16 Most Popular Fidget Toys for the Classroom in 2020

Kids are fiddling on their desks. They are spinning their pens, handkerchiefs, and any other things! It seems likely that they love to always move! Do you have students who like grabbing things around them so they have something to play with?  Why are they doing this? They seem to be looking for something that can keep them still. As I look at them, they need something very appropriate to ease out and to be attentive.

great fidget toy for classroom use

Hence, I give them something that will give them satisfaction. Right on this page, you will get the most popular fidget toys for the classroom that can help you figure out why children seem to be always reaching out for things. Besides, fidget toys have become popular nowadays and it feels good to always take a leap to keep with the amazing changes in the world of toys. Right here, you will realize that fidgets are not just little fads for the recent craze but also incredible educational tools worth knowing.

What do you think of classroom fidgets? How can fidget toys be useful in the classroom?  How can fidgets promote student learning? Is it beneficial to consider this item in the place of learning? We got you covered.

The answers to these questions can take us by surprise that fidgets are indeed helpful in childhood learning development. Well, let’s open our windows and let the fresh air of fidget toys for the classroom come in! Hence, I wrote this page on fidgets.

We can’t deny that even us teachers are aware of how our hands pick up anything while attending meetings or listening to conversations. We twirl our hair, we play on the zipper of our bags, we scribble anything while listening. What are these? These are techniques that can ease tensions. These are our ways to keep in attention.

Now, do you think our students share the same thing? My answer is a resounding YES! Our students need those touch inputs too to keep attentive.

In this post, we will delve into the importance of fidget toys for the classroom by checking on the most reliable fidgets available in stores today. This can help us in our selection dilemma. As we all know, our choices in whatever things can greatly impact our lives and that of others within our care.

As a teacher for years, I deeply value the importance of the sensory processing of my students. For me, it’s really imperative to be sensitive to their needs not only educational ones but also their overall personal development.


Are you in a hurry? Take a look at the top 3 EDITOR’s CHOICE.

Editor’s choice # 1

JOEYANK Fidget Cube New Version Fidget Finger Toys

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JOEYANK Fidget Cube New Version Fidget Finger Toys

  • A foldable infinity cube composed of eight small cubes that can be rotated to any direction and angle
  • EDC focus toys great for fidget, staying awake, anxiety, ADHD, autism, staying awake, and other attention disorder issues, like nail-biting, leg shaking, or even smoking
  • Fun and interesting the child can hold the cube in one hand and make it in any shape he or she likes
  • Made from premium anodized aluminum alloy, CNC machined, it is lightweight and pocket-size

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What are fidget toys?

Fidget toys or ‘sensory fiddle toys’ are small stuff or ready-to-hand objects that students of any age or even adults can use for self-regulation and for increasing attention by diminishing anxiety levels. These are held by the hands, squeezed, manipulated while doing other tasks. This manner can greatly help in soothing tensions and calming the mind.

For me, these relaxing toys are not only for people with special needs. They are for everyone. At times in our life, we need something to keep us relaxed and to maintain our focus and concentration. We need to hold something to let go of negative vibes and to release tensions and anxieties.

As a teacher, I am using fidgets too. Unknowingly, I am a client to fidgets. I usually clicked a ballpoint pen again and again while doing anything. In doing so, I keep myself calm and gain more concentration on what I’m doing. In short, if as an adult, I find fidgets as the best outlets to tensions, most practically, children of any age, love these items too.

Editor’s choice # 2

 VEFINDOR Kinetic Optical Illusion Balls, Fidget Toys

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VEFINDOR Kinetic Optical Illusion Balls, Fidget Toys

  • A fidget ball toy with attractive lines and surface texture that instantly provide a mind-bending effect
  • The aluminum spherical body with a helix-shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface is designed to spin on any flat surface
  • The rotating base is equipped with bearing so it gives a smooth, silent and longer spin
  • You will enjoy different visual effects as the ball changes its patterns along with direction and speed

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How can fidget toys make a happier classroom?

Fidget toys are great sensory and self-regulation toys that can calm a person, whether a child or an adult. As teachers, we have to consider having these items in our classroom to keep our students focused, still, and attentive. We can consider these cute items as one of our tools for behavior management. We all know that our students have a variety of personalities that need to be enhanced and controlled to make sure that learning really takes place.

Fidgets toys are hand-held wonders which give soothing effects to impatient behaviors. That is why fidget toy craze is happening in the classrooms and educators have to consider their importance to regulate student’s behaviors especially those with special needs. In fact, fidgets can be given to children with autism as incredible gifts.

On a personal thread, these calming toys should not be banned in the classroom. Used appropriately, they can assist teachers and they help students. If used in a meaningful and thoughtful way, fidget toys can never be a distraction as what others have thought.

Editor’s choice # 3

asuku Magnetic Sculpture Building Toys Building Blocks, Eliminate Pressure Fidget Gadgets

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Asuku Magnetic Sculpture Building Toys 

  • A multi-function magnetic pen that can be used as a neutral pen, touch pen, and a fidget gadget
  • With an upgraded capacitor head to ensure a more sensitive control without any misoperation
  • The magnetic pen is made of high-quality metal with smooth touch feelings, odorless and non-toxic, strong magnetic performance, durable, and long-lasting
  • Enhances assembling ability, imagination, and building an unlimited number of creative sculptures, shapes, patterns, and puzzles

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How can fidgets toys help students focused and alert?

During my first two years in the teaching profession, I really found it hard to get the attention of my learners. It seemed very daunting to keep them focused on a single activity. I was thinking, “How to keep them alert and in concentration?” Good thing that I read about fidgets. I learned that these toys could help me with my predicaments.

Hence, I added them to my collection of educational toys in the classroom. I let my students explore. I set a playtime schedule, and I spent it with them. It was a time well-spent. I enjoyed interacting with them. Likewise, they enjoyed learning from me too.

Then, I found out that some of my learners wanted to bring fidgets to their seats. And, so I allowed them to do so. Their little hands were so busy while they listened and were doing tasks.

The small movements of the hands as caused by fidgets can help the children stay focused and can keep their minds attentive. The subtle hand movements can calm their minds and bodies. This is the very reason why I found time to write this post.

