very impressive idea so children will develop their artistic skills and creativity. This item can be enjoyed by children ages 3 to 7.

Stimulating little minds in the classroom has become very easy and fun through the use of this amazing educational item. Even your early writers will appreciate this piece for it can accommodate up to 100,000 writings including the creation of lines through a stylus.

You will not be worried about paper wasting anymore because this writing tablet allows the child to write repetitively without using the usual piece of paper. The built-in battery can be replaced so children can use this gadget over and over again. If they want to erase their writings, it can be done so easily by just clicking the erase button and the screen gets clean gain for another writing activity.

If you have this item in your classroom, your students are allowed to learn to express themselves through writing and drawing. Moreover, using this educational toy will foster interaction and promotes cognitive skills. Besides, this writing tablet is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it anywhere.

Definitely, you can bring this item around for it’s not bulky. If you decide to bring your children outside to explore, you can as well bring the doodle tablet. Moreover, it’s very safe to use because aside from it’s being made with high-quality plastic material, this item is waterproof and has anti-fall features which make it very suitable to any place and any occasion.

If children are using it in a quality way, they will get the most of it. Hence, this can be a powerful educational toy in the classroom. What’s on it can make your children love writing and drawing. The can free their imagination and it’s good exercise.

Children need to do it from time to time. They have to express themselves in the right way. It’s part of their development. And, this writing tablet makes their writing practice and drills easy and fun.

This is a good writing tablet and this can help you make your children master their writing skills. They can write effortlessly and use the gadget so easily. Furthermore, they may use it most of the time without being worried about eye injury in the future. This will perhaps help you decide whether to consider this item or not.

Check the link below for more details about the product and decide if this can really develop the writing skills of your children easily and in simpler ways.

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Children should have a great time learning. With the booming industry of educational toys, we can say that teachers have found incredible teaching partners that will make teaching and learning fun and easy. However, we should take precautions with our choices to achieve our intentions.

Creating early readers, great mathematicians, and honing little scientists are made possible through the use of select educational toys.

According to Roberta Golinkoff, Ph.D., head of the Infant Language Project at the University of Delaware, “Children can learn in the most organic and wonderful way if teachers will use guided play to scaffold and support the child and the child loves to learn. The real educational toys are not the flashy gadgets and gizmos with big promises, but the staples that have built creative thinkers for decades.”

So, as teachers, we should not deny this opportunity to our children. We have to recognize what playful learning has done in the classroom. Moreover, as teachers, we have to acknowledge that children need both guided and free play because, in this way, children can figure who they are, what they are capable of, and what they like.

Absolutely, the sets of learning toys in our classroom can be used to make children enjoy guided and free play. These are important to a child’s learning. Moreover, when we interact with them during playtime, we help them boost their communication confidence and they will be engaged to exchange ideas and listen to others as well.

Conversing with them will give them the benefit of expressing themselves. And, as a knowledgeable adult in the classroom, it’s an opportunity for us to connect with our children and get to know them better. Interacting with brilliant minds in the classroom is exciting.

These little minds have always something to share. These curious little hands have something to discover. It is that simple. I know, that we have been doing this. We have been interacting with them. And, this is what makes us great teachers! We tend to connect and get in touch! This is a prerequisite to effective learning.

Therefore, like great teachers, we have to consider the things that make our children in the classroom happy. We should know what they want to learn and the way of learning it can be best achieved by using reliable educational toys for the classroom.

I guess it’s high time to value playful learning. It’s crucial to a child’s development. Let’s support our children in every way. In this way, we are providing them a leg to the future. Let them play more and guide them all the way!

What would you add to this list? Do you have your most valuable educational toy? Or, what’s the most wished toy of your kids in the classroom? What do you have in your prop boxes? Feel free to comment below.



1. Can toys really be educational?

The free play sessions in our classroom should be supported with toys as learning props. Toys are meant to bring fun and make children happy. As teachers, we have to set learning objectives and make use of learning toys to achieve them. In that way, we are using educational toys as our teaching tools. Hence, we have many educational toys available in stores.

In learning, while playing scenarios, children develop their cognitive, analytical, social, and fine motor skills. This is an impressive indication of the great importance of educational toys in the classroom.

As we become more eager to support our children’s’ developmental skills, we take the opportunity of using educational toys. This is our main objective. It is sensible and it’s reasonable. The amazing pieces are brain-boosting and skill enriching. Thus, these amazing items are called educational and useful teaching tools. Certainly, they are essential parts of early childhood support.

