How Do I Sell Myself on My Resume? The Perfect Approach

“What does a good resume look like?”

“Will I ever make the perfect resume?”

“How do I sell myself on my resume?”

These are the common questions most job applicants find challenging when it comes to creating a highly coveted resume.

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You most likely take your abilities for granted to have assumed that you cannot perfect a resume. Maybe you are hesitant because the truth is you lack potential, or you have no idea about what to say or not say on your resume.

A resume should be great if you want it to stand out. But how?

  1. Write concisely and be brief about essential details.

  2. Use a paragraph or bulleted list format so it is easy to view.

  3. Be focused by directing your attention to what is important.

  4. Discuss career goals in mind to show future aspirations.

Now stay with me and let’s talk about the perfect resume. Remember, a good one may encourage employers to contact you about their job openings. So target the recruiters or hiring officers and see to it that you have the qualifications they are looking for.

Let the guidelines below help you to become successful:

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How Do I Sell Myself on My Resume?

Impress the Hiring Officer

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1) Research and Familiar Yourself with the company

Being knowledgeable about the company before going to an interview gives the impression that you’re all that interested in working there. Just like when you’re extremely interested in a movie, you’ll spend time finding out more about the film including the main cast and settings.

Researching an employer in advance gives you all the information you need to know. The nature of the business, how long have they been in the industry, their clients and target market, the owners, the key players in the organization, and yes, you can include the person interviewing you.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectThat is how to demonstrate your keen interest to join a company.


2) Know the Job So You Can Present Relevant Expertise

To qualify for the job, write down your skills that are relevant to the job. Typically, employers indicate what they need in their job postings.

Knowing the nature of the job you are applying for helps you identify which skills and professional experience to write. It helps you present your competence for the position with assurance.

Hiring officers get a hundred resumes and would not want to waste time digging for exact skills. But they appreciate it a lot if you write a well-laid-out resume for them to quickly spot and read what they need to know. If you cannot meet the exact job requirements, at least write your related experiences with the number of years.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectIf your expertise is aligned for the role, you make it easier for the hiring manager to see you are suitable for the job.

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3) List Down All Your Soft and Hard Skills

Although you have written relevant skills, don’t forget to include your other skills, especially where you are most proficient. Make a separate skills section that is easy to find. This will add more value to your qualifications.

Soft skills relate to how you work. Present if you have great communication skills, time management, work ethic, team player attitude, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and more.

Hard skills, on the other hand, are abilities you have learned and acquired. Computer skills, presentation skills, technical skills, typing speed, coding ability, and Microsoft office knowledge are examples of these qualities.

Hiring managers are particular about soft skills because they make a worker more successful in the workplace. They would choose someone who can work with a team over one with technical skills but has no teamwork attitude.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectWrite all the soft skills you possess. Recruiters will find you an asset who can thrive and excel at work.


4) Your Education Should Be Among the Highlights

In this section, list all your relevant degrees and certifications that are related to the job position. Be specific on the attained degree, field of study, and the name and address of the educational institution.

Emphasize if you graduated with honors or if you received any awards or citations. Put your highest level of education first when writing multiple degrees. If you are still in school or currently in a program of study, list the course you are taking and the expected date of graduation.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectAcademics and training have a lot to say in your resume than any job experience.

Graduation, Grads, Cap, Diploma

5) List your professional work experience

It is not necessary to list down all the past work you had. Instead, write only work experiences relevant to the job you are applying for.  Employers are interested in achievements, so include your accomplishments and contributions such as volunteering work or internships.

Get your list in order from the job title, position, name of the company, description, location, achievements, responsibilities, and dates employed. You may omit irrelevant information like your job experiences 15 or more years ago.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectThis offers maximum readability and makes it easy for the hiring officer to spot relevant keywords they’re looking for.


6) Choose a resume format that is easy to read

The aim is to make it easy for employers to notice that you are the best candidate. Your name and contact information should be the first thing recruiters should see. Ensure this information is accurate otherwise the employer would not be able to contact you.

Use white or any light-colored space. It is a lot easier for the eyes to spot chunks of text with a light background. Plus, it projects a clean and professional look. The right font, margin, sectioning, clear headlines, and header pops are what constitute the perfect resume template.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectWriting a clear resume can be daunting, but if you perfect it hiring officers will notice you 100% more.


7) Cut Your Resume Down into Two Pages

Look at it from the point of view of the recruiter who may not have enough time to read anything too long. Short resumes do not pool your spaces with sentences so it quickly sends your message across.

Unless you’re applying for an executive position—it’s extremely safe to go for a two or one-page resume. This length fills all your document with just the highlights of your career accomplishments.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectYour document should serve as a sales pitch that will advertise your services to a prospective employer at full tilt.


8) Proofread your resume numerous times

Employers are highly meticulous and can be picky. Your resume speaks of the personality you have. The smallest typo, wrong spelling, or a poorly-written cover letter might prevent you from getting an interview.

Proofread your work. Reread from top to bottom. Be sure there are no spelling mistakes. Read it aloud and ask for feedback from a friend or family member. One mistake is enough to give the hiring officer or employer a negative impression.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectProofreading will polish your resume to the highest standard.


Want to know the 10 resume mistakes? Watch the video below.



Now that you know how you can sell yourself on your resume, the next thing is, to be honest. Your resume is your best chance to distinguish yourself from everyone else so you would not want to influx it with things that are not true. Say something dynamic instead such as “My experience has equipped me ready to be a great addition to your team.”

Enthusiasm projects personality. If you demonstrate your ability to do the job, you’re making it clear what you can bring to the table.

You might want to add something to the tips above? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.