I know that fidgets are sometimes neglected and most people think that these incredible items are only for those people with special attention needs. That’s a NO. Anyone can use it and can gain pleasure from it. For me, it’s a diversion of the negativity and uneasiness. And, we need it from time to time.

Through fidgeting, our students can achieve a contemplative mindset and can stay attentive to what they’re doing. While some people think of fidgeting as very distracting, I think the opposite. I always believe that fidgeting if used in a structured and right way can enhance student learning. It calms students. Clearly, it supports student’s attention which can lead to participation and productive learning.

How to choose fidget toys for the classroom?


Fidgeting can help create touch sensory inputs that can help concentration. So, we have to consider purchasing one, and since there is a lot to choose from its important to consider the most appropriate design. Fidgets with a well-designed package are more comfortable to use and can be manipulated inconspicuously.

The well-chosen items can help students get their tasks done and even adults can also enjoy using fidgets to get their work done in a most productive way.

We need to choose the most compact item that will ensure stress reducer components.  Choosing the best design is an important consideration so we will get the most fiddling or fidgeting. Since we aim to calm our nerves, our bodies, and our minds, we have to look for fidget designs that hit the mark so we can be more productive.

I believe that not only our students need to fidget, as adults we need these amazing actions too. We need to make subtle hand movements to be more focused and to channel our worries or whatever to maintain good concentration. Therefore, we have to choose the less obvious fidget toys so we can bring them anywhere. The more subtle the fidget is, the more relaxing it can be. Choose the one that offers an accommodating grip to help you relax and stay calm.


As I have mentioned earlier, fidget toys are great sensory toys. They can give us the most needed texture that we need to make us aware of ourselves. Hence, it’s best to find satisfaction on fidget toys as one of the multitudes of child development toys. No wonder many children really find themselves more comfortable holding fidgets and make the most of the texture of the toy to keep their balance and to be more aware of their bodies and movements.

As sensory toys, fidgets can help children become more aware of the actions that provide them to balance all the time. The appropriate texture that fidgets provide makes it the handiest wonders that children want to get hold of. Hence, children can be helped to manage their anxieties and to focus on the tasks at hand. They can rub their thumbs or run fidgets on their little hands to settle with the texture of the toy that they need.

Since manipulating fidgets can do a great help in the classroom, teachers should consider their admirable presence.  Fidgets can help students; however, they should not be misused. There are fidgets that are most appropriate for the classroom. Their textures are very satisfying and can sharpen attention. Fidgeting is actually good. We just have to try them and experience the calming effect they can give.


As we want to improve our focus and that of our children, we need fidget toys to play with. Since most people find fidgets very distracting and bothersome, we need to find fidgets that work for us quietly. Hence, we can squeeze silent stress balls and play with boinks unnoticeably. In that manner, people will not get distracted with the subtle movements of our hands because the toys are not producing any sound that could be very annoying. So, fidgeting isn’t a problem at all. In fact, it can be a solution. They just have to be quiet at all times while giving us the calmness we deserve. However, this is a great exemption for toddlers. We know that they love pressing their toys when they produce sounds. It ignites their attention.

The use of fidget toys as sensory integration in the classroom is a wonderful way of keeping the child alert and attentive to the different tasks. These children always seek for something to feel and touch so they will have extra sensory information that will help them develop a more focused mindset.  The tactile sensation fidgets can offer are the best support to an inattentive child. The toy must have to be quiet so it can’t distract others.

Less Distracting

The toy in the hands must not get other’s attention. If fidgets are used correctly, they can be very effective in maintaining regulation in the classroom or even at home. For the students to learn most effectively, they have to be attentive and alert.

Each time your students need fidgets there should be a fidget box in your classroom that is filled with less distracting ‘attention toys’. Therefore, when choosing fidgets for the classroom you have to consider the size, the color, and other constructive features and compositions.

Since fidgets are very perfect for calming children, we have to choose the most appropriate items that can be stored in the classroom so children can use them anytime.


The touch sense of children is made constructive through fidgeting. On top of that, fidgeting is a way of enhancing sensory integration and increasing self-regulation among children.  This can be our sensible purpose why we allow the presence of fidgets in our classroom. The subtle movements have impressive impacts on our hidden sixth sense or the proprioception.

Children have unique sensory preferences so we have to consider that when purchasing fidgets on purpose. It’s helpful to prepare your list before rushing to the store. It won’t waste your money and effort.

Correspondingly, introducing fidget toys in the classroom for amazing purposes is a good idea. This is why fidgets are great sensory tools that we need to consider. We have to make sure that our fidgets in the classroom are teacher-friendly and child-friendly to achieve our purpose.


In purchasing fidgets you have to be certain what type works out for you and for your students. Since they are your primary reasons for buying, you have to know which items hit their fidgeting interests. I know you are considering these items because you want your students to be calm and tuned-in so they’ll absorb learning objectives most effectively.

So, which type of fidgets do you think is most favorable in your classroom. We have spinning and non-spinning fidgets that can make your students attentive before you know it.

There are plenty of options to choose from. If spinning ones are not your choice you can as well consider other types. There are magnetic fidgets, fidget pads, and very small fidgets that can also function as key chains that you can hang with your bag zippers.

Whatever types, I’m sure they can entertain both children and adults for hours. Besides, fidgets have grown very popular these days which can promise you multiple types in the market. Just choose your most preferable one. The one which not only looks good but also a cool buddy thing.


 16 Most Popular Fidget Toys for the Classroom

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My First Fidget Cube

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1. My First Fidget Cube

Here’s an item that is perfect for toddlers under your care in the classroom. It’s fun to use and very child-friendly. Since they are in the early stage of manipulating sensory toys, this fidget cube will make their fiddling experiences worthwhile and unique. Having this item is a great deal.

It is very portable and yet your child can manipulate its 6 sides to keep him/her relaxed. Your kids will surely love this item very much.

If you are handling toddlers and early learners, this fidget cube is a good choice for as we all know young kids love to hear sounds when they press their toys. And, this is it. The color readily excites kids and the texture is suitable for those delicate little hands.

One of the best features of this toy aside from giving kids a variety of activities is that it produces a sound that will keep them excited and entertained.  This is one of the great advantages of using fidgets as a stress reducer tool.

