13 Healthy Lunch Ideas for School Children to Have in 2022

Eating healthy foods helps us maintain a healthy diet. The food we eat will affect our overall health. How we feel today is partly because of the food we eat. Likewise, our students experience the same thing.

Hence, we have to emphasize and incorporate in our lessons the importance of good food and good nutrition. Although it’s primarily the lookout of parents, as concerned educators, we have to encourage our children to eat good food.

healthy lunch for kids

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I have gathered healthy lunch ideas for school children so they always feel better. And when they are healthy, they can perform at their best in their studies.

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.” —Fran Lebowitz

Thus, we should celebrate our nutritious food choices! Better food choices help us to enjoy life!

Are your kids eating healthy?

What about our students in the classroom? Do you think all of them have better food choices too? Are they conscious of what they put in their body?

It’s a topic where filling the plate of our children with a healthy combination of foods rich in vitamins and minerals matters. Thus, avoiding the lunchbox dilemma is a must!

As a teacher, are you aware that your children are eating healthy? We want our children to be healthy, right? If they are healthy, they have a sound mind and body. And, when they have these qualities, they are active in the different class routines and are very participative in the class activities.

I am a teacher and a mom.  I am always looking forward to packing healthy foods for my children to maintain a well-balanced diet. Packing healthy lunches has been one of my daily struggles too. Meal options for my kids have been among my numerous daily priorities.

My kids, just like most kids in the world, are picky eaters and healthy foods for them mean sacrificing eating. The leafy and veggies usually land on the sides of their plates and this is very alarming for me.

My dear teachers, I hope we are on the same plate when it comes to good nutrition. Since we are the most trusted adult in the classroom, we have to advise our children on the significance of healthy lunch ideas for school. At their age, they should be aware of their food intake because it will ultimately affect their health.

As a teacher, how do you promote healthy eating habits in your class? Are you familiar with reliable healthy lunch ideas for school?

Well, you should be, because the performance of our students in class primarily depends on how well they are. If they are sick and are not in good shape, well what do you expect?

Therefore, we should be more conscious of the health of our learners. They are all we have in our classrooms; thus, we have to make sure that they are fine and are in good shape.


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What is a healthy balanced diet?

A healthy balanced diet is what we need to keep physically and mentally healthy. To have a sound mind and body should be one of our health goals that should also be practiced by our children in school.

We can’t deny the fact that our children are easily hooked to unhealthy and empty foods. While it’s not the end yet, we still have time to make a necessary tweak and twist of their food choices.

Is it hard to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced diet? Or, do our children maintain an empty diet because of consuming unhealthy foods?

Interestingly, proper nutrition is our main concern here. Hence, we have to consider the daily calorie intake of our children which they get from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and other reliable food sources.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, our calorie intake will depend on our age, gender, and physical regimen. Young children with ages 2-8 years old specifically need 1,000 to 1,400 calories, while those who belong to the age bracket of 9 to 13 years old girls need 1,400 to 1,600 calories and the boys need 1,600 to 2000 calories.

Now, do you think the parents of your children have packed the right amount and the right kind of food for lunch? What do you think? What have you observed with your students? Are they active and very energetic? Or, are they always tired and weary?

What’s Tasty May Not Always Be Healthy

Not all tasty food choices are healthy. We have to consider this preparation concept because as we all know kids are more engrossed in tasty yet unhealthy foods.

Their food choices, if they are not guided sincerely, will make them develop some health problems.

Kids these days may seem to hate the taste of healthy foods and find junk foods adorable. Also, tasty yet unhealthy food choices have a negative impact on their health so this must be within our watch too. As concerned educators, we have to find ways to help our students appreciate the value of eating healthy food.

Children often find junk foods tasty foods and we know that these food options are considered unhealthy. However, with the right food combination, we will not be feeding our children unhealthy and boring food options.

This article proves that easy-to-prepare and nutritious lunches are within the reach of our children and can be made even tastier than before. Therefore, we are making their lunchtime healthy, enjoyable, and not boring.

Why Avoid Improper Food Combination?

We should avoid making our children eat the improper food combination because eating this may cause health risks that could impede growth and affect their attention span in school.

Therefore, it is imperative that we teachers have to educate children about the basic food groups for them to be aware also of what their bodies really need. It is important for kids to familiarize sensible food combinations at an early age so they will become conscious of what to put into their mouths.

If possible we should be more sensitive to food combining diet. This manner will help our children gain the energy they need in their daily activities in school. Their health has a great impact on their performance which helps them meet the expectations being set for them.

Improper food combinations may lead to overeating which eventually results in obesity. On the other hand, not having enough healthy foods will make a child a victim of malnutrition and poor eating habits.

Knowing these health issues, we intensify our health advertisements in the classroom so our students will avoid unhealthy foods, especially that, at their age, they are tempted to what is too sweet and salty.

13 Healthy Lunch Ideas for School Children to Have!

When food really matters!

These food options could make the lunches of your children for the entire school year really interesting. As you know, our kids in school are really excited to share what they have for lunch. Let’s see if the food choices I will share are among the packed lunches they have.

