How Do I Choose An Elementary Classroom Rug? 5 Useful Tips For Teachers

Picking the right rug for your classroom is not as complicated as you think, you just need to know where to start and you’re simply be all set from there.

You might be asking yourself this question, “How do I choose an Elementary Classroom Rug?”.

classroom rugs that help students learn

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A classroom rug can help transform your classroom not only the way it looks but also the way it can help shape the young minds of our future generation. Flexible seating is one of the first and most important benefits of classroom rugs and you can read more on that here!

But before that, let’s get down to business and know how you can choose the perfect elementary classroom rug to elevate not only your teaching experience but also to enrich the learning experience your students will be able to enjoy with an educational rug in the classroom. 


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5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Elementary Classroom Rug

1.) Measure Your Classroom Space

The first step that you need to take to help you determine which rug is the right one for you is to take out a measuring tape and get to measuring the floor space of your classroom. 

This will give you an idea of how big you want your classroom rug to be, you don’t want it to be too big and you also don’t want it to be too small. 

It has to be the right size so that it can accommodate all of your students when it’s huddle time, and also the right shape for it to fit comfortably depending on where you want it to be placed inside the classroom.

Some teachers have a couple of classroom rugs in their classroom and they use each rug as a designated area for a certain subject—if you’re doing multiple rugs inside your classroom, it’s best to measure them up to know how big the rug needs to be to cover the space you want. 

It can be a science rug or an art rug which is actually very helpful because students will know where you want them to be during a specific subject. 

There are a lot of sizes to choose from, and it’s better to get the right size in order for you to avoid the inconvenience of having them sent back when they don’t fit your classroom. Bigger is always better, but try to leave some breathing space within your classroom to balance things out. 

2.) Check The Materials

Once you’ve measured the space you want your classroom rug to fill, the next thing you need to look into is the type of material you want your classroom rug to be made of. 

We all know for a fact that foot traffic is definitely high in classroom settings so you want to look for a rug that can be trusted when it comes to durability and wear and tear. It’s also best to look for rugs that have serging on the edges to help prevent fraying over time. 

the popular choices of material for classroom rugs are polypropylene or olefin, nylon, and polyester. They are a much more affordable choice compared to other types of materials and they can also absorb colors well to produce vibrant and bright-looking colors that are needed in classroom rugs. 

They are also stain-resistant compared to other types of rug materials making them ideal for use in the classroom, because you’ll never know when someone’s going to spill their orange juice, right?

These materials are tried and tested when it comes to durability and will surely stay put over time even after a few years of use. Most classroom rugs made with these materials are low maintenance and can be washed in the washer when a clean-up is due. 

Another thing that teachers love about these materials is that they don’t shed that much compared to natural fiber materials that are used for rugs like wool, cotton, sisal, and jute rugs. 

Some classroom rugs are also infused with technology to trap dust and danders to reduce the circulation of allergens within the room where the rug is placed. So it’s nice to have this one on your checklist if you have students that are sensitive when it comes to their environment. 

3.) Know Your Preferred Overall Style and Function

There are a lot of factors piping down here, and to sum it up for you I rolled four things into this category; Shape, Color, Pattern, Design. Now to know what you want, you need to analyze the current situation in your classroom. 

Look at the colors, decorations, and furniture inside your classroom. Go on the internet and look for inspiration, figure out what style you want, and of course, don’t forget the purpose of why you’re buying it in the first place. 

If your classroom already has a lot of colors it’s best to go for a classroom rug with a much lighter color that will not clash with the already existing color. Think pastel-like colors. And vice-versa if you think your classroom needs more color, then go for one that will pop and make your classroom look more inviting and cozy.

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For the shape, most of the classroom rugs that you’ll be able to see in the market or in online stores are square, rectangular, oval, and round shapes. There are odd shapes too but they are not frequent and they can be hard to fit inside the classroom—but if they can work for you, you can go with them to add something unique to your classroom if you’re going for that. 

Kids love vibrant and bright colors, and most classroom rugs you’ll see are in fun pops of colors depending on how the rug is designed. They can come in patterns, you’ll also see hopscotch rugs like this one from Melissa&Doug which is a great addition to a classroom. 

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There are also alphabets and number rugs that can help your students be fluent with their phonemic and number skills, like this one from KC CUBS. This rug can help you teach your students about the 4 seasons and the days of the week as well. 

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You can also opt for the Multi Silly Circles classroom rug that displays color-filled fun circles that will allow your students to choose which circle they would like to sit in. This promotes independence and also gives them space to feel more relaxed and comfortable during classroom discussions.

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to classroom rugs, from maps to puzzles, and even a solar system-themed one if you’re a science teacher! Kids will surely enjoy sitting on an awesome space rug! 

4.) Put Safety First

Next on our how to choose a classroom rug list is a crucial factor which is safety. A teacher’s foremost objective inside the classroom is to keep each and every one of his or her students safe and sound all throughout the time they’re in the classroom. 

So it only makes sense to ensure that the classroom rug that you’re trying to purchase is child-proof. It has to be safe to use around kids and one thing about rugs is that they can be slippery at times especially when under smooth flooring materials like tiles and wood floors

But not to worry, because most classroom rugs are equipped with anti-skid materials to prevent slips and falls. And to add more to that, you can also opt to put additional safety measures under your classroom rug which is a rug pad. 

A rug pad is a must, this will reduce the chances of slips and falls and also help increase the wear and tear longevity of your classroom rug because it can cushion the traffic it experiences on a daily basis. 

Also, please make sure that the rug you’re going to purchase meets the fire code requirement in your area and its quality has passed the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for indoor quality testing which is essential especially if the classroom is not that well-ventilated and only has air conditioning as a source of ventilation. 

5.) Determine Your Budget

Of course, like with all things that we purchase, budget is always of concern. After taking everything into consideration you should not forget about how much money you are willing to spend on a classroom rug. 

Obviously, this might be coming out of your own pocket voluntarily (this is the reason why teaching is the noblest profession) you’ll need to analyze and see the range of budget your current financial status allows you to spend on it. 

You don’t necessarily need to spend beyond your limit and get an expensive classroom rug, there are a lot of quality rugs that are highly affordable but still offer you great features you’re looking for in a classroom rug. 


Finding the right elementary classroom rug should not be a dreadful task, as long as you know what to look for and where to start you should not have any issue in making your final selection for the perfect rug to pull everything together in your classroom. 

Classroom rugs are no longer just for decoration, they hold new ventures that teachers can take advantage of to enrich the learning experience that students can get to enjoy. 

From making students feel more comfortable and relaxed inside the classroom to developing fundamental skills in the early stages of their life—classroom rugs are indeed a great addition any teacher can appreciate as a tool to further their goal as an educator. 

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect classroom rug, check out our list of the best classroom rugs in 2021 here!

I’m hopeful this article was able to shed some light on your task to choose an elementary classroom rug so that you’ll be able to make your decision with confidence and certainty.

If you already purchased it, please come back and show us a before and after look! I’m confident that it’ll transform your classroom’s look!