Definitely, toys help children learn. But, it depends on how they are used. That is why it’s more effective if children play with adult supervision. Therefore, we should play with our kids in the classroom. Interact with them and give them the support they need. By this, children will love to learn even more.

2. How to choose toys for toddlers?

Do you have toddlers at home? Or, do you teach toddlers? Perhaps, you are thinking of how to hold their attention. There are a plethora of toddler toys available in stores; however, choosing the ones that grow with them is a wise idea. Also, you have to pick the ones that can be used in a variety of ways.

Most toddlers are hard on toys. As their interest grows, they get more engrossed with the amazing pieces and so, you should pick the durable and safe ones which are of course age-appropriate.

Select toys that support early childhood development. In a playtime scenario, toddlers always take part of the game. They love to pull out, pile up, build up, and put together blocks and number pieces. And, with these actions, open-ended toys are a delightful match!

Blocks and shapers, for example, are great buys that provide children with the best learning opportunities. Moreover, magnetic wooden blocks, for instance, promote fine motor development of your toddlers so they can be one of your most desirable picks.

Choose the blocks with appropriate size for the toddler’s stage to prevent choking and any untoward accidents. Furthermore, these blocks are among the open-ended toys that will keep your toddlers busy. Besides, these learning blocks will last for years. Hence, they can be used for a long time and can serve for different purposes.

Inspire your toddler’s imagination and creativity by using simple and open-ended toys. These types of toys offer endless explorations. They can be played in many different ways so your kids won’t get bored and will keep themselves busy for hours. Most of all, they are safe and long-lasting which highly supports guided and free playing.

In short, choose toys that teach and inspire your kids. This manner, you won’t regret your decision and you are confident that your kids are having a happier time playing and learning.

3. What are the best open-ended toys?

With the many complex toys available, I still see the amazing opportunities that simple and open-ended toys offer to children. Aside from their simplicity, they grow with kids for years and they can be played in many different ways as mentioned earlier on this page.

Open-ended toys offer multiple uses to serve different purposes. So, what are the best open-ended toys available in stores? Actually, there are plenty of them.

Incredible options may include the very popular blocks (wooden or magnetic), wooden toys set,  LEGOs, letter blocks, shape and number blocks, puzzles, toy cars, trucks, train tracks, plain dollhouses, play pretend toys, and many more!

All these are great collections of open-ended toys that support your kid’s problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, communication skills, self-regulation skills, creativity, and other child developmental skills.

All these have multiple purposes and really make your money’s worth! Play with your kids. Interact with them. It’s so simple yet the effects are very remarkable.

4. How to know that toys are safe and durable?

We can’t deny the presence of ‘one and done’ toys in stores. That is why it always pays the best interest to check product labels and packaging and be knowledgeable of safe materials.

I know that all of us want the best for our children. Hence, we should not compromise safety over physical attributes. Some toys may look so colorful and attractive but the component materials aren’t safe and are not robust.

Choosing safe toys should be in our top list. Remember, kids especially toddlers, tend to put objects into their mouths which can result in choking and other injuries. Toys made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, and are painted with lead-free paint are considered safe.

You have to list down safety guidelines before you decide to make a purchase. Make sure that toys are manufactured following the current safety standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) How will you know about it? Check the label. You have to keep that in mind when you are shopping for toys. Always err on the side of caution.

In terms of durability, still, it pays to always read the labels. As you navigate the toy stores, always read packaging and toy guidelines, and see if the parts are unbroken and are complete.

When children play, they tend to explore and hit toys and do whatever they want. Therefore, we have to make sure that the toys we have chosen have the endurance to withstand the child’s unpredictable actions.

Therefore, the versatility and durability of the toys should be considered. It’s one of the criteria that you should not overlook or else your money and effort will be a total waste. Or worse, you will disappoint the child by letting his/her use substandard props for learning. Toys of exceptional quality are long-lasting and they can be played most creatively.

5. Will educational toys develop independence?

Most educational toys promote real fun and productive learning for children. Furthermore, certain items inspire kids to play independently. Although in most scenarios, they love to play in groups because they want to interact.

Interactive playing can develop social skills. Moreover, while children are taking part in the games, they do it by themselves and that’s being independent. They build towers out of wooden blocks. Its collaborative but independent thinking is also encouraged. The child has to decide how to do it.

In the classroom, playtime has to be closely supervised by the teacher. Yes, teachers have to be involved. It’s always good to guide the learners so they will know if they are doing things right and if their ideas are remarkable. Our children need our affirmation at times. It boosts their confidence.

