How Do You Maintain Good Health As A Teacher? 5 Superb Tips To Keep Yourself In Shape

Who said teaching is an easy job? For all I know, teaching is one of the hardest professions out there that is relatively important for a progressing society. 

It’s like teachers are professional jugglers with all the things going on in their lives on a daily basis, how do you maintain good health as a teacher? It seems impossible to achieve. 

As a teacher, not only do you need to look out for your student’s developments and well-being, you also have to tend to numerous tasks that can and will keep you busy as a bee most of your waking time.

maintaining good health as a teacher

And on top of that, you have lesson plan making here and a lot of meetings here and there. If not kept in check and if you overwork yourself, it can take a toll on your well-being and we certainly don’t want that to happen.

How can a single person handle such a big responsibility without any consequences? In order to properly instill teachings in students, one must be in tip-top shape to efficiently handle different types of students that have a variety of mindsets. 

Many teachers I know have always been busy hermit—they do not interact with others often as much back then, either they stay at school lately than students or at home where the only company they have are a bunch of paperwork and a cup of coffee to keep them awake. 


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Being a teacher means that you have to take care of others before yourself, which is completely the wrong interpretation that unfortunately, many of the teachers find normal. 

How sure are you that you are properly instilling teachings to your student if you are not in great condition? As a teacher, your health should be as important as your work.

So how do you maintain good health as a teacher? We’ll be going over some doable tips that will not require any fancy or routine changing events to help keep yourself as healthy as a horse! 


How Do You Maintain Good Health As A Teacher? 5 Superb Tips To Keep Yourself In Shape

1.) Eat a Nutritious Diet

a healthy bowl of food

I am sure that most teachers do not find the time to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to partaking in food. Most of the time, pre-cooked meals are a teacher’s best friend because not only does it save time but it also provides the need of just getting something into your system in order for your body and mind to work.

However, that should not be part of a teacher’s daily routine. Almost pre-cooked meals do not have any nutritional value, so you need to intake something that can help your body function well so that it can fight off any diseases that may come your way. 

Lack of certain vitamins can result in illnesses that will only hinder your work. It is better to take the time to plan thoroughly and cook your own meal rather than consuming food with lots of preservatives. 

You will find yourself more energized and ready for work if you are to eat a good, homemade meal. Keep track of your diet and regularly eat vegetables and fruits. Do not rely on caffeinated drinks too much and drink them in moderation. The best way to start maintaining your health is to be mindful of the food that you consume.

2.) Be Active

a teacher going out for a jog

In relation to eating a good and nutritious diet, make sure to mix it with some good ol’ exercise. You should not only focus on maintaining your health on the inside, but also on the outside.

Exercising will help tone your body well and presents you with an opportunity to be able to keep up with the strenuous work of a teacher. Teaching students all day long for five days a week, handling and grading paperwork from different classes, and doing reports to be submitted to your department are not easy tasks. You need to have a well-maintained body to keep up with the hardships of being a teacher.

Most teachers think that exercising is just a waste of their time—”instead of wasting my time getting ripped, I might as well start my paperwork as early as possible so that I can take my time relaxing. 

Without any proper exercise, you will most likely find yourself easily getting fatigued, and not only will it hinder your work, but it would also lead to serious complications to your body. Adults should be serious about taking good care of themselves especially if they still have the energy to do so, this is to avoid any complications that may come when they grow older. 

3.) Remove those Bad Habits

no smoking sign

Stress is a common experience that all teachers encounter. Since they are just humans and adults at that, teachers have these habits of coping up with these stresses through drinking alcohol and smoking. It is just natural for human adults to indulge themselves in those kinds of habits in order to cope up.

However, it is a known fact that consuming alcohol and smoking tobacco does not provide any health benefits other than the pleasure of drowning yourself to forget your problems. Ditching these bad habits will improve your health and well-being, your body will have more heightened senses and your mind will be able to function more efficiently than before.

4.) Practice the Art of Meditation

If you are exercising for the well-being of your physical aspect, then you should also find the time to enhance and take good care of your mental health.

Many teachers have always been struggling with themselves, dark thoughts have always been sneaking past their minds especially if they are prone to sleep deprivation. 

Meditating is a technique wherein you train your thoughts to be calmer and at ease, you can easily erase any worries that you may have for now and enter your state of mind as a mindless being without any care in the world. This will help in creating and renewing a new, and healthy mind that will help in discarding some bad thoughts that have always been creeping up in the back of your mind.

5.) Do not forget your “Me Time”

A relaxing "me" time

The most important step in maintaining your good health is to not forget your alone time with yourself. Being a teacher is a hard job, you interact with many students and many colleagues in and outside of your workplace. 

Do not forget to invest and spend a little time with yourself, especially on the weekends if you feel that you are too stressed to continue working. Working when you are stressed will not produce good results, it will only hinder the outcome of your work that is why when you are feeling down just spend the rest of the day with activities that you would like to do.

It will not only give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself, but it can also provide a way for you to socialize with your friends and family if you want to.


Hardworking is a word that perfectly describes all teachers. Hence, you always manage to handle work efficiently even if there are some problems in the way. 

So, taking care of yourself should always be kept in mind.  No matter how hectic your schedule is, no matter how hard your work demands from you, always remember that your health should be your top priority.

If no one cares, then, who will? I hope the sound tips mentioned above will do you good so you can perform better at work and in your personal life. Stay in shape. Stay healthy.