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs, Bagel + Cream Cheese, Grape Tomatoes, Baby Carrots

healthy meal

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This is one of my delicious and amazing food options for lunch. I know that kids have changeable tastes. Their food choice for today may not be their best choice for tomorrow. That is why we need to vary choices from time to time.

But still, we have to be mindful of the vitamins and minerals they’ll get from the food choices we prepare.

2. Ham & cheese mini bagel, baby tomatoes, grapes, sugar snap peas

This fantastic delight makes the lunch of our kids not only healthy but also delicious. The proper combination of foods sometimes really gives us challenges. The mini-bagel is our base for a healthy meal. Moreover, it can be one of our healthy options if we are considering the calorie intake of the children. Also, this food combo is super easy to prepare and will not take up much of our time.

3. Cheesy Broccoli Toots, Gluten-free bread, Pickle Roll-Ups

healthy meal

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This food combo can be a tasty delight for your children. These foods promise a healthy lunch for your children. A nutritious lunch is what our children deserve. They need it.

With the mental and physical activities in school, our children need the proper food combination to sustain their daily energy. Of course, we don’t want them to feel bored and uninterested in class.

It’s just a matter of feeding our children proper food choices so they remain active in school.

4. Vegetarian Sandwiches and the Dark Leafy Greens

sandwich and veggies

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Your greens and bean sandwiches are quick and easy to prepare and provide our children with a delightful lunchtime.

Non-starchy vegetables like the leafy greens are healthy and they have to be cooked if you are to pair them with starchy veggies and heavy-carbs such as bread and grains.

When we include dark leafy greens in the diet of our children, we are showing them that we truly care that they are given the proper nutrition they need. Hence, we should make our kids enjoy their broccoli, bok choy, spinach, and salad greens, too.

Dark leafy greens are rich sources of B vitamins, Vitamin A, C, E, and K, which make it a full package of good nutrition and smart protection for birth defects and heart ailments. So, we should not deprive our kids of the dark leafy greens for we love them dearly and these are foods that maintain a healthy heart.

5. Chicken, Avocado, Ham, and Veggie Mix

healthy meal

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Making our children consume their chicken avocado veggie mix is another fantastic way of giving them a nutritious lunch. The creamy texture of the avocado fruit plus the delectable chicken meat showers their potential health benefits to our children. The high nutritional value of chicken meat is a perfect match for the nutritious avocado fruit.

As a matter of fact, this delightful food has a special place in my lunch box too. The butter fruit itself or commonly known as the avocado fruit is a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, plus numerous vitamins and minerals. So, what are you waiting for? Pack the nutritious avocado and protein-rich chicken delight in one roll and assign it a special place in the child’s lunch ideas.

6. Cheese Pepperoni Pizza or the Delectable Pizza Pancakes

This highly promising super yummy delight is an easy fit at the school’s cafeteria. Most children love pizzas and pancakes; therefore, these are a surefire healthy treat for them.

Having this creative recipe will give children an unforgettable lunch break. For sure this healthy lunch idea is likewise a healthy choice for the children’s lunchboxes or in the school’s cafeteria.

If this food delight is found in the cafeteria, parents would not worry too much if they’re not able to pack lunch for their children. The school itself is a wholesome place of good nutrition and healthy eating habits.

7. Cheesy Meatballs, Veggie Fried Rice

Here’s another tasty and nutritious lunch treat for children in school or even at home. This food creation can be a great lunch for children. Packed with nutrients that our children deserve, cheesy meatballs plus green veggies as sidings would be a fantastic treat that children will finish without leaving a trace.

With our great desire to make our children healthy, we can recommend this to our school cafeteria so children will have amazing choices of nutritious ideas during lunchtime.

8. Ham and Cheese Bagel with Nutritious Fruttie Toppings

As we all know bagels make a super-easy lunch. If you top it with nutritious chopped hazelnuts besides loads of ham and cheese, it’s an amazing delight that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. Children will typically enjoy their lunch and will always look forward to eating time. Even the pickiest of all eaters can’t say ‘No’ to this healthy meal.

This perfect food delight deserves your attention. It’s convenient to prepare and you can make use of your inventive nutritious toppings to add to its tasty appearance. Try this highly flavorful bagel combo to help your children enjoy their lunchtime. As an alternative topping venture for your high-quality bagel, you can also have a choosy pick for marinara, chicken, and mozzarella.

9. Deli Sliced Turkey, Veggies, Grapes

Having a healthy meal means making our children consume the tasty turkey in the most delicious space of their lunch box. This meal preparation is so simple and so easy that our kids won’t fret about waiting. Pair this savory tasty delight with crunchy veggies and grapes. It’s proof that the sliced turkey can unexpectedly make a great lunchtime.

10. Macaroni Salad, Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Apple

Looking for nutritious ideas is not a challenge anymore. Include this tasty idea on your list and make your children love the pasta salad. It is one of my summertime favorites. It’s easy to prepare too.
It works with a big fruit salad too. Your crunchy loaf of bread will work wonders too in this macaroni salad dish venture.

This lunch idea for school gives children an enjoyable eating time. It’s quick to put together and it promises wellness in the children’s dish.

