How Do You Attract the Attention of Elementary Children? 5 Cool Tips and Tricks

Children are usually busy and you can’t expect them to be attentive and sit all day long. Their playful characteristics can make us happy too. However, there are instances that it’s quite hard to gain their attention because they seem so engrossed with a lot of things. Hence, I ask, how do you attract the attention of elementary children?

Hey there, fearless educators and magic-makers! As we embark on the adventure of shaping young minds, we know that capturing the attention of elementary children is akin to catching stardust in a jar – elusive yet utterly enchanting.

ways of attracting attention of students

Fear not, for we’ve summoned five captivating tips and tricks that will transform your classroom into a realm of wonder, making you the Grand Magician of Education! From secret spells to joyful jamborees, get ready to explore the mystical world of attracting the attention of our littlest learners. Buckle up, because the journey to igniting imagination and fostering a love for learning starts here!


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How Do You Attract the Attention of Elementary Children? 5 Cool Tips and Tricks

Getting the attention of younger students poses a challenge to some teachers. It needs careful consideration as to what teaching strategies to use in order to maintain the attention of your children. But in this article, just take some cool tips and tricks from seasoned elementary teachers. Here are some of the attention-getting tips I’ve got that will surely attract your elementary children.

1. Make your classroom attractive

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As you try to get the attention of your elementary children, you have to prepare the classroom first and foremost. A dull classroom can mean no learning and no fun. To provide them with quality learning experiences, you need to set up their learning environment.

The physical arrangement of the classroom, especially the desks and the manipulatives, can attract children’s attention. Whether you are just starting or already a seasoned elementary teacher, it always pays off if you make your classroom attractive to learners. Using bright colors in your classroom decor, floor mats, and classroom rugs, and bulletins will do the magic too.

One of the kindergarten teachers I’ve met has been using colored paper plates on her birthday bulletin boards and richly decorates the borders with colorful cut-out flowers and butterflies. The young children get more excited when they see their photos at the center of each plate.

Moreover, it also helps if you make constant seasonal updates in your classroom bulletins. You can even begin decorating your door. Using a cartoon character while holding a big ‘Welcome’ banner captures the attention of young children and will encourage them to always attend classes.

2. Incorporate attention signals

Since it’s your job to create a fun and joyful learning environment, try to extend your craft by making use of attention signals. Aside from making your classroom visually appealing to attract attention, you can clap your hands or make call-and-response techniques to grab children’s attention.

Luckily, you can make the necessary combinations of these attention signals to keep your elementary children excited and engaged. Give them drills of these fun call and response activities and let them enjoy responding to statements. By incorporating action songs into lesson breaks or energizers,  young children feel bubbly and energized. Clap and snap patterns require practice but with continued use, your children will get used to them.

I know that their attention span is very short and limited, so you have to enrich your attention-grabber craft to help them grow and learn. By saying when I say ‘hello’, point your nose or when I tap my shoulders, you stand immediately and can make children attentive.

3. Make use of educational toys

Among the most attractive instructional materials in the classroom are educational toys and manipulatives. Since children love toys, we have to take advantage of this opportunity. Using educational toys in the classroom will enhance student learning and can make young children always get excited to participate.

Presenting educational toys will keep children interested. Educational toys are awesome attention-getter tools in the classroom. That is why most elementary teachers, and not only pediatricians, have a bunch of them. Toys work wonders just like lollipops. When children are attracted, it’s easy for you to get them started with their learning tasks.

Similarly, fidget toys are also used in the classroom to improve students’ attention and focus. You just have to choose the most appropriate toys for your elementary children to ensure their safety.

4. Display a welcoming attitude

The best accommodating visual aid in the classroom is you, the teacher. It has something to do with your personality traits. Haven’t you noticed that? When you’re smiling at the door, young children usually run towards you and embrace you.  Hence, I say that your welcoming attitude works wonders and attracts attention.

Highly motivated teachers can produce equally highly motivated learners. Your personality has an influence on the way you teach and inspire kids. Certainly, your friendly gestures and acts like calling your elementary children by their first names will make them feel comfortable.

Your welcoming attitude greatly affects your children’s attitude too. It positively tells them that they are all right under your supervision. They can feel your full support. Hence, they perform at their best and they get interested in learning.

5. Establish playtime

To foster a fun learning environment, you need to establish playtime. Although you have to maximize instructional time, you should not forget that children need to play from time to time.  Play with your children and they’ll love it. In addition to that, children are more alert if they are having fun in the classroom.

Furthermore, playtime plays an important role in a child’s development. This will allow them to mingle and interact with their peers. Thus, it’s good to introduce playtime during breaks or inject fun games during a lesson activity.

In a nutshell…

Elementary children appreciate having more fun in the classroom. It’s their nature. They easily get attracted to what’s fun and gay. Thus, you should have these characteristics in your classroom to ensure that your students are having a good time listening, performing, and learning.

Attracting elementary children requires the great facilitating skills of a teacher. Moreover, it is achieved through practice.

What else can you add to keep children attentive?  If you really find your thoughts and experiences valuable, drop them below.