How Do You Maintain Mental Peace During the Pandemic? 10 Best Tips to Own Inner Peace

As the world gets upset because of the pandemic, do you have peace of mind?  The pandemic is one of life’s blows that has affected the whole world.

Our situation is frustrating. We are all in it. Yet, have you ever wondered why most people still progress despite the hardest times? So, I’m curious to ask, “How do you maintain mental peace during the pandemic?

Ultimately, we need inner peace and strength to keep going. It’s our chill pill.

meditating to find inner peace

We are traversing a global health challenge besides our highly demanding teaching job. Things are becoming overwhelming. Yet not a reason to give up. Definitely. It’s high time that our self-care strategies get clicked and developed.

Additionally, this precarious situation affects our mental health. You might have done so much to protect your well-being and that of your loved ones.  More than ever, we need to equip ourselves with effective strategies that promote self-care and awareness. This is crucial to our overall well-being.

Hence, this article was crafted to help. We’ll get onto specific strategies that boost our mental health to get through this vulnerable situation triumphantly.

What is mental peace?

Thoughtfully, it’s peace of mind. Mental peace is generally associated with inner peace. It’s about having mental and spiritual peace.  It connotes the calmness of thoughts notwithstanding stress and anxiety. It bears happiness and stress-free life.

Inner peace means the serenity of our minds that commonly bears a positive outlook and comportment. It’s being steadfast in defiance of all the negativity and despair. Getting a grip on yourself in the midst of the global crisis is mental peace. And, maintaining it is quite a challenge.

Owning peace of mind is a great joy of the soul because it means you overcome all the stressors in life and you are capable of achieving your goals to the fullest.

How Do You Maintain Mental Peace During the Pandemic?

10 best tips to own inner peace

Peace of mind is cultivated through different calming activities. These are the things we do to overpower all the difficulties in life and achieve mental strength. A perfect example is conquering the pandemic by maintaining mental peace.

Here are some practical and effective tips on how you can achieve inner peace and contentment during this pandemic. List them down in your teacher planner so you won’t forget them. It’s cool. Get yourself reminded of what to do to maintain mental peace during this pandemic.


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The following can give you serenity and calmness of thoughts. However, it still depends on you. As shared by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

1. Pray

the woman is praying

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Ultimately, prayers move mountains. This is how you maintain mental peace during the pandemic. As God’s people, we need to be on our knees and ask for His guidance and blessings.

Powerful prayers are our effective weapons to get up and continue living no matter what. Seeking comfort in the Lord is a blessing. God always allows us to call out His name and pray.

It has never been more important to recite our personal prayers to the Lord and find inner peace. We need to detach for quite some time from our busy lives and talk to the Lord in our hearts and thoughts.

With sincere prayers, we can embrace life’s challenges with confidence. The mental strength we hope and pray for is ushered in with limitless fashion. Worshipping God recognizes our connections and personal relationships with the Heavenly Father.

We bow down and ask for inner peace.

2. Be optimistic

being optimistic

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Plugging into inner peace has never been easy. It requires the strength to always look at the positive side of things. When the pandemic happened, I could still uphold quality and happy life despite all its negative consequences.

It’s about owning successful thinking.

It’s a great reminder that whatever life throws at us, we can still carry through. It’s about looking at the brighter side of life and never getting drowned out in the negatives.

Establishing the perfect motivation in life can help you come through. If you’re worried, it’s normal.

Humans as we are, we experience fear and anxiety. We all experience that. You are not alone. The only difference that will really matter is how we deal with it.

Being pessimistic won’t help. Don’t acquiesce to negative thoughts. Feeling upbeat can make a difference.

3. Practice self-care

take care of yourself

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Take good care of yourself. It’s the best thing you can do amidst a crisis. Navigating through rough waters tends to subdue your will to survive. But, if you give yourself time and practice self-care, you will realize how precious life is.

Becoming healthier should be one of your goals. Treat yourself and always think that you are good enough.

Never retreat to the idea that you’re incapable of accomplishing great things. That’s self-abuse.

Unite with yourself and check your life’s balance. Establishing self-awareness is self-care. It’s a priceless intention you can give yourself.

Don’t overthink for the next day but never say come what may. Leave your doubts behind and fend for yourself.

4. Stay organized

The easiest way to have peace of mind is to de-clutter your workspace. An organized desk means a healthy mind. Essentially, when you prepare your lesson plans and instructional materials, you are always in need of something. These things should be within your reach and easy to locate. Hence, you should begin at your working table.

A messy working area can cause stress. When you’re stressed about looking for things that you know are there but just aren’t visible because they are being kept somewhere, you get irritated and you procrastinate. This is not about inner peace after all. It’s dread.

Having inner peace is a great benefit of being organized. Begin with a plan. Then, visualize it. Think of an effective strategy to get rid of the languorous piles of paperwork on your desk.

Being organized can vouch for peace of mind. Hence, you have to do it now. Since the environment gets overwhelming due to the health crisis, try to help yourself calm down and gain the mental strength you need.  And best of all, doing so can also inspire your students and your colleagues.

