5 Entertaining and Fun Outdoor Activities For Students!

Learning cannot happen with just books, pens, and paper. There is a significant difference in implementing activity-based learning in the classroom because with learning tasks students get to be fully involved in the process giving them a chance to apply and relate what they learned in the class. 

For that reason, teachers are always finding new activities for students that will help enrich their learning experience further. 

fun outdoor activities for students

But the learning experience is not limited only to the four corners of the classroom. It’s also best if students can also get to experience and gain knowledge outdoors which is where the magic happens! 

So if you’re in need of new inspiration, it’s time for some fun in the sun as I will be sharing with you 5 entertaining and fun outdoor activities for students that you can try with your class. 


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These activities are the bee’s knees that will get your students asking for more outdoor fun! 

5 Entertaining and Fun Outdoor Activities For Students! 

1.) Outdoor Painting!

Now, we already know how fun it is for kids to paint in the classroom. Now imagine giving them the whole outdoors as their canvas, they will surely go bananas for that!

Here, I’ll share with you three ideas for outdoor painting activities that you can try out with your students.

#1. Use a tree as an easel

Now for this one, you won’t be needing any fancy preparation. Just go ahead and prepare blank papers that your kids will use as a canvas, some paper pins, and all the paints they can use in a basket and head on outdoors! 

Once you’re out and about with students let them pick the trees that want to use as an easel. If the tree is super big you can let 2 to 3 students share the spot and let them paint together using that tree as an easel. 

Just gently pin their paper canvas onto the tree and let their imagination run wild! You can give them a theme to paint about, or let them paint what they want to. The best part is they have the outdoor scenery as their inspiration if they need one to paint. 

#2. Paint with water guns

Water guns are already a big hit with kids, now imagine telling them that they can paint with them for their activity today! 

For this uber fun activity, all you need is a couple of water guns, paint, and water. You’ll need to dilute 1 part water, and 1 part paint to make the water gun paint mixture. Do this for all the colors and transfer them into the tank of the water gun. 

You can also ask your students to partake in making the paint mixture. Once you’re done with all the colors it’s time for some painting action with the water guns!

Just place their canvases on an area that’s easy to clean or is okay to get paint on and let them go ballistic as they create their water gun painting masterpiece!

#3. Disappearing painting

With this activity, all you need are some paint brushes, water, and the good ol’ pavement! 

Just let them dip their paintbrush in water and let them paint the floor whatever they want to paint. This will keep them busy for hours and even help spark their creativity and imagination. 

After they’re done painting, let them stand aside and let them watch how it magically disappears into thin air. This is also a good way to teach them about the water cycle and show them how evaporation occurs. 

2.) Hand and feet coordination game

If you’re teaching a younger set of students that are still developing their hand and eye coordination and motor skills this is a great way that will help improve both!

All you need are colorful chalks and draw different combinations of hand and feet placements onto the pavement as seen below. For each row, you can draw two hands and 1 foot, or two feet with one hand. 

hand and feet coordination activity

For this outdoor activity, they’ll need to match their hands and feet for every row. It’s super easy yet quite a good challenge for them that will also help improve their coordination, focus, and balance.

3.) Make DIY Bird feeders

In this next fun outdoor, you’ll get to develop their sense of structure and problem-solving skills. They can work as a group or you can also assign them to make one individually. 

The items they’ll need are the following:

  • 1 whole orange (This will be enough to make 2 bird feeders)
  • small sticks that can poke through the oranges
  • ball of string

To start making the DIY bird feeder, get the orange and cut them open in half. Kids can share the fruits giving them a little snacking session on the side. 

Now the goal is to make little bowls from the orange. Once they have the bowl, they’ll need to poke 4 holes on opposite ends, this is where they’ll poke the sticks through. 

Once the sticks are in place, they will then attach the strings on each end of the sticks to make the hanging bird feeder. 

All that’s left to do is to hang them out by the trees in the schoolyard or have them bring them home to hang by a tree near the home. Pour in seeds (sunflower seeds or squash seeds are good options) into the orange bowl and let them stand back and have a watch and see who pops by to have a little snack!

If the feeder will be seen from the windows of your classroom, you can also have them identify the types of birds that will be eating from their handmade bird feeder. 

4.) Flower Vase Collage

Kids love hunting games, as it encourages them to be active and explore. For this activity, kids will need sturdy and thick paper, kind of like a thin cardboard paper. They can cut out the front and back cereal boxes to make their flower vase collage. 

flower vase collage

Have them draw a vase on it and create holes that will let them put flowers on it. Set them on a mini flower hunting spree and you can also have them collect different colors of flowers and leaves.

Kids can also bring it home as a gift for their moms! 

5.) Bubble snake

Time for some bubble trouble! No matter what size, color, or shape it is, kids will always be fascinated by bubbles⁠—even adults too! 

Bubbles stimulate their brain and also get their eyes working this is because when they float it keeps them engaged and interested as to where they would land or if they will pop or not. 

Another benefit of using bubbles for your outdoor activity is that it is cheap and is also quite a fantastic way to encourage many areas of development and learning in children. 

Now you might be intrigued with how to make this so-called bubble snake, and surprisingly it is actually quite easy! 

All you need is the following:

  • 1 plastic bottle
  • 1 old sock or piece of cloth
  • Rubber bands
  • And a mixture of dish soap and water

Start by cutting off the bottom part of the bottle, and assist your students if they’re still not able to do this step by themselves. Keep the bottom part, you will be using the top part for this. 

After that cover, the bottle using the old sock and secure it with the rubber bands. The sock needs to be placed tightly around the bottle. 

Now dip the sock into the dish soap and water mixture and watch how the bubble snake magically transforms as the kids blow into the bottle! 

It’s best to do this outside as this can really make long and big bubble snakes! 

You can also add colors to your bubble snake by adding food coloring to the socks before you dip them into the soap and water mixture. A rainbow bubble snake will surely have your students giggling with delight!

To sum it up, 

These fun outdoor activities will surely step up the fun to another notch in your class and I hope these gave you some inspiration for the next outdoor activity that you will do with your class.

Remember it’s all about having fun because you deserve some fun time with your class too!

Until our next one, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!