10 Timeless Hobby Ideas For Teachers 2022!

Are you looking to take on a new hobby to fill up some free time when you’re not a teacher? Or are you looking to develop a new skill or do you just want to challenge yourself with something new?

Get out from your comfort zone today with these 10 timeless hobby ideas for teachers that will nurture and fulfill you mentally, physically, and emotionally! 

10 hobby ideas for teachers this 2022

Everyone needs a hobby and that does not exclude you, in fact, it is said that a person actually needs 5 different types of hobbies. 

One to help you make money, one to keep you in shape, one to keep your creative juices flowing, one to help build your knowledge, and one that will evolve your way of thinking. 

Try to take on a hobby one at a time and build these 5 different hobbies together and see how you’ll grow immensely this year!


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10 Timeless Hobby Ideas For Teachers 2022!

1.) Painting with a twist!

If traditional painting is not for you, why not try painting with a twist!

Diamond painting has quickly blown up all over the internet especially when lockdown hit. What you’ll love about this hobby is that you don’t really need to be that artsy because you’ll have a guide to follow in creating your very own masterpiece. 

With this hobby, you’ll also get to reap surprising benefits because not only will it help you escape the busy life of being a jack-of-all-trade teacher, but you’ll also get to feel like an artist even if art is not fond of you that much. 

You’ll get to express your creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, fine-tune your motor skills, and even find newfound friends who are enthusiasts of diamond painting as well. 

At the end of the day, you’ll get to have a new hobby that will help you fulfill and nurture your needs artwise, and you’ll also get a sublime art to hang in your living room or to give as a gift to friends and families. 

2.) Pottery

Have you ever been mesmerized by those pottery videos online that make you want to try it out? This is your sign to not think about it and just go for it!

You should give pottery a shot for a number of reasons; it gives you a creative outlet, improves your focus, increases your optimistic outlook, can also boost your artistic confidence, and of course, it greatly reduces stress as well. 

This goes to show that pottery provides you with both the physical and mental health benefits that teachers need especially now during high stressful times that teachers are experiencing nowadays.

If you’re thinking of trying out the art of pottery, I highly suggest that you try out classes and workshops first because it can be a costly hobby, especially for the materials and machines you need for it. 

Going to classes or workshops first is a great way to confirm if you do have an interest in learning pottery. Plus they already have all the things you need to get you started with this intuitive hobby. 

3.) Jewelry Making

If you have a knack for charming jewelry and are curious about how to make them, why not start making them as a hobby?

A friend of mine started making beautiful beads and crystal jewelry as a hobby and she tried sharing her work on social media only as a passion. 

But a lot of people started to notice her eye for making exquisite and chic-looking pieces so they started asking if she is willing to make some for them in exchange for a reasonable fee. 

jewelry on a table

And that’s how she started making her hobby into a money-making side hustle that she also loves to do on the side. 

So that’s how she found one of her hobbies that helps her make money, so if you have a keen interest in jewelry making try it out and dip your toes in this glitzy hobby! 

4.) Podcasting

Teachers talk. A lot. And it’s actually a talent of teachers to be at school all day using their voices when giving out instructions, attending meetings, giving presentations, and a whole lot more talking in between those events. 

This makes podcasting a great category to fall in this list of hobby ideas for teachers. And everyone has a favorite podcast or two, I’m sure you do too.  

A lot of people have found podcasts as a creative outlet that made them realize how impactful their voice can be and it even helped others to find their purpose in life, and maybe you can too!

and starting this hobby doesn’t require a lot from you, and you probably already have the things you need to get down to business and start podcasting. Just start grabbing your earphones and start recording yourself or even your conversation with friends or co-teachers if it’s okay with them. 

Start talking about a topic you genuinely enjoy, and the rest will follow!

5.) Photography

Some may view photography as only trying to take snaps of portraits and landscape views but it’s actually more than that. Photography is an art form of self-expression where you can show the beauty of a certain subject from a different perspective.

And it’s about capturing beauty from the most unexpected things, that’s why a picture is worth a thousand words. 

You don’t necessarily have to start with high-end equipment just to get into the hobby, starting small with your smartphone is already as good as taking your first professional shot. 


6.) Join a book club! 

Reading is fundamental to your growth. Reading is like a way for your soul to travel, and sometimes traveling is much better when done with friends. So try to join a book club!

Try to form a book club with your friends and families, or even with your co-teachers. You can also try to find book clubs online and find groups that are also interested in the same genre or book you want to read. 

It’s fascinating to be around people that share the same interest and enthusiasm in a certain subject, that’s why joining a book club is definitely a must if you’re looking to try out a new hobby. 

Book clubs are always interactive and everyone loves participating in discussions about their favorite part of the book, their favorite character, and their interpretation of the book.

So if you’re up for some good debating and discussions, join a book club!

7.)  Get active and try to be more healthy

if you haven’t been active for the past few months or years, it’s time for you to pick up the slack and get to working yourself up to become more active.

Like I have mentioned in the introduction, it’s best to have 5 kinds of hobbies and one of them should aim to keep you fit. 

Start walking, start running, or maybe start hiking. Try to do something that will pump up your blood and start sweating out your stress and be consistent. because if not now, when? 

8.) Learn a new instrument

Have you always dreamt of playing the guitar? or maybe you want to finally learn how to play the piano? 

Start making your dream a reality and learn how to play that instrument that you’ve always wanted to learn how to play. You can start learning by yourself through tons of amazing and free tutorials online. 

But if you really want a head start, join a class! It’s up to you. 

9.) Candle-Making

It’s time for you to discover candle-making as a hobby. You’ll thank yourself one day for picking up this hobby because you’ll be rewarded with aromatherapeutic candles that’ll be waiting for you after a long stressful day at work. 

Scented candles are also blowing up right now because many have enjoyed its relaxing and ambient procedure from melting the candle wax, to adding your favorite essential oil, all the way down to finally pouring your hard work into a jar. 

10.) Model Building

If you were fascinated by legos as a child and just about anything that needs creating and building, you will love model building!

From building little cafes, zen gardens, and cozy cabin houses. You can build anything that comes into your mind as long as you have the interest and determination to build it. 

Here’s a little inspo for you! 

At the end of the day, 

Starting a hobby shouldn’t be stressful for you, it should be something that will make you feel relaxed and it should be an escape for your mind, body, and soul. 

Choose a hobby that will let you breathe and not one that will have you holding your breath because of added stress.

How about you? What are the hobbies you have right now? Do you have any new hobbies that you want to introduce this year? If so, write them down in the comment section below because I want to see them!

Until our next one, stay beautifully inspired amazing teachers!