Its compact size just fits the child’s little hands which makes it easy for him/her to explore the item. This six-sided fidget cube will certainly keep your little ones busy for hours. You can relax for a moment while watching your kids enjoying their first fidget cube. It provides an easy grip and allows young kids unique ways of exploration.

Indeed, this amazing fidget cube provides toddlers with something to do to help develop fine motor skills and coordination. Hence, this is an exceptional item your kids in the classroom deserve. Besides, it’s easy to carry and can be pulled out from your fidget box comfortably.

Certainly, the kids will enjoy the cube’s twisting movements and the perfect combination of unique activities it offers will increase kid’s concentration. As you know, the first try should be the best. Therefore, this item deserves your attention. And, with that, you can give your toddlers a really good time fiddling. The first time should have been an exceptional try.

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Kid Fidget Cube

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2. UOOE Kid Fidget Cube

Here’s another exceptional fidget cube used to fidget out stress and anxiety. This is quite helpful for children and adults with ADHD, ADD, OCD, and autism who need to engage in spontaneous bodily activities to concentrate on a certain task.

With its incredible use, it has become one of the best sellers on Amazon.  Its users will enjoy unique activities through the toy’s 12 easy-to-manipulate sides.

This Dodecagon Fidget Toy is one of the best stress relievers and an amazing tool to fight anxiety and depression among children and adults. Looking at its amazing features, I can say that it doesn’t only serve people as a toy but as an efficient self-regulation tool that anyone can use.

Being one of the top rater fidgets on Amazon, this incredible fidget cube attracts users through its amazing features of fun, safety, and relaxation. Then your students decide to pick this up from our fidget box, you can be confident that their fidgeting time is safe and worthwhile. This item is made of eco-friendly ABS Plastic and silicone which contribute to its smooth surface and durability. Moreover, it’s compact-sized which makes it easy to carry and explore.

It is indeed a way for children to channel their attention disorder habits such us leg shaking, desk drooling, nail-biting. The toy’s 12 sides allow the users to find relaxation in 12 amazing ways. As you look at the product closely, you can see how its essential components that support your purpose of dealing with anxiety and pressures among your students.

They can spin the roll, click the triangle button, rotate the disk and joystick, slide blocks on the other side, and many other helpful fidgeting ways that make this item ideal to children and adults whether in school or at home.

For a try, you can repeatedly rub your fingers on the worry groove on one of the sides of this dodecagon cube so you will be relaxed and calm your senses. This is how surprising the science of fidgeting is. They are just hand-held, no further hassle, and can help you make your students overcome annoyance and floating attention.

I know some schools have banned the use of fidget toys but if you will only use it correctly and constructively, you will be amazed by its great assistance in keeping your students productive in the classroom.

This product will get their attention and make them focused on different tasks. Fidgeting will capture their wandering minds for them to perform at their best.

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3. FIGROL LED Fidget Spinner

LED Fidget Spinner

Click image for details

Fidget hand spinners are some of the most common fidget toys children play. The fidget’s soothing and relaxing effects are intensified by its spinning elements.

This FIGROL LED fidget spinner attracts children because of its crystal LED light rainbow color. Kids will just press the item to change the modes and enjoy the shining colors of red, blue, and green. This is a 5-in-1 pack fidget spinner that can help fine-tune annoyance and stressful environments.

Kid’s fingers will be kept busy while spinning this item anywhere. This can be kept in a small purse so you can bring it anywhere. Hence, fidgeting is made anytime and anywhere.

However, as teachers, we have to closely supervise our students while they are spinning to make sure that fidget spinners are used most appropriately. Structured use of fidget spinners will give benefits to users especially those who are challenged with attention afflictions.

As we all know, each one of us functions in a different way in different situations. Some people prefer a quiet environment while working. Some would prefer to work with loud music. On the other hand, there are people who function best and can adjust easily to situations when they make physical stimulations by holding something, pressing objects, squeezing, and spinning.

Moreover, this fidgeting device is safe to use as it’s made from eco-friendly materials that make it durable and which meet new US Toy Safety Standards.

Another point is, it is a widely-used simple device that can be found on desk drawers, employees’ and students’ bags, and on top of office tables. So, t is small enough that it can be carried anywhere. Fidget spinning is made more comfortable and fun with this light-producing spinner.

In general, take a look at this multi-colored fidget toy, and who knows it’s the one which you have been looking for to complete fun and excitement in your classroom.

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Antsy Labs Fidget Cube

Click image for details

4. Antsy Labs Fidget Cube

Do you fidget? What about your students in the classroom? If fidgeting can keep you relaxed, then, you have to consider this another helpful stylish item.

The cube’s six sides can offer unique activities so your hands will get busy. Feeling restless out of anxieties and worries should be avoided because it can affect your total performance.

And, for this, we have to consider our students in the classroom. They need support along the way. They need our understanding for them to develop confidence among themselves.

We can’t deny the presence of anxious students in our classroom. They seem to be restless when doing tasks. The small movements that fidget toys can cause is a big help to our students’ senses. As a teacher, I recognize the importance of fidgets in keeping student’s focus and attention.

This high-quality item is an impressive idea for worthwhile fidgeting. It’s proven safe and durable. Children and adults can both use this item to keep their restless hands busy for hours.

What’s your favorite color? You can choose among the 8 colors available. The attractive colors will intensify your fidgeting moments and those of your students. By the way, for a more encouraging tone, fidgeting is not just about diverting one’s attention. I know that you are pretty aware of its health benefits especially to those people who have attention disorders.

But, we have to fidget in moderation. What is too much isn’t always good. That is why fidgeting in the classroom has to be closely monitored by the teachers. Furthermore, teachers have to choose the most appropriate fidgeting toys that offer safety in the classroom. That is why this post was written. We need to be guided by our choice because there are students who highly depend on our ways of choosing. Our choice will directly affect our learners.

In short, we have to promote mild fidgeting to our students. We have to allow them to do it only when necessary. If they want to keep their hands busy so they can concentrate on other tasks, then let them use the fidgets you have for them. Significantly, this is also a great way to sharpen focus and to make students more expressive of their thoughts.

