Top 11 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids in 2022

Are you worried that your child almost spends time watching YouTube videos every day? YouTube’s indicators seemed to keep growing high and high. Imagine the 2-billion unique users per month that now includes a large percentage of children below 13 years old.

The focus on educational YouTube channels for kids is timely. Parents and teachers have to be selective with the type of YouTube channels to allow them.

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Not all that says “educational” render the right education.

The popularity of YouTube as a platform for educational content also mushroomed YouTube channels that looked enticing for kids. As a parent or teacher, you can offer something pedagogic for growing kids to watch besides profaned videos and habit-forming games.

What is great about these YouTube channels for kids is the certainty that each lesson is short and sweet. This makes it easier on your part to maintain focus and for kids to stay concentrated without getting bored.


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How to Know if A Channel is Appropriate for Kids

One is considered safe or appropriate for children to watch when it carries a “family-friendly” genre. Meaning, it features an activity that can be directed to children with characters, games, songs and other subject matters with an intent to target very young viewers.

Just because a video uses heroes, cartoon figures, or toys means it is made for kids. There are also contents that could be appealing for everyone but are not intended specifically for children, not even for a teen.

Note that some content can insert clips that contain violent, sexual, or mature themes not suitable for young audiences. This is the reason why Federal Trade Commissions require guidance on what is considered “made for kids.” To be safe, carefully evaluate video content.

Don’t forget a good set of headphones that is friendly to their ears and hearing.

Here are some of the top educational YouTube channels for kids, teens, and you.

Top Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

1) Veritasium

Veritasium is a channel that features demonstrations, illustrations, experiments, and expert interviews about science. Kids will love to know why squishier and bendier robots are better, or why are there colorful pools in the Utah desert.

This channel claims itself as the element of truth that takes teaching to a whole new level. It has been featured in Scientific American, the Royal Institution UK Channel, along with Wired, i09, Gizmodo, Huffington, BBC News, Fox, and more.

Dr. Derek Muller is the creator of the Veritasium channel which now is serving over 8 million subscribers and almost a billion views. It’s an awardee channel winning the “Streamy Award for Science or Education in 2017.”

Muller creates videos about any area of science that interests kids. He puts all effort into taking time to dress up in atom costumes, rent musical instruments to make spectacular science background music. He even recreates 19th-century experiments to furthermore make science content awesome.

Amaze yourself now!


2) Minute Physics

Minute Physics is an educational YouTube channel with an instructional, science, and physics genre. Its most popular video discusses whether to walk or run when trying to avoid the rain – with more than 15 million views.

In 2011, the channel was created by Henry Reich using whiteboard animation to explain physics-related topics within only a span of one minute. With the energetic and entertaining short views of old and new problems in physics — it acquired more than 5 million subscribers in 2020.

Kids will enjoy why the solar system is flat, which days have more than 24 hours, who is the man who corrected Einstein, to the physics of caramel, the science of seeing, to making solar panels, and hitting the sun. Amazing!

Videos from Minute Physics have been featured on Huffington Post, PBS NewsHour, NBC, and Gizmodo. It can also be viewed through YouTube EDU. It’s free to subscribe to MinutePhysics.

So, to stay as dry as possible, should you walk and spend more time in the rain, or run all your might? Let your class watch this!


3) PBS Nova

NOVA is the most-watched primetime science series on television reaching an average of five million viewers weekly. The NOVA website has been pioneering new forms of web-original content since it debuted in early 1996.

Nova has been around since 1974. Produced by WGBH Boston, it is broadcast on PBS in the U.S., and in more than 100 other countries, and has been the most-watched primetime science series on television reaching an average of five million viewers weekly.

The program has won many major television awards. Imagine videos like a researcher raising botflies under his skin, touching the asteroid, arctic was a swamp fifty million years ago, and what causes Greenland’s biggest glacier to melt?

As one of the best channels on YouTube, NOVA’s online presence amplifies the impact of its other channels under the mission to make science accessible to viewers so that they can better understand the world around them.

Here are Nova’s biggest space news stories of 2020:


4) Make Me Genius

Perfect for younger kids, this YouTube channel is loved for interesting stories and cartoons. It’s a blend of life people, nature, and even Santa Claus and the Chinese New Year  – all added to the education which is learning about new cultures.

It has short kids stories like Halloween, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Gandhi, Mari Curie, Abraham Lincoln, and Mother Theresa. The most interesting are Thanksgiving stories for kids and the most thrilling of all – ghosts.

You, your kids, or your class deserve a website that provides concept-based education. Subjects and topics are sorted out and converted into short but fun and appealing cartoon movies to level children’s scope of understanding. It uses day-to-day examples so that kids can see and base learning on what’s happening in a logical way.

You can come every week to check for new videos. From kindergarten to grade 7 – you are covered. Ready for jokes for kids, as well?

Here is one fascinating video about the beautiful day and night.

5) Full-Time Kid

In this YouTube channel, you will meet Mya, a full-time kid who will be sharing fun educational tricks, winning crafts, songs, and surprises that other kids and their parents, as well as teachers, will enjoy doing.

Every child likes crafts because by nature kids are creative. So get ready for a lot of fun with DIY activities your family and students will love. There is a lot of easy and exciting experiments to do from colorful, messy, playful, and challenging adventures.