There are certain toys for independent learning so your purpose is served best. And, yes, they are wonderful ways for children to discover and be creative. Again, open-ended toys work best with this intention. If kids play freely, they explore and play independently. Play kitchen, blocks, dress up, playmats, kitchen set, and many others can immerse kids to play with others or independently.

6. How toys capture the senses?

Toys are visually appealing. The crinkles and bells can make children wonder. Color contrasts attract children. Kids love to touch them. The exciting colors, tactile designs, sound, and music the toy produced are really captivating. These features encourage the child to explore.  In fact, there are sensory toys that are intently designed to get the attention of children for hours.

By playing sensory toys, the five senses of kids are stimulated as a result they get more interested in playing which can develop their cognitive and physical skills. In a sense, these toys, just like any other educational toys, nurture he child’s learning developmental needs.

The contrasting colors and interesting kiddie sounds and music of toys stimulate the five senses of children which makes the child get hooked during playtime.

7. Which toys match my child’s interests, needs, and abilities?

Choosing the most appropriate learning item for your children is indeed not easy. With the plethora of choices available, you can get confused about which ones to pick. However, you can keep your task so simple. First, you have to think about your child’s age. Which is the right toy for his/her age? Second, most probably you must have observed what interests your child. If your child is interested in the play pretend then open-ended playsets can be your best option.

If your child gets excited with blocks, building blocks, shapes, alphabets, LEGOs, and the like, then that already is your best idea. You have to remember that an educational toy can aid in the child’s development if the child is interested in playing with it.

Moreover, if your child loves to solve puzzles, to assemble things to make wonderful creations, and to match objects, there are toys that hit these abilities and interests. All you have to do is to observe and think. What does your child really need? Have you known his/her interests? Are you familiar with his/her abilities? Maybe you have to answer these questions first before you get yourself into a shopping spree.

8. What are STEM Toys?

STEM has been a very popular term in education that parents get curious too. For sure, this benefits your children. The term stands for important fields of Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Mathematics. The education sector has been implementing structures and programs so STEM Education will be on the spotlight in schools and the classrooms.

Grippingly, STEM toys are the most effective way of incorporating the essential subjects and skills into your classroom discussions. That is why more and more STEM toys are made available these days that stand as teaching materials that help students build and create.

Certain toys back up the hands-on experiences of students by promoting problem-solving skills, cognitive and logic skills, and other important skills that will help the child in the future to be globally competitive. Robot kits, cubes, flip bots, and other educational and tech-savvy toys.

These Math-filled and Science-enriched toys have become very popular and I know you already have some of them in your classroom. Indeed, they are wonderful creations that can become one of our most effective teaching tools.

That is why all toy manufacturers and advertisers make it a point that their toys have STEM essential components to make them very useful to students. Your kids may have been using these toys in the classroom by now because I know, teachers like us, are always up to date with the trends in education.

STEM toys are a form of early encouragement for children to develop a love for the essential subjects that will help them land a most credible job in the future. They are fantastic deals that help in the creation of mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and experts. Most of all, these important wonders help children learn, build-up, create, dismantle, and figure out.

Dozens of them are available in stores you just have to choose the most appropriate one for your children. As always mentioned on this page, be mindful of the age and the interests of children to be certain that all is well and on track.

9. How important is play pretend?

Just how important is play pretend in my child’s development? You might want to ask. The answer is simple, play pretend si what children in the world love doing! Hence, it is an important part of their childhood that no one should omit!

Children love to dress up and play kitchen sets. These fun kinds of stuff stimulate their imagination and allow them to explore and have a full grasp of the real world.  They love to pretend as moms, chefs, doctors, and many other characters. Play pretend is one of the most common activities that children enjoy doing. Moreover, simulations of children are really valuable in making them more responsible and more sensitive to their surroundings.

Play pretend forms part in early childhood development. It spurs learning. As children get involved in dramatic plays and as they work side by side, they are able to interact, to think, to act, and to be themselves!

The little minds and hands in your classroom just love pretending. They love to be in the shoes of the persons they want to be in the future and that is self-expression. Thus, through play pretend, children are most likely aware of what they really like and what they wish to become in the future.

Impressively, children learn more about themselves when they play pretend. Therefore, as teachers, we should not detach them from this option. We should not let them miss out the pretend play opportunities.

Let’s enhance their creative explorations by providing them the most credible play pretend toys. Also, we should not forget to closely supervise. I always believe that the supervision of a knowledgable and concerned adult makes playtime really a learning time for kids.

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