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5. JOEYANK  Fidget Cube

JOEYANK  Fidget Cube

Click image for details

Here’s another high-quality finger toy that can help suppress negative thoughts and lessen anxious feelings. This is a versatile infinity cube that gives satisfaction to one’s restless hands. It is made from premium anodized aluminum which makes it an ultra-durable item worthy of your attention.

We know that most children easily get bored when sitting for hours. It’s very tiring for them. Hence, I have presented a solution to this predicament. Fidgeting can help children to get rid of dull moments. The subtle movements of the hands have a major impact on the child’s performance and attention.

Hence, I don’t buy the idea of banning fidgets in my classroom. I allow children to use these amazing items; however, it should be used moderately to avoid other health afflictions. This is why I firmly believe that fidgeting could be good for our child’s health.

More and more health enthusiasts and researchers recognize the health benefits fidgeting bring especially when one is seated for prolonged hours.  It’s not only the children who need to fidget. We, adults, need to change positions while sitting for long hours. To avoid the harmful effects of being still for hours, we need to make muscle reflexes to burn calories to keep us energized.

We need to do something to be attentive and to be aware of ourselves. When we get involved in deep thinking, we need our minds to keep alert and engaged.

Children will enjoy making various shapes out of the adjustable eight small cubes. They just rotate the built-in small cubes to make fantastic shapes they like. Using this very safe item is proven effective. It can keep kids attentive and get involved in focused listening and in performing different tasks in the classroom.

Most of all, this item is pocket-sized so you can easily carry it anywhere. In the same manner, your students can bring it to their seats easily. The shapes can be formed and changed by just one hand so it is not that obvious.

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6. Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Balls

Click image for details

Stress can affect people from all walks of life. It’s quite detrimental to our health if not addressed and death properly. Teaching has been known to be highly demanding among other professions.

Teachers overwork. It is indeed health alarming. Hence, teachers, oftentimes experience burn out that needs to be overcome. Since we are most likely to experience stress, we have to manage it properly. This motivational stress ball can help up settle our emotions and compose ourselves effectively.

Interestingly, these stress balls come with inspirational sayings that will enlighten your minds while squeezing. In particular, it is suitable for kids and adults. Primarily, this is a perfect stress reliever for teachers who have been experiencing job-related worries each day.

Squeezing these motivational stress balls can enliven our senses and stretch our tired muscles. In the teaching world, we need to nurture our health and to observe a positive mindset. And, these little things can help us lessen our worries and will keep us reminded how rewarding our career choice is.

Every single packaging comes with three stress balls with uplifting thoughts on it. These stress relievers are soft and durable so it can possibly calm your senses. Each time you feel exhausted in the classroom, all you have to do is reach out for your fidget box and pick the stress ball and relax. Feel the soft vibrations of the hands and coordinate it with your mental alertness.

When facing heavy workloads and paper works, we need to breathe in positive thoughts and stay focused on what’s constructive. Stress should not make us quit our profession. Many kids out there need our support. We just have to manage stress in a subtle way.

As teachers, we need to relieve stress and get rid of toxic moments. Having these stress balls on our desks is a perfect way of feeling better. When we have these items in our classroom, our students will benefit from them too. Stress balls can help us make our kids settle down and focus on what they are doing.

The squishy balls will keep us calm and can keep our students settled at the same time. That is why I intentionally, included these amazing wonders in this post since we are more focused on how to reduce stress and how to keep ourselves relaxed to increase performance and productivity. Let’s get into the latest craze of fighting stress away!

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7. Grey ONO Roller

Grey ONO Roller

Click image for details

You can’t remove the noiseless ONO Roller from your choices of handheld fidget toys for the classroom.  Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this novel fidget roller ensures safe and long-term use.

Our work as teachers increases over time. Hence, we need to look for the best remedies to cope up with stress to keep us feel good. This item can give us the energy we deserve.

We can use it at any time. When we take a break inside the classroom, we can sit still while our hands are being massaged by this fidget tool for adults. While our fingers set in full motion, we can feel a great comfort it gives us as it decreases our stress levels. It can do us good.

When times get rough and hard on us, just get hold of this compact roller and let it massage your hands to maintain your balance and to keep your focus. This innovation is ideal in our classroom and in any office. Its portable design makes it easy for us to bring it anywhere. In this busy world, what’s compact and durable is what counts.

As teachers, we are so committed to our work, but we should not forget ourselves. We need health support to keep us going. For this reason, don’t skip this item from your view. Definitely, the fresh aluminum roll can take your nerves out to maintain your balance and positive perspective. This can always keep you on track. Never lose the grip of comfort and a stress-free environment. Who knows, this can be the one for your needs.

When things get too overwhelming, holding this roller will help release the tensions of work. Don’t wait to get yourself not the breaking point. Think about this option. This may work for you too. As education professionals, we deserve this fidgeting support. We can’t deny the importance of having outlets of our pent up emotions because keeping them will incapacitate. I can’t let that happen.

So, I included this incredible fidget toy on my list. I just can’t allow you to wallow in a stressful environment. I’m a teacher like you so I can feel your pain when you have difficulty concentrating because of the unexpected turn out of events. You just need a reliable outlet that is always available anytime. Here’s the fidget roll that will help you survive in the complicated teaching life.

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8. Tangle BrainTools Think Fidget

Tangle BrainTools Think Fidget

Click image for details

How do you consider increasing your student’s attention through a twist? Think fidget is a great functional tool to make children with ages 3 and up to capture their senses especially their mental alertness and concentration.

Being considered as the number one bestseller among teachers, parents, students, and even other professionals, this is an ideal choice for you.

With that, this works best on kids too. Providing kids with great entertainment has been made easy and effective through this tangle brain tool. This can promote your children’s concentration and focus. This can be a great addition to your behavior management ideas.

Its twistable features can improve children’s brain activity which can ideally make them expressive of their thoughts and ideas. Some people find this therapeutic touch device really helpful especially when doing tasks like writing, answering exams, listening to discussions and conversations, and while reading.

This rubberized and textured Tangle Brain tool helps increase brain activity that most children need. Having this ‘fidget to focus’ tool in your classroom is a great idea. Children can seek solace and satisfaction from this twistable and latex-free tangle brain tool.

