How Can I Be Active in My Classroom? 6 Uplifting Ways

As a teacher, I should promote active learning in my classroom and actively engage my students in the different classroom activities. And I can’t do it if I am not an enthusiastic teacher myself.

Being active is an important trait of a great teacher.  I should motivate my students to be participative and interactive as well. Therefore, I have to be strongly motivated as a teacher. So, I ask, how can I be active in my classroom?

being active in the classroom

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In this post, I gladly shared 6 uplifting ways and practical ideas on how to be vibrant in the classroom so it will be transformed into a lively learning environment.  I came to think that before I could encourage my students to be actively involved in different classroom activities, I should be displaying a positive attitude before them.

Students’ participation will be improved if the teacher is active. When we say being active, it could mean appropriate preparations for learning, the instructional materials are ready and learning activities are most appropriate to the students learning styles. Any missing element could mean disinterest for the teacher to teach. It’s fatal in student learning.

Hence, I am glad that you are here with me on this page, and let’s talk about our ways of how to be active in our classroom. Practically, it’s most needed to produce equally vibrant and active learners. We should find ways to offer children our best services as teachers.


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How Can I Be Active in My Classroom? 6 Uplifting Ways

I can be active in my classroom…

 1. By Loving the Teaching Profession

When you love what you’re doing, you have all the energy to perform your duties and responsibilities. I am confident that I am enjoying my teaching career.

By loving the teaching profession sincerely, I do have the enthusiasm to teach my students wholeheartedly. There will be challenges along the way, but it’s my dream to become a teacher.

My profound interest in teaching makes me love this profession. This is my passion first and foremost. I love everything about it. And it can be seen in my ways.

My weekdays are always fruitful because I am at school. I teach with joy and I am very excited for what my students can achieve. I celebrate their success and progress.

Although teaching is a very challenging profession, I am always happy that I have become one. My active ways in the classroom are a great manifestation that teaching is my life. Its ups and downs just made it even more colorful.

2. By Coming to School Prepared

Have you experienced stammering in front of your students because you were not able to make the necessary preparations when it comes to mastery of the subject matter? This is dreading and frustrating.

For me, one of the best qualities of a great teacher is being confident.  If you are prepared with everything in the classroom, you can stand confident that your proactive classroom management creates magic. Therefore, I plan. I will make my advance planning. I do prepare my daily lesson plans.

Being well-prepared is crucial to promoting quality student learning. The poor performance of students can be caused by the performance of the teacher as well.

But if you put the whole picture together of active teaching, it will bring better results in terms of student achievement and in raising the performance of teachers.

Therefore, it’s critical to always prepare what you teach. How active you are in the classroom will affect student learning.

In other words, how well you teach equally means how well your students learn. Your being active in the classroom as the facilitator of learning has a direct effect on student learning and achievement. 

 3. By Initiating Physical Learning Activities

“Early morning exercise will keep you active for the entire day.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Also considered are the physical learning activities in the classroom. Planning out what transpires in the classroom can help.

Although there can be changes in plans at any time, it’s always good to plan ahead and figure out what activities to give to the students.

There should be no dead air in the classroom. For example, stretching before the discussion properly starts can energize learners and can make them more active too.

Students tend to be bored and sleepy if activities in the classroom just require them to sit all day long. Physical activity in the classroom can help them focus and gain strength to sustain for the day.

Hence, if you apply the best physical activity like stretching, exercise, and go-to-move acts, you and your students will be livelier than ever.

Design activities that can make you go around in the classroom and can get your students moving as well. It’s just a matter of creativity and perfect initiation. Get your students out of their seats and join them too!

4. By Establishing Class Routines

I can be active in my classroom if I establish class routines like sweepers of the day, the prayer of the day, energizers, and many others. There should be no wasted time in the classroom.

Students should be guided as well on what to do next and how to make transitions creative and productive.

The classroom will be more organized and everything will run smoothly if effective classroom routines are developed. Again, it should be part of your big plan right from the start.

The simple process of entering and going out of the classroom can affect the smooth flow of the general activities in the classroom; hence, it should be part of the daily routines no matter how practical and simple.

The basic procedures that you want your students to follow should be explained to them and you should model how things are done properly.

Act out in detail and demonstrate your expectations and set routines so your students will be guided accordingly.

If you want your students to leave the classroom quietly after the last activity of the day, you should explain its importance and how it should be done. Will they wait for the others? Will they be in line?

5. By Closely Monitoring Students’ Progress

I should know if my students are learning and progressing. I can do it by closely monitoring students’ progress. This is also a manifestation that I am active in my classroom. It’s my responsibility to monitor if my students have improved their performance.

It isn’t good if you just present the lessons and leave the students making their outputs. This is a sign of neglect of duty and laziness.

You should set up a plan and schedule ample time to evaluate and assess individual students’ learning. At the end of the day, you should be certain if your students need reinforcement or not. Were they able to learn new concepts and retain information?

Using assessment tools other than a short quiz can help. Hence, an active teacher always prepares the monitoring tools diligently.

If the situation requires a formative or summative assessment, you should have a ready activity for that matter.  If you closely monitor students’ progress, you can easily pinpoint which areas need remedy and constant follow-up.

Thus, if you have developed strategies to evaluate a student’s progress, it means you’ve been an active teacher!

6. By Helping Students Master Life Skills

helping students learn

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The individual interaction I have with my students in my classroom is an insinuation that I am doing great; hence, I am active. I am making sure each day that my students are learning.

Teaching them life skills is my way of believing in my students’ capacity that they can do great things in their lives in the future. And it can’t be done if you’re inactive.

For me, successful student learning involves mastering life skills that clearly boost their self-esteem. This gives more meaning to their educational experience with you both inside and outside of the classroom.

If life skills are acquired at the right age, young learners will learn how to be active and how to face life. Students can easily demonstrate valuable life lessons. And it’s the making of an active teacher.


Teachers should be active in the first place to make sure students are doing great in the classroom. Thus, I am doing my best to exude a positive attitude to inspire my young learners and for them to follow suit.

I feel awkward if I just sit at my table while delivering instructions. I can’t equip my students with the skills they need if I am not active in my classroom. Think about it!

It’s absolutely important for us teachers to teach enthusiastically so our learners will also learn the same way!  Have we missed an awesome way to be active? How do you actively teach? Just drop a comment and let us know how you can be active in your classroom.