The kids might like to create a DIY bird feeder, hide & seek rocks, light painting, or giant bubbles? What about full-time brain games like multiplication tricks, how to solve Rubik’s cube, how to make bottle thermometer, or cheesy pizza bites, perhaps?

The channel also features food-making episodes like ice cream on a hot day and frozen banana pops. Want to make a fun and healthy snack with Mya? Get to meet her at the Full-Time Kid Channel, today.


6) The Brain Scoop

This channel is inspired by Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago, a former volunteer of the University of Montana Zoological Museum.

Kids will be digging many discoveries in many parts of the world. Each video brings you along a nature-filled journey to history. It includes interviews with scientists, as well as tours, expeditions, and deep dives into museum specimens.

The Brain Scoop channel is perfect for kids who are engaged with laboratory-setting videos covering dissections and scientific experiments. Content here is geared toward young learners with a keen interest in natural sciences.

As Emily says, think about it this way: you just completed your first video on an expedition and there is virtually nothing that can stop you now. Kids like a series of virtual educational journeys like these!

Watch this episode of The Brain Scoop on YouTube.


7) Kids Learning Tube

This channel is loved by people of all ages for its unique approach. The videos portray every level of learning, from preschool through middle school with brilliant, exciting, and winsome content.

It was in 2015 when Kids Learning Tube began as a YouTube channel. Its goal is to educate school-age kids with over 140 sing-a-long videos covering general subject matters from the human body to geography to the solar system and more.

Its top-rating video is the Planet Songs for Kids with 54,190+ million views. The musical-animated approach of the channel has never failed to educate kids through playful melodies and animation in a fun approach.

Supporting the Kids Learning Tube will make a harmonious difference in children’s lives all over the world. Why not listen and learn about the 8 planets of our solar system yourself?

Click the video and sing along!


8) TED-Ed

This one is perfect for inquisitive kids because the channel covers a great selection of general learning topics and multipurpose series. There’s also a corresponding website you can visit for supplemental learning for each video.

The well-produced videos feature anything like why bats don’t get sick, why dandruff occurs, who decides how long a second is, the earth’s colorful gemstones, the dark history of bananas, the fish that walks on land, and a lot more.

TED-Ed’s undertaking of creating visual lessons is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. All animated and curated learning videos are created by talented educators and animators within TED-Ed’s growing channel.

While older kids will love this channel for its profound movie-like answers to their questions, many of the random-topic videos are appropriate for the most curious younger kids, as well.

Watch a TED-Ed video now.


9) Crash Course

US History, World History, The Chemical Mind, Sensation, and Perception: Kids with an insatiable yearning for natural philosophy will find this high-educational channel a new door for chunks of knowledge.

The Crash Course began uploading learning videos to help students and teachers with world history and biology. But then, it grew and eventually has been bringing new subjects like Psychology, Literature, Chemistry, and even Film.

Today it offers outstanding resources for middle school and high school students. It also has gone beyond the classroom to make all of its series spectacularly interesting.

How do oceans circulate? What is a cloud? Let kids answer these questions by watching short, informative, and interesting visuals and you’ll find yourself enjoying along with all the fascinating information.

Why not watch this?


10) Mr. DeMaio

If kids laugh, they learn and learn more. This is what Mr. DeMaio wants to offer on his YouTube channel – fun and hilarious learning.

Mr. DeMaio is an elementary teacher who leads a team of educators in the production of customized videos to help children learn concepts in math, science, and social studies.

This channel features a collection of subjects from basic math to engaging science facts to the planets in the solar system. The videos keep growing in popularity not only among elementary learners but for all ages.

Mr. DeMaio and his kooky-dopey puppet buddy present extremely amazing videos for young learners to watch like Tornado Facts, Black Holes Explained, the Planet of Diamonds, or Carnivorous Plant Facts.

How many of your young learners find it quite troublesome to remember the seven continents? Well, that’s what this video is for! Watch!


11) Math Antics

Math is not easy for many kids, but thanks to the Math Antics YouTube channel, videos, and supplementary materials are now available online. It scopes the basic math topics: arithmetic, fractions, percents, probabilities, algebra, statistics, and geometry.

Math Antics is best for fourth grade through middle school. Each example videos explain the relevant math problem step by step. It promotes routine application exercises to help kids fully absorb the information they learned. Answer keys to the printed materials are also provided.

The channel’s founders, Rob and Jeremy, combined their expertise in different math subjects to create video content as a math resource that kids need to succeed. Their goal is to provide great resources that make math a little easier for everyone.

Do you wish for a video for calculating percentage change, measuring slope distance, or exponents and square roots? Would you like a review of the Pythagorean theorem or Prime Factorization?

Take a look.


Let’s sum it up…

YouTube is the internet’s most popular channel with great videos of all sorts. Since kids are more tech-savvy than ever and YouTube has a channel for just about everything, it makes it quite challenging to narrow down videos that are both entertaining and educational for kids.

Luckily, I found the best YouTube channels for kids with topics that are sorted out into comprehensible facts and information. The videos serve as a helpful series of answers and solutions preparing learners for tests or just understanding materials better.

Check each of the channels above and you’ll find that it covers all subjects young learners will enjoy. If you have younger kids, would you download YouTube’s app for kids that you are not sure about? The answer should be No.

So what YouTube Channels did you like the best from the above list? Do you have other channels to suggest? Share them in the comments.