When our hands are busy on something while we are doing that needs deep focus can help us gain keep our senses alive. The textured surface of the tangle keeps us alert and develops our concentration.  I know this Tangle BrainTools have been a favorite of many fidget loving fellows out there. It comes in assorted color so children get attracted to this fidget toy easily.

If you untangle it and form different shapes which precisely a good hand exercise can also stimulate the brain which is an indication that you are indeed focused. Twisting the Think fidget to form various shapes and designs is fun which makes it one of the ultimate fidget toys that you have to consider to have in your classroom.

This can become a staple in your classroom before you’ll know it. Your students will surely love this item especially those with learning disabilities and those with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Therefore, you have to avail of this highly recommended educational therapeutic think fidget to help your students who need attention outlets the most. This is perfect for use in your classroom because it’s extremely portable. Your students can use them discreetly. The shapes and colors are pretty and attractive.

Boost your student’s concentration by keeping their little hands busy. Make them think deeply through structured fidgeting. What about considering this item on your list?’

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9. VEFINDOR Kinetic Optical Illusion Balls

VEFINDOR Kinetic Optical Illusion Balls

Click image for details

Release your emotions with this aluminum kinetic desk toy. Why should you consider the Kinetic Optical Illusion Balls?  I love this great deal of fidgeting on my computer desk. The optical illusions created soothes our senses that we feel it’s subtle mind stimulations.

The milled lines give you an amazing tactile experience and seeing these lines while the ball is spinning can help relieve stress and anxiety.

As the illusion ball rotates, the visual illusions and the creative patterns of milled lines alongside the ball’s surface will absorb you completely. There is indeed enjoyment in the sphere. This can keep your focus and ignites your sensory processes. I really love the lovely design of this optical illusion sphere.

I always wanted to have this on my table. And, you can have that desire too and experience the great entertainment it offers to you and your students. Even your co-teachers will experience the delight of this wonderful thing.

Get this desk toy spinning. Let your students witness the captivating spin. Or you can actually allow them to spin the ball for a real fidgeting experience. The optical illusion ball’s dynamic sculpture promises smooth and silent spin that helps satisfy your student’s sensory diet.

The spinning is stable because the toy is equipped with bearing on its rotating base. Initially, this may look more of a toy but its benefits are amazing which makes it truly a reliable teaching tool in the classroom that students appreciate.

As an adult, you can mostly enjoy using this item especially when you are conversing with your colleagues on your desk. It’s the best way to counteract tey effects of stress at work and the uneasiness due to prolonged-sitting when attending conferences and faculty meetings.

Aside from scribbling important notes, you can make illusions to keep you awake and alert for the whole period.  Hence, fidgeting is really a good thing.   I don’t believe fidgeting is an undesirable habit. This is just a misconception. If you get into details of fidgeting and try it in a sense, you will experience its essence and decide for yourself! Therefore, we should fidget!

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10. Fidget Dice

Fidget Dice

Click image for details

I’d like to acknowledge all fidget dice lovers out there. Here’s another cute fidget dice that can soothe your senses and can offer you a mesmerizing experience.

Playing with this item is very convenient because it just measures 4.8 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm/1.77 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. It’s highly-compact and very easy to use. It offers 6 sides which you can click, roll, spin, and flip for hours.

Certainly, your children in the classroom will enjoy using this thing during their playtime. Hence, you have to consider adding this to your collection of self-regulation and educational toys in the classroom. This quite helps in making your classroom peaceful. This can calm children and can keep them attentive. I have experienced using this valuable item and it’s worth the price.

As I always aim to provide my students with a safe learning environment, I make sure that they are well and fine. Since they are the main occupants of the classroom they have to be disciplined so all of them will benefit from learning. And, I find these fidget dice a calming tool which helps my students settle down.

If your children really love the smart designs of these dice, you can have these items as Christmas presents. Each package contains 4 pieces of fidget dice toy in brilliant colors and various designs.

Exploring these items can help fight anxiety and stress.  Absolutely, a lot of people today are making use of fidgeting to reduce stress. And, it can really help. Hence, these marvelous pieces have been considered to be in my list of fidget toys because I believe in its capacity to manage stress.

Besides, with its small size, you can bring it anywhere not just in your classroom or office. You can fidget even if you are traveling or in a crowded place. It won’t disturb nor distract others.

I consider these fidget dice valuable. It’s not only because of its captivating designs but because it has a great role as a sensory toy especially with kids with special needs. There are days when you see them restless and uneasy. As a teacher, you should be aware of what they need to keep them calm. Here’s the solution. This may not be the cure, but this anxiety cube fidget toy is a big help.

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11. Creative Magnetic Pen

Creative Magnetic Pen

Click image for details

What’s in this pen? Why is it among the best fidgets listed? What does it offer? Well, for me, this works well to relieve stress and boredom. I know that most of us find ways on how to manage stress and how to deal with the hard days in our lives.  The existence of stress in our lives is inevitable.

And, this happens to children too. As teachers, we should be more sensitive to our learner’s needs. You can actually invite them to your desk and touch the magnetic pen and allow them to explore its best features. This will bring out productive interaction with your learners.

This Asuku Magnetic Sculpture Building Toys may help. Hence, you should consider adding this item to your sets of educational toys for the classroom.

There are days when you set out so tired and exhausted. This will affect your performance. To avoid that to happen, you should look for a fine outlet to divert your attention so you will gain back the energy you need. It’s not only about taking the most reliable vitamins you have, it’s about making your hands busy while making subtle stimulations in your brain. Take this creative toy instead.

Stress sprouts anywhere. So, you should let solutions to be available anywhere. You can have this item like a desk item and touch it from time to time. You can make creative sculptures to eliminate pressure and boring moments. As you assemble the building blocks, your mind is working at its best. Your imagination is enhanced as well. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice and a great deal to have this multi-function pen on your desk. You can use it for writing or for touch satisfaction.

There’s a lot of ways to enjoy this multi-purpose pen. Aside from making it as your most reliable stress reliever toy, you can also use it to make your desk attractive. The amazing sculptures and shapes you’ll make out of the blocks can make your classroom look fantastic. By designing a creative and smart-looking artwork is another way of making yourself relaxed and calm. So, I’m giving you a fine way of dealing with the hard days of your life.

