How Do Scented Candles Relieve Stress? Top 10 Scents

If the science of relaxation recognizes scented candles as perfect for relaxing the mind, our part is to pick the best scent that boosts the mood region of the brain. So today let’s learn how do scented candles relieve stress and which scents to go. Are you excited?

One way to relax these days is by lighting a scented candle and enjoy the flickering lights with a happy smell of perfume.

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History says that burning fragrant candles creates a beautiful form of art in itself. It’s the reason why they are used not just to illuminate and add fragrance, but as a new way to diffuse an enjoyable ambiance to feel good at home. 

These tealights not only work as mere night lights but as a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. It’s proven that pleasant-smelling glows have become a special element in uplifting moods whether in the home, school, office, or special occasions.

We found the best practices to help you get the most out of your scented candles. We will be happy to know that you find what you truly are looking for.


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How Do Scented Candles Relieve Stress

When a scented candle is burning, it emits a scent that stimulates the part of the human brain that is connected to memory and mood. This is why certain scented candles carry a special aroma because each type has its own special ability to reduce stress, feelings of fear, and anxiety. 

Every individual has his or her own trigger scents. The scent of rose, for example, may make you feel pleasant or unpleasant. Some use citrus scents during their lunch break to absorb energy and prevent the loss of concentration which is common after a lunch break. 

Since this calls for your preference, you need to enjoy looking for the best scent that you find soothing and relaxing. The moment you discover your fragrance, it is when its calming properties can enhance your candlelight experience.

Here are some of the best candle scents that relieve stress:

Citrus Scents Lime, Citrus Fruit, Sour, Green

Citrus exudes a stream of strong summery scents. The aroma of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit is refreshingly invigorating. They give an energizing fragrance that brightens moods. It offers a powerful “tree” presence that boosts concentration, revitalizes the mindset, and eliminates emotional stress that increases efficiency.


Sage, Herbs, Culinary Herbs, Healthy

Leafy Herbaceous 

Expect something herby, woody, nutty, and all-leafy here. In short, this group is more of being herbaceous. Aromas like these are great if you love hiking or camping where everything around you is strongly connected to well-being. Get this one if you want to get closer to nature and the power of forests. 


Cinnamon, Aroma, Spices, CondimentsHomey Spicy

Do you feel nostalgic every time you smell grandma’s bread? This action of the brain brings you to what makes you happy and therefore helps the brain to refocus. Scents of cinnamon, ginger, or cardamom, for example, soothe the heart that automatically relieves pressures. These scents are known to help reverse memory loss.


Cymbopogon, Lemongrass, Grasses, PlantsLemongrass

This grass has a refreshing fragrance. Historically, lemongrass oil is used as aromatherapy for muscle pain. It contains substances that promote a healing aroma and help treat stomach spasms and digestive problems, high blood pressure, colds, headaches, and exhaustion. Plus, the clean scent is so uplifting. Also helps relieve stress, worry, and fear.


Strawberries, Fruits, Berries, Bucket, Food, LeavesAll Fruitiness 

Now this will give you the smell of childhood fruity snacktime. Remember? What’s so appealing about apples, strawberries, and peaches is their top notes that carry a blend of citrus and dandy hints. Burn one and notice how it helps reduce headache symptoms. It’s your slight therapy that slows the race in your thoughts helping you fight uneasiness.


Peppermint, Medicinal PlantThe Menthols 

The first thing that comes to your mind is probably the minty chewable candies that leave fresh breath. Well, that’s exactly what a menthol fragrance is for. Peppermint is a natural source of menthol that improves concentration as well as digestion. With anti-stress properties, you get help in treating nervous disorders and mental fatigue.

Frankincense & Sandalwood

Frankincense is a resin of the Boswellia tree and has been used for hundreds of years for medicine. The piquant yet slightly lemony scent comes with therapeutic effects that treat inflammation and swelling.

Similarly, sandalwood belongs to the genus Santalum tree and favored for its ayurvedic properties. It promotes mental health and prepares those with difficulty sleeping for a good night’s rest. The smoke of frankincense, sandalwood, and myrrh helps relieve depression and anxiety.

Drying, Vanilla Beans, MauritiusYoung and Sweet

Are you captivated by the taste of vanilla-smelling goods, mouth-watering chocolate cookies, and crispy caramel popcorn? The gentleness brings a sensuous effect that uplifts mood. This is ideal if you have been feeling less vigor or bored. Vanilla, coffee, and marshmallows exhibit a homely, young, sweet, and cuddly personality that brings back playfulness, family, and fun.


Flowers, Purple, Lavender, Blossom

Light and Neutral

There is one sweet-smelling compound in neutral scents that stimulate the nose and slowly navigates your mood away from nervousness. It is said that lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and geranium scents have the ability to give your body as yoga does. Light flowery aromas can ease PMS by calming the nerves, promoting calmness, and relaxation.


Roses, Pink Roses, Flowers, Pink FlowersCandidly Romantic

Rose scents invite feelings of love and romance. As the smell of soft petals sparks mystique, it stimulates the brain to release endorphins that reduce headaches and pain. The smell of roses has proven to be restorative because it encourages slow and deep breathing. You get positive thoughts that exude physiological and psychological benefits.


The Secret to Finding Your Scent

Aromatherapy oils that are in candles are one of the simplest ways you can diffuse a satisfying fragrance in your home. What’s best is their ability to help you feel good, more relaxed, and inspired.

Scents are a matter of personal preference. Knowing the type of fragrance that works for you helps a lot in finding the particular candle.

If you opt for fresh scents, think citrus aromas. Do you like something bubbly for the weekend? Lavender has a neutral fragrance you need. Are you planning to spread a youthful trail around the house? Vanilla is perfect. Romantic nights? A whiff of night-blooming roses is so charming, intimate, yet subtle.

Do you want to make your own scented candles? Watch this DIY video.

So, what scent do you think will boost your mood tonight? Do you have something to share? We teachers would love to know your ideas, too! Share your comments with us.