5. Love your work

I know that the new normal setting in education due to the pandemic has caused uncertainties, challenges, and stress among teachers, students, and parents. But, you have to remember that things won’t change if you dwell too much on the bad situation.

You know what it’s like interacting with students virtually knowing that you are not an online teacher. Additionally, you know how it feels standing in an empty physical classroom. Try to figure out what you can do best out of the negative. If you love your work, you are willing to extend your absolute best. Doing it can be very fulfilling.

Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? Loving your work is your best bet. If teaching is really your passion, then you always have ways to make quality education accessible in whatever learning modalities.

The present situation in education is extremely overwhelming that schools opted for distance learning to continue education. And because you are dedicated and committed to the teaching profession, you can definitely give your best to the unparalleled school year.

As classes go virtual, you need to be more patient and always ready to learn, re-learn, and unlearn. It’s the way to achieve mental strength and offer solutions to make the new phase of teaching more effective.

6. Meditate

Find yourself and feel your thoughts. Once and for all, learn to calm your mind. Meditate. Despite your busy days, you should find time for yourself so you can have peace of mind. Amazingly, we can find inner peace through meditation.

Peace originates from ourselves. We can’t be at peace with others if we are not at peace with ourselves or we don’t have self-awareness. Meditation isn’t just about correct posture or breathing exercises. Essentially, it’s about gaining focus and calming the mind to rewire.

With the world’s present battle against COVID 19 virus, we experience anxiety, fear, and worries. Our reactions to the present life threat can affect us mentally and emotionally. We need to acknowledge that we are not dealing with this problem alone and we need to just accept it with a brave heart.

Through meditation, we become aware of the present situation and look at things without engaging too much in our negative emotions. It helps us gain clear standpoints and feel better. Let go of all your troubling emotions and gain inner peace amidst an unpleasant situation.

7. Accept the situation

To gain more understanding about your perspectives means accepting the present time. There’s nothing more comfortable than trusting that the sun still shines after the storm. The struggles in the present time should always make you stronger.

Maintaining mental peace amidst immense crises entails a sacrifice. And when you have high regard for yourself because you acknowledge the present happening but don’t dwell on it too much no matter how scary it could become, it will boost your energy and most essentially help you find peace from within. It’s lasting.

At any given moment, you can be sad, happy, fearful, and anxious. But, if you take the medicine of the present, you can free your mind from negative thoughts and be more productive. You can live happier if you just show acceptance of things as they are. It happens. Then, you have peace of mind.

8. Learn to let go

Finding your balance means letting go of things that make you sad and worried. When things get tangled up in your head out of fear and worries, just let go.  Just let off of the pandemic even though it is still bothering the world today. It won’t change a thing if you dwell on your fears and anxieties.

No amount of fear can change the present. The more you feel worried, the more the pandemic haunts you. Yes, it’s true that the pandemic has created a labyrinth of fear, but it’s already there. Just let go of all the negative thoughts and embrace serenity.

If you’re up to your neck in fear and doubt because of the present situation, let go of that belief. It kills your perseverance and poisons your thoughts. Let go of wanting to solve the problem of the world. You’re not being selfish if you do that. It’s exonerating. As long as you take care of yourself and follow the health protocols, that already makes a difference.

9. Develop a mental map

In the midst of the pandemic, the key to maintaining mental peace is to develop a mental map that allows you to have a sense of direction during this time.

We must always keep our mind fit and enter a positive state of thinking. When negative thoughts emerge (as they sometimes will), we immediately restore ourselves by saying “Stop,” because we have the power to control our own feelings.

10. Develop an attitude of gratitude

The most meaningful step is to develop an attitude of gratitude because gratitude produces happiness. There are still many things in life that are beautiful despite our current hardships. And you have many gifts left to receive.

We have all different views of the world and it’s expected that things will be different. So many people think they have the key to happiness, yet it was never found in their hands. The pandemic has changed the growth mindset of some, yet we have to still be thankful about life and go on living with full gratitude.

The person who has the key to happiness is you, so you need to create a passport that owns your happiness so that you can be free at any time you want.


Be a master of yourself.  Never let anxiety and fear consume your strength. This pandemic is happening to everyone, meaning it’s not all about you. Just internalize a simple proverb, “To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.” Be calm.

Own inner peace by following the given tips above. Help yourself evolve from a terrible situation. Hopefully, you feel better and teach even greater. Don’t struggle to relax because it will just make things worse. This is a reminder to calm your mind.

Just choose to relax and pull yourself together. Remember, you are not alone in this battle. You are with me.  I am with you on this.

Gripping into horrible thoughts about the pandemic won’t help. Inner peace means freeing your mind with perturbing circumstances of here and now. Breathe it away. Take the edge off.

For one thing, you can maintain mental peace during the pandemic if you adopt the referred schemes. What do you think about these schemes? How do you work at finding inner peace? Leave your thoughts below.