Touch the pen, make creative designs, let your mind and imagination work, and that’s it. That’s the diversion I am talking about. It’s easy to use and it’s fun. Create shapes and puzzles out of this magnetic toy and you’ll not notice how you reduce stress better.  Unconsciously, you get so engaged in making creative designs that you block your stressful surroundings. We, teachers, need this strategy of coping with stress. Set your mindset and this creative magnetic pen will help you.

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12. Chain Flippy Fidgets

Chain Flippy Fidgets

Click image for details

When was the time that you reconsider to break the chains of stress to become productive? Would you like to always dwell in stress? Friends, teacher burnout is real. Moreover, our students should be taught how to avoid it.

Since they are most prone to undesirable habits like nail-biting, leg shaking, doodling on desks, grabbing things, always sharpen pencils, etc. , they should be supported very well so they can control and get rid of these unwanted mannerisms.

Grab this bike chain fidget toy. There are 12 pieces in each packaging that can accommodate your students. You can allow them to use these stress-relieving toys during their playtime or even when they need these toys the most.  Teens and adults can take benefit from these flippy chains.

It is made of high-quality stainless metal and rubber that is very safe to use. If your students are suffering from ADHD, ADD, and other attention-related afflictions, you can take this best alternative for reducing anxiety. Now, more than ever, being conscious of one’s actions is a must. That is why it is important to reconsider the best options to detach from stress and worries and create more meaningful moments with your students.

Depending on how you look at it, this creative chain fidget can become your best company during the hard times. Toss it in your bag and bring the stress reliever everywhere. This is a wonderful item for the classroom to give your students a creative way to increase concentration and to get through boring times. Teens with ages 12 and above can enjoyably use this quality flippy chains to take control of their emotions and performance.

If you want your students in the classroom to be more productive and more participative, you’re going to consider this valuable fidget toy on your list. Think bout it. Maintaining a stress-free classroom shouldn’t mean a lot of work. Make it simple and make reliable fidgets available.

This item can be the best company in the long run. It’s very small that you can bring it anywhere you want. Besides, using this will not draw other’s attention. So, it can make you feel good while keeping your hands busy.

Spend quality time with your students. Interact with them and detach them from pressure and uneasiness. Play with them and help them out. They should be allowed to let go of their worries. You can help. Give them space.

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13. Fidget Cube Gears

Fidget Cube Gears

Click image for details

How is your stress management in the classroom? Do you know how your students are feeling?  Are you aware that they might be experiencing a significant amount of stress? As teachers, we know exactly when stress stikes us and how it impacts our being.

However, students in the classroom may not be aware that they are actually facing this unwanted guest in their lives.  It’s a toll on their overall performance. So, I have to include these brass fidget cube gears here for you to get an idea that there a lot of credible fidget choices available.

Having this fidget toy metal is an exceptional stress response that can help students increase their focus and become active learners. Being exposed to certain stressful events is harmful to one’s well-being. Hence, we have to acknowledge this basic solution to help children become productive. If they feel good in the classroom, that can bring you peace of mind too.

The Gears Linkage design provides you a great time meditating while keeping your hands busy as you get involved in deep thinking or if you are waiting in lines. We know that as teachers we are exposed to repeated stressful events. Work-related stress is normal. It is a natural phenomenon in our lives. All we have to do is look for credible solutions to combat stress and live a happy life.

I can say that this fidget cube gear is a great tool that can help you manage your feelings of loneliness and stress. We should reduce emotional and physical toxicity in our lives or it will eat us all.  Take this special fidget cube with you and experience its full mechanical sense. It’s made of pure brass which adds up to its fine look and texture.

Most students experience significant amounts of stress, and this stress can take a significant toll on health, happiness, and grades. For example, a study by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that teens report stress levels similar to that of adults.

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14. Fidget Toys Set

Fidget Toys Set

Click image for details

Allowing your students to explore fidget toys in the classroom has amazing benefits. Instead of making restrictions in using fidgets in the classroom, why not consider the great benefits of these pieces.

Here’s a 29-pack fidget toy for kids that you shouldn’t say NO. Buying these items will give students fun fidgeting experience in the classroom. You can as well consider these items as rewards to students who are performing well in class. Any of these can be a perfect surprise gift for them.

A single bundle gives you amazing choices like slime eggs, marble mesh, liquid motion timer, water bead bean bags, stress reliever balls, smart-looking cloud squeezer, bright-colored stretchy string, and many more helpful sensory toys. Moreover, this is indeed a great choice because the set comes with a free storage box.

The various sensory and squeeze toys are great fidgeting devices that your students can use when they are stressed or are lacking concentration. These items are made of non-toxic materials so it’s safe to use even by children.

This fidgeting toy set has met the ASTM F963 International Standards and has earned CPSIA Certificate, so it’s very safe. Get your kids into worry-free fidgeting.  No need to worry if these fidgeting toys fall several times or are stretched and squeezed by a lot of little hands because they are proven durable and long-lasting. It’s worth your money and your choice!

Let your students in the classroom explore these multipurpose toys so they can get the benefits of sensory play. As teachers, we have to recognize the importance of sensory toys in early childhood development. It is crucial to their brain development and can help them deal with stress and anxiety. The squeezing, the pinching, the flipping, and the stretching make wonders in their focus. These items will calm them and keep them on track and quiet for hours,

When students play with these stress-reducing stuff, most likely, they build an understanding of the objects, people, and everything around them. The squeezing helps children to be aware of their own senses. And, it’s important as they grow and interact with the world around them.

The more they engage their senses while playing the more they develop the ability to understand and retain important information given to them.  Actually, it’s much more than touching and squeezing toys. The best part of fidgeting is the subtle stimulation of a child’s senses through fine movements while keeping his/her balance.

Having these anxiety squeeze toys in the classroom is really a great idea. Doing this will provide students with great opportunities to actively use their senses in learning new things and in exploring activities for brain development. So, since fidgeting agreeably supports a children’s cognitive growth aside from the proper emotional track, we should not deny them to use these fidget toys set in the classroom.

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15. Art and Puzzle Bracelet Fidget Cube

Art and Puzzle Bracelet Fidget Cube

Click image for details

Here’s another best-rated piece you should try using. You can just wear it and explore its amazing activities. This is a creative bracelet fidget cube that can be manipulated in more than 10 ways. It’s very exciting to use while you are on your desk or attending a meeting.

