10 Essential Stuff For Teachers That You Need In Your Classroom Right Now!

It’s an overwhelming challenge to put up a teacher’s essential list especially now that there’s an ongoing pandemic, as everything is so different compared to before and most teachers are just keeping their heads above the water making the most out of what they have. 

It can take some time for a teacher to figure out the perfect list, but thanks to the internet you can now source and surge essential stuff for teachers with just one click. 

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And since you’re already here, you can check out this list of essentials for teachers I curated that you need in your classroom right now no matter what level you are teaching. 


<<Are you in a hurry to find this stuff? Take a peep at the top 3 editor’s choice.

Top 3 Things You Need In Your Classroom Right Now!

Product Image Reasons to get it
EXPO Original Dry Erase Set
  • Perfect for the teacher who needs quick and easy whiteboard care all the time
  • Designed with a versatile chisel tip that offers broad, medium, or fine writing
  • The brightly colored dry erasers will help you create messages that stand out
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Clipboard with Storage
  • A convenient tool that holds up to ½” thick papers of around 50 letter-size sheets
  • With a compartment of up to ¾” deep where you can store pens and calculators
  • Durable yet lightweight and upgraded to 20% break-resistant polypropylene
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Whitney Antibacterial Wipes
  • A very important personal and classroom cleaning tool for today’s new normal life
  • BPA Free, bleach Free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, dye-free for everyday use
  • The pre-moistened towelettes kill 99.9% of common germs and bacteria
  • FDA-registered and comes in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging
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As a teacher, you know that there are like a million things you need for your classroom whether it be virtually or a face-to-face class and it is a teacher’s dream to have a fully geared, organized, and perfect classroom with everything a teacher needs in it. 

For this list, we’re going over some of the basics that should always be in a teacher’s possession whether you’re teaching remotely or you have the chance to teach in a live classroom today and you’re so lucky if that is the case. 

Let’s get into it and let’s get you finishing your essential stuff for the teachers’ list! 


10 Essential Stuff For Teachers That Are Surely Must-Haves

1.) EXPO Original Dry Erase Set

EXPO Original Dry Erase Set

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The EXPO Original Dry Erase Set is an item that teachers should definitely have. Markers are always essential that every teacher should have in order to teach students effectively, especially if there are some points that need to be emphasized then utilizing markers while teaching is definitely a big help. 

One thing to note about the EXPO Original Dry Erase Set is that it has a variety of felt tips that you can browse through, and from there you can pick which one suits your preference. 

This set comes with one eraser, one cleaning spray and four different colored dries erase markers. It is better to have more than one dry erase marker and in different color variants in order to classify and further emphasize your points during the lecture. 

It can even be used by your students especially if there is a group activity that requires your students to present their answers on the board. 

What’s great about the EXPO Original Dry Erase Set is its dry-erase formula that is hypoallergenic so if ever the marker has stained your skin it would not irritate it unlike other dry erase marker brands. 

Additionally, it does not stain that much on the skin but it will provide clarity on anything that you write on the whiteboard.

That is why the set comes with one cleaning spray because over time, the whiteboard might get stained when always in use so the cleaning spray is a helpful tool in order to clean the whiteboard every once in a while. 

So do not be afraid of going all out when writing on the whiteboard. There are many dry erase markers out there that are priced much cheaper but you should always pick quality over quantity and EXPO Original Dry Erase Set is the perfect pick for all teachers. 

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2.) Post-it Super Sticky Notes

Post-it Super Sticky Notes

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One thing that all teachers have in common is that they always have a tight schedule that they have to follow in order to properly run their day at work, what is essential that teachers need in order to be reminded of their daily tasks? 

Of course, there are many things that can be used by them and one of those things that are very popular are the Post-It Sticky Notes. 

The Post-it Super Sticky Notes contains 12 pads per pack, 100 sheets per pad, and a total of 1,200 sheets. It has different bright color variants that are pleasing to look at when it is stuck on your work desk or bulletin board, and you can utilize the different colors depending on your mood for the day. 

It is very convenient and efficient even though it is just a bunch of small sticky paper, it is still an effective way to keep reminders. As a teacher, you are not only limited to writing down reminders but you can also write motivational quotes to keep you going for the day. 