11. Apple and Pineapple Slaw, babybel cheese, dried fruit, jam-filled cookies

This is perfect. I love this meal. What about you? How’s your pineapple slaw? Does it make good food for everybody? Preparing it correctly will make it even more delicious and nutritious than our children love. Having a super delicious lunch combo for our children is a great way of showing we love them dearly.

12. Baked Mac, Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese

The kids will certainly get excited with the thick cheese sauce playing with the tasty broccoli, Canadian ham, and pasta! A few grinds of pepper will be added to its creamy taste, making the recipe more delicious and appetizing.

Add this to your meal plan and see how your kids look forward to having their healthy lunch! Baked pasta is super kid-friendly, plus a touch of broccoli makes the meal healthier!

13. Veggie Mix, Mushroom Sauce, and Rotisserie Chicken

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Here’s another healthy choice that makes kids happy during lunchtime. Giving our children a healthy lunch will not only make them delighted but can also keep them healthy and brilliant!

Load this with more veggies so your children can stay in touch with a healthy diet. Veggies are a perfect addition to more nutrients in the meal which makes it better than takeout meals.

Indeed, this healthy lunch is super satisfying for our kiddos!

How to Integrate Good Health and Nutrition in Class?

As a teacher, I can’t allow my students to wallow in the risks of poor nutrition. With that, I seriously integrate the importance of good health and nutrition in my lesson discussions and daily routines. My students see visuals of good physical practices like how to wash hands properly and how to take care of one’s self.

All these items are printed and well designed on my bulletin board. Of course, for emphasis, I don’t only post them on the walls, I usually talk about them during the first week of classes and from time to time.

Our school always observes the Nutrition Month Celebration every year. During the celebration, students participate in different activities like cooking festivals, essay writing, slogan and poster making contests, and conducting health seminars that include the parents.

The school organizers of the event are to invite health professionals to facilitate the health seminar and to give health tips to the audience especially to the parents, as they are primarily involved in the preparation of their children’s meals.

Moreover, being with our students in the classroom daily is a big opportunity for us to motivate them to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Simply put, our students are entrusted to our care and as great teachers, encouraging them to practice good eating habits and to avoid unhealthy foods.

What Are the Basic Food Groups?

We all know that there are five food groups and being aware of them is highly indispensable. However,  to give us a clear view of the foundation of these food groups, I intentionally included the 3 basic food groups for easy remembering.

When we are to prepare food for our children we should equip ourselves with the knowledge of the basic food groups especially if we are used to making meal combos.

Go, grow, and glow foods offer a range of essential nutrients that our children need. It’s good to consider the basic food groups before we get in touch with the ultimate five food groups. Hence, it’s necessary to choose the food we give to our children from these basic food groups.

Go Foods

As our children get busy in their daily classroom activities they become exhausted at the end of the day. Therefore, they have to be backed up with nutritious foods to keep them on the go.

Go foods serve as fuel to our bodies. And, most children are very active and energetic. They need to refuel their bodies as they move about in school daily. Go foods make our children get through the day without getting restless.

Therefore, it’s always good to consider pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, cereals, and other carbohydrates and fat-rich foods. Our children always need them to be on the go and active.

As they perform daily routines and tasks in the classroom, they need to fuel their bodies with Go foods. Therefore, we have to consider this food group in preparing lunch for our children.

In this article, I am very excited to share healthy lunch ideas for school and I hope that these will inspire your students to eat and to stick to a healthy diet.

Grow Foods

Grow foods give us stronger muscles and teeth. Moreover, giving children the right amount of these foods will make them grow tall and strong. This food group helps us grow healthy.

Our students should be encouraged to eat chicken, fish, meat, cheese, and should be likewise convinced to finish their glasses of milk every day.

These foods make our children grow bigger and stronger. Moreover, Grow Foods help our children gain more focus on the things they do. Insufficient intake of these foods will make a child restless and lose concentration.

Glow Foods

We always want our children to look handsome and beautiful. The glow foods are rich in vitamins and minerals needed to make the skin, hair, and eyes glow. That is why we should always have fruits and veggies in our child’s meal.

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that boost our immune system and protect us against viruses and infections.

Therefore, our children should get enough Glow Foods every day to make them glow, healthy, and beautiful.


Good nutrition is essential for growth and development. Poor nutrition affects our students’ performance in school. Worse, this will lead them to an unhappy and inactive life.

The everyday meals and snacks of children should be patterned with the basic food groups to ensure healthy nutrition. They are most active in schools if they are healthy in mind and body.

They participate in class discussions, ask questions, participate in the different tasks if they feel well.  Nutritious foods are essential to one’s diet to maintain life and growth.

Therefore, we should do our part as teachers since we can exercise our good influence on them. We are not only teaching concepts in different subject areas but should also act in other roles such as counselors and nutritionists!

By teaching them the value of eating nutritious foods like healthy lunch ideas for school, we are preventing them from falling into the pitfalls of malnutrition and sickness.

What other healthy lunch ideas can you suggest to help our students attain good health and well-being? Or do you have best practices for integrating good nutrition into your class discussions? How do you go about it? Feel free to comment below and let’s have a healthy sharing of ideas for good nutrition.