The stylish designs make you happy and relaxed. Sitting for long hours isn’t that daunting anymore. With this item on hand, you can become an active listener to a lengthy meeting without a hint of getting bored.

Stretch out the bracelet’s elastic cord-connected modules and wear it as a bracelet. You can also keep it as a cube. Choose among the sophisticated colors and highlights of silver, blue, gold, rose gold, iron-gray, and green. It is comfy to use and you can enjoy using it anywhere.

Moreover, you can also offer this delight to your students when they find it hard to concentrate on a certain task. Let their little hands navigate the cube and enjoy creating smart designs out of the movable modules.  As they experience difficulty in different tasks, you can keep them calm and relaxed.

Let them fidget. Talk to them and discuss the important things about the lesson. As their little hands make movements, they increase their concentration as well. So, grab this chance and make necessary inputs while their senses are awake. The subtle movements of their hands increase their brain concentration and activity which is important for learning.

Being described as an art bracelet and puzzle cube, this fidgeting device should be among the stress reducers in your box. Indeed, it is a great cool toy you can bring into your classroom and let your students experience an exciting fidgeting moment with you.  The price is good which corresponds to its high-quality.

Always find time to try new fidgets that will help dissipate the amounts of stress that students are experiencing. I can feel it’s great relevance to effective learning. Our students should know that we are always there to support them. This will boost their confidence which can make them feel better. It’s relatively easy.

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16. Sensory Fidget Toys Kit

Sensory Fidget Toys Kit

Click image for details

If you want to make your single purchase really worth it, here’s a comprehensive fidget toy set for you. Fill in your fidget box instantly with these amazing fidgeting choices.

Each pack is fully loaded with 23 pieces of sensory toys which include 1 liquid motion time bubbler which can keep students calm and attentive for hours. The descending soft colored bubbles are very pleasing to the eyes. Hence, it encourages a relaxing learning environment.

Other impressive items in the bundle are an Infinity fidget cube, rainbow ball magic cube, squishy and emoji stress balls, soybean fidget toys, bike chain fidget toys, stretch toys, and magic snake cube. All are helpful sensory toys to keep children at ease.

These items are exceptionally beneficial to students with special needs as they provide children with sensory inputs imperative to their development. Most of all, these objects are very attractive and pleasing to hold which can capture children’s attention.

Therefore, as teachers, we have to choose excellent fidget toys to improve children’s concentration in the classroom. Since each child is unique and their preferences differ, these bundles of fidgets can bring amazing choices for them. These are powerful attention reinforcers that children with special needs crave.

The stretchy and squishy toys are perfect to keep young minds attentive and alert. Anyway, this bundle offers choices that can encourage children to learn and to communicate. Most importantly, these fidgets can keep children clam down which ensures a safe learning environment. As these toys stimulate the child’s senses, their fine motor skills are also working at the same time. In other words, the stimulation these toys create can affect our children’s skills and performances.

So, to help your children do everything they need to do in the classroom, display these bundles of sensory toys, and set specific rules for its use.

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Fidgeting has become a craze these days. However, some people think that it’s a distraction and can be a great disturbance. Maybe these are the people who just watched others who are fidgeting and haven’t tried this activity yet. We have accepted the idea that the term’fidgeting’ has been coupled with negative expressions because the activity might insinuate an uncontrolled behavior, anxiety, and many other undesirable traits. It’s good to be conscious of them but we have to open our minds that fidgeting has unforeseen benefits we need to uncover.

As most of us dwell on a sedentary lifestyle, we should reconsider our options to support our health. We need to be physically active and fidgeting helps us with this goal. Let’s try the strength of these little toys and witness how they impact our health and well-being.

Now, do you fidget? Have you considered this a great option to keep alert and focused? I know most of us unknowingly take actions that can keep us concentrated on whatever task we are doing. Then, you really fiddle after all.

All right! Fidgeting should be welcomed in the classroom. Nonetheless, it should be done with the close supervision of the teacher as the most responsible adult so close to students almost every day. I know that most of us teachers are already buying and storing fidget toys in our classrooms.  These hand-held toys, if used properly, can do us a great deal of reducing stress and eliminating monotony of the surroundings.

Embracing fidgets means giving ourselves a creative break from stressful situations. It is a fact that our minds wander at times that we need to recapture it to get involved in deep thinking. Our students are also involved in daydreaming, leg shaking, nail-biting, and other unwanted habits. We all know that we need our student’s everyday attention so they will learn effectively. That is why this post was written to clearly emphasize that fidgeting can help.

Research shows that fidgeting has a great contribution to capture an individual’s attention, especially when listening to lectures and discussions.  The subtle movements of the hands suggest an active brain activity that supports the retention of facts and information being listened to.

Since students, especially in the higher levels of education, are often engaged in academic lectures, they need to enhance their focus and concentration to sustain attention and deepen retention. And, fidgeting helps. The movements of the fingers, the squeezing, flipping, and stretching movements can help you awake during the whole session.

Subsequently, as most of us find ourselves choosing the best fidgets that work for us and fit our students’ preferences, I commend you for being on this page. Perhaps, you have added fantastic items to your list by now. And, it’s good. It’s that simple.  In due course, you will have a delightful fidgeting experience with your students.

We want to know your best preferences for fidget toys. Feel free to comment below and we are glad to know which focus tools work best for you and why are they worth it. Tell us which of the little things is your favorite.



1. Are fidgets really helpful?

Actually, it depends on your purpose. You have to consider your reasons for fidgeting. Similarly, you have to think deeply about why you introduce these pieces into the classroom. You must have a sound purpose which justifies your fidgeting goals. Just like other products, fidgets are most effective if they are used properly and with discipline. So, as teachers, if our students really need these items, we have to declare parameters and norms in using them to avoid addiction and overuse.  Be consistent. Set a timeout at times. It’s an effective means of discipline.

You should know when to let your students use the items. Just have them blended with your educational toys in the classroom. Make them visible but usage should be with supervision. Since fidgets are known to calm students and to get them engaged deeply in thinking, you just cling to that and experience it yourself.