Not only can teachers use it for personal use, but it can also be used as a material for activities inside the classroom such as mini-quizzes or any kind of activity. It can also be used as a decoration for the classroom, and students are free to write on it to express their concerns or if they just want to have a way for them to express themselves. 

The Post- It super sticky notes are different from the normal post-it notes, it has 2X the sticking power. Its size is 3×3 meaning you can carry some in your pocket at all times. No need to worry about it being too big that it can’t fit inside your working bag, although it is small in size it still is an important item that every teacher needs to have.

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3.) Crayola Washable Gel Pens

Crayola Washable Gel Pens

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Crayola is a well-known brand and has also been a classroom staple for many teachers and students and most classrooms that you’ll go into will have a Crayola product. 

Their most famous line of products are the crayons as they create wax-based crayons with heavy pigments of colors that will surely liven up any artwork and make it more pop to the eyes of people.

The Crayola brand is not only limited to art supplies, they also extended their product line to writing materials making it convenient for teachers as this product is really reliable for so many years now that pleases people and helps them by using their products in their everyday work and daily tasks. And that was when the Crayola Washable Pens were created.

One thing that teachers need to always have inside their bag are gel pens. It has many uses. It can be for various reasons, that is why the Crayola Washable Pens are a versatile item, and many people, not only teachers, enjoy using them. 

One thing to take note of the product is that it is very pleasant to write on paper using it compared to other gel pens that provide a rough feeling when writing on paper. In the Crayola Washable Pens case, it just provides a continuous writing movement because of its smooth tip making writing a breeze. 

Compared to other gel pens, it is a normal-sized pen that can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is not as bulky as others and the rubber grip is just enough to provide comfort for your hand. 

The ink of the product itself is also made from top quality, it can continuously flow ink so you won’t have to worry about your writing being opaque unless of course, the cartridge will be close to empty. The pack itself contains 7 color variants so you have many options to go for when writing, but of course, the classic black color is still available for work usage. 

If you’re handling a younger class, this would be the perfect set for you to stock up in your classroom. Getting them to write with these colorful pens will spark their interest and will make them more attentive when it comes to writing activities. 

The pens being washable makes it an added bonus as children are often messy and will certainly stain their clothes or accidentally write on their skin. 

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4.) Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils

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Crayola products have always been a top choice in regards to arts and crafts so there is no doubt that there will be multiple Crayola products on this list. 

This time, Crayola has introduced a not-so-new line but still different from their usual wax colors and that is their own version of colored pencils. It is a given that Crayola will provide excellent quality for the colored pencils so the colors of the product are very vibrant—perfect for any art activity. 

Crayola products are all safe and non-toxic so it is ideal for any classroom. . The pack includes 50 different color variants that can be used individually on their own, depending on the user’s preference. It is essential that is helpful especially inside the classroom, that if you want to see students be more attentive and participative in classroom activities then simply adding Crayola Colored Pencils will make a positive difference. 

Students will most likely be more creative when there are classroom activities that involve this product as they can express and enhance their creative side. It is also a good idea in order to get more students to be participative, however, you can also use this product for personal use. 

If you want some kind of small recreation then you can color some expressive drawings that can help calm your mind. It is a common activity that can help you unwind and destress yourself from work, which is why it is included in the essentials for teachers.

Overall, the product is high quality and easier to use more than other colored pencils because it has a soft colored tip that is not too rough when writing it on paper but it is sturdy enough to write with so you won’t have to worry about breaking it. It can be sharpened multiple times and it does not have that much fallout than other colored pencils when shaving it.

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5.) BOSTITCH Compact One-Finger 15-Sheet Stapler

BOSTITCH Compact One-Finger 15-Sheet Stapler

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Everyone knows that a teacher’s job is not only full of class discussions but what makes it a labor-intensive job is the amount of paperwork that they encounter every day at work. 

It is normal to handle paperwork in every job but teachers have so much on their plate because not only are they handling paperwork for their department but they also need to handle the paperwork from their students and of course, teachers do not only handle one class but multiple classes that is why it is a very hectic job to do. 

Being a teacher means that you need to be organized, paperwork must be classified in order to avoid any problems because compiling and grading paperwork is delicate. Students have dedicated their time and effort in order to submit their work so as a teacher, you need to be responsible for keeping and grading their work. 

If you were to lose their work because of so much paperwork that you handle then you need to start looking for items that can help you organize the papers that you are handling.