However, generally, fidgeting is known to be a lot helpful to children and adults with sensory issues, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit afflictions, anxiety, and autism. The pleasing sensory experience these fidget devices give us can help in increasing our focus and concentration.

Hence, for me, it’s helpful!  Although the claimed benefits of fidget toys have to be supported yet with a scientific basis, their use is already a trend at home and in school. The key is to use them most appropriately.

2. Why do people fidget?

Children and adults are squeezing and stretching these hand-held objects for reasons. It’s their way of releasing the tiring and hard days of their lives. A teacher like me experience this attention interruption too. At times, life all day means stress and exhaustion which can have a major impact on our health. Making our hands busy can help. This is fidgeting. Fidgeting in moderation helps while too much is dangerous and needs medical attention.

Fidgeting can be caused due to several reasons. While mostly it is to divert attention when a person is bored, it can also be due to discomfort and restlessness. Even so, people fidget because they want to reduce stress, to maintain attention, to release pent-up emotions, to increase brain activity, and other intense reasons.

Moreover, some children and adults fiddle due to health conditions as they are advised to do so by health professionals like therapists and psychologists. As most of them feel restless, they need to channel their agitation and uneasiness. They need to hold onto something that can absorb their restlessness.

When fidgeting is a good option to keep us relaxed and energized while sitting for long hours, then why deprive ourselves of this comfort? Other amazing health benefits of fidgeting while sitting have been presented by researchers at the University of Missouri. It was clearly declared that fidgeting helps in maintaining the blood flow in the body while we are engaged in prolonged sitting. Therefore, I fidget while I’m still on my desk. It helps and it keeps me focused on what I’m doing.

3. Is fidgeting safe for children?

Although most people are not into fidgeting and that it should be banned especially in schools, I still believe that mild fidgeting could be good for children. It doesn’t always depict boredom or any disorders. Researchers even claimed that fidgeting can help prevent obesity and cardiovascular illnesses. Structured use of fidget toys among children can help boost their attention span and their brain activities.

Furthermore, the fidget toys reviewed on this page are safe to use for children. You have to check the product’s packaging to make sure that the fidget is age-appropriate and is made of eco-friendly materials to ensure child safety. Anyway, it always pays to check labels of products and make sure they meet the necessary health standards.

Preschool children have to engage in ‘posture transitions’ as they are usually involved in stationary activities like drawing, reading, writing,  viewing educational videos, etc. They need to move and make reflexes. This is where fidgeting can help.

Stress balls, squishy items, fidget cubes, and other popular fidget gadgets can help children make subtle movements to keep them focused on what they are doing.  In order to avoid the negative notion about fidgets like being a distraction, we should allow mild and random fidgeting in the classroom.

Watch this video to gain inspiration on why children should be allowed to fidget.

4. When to fidget?

Most fidget toys are very handy and portable. Some can even be worn as bracelets while others can be easily kept in our purse. So, actually, you can use them anytime and anywhere for most of them are designed for discreet use to support your needs.  You can fidget while seated, or you can enjoy squeezing while listening or waiting for your turn in a long queue. It keeps you awake! The only thing we should remember is ‘too much of anything isn’t helpful’.

Lacking purpose while fidgeting can be dangerous. Therefore, we need to manipulate these objects whenever necessary. Use them when you are in a situation in which you need full attention and mental alertness. Avoid habitual fidgeting and exercise discipline when using fidgets. You can also do the same with your students. Like the manager in the classroom, for sure you can take control of your student’s actions and set parameters of fidgeting.

In addition, as some of our fellow educators are at breaking point because of stress, we can also encourage them to reduce stress through remarkable fidget toys before they dwell on more severe psychological problems. Fidgets aren’t sure but they are small remedies to lessen our agitations or jitters. We are just redirecting our attention so we feel worry-free sometimes. There’s no harm in trying.  It isn’t awkward after all.

5. Are fidget toys educational tools?

If you have observed a lot of kids using these little toys in the classroom, most probably, the teacher is allowing its usage because of certain reasons. The teacher is using it as an educational tool and is among the learning toys in the classroom which help in early childhood development. It is considered educational if it has a major impact on the child’s learning performance. Which means it has been used correctly.

That is why some teachers who are aware of the benefits of structured fidgeting to students, never hesitate to introduce the cute and squishy items to their students. And, I am one of them. I always embed the use of fidgets during playtime.

I highly value the sensory appeal of these toys in keeping my students on track and active. The touch inputs these items cause in children can keep them calm which is good in making learning happen. In other words, when fidgets are introduced properly to your students,  they can become one of your teaching tools in the classroom. The stretchy and textured fidgets can support the learning schemes of students rather than become annoying items. So, yes, fidget toys are also considered educational tools.

6. How are fidgets as ‘focus tools’?

We have been discussing the benefits of fidget toys here and I have made mention of them as ‘focus tools’.  They are called such because these handy gadgets can maintain focus. Even if you want to try it yourself. You will notice how your brain works while your hands are busy flipping and rolling something.

Despite the criticisms, we still can’t deny the roles of fidgets in our busy lives. Remember, we can’t think clearly when we are so stressed. And, fidgeting can help us reduce stress so we can be our fresh selves again. In that manner, you are using it constructively and it’s not a fad toy anymore. It helps you gain your balance by just pressing and squeezing your comfy stress balls.

So I will say that fidgets can help you tune in and it can do the same for children too. That is why they are called focus tools. In fact, fidgets have been recommended by special educators, therapists, and mental health counselors to help teachers make their students calm and attentive. Therefore, we should not ban focus tools in the classroom. Instead, they have to be included in our great collections of educational tools for the classroom aside from the interesting books we have.

7. Can fidgets distract learning?

We have come this far and it has been proven that fidgets as focus tools, really work. However, if their use is not monitored, especially on children, it can distract learning. That is why a lot of reviews, articles, and guidelines came about so that we will be more particular on how to use fidget toys correctly.

These therapeutic items can’t distract learning if they are used for the intended purpose. They enable children to manage their sensory and attention issues. So, for them to participate productively in classroom activities, you have to consider ways of keeping them calm and tuned in. This is where fidgets come in. By and by you will realize that fidget toys are not toy fads after all.  They are tools that nurture a child’s attention and concentration. Just let them manipulate these objects for more focused intentions.

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