One of the items that can help you in your struggle in keeping paperwork is a stapler, but not just only an ordinary stapler. One of the best staplers that teachers can use is the BOSTITCH Compact One-Finger 15-Sheet Stapler because it is compact in size but it can still staple a lot of paper. 

Teachers need to maximize the space on their workspace because of the much paperwork that they handle so the BOSTITCH Compact One-Finger 15-Sheet Stapler is perfect to keep inside their drawers or even inside their bag. 

It can also be used by students if ever they need to compile more than one of their works to be submitted, this will help you be more organized and classify papers according to your preference.

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6.) Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers

Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers

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Since there is a dry erase marker on this list then there is no surprise that a whiteboard eraser will also be in it. It is a multi-purpose eraser that can be used on standard whiteboards, calendars, memos, marker boards, rolling, classroom calendars, easel, wipe-off boards, weekly, lined, double-sided, and used by students and teachers.

The great feature that this particular whiteboard erase has is the fact that it is magnetic so you can just simply stick it to the side of the whiteboard and you do not have to worry about placing it elsewhere; it serves as a space-saving feature inside the classroom. 

This will also allow people who are shorter or taller in height to be able to get the whiteboard eraser, just simply place it on whichever you want and you’ll have ease of access all the time.

The product is made out of high-quality and sturdy material that can withstand shock when it will accidentally fall down, some whiteboard erasers are flimsy and they easily fall apart from the hard case in just one fall. 

The sponge of the whiteboard eraser is hard and is coated with black so it will not look as dirty when you are erasing something on the whiteboard but it does not mean that you do not need to wash it. You need to regularly wash the product in order to avoid “eraser dust” whenever you are erasing something on the whiteboard.

The pack includes 12 whiteboard erasers—perfect for handing it out to different classes. Teachers do not need to use the same whiteboard erasers for all of their classes since they will get dirty much faster. For its price, it is definitely a good deal and it will help teachers utilize the whiteboard more often without having to worry about it getting dirty.

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7.) Clipboard with Storage

Clipboard with Storage

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A clipboard will definitely make a teacher’s work life much easier, especially when it comes with handy storage that can store letter-size papers.

It has many uses, teachers will be able to use it in action during class discussions especially if you are taking notes of your students’ recitation, behavior and you can also use it to write down important points during the said discussion for upcoming quizzes, seatwork, and examinations. 

Since it has storage, it serves as more than just a clipboard. During lectures, teachers will be able to store the works of their students inside the clipboard, this way they do not have to carry a bunch of papers whenever they go out of the classroom; just simply store them inside the clipboard and they are good to go. 

Unlike any other clipboard, it is made out of sturdier materials: 20% break-resistant polypropylene + hinge, this is an important thing to note because it will store a lot of paper so it needs to be strong enough. Luckily, this product is very particular about the materials used because it ensures that the product will be able to achieve its role of a clipboard + storage. 

Although it is made out of said materials, it is still lightweight—12.02 oz. in total so teachers would be able to carry the clipboard around without that much hardship. 

It is a big item that a teacher can have, but it is essential because teachers handle a lot of paperwork so it is good to have a clipboard in hand in order to take notes and edit some texts. Of course, the added storage is a good addition to the function of the clipboard so it is definitely a good item to purchase.

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8.) EASTHILL Pencil Case Pouch

EASTHILL Pencil Case Pouch

Click image for details

Another great essential item that teachers can add to their bag is the EASTHILL Pencil Case Pouch.

Unlike any other pencil case pouch, it is equipped with multiple slots that vary in size so the user will be able to utilize it and store different sized supplies like scissors, ruler, pencils, pens, tapes, and even small personal items.

The EASTHILL Pencil Case Pouch has four color variants namely: Black Dots, Dark Gray, Plaid White, and Purple—choose your preferred design to go with your aesthetics. The pouch measures about 7.68 x 2.95 x 3.74 inches and it can stand on the table on its own. 

The material used to make this product is a fabric with chiffon linen which is scratch-resistant, it is also durable so it can store a lot of items inside without stretching the pouch itself. It is a handheld bag so you can carry it around as you please or you can steadily place it inside your bag without taking too much of its space. 

This is a great product if you want to store your things in one place, instead of bringing your whole bag with you during class discussions, you can just leave your bag inside the faculty room and bring the pencil case pouch with you instead. 

It can carry all of the necessary items that you need during class discussions and even some stuff that can help enhance classroom activities. Moreover, you can use the pencil case pouch for storing personal needs such as medication, make-up, and hygiene essentials. It is still a great product to use by teachers if you choose to use it either way.

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9.) Germ-X Hand Sanitizer

Germ-X Hand Sanitizer

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With the ongoing pandemic, it is a necessity that every one of us should take care of ourselves that is why the Germ-X Hand Sanitizer is perfect for any teacher to bring. This hand sanitizer can kill 99.99% of germs even without water. 

It can eliminate up to 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds, it also contains moisturizers with Vitamin E so it can keep your hands smooth.  

The hand sanitizer comes in different sizes, if you want to use it for personal use then you can avail yourself of their compact size but if you are a teacher then buying a big container will be beneficial especially in the classroom since face-to-face classes are already in consideration. 

The primary ingredient used in this hand sanitizer is Ethyl Alcohol, it does not have any scent so it is suitable for all ages and it also contains Vitamin E to keep your hands silky smooth. This product is ranked no. 733 in health and household and no. 5 in hand sanitizers so rest assured that this product has many positive reviews. 

During this time of the pandemic, it is essential to always have something to protect or keep you away from germs, a sanitizer on your pocket or your home will make you feel safer as you go through your day-to-day journey.

Since it comes in different sizes you can choose what to use in your home and also you can put one in your bag since it also comes with pocket sizes. For only $25.53 you will get a pack of 4 32 Fl oz. 

Since it is available in a convenient 32 Fl oz size you can do a lot of work with it. This Germ X Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer will make a useful addition to your self-care routine with a reliable blend of ingredients that also helps you fight germs and bacteria. 

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10.) Whitney Antibacterial Wipes 

Whitney Antibacterial Wipes 

Click image for details

Of course, another essential thing that every teacher needs to have is antibacterial wipes. It is perfect for everyday use and is useful for sanitizing areas.

A great antibacterial product is the Whitney Antibacterial Wipes that helps you clean and sanitize the things that you want to use before using or touching them. 

Its ingredients are Benzalkonium Chloride 0.2%, Glycerin, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Fragrance, Deionized Water, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Phenoxyethanol, D-Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and Daisy Extract. 

Breaking the ingredients down is very important because the Benzalkonium chloride is an antibacterial agent, the Deionized water is pure water that helps in removing impurities from the skin, the tetrasodium EDTA is used to make the water become soft, the sodium cocoamphoacetate is a mild and non-irritating surfactant the gently cleanse the skin. 

The glycerine is for moisturizing, preventing dry, scaly, rough, itchy skin and some minor skin irritations, the dehydroacetic acid is for preventing the growth of microorganisms, the phenoxyethanol is for fighting bacteria which can be harmful. 

The benzoic acid is for helping in preventing infections that are caused by bacteria, the D-panthenol is responsible for moisturizing, softening, and soothing the skin, the fragrance which is used to provide a fresh and pleasant scent. 

The aloe barbadensis leaf juice is for soothing skin and serves as an anti-inflammatory with a refreshing effect and the daisy extract is an antioxidant, anti-aging, and wound healing agent. 

There is no reason for anyone not to purchase these wipes, every ingredient is weighed individually in order to balance each other making it a perfect concoction for the antibacterial wipes. 

The product has eco-friendly recyclable packaging, contains 2 flip-top packs of 60 anti-bacterial wipes, and is BPA-free, bleach-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free which makes it safe to use. With an affordable price range, you can achieve a clean and sanitized environment which also helps in preventing germs and bacteria from attacking. 



And this sums up our essential stuff for teachers list and there will be things that may come up along the way and just remember that it is a continuous learning process and is something that we build up through the course of time. 

You’ll soon ace putting up a list of everything you’ll need as a teacher for your classroom and even find a use for different tools that you can also use outside the classroom making it convenient for you to toggle between your teaching life and personal life. 

It’s also best to keep it simple first and just add a few items along the way so that you won’t end up with items that you won’t really use in the future. 

Every teacher is different and what might work for you might not work for others, personal preference also plays a big role in choosing essentials and you should always consider how you normally get things done to help you choose which ones are worth getting.

What’s in your essential-stuff-for-teachers list? Please share your thoughts and comments down below! 

Until our